yeah i always use the same coloring

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Hey I've been struggling with my art for a long while, both in drawing and coloring equally, but I really wanna learn how to color well instead of just whipping out lineart and posting it. How would you say it's the best approach to coloring an art piece? I'm a photoshop user (I think you are too, sorry if I get this wrong XD) so from your knowledge of this software: What's the best way to color/How do YOU color?

I don’t know what’s the best way to color but I do it like this!  And here’s how I do colored lines.

I use a shadow layer on top of my lines+flats and almost always start with big gradient shadows first and add details on the same layer afterwards. (Also I adjust shadow layer color and properties in the process because digital art is magic and you can change stuff halfway in, wheee!)

I add light, texture, color correct and that kinda fancy stuff afterwards.

But yeah I just stack a bunch of layers on top of each other for shading. (Hence why my flat painting-paintings are all b/w lol - I suck at colors otherwise!)
I’m gonna be one of those artists who say “don’t shade with black”. Sorry. Imo it’s muddy and boring looking <___<

I do a mix of hard and soft shadows. You’ll have to experiment with your brushes to find the ones best for the job. I use a PS default soft airbrush and my inker brush. I know some artists use the lasso tool+fill for cel shading.

I hope this made sense! :D Tbh the tutorials I linked probably answer more of your questions than this post itself…

Return/Reborn Chase Brody

Ok. So everyone’s talking about the whole reborn/return thing being about Anti because of the new dark hair, right? 

But what if it’s not? 

What if it means Chase

Think about it. Anti already told us that he’s “always there, always watching”, so would it really be a “return”? Or just a reappearance? As for the whole “reborn” thing, Anti hasn’t died or changed drastically; in fact, with Jack dyeing his hair the same color, it seems like he’s going back to the way he used to be. 

But Chase? Chase who we haven’t seen in months? Who gave us little reason to believe he’s been there this entire time? Who we actually saw kill himself? (Yes, I know he was alive after the end screen, but that’s when he was Jack, not Chase) He would need to be reborn. He would need to make a return. 

Why? Because he’s a fallen hero. 

Jack once mentioned that quote: “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” And I have a fear that Chase is going to end up with Option #2.


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in your art tutorial (which was awesome and helpful btw) you had an example which i believe was the last one of a person with a long ponytail and honestly the way their hair looks in that fascinates me so i was wondering... how did you do the thing ? im rubbish at hair .

First of all thanks! I’m going to try and roll both a tutorial as to how I draw that particular hairstyle as well as an overall hair tutorial, aight?

when it comes to that sorta thing I draw a rough sketch first (sometimes i don’t out of habit, but with unfamiliar or more complicated hairstyles it never hurts to have your hairline down

I also lay down where the parts in the hair are (rella specifically has kinda roundish bangs along her forehead)

ok so a lot of more anime-ish hairstyles can be broken down into different parts

rella has:

  • the bottom part of her hair (red, which is a little closer to her skull and comes off of it a little bc That’s Just What Ponytail Hair Does unless it’s a really tight one or something)
  • a braid along each side of her hair that meets around in the back (blue, it’s relatively stylized because I don’t want to draw a lot of strands All The Time)
  • the Rest of It (green) which is essentially just hair going from the part into the braid or into the other side of her head
  • she also has a ponytail

the way i stylized it basically makes her hair really ribbonlike in shape but it’s also really thin in shape and texture so it’s easier to play with in terms of shape and volume

if i were to make it thicker hair, this is how i’d do it: a lot closer to tufts as opposed to strands, though when shading, i’d follow more or less the same ribbon shape (with respect to the bumpy shape of the tufts of course)

when i’m done with all of that, i normally merge my sketches and make them transparent and i take a brush and start lining (this one i just used is this one, it’s my only downloaded brush pack and that’s just because i’ve been using it for so long tbh)

little detail things that i do:

  1. divide the hair into mini strands as you see fit, define it!! especially on shorter, tuft-ier hair (like in rella’s bangs). generally i define it more where more shading is, because that gives me more of a baseline as a whole.
  2. hair is like fabric but it’s on your head. and your head is round, so rumple it! make it come up OFF of the head, make it emphasize the shape of it! it’s a wonderful way to make it realistic just by making it a little ruffly
  3. hairlines are not always super clean cut. jag em up! show where individual follicles are being pulled if u Gotta. 
  4. for the back hair: pretty much always show it going into the background. the more you indicate that there is DEPTH to the hair, the better it works.

