yeah his mom died

Why Me? Part 3

Savitar swept you up and ran to Star Labs, where everyone stopped celebrating and turned yourself direction.

“It’s over Savitar, it’s time for you to go you did enough damage” Barry’s eyes were on you the entire time but you didn’t care as long as Savitar was by your side you didn’t care about anything.

“It’s not over until I become a god Barry”

“The paradox will reach you and you will be no more, killing Iris can’t save you anymore”

You rub your stomach and put a hand on Savitar’s shoulder and he looks down at you,silently telling you it will be okay.

“I have another way Flash” and the next thing you know you find yourself outside, watching as Barry destroys Savitar’s suit and you can’t help but feel your heart rate increase. Something bad is about to happen and you were right.

You see Savitar run after Barry but out the corner of your eye you see Iris holding up a gun and you knew exactly what you had to do. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion as you ran in the range of fire trying desperately to stop iris but it was too late and your eyes widen as you felt the bullet pierce through your stomach and you were falling backwards your eyes never leaving Irises.

Savitar and Barry stop as they heard the gunshot and Savitar catches you just in time and Barry can’t believe his eyes it felt as if he was dreaming.

“Babe it’s okay it doesn’t even hurt anymore” you struggle to say as a tear slid down your face.

“Y/n I-I love you please hang in there”
But Savitar gets no response as your breathing completely stops and the light leaves your eyes and Savitar cries and cries as he pulls your limp body against his chest.

Iris drops the gun when she realizes what she’s done and runs up to Barry

“Barry I-I didn’t mean too” she sobs but she knows Barry’s not listening, his attention was on Savitar.

She turns around to see Savitar resting his head on your stomach and letting out a pained yell and then run his hand through your hair and whisper “its okay baby” over and over again . Barry walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder.

“You win alright just leave me alone” Savitar whimpers and places his head in the crook of your neck and Barry’s heart instantly breaks.

“I’m so sorry” Barry didn’t know why he felt remorse for the man who tried to kill the woman he loved maybe because now that the tables have turned and this time fully succeeded.

“We have to get her back please” Savitar whispers

“I don’t think-”

“Please Barry” The look in Savitar’s eyes were the same look Barry had when his mom died and he caves in.

“Yeah, we’ll find a way” just as Barry says those words Iris walks over to them but Savitar rushes to Star Labs, while Barry looks back at the others who had tears running down their face.


“What the hell are you-” Joe cuts his self off when he sees your limp body in Savitar’s arms and he could see him trying not to break down and cry but he failed, Savitar crumbles to the ground and sobbs loudly and Joe picks up your body and gently lay you down on a bed.

He turns towards Savitar and he sees the same boy that lost his mother years ago. He pulls Savitar in his arms and tries to calm him down but it only resulted in Savitar violently shaking and snot running down his nose.

“She was pregnant” he whimpers and Joe’s grip tightens around the man.

“It’s okay Barr” he whispers and soon the others walk in and Iris walks toward Savitar but he quickly stands up and backs away from her.

“Savitar I didn’t mean to-”

“Was it worth it, was she that much a threat that you had to pull the trigger” he says quietly

“I didn’t think she would-”

“She’s gone iris, my fiancé and child are gone because of you and I will never forgive you for this Iris West I.Hate.You”
Savitar looks at Barry and flashes into the med bay where your lifeless body lay.

As Iris felt the gust of wind push her hair back she felt her eyes well up with tears. She wasn’t hurt by what Savitar said she was hurt by who said it because he was still Barry and she loved Barry dearly.

“I’m so sorry” she whimpers

Love and Let Love (Part 3)

Love and Let Love Masterlist

Warning/s: Angst (?), Mentions of Death, Language

A/N: (Y/N = Your Name; L/N = Your Last Name) PART 3 GUYS!!  I planned to post this last Valentine’s day, but I was not able to finish it. Heh. (SORRY!) So for this part I wanted to focus more on Steve and why he’s so kind. Something along the lines of  “Behind those kind smiles are tragic stories.” I think the reader needed to know where Steve’s kindness comes from so that she can open up to him. I needed to insert a character to tell Steve’s story.

