yeah he had like one line so i didnt really have much of a choice on what to use

A-Z NSFW: Joshua

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A = Aftercare 

Can I make the gentlemen!Joshua jokes yet? Anyways, yes yes, Joshua’s a lovely boy, of course he’s going to take mad care of you. Sex with him isn’t near rough, so honestly pains aren’t an occurrence he worries about in aftercare. Shower if you can walk, if not, you get the luxury of Joshua running you both a hot bath, with the best smelling bath bombs.  Aftercare is mainly just reassuring you’re okay, and satisfied, and he loves you. Lovey dovey couple stuff, in short.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Aside from being the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, his eyes hold the most intensity when he’s with you. Almost supernaturally, a look from him is enough to leave you paralyzed, especially when those mischievous eyes are gleaming up at you from between your thighs. They add a whole new level to sex, something that’s not easily replaced, and he surely knows it and uses it to his advantage. As weird as it sounds, your back is the untypical favorite part of you to him, he loves watching your body curve from his mouth, or you arching back into him when he’s thrusting from behind, seeing your body react so much to his touch goes to his head fast.

C = Cum 

He’s not one to make a mess, or anything. It’s always in a condom, easy clean up, no worries, it’s all good. He’s not a fan of the whole ‘marking cum’ thing, semi thinks it’s a bit degrading so he’s not much for it. Condoms just make it easier to be safe and saves a needed clean up of sheets and a wipe down. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Seeing as you can’t possibly be around 24/7, it was discussed and under strict rules for keeping them safe, a few choice pictures were taken of you two. That’s not the secret. The agreement was they were for when he’s away on schedule and promoting, and doesn’t have time to see you…but that’s the reason he takes so long in the shower…oops.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see how any adult doesn’t know about sex, so obviously he’s aware of it. But experience is very minimal to none at all. How gentlemanly he is, and how he was raised, I don’t see baby Joshua out there getting his dick wet every other day. You’ll definitely have to teach him a few things, but he’s easily taught, so an one time teaching is all it takes.

F = Favorite position

I imagine Joshua being a very…clingy lover…He likes full on contact, so missionary, from behind with you both on your knees, your front pressed to his, etc. But his favorite, is spooning, especially in the mornings, you’re usually in that position anyways, and add morning wood to that, makes it a very good wake up call.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Joshua’s laugh…shoot me its so cute Sex is very lighthearted with Joshua, there’s no pressure to rush or be perfect. He’s not goofy per say, but it’s very apparent that there’s not expectation to be serious or incredibly sexy, etc. It’s really about loving each other, and having fun together. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Joshua’s very clean in my mind…especially since he’s in the shower for ages, I expect there’s some kind of manscaping going on. Not bare, or even close, but a nice trim.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

[See Kink] Joshua’s a very lovey…lover lol so he’s really big on making sure his love is translated in sex. It’s not sex or fucking, he’s loving you, and he needs to make sure that’s obvious. It’s not much of a show, like movies, there’s no cheesy rose petals or mood lighting, but he’s very vocal with cooing about his love for you, and pillow talk is especially full of affection.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

The boy takes forever in the shower….boy you can think outside the shower, you’re in there jerking it stop lying…What boy doesn’t jerk off, honestly. He’s obviously not quick about it, so uh…yeah…

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
I really believe Joshua is a man of few kinks, the only things I can say I believe he’d have is praise and body worship kinks. He’s a really ideal boyfriend/lover, he’s very affectionate, and that crosses over into sex. He really enjoys pleasing your entire being while letting murmurs slip of his perfect you are and how much he truly loves you; he needs you to know how much he appreciates and adores you.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Bed is the only place Joshua will have sex. The shower sounds to dangerous, and it’s not exactly a comforting thought that the boys pick locks, there’s so many waiting on the bathroom, and that in probably 30 seconds, another member is going to be in the exact spot he’s had his dick in you. He doesn’t like the risk of other places, getting caught or hurt, and gentleman!shua strikes again, making the bed the only option in his mind. Sorry y’all.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

[See Yearning] Joshua’s not really difficult to get wound up, he’s pretty sensitive to your touch, so use that to your advantage. The easiest way to let him know you’re in the mood and instantly put him on the same level, is just letting your fingers brush along his thigh and a slight squeeze of the muscle before you’re in dangerous territory. Appears like a typical display of affection, but between you two, you know exactly what it means.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Realistically, Joshua is pretty vanilla. You can write as many kinky church boy fics as you want, you can’t convince me he’s wild. He’s not into a lot of ‘kinky’ stuff, bondage, titles(Daddy, Oppa, Sir, etc), and things of that nature, aren’t really in his kink book.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
[See Toys] Because he doesn’t delve into a lot of different stuff, i.e different locations or toys and such, he lowkey feels like he has to make up for the lack of diversity in the bedroom, so his ‘sorry’ is being a beast at going down on you. It’s his favorite form of foreplay, laying between your thighs, keeping your hips down as he works his tongue over you, and listening to you whining and squirm under his touch. He typically gets his rocks off in you, rather than your mouth, so he doesn’t exactly need a bj but he’s not turning down the favor either.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