more detail things but more actual bodies of hair:

  1. do whatever you can to continue to indicate that the hair is 3-dimensional. make it twist around corners, make it move and spill together. have fun this is the payoff
  2. separate it! it’s a very art nouveau look, plus it makes it look to actual hair with strands moving and doing their own thing
  3. have hair not only break away from the bigger body, but also have it interact with obstacles. hair does that

rella has auburn hair, and i just randomly picked out some colors that seemed legit, if not a little ugly

screen layer + multiply + overlay + a background to set the mood

im making a palette out of this

ok with the base colors all flatted in, i’m finally ready to actually…color the hair

there are several ways to go about it this time around i’m blocking it large areas with (circular) gradients. it’s a trick i picked up from studying how himaruya (the artist for hetalia) does things and I think it lends itself pretty well to a silky hair texture.

i also took her skin color and used it right next to the bangs to make them look more transparent

i took the highlighter color from the palette i made and blocked in some soild shadows on a multiply layer. i’m probably going to change up the colors after a bit to make it look nicer, but for now, this will do just fine!

i did the same with the highlight and an overlay layer. it looks a little off right now, but i can always change it later.

i ended up not using the palette as much as i thought (which is ok! it happens) and i locked the layer with the shading on it so i can just go in with a light blue instead, so that it looks more unified!

and there!

this last bit is optional because black lines look fine but a style thing to consider is coloring the lines, which i did here:

and yeah that’s how i do hair

what we know about the rq4 title

first of all, following the pattern it’s gotta be a adjective + noun

both are one syllable

the title has always been about mare in some way. it can have other applications (for ex evangeline was said to be in a “king’s bridal cage), but it always directly relates to mare

at the same time it doesn’t have to be an OBVIOUS connection (rq and kc were pretty obvious, but gs was a more subtle)

some possible nouns/adjectives I feel could be used: dawn, new, bone (kc was almost bone cage so?), skull, court, rise, blood, house, maybe a color, ???

so yeah basically we know nothing

More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 2

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


SUMMER 2012  (12 and 14 years old)

“It’s definitely the rule. I also come here always the same holidays every year so I guess that now you also know when I’ll be here. And yes! That was definitely my car or at least I think so, I mean my car is definitely white and I think I saw one as I left…black car? But yeah like you say let’s not give many details, although I don’t think that the color of our cars really matter. Hey! Can you believe that it’s been a year since we started talking? That’s incredible. I mean I used to dread coming here to the cabin every holiday because I’m always super bored but since we started talking I’ve found myself looking forward to it so I guess I should say thank you for answering in the first place! And remember, no sleeping with the window opened on summer ;)”


“IT’S BEEN A YEAR???? Okay wow. It seems like it was yesterday when I found your note, I honestly can’t believe that it’s been a year since then. And same! It’s so nice talking to you, like the certainty that when I come here there’ll be a letter waiting for me, that’s really good so I guess I should thank you for writing the first letter a year ago. Also yes, my car is black hahah. And I mean I don’t think that the color of our cars matter that much either but it just feels nice not knowing that much about each other…Like it feels as if I could say whatever I want and it won’t matter ‘cause you don’t really know who I am. It’s like you’re my diary. And yup, don’t worry, I won’t make that mistake again, the mosquitoes won’t have me this year”


AUTUMN BREAK 2012  (12 and 15 years old)

“Okay wow, that hurt. That’s what I am to you? A diary? Just a piece of paper that you start writing and always leave behind (because let’s be honest, who has ever finished a diary?) Okay, fine, I thought we were friends but it seems like I was wrong. I’m just a diary to you. You hurt me girl, you really did.

Just kidding! I get what you meant and I totally agree. It’s like I can be a dork (you just need to read the first sentences of this letter to realize that I am a dork) and I know you won’t judge me or you won’t like tell anyone because I mean, you don’t know who I am so yeah I totally get what you mean.

See you –read you- in Christmas, diary girl!”


