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Days flew by, and the preparations for Ember and the twins to move out were in full swing. Lavender and Ember went apartment hunting and eventually they found a pretty reasonably priced place in the spice district - not the greatest of areas - but it was cheap and had character. It was taking a while to pack up stuff, but everyone member of the family helped where they could. Even Gabe would often stop by on weekends to help. 

On the night before they were meant to leave, Gabe cracked open a few beers as they packed the last few items into boxes. 

Gabe: Alrighty, so that’s your scary amount of records and candles all boxed up - now what are we doing? 

Gabe: … 

Gabe: Em? Earth to Ember? 

Ember: Hmm yeah? 

She was staring at her wall of photos. Photos of her and Gabe and Lilith back in highschool. Back in Oasis Springs all together as a group…God that felt like centuries ago. She hadn’t thought back in forever - but looking at those photos - really seeing them. She felt a pang of sadness in her heart.  

Gabe: Yah know I’m super offended that you printed that one super big. Tbh I think you need one of you and me plastered across a full wall. 

Ember: Shut up you dumbass. I’m just feelin all sentimental n’ stuff - like look how young and wild and free we were!! We were such a great group - 

Gabe: Yup, well…time happens. People ditch. People get pregnant - 

Ember: Hey! 

Gabe: Just spitting the truth darling. 

Ember: Loser. 

Gabe rolled his eyes and patted the ground next to him. 

Gabe: We’ll pack those pics up in a sec, I think we need a break. Drink your beer! Like jeez this is the last night we’ll be able to for a looong time. The drive to the city from Windenburg is hella long. 

Dirty Mouth 7

Part 1 // Part 2 //Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6

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A/N. Yeah, there’s been a LOOONG time between me writing this. I got kinda stuck. But here’s another part. It’s also been forever since I wrote a long fic so yeahl. Sorry.

Characters: Jon Moxley (or Dean Ambrose but really Mox era) x OFC

Warnings: NSFW

“Remember when you would wrestle for $10 in a shitty bingo hall.” Mox chuckled as he counted the bills in his envelope, stuffing them carelessly into his backpack.

“Not all of us are as notorious as you are Jon.” She quipped, sitting down on the bench next to him. Mox shrugged and continued to messily stuff his bag full of his gear, She knew she’d have to sort it out for him once they got back to the hotel. “Aren’t WWE interested in you?”

“Hmm, yeah.” He grumbled, muttering something under his breath so she couldn’t quite hear.  Mox hadn’t really told her about WWE, Sami Callihan had let slip to her that he’d recently had a few meetings with them, Which explained away some of his more recent disappearing acts. “Something like that.”

Sami had told her that when WWE came calling Mox had genuinely thought that someone was having him on. But no, WWE were seriously interested in signing him, much to his and pretty much anyone else who knew him’s surprise. Jon Moxley was not WWE friendly at all.

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sarathebunny  asked:

Hmmm- Maybe you can try and draw traditional art for a change. :D It may be good for you since you've drawn so much digital art. Would be cool to see more of your trad art, really. x3

Hmm, yeah, that’s true, but I like doing digital more! X3


Bendy and the Tsum Machine

I don’t remember which stream this was talked about, but I remember someone talking about what a Bendy tsum tsum would look like, and I’ve been wanting to doodle that ever since. And also draw a few other characters from the game, too.

(The mirror Bendy tsum is from SquigglyDigglyDoo’s Toon Henry AU)


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Do Ji Han (Actor) phone call with Taehyung
TH: Hello? JH: Hello. TH: Yes. JH: Taehyung-ah, where are you? TH: I’m going to our maknae Jungkook’s graduation for a bit right now. JH: Congratulations, Jungkook-ssi. TH: Why? Where are you, hyung? JH: Hyung is doing an interview right now… TH: Okay. JH: Hyung is gonna ask you something. TH: Okay. JH: Within [the Hwarang cast], who is the most handsome? TH: In between us? JH: Yeah. TH: Between my hyungs? JH: Yeah. TH: Hmm…I think it’s Minho-hyung. (Clip: It’s not Banryu*) It’s not hyung, though~? JH: Bye. TH: No, it’s hyung, it’s hyung. JH: (To staff) You heard that right? Thank you, Taehyung-ah. TH: Okay. JH: Hyung will call you later, okay? TH: Okay, I got it. JH: Taehyung-ah, I love you~!
*T/N: Banryu is Do Ji Han’s character in Hwarang.
(video cr: Vlack Verry)