When I think of Joshua, I weirdly always imagine Ne-Yo’s Lazy Love? Yeah, that’s what I see. Joshua’s pretty precise with his thrusts, he knows exactly what to do now, he’s a master. Buuut he’s dead set on a relatively slow pace, that speeds up to a pretty fast pace when either of you are close, and they air on the side of gentle 99% of the time.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Aside from the fact quickies aren’t quickies, considering it takes him a while to get there; Joshua just doesn’t like it. He likes being able to lay you out and worship your body, take you both to the clouds in pleasure, and the time crunch pushes a lot of the fun away from sex. Quickies happened a handful of times, just to kill the urge, but they’re very rare, he’s not fond of them. At all. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

In general, Joshua’s a pretty vanilla guy, nothing crazy or insanely adventurous will happen. Trying new positions is really all he’s okay and comfortable with doing, so don’t hold your breath on thinking you can have him decked in leather and tying you up and drip candle wax on you….ain’t gonna happen.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
I’m just gonna keep bringing up the shower exposure. He takes forever in the shower, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know a boy taking fifteen years in the shower means he’s jerking it. Sooo I’m pretty sure he lasts unusually long, pushing ten minutes is the norm for him, but because he holds out so long, one round is usually all he can manage. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
I don’t see Joshua using anything on either of you, realistically. The most he’d probably have, and rarely use, is just a simple bullet vibrator for nights when he’s feeling particularly like a tease. It doesn’t make an appearance often, though.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Typically, he’s pretty lenient with you, not one to tease either of you when he can give you both pleasure. He’s got to be in a very particular mood to become a massive tease. The teasing he does, is more aims as to get you in the mood, or let you know he’s in the mood, thigh touches and kisses with just a little too much feeling behind them. Don’t worry, Josh is a good boy, he won’t tease you into next week. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
As part of the vocal line, I’m inclined to think he’s got a voice, yes? But his voice is pretty soft spoken, too. Joshua’s more on an under the breath talker, pretty much chanting to himself about how much it feels good, how warm you are, how much he loves you, breathless curses, etc.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
While he’s no where near dominant, he’s not submissive. At least, in your relationship currently. But the first time, you dominated and topped, pretty much having to show Joshua what the deal is. The worst thing he’s ever said, is describing your first time together as “A more hands on sex ed class” i had a boy say that to me….didnt know what to reply with

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Intensely thinking about the dicc gif According to Nana, Joshua’s kind of long and skinny, so uh….it matches….a bit longer than average, pushing 5.5″ long and more on the slender side of the spectrum.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

[See Stamina] Not to go there, but as someone that grew up in a church setting, I feel like I can have a say in this. From my experience, some of the horniest people I’ve ever met, were my church goers. Joshua’s our resident gentleman, that’s known, he’s good at keeping his hormones on a leash, but I he’s got a very high sex drive. He’s really ready to go at any time, may god have mercy on your holes.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Since Joshua isn’t a particularly rough lover, he’s not getting insanely overworked when you two have sex, he’s not exhausted by the end of it so he’s usually able to get up and continue with the day if needed. At night, you’ll just spend the time after getting cleaned up and turn to cuddling and watch T.V. During the day, he’s able to pull himself together and get on with what he’s got to get done, so he doesn’t sleep quickly after, if he sleeps at all. Joshua’s pretty capable of taking you to cloud 9 and continuing his duties afterwards, but that’s not to say when given the time, he won’t just curl up with you for a nap, but on the norm, he’s usually fine.

Unnecessary Bellarke Moments - Season 4

Hey fam! So last hiatus (The Dark Times), I created a post to give our fandom a little bit of hope that basically pointed out every single Bellarke moment in the first three seasons of The 100 that served absolutely no plot purpose besides pushing the Bellarke Agenda™ (you can view it here). The idea of the post was basically just to point out the VAST number of Bellarke moments that simply would not exist if canon!Bellarke wasn’t actually in the cards for later seasons. 

The idea was brought to me a little while ago (I don’t remember by who, unfortunately) to recreate that post, except this time pointing out all the unnecessary Bellarke moments of Season 4. So that’s basically what this post is.

If you’re interested in seeing just how Extra these two lovesick idiots truly are when it comes to each other and how full of shit the cast/Jason are when they say it was “never planned”  feel free to continue under the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do a Jeremy x reader soulmate AU where they can't see colors until they touch and it's really fluffy and it's a time line of their relationship and they get married and have kids and grow old together?? Thank you!

u said have kids so its a female reader ik i usually write gender neutral stuff im soRRY

oh and i didnt rly have any ideas for how i wanted this to start so lol enjoy

my masterlist!

Warnings: expensive headphones, swears (OBVIOUSLY), jer is rude to bb michael :(, mikey talks abt SUCKING DICK, and thats it i think??

Word count: 1,815

Jeremy muttered curse words under his breath as he watched Rich rub the back of his neck, flustered at the adorable reaction Michael gave him. Rich had gifted a large bouquet of flowers for Michael, who expressed his gratitude by peppering his boyfriend with kisses.

After saying goodbye he sat back down next to Jeremy and didn’t notice his state “Jeremy, aren’t these flowers so pretty? God, Rich is just the nicest guy and-”

“I wouldn’t know, I can’t fucking see them,” Jeremy pouted.

