yeah his mom died

Mystic Falls is such a weird scandalous place for everyone who is not supernatural …. “oh hey remember Elena Gilbert whose parents died and then she dated these two very hot brothers? and her brother faked his death? She is dead now.” “Remember Caroline Forbes? Yeah her mom died and now she has kids with our teacher Alaric Saltzman” …. JUST IMAGINE THE GOSSIP ON THE PICNICS !! 

Petition to stop hurting Killian Jones in S6

So I’m on board with this season’s angst, drama, etc. but our sexy pirate needs an effing break, yeah?

He lost his Mom.

His dad abandoned him (he thinks).

His brother died.

His first love died.

He lost his hand.

He spent 300 miserable years consumed by revenge.

A few years of unrequited love. Thought he lost her for a year.

Got his love back - yay! - but then has his heart ripped out. Controlled by Rumple, made to do horrible things. Almost killed.


Back to life - but then lost love again, this time to the DO.

More torment seeing the woman he loves consumed by darkness.

… and if theories are correct: KILLED AGAIN, GOES TO HELL.

Give the guy a break soon. Please?