yeah he's adorable


young bum is a blessing


squishy Mark with his “soulmate” Jae ♥

‘Cause the world might do me in
It’s alright 'cause I’m with friends
Guess I’m giving up again
It doesn’t matter
(Ooh ooh ooh)

This is supposed to be kagakuro centric but i just couldn’t resist do this bc imagine seirin like this, like, imagine the lil shits dragging Kagami knowing damn well he hates this kind of places. Oh, and Kuroko is actually a ghost btw, one who wonders if the red haired boy will die of a fucking heart attack or not he’s cute tho

Ok so Kagami is an innocent idiot so i’m pretty sure the situation will end up in: 

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Back to school with NCT 127 😂


forget the ‘stealing your bf’s jumper’ trope, nick literally forces charlie to wear his jumpers

“you only like thomas brodie sangster cause he’s attractive”