Now Michael knew what’s going on, “Oh, listen, Jer, you know you’re basically my brother, but you gotta stop sulking every time you see a happy couple!”

“Oh, shit, sorry. Did I offend you? I didn’t realize you’re so deep on Rich’s dick you can’t even be sensitive towards your best friend’s feelings anymore,” Jeremy snapped.

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shenanigansintime  asked:

Please tell me more about why you like sheith, I'm very curious to hear the rest of it.

(alright luckily i had the beginning of this saved elsewhere when tumblr just randomly sent it early so imma just begin by pasting. also spoilers for voltron s4 obv) 

the original ask was something like “curious why u like sheith? ive thought abt it and i think i prefer klance”

rubs hands 2gether Thank U for Asking

first of all, thats chill! if klance is ur thing, fuckin go for it my dude, have a great time with that shit. the fandom’s huge and theres tons of content. im all for ppl shippin what they want and im not here to tell someone to ship or not ship something. if u do truly want to know why im a sheith tho, buckle the fuck up cause im awash in sheith feelings at every moment and i got Things 2 say

alright so the main thing with sheith is that it feels real healthy and good. (well it did. things are weird this season bc shiro may or may not be a clone but up until his disappearance at least.) they’re rly good abt checking in with each other to see how the other one’s doing and feeling, and they lean on each other a lot for support. they also treat each other as equals and respect each other’s choices (again, with minor exceptions in the current season). they got that good good hidden backstory together. they got that good good star crossed lovers thing goin on where the universe keeps ripping them apart, fucking them over and tossing them back together more fucked up than before and my dude i Eat That Shit UP. also that good good height difference. the show gives them lots of moments where they’re either alone in a room together havin a private moment or havin an equally private moment in front of the whole fuckin team where fuckin everybody can see them (like the first Hug tm). they’re openly physically intimate with each other (which keith is not with anyone else) and they’re not like. ashamed of that. there’s so much canon content i cry daily. 

here lemme break it down

we know they knew each other in the garrison, and not just like in passing, like acquaintances, but enough that keith was the only person there to see shiro off when the kerberos mission launched. in s1ep1 lance says of shiro “omg that guys my hero” and of keith “you’re my rival” but neither shiro nor keith know who lance even fuckin is. bc presumably they didnt hang out. everyone in the garrison knows who keith and shiro are but they - keith especially it seems like - dont keep track of the other students. also theres this whole fanon thing where shiro and matt were best friends in the garrison and hung out all the time before kerberos, but in s4 when matt greets shiro hes incredibly stiff and awkward and calls him sir and shiro just goes “pidge never gave up on u buddy” which i guess could be a clone thing but could also be him bein like “i totally did give up on u tho, whatever” (and i can totally buy that considering how pidge’s whole personal arc this whole time has been looking for matt and their dad, and while shiro has been supportive of that, he’s also been like hey dude that’s not our top priority as a team). so from that i infer that matt and shiro werent best buds in the garrison, and that he must have spent a lot more of his time with keith bc in s2ep1 keith makes it clear that shiro made a significant impact on his life and that he still thinks about things shiro said to him before kerberos. which we havent seen. bc theyre hiding the pre-kerberos backstory from us and i cry. also their flashbacks in s1ep2 (i think, i dont exactly remember which ep but i think its that one) when they all put on the headsets and we see their fondest memories, shiro’s is the day they were separated and keith’s is the day they found each other again like jesus.

then there’s keith’s first scene in the show. the first thing we see him doing is kicking the shit out of like three garrison guys to rescue shiro. we get that close up of him touching shiro’s unconscious fuckin face and his first line in the whole show is him saying shiro’s name. like shit dude how am i supposed 2 not ship that. the first time keith and lance interact, its lance butting in on that moment and keith being like “who the fuck are u” and its. uncomfortable. we also know that keith has been livin alone in the desert and obsessing over these lion carvings bc he got kicked out of the garrison for basically insubordination sometime after shiro went missing. we get that scene in the shack where keith talks abt feeling lost until shiro showed up and everyone else in the room looking all confused and uncomfortable as these two dudes who clearly already know each other well and have been separated for like a year just stare into each other’s eyes or what the fuck ever. also the scene outside the shack where keith comes and finds shiro and puts a hand on his shoulder and asks him how hes doing - theyre alone for that part. also worth mentioning is that keith has no hesitation touching shiro’s galra tech arm, whereas lance hesitates before shaking his hand. we see a bunch of times that keith is touch averse with almost everyone except shiro, in a way that indicates a degree of prior familiarity and a good understanding of boundaries that keith hasnt had the time or inclination to set up with lance, hunk, pidge, allura, coran etc. also the one time he holds lance when sendack attacks the castle and lance is unconscious, lance sort of blows it off later and basically goes “no homo” when keith brings it up so that was a bummer

