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this is super random and i could be late in noticing but the performance of just hold on from the jimmy fallon show has been put on private and i was wondering if you'd heard anything about why that might be?

Hmm yeah it was. I don’t know why they’d do that. I wondered if maybe they do that with all performances after like a month or so, but there are older performances up so I don’t know what the deal is.

Do Ji Han (Actor) phone call with Taehyung
TH: Hello? JH: Hello. TH: Yes. JH: Taehyung-ah, where are you? TH: I’m going to our maknae Jungkook’s graduation for a bit right now. JH: Congratulations, Jungkook-ssi. TH: Why? Where are you, hyung? JH: Hyung is doing an interview right now… TH: Okay. JH: Hyung is gonna ask you something. TH: Okay. JH: Within [the Hwarang cast], who is the most handsome? TH: In between us? JH: Yeah. TH: Between my hyungs? JH: Yeah. TH: Hmm…I think it’s Minho-hyung. (Clip: It’s not Banryu*) It’s not hyung, though~? JH: Bye. TH: No, it’s hyung, it’s hyung. JH: (To staff) You heard that right? Thank you, Taehyung-ah. TH: Okay. JH: Hyung will call you later, okay? TH: Okay, I got it. JH: Taehyung-ah, I love you~!
*T/N: Banryu is Do Ji Han’s character in Hwarang.
(video cr: Vlack Verry)

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
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Post-Reveal: Outside Observers
  • Alya: Is that Mari and Adrien?
  • Nino: Hmm? Oh, yeah.
  • Marinette: *talking to Adrien*
  • Adrien: *leans in closer, smirks*
  • Marinette: *flicks his nose, walks off and beckons him to follow*
  • Adrien: *chases her with a lovesick smile*
  • Alya:
  • Nino:
  • Alya: I think I need to go lie down.
  • Nino: Babe no I saw it too.

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Angel!Hunk AU, whether in canonverse or a modern day AU. I blame you for calling Hunk a literal angel

i love this so much?? here’s my one idea (the other is based heavily on a les mis spn-verse fanfic so i’ll spare you lmao)

  • guardian angel au (in canonverse) where he’s supposed to be watching lance
    • shows up as lance’s roommate at the garrison. lance seems like a nice kid. sure, he gets into shenanigans a lot, but nothing super dangerous. it’s not a hard job and he genuinely enjoys lance’s friendship.
    • then lance goes making rash decisions as per usual but oh god now there are aliens and cover-ups and government agents and lance please let’s just go back to our rooms
    • but it’s too late and now they’re hurtling through a wormhole in space and hunk is starting to realize that this is a lot more work than he thought it’d be
  • includes content like:
    • hunk freaking out after the bomb and possibly using a liiiittle angel magic to make sure the ship didn’t blow up when they used pidge’s “upgrade”
    • hunk knowing that rolo and nyma were up to no good and as soon as he realizes lance flew off he’s preparing himself to hunt them back down
    • being very, very grateful to keith for getting blue back/uncuffing lance, and also for saving lance from the airlock. hunk is seriously considering deputizing keith.
      • there is…..a possibility of klunk here……
    • hunk’s hesitance to stay with voltron is because he thinks he just needs to protect lance, but then he realizes that his job has become much, much bigger and now he’s essentially a guardian for the whole universe
      • he is mildly overwhelmed
    • during 2x02 when hunk is mind-controlled and fighting lance?? oh my god?? he would be freaking out so much afterwards??

