yeah he is lovely :) happy bday

Dating Bobby Mares would include:
- goofy comments on ur instagram
- “babyyyy”
- always cuddling w DiCaprio
- becoming bffs with Frannny
- going to concerts
- him not being super into PDA but hes always holding your hand
- showing each other dumb memes
- honestly, hes probably the chillest bf
- he always lets you borrow his stuff
- “babe do you still have my jacket?” “Yeah”
- he honestly is so goofy like he loves making you laugh
- being so happy whenever you post smth abt him on ur social media
- he literally is so in love with u
- he likes to snuggle with u for no reason at all other than he just likes being close
- holding his hand while he drives
- the most gentle dude omg
- cheesy cards on ur bday
- hes always so sweet and he literally hates arguing with u
- sitting in his car outside ur apartment and just stalling bc neither of you want to say goodbye

collateral damage

Pairing: Natan

Warnings: Blood, swearing, violence

Word Count: 2818

A/N: It’s a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE @cosmicallybrownie!!!!! 

Lucifer had been alive far longer than any human could even begin to comprehend. He had seen and done everything there was to see and do. He had thought himself hardened and experienced enough where he wasn’t just immune to surprises, but that there was nothing that remained to be seen that could even have the potential to.

Natalie McAllister continued to prove him wrong.

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pocket sized Day6 (series) — Dowoon

Jae | Sungjin | Brian | Wonpil | Dowoon

happy bday my dude. dowoon deserves all the love that My Days are giving and its so kyoot

» you highkey dislike this ‘tiny human’ idea.

» but since it’s pretty normal for people to have one, your parents got you one

» “oh my own small human yay”

» “are you not happy to see me?”

» bruh

» he huffs cutely “just like everyone else”

» you feel guilty bc hoW dArE YOU make this cutie upSeT

» you apologise like a million times

»  you feed him and he forgives you

» mostly

» you dont dislike that idea anymore

»  he climbs bottles

» whether its hair products, bleach, water, anti-freeze, he will climb it

» why do you have anti-freeze

» take cArE oF HIM

»  once, when you were sick and your parents weren’t home, he tried to cook for you

» almost fell into the pot of bOiLiNg WATeR

» you caught him before he did ofc

» travels on your shoulder

» if he falls off, he grips tIGHt onto your hair

» “dowOoN nO”

» “DoWoON YES”

»  did i mention he likes to climb things

» not just bottles

» everything is fine for him tbh

» makes you place your head on the desk so that you listen to him tappin beAtz

» snuggles into your neck while watching a movie

» pecks it probably

» lays down flat on your forehead and kisses it all over

» you once walked away from your working device while writing an essay and cam back to find “i wanna b tol lyk u” copied and pasted millions of times under the initial writing

» he lowkey loves u awe

»  its easy to tell bc he stares at you dreamily

» “dowoon, do you like me?”

» “well, uhh y-yeah”

» hes happy bc you got him a smol drum kit for his bday

»  now theres a party under your bed every friday night

» he loves you

» a lot


Author’s note: A quick scenario for the bday boy


You held up the picture frame and smiled. Jumin’s birthday was today, and even though the RFA was already throwing him a party, you decided to do something a little more intimate.

He had gone to Germany for two weeks to meet his new business partner, so that bought you some time to brainstorm on the perfect gift. At first, you thought about buying him a watch, or maybe some new ties, but a couple of days ago, you thought of a real winner.

I’m so glad I decided on the picture…

The weekend before he left on his trip, he had taken you and Elizabeth the 3rd to a professional photographer (V). The three of you stood in front of the camera and posed together, Elly in your arms and Jumin at your side.

“You guys look like a family,” the photographer chuckled.

Jumin looked down at you and you turned your head to look at him. You gave him a wink, and Jumin leaned in to kiss your forehead.


The camera man had taken the picture at just the right moment. Jumin’s lips on your forehead, you smiling, a light blush across both of your faces, and Elly looking straight at the camera.

