yeah here's a thing

  • Aaron: Stop being weird, Paddy. I know why you're really here.
  • Paddy: Do you?
  • Aaron: Yeah. So you and mum had a thing again. I'm fine with it.
  • Paddy: Are you?
  • Aaron: Yeah. I want you both to be happy, too.
  • Paddy: You're happy?
  • Aaron: Yeah. It's mad, isn't it? I'm going to prison, but I'm finally happy.
  • Paddy: Because of Robert?
  • Aaron: I know he's not for you, but... he's definitely for me.
  • Paddy: Right. Better give Adam a hand with that Xbox. Taking him long enough.
  • Aaron: I'll grab us another beer.
Malec Episode 8

MMMMMkay. So I was very wrong about what the writers would do in episode 8 with Malec. They did gloss over the whole thing. They didn’t calm our fears that Magnus wasn’t ready. They didn’t show as a soft “after” scene. Hell they didn’t even have Magnus and Alec talk to each other about it. We had to learn they had sex through convos with others.

Then, as icing on the cake, they didn’t even show us an emotional reveal of Magnus’ eyes to Alec. I don’t know what is going on, but I hope this isn’t going to be how they treat Malec going forward.

I LOVED Alec being so proud and strong and confident. BAMF Magnus made my life. So yeah, good things here, but still feeling let down.

The writer in me is going to fix this everyone. Tell me what you wanted to see and Ill try to put it in this weeks chapter of Fire Burning Bright!

Peter Pettigrew

We always think of him as the ‘dirty traitor’, but here’s the thing, he was a traitor. And yeah, we know that, but this means that he was on their side once, he was a Marauder once, he was part of them, not an outcast, not on the side, he was one of them, they all trusted each other, they treated him like a brother, everything they did, he was there, their pranks, each morning, slumber parties, celebrations, you name it, Peter was there. And it wasn’t like he was born and raised a Death Eater, either, he became one, was scared, he was their friend, can you imagine in First Year? Peter’s innocent, joins them, and they’re friends, and Peter loves being with them, he doesn’t think about betraying them, he just thinks that his friends are cool and that he loves being with them. He loves talking before bed, loves the thrill of pranking, and when he does betray them, maybe he thinks about his friends and what they were to him, thinks about their times together, or maybe he thinks that they were always fools, but the point is that Peter was a Marauder. He was their best friend.

“So Bits, how does it feel to be tall for once?”
“Your chirps can’t reach me up here, Jack.”

There’s a Culinary Arts museum in Providence and you can’t convince me that these dorks would not have a date there

watching yuri!!! on ice
  • me : mm mhm MHHHHM wait what, you're telling me this is a sports anime?
  • me : lolwut m8 they are g-a-y
  • me : wait do straight people do that
  • me : wait do straight people do THAT
  • me : ohmygod this is super frickin gay
  • me : victor, please stop eye-fucking yuri and thank you
  • me : victor! stop touching him so much and get your hand off his chin RIGHT NOW
  • me : *chanting* kiss,kiss,kiss! just tip a bit over and kiss him!
  • me : my sweet summer children, you have now fueled my descent into hell
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : thank you for ruining my life i guess

really makes me uneasy when people who aren’t traumatized tell you “it’s never gonna happen again” bc:

1. it happens again daily in my head
2. where are you gonna be if it does happen again

it just seems like a very invalidating thing to say that’s all



…Aaaand he is also in for a bit of a shock once he actually gets filled in on what’s gone down!

Next part will be along soonlike!

–Dogs of Future Past–


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[AFTG Exchange - Valentine’s Day 2017] @aftgexchange
// for @rikomoriyamaofficial

Andrew Minyard is the newest addition to the Edgar Allan University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s devilishly good in a goal — and in another universe, he could have been the deadliest investment a Coach with nothing to lose could have made.

Signing with the unbeaten national champions is a dream many young Exy players seek after, but few know how the black corridors of Castle Evermore can quickly turn into a nightmare for the unsuspecting fool. The EA Ravens are a hive mind, built on sharp strings of violence, sex and codependence. At the top of the Nest, there is at the same time no place for secrets and a foul air saturated with them, starting with Riko’s inner circle Andrew has been drafted to.

Laying eyes on the Crown of Evermore comes with a price of blood, and paying it can cost one’s life  as well as their family’s.

so i was rewatching one of chanyeol and kai’s old interviews when i noticed this

let’s see here….who among exo is most likely to help massage his waist in the shower most of the time????????????? 🔍🔍🔍🔍🔍

🔎🔎🔎🔎 hmmmmm…………

🔬🔬🔬 interesting…..


🔭🔭🔭 interesting…….

 have a good day   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)     ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’ll leave the context to your imaginations (Chicon 2016)


                                      Can you hear the silence?
                                         Can you see the dark?
                                         Can you fix the broken?
                                 Can you feel…can you feel my heart?

                                       Can you help the hopeless?
                                     Well, I’m begging on my knees,
                                     Can you save my bastard soul?
                                             Will you wait for me?