Number of Words:  1, 803

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Sterek, "Why's your hand on my ass?"

“Derek….why is your hand on my ass?” Stiles’ eyes widen, trying to swallow down a small whine as he looks around the club. 

Derek tends to get a little…possessive over him at times. Not in a romantic way- although Stiles desperately wishes- but in a back-off-this-is-my-human kind of way. Apparently Stiles’ 18 year old hormones, combined with his budding spark, means he’s now some kind of werewolf cock tease. Kind of like a siren, but for werewolves, Deaton had said, and wasn’t that just what Stiles had wanted to hear from his slightly shifty neighbourhood vet. 

Yup, apparently Stiles Stilinski actually do got a booty and apparently all the local weres want a piece of it. It’s flattering, most of the time. Until it’s not. Stiles can usually take care of himself, but he can’t go around carrying his trusty bat with him all the time, and he’s still got a lot to learn about protection spells before he can actually do one.

And so, enter Derek, who, for some unknown, slightly painful to Stiles’ long suffering crush on him and his eyebrows reason, is totally cool with playing the part of Stiles’ pretend boyfriend when they go out. 

(The fact that Derek even goes out with Stiles at all is baffling in itself, but hey, Stiles isn’t going to question a good thing. If Derek gets something out of watching him get his groove on he ain’t gonna ask no questions.)

Usually, Derek just growls a lot when Stiles’ hormones, siren song, whatever, starts triggering overzealous reactions in people, sometimes pulling him wonderfully close and scenting him, just a little. (Stiles is super proud of himself for not whimpering during these moments. He deserves medals, or, at the very least, milkshakes. The good cholesterol killing kind he never lets his dad have.) Never though, never has Derek touched his ass.

Stiles isn’t too sure how he feels about it. Should he back up into it? Is Derek trying to initiate something? Shit, maybe he hit his head and he’s dreaming. It wouldn’t be the first time Stiles has dreamt about Derek groping him in public. (Shut up, he has an exhibitionist kink okay? It’s normal. Erica said so.)

“Shhh, Stiles, just let it happen,” Derek…giggles?

Swinging around, Stiles’ eyes widen even further, a surprised laugh catching in his throat. “Are you…are you drunk?”

Derek never gets drunk. Ever.

“I don’t know,” Derek frowns, eyebrows pulling down adorably. “What is drunk supposed to feel like?” He looks up then, face completely earnest, and Stiles’ heart kind of stops. Not even Scott manages to pull of that puppy level of cute.

Stiles has caught glimpses of Derek’s softer side before. He rarely lets people see it, but it’s there, and Stiles wants nothing more than to find ways to coax it out of him for the rest of his life.

(He’ll admit, he’s in pretty deep.)

“It’s different for everyone,” he finally manages to get out, licking his lips, unable to help it, breath stuttering as he watches Derek track the movement. “How do you, uh, feel?”

“Wrong,” Derek…Derek actually pouts. Oh my god. “I like it when I can touch you, makes me feel safe, and I’m not touching you. So I feel…unsafe.” Derek’s frown deepens, like he’s a little confused by his own words, but then he’s looking at Stiles in that way he sometimes does when he’s struggling with something, like Stiles is the only person in the whole world who understands him. It takes Stiles’ breath away every time, that trust, and even now it takes him a few moments to recollect himself, to focus on what Derek is saying.