CHRISTMAS 2012 (13 and 15 years old)

“Of course you’re my friend!!! You’re my diary, yes, but you’re also my friend. You’re my faceless friend about whom I know nothing.

Well…now that I think about that…I don’t know how wise that is haha. Like I’m talking to a total stranger that says that is a 14 (probably 15 by now?) years old boy but as far as I know you could be a 40 years old creepy man.

Hmmm…you’re kind of funny and honestly I don’t have anything else to do here so I guess I’ll take a chance and continue talking to you.

I’ll read you on the winter break faceless friend!”


“My faceless friend about whom I know nothing….ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE 12 (13 by now?)????? Who talks like that when they’re 13??? I think I should be the one worried about you being a 40 years old creepy man. Also what is it with you and 40 years old creepy men? Is the second time you ask me if I’m one. I told you…I’m 38.

No but, seriously I promise I’m a 15 years old guy who makes lame jokes and likes to write letter to his “faceless friend about whom he knows nothing”

You have to promise me that you’re a 13 years old girl though so I can sleep at night”


WINTER BREAK 2013  (13 and 15 years old)

“Okay first of all, yes I’m a 13 years old girl so you can relax (although if you think about it, even if I were a 40 years old creepy man I wouldn’t tell you so yeah, you’ll have to sleep with one eye opened from now on)

And second of all, just because I’m younger than you doesn’t mean that I can’t talk properly or be smarter than you. I mean one of my brothers is your age and I can assure you that I’m waaaaay smarter than him.

Wait…did I just break our anonymous rule? Should I start again? Well you know what? Whatever, it’s not like having a dumb older brother is that big of a deal right? I mean you can’t just guess who I am by knowing that my car is black and that my brother is dumb (ha! Look I even made it rhyme, see? I’m smart)”


EASTER 2013  (13 and 15 years old)

Okay okay, I’ll choose to believe that you’re a girl so I can sleep at night

And don’t freak out! Like you said I won’t know who you are just by knowing that your car is black and your brother is dumb (you’re right, it does rhyme…wait now I’m the one making rhymes haha)

Just so we’re even I’ll tell you something about me. I don’t have siblings, which sucks to be honest. I’ve always wanted a brother or a sister so I’m kind of jealous of you. I mean I have lots of cousins, little cousins and I love them because I really like kids but sometimes I’d like to have someone who’s always there for me like a brother or sister should be you know?

Do you get along well with your brothers? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“Okay relax Mr. Rhymes, I’m the smart one here remember? You’re the dork (your words not mine)

And it’s fine I’ll answer. I do get along well with my brothers. I mean I don’t really hang out with them, mainly because I’m kind of shy and they have their own friends but they always ask me if I want to hang out with them so that’s nice. And they really care about me, I mean if you were a 40 years old creepy man they would totally kick your ass defending me (yup, here I am again talking about creepy guys)

And I get what you mean, it’s nice to know that no matter what happens I’ll always have my brothers and I can count of them so I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have that. But hey, you have your faceless friend about whom you know nothing.

Okay I have a confession to make…I cheated. I convinced my parents to come a few hours earlier to try to see you. But you were already gone…

I’ll understand if you’re mad and you don’t want to talk to me anymore but hey…it didn’t work so…”


This is the second chapter!!

I know that this isn’t the most interesting chapter, I’m sorry about that

I think you’ll like the next one better, it has an interesting ending

Thank you so much for reading!!♥

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So this is my first time. I always assumed Inktober was just a clever way of using October and a drawing prompt together. But does it also mean you HAVE to use some form of ink? I typically just use pencil and colored pencil. I have sharpies, but I prefer to use just the black for lines. I don't have the money to get any other ink mediums.

Yeah, sorry, Inktober is a challenge that requires ink (traditional/digital) to participate. Although the core basics of Inktober is the same as other month long challenges, which is to draw everyday that month, this particular challenge includes a medium.

The good news is that you don’t need expensive pens to participate! Ballpoint pens also count, like Bic or Papermate, and generally most people have those laying around the house! If you search for ballpoint pen art, you can see that you can get incredible results with them!