i also love some of the Pauses they put into shiro and keith’s dialogue, some of them are just. so choice. like when keith proposes a crazy plan that puts him in danger and shiro just takes a sec, closes his eyes, then goes “alright i’ll back u up, do what u gotta do” like!!!! boi!!!!!! thats good shit. also in s2ep9 during the blade of marmora trial when keith is basically having this nightmare about shiro rejecting him because of his connection to the galra, (which real actual shiro can see because this whole ep was a fuckin fanfiction) and he does that same thing where hes like “shiro… *pause, close eyes for Just a sec* you’re like a brother to me” which! by the way!! i have said the same thing!! to a friend i had a crush on!!! who was straight!!!! and i was a little baby who didnt know i was into girls yet and we used to say we were like sisters bc i? didnt know i?? was gay???? we shared her bed whenever i stayed over and she really did see me as a sister and i would just lie next to her and daydream about touching her boobs,, anyway keith is so relatable there i could yell forever but continuing on,

can we, real quick, talk abt the first time keith flies the black lion? bc in s2ep1 hes not the black paladin yet. real shiro is still around. and keith legit goes up to black, puts a hand on her big ole nose and goes “ur boi is in trouble, we gotta help him” and she goes “yeah dude hop in” like?????????????? thats some fanfic shit again! black Knows! also dont even talk to me abt how many times keith and shiro yell each others names in that ep its unreal. also the trope (that i eat the fuck up every time) of one member of the otp lying trapped and injured somewhere and talking to the other member of the otp thru a helmet comm or whatever and they cant see each other but they can hear each others voices, so they have to keep talking to like reassure each other they’re both still alive and okay?!!! im such a sucker for that shit!!!! ummmmm the fact that shiro keeps reassuring keith that hes fine when theres a gaping glowing wound in his side and hes like visibly in pain, clenching his teeth, eyes closed, groaning, sweat beading on his forehead, the whole fuckin thing?? and josh knocked it outta the park with shiro’s voice in that ep making him sound like he was trying not to sound hurt and exhausted so that keith wouldn’t worry too much like Fuck me up!! smiling thru the pain when keith talks abt how much shiro changed his life and made him a better person??? boi!!!!!

then there are the times when shiro talks abt something happening to him and keith taking over as voltron’s leader, and keith gets all panicked about it like he cant stand the thought of losing shiro again (this happens a bunch of times but the ones that are coming to mind are s2ep1 and s2ep9 bc. again. those are the fanfic episodes). and then he Does lose him again and he’s so clearly grieving, lashing out at the rest of the team, super obviously feeling shiro’s loss more than the others (and lance is a real dick about it a bunch of times which really rubbed me wrong), going out to look for him over and over bc he wants to believe so bad that shiro’s out there somewhere. omg the “please no” when the black lion accepts him that shit Fucked me right up!! he wants to honor shiro’s wishes!! but some part of him knows that’s like admitting that shiro’s gone and isn’t coming back. and then!!!!!! when they find kuron and its just the red lion and the galra ship floating alone in space just like. gently drifting toward each other. keith’s little tired smile there. fuck me up. and then we find out in the next scene that keith has been the only one in shiro (kuron)’s room while he’s recovering and shiro (kuron) hasnt bothered to shave or cut his hair or get dressed yet and he lets keith see him like that and not the rest of the team. fuck. keith looks Exhausted in that scene. hes got bags under his eyes, hes kinda hunched in on himself, arms crossed, like something in him Knows this isnt his boi but he wants to believe it’s him so bad and its. god. its a lot. and Then when hes turning to leave and kuron is like “how many times will u have to save me before this is over” and keith’s face just relaxes into this legitimately genuine smile when he says “as many times as it takes” like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck me

this is where it starts gettin awkward with them bc kuron isnt shiro and he doesnt treat keith the way shiro would but he Tries, like after keith fucks up that one mission and kuron comes and finds him (again, in private) to touch his shoulder and be like “im proud of u boi” when keith clearly Did Not Do A Good Job and keith just looks bummed like “thats. thats not tru” and it Hurts me bc we know real shiro doesnt do fake praise. also kuron orders keith to put himself in danger more than once and doesnt give a shit that keith and the others get hurt because of it which also real shiro would never do - we’ve seen him react when his teammates take hits before, but especially keith, like during the bom trial. then theres s4ep1 where keith sort of drifts away from team voltron in order to do more stuff with the blade of marmora and everyone’s pissed at him but then as hes walking out kuron’s like “you know we’re here for you if you need us” and keith gets that soft smile again like “i know and i cant tell you how much that means to me” and then they do that good good hand clasp that turns into a hug which by the way is a stark contrast to when other people hug keith and they just kinda grab him and he goes all stiff and it takes him a sec or three to put his arms around them if he even does that at all - with shiro they do the hand clasp first and then walk into the hug together and keith buries his face in shiro’s fuckin shoulder and smiles and closes his eyes and i wanna die. and theyve done this twice now which makes me think they probs did it before kerberos too and that also hurts me. 

then theres s4ep6 where keith has gone the whole season feeling like he was a bad leader. it seems like voltron doesnt rly need him and his friends dont need him and shiro doesnt need him and hes been hanging with the bom who have their whole philosophy of not going back to rescue their own guys if it means putting the mission or the rest of the team in danger (which keith already was saying when allura was captured - how very galra of him) and now keith’s having to readjust to that mindset after being part of such a close knit team. so when he sees a way to take that shield down, he just fuckin goes for it. hes started to see himself as expendable. when shiro thinks hes about to die, we get all kinds of flashbacks, the first of which is him and keith alone outside the shack. there are no flashbacks with keith. he just closes his eyes. and shiro (kuron) congratulates him. like obv its before he knows what keith was about to do, but still, thats some fucked up shit. 