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Mystic Falls is such a weird scandalous place for everyone who is not supernatural …. “oh hey remember Elena Gilbert whose parents died and then she dated these two very hot brothers? and her brother faked his death? She is dead now.” “Remember Caroline Forbes? Yeah her mom died and now she has kids with our teacher Alaric Saltzman” …. JUST IMAGINE THE GOSSIP ON THE PICNICS !! 

keeperoftheliars replied to your post: so I watched last night’s episode and I was…mildly…

// I completely agree. Their relationship this season is getting really hard to enjoy/care about when it’s giving off these vibes. I feel like we have to protect Barry and get him away from her till she sorts herself out.

yeah it’s just a bit unsettling to me. And like, I understand that Barry leaving like that would cause problems/upset Iris. But I think the way that its’ being handled is really unpleasant. Plus she didn’t really ask Barry about his thoughts on therapy. In my opinion, I would think he would have had really unpleasant experiences with therapy. Considering he was likely taken to it after his mom died yeah, but when he was trying to convince people about the man in yellow. It can’t possibly have been a good experience for him. And to just brush that off and do it because it’s what Iris wants…idk. It made me very uncomfortable. And I agree that there are problems, but instead of telling him what was bothering her, she revealed it in a therapy session??? with a stranger there??? Completely blindsiding him, obviously. I just…wow. There are so many reasons this episode unsettled me. Honestly.

With friends like them - A Teen wolf (Scott and Stiles) imagine

Request: You should write a stiles imagine were y/n Dad is a cop and y/n move away when her parents got divorced but when y\n mom does she moves back and just loads of friendship fluff between scot, stiles and y/n

Requested by: tunnel-pugs


With your hands loosely resting in your lap you let out a puff of air as you continued to listen to Sheriff Stilinski as he gave you and your friends yet another lecture. Scott and Stiles sat on either side of you, the later impatiently tapping his fingers against the armrest of his chair while the first sat silently and listened attentively.
“How many times is it now? You three have to stop breaking the law.” The Sheriff said with a sigh as he slumped down in his chair, his fingers rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Why would you break into the sheriff’s office because of a dare?”
“A bet.” You corrected and the Sheriff raised his gaze to look at you.
“A what?”
“It was a bet, not a dare.” You said and straightened up your posture slightly. “These idiots” You pointed at Scott and Stiles respectively before continuing. “Didn`t think I`d be able to sneak in and out of the Sheriff`s office without being caught.”
“Obviously we won.” Stiles chimed in with a satisfied grin and despite the sheriff`s stern gaze, even Scott had trouble containing his own grin from spreading. The Sheriff however, was not impressed. He sent a stern glare towards Stiles, who in response shrunk back into his seat slightly, before he turned his gaze towards you.
“You know I`m going to have to tell your father about this, it`s the eight time since you came back that you`ve gotten into this kind of trouble.”
“Aw come one Sheriff! This is not nearly as bad as that arson incident Stiles was involved in last week.”  You felt a hard jab in your sides and turned to see Stiles looking at you with wide eyes while he shook his head fervently.  Shaking your own head in confusion you raised your eyebrows and mouthed a silent “What” before the sound of metal scraping against the floor brought your attention back to the Sheriff who had pushed his chair back several inches as he rose to his feet.
What arson incident?” The Sheriff questioned sternly and once again Stiles shrank back noticeably, avoiding any direct eye contact with his father while simultaneously sending death glares your way.  You were stunned to silence and could only shrug your shoulders apologetically while smiling sheepishly at Stiles who kept his narrowed eyes glaring at you. Thankfully, Scott came to the rescue for both you and Stiles.
“She meant the bonfire incident!” He quickly said. “Last week we were planning on having a bon fire up at Lydia`s parents vacation house but Stiles sort of set fire to the wrong tree`s and…” Scott trailed off weakly when he realized that his excuse was getting him nowhere good and you mentally slapped yourself for ever thinking that maybe the too-sweet-and –honest-for-his-own-good wolf would ever make for a good liar. The Sheriff was just about to say something in response to Scott`s tale when Parrish knocked on the door and requested his assistance in some police related work. With a sigh and yet another stern look he pointed a finger at each one of you in turn.
“This conversation is not over, and I will be calling your parents.” Then he proceeded out the door, leaving the three of you all alone on the office.