We really do look like a family.

So, you had the picture printed and framed, bought a bottle of his favorite wine, and set out two wine glasses. You placed it all on the coffee table in the living room, making it look neat. Everything was set in place. Almost.

A couple months ago, Jumin started to notice some changes in Elizabeth’s diet.

“If you’re so worried, why don’t you take her to the vet?”

“What, and trust her life in the arms of a stranger? I don’t think so.”

“…Whatever, Jumin. I’m sure she’s fine!”

“She probably just didn’t want to eat the trash that you bought her.”


You chuckled, remembering how Jumin insisted on accompanying you on your next trip to the store. However, your reminiscing was cut short when you heard a blood-curdling cat shriek coming from the master bedroom.

“Elizabeth? Elizabeth where are-HOLY SHIT…”


Jumin stood in front on his house and sighed.

I’m glad to be home.

He quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside. Before he could say anything, he saw you sitting on the couch, staring at the bundle of blankets next to you.



You carefully stood up and ran over to him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Planting a kiss on his lips, you smiled. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

You let go of him and turned to look at the couch again.

“MC, what do you keep looking at? Is something wrong? Where’s Elizabeth?”

“Jumin, don’t freak out-“

“Where’s Elizabeth?”

“Would you just listen to me? She’s… fine.”

He gave you a questioning look. “But-“

“Come on. And be quiet.”

You grabbed his hand and led him over to the pile of blankets.

“Ok, remember what I said about not freaking out? Apply that now.”

“Why would I-“

He stopped mid-sentence when you pointed at the blankets. He covered his mouth with his hands. You couldn’t help but smile at his reaction.

“Elizabeth had-“


Jumin turned to you and picked you up, twirling you around.

“She’s a mom!! My beautiful cat is a mom!!”

He set you down and gave you a big kiss.

“I love you.”

“Happy birthday, Jumin.”

He smiled and held your hand, focusing his attention back on the three kittens and new mom lying on the couch. He reached to touch Elly, but stopped. Instead, he grabbed the framed picture on the coffee table.

“Did you get this for me?”


He stared at it, his face not showing any emotion.

“Do you not like it?”

“No, I love it! It’s just…”


“We’re going to need to take a new one. We have three new editions to our family!”

You smiled.

Our family.

| 2014.06.01  Happy Birthday SILVER KING ♛ |

Headcanon or fic idea

Since it was Alec’s bday the other day I had this idea at the Institute Maryse was giving out “orders” for the gang sans Alec who thinks everyone forgot what day it was but wasn’t going to make a scene about it since it was “just another day” to him

Magnus calls to tell him he’ll have clients all day but would love to see him at 7 for some takeaway. He also doesn’t say happy bday but again it doesn’t affect Alec.

Back at Magnus’s, the gang + Simon, Maia, Luke, Maryse and Max) are busy preparing the decorations for Alec’s surprise party. Izzy put herself on cake duty. After awhile Magnus chats with Izzy as the timer goes off.

Izzy “oh my cake is done” and proceeds to take out the cake or what’s called a cake but actually looks like a burnt lopsided round brownie.

Jace “yeah someone should of told you Izzy can’t cook for her life or anyone’s life for that matter. Good thing demons don’t do ‘delicious cake or die’ situations or we’ll all be screwed.“ Izzy gives a death stare and stomps off.

Magnus holds the bridge of his nose willing away the headache coming "luckily my magic can fix this”

Jace “to bad it won’t fix Izzy not cooking forev, ow” as he is lashed by Izzys’ whip.

Alec shows up at 7 on the dot and is shocked and surprised for the surprise party. Even though he didn’t care earlier he’s happy that they did remember. After all it is just another day

Thomas’ Nightmare: A Jamilton Fic

Jamilton+ “I’ve seen the way u look at me when u think I’m not looking” and “my nightmares are usually about losing you” (from the ever wonderful @ciceroniantrash <333) 

“Alexander?” Jefferson walked into the other boy’s dorm room, which he always left open. Always.