now this wasnt rly part of ur question, ie u didnt ask me how i felt abt klance, but i feel like i gotta say: lance just grates on me. im sorry i know lots of people who love him but he just. isnt my cup of tea. and i do think the relationship shown in the show between keith and shiro is a lot more mature and healthy than the one shown between lance and keith. lance has some good moments! but canon lance and fanon lance seem like two entirely different people to me a lot of the time and thats all cool and fine if ur lookin for that, again im not here to stop ppl from having fun, but there are so many good sheith moments in the show and im just glad to see the relationship between two dudes depicted that way regardless of whether it becomes canon or not. also lance in the show is only shown being attracted to girls, and in kinda a skeevy way - like ive met guys who treat me like that and been Very off-put by that kind of behavior. and it would put me off if after all that they got him together with keith. like hes just superficially interested in all these hot girls but keith, who he has very few heartfelt intimate moments with onscreen, is his True Love? like thats,, not good bi rep. i Do rly like the bond hes been building with allura since they switched lions, that seems like its going in a direction that could turn out to be very wholesome and sweet. but again, if klance is ur thing, by all means have a ball.

k that was a lot but tl:dr i like 2 cry and sheith provides me with lots of opportunities to do that,, if u read it all then thank u deeply and truly for ur attention, u probs Understand me as a person a bit better than before lol

I Hate You (Part 20)

Ryan Sitkowski x Reader

Warnings: Language

Ryan waits impatiently in the waiting area, tapping his fingers nervously against the arm of the chair as he waits for you to get out of the principal’s office. He feels like such a fucking weak ass, letting you go in there by yourself and fight his fucking battles.

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The Assassin

Paring - Reader x Namjoon

Word Count - 3206

Genre - Assassin/Spy Au

Part - 2/13

Warnings - Violence

Y/n is accustomed to living a very secretive life and not being able to trust anyone. She finally puts her trust in someone only to have her life put in danger, how will she win this battle?

Synopsis - In this part Namjoon and Y/n get married. Namjoon goes to complete an Assassination where he is sabatoged and he learns that Y/n’s life is in danger.

Character Profiles Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight  Part NinePart Ten Part Eleven Part Twelve

I woke up the next morning with the sun shining bright through my bedroom window. I rolled over to look at the clock on my nightstand. It was 7:45am and I was exhausted.

I stayed up until 2am with Namjoon. Since I had agreed to marry him, He was teaching me all basics I needed to know to meet his family today.

I had to get my wedding dress at nine and be at the venue by ten for the wedding that would start promptly at 1pm.

This was insane. I was getting married. Namjoon had already sent over the money and part of me just wanted to take the money and run, but I knew I couldn’t do that to him.

When I arrived to pick up my dress the consultant had five beautiful dresses lined out for me.

“Mr. Kim has picked out these dresses for you. He says that you can pick one, or all if you want.” She said.

I walked over to the dresses admiring them. I felt like a princess.

The first dress was nice it was a vintage A line dress with sleeves. In not really into vintage though.

The next one was a ballgown dress with rinstones all over it. It was a bit too “Cinderellaish” for my taste.

The next two were nothing to ponder over. But when I saw the last one I knew it was the one I wanted.

“I want this one.” I told the consultant pointing to the beautiful trumpet dress.

“Great choice ma'am. Now we need to pick out shoes and jewelry follow me.” She said.

Hours later I was walking down the aisle of a beautiful venue. Namjoon was standing at the alter and his family and friends were all staring at me smiling.

Even though it was a fake wedding the way Namjoon was smiling at me made me feel butterflies in my stomach.

After the priest announced us man and wife it was time for me and Namjoon to kiss. I had completely forgotten about the kiss and we hadn’t practiced at all.

Surprisingly the kiss was exceptional. I dont know if Namjoon was just an extremely good kisser or if we were just in sync. The kiss was magical and it took my breath away.

At the reception I had been drilled by friend’s and family members who I obviously had never met me before.

I didnt reconize anyone at the wedding because they all were Namjoon’s friends and family. I was standing alone when a tall man made his way over to me.

“Stunning.” He said handing me a glass of champagne.

“Thank you. Im y/n.” I said accepting the glass.

“Im Taehyung. Kim Taehyung.” He said. Extending his hand for me to shake.

“Its nice to meet you, how do you know Namjoon?” I asked.

“Oh Namjoon and I?” We go way back. Let’s just say we work together.“ He said smirking at me.

“Oh okay.” I said giving him a sort of puzzled look. I hadn’t recalled seeing him at the office. Maybe he was a higher up.

Namjoon noticed us talking and made his way over to me.

“Hey Taehyung, I think your girlfriend is looking for you.” He said placing his hand on Taehyung’s shoulder.

“Yeah I should probably go find her. Congrats hyung.” Taehyung said before taking one last glance at me and walking away.