Trans cr: Kylie @ allforbts
© Please credit when taking out

Took a couple commissions over on Flight Rising a while back to try and get back into dragon game; here’s a firey ridgeback Rindaio for FR user Holographic!

I love early episodes of night vale because Cecil was essentially wearing a neon sign on his chest that read “NOTICE ME CARLOS” but Carlos was too busy pointing at various aspects of the town and just going “what the fuck. what the actual fuck.”

Catchprases masterlist

These catchphrases for ACNL villagers were collected on tumblr, contributors can be found at the bottom of this post. Remember not to capitalise catchphrases or add punctuation marks as the game takes care of this, according to wherever the catchphrase will show up in a sentence. However, do capitalise greetings and use punctuations marks in greetings unless you don’t want any.

Catchphrases for any villager

kweh / kupo / booper / ya know / your majesty / I guess / in America / in bed / ba-bang / nifty / cool beans / hella / pumbloom / *pees* / marmalade / darling / dear / sweetie / sweetheart / honey / love / imagineer / human / robot / friend / jeaaaahhhh / I’m lying / yes? No? / okey dokey / OK / I say / you see / you know / sugarcube / YOLO / TL;DR / orz / *censored* / in-game / …help me / [hiccup] / mean it / not again / why me / shut up / stop that / hmm… / yeah / ugh / you’ll see / dear / partner / bonjour / so funny / so sad / hon hon / no worries / gotcha / you cutie / go away / come here / mind you / same / so what / me, too / my child / golly / stay safe / take care / sniff

Catchphrases for normal villagers

dear / dearie / puddin’ / pumpkin / sweetie / mhm / mittens / sweet tart / honey / darling / heh / tea time / nutmeg / yippy / verily / books / hun / baby / :3 / kiwi / mango / plum / papaya / love / sweetums / love dove / balmy / doodles / breezy / ahaha / cupcake / hehe / nyah / if I may / lovely / my friend / my love / o-okay / flower / oh my / sweetheart / buddy / precious

Catchphrases for peppy villagers

yeah / girl / goof / sunshine / weirdo / for sure / lmao / like, yeah / omg / LOL / girl power / shiny / totally / totes / like OMG / y'know / yay / notice me / :3 / pudding / jeepers / doll / bonbon / zippy / sunny / rosy / hoorah / boosh / cutie pie / yayzies / boop / yo / hooray / my fan / aha / twinkle / sparkle / ta-da / teehee / bestie / [sings] / and like / much wow / wow / aww snap / superduper / sugar / silly / like / hm? / sugarbear

Catchphrases for snooty villagers

wow / peasant / dear / floozy / wild one / posh / darling / hrmp / oh dear / babe / um / hipster / fancy / fancypants / mrrrow / dawling / kisskiss / darling / dearie / sweetie / hey bby / #tweet / #selfie / my pet / dahling / belle / capiche / la-di-da / cheeky / swanky / uppity / ugh / right / honey / fancy / you wish / my pet / quite so / whatever / sweetheart / mon dieu / hmph / ridiculous

Catchphrases for uchi villagers

lil sis / son / pumpkin / sweetie / dude / lovely / sister / friend / aw yeah / maaan / sugar / little sis / mm hm / girls / sis / bro / awesome / dude / hey bby / hun / yeah yeah / yeah right / whatever / junior / dainty / precious / foxy / nifty / nimble / friend / sugar pie / kid / cutie / gotcha / am I right / cuz / dudette / sweetie / twerp / uhh… yea / 10/10 / neh

