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alright pupship theory time

i was sitting thinking about some damning pupship evidence (because hi it’s me that’s what i do), and I started realizing that any (or most) of it that shows Kaiba reciprocating feelings for Joseph pretty much happens around season 4-ish

Prior to the events of the Orichalcos, it seems pretty one-sided on Joseph’s part, and we see him have the dream about Kaiba and maybe start pining after him. Kaiba, on the other hand, seems pretty apathetic throughout; doesn’t show much of anything other than petty teasing, doesn’t move a muscle or seem to give a shit when Joseph dies in BC (or ends up in a coma or the shadow realm or what-the-fuck-ever), doesn’t ever fucking seem to outwardly show that he wants Jo around.

Now fast-forward to the events of season 4 (or like around season 4)

Kaiba goes from “I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure you can’t enter my tournament” to “I’m going to send my brother over to invite you to my tournament”, from “I can’t stand your presence don’tevensomuchaslookatme” to “if you call me at work even though I’m in the middle of a crisis I’ll surely answer”, from “I’m not even going to show even the slightest amount of care even if you fUCKING DIE” to “you’re falling over right now so I’m going to be the FIRST person to help you”

so basically what I’m saying is they started dating after battle city i rest my case bye

y’all can hate on season 4 and call it a filler arc but it provides me with some nice-ass evidence so you can fight me out back alright

(also this was sort of inspired by a conversation with @murgleiss where I was basically saying that when Joey calls Kaiba up and Tristan’s like “wait what he actually picked up”, Joey’s like “Well, yeah? why wouldn’t he-I mean- oooh…umm…yes wow…how uh… how strange…that he would do that…..”)

hello, yes it’s me i’m back !!!!! I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t remember me bcs i mean…. I’ve been gone for over half a year but yeah…

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centaurmania replied to your post span class=“summary” title=“I can’t believe I totally missed Ayra in the new video aaa “I can’t believe I totally missed Ayra in the new video aaa <3”

ayra is really cool bc shes like, the first female myrmidon in the series, right?

Sort of yeah, It was still called Sword Fighter back then but she WAS the first one to promote into a Swordmaster and the one most associated with Astra, so it counts!