“He’s an interesting one.” I said smiling at Namjoon.

“Yeah he’s strange. But he’s a cool guy. I have a lot of interesting friends.” He said.

“Yeah I noticed. ” I said jokingly.

“Hey, you wanna dance?” Namjoon asked.

“Sure, why not?” I said. To be honest I had been waiting for me to ask him all day.

As me and Namjoon swayed to the music he held me tight and I laid my head on his shoulder. I looked over to my left and noticed Taehyung.

He was now standing with a group of gentlemen that were all staring at me.

A pale, black haired man who looked expressionless and a younger boy who seemed to be smiling were talking. Then there was a very energetic boy and a silver haired guy talking. They all looked super fancy in their designer suits.

“Thank you for doing this” Namjoon said interrupting me staring at his friends.

“You know, this is actually better than I expected. I mean I got half a million dollars and a really nice dress out of this.” I said.

“Actually we only rented the dress.” He said with a serious expression on his face.

“Oh that’s um, awkward.” I said

“Im just kidding it’s yours. I knew you’d pick that dress.” He said chuckling.

“Haha you joke too much. And how did you know?” I replied.

“I dont know. Maybe I know more about you than I think you do.” He said.

I gave a Namjoon a small smile. Poor guy, if only he really knew me. He’d be in for an extreme shock.

Which was what I was when Namjoon’s lips met mine again. Unprepared for the kiss, I let out a small gasp as he finished.

“You know just keeping up with appearances.”

By the time I had changed out of the wedding dress and made my way home it was nearing 10'o clock.

I entered the door making sure to lock it and then turned on the lights in the dark house to notice my dad sitting there waiting for me.

“It’s nice you finally decided to come home.” My dad spoke.

“You scared me, what are you doing here?” I asked. My dad gave me a look of distaste.

“I scared you? A spy should never put herself in a situation to be scared. And what do you mean what am I doing here? A father can not visit his daughter’s home?”

“Im sorry father, I didnt mean it that way.” I said looking down.

“Where were you this late? And dont say working because we both know that isn’t true.” He questioned.

“I - I um went to a wedding.” I stated. I wasn’t lying I was at a wedding.

“Who’s wedding?” He asked.

“Just a co-worker, do you want some tea father?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“No. I just came to tell you that your mother and I have received an assignment so we won’t be in contact for the next month or so.”

“Really, is the assignment for me as well? what does it entail?” I asked. My parent’s hadn’t received an assignment in a while. I had never had one since I finished training at age 18 and was eagerly awaiting one.

“No just your mother and I. I can’t tell you anything about the assignment and you know that. I will say that you may be receiving one soon. Just stay focused on your work and do not get close to anyone. Remember your family is what is most important.” He said standing up to take his exit.

“Of course, family is most important. Thank you father.”

“Don’t come home this late ever again, got it?”

“Yes, I apologize father.” I said bowing slightly.

Sunday came and I decided to spend sometime home since I didn’t have to work and was a bit tired after yesterday’s events.

When Monday came, I woke up early to get dressed for work. Namjoon hadnt texted or called all day Sunday and I was kind of excited to see him today.

When I arrived to work everything was normal as it typical was. Answering phone calls and entering data.

I was a bit sleepy and was starting to get a headache staring at the computer screen so I decided to go grab a coffee. It was nearly 3'o clock and I hadn’t run into Namjoon all day. Maybe he’d be at the coffee shop?

He wasn’t and I returned to the office in a sort of disappointed mood. Typically I’d run into him several times in one day but of course the day I really wanted to see him he was no where to be found.

When I arrived back to my desk I noticed a sticky note on my computer screen.

“Meet me in my office.”


My eyes lit up with excitement and I briefly pulled out my hand mirror to fix my lipstick before taking the elevator to Namjoon’s office.

Namjoon didn’t ever call people into his office so I was a bit excited to see it. His secretary let him know I was outside and he told her to let me in.

When I walked in Namjoon was looking down at his phone but looked up at me as I sat down.

“Wow, this is how you dress for work?” Namjoon said eyeing me and smiling.

“I just put on a skirt Joonie it’s not that big of a deal.” I said blushing.

“I love it when you call me that. I was starting to get sick of you calling me Mr. Kim. ” He said.

“Well you are my boss.” I said shifting in my seat to cross my legs as I realized my skirt was a bit short.

“Im also your husband.” He said standing up and loosening his tie.

“You know Y/n, I meant it when I told you that I had a crush on you. I still do.” He said.

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve had feelings for you too.” I said trying not to show the excitement in my expression.

Namjoon walked over to me and I stood up as he approached me.

He stared at me and smiled for a moment before putting his hands around my waist and pulling me in for a kiss.

This time i was prepared for the kiss and opened my mouth to allow him entrance.

He deepened the kiss before grabbing me in both arms and lifting me onto his desk as I put my arms around his neck.

He moved from my lips to my cheek and then my neck. He glided his hand under my skirt and up my leg instantly sending chills down my spine.

He kissed my neck for a while and I leaned my head back to give him better access.

I started to unbutton the first two buttons on his shirt until we heard a knock on the door.