so yes, thank you kade, 10/10 good au idea

Obi-Wan Kenobi Has Never Had a Damn Day Off

Anakin’s Force Ghost: [watching very loud TV]
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [sitting next to him, wearing glasses and reading a book called Coming to Terms With Your Traumatic Life]
Luke: [staring at them, annoyed] You know, eventually one of us is going to have to go talk to him. 
Anakin: [still watching TV, disinterested] …talk to who, son? 
Luke: …Ben, dad.
Obi-Wan: [smiling] Why, I’m right here, Luke. And you can talk to me any time. 
Luke: You know who I’m talking about, Obi-Wan. Knock it off. 
Anakin: …don’t sass your Obi-Wan like that, Luke. 
Luke: [shutting off the TV] GUYS. BEN. DARK SIDE. LITTLE HELP HERE. Are you seriously just going to sit here and watch soap operas while the universe goes to hell again?! One of us has to try and talk some sense into him! I think it should be one of you. 
Anakin: [immediately] Not it. [looks at Obi-Wan]
Obi-Wan: Ohhhh, no. I’ve put in my time trying to make people in this family see reason. I’m not helping that brat. It’s bad enough Leia gave him my name. 
Anakin: …there you go! He’s Ben, you’re Ben….you’re his, uh, Great Uncle? Just give him that face you always used to give me when I did something stupid. 
Obi-Wan: [makes a face]
Anakin: That’s the one! There. See? You already know what to do. You’ve got this. 
Obi-Wan: [defeated sigh]

“ I wonder how brother is doing…

Morro’s been gone for a while now too…

Misako’s been traveling for a long time now too now that I think of it..

I wonder if Lloyd’s doing okay at school.. ”

I just sat and thought to myself, “ Just how lonely was Wu after everyone basically left him? " He had the monastery, possible other students, but we never really get any closure on all that jazz. I wanna see more young Wu pls.

Torch of Bellona (Part 2)

Author: Wristic

Pairings: Ivar X Reader

Word Count: 2900

Warnings: none

-Part 1- -Part 3- -Part 4-

Seeing most of your prediction come true, you still try to gauge the strange people that are the Northman. However it will take tact and cleverness to finally see one for yourself, hopefully it is not as disappointing as the news Alfred gives you.

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out of the hat (up your sleeve)

Summary: You and Jeongguk make progress from cuddles and bunny kisses. (BunnyKook! Shifter au)

Rating: PG13, because kisses

Genre: Drabble, Fluffy fluff, humor

Length: 2.3k  (associated drabble with tell me your secrets (I’m all ears))

A/N: um…yeah.

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 Jeongguk turned away from the TV at your voice and looked over. You were standing in the hallway, just outside the kitchen where you had been making a cup of tea. He took a second to prepare himself before his eyes caught sight of you standing in the doorway, a breath punching from his lungs. One of his sweaters hung on your frame, the sleeves so long they draped over your hands and the hem fell over the top of your thighs.

“Hmm….uh, yeah?” he replied quickly, remembering that you’d asked a question when your head tilted to the side curiously. 

“Would you mind if I…half-shifted for a little while this afternoon?” You shifted nervously, toes curling under your feet as you waited. You’re wearing socks with little bottles of hot sauce on them, and something in his chest leapt.

“Half-shift? Uh, sure. I don’t mind,” he answered casually, shrugging.

That was a lie. He did mind.

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Tony Stark Being Secretly In Love With You Would Involve

Requested by @bbogi1999 (but I can’t tag you so meh.)

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  • He would not be subtle. Not at all.
  • But still, it’s a secret to you.
  • Somehow.
  • He would be really sarcastic about it.
    “I mean I’m sure someone could help you fix your computer, if only you had someone with a degree in electrical engineering who’s completely in love with you to help. Hmm yeah what a pity.”
  • The other Avengers wouldn’t even have to ask. It was so obvious.
  • He would be tripping over himself to please you.
  • You’d sort of get mixed messages because he gets like 60% more sarcastic when he’s into someone.
  • “You know, (Y/n), Stark is a great last name.”
  • Cheesy pick up lines.
    All the time.
  • When he’s drunk he has to get someone to hide his phone and any other way he has to drunk call/message you.
  • “You know what JARVIS? I’m just going to tell them.”
  • “Hey, you know I think you look nice. All the time.”
  • “Hey I think I’m in love with you and it’s driving me insane.”
  • “Hey can I just kiss you please? I’ll even settle for a hug. Or a slap and a sassy comeback.”