The second the door closed Stiles shoved your shoulder, hard.
“Thanks a lot you idiot!” He said trying to mask the grin that was spreading across his face. You however, could not contain the laughter that was bubbling up inside you, and as you started laughing it soon spread to both Scott and Stiles who joined in and laughed along happily. You moved on hand up to your mouth to try and stifle the laughter as best you could, who ever heard of someone laughing happily in the Sheriff`s office right after they were caught breaking in?  

When you finally settled down and stopped laughing you glanced at both Stiles and Scott, a mischievous glint in your eyes.
“What?” Scott asked with a laugh.
“There`s a window.” You said with a suggestive wink and Stiles immediately snapped his head in the direction of the window at the far side of the room, a smirk already plastered across his face. He shot up from his seat and walked over, checking to see if it was open or not. It was.
“It`s open.” He said as he pulled the window up and gestured outside. “After you” You grabbed Scott by the hand and dragged him over to the window.
“So first we break in and now we break out?” Scott said and you winked.
“Like the master thieves we are.” Then you swiftly climbed out, Scott and Stiles following close behind, and headed for the parking lot, where Stiles had parked his jeep.  

Ducking, diving and sneaking towards your goal without being seen by anyone who would recognize you proved to be more difficult than you thought. Especially in broad daylight and in the company of the sheriff`s son and his best friend. The fact that your own father was a cop working in the same department as the sheriff didn`t exactly help either. However despite the many close calls you finally made it to the jeep and managed to shuffle into it rather ungracefully, with Scott almost tripping over you in his hurry to get inside and away from the station. You sent a slight glare his way and he grinned sheepishly at you, shrugging his shoulders before he nudged you forward and climbed in after you. Stiles took his place behind the wheel and quickly pulled out of the parking, heading for Scott`s house.


“Well I admit, that was a failure.” You said as you followed close behind Scott as he entered his house, heading straight for the living room where he flopped down on the couch. He laugh as he leaned back and moved slightly to his right, making room for Stiles who sat down with a heavy thud beside his friend. You remained standing with a playful smile dancing across your face, you were already planning out the next bet that would most certainly get you into a lot of trouble.
“At least we won, I call that satisfactory results.” Stiles said with a grin as he looked between you and Scott.
“Yeah, but mom is going to kill me.” Scott added. You felt a numbing pain tugging your heart roughly at Scott`s words and for a millisecond your smile faltered and a pained expression ghosted over your features.  However you were quick to recover and immediately replaced your frown with yet another smile as you said.
“So, what`s next? You want to sneak into coach`s office and do some damage?” You suggested while Scott`s words floated through your mind. Or more accurately one word in particular seemed to etch itself to your every thought. Mom. You forced your smile to spread even wider, hoping that neither Scott nor Stiles would notice. But Scott and Stiles had known you since before you moved away after your parents’ divorce. You`d been friends since you were toddlers and the time you spent away from Beacon hills hadn`t seemed like anything more than a day in your friendship. The two boys knew you almost better than you knew yourself. Which was why they immediately noticed how the corners of your mouth strained just a little bit too much and how your voice seemed to crack just a tiny bit when you spoke. Stiles glanced at Scott before turning towards you.