Jefferson used to be on him about people stealing his stuff, but then he realized that Alex’s room was such a trash pit that it’d be more effort to steal something semi-valuable than it would be monetarily worth for all the digging and sifting the thief would have to endure.

You know someone’s room is bad when you almost feel sorry for any potential thieves.

Jefferson continued over to the bed, where a lump that would either be a pile of books and clothes or a pile of Alexander was tucked under the covers. He pulled the covers back. Clothes and books for an English paper. Classical literature, and also classic Alexander.

“Alex I know you’re in here somewhere,” Jefferson said with a sigh.

The dorm room wasn’t huge. It had a small bedroom and even smaller bathroom. The kitchen was part of the house’s common area. Not that Alex was in the habit of cooking much aside from ramen, anyway.

“Alex?” Thomas poked his head in the bathroom, which was much cleaner than the bedroom. Even Alex had his standards, apparently. The bathroom was vacant.

Jefferson was about to give up and go to Lafayette’s room down the hall, figuring Alex was there, when he saw a sneaker sticking out at an odd angle from under the bed.

“Alex?” he said softly. He pushed aside the empty laundry bin that was stashed under the bed and the mountain of crumpled up papers and candy wrappers and god knows what else to reveal his boyfriend, ashen, unresponsive.

“Alex?” he shook his boyfriend harder. His skin was cool to touch. Why was his skin so cool to touch?

That’s when Alex’s eyes shot open, locking onto Jefferson’s right away. “Go away, Thomas,” he croaked. “I’m fine.”

“You’re literally dying!” Thomas exclaimed.

Alex’s eyes shut again.

“Alex? Alex?” Jefferson shook his boyfriend. He shook him and shook him and shook him, but there was no response.

That’s when the screaming began, and that’s also when Jefferson woke up.

“Thomas! Thomas!” Alexander, his safe and breathing Alexander, was shaking him by the arm. “You’re screaming?” Alex asked as if he wasn’t sure.

Jefferson bolted into a sitting position and scanned Alex’s frame for any signs of injury. “Goddamnit,” he rasped, slowly becoming aware of Alex’s hand gently rubbing circles on his sweaty back.

“Wh-what happened?” Alex asked as if he were afraid of the answer.

Thomas glanced over at his boyfriend, his dark hair illuminated by the moonlight pouring through the windows. Why had Alex been in his dorm room? They’d been out of college for a year now. They lived in a semi-nice apartment together now. They had actual meals instead of ramen for breakfast now.

“Thomas, you can tell me,” Alex said. He pulled his boyfriend over til his head rested in the smaller boy’s lap. Alex began to play with Jefferson’s hair. Thomas sighed, feeling more relaxed as his boyfriend twirled his curly strands around and around.

“We were in college,” he started out. He paused. How could he continue? He groaned. “Listen, Alex, I rarely have nightmares. Most of my dreams are basically me with macaroni for wings or some shit.”

Alex laughed and Jefferson’s heart fluttered a little bit. He would never get over that laugh or that fact that he could elicit it.

“But when I have a nightmare, well… “ He took a deep breath. “My nightmares are usually about losing you.”

“Oh,” Alex said, suddenly understanding. Thomas knew that Alex had nightmares more often than not, and that they almost always involved watching a loved one suffer or die or disappear without a cause or trace. “I’m sorry,” Alex whispered.

“Alex,” Thomas sighed. “It’s not your fault.”

“I see the way you look at me, when you think I’m not looking,” Alex said. Thomas tried to turn his head so he could see his boyfriend’s face, but the angle was too sharp. Alex continued, his voice dripping into the darkness with only Thomas there to witness and remember his fragile words.

