yeah he's that kind of guy

white girl in business writing: “all they say is Trump is just racist, but he tells it how it is unlike Hillary who lies about everything”

1. JUST racist???!? I mean yeah, hillary’s not some shining specimen of race relations but his deal is pretty much a klan member kind!!!!????

2. again Hillary may not have a great track record of controversies but like… she’s actually p honest about them unlike the guy who’s hiding his tax returns and most of his plans for foreign affairs

3. basically it was that one scene in community where the blonde one said “I can excuse racism but draw the line at animal cruelty”

guys someone talk to me about poe dameron - best pilot in the resistance, top dog, guns-blazing male protagonist - and how he was so kind. how he took an ex storm trooper at face value and with unconditional, immediate trust and even a fierce kind of joy- yeah, you go buddy! fight the darkness. i’m here to help you. i’m here to work with you. i’m not here to take control- we won’t get out of this unless we work together. 

how he didn’t treat him with suspicion or macho posturing despite the fact that he’s a top tier pilot and has probably been at war with people like FN 2187 for years. how the first thing he does once they’re out of immediate danger is give him a name, treating him like a person worthy of respect and not like another faceless white mask. how he is patient with a panicking Finn even under the incredible stress of a life or death situation, ensuring he knows what to do and being endlessly positive and encouraging instead of berating him when he falls short.

how he gets out of his jet at the end of the big firefight and sees BB8 and his whole face just lights up. how he unselfconsciously runs to BB8 like a kid, automatically lowering himself to BB8′s level. 

how he doesn’t need to be the spotlight, the center of attention. when they gather around the hologram to strategize, star pilot and battle veteran poe dameron shuts up and listens. 

how he never has a Trek-reboot Jim Kirk-style playboy sequence, no endless string of girls. not even a hint, and you know they could have stuck it in there if they wanted to. how we never see him treat another being, human or otherwise, with anything less than respect, optimism and good nature. i’m just. i mean. do you realize how significant this is?

you guys, if poe dameron is the future of male protagonists in big action movies, sign me the fuck up. 

Oscar Isaac AU

Oscar Isaac as Enjolras (via thebridgesandtunnels)

Oscar Isaac as Combeferre

Oscar Isaac as Courfeyrac

Oscar Isaac as Feuilly

Oscar Isaac as Bahorel  (via smolfeuilly)


Oscar Isaac as Jehan (via pilferingapples and cheesethesecond)

Oscar Isaac as Joly

Oscar Isaac as Bossuet

Oscar Isaac as Grantaire (via darrenjolras)

Oscar Isaac as Marius:

PLUS bonus Montparnasse:

☀️ Summer tol and smol ☀️

Kenma and his shoes are too cute for this world and Kuroo is That One Guy™ who wears flip flops all summer you can’t convince me otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tbh I don’t understand why people think that, between Annabeth and Percy, Annabeth Chase is the one who’s a stickler for the rules. Percy’s a troublemaker, yeah, but he’s more of a ‘rules can be broken if something is at stake’ kind of guy. ’ “My best friend is in danger; I’m gonna sneak out of camp to save him/her!!” and “Sorry for stealing a few cars and a police cruiser; but a bunch of snake ladies are on my ass. I gotta run.” There are even times where Percy hesitates on bending the rules: “Uhh Annabeth you’re not gonna steal from a souvenir shop are you? Oh, you are. Okay then”

Annabeth is more 'fuck the system’ than Percy is, mostly because she tends to bend the rules/status quo even when there isn’t any imminent danger. “THEY’RE FRESH CLOTHES AND NOBODY’S GONNA MISS 'EM FROM AN ABANDONED THEME PARK, PERCY. WATCH ME STEAL THEM.” and “I’m gonna sit next to my best friend during lunch even though it’s not allowed because I need to talk to him. Talk to him later? Nah, man; I’ll do it now” and my personal favorite (but this is a display of insubordination more than anything else): “what do you mean you don’t do riddles now? You’re the friggin’ sphinx! Screw you and your stupid trivia questions”

So, yes, Annabeth Chase is a hooligan. Please be aware of that, fandom.

(This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive/coherent argument I just wanted to say that Annabeth is actually more badass than Percy but that’s something we already know)


The other day, we took a long walk as we lot of times do, we were walking through downtown and there was a guy sitting alone in his car. And people were walking by and I was kind of noticing that nobody was … noticing that something was obviously wrong. So I walked over and said, “Hey, Sir, everything good?”, he’s like, “Yeah, I can’t get my car restarted.” And I looked in and he was very obese and I could tell that he couldn’t get out of the car and move the car himself. So, I was like, “Okay, throw in the neutral, let’s get you out of the middle of the road.”  So,I just pushed the car off the side of the road, and then I walked back and Danneel looked at me and was like, “That was very nice of you.” #jensenhiatuslove