“Hey, you know I`m not one to turn down a good prank or an opportunity to break in somewhere but,” He paused briefly.”… Are you alright?” Stiles leaned his forearms on his knees, folded his hands and creased his brow in concern as he kept a steady gaze on you. You immediately fell silent and your lips drew into a straight line as you swallowed hard. Your gaze focused on a spot on the ground, away from Scott and Stiles piercing gaze.
“I`m fine.” You lied and Scott noticed. He rose from his position on the couch beside Stiles and walked up to you reaching out a hand to gently grab your arm. You didn`t resist as he pulled you with him towards the couch and sat you down beside Stiles. You kept your eyes on the ground, fighting back the tears and trying to get rid of the lump slowly forming in your throat. Scott took a seat on your other side and placed a gentle hand on your shoulder.
“It`s okay if you`re not alright.”
“Yeah, your mom died.” Stiles hesitated and lowered his eyes to the floor, his gaze becoming slightly distant as he spoke.” When my mom died, I wasn`t alright for a long time.” He swallowed hard and moved his gaze back to you, tears quickly forming in the corner of his eyes.
“It`s alright to be broken when you lose someone.” He took your hand in his and squeezed it reassuringly. Almost immediately you felt the last part of the strength that held back your tears crumble and the tears started pouring down your cheeks. Your shoulders shook as you sobbed into your hands and hunched your whole body forward. You could feel a hand rubbing up and down your back and you knew it was Scott. Stiles was resting a comforting hand on your shoulder, squeezing it softly for additional support.

Neither Scott nor Stiles said anything for a long time and just silently sat with you as you finally let out the tears you`d been holding back for far too long. You were glad for the silence and for a long time you just sat there, tears falling down your cheeks and the only sound piercing the silence being your irregular sobs.

After what seemed like forever you finally took a deep breath and straightened up, wiping your hands roughly across your cheeks trying to remove the tears that still stained your cheeks. You looked at Stiles first, a small smile on your lips, before you looked over at Scott.
“Thanks.” You said in a shaky voice that forced you to take a deep breath before continuing.” I`m fine now, and I really mean it.” You smiled wider now and felt a single tear trickle down your cheek. Scott was quick to wipe it away, and smiled kindly at you.
“I know.” He said as he pulled you into a tight hug. You buried your head in his chest and took a few deep breaths, relaxing into your friends arms as he tightened his grip momentarily around you before releasing you.  You barely had time to move away from Scott before you felt yourself being turned around and enveloped in a new pair of arms that hugged you just as tight as Scott had. Stiles was quiet while he hugged you and you smiled against his chest,  feeling more and more safe by the second in his arms. When he released you from his grip your smile was wider and for the first time since your mother had died, you genuinely felt like everything was ok and you were going to be alright.
“Thank you, both of you.” You grabbed each of their hands and squeezed. With friends like Scott and Stiles, you knew you would be okay no matter what. Both Scott and Stiles smiled at you before looking at each other with wide grins on their faces.
“So…” Stiles said with a wink. ”About that prank we were discussing earlier…” He trailed off with a suggestive glint in his eyes and all you could do was laugh at him.
´Yeah, with friends like these I`ll be fine´. You though as you smiled brightly and bumped your shoulders against both Scott and Stiles playfully, causing the two boys to laugh happily before the three of you began planning what trouble you could get yourself into next.


A/N: I hope you enjoyed it, thank you for reading. <3

kurt elizabeth hummel more like kurt privileged hummel I mean yeah his mom died he was bullied literally his entire life feared for his life transferred schools transferred back still couldn’t win elections or get leading roles because of his appearance and characteristics has been sexually assaulted (twice) didn’t get into school got cheated on brother died but  I mean come on he’s never had a brick literally thrown at his head so tbh it’s been a cushy fucking life I for one am SO grateful he’s finally getting the wake up call he so desperately needs and deserves

Petition to stop hurting Killian Jones in S6

So I’m on board with this season’s angst, drama, etc. but our sexy pirate needs an effing break, yeah?

He lost his Mom.

His dad abandoned him (he thinks).

His brother died.

His first love died.

He lost his hand.

He spent 300 miserable years consumed by revenge.

A few years of unrequited love. Thought he lost her for a year.

Got his love back - yay! - but then has his heart ripped out. Controlled by Rumple, made to do horrible things. Almost killed.


Back to life - but then lost love again, this time to the DO.

More torment seeing the woman he loves consumed by darkness.

… and if theories are correct: KILLED AGAIN, GOES TO HELL.

Give the guy a break soon. Please?