“I know I worry you. And I don’t mean to, Thomas, I really don’t.” Alex gripped Jefferson’s hair tightly for a moment, almost causing the other boy to yelp in shock at the sudden tug. He relaxed his hand and resumed twirling Thomas’ hair.

“But it’s so hard to be okay.” Alex was silent for a moment, almost causing Jefferson to speak. Alex spoke up again right before Jefferson opened his mouth. “It’s so hard to be okay when I’m not.” He took in a shuddering breath. “And clearly that’s bothering you, seeping into your dreams, and that’s not okay, Thomas. You shouldn’t have to live with this. You shouldn’t have to live with someone like me.”

“Alex, baby, listen,” Thomas said. He reached up and after a moment of groping the air, found Alex’s face. He cupped it and brought it down to his own until they were staring each other directly in the eyes.

“Alexander, I love you. You are worth every nightmare, every worry. You might not be okay, but you’re not alone. Just promise me one thing, babe.”

“What’s that?” Alex whispered.

“In this case, please do not make my dream come true.”

“You never told me exactly what it was about,” Alex said hesitantly.

“You were dying,” Thomas said as frankly as he could, hoping the meaning of the words truly impacted Alexander the way the image was still haunting him, even as he looked into his boyfriend’s very much alive eyes.

“Oh,” Alex said softly.

“Do we have a promise?” Thomas prompted.

After a too-long pause, Alex finally replied. “Yeah,” he said with a sigh. “I will not make your dream come true.”

“Good,” Thomas said. He scooted off of his boyfriend’s lap. Alex sank back down under the covers. Jefferson wrapped himself around his boyfriend. “I love you, babe,” he murmured.

“I love you, too,” Alex whispered back, kissing Thomas’ temple. “Here’s to sweeter dreams.”

“They’ll never be as sweet as you,” Thomas said. “Never.”  

bokuaka fic recs pt. 2


updated 18/5/17

part 1

💖 = highly recommended, one shot

a lot of emojis = vvvvv highly recommended and is multi chaptered


  • komorebi (soulmate AU where your soulmate line appears when you’re 13 this is just fluff YUS )
  • notes: bokuto koutarou (5 times akaashi showed that he thought highly of bo and the 1 time bo proved he thought just as highly of akaashi, fluff) 💖
  • geronimo (beach resort au where bo works in a small beach resort, renting out kayaks and surfboards and akaashi moves into town for the summer for a photography internship, yus fluff)
  • anatomy of a feather (au where akaashi can see “invisible wings” on people, kinda angsty?? but yeah not fluff)
  • cookies and cream (where akaashi stress-bakes cos he just cant say the 3 famous words HAHA and implied sexual content) 
  • simply touched (akaashi loses his hearing, and damn this angst T.T but happy ending!)
  • INT. BOKUTO’S MIND (bo is just a lil boy akaashi, go easy on him. a story where bo’s bday surprise didn’t go as well as intended HAHA)
  • rules  (pianist bo and accountant akaashi, this is unbelievably adorable i just can’t; it’s kinda slow build but the character development was rlyrly good holy shit, smut in later chapters, mainly FLUFF YUSSS) 💖🙌🏼🙆🏻
  • il mio ragazzo falso (akaashi needs a fake bf to help him to come out of the closet to his italian relatives) 
  • quiet (a meiji era retelling of the fairytale< “the six swans”, slow build but rly rly amazing!! its like you get to learn so many new things about the meiji era??? and about the forests!!! its rly rly good gosh, smut near the end)💖🙆🏻🙌🏼 
  • upstairs (nsfw towards the back, pining and slow build) 


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Happy Birthday Nico

‘’Happy birthday!’’ Will chanted, jumping onto Nico’s bed.

‘’Wha?’’ Nico mumbled groggily.

‘’It’s your birthday!’’

Nico sat straight up and glared at Will. ‘’How’d you find out?’’

‘’Hades told me.’’

‘’Ugh, why?’’ Nico questioned, falling back into bed.