I immediately got off of the desk and stood next to Namjoon not wanting anyone to catch us. My father and Namjoon’s father both worked at the same company, although my father worked at a different branch. I still couldn’t risk anyone finding out.

Namjoon fixed the buttons on his shirt before finally letting the secretary enter.

“What is it?” Namjoon asked.

“Sorry to bother you Mr. Kim, but someone by the name of Mr. Min is looking for you. He says its urgent.” She said.

“Okay thank you.” He said as she left the room.

“I really hate to say this. But I kind of need to take this call.” He said.

“No, no its totally fine.” I said fixing my hair and trying not to show my obvious disappointment.

“I’ll call you.” Namjoon said as he walked over to his desk and sat in his chair.

I nodded and exited his office feeling extremely flustered.

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Namjoon’s POV

Namjoon could feel his phone vibrating in his pants as he kissed Y/n. He hoped she wouldn’t notice and she didn’t. Namjoon didn’t want to stop, he wouldn’t stop kissing her, touching her. Until his secretary knocked on the door. She really has bad timing sometimes.

Y/n was obviously embarrassed when his secretary walked in and he thought that was cute.

When his secretary told him that Yoongi had called he knew it had to be something important. Yoongi knew the rules and he never called him on his work phone.

“What is it?” Namjoon said as he answered the phone.

“We have a hit. But we need to meet now if we plan on carrying it out.” Yoongi said.

“Wow, Jimin works fast doesn’t he? Who is the hit on?” Namjoon asked.

“It wasn’t Jimin who found this one it was, Taehyung.” Yoongi replied.

“Taehyung? Since when does he think it’s okay to do someone else’s job. No thanks we only take jobs Jimin finds.” He retorted.

As soon as he was about to hang up the phone Yoongi chimed in.

“Wait you’re going to want to hear this one.” Yoongi said.

As soon as Namjoon listened to the voice on the other side of the phone he knew he’d be leaving work early today.

He got off of the phone and called his secretary in.

“Cancel my 4pm meeting. I’m leaving early today. Also lighten Miss. Y/L/N’s work load. Let her leave early if she wants to.” He commanded.

“Yes sir.” She replied.

An hour later Yoongi and Namjoon were sitting outside of a building. The were looking into an abandoned warehouse, where the person they were supposed to assassinate would be meeting someone there soon.

Namjoon wanted him bad. Really bad. He was the Manor, so very powerful politically. But what people didn’t know about him was that he was also a child molesting pervert.

Children had come forth about being touched by him but he always seemed to stay out of trouble.

Killing him was one of Namjoon’s foremost desires. Namjoon would kill him for free if he had to. But being paid to kill this guy was the icing on the cake.

The Mayor was very powerful and nearly untouchable. He always had a trail of five or six men guarding him at all times. So Namjoon was very shocked when he saw him pull into the parking lot alone.

“Okay, I need you to lead him to the left exit. Ill position my sniper there. Like we normally do, got it?”

Namjoon ordered as he reached into his glove compartment and pulled out his black gloves.

“Got it, This should be a piece of cake.” Yoongi said before stepping out of the car.

Namjoon had positioned himself on top the building before speaking to Yoongi via headset.

“Okay you are clear to enter when you are ready.” He let him know.

Yoongi walked into the building. The Mayor was standing in the middle of the room looking down at his watch so he hadn’t noticed Yoongi enter.

“Turn around very slowly.” Yoongi  warned.

This alarmed the Mayor and he spun around to see who was there.

Yoongi rose his gun and aimed it straight at the Mayor’s head.

“What do you want from me?” The mayor yelled out in fear reaching for something in his pocket.

“Put your hands up now or I wont hesitate to blow your fucking brains out.” Yoongi warned.

“I have a lot of money, name your price?” The Mayor said shaking in fear.

“I don’t want your money, back up slowly, towards the window.” Yoongi ordered.

The mayor started to back up slowly. “Please, please don’t kill me. Ill do anything.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to kill you. Now keep backing up.” Yoongi said.

“Perfect, perfect.” Namjoon said.

“I’m going to take the shot.” Namjoon prepared to take the shot but as soon as he was about to he saw someone entering the building.

“Yoongi someones approaching from your left with a gun watch out!” Namjoon demanded.

Before Yoongi could register what was going on he was being shot in the back. He fell to the ground and a man wearing all black and a mask on approached him.

He was standing over him aiming for his head.

Namjoon switched his aim as the Mayor took of running and aimed for the masked man before he could shoot Yoongi again.

He shot him making him fall out cold. Namjoon immediately abandoned his position on the roof and ran down the stairs to make sure Yoongi was okay.

“Yoongi, i’m coming. Can you hear me? Yoongi?” He asked.

“I hear you.” Was all Yoongi said in a weak voice.

As Namjoon began to enter the building he was cut of by another masked man. He took out his pistol but before he could aim he was being shot in the leg by someone else.

Thankfully the bullet had only clipped his leg and he could still fight.
He spun around quickly and shot the man in the chest before he had time to respond, causing the man to fall to his knees and onto the ground.

He then spun around to see the other masked man on top of Yoongi trying to strangle him.

Namjoon aimed for the mans head and shot, but his pistol was out of bullets. The man charged Namjoon when he discovered this.