Catchphrases for cranky villagers

ugh / punk / darn it / lass / sprout / child / ugh… / you kids / urgh / sweet / dagnabbit / durnit / you child / tch / kiddo / who am I? / ech / Billy / ya jerk / get lost / snappish / maroon / huff / tart / crabby / surly / seriously / grumps / kiddo / youngster / boss / NOT / …I guess / MWAHAHAHA / suck it / or else / human / nyeh / hmph / [sigh] / munchkin / buddy / whatever / shut up / my head / sigh / I hate it / you baby

Catchphrases for jock villagers

booya! / dork / goof / speedy / hiyah / woah / crunch / hup-to / coach / teammate / mate / bud / guy / bam / 10k / carbs / champion / frat boy / you’re it / let’s race / T-DOWN / GOAL / football / sportsball / notice me / d00d / dude / brah / bruh / bro / dude man / player / rookie / pro / champ / tiger / lifting / exercise / energize / homie / get wreckt / ten-hut / ba-BOOM / *fistbump* / nerd / yo / rock on / yahoo / c'mon bro / up top / level 100 / brawler / *sweats* / carry me / snot

Catchphrases for lazy villagers

yessir / yawn / snooze / snore / munchie / drowsy / pip / snuffle / hmmm / mhmm / …yawn / I guess / *rumble* / FOOOD / peach / apple pie / tart / yum / yaaawn / biscotti / biscuit / cake time / snack time / let’s eat / milk bone / I’m hungry / *burrrp* / narf / word / mkay / mmm… / …zzz… / drowsy / toddle / truffle / dreamy / or whatnot / cookies / I’m sleepy / hrm? / mm'kaay / sluuuurp / duuuude / never mind / yo / snug / ehh jk / feed me / snoozer

Catchphrases for smug villagers

lol no / zoink / honey / babe / darling / m'lady / mistress / my liege / princess / my queen / my king / friend / dear / haha / fabulous / I say / sure / howla / chicky / hottie / woah dude / call me / notice me / #selfie / hey bby / m'dear / yessir / wise-guy / righteous / alright / cutie / heh heh / romantic / huehuehue / what, what / indeed / guvnor / says I / bien / eheh / my friend / believe it / told ya so / bonjour / starlight / love hurts

Animal themed catchphrases & greetings

Bears: cubby, roar
Birds: chicky, cluck yeah
Cats: me-wow, purr purr
Chickens : chicky, cluck yeah, cluckin’ a
Cows: partner
Cubs: roar
Dogs: growl, woof, bark
Ducks: quackers, duckyeah, quackowsky
Frogs: (greetings: Frogget about it.)
Goats: baah
Hamsters: squeak, squicky
Kangaroos: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day
Koalas: mate, matey, crikey, blimey, g'day, eucalypbro
Mice: squeak, squicky, gouda, cheesy (greetings: Gouda see you!)
Octopi: inkling
Penguins: ice cold, sugar cube
Rabbits: thumps, flop (greetings: What’s up, doc?)
Squirrels: squeak, squicky
Tigers: growler
Wolves: growler

Greetings with fitting catchphrases

Get off my lawn & ugh (for cranky villagers)
Don’t talk to me & goodbye
Good to see you / I was worried!  & I hate it!
Howdy & partner
Got any food? & I’m hungry
Zappity Zap Zap & pachirisu (for Static)
Judge & witness
Honey & sting
Hey there & sugarbear
Sweet meet & sugar cube
Don’t hurt me! & ouch


Dessert/sweets theme
Catchphrases: snickerdoo / chocochip / jellyjam / meowringue (cat) / mooringue (cow) / creamsicle / lebkuchen (wolf; they always struck me as German-ish!) / sconesie / cinnaroll / honeybun / frostings / cuppycake / maraschino
Greetings: Snickerdoodleoo (chicken) / Chocochipper / Sugar'n spice