‘’So we can celebrate!’’

‘’Ugh,’’ Nico pulled the pillow over his head. ‘’Just leave me alone.’’


‘’Please,’’ Nico sighed, ignoring Will’s sorrow.

‘’What’s wrong?’’

‘’I just… I haven’t celebrated my birthday, not since… not since Bianca died…’’

‘’I’m sorry… I.. I didn’t know..’’ Will apologized, pulling Nico into a hug.

‘’Don’t touch me.’’ Nico reminded.

‘’Right, sorry,’’ Will apologized, again. ‘’But seriously Nico. You need to celebrate your birthday, it’ll help you from being so depressed.’’

‘’I’m not de-’’

‘’Doctors orders.’’ Will cut him off, yanking him out of bed.

‘’Okay, okay. But please, don’t make a big deal out of it.’’

Will sighed, ‘’Fine. It’ll be just me and you.’’

‘’You and I,’’ Nico corrected.


‘’It’s proper grammar and.. Ugh never mind. Let’s just get this over with.’’

‘’Open your presents!’’

‘’When did you have time to go get gifts?’’ Nico asked, looking at the small pile of boxes on the table.

‘’You sleep in really late.’’

‘’Yeah, and I’d still be a sleep if it weren’t for you.’’

‘’Aw, come on you know you love me,’’ Will laughed, punching Nico on the shoulder and pulling him over to the gifts.

Relieved Will didn’t notice his blushing, Nico tore through the colorful wrapping paper and ended up with a few new shirts, a cool dagger, some CD’s, and a dream catcher.

‘’A dream catcher?’’ Nico asked, holding up the delicate object.

‘’Yeah, I, um made it for you. It’s just a coincidence that I finished it right before your birthday. I know you’ve been having nightmares. I thought it might help, you know.’’ Will gave Nico a timid smile.

‘’Yeah thanks, I think it will,’’ Nico smiled back.

Will’s eyes lit up with excitement knowing he could help Nico and Nico’s heart melted.

‘’Okay, what’s next?’’ Nico asked having put all his new stuff away.


‘’Sounds good, where is it?’’

‘’We have to make it, silly.’’ Will explained.

‘’Sounds hard. How about you make it and I watch TV?’’

‘’We need to make it together,’’ Will protested.

‘’I don’t know…’’

‘’Please, it’ll be easy.’’

Three hours and a flour covered kitchen proved otherwise.

‘’Arghhh!!’’ Nico yelled grabbing the fire extinguisher.

‘’Wrong direction!’’ Will pointed out as Nico aciddently covered him in white frost.

‘’My bad!’’

After another hour of extinguishing, cleaning, and disregarding the idea of cake, they sat on the couch exhausted.

‘’I’m sorry…’’ Will said sadly, ’’I probably ruined your birthday for good.’’

‘’Are you kidding me?’’ Nico looked over at him with a boyish grin on his face, ’’That was the most fun I’ve had in years! Let’s do it every year!’’

‘’Really?’’ Will questioned, sure he had screwed everything up.

‘’Yeah! That was awesome. And when you shirt caught on fire and you screamed like a little girl-’’ Nico broke off in a fit of laughter.

‘’Hey now, fire is scary!’’ Will crossed his arms but then ended up joining in the laughter. ‘’You know Nico, it’s nice to see this side of you.’’

‘’Yeah… I feel the same way.’’

‘’So… Pizza?’’ Will suggested.

‘’Yeah, I’m starving.’’ Nico agreed.

After four boxes of pizza and five Disney movies, Will and Nico laid tangled in blankets on Nico’s couch. Nico snored lightly on Wills chest as the last of the credits rolled across the screen.

‘’Psst Nico you awake?’’ Will gently pushed Nico’s shoulder.

Will sighed and scooped Nico up into his arms, carrying him to his room. He placed Nico carfully on to his bed and tucked him in. He grabbed the dream catcher off Nico’s nightstand and quietly tacked it above Nico’s bed.

