yeah he would let his cat speak

Grumpy Cat & Hyper Pup

Written for Sterek Bingo 2017 (on AO3)

Summary: The pack have a little run in with a fairy. Derek is not amused.

Stiles on the other hand, is very amused.

This wasn’t how Stiles expected to be spending his Friday night, but he’s going to make the most of it.

Sure, he would have liked to not be a giant fluff ball of fur right now but being turned into a Pomeranian had its perks, specifically having people coo at him while they give him cuddles. Cuddles are the best.

Plus it’s way better than being turned into a munchkin cat like Derek was.

Stiles can’t help but crack up every time he’s reminded that Mr. Big Bad was turned into the cat version of a corgi.

The sourwolf - uh sourcat? -  has been hiding under the couch in the loft since they all came back from that disaster of a fairy hunt.

Who knew fairies were so easily ticked off?

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Only Takes One Time

Bucky x Reader

Prompt: #76 I think you need stitches

    #99 Be brave, sweetheart

Word Count: ~4100 (thats a warning in itself. Its long and detailed, but totally worth the read.)

Requested by: Anonymous

Warnings: Smut. (Blame @douchepoolonsie), unprotected sex.

A/N: SO. This has the potential for a second part. I’ll only do it though if you guys want it. (I’ve already got a plan for it ;) ) This takes place between Winter Soldier and Civil War. This was very sensual to write, like holy hell. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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   It was supposed to be a normal day like usual. Nothing interesting ever happened to you, and today shouldn’t have been any different. Washington D.C. was supposed to be a new start after a particularly bad break up of yours. A good relationship was hard to come by, and you’d tried multiple times at this point. Being the kind to fall in love at first sight was certainly one of your downfalls.

   Today was no different.

   You were about to actually start unpacking your things from boxes that had been sitting for weeks. That is, until you heard something crashing on your bedroom floor. You froze where you were standing, heart pounding in your chest. A burglar? You grabbed the closest thing you could find to wield as a weapon: a hanger. God that was absolutely pathetic.

   You quietly tip toed to your bedroom door, and listened carefully for any sound of movement. All you heard was a groan coming from the other side, and you carefully pushed the door open.

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