Alcoholic beverage theme
Catchphrases: mojito / cider / bubbly / bourbonne (specifically I have this for my snooty cat Monique as she seems French to me) / icewine (penguin) / amaretto (squirrel) / duckquiri (duck) / fruitini / baileys / sangria / sherry / kahlua
Greetings: Prost (wolf) / bottoms up / cheers

CONTRIBUTORS – thank you all so much!

katieshmatie, ar-te-mi-s, subliminal-asshole, bluesodacrossing, mayor-merlot, oaktincans, delilah-crossing, lasershield, kakkuja, faylian, kastrokingdoms, smokeyapaloosa, thestaticstalker, alwaysactually, mayorakito, jerseydevilapologist, mayor-brandy, mayorette, possibly-devon, pkmn-trainer-olive, ferotton, amibrazen, ifsbuttsandmeco, peppy-villager​, skye-crossing, pinkpeonii, aisemicr, mayor-jenn, crossingsnivy, elegant-mushroom, dordt-animal-crossing, shoujokay, miss-mismagius, webcomixwastaken… and several anons, thank you too!
Also thanks to rabbityfur who helped clean up the catchphrases.

I took the liberty not to include offensive catchphrases (explicitly sexual ones, ableism, (sexist) slurs, Japanese ones and AAVE). You are of course free to use the latter two if you’re Japanese/black but I didn’t want to support cultural appropriation with this list.

Couch Cuddles(Peter Parker x Reader)

ohmygod you’re open again!!! this makes me so happy bc your writing is incredible. but anyways here’s my imagine,, Peter cuddling with his girlfriend after a long day being spiderman to which he tells her his whole situation as she listens while giving advice & she lets him lie on her chest & plays with his soft hair. he falls asleep & she kisses his forehead & falls asleep too. ok, i needed some fluff after a rough day. but thank you and hopefully you get my imagine & have a good day! x

Originally posted by couplenotes

The lull in your conversation was replaced by Peter’s tired, muffled voice saying, “An old lady almost got robbed today but the thief was an idiot.” His head rested on your chest so he could hear your heartbeat. With your hand stroking his hair, you hummed to show him that you heard. “Hmm, yeah? How’s that?” you ask him, genuinely curious. “The guy,” Peter started before interrupting his sentence with a yawn, “The guy that grabbed her bag decided that the deed had been done and just strolled into an alleyway. Let’s just say …”, he yawned again before continuing, “Let’s just say he wasn’t exactly difficult to trap against a wall. Getting the fucking bag was kinda difficult, though. Through all the webbing.” You chuckled at that and responded, “You’re right, that guy was an idiot.”

“It’s getting kinda tricky to avoid the police,” he told you with a huff. He was obviously very annoyed by the NYPD’s attempts to capture the web-slinger. “Maybe Spiderman should pay them a visit, then,” you suggested, “Y’know, to tell them that Spiderman is trying to help.” He nodded against your breast and hummed in agreement. “But,” he added, “What if they try to get me? I’ll be so close to a jail cell they’d make me swing in!” “Reminder that you’re getting ‘em so many rebels and criminals you might not even fit. Maybe you can string a baddie to their ceiling as a demonstration,” you said with a huff of laughter. He chuckled against your chest.

“I can always talk to my Dad,” you told him sincerely, “Or I can jump off a building and you can save me. It’ll get you points with the chief.” He lifts his head off your heart and looks at you sternly. “You will not be put in any situations of danger because of me, okay? Especially not by yourself. Promise me you won’t do anything just to get me on your Dad’s good side. I can deal with the NYPD’s stupidity but not with you putting yourself in harm’s way because of me.”

“I solemnly swear that I will not put myself in harm’s way,” you say and you place a kiss on his forehead. With that sorted, he rests his head against your breast again. “I like these,” he whispers, making you erupt with laughter. “Of course you do, Babe.” When you settle down from your burst of laughter, Peter cuddles into you more until your heartbeat lulls him to sleep. When you look down, you smile gently at his sleeping face. You snuggle into his warm body and fall into a nice slumber with your own personal heater keeping you warm, inside and out.