‘’Good night,’’ Will whispered, kissing Nico on the head.

‘’I love you, Will,’’ Nico mumbled, obviously still sleeping.

Will froze. They weren’t a couple. He wished they were, but he was always too afraid to ask Nico out. It didn’t help that half the camp thought they were together anyways.

Will thawed with a warm smile, ‘’Yeah. I love you too.’’

What lies beyond this photo is a HENDALL rant.

I know that this blog is supposed to be about nothing but love but I just have to break that just this once and i vow to never do it again.

Alright. Just to let you know, i am not a “Super” 1D fan that basically has a shrine of a bedroom dedicated to them. I am not the kind of fan that believes the world is ending because whichever one of them isn’t single anymore.  I am NOT a Larry shipper as well. I am just a fan. a fan who likes their music and think they’re all handsomely handsome and a fan who’s happy whenever they find someone. So don’t think i am biased or prejudiced in the words I am about to say.

First of all I was happy for the boys completing their tour because I always have this pity for all these musicians and artists who do tours and film movies etc etc because they don’t get to rest and stay home despite that they love whatever it is they are doing. But anyways so yeah i was happy cause they get to go home and be away from the screaming and bright lights for a bit and be normal…Even Harry getting to go to Alexa Chung’s bday party and that other event where he dressed up as an elephant and shit. But it went downhill when i logged onto yahoo and headlines were saying “Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner: New Couple Alert?” in bold. I was pretty upset, not because I was dying of the fact that he’s not single anymore because honestly it was eventually going to happen, but it was the fact it had to be her.

I think a majority of this modern society would agree that the show KUWTK or the Kardashian/Jenner’s are the most irrelevant piece of shit of a family to keep up with known to man. If Abraham LincolnThomas Edison, and even Alexander Graham Bellwas here they’d say the same. It angers me when I hear about them because they get paid for practically getting botox, pose, make sex tapes, shop, and have $10 million weddings when that amount of money could feed Africa and Peru altogether.

It shattered me. but it made me question this abrupt stupidity of Hollywood. Honestly I think all of you Directioners remember when Niall Horan said he LIKED Kendall cause “he was a sucker for nice eyes”. It made me ask myself “since when did the flying fuck did they know each other, or had the time to GET TO KNOW each other when he’s been touring almost 2 years straight?” Then I left it there and quietly mourned to myself that he went near those society gold diggers for a bit until they “WENT OUT on a DATE” in NYC where 1D did SNL and shit. That’s when i began to laugh at this lunacy because it made realize that this was all a stunt

Okay all you “Hendallshippers are completely delusional if you actually think they are actually HAPPY together because not once in any time they’re photographed together or spotted together, do they look ANYWHERE near happy. Do you see Harry smiling at her like the photo above? do you ever see them lock eyes? Yeah they were smiling at the EAGLES Concert but NOT at EACH OTHER. Yes he had his arm around her neck but really? her neck? like mate,…really?? The signs and proof is pretty much right in front of the world’s faces that this entire….thing….is nothing but a PR. 

I mean just like what non-Hendall and non-Haylor shippers say…“Same story, different year, different girl.”


END OF RANT.  though I actually had more but im too lazy to write all down. But yes feel free to reply i wont mind any negative responses. But please ensure you’ve gone through EVERY HENDALL PICTURE, ARTICLES, EVEN RUMOURS of them spotted at Gay Bars. so you can see why this is my point of view. & I hope I didn’t offend Hendall shippers too harshly, if I did i’m sorry :( <3


Happy birthday Tom! You have brought so many laughs to everyone with your special personality and we are grateful that you are one person we can call an idol. Thank you everything you’ve been for these past years that have been a great experience and hopefully that it continues for as long as you can. Thank you for being there for all of us and we love you so much. We wish you a beautiful year even better than these past years!