I know tumblr usually only cares about USA and sometimes the UK but I think you should know that today there was an election for president in Poland and a guy called Andrzej Duda won. Like let’s start with the fact that he’s super conservative and he mixes church/religion with politics. He plans to get rid of free healthcare and only have a few public hospitals, he claims that he cares about families but he’s not planning to do anything about domestic abuse and he’s against in vitro - he literally said there should be 2 YEARS OF PRISON for doctors who perform in vitro (he later was like no no I never said that but yep he did). He also claims that he cares about our country’s history and education but during one of the debates he showed that he knows nothing about some history events. Also he literally said that same sex marriage (not even marriage tbh, more like civil union?) ruins traditional family and if he legalized it, then those couples would, GOD FORBID, want to adopt children :) Not everything he says is bad however his biggest promises are really bad. Basically he’s a scum and a horrible man and now for 5 years we will have to deal with him so idk be prepared for lots of young Polish immigrants in your countries now. (if you want to know more details you can hmu)


Come on, there was a rollercoaster and everything last time we hung out.

we all kind of assume that, since oikawa’s popular with the ladies, that he’s just all-round popular with guys at seijou too, but imagine if oikawa is actually really bad with guys, and iwaizumi’s the popular one

i mean it’s canon that iwa’s great at pretty much all sports, he’s really respected even by people who rarely show respect for anyone, and he’s a genuinely good guy

so yeah instead of imagining oikawa being the super cool most-popular-guy-in-school while iwa awkwardly stands to the side, just picture iwaizumi walking down the hallways, dozens of guys stopping to say “hey man” and “yo iwaizumi” as he walks past, while oikawa runs along right behind him, following like a puppy and flashing peace signs at anyone who makes eye-contact with him, and everyones just like ‘yup, that weird pretty boy is here again’

Today, I fucked up... by accidentally water boarding myself

So this fuck-up took place last week, at my nephew’s 6th birthday party. We were having this party at my parents house by the lake, and we have this floating divingboard thing like 10-15 meters out from the ‘beach’. So people were swimming, diving, generally just having a blast. My nephew’s favorite thing is Spiderman, he fucking loves Spiderman. So I dressed up in a Spiderman-looking morphsuit. You know the green tight suit 'hilarious’ guys wear, yeah, that kind. So I suited up, and after a while I decided to go swimming in said suit. I swam out to the floating divingboard, climbed up and got ready to jump. Dived into the lake, swam 3-4meters underwater, then resurfaced. When I came up for air, I quickly realized that the morph suit drastically looses its ability to let air through the breathing points when it gets wet. The thing is, the morph suit is really hard to take of, it unzips at the back of your head, which is a tricky spot to reach when you’re basically drowning. So I tried to remove it by taking my hands behind my head, which resulted in me sinking into the water. I repeated this process of going up trying to breathe, and sinking from trying to take of the morph suit. Eventually I had to be rescued by my older brother. TLDR: Dived into a lake with a morphsuit on, couldn’t breathe, had to be rescued by my older brother.

mklutz said:  –derek runs a doggy daycare; stiles has a very excitable dog

OKAY, so I kind of did a Derek the Dog Walker instead?  Hope you enjoy it anyway!!  This is SUPER FLOOF. I also have a thing for shy, retiring Derek.

“This is not a puppy,” his dad says, watching as Sabine runs laps around the backyard, and Stiles rocks back on his heels and says, “Nope,” and, “Well, technically, yeah.”

“You told me you adopted a puppy.”

Stiles nodded.  “I did.  Six months ago.  So, still a puppy, just,” he lifts his arms, palms an approximate width apart, “not puppy-sized.”

“Stiles,” his dad says. “Stiles, this guy is a horse.”

“Girl, actually,” Stiles says, and Sabine skids to a stop in front of him, waggling her butt and barking. She lunges at his dad and licks all over his face, claws digging into arms as he tries to push her away, then just as quickly she’s down again and halfway toward the tree line within seconds.

Sabine’s a mastiff-great dane mix that’s probably going to have joint and hip problems out the wazoo when she gets older, but right now she likes to take people down with flying tackles and mouth breathe on them until they pass out. 

His dad looks down at his mud- and slobber-smudged uniform and says, “No.”

“Just for a few hours every day,” Stiles says.  “I can’t keep her cooped up in the apartment while I’m at work, Dad, she gets bored! She tore apart the couch yesterday! If she eats the walls again I’m never getting my deposit back.”

His dad arches an eyebrow at him. “So you want her to tear apart my house instead?”

“Uh.” Stiles gives him a sheepish grin. “Please?”

His dad takes a sip of his coffee and says, “No.”

Stiles slumps dejectedly. He says, “I don’t want to have to get rid of her.”

His dad sighs, and Stiles fully expects a lecture on impulsive puppy adopting except instead he scrubs a hand over Stiles’s head and says, “How about I help you pay for a dog walker?”