Another option is that if you prefer to keep using pencil and colored pencils, you can instead do challenges that are more theme based like all the halloween themed ones and you can use whatever you’d like with those! :)


“Telling me to leave without you? That I should just escape by myself? Don’t give me that. Don’t you dare. Is that how much you look down on me? How little you think of me? I’m not so weak that I’ll leave you and choose the path of my own survival. I can protect us, you know. I have enough strength to protect you and me.”

the purple roses explain everything and satanicks blood definitely turns purple when hes in love.

this is basically the gist of what purple roses symbolize:

“The lavender rose is often a sign of enchantment and love at first sight. Those who have been enraptured by feelings of love and adoration have used lavender roses to express their romantic feelings and intentions. The color purple also has a traditional association with royalty.”

bonus: after some research,i have also found out that purple is a color of royalty,magnificence and magic,so yeah,satanick

the reason the roses suddenly grew from the pond of blood he puked out is because he wants to say he is in love with ivlis,but he can’t.ofc he can’t admit hes in love with the same guy he refers to as “stupid roach” literally always.

that’s why the purple rose is say “i love you” for satanick

a few people have translated what satanick says in one comic,and all of them said the same: satanick can’t believe his blood is changing color for… yea.nicks blood definitely turns purple when he really,really falls for someone,and he uses purple roses to convey it (dam jst grow a pair and say it with words jfc)

and then comes official heartbreaker gokuen.i am certain the only times we saw satanick with purple blood was in that one drawing,and now in these “pathetic man” comics.satanicks blood is,otherwise,always red (when he let ivlis beat him up,when he was bleeding after licorice stabbed him,when he bled from the forehead in a banner,etc).

soo,yeah.satanick most likely fell in love with gokuen (someone also pointed out satanick was dressed nicely when he broke into ivlis’ house AND when his body got rekt by gokuen)

and THOSE are the scars that won’t heal that were mentioned in his data,and the reason yagi was concerned about nick falling for someone from another world.satanick must’ve felt like shit after getting dumped like a piece of garbage like may also explain why he tries to make himself believe he is great and magnificent,because gokuen broke him and made him feel like nothing (this is me reaching tho)

i also think the reason satanick likes siralos so much is bc he really looks like gokuen,bt thts also me reaching lol

so ya.this is all kinda obvious bt i jst wanted to share it.toodles also,anyone notice how everyone nick rlly likes is a man?

Ok I’m just going to say it–it’s kind of been said before, but I can’t help commenting on it based off my perspective. So I assume most of us know who Zendaya is, and how she’s quickly gaining more popularity, and the result of this is her role in an upcoming spider man movie and being made into a Barbie doll for example. I’ve been seeing various posts about how these two examples are a big win for black women everywhere, but to be honest–I don’t see it as much of an accomplishment for black women in general? Now, I will say that I’m glad that Zendaya uses her status as a way to bring up political issues, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time lets be honest. I’m often seeing Zendaya being used as a representation of black women as a whole, but she’s biracial? And biracial blacks do have social privileges above mono racial blacks–For example, as far as beauty standards, Zendaya’s physical features (her light complexion, curly hair, not too full lips, etc.) is very Eurocentric? 90% of us black women don’t look vaguely like her (most of us aren’t racially ambiguous for one thing–if I were to be unaware of Zendaya’s black father the first thing that would come to mind when I saw her would definitely not be, “oh, she’s totally a black woman.”) I would honestly think she’s a bunch of ethnicities combined, and I would maybe think she had one (distant) black ancestor based off of her physical attributes.

Now, if somebody like Lupita N'yongo, Viola Davis, Jazmine Sullivan, etc. was to get more lime light for their talent I would feel more strongly about it, because women that look like them don’t fit the white standard of beauty, yet they favor what *most* black women look like. Zendaya’s accomplishments to me are rooted in a lot of social privileges because of 1. How Eurocentric she looks and 2. Being biracial, not fully black. I’m not saying she isn’t talented–but what I am saying is I know for a fact she wouldn’t be as popular if she was like the women I mentioned above.

