yeah hello i'm back sort of

// Hello, hello everyone! Sorry it’s been a MONTH since I’ve been worked on ole Birdie here, or literally ANY of my Roleplay blogs but… College has not been good at all. Thursday I had a meltdown in the middle of class, walked out and cried for thirty minutes. I’ve stressed myself out to the max. And you know what, I think i’m finally alright. Yeah, midterms are coming up, yeah I have a lot of work- that doesn’t excuse me to act like someone i’m not. Roleplaying has always been a sort of gateway to a secret paradise. But, without it, i’ve been on the clock 24/7. I DESPERATELY need a break. So, I’m going to start Roleplaying again! Slowly if anything but, I really need to now. Hope everyone’s been alright, hopefully we can catch up in these next couple of days. :) //