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#jensenhiatuslove: Week Four | Jensen and Music

“I’m not a musician and I don’t try to be one.You know Johnny Depp, right? He likes to play guitar, hang out and play with his musician friends, but he’s not like cutting albums and doing crazy stuff, is he? No? Right. Yeah. Good for him. Because he’s an actor. Does he like playing music? Sure. Is he a musician? No. He’s an actor. That’s kinda how I feel about it. My buddies, like Steve and Jason, those guys- they’re musicians, they have devoted their life to it, they have committed to it, it is their craft. And I just feel like me cutting an album kind of diminishes all those people out there that have devoted their lives to it. I’m sure I could sell a few if I did that, but I don’t know I just feel like that’s taking advantage and I don’t wanna do that.I’ll stick to what I’m comfortable doing. Plus, I’m not that good.”

(urgent protests)

“I’m good for an actor trying to sing and play a guitar, I’m not as good as I have to be to be considered a musician.” - JIBCon, 2011.

“No offense, but every single time I look over from the lax house, like, those guys are listening to shit music and eating a bajillion cakes and prancing around like–I used to hang with hockey guys back in high school! But here, brah? Fuckin’ Samwell…”


(Whiskey’s trying to fit in with his new friends and be cool.  They were so welcoming, and the SMH kind of overwhelms him.  So he tries to go with the flow and be like, “Yeah, they’re all weird.”  He’s in his first semester of college, when you’re trying to be all kinds of things and you want people to like you and you’re still afraid it’s gonna be like high school and if you get tarred with the wrong brush it’s like social death.  You’ll learn, Whiskey.  You’ll learn.)

We’ve probably learned a lot about each other that we don’t really think about, having spent basically most of our teenage years together, every day, 24/7. I guess you do learn a lot about people, but we don’t really think of it like that just because we spend a lot of time together. Apart from that, we’ve learned how to work in a studio, which, you know, on the first album, we didn’t really, you know…we were kind of clueless to it. We’d never really done anything like that before. We kind of left it to everyone else to do it but over the course of the years we’ve learned [from] the people that we’ve worked with, Julian and John and the guys and other people we’ve worked with along the way, and, yeah. I think we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and what we can do as musicians.
—  Niall on what they’ve learned as a band, I just love how much thought he put into this answer.
860. The reason that Snape's patronus was a doe was because he was obsessed with Lily; he didn't love her. The reason that James' was a stag was because he loved her, and they fit together perfectly. There's a difference between obsession and love, and Snape never figured that out.

What was it like to kiss Dylan O'Brien?“

H: […] He has great breath, he’s a very good kisser.

D: Holland has a very nice lips to kiss.

H: They, you know, are so in love with this young man - Dylan O’brien and I kind of get it now. Dylan is Dylan O’brien, I don’t know, he’s a very cute guy.

“Dylan, did you enjoy seeing Holland walking around naked?”

D: Yeah! That was great.

“What was it like watching her in that make out scene?”   D: With jackson?

“Yeah, did it turn you on?   D: As Dylan it turned me on.

D: I’m so excited to be with holland roden.

H: Dylan is a good guy to work with and he’s a good friend of mine off screen.

D: I love her.

H: My scenes with dylan are my favourite, we just have this chemistry and we don’t know why.

@hollandroden: Congrats Dyl @dylanobrien on a heart racing trailer for Maze Runner:)

@dylanobrien: thanks holl!!!!!

@hollandroden: i love doing scenes w/ @dylanobrien i miss him!! Stiles and Lydia 4eva

H: Have fun tonight. I love you, babe.

D: Thanks, Holl. I love you, too.

17th january

Do you think Johnson is still on the team group chat? Does he occasionally pop in to ask about canon, shed light on confusing plot points, and generally confuse the non-self-aware characters? 

 Bitty: oh yeah, johnson, how was your christmas break? 

Johnson: can’t complain, man. i got called into work a lot though. a bunch of fic writers pulled me into their stories to explain any cliches and troupes they may have fallen into. it was pretty cool. i got you guys happy endings 94% of time. and the authors always treat me well. no matter what kind of hell they put you all through i’m always relatively safe. pulling weight as a background character, a plot device, and comic relief can get a little tiring, though.

Bitty: that’s……nice.

Shitty: brah whatever the fuck ur on i fucking want some

Ryan Ross’ Coven

I had a couple of people asking me about it, so i thought I’d make a post!  I don’t think Ryan has never talked about it publicly, but in 2008, these photos surfaced. Ryan seemed to be pretty into nature, magic etc at the time.

Was he just messing around with his friends? But all the members got identical tattoos - A ‘Q’ and a ‘?’. And Ryan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d get a tattoo for a joke. So it obviously meant something to him. But what?

I did some research and yeah here’s the significance of the things used!

  • Candles: protection, spiritual awakening, wish granting
  • Ivy: symbol of nature, fertility, love, poets
  • Pearls: purity, balancing emotions
  • The letter Q: life, earth, freedom, universal love

A spellbook? I can make out a moon, stars, plants, a house, a face.. but not the writing :(

Apparently, a fan once asked him about his tattoos, but he said it was too complex to explain.. so the exact details are still a mystery!