I know a lot of people are thinking, “what if Zendaya considers herself to be black although her mother is white? A win for one of us is a win for all of us, no matter if we’re full black or half!” Yeah, I get it, but at the same time when you’re used to being the least represented group on media platforms, to me personally, Zendaya getting this attention is almost like a white woman getting attention in the sense that woc who favor white women have always gotten center stage first and foremost for generations. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking to me. Her look and ancestry is glorified specifically because of colorism and eurocentrism, which most black women can’t benefit from like biracial or racially ambiguous black women do. So when black women like Zendaya are front and center, while black women like Viola Davis, who has phenomenal talent in comparison yet isn’t one to often get super big roles regardless, continue to be pushed to the back it’s unsettling for me. I’m not moved. Zendaya’s stardom is still non verbally saying, “a black woman can only be worthy of this much popularity if she looks like Zendaya, NOT mono racial like Lupita N'yongo in spite of how much natural talent is displayed. I like Zendaya, I really do. But I can’t help but to not ignore the fact that her privilege as a biracial, racially ambiguous woc is a big factor that plays into how she got to where she is now.

Made this for my friend’s birthday yesterday! My roommate and I started watching Gurren Lagann (for me, second run-through), but yeah, always loved this series. Gives me the same motivated and inspired feels that Fairy Tail does >w<

Maybe if I have some time, I’ll make a colored version! 

Please do not use without permission, thanks!

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Could you perhaps do a coloring tutorial? You're other one helped me loads, maybe this next one can help me as well?

Of course! I’ll try my best, but if I have to be honest, my coloring isn’t all that complicated. Not much has changed since my last one. But, let’s jump into it! 

1) Let’s start with my lineart. I prepared a Pat for you guys (lineart is always that darkish brown. I find blacks too neutral/boring). To the right are my brush settings.

2) I overlay my drawings since they tend to be light. I make a new layer, dump a dark brown color, and select it to overlay. To the right are my layer settings.

3) Next, color. I start with skin on a brush tool. I use SAI, and my all time FAVORITE brush type is Bar 1. No texture. To the right are my brush settings.

4) Okay, so here’s the thing: I ONLY use one layer to color (and it is set to multiply, 100%). With the brush tool, taking and drawing from colors really creates this soft/sorta blending/messy look I like. So, below, you’ll see me using Pat’s skin color to draw into his hair. Let’s look!

5) Yup, that’s really all I do. *laughs* Easy peasy, yeah? So, let’s do the rest of the flats with that technique.

6) MY FAVORITE PART: Shading. Note: I ALSO do this on the same solid color layer (yes, my drawing don’t have many layers!). I do very subtle shading, usually to lay emphasis on curves to the face and to add springy colors to cheeks/lips. I normally always use a variation of pink/salmon/orange for shading lighter skin tones and purples and orangey-pinks for darker skin tones.. For clothes, etc., I normally use a darker variation of what is there, but if I want to add dynamics, I use differing colors (like pink on brown, greens on blues, etc). Again, I use the brush tool for this. To the right, you’ll see my layers again. The orange you see is the color I used to brush in ALL my shading.

7) Now, here, I usually do another overlay layer with any color I wish. I normally stick to browns, but whatever works to make me happiest. I lazily added a bg layer.

8) Final step: Photoshop. I play around with levels/curves/color filters if I want. Then, you’re done.

FINISHED. Pat playing guitar, haha. Based off this gif here! Happy coloring, friend!

Tender Words: Part III

I have no schedule, sorry. 

Part I Part II Part IV

Marinette sat at her desk, her head in her hands as she felt a soft tap on her shoulder.

Her head whipped up to see her kwami, looking very concerned.

“Tikki! I’m so glad your here! I thought you left me!”

“Only for a moment!” Tikki frowned. “Chat already uses a Miraculous, so I knew he would be able to handle it. It was an emergency…”

“I understand, thank you for doing what it took to save me.”

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how do you color your lineart? becuase it always looks really good with your coloring and shading and i can never figure it out haha anyways thanks!!!

ahh thank u a lot!!! ;v; i only know how to color lineart in sai since thats the only program i use for painting but yeah…. theres basically two ways to color lineart!!

either u use “preserve opacity” on the exact layer u have ur lineart on and just draw over it with the colors u want it to be (so the color is gonna be on the same layer as the lineart)

or u make another layer and use “clipping group” on it, which has basically the same effect as preserving opacity except that the color wont be on the same layer as the original lineart (i use that one atm since its more practical and u can always add more layers!!)


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To add your suffering - What if Percy and Annabeth have a kid and the kid gets killed by a monster cause they couldn't protect them?

They wore blue that day.

The sun was warm overhead, bright despite the clouds and the gloom that dulled the beautiful seaside view of Long Island sound, and the silence that was interrupted by the softest of sniffles and weeping.

The coffin was too small.

The polished white wood was barely three inches, too large even for a little girl and too small to hold any lifeless body. They left the lid open so that the sea and the waves, elements part of her soul, could welcome her naturally. Clear water slowly encompassed her tiny tan limbs and the blonde princess tufts that surrounded her head like a halo. Like an angel. An angel in a shade of pastel blue to celebrate her life that had passed.

A life too short.

Percy watched the coffin float out into the sea, every fibre in his body feeling the waves push his four-year old Silena further and further from his grasp. Annabeth trembled beside him, grey eyes rimmed with red as the lifeless body of their daughter disappeared into the ocean. Sally was quiet behind them, eyelids shut so tight in an attempt to be strong for her children.

The demigods quietly dispersed, all giving Percy and Annabeth pats on the shoulder with apologetic eyes and sombre whispers of “I’m sorry.” The family stayed on the shore until the closest ones were left behind. Jason took Percy’s hand and held it tenderly, as if to say, you can do it. 

But Percy Jackson couldn’t take it. With a guttural cry, Percy’s anger rumbled deep into the earth, shaking the sand and swirling the clouds overhead in a storm. He trudged angrily into the water, shaking off Jason’s hand and Annabeth’s palm that rested on his shoulder. His feet went deep into the ground, grief preventing him from concentrating on not getting wet. He chased her. He chased little Silena in an attempt to get her back and breathe life into her and the water was supposed to heal her and maybe he could bargain with Hades because she was just four years old and they were gonna pay and–


Annabeth’s voice called out to him and cut through his dark haze, bringing him back to the present. Fat raindrops landed on his and Annabeth’s face, only now realizing that he brewed this dangerous storm. In their clothes, they were waist deep into the sea, and he realized that for once, the water around him didn’t give him any power. He had lost faith in it. Water couldn’t save his baby girl–so water could not save him.

Annabeth struggled to swim to her husband as Percy desperately tried to calm the storm that mimicked his insides, silencing the harsh waves that forced Annabeth to strain against the water. Suddenly, it was still, and the clouds overhead lightened with the promise of sun. Now, the rain couldn’t hide the warm tears that ran down their faces, salty as the sea that encompassed them.

When Annabeth reached Percy, her strong arms enveloped him, hands holding their faces close in an attempt to keep themselves together–they were always strongest when they were with each other. Percy held Annabeth tenderly, pressing her face into his shoulder as sobs rocked him. They sunk, deep, deep into the sea until they reached the bottom, until only dim slivers of light could separate their tears from the water. They were in the air bubble once more–their favourite place; Silena’s favourite place.

“Remember when she smashed her face into her birthday cake when she was two?” Annabeth whispered wearily, head tucked under Percy’s jaw as he embraced her.

“Yeah,” he smiled sadly. “It was always the same cake every year–”

“Grandma Sally’s Finding Nemo cake,” they said together. 

“I remember the time she uncapped Riptide and lugged the whole thing to the second floor,” Percy said. “Oh! And how about when she used food coloring to dye her hair blue?”

“Oh gods. And after that, she used ketchup as lipstick,” Annabeth laughed weakly. “That was Piper’s fault, honestly. She was a terrible aunt.”


The word forced them to silence. To sniffles. After a few moments, Annabeth’s fingers found Percy’s.

“Percy,” she whispered. “I know you think this is your fault, but–”

“It is my fault. I couldn’t protect her. All those years ago you said… and I didn’t listen– And–”

“Percy Jackson. Seaweed Brain– look at me.” Green eyes blazed.

“I don’t regret having Silena,” Annabeth choked, fresh tears rolling down her face. “She was the best thing to have ever happened to me, right after you. So don’t ever say that she was a mistake. Don’t pretend that the last four years were more challenging and fulfilling than defeating Gaea all those years ago. Don’t pretend that nothing could be at par with how much we loved her.”

“Annabeth…” Percy tried, voice hitching. “I just miss her. I miss our baby girl.”

“I know,” Annabeth shushed. She planted a wet kiss on his jaw. “I do too. But now, all we can do is to make sure we don’t forget. To make sure we remember. To make sure that Silena’s little brother will live to know her name.”

Percy’s hands held Annabeth’s stomach, round and hard with their second child. He was terrified. He was grieving. But he was still going to love him with everything he’s got nonetheless.

This was so painful to write. Anyways, I honestly think that Percy would take all the blame and would be so terrified to have any more of them. They do though. They have three more.

Thank you so much for the ask! I actually had to write it through chased-jackson because the ask was sent here, but if you ever have any more prompts, you can head on over to demigod-drabbles which is my writing blog! :-)

ALRIGHT SO APPARENTLY LOTS OF PEOPLE WANT TO SEE HOW I DRAW STUFF??? honestly i’ve never made a tutorial in my life i have no idea how helpful this is gonna be but LETS GO

STEP ONE: Sketch (+brush settings)!! (this pic is after i cleaned it up like a lot. I promise my sketches always start out super messy but i forgot to screenshot that WHOOPS)

-i basically always use a pose ref and it’s SUPER OBVIOUS when i dont bc my anatomy gets all wonky. Also costume ref pics!

-i usually draw the body and clothes on separate layers, starting with the body then drawing the clothes over it then cleaning up/erasing bc it helps me figure out folds and stuff better. basically each color is a different layer rn (pink, purple, blue)

STEP TWO: Lineart

-basically i just merge together my sketch layers (highlight the layers you want to put together + right click + merge layers) then rename and lock it (which allows you to recolor your lineart without getting out of the lines)

-i also picked out the colors i want to use (i re-use color palettes a lot bc im a lazy bum) and put them all on a new layer i named “color”

-I usually have about 3 different tones for each color i want to use (ie: main red, slightly darker red for shadows, darkest red for lineart) and depending on what i’m coloring i might have a slightly lighter tone for highlights (like her hair) 

STEP 3: Basic Colors

-omg this picture is so tiny can you even see what is happening IM SORRY

-anyway i create a new layer for each color section (?) im going to be using

-i also like to color some parts of the lineart where two of the same colors meet i guess?? basically like, i colored the line separating jan’s neck and face dark red as well as her nose and mouth, but i leave the lines that separate the black and red black. does that make any sense at all it probably doesn't 

-im so bad at explaining things im sorry

STEP 4: Shadows!

-UMMMMM so a lot of artists at this point are usually like “now pick ur light source!!!” and stuff like that which………i always forget to do…..i just sort of wing it honestly

-i just put flat shadows wherever i think looks alright 

-im just straight up cell shading basically

STEP 5: Add gradient!

-using the same color you used for the shadows, i put down a gradient (at about 30% opacity) going in the direction of the shadows

-i put highlights in the hair by using the lasso tool and selecting the section i want highlighted and adding a gradient of a light color 

-at this point i realized i forgot about jan’s wings (DUMMY) and i added them in using the same process as i’ve been doing


-so yeah thats the general process i use to draw stuff

-but i don’t always stick to this? it’s just sort of my default technique bc it comes the most naturally to me but like there’s lots of ways to color so dont take this as a required process!!! 

-if anyone is still reading this unintelligable mess: im so proud of u. ur so strong-willed

suck-my-dorito  asked:

I also love your art <3 You are amazing. How you choose the colors? and then, the shadows? I really love the shadows omg

askjdhsdfk thank u so much!!! ////w///// oo and i made a post a while ago where i explained how i choose colors (its also in my faq!!) but i jst noticed that i forgot to explain the shadow thing so…. oops

its not gonna be that long, so i dont have to put it under a read more!! but yeah im gonna use this example:

usually i shade with three different colors

so shadow #1 has about the same hue as the base color, but is a bit darker and less saturated

shadow #2 has a slightly different hue (more red in this example), is about as dark as shadow #1 and is more saturated

and shadow #3 is the darkest one, it has also about the same hue as the base color but is noticeably darker. i use this one only for contouring or the rly dark parts!

and then i just i test out where the different shadows look best and just go with feelings rather than logic i think??? yeah works for me at least

and well thats about it, i use this technice with the other colors too!! (i dont always use shadow #3 tho, but usually it looks better with it)

hope that helped a bit!!!!