He and Namjoon were engaged in hand to hand combat. Namjoon kicked the man in the face causing him to fall to the ground. He then got on top of him strangling him before Yoongi slid his gun over to Namjoon.

Namjoon grabbed the gun before the masked man could and with one swift movement he shot him in the chest.

The man started to cough up blood. He seemed like he was trying to say something.

“Y/n..” He said.

This surprised Namjoon. What did y/n have to do with this? And what did he know about y/n?

He grabbed the man by his jacket pulling him up.

“What about her?” He demanded.

“She’s not safe, they - they’re coming for her. You can’t save her. She’s a dead women walking.” He said before spiting up blood and laughing to himself.

Namjoon got off of him and stood up aiming the gun at him again.

“Who is coming after her? Who asshole?!” Namjoon yelled.

The man just chuckled again before finally taking his last breaths and dying.

“Shit!” Namjoon said kicking the man to make sure he was dead.

He ran over to Yoongi shaking him lightly.

“Yoongi, hyung, hang on I’m taken you to Jin.” He said as he lifted Yoongi and headed out to his car.

The Mayor’s car was still parked outside to his surprise.How had he escaped?

He opened the back door positioning Yoongi inside and immediately ran around to the drivers side speeding away quickly.

He made a call on his car phone to Jin.

“Jin gather the boys and meet me at the safe house NOW. Yoongi has been shot.” He said.

“Shit. I’m on my way.” Jin said.

Namjoon then called y/n to make sure she was okay. She didn’t answer after the first call. So he called again. And again and again.

“Hey, sorry I was in the shower. What’s up?” She said.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” Y/n asked.

“Grab some clothes and head to my condo okay?” Namjoon said.

“Um why?” Y/n asked.

“My parent’s may stop by its important. Please go now.” He answered hanging up the phone.

Yoongi was grunting in the back.  He was losing a lot of blood and Namjoon knew he had to act fast. So he stepped on the gas.

“Don’t worry hyung, we are almost there. You are going to be just fine”

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Stefan is such a dick sometimes,I hate him especially in season 3. Like when he acts all saint and says to Elena that she's better than Damon and then has the nerve to hit Damon because DE kissed after everything he put Elena through. And then suddenly in 3x13 he's all "I love her, Damon" like if you really did why did you act like a pathetic rat just a little earlier. And in the end she picks him even if she wanted Damon it didnt make sense. Thats why Damon and Delena will always wins.

“ Stefan is such a dick sometimes,I hate him especially in season 3. Like when he acts all saint and says to Elena that she’s better than Damon and then has the nerve to hit Damon because DE kissed after everything he put Elena through. And then suddenly in 3x13 he’s all “I love her, Damon” like if you really did why did you act like a pathetic rat just a little earlier. And in the end she picks him even if she wanted Damon it didnt make sense. Thats why Damon and Delena will always wins. and then in 3x14 he’s again not caring if Elena lives or dies and he even says to damon that its Damon’s job now in front of Elena… The nerve on this guy… he didnt deserve to get fought for or picked.”

I love your selective memory. Seriously, Damon and DE fans are so quick to bring up Stefan’s behaviour in season 3 without acknowledging the fact that if it weren’t for Damon and his sloppy ass, Stefan wouldn’t have been in this position in the first place. Stefan left Mystic Falls, left Elena, left his soul basically behind to go with Klaus so Damon could get the cure. Stefan gave up his life to save Damon’s and Damon had one job, respect the boundaries of Stefan’s relationship with Elena and Damon couldn’t do it. Want to talk about being a dick? Every time Stefan literally saved Damon’s life, Damon would make a move on Elena right after. In 3x02 Stefan saves Damon from a hybrid and later on that night Damon goes to Elena and is all “Remember all the things you felt when he was gone.” In 3x10, Damon finds out Stefan saved Klaus to save Damon’s life and after relaying that information, he kisses Elena. Like what a trash person. So yeah, Stefan punches Damon in the face after he finds out he kissed Elena because Stefan went through hell and back again, he gave up everything for his brother and his brother can’t be a decent human being and respect the boundaries of Stefan’s relationship with Elena?

And it was never “suddenly” with Stefan loving Elena. Stefan and Elena always love each other, that never stopped and it’s seen throughout the season. In 3x01 Stefan calls Elena because he just needs to hear her voice, hear from the woman he loves after all the death and destruction, something to keep him holding on. In 3x03 he doesn’t tell Klaus where she is when she’s hiding in the closet, he has that brief moment where he closes his eyes when they hug, allowing himself the vulnerability to be in her arms and then he breaks up with her for her own safety. In 3x04 when Gloria tries to find the necklace, she goes into his memories and says, “There’s the girl with the necklace. You love her.” And when Rebekah kisses him, it just reiterates how much he loves Elena. In 3x05 Stefan fought compulsion for her and literally fought Klaus over harming her. In 3x06 he caught her when she fell off the bleachers despite having no humanity. From 3x07 to 3x10 Stefan had no humanity (and why did he have no humanity? Oh that’s right because Klaus had to force-compel it away after Stefan held onto his love for Elena, which allowed him to fight compulsion, something Damon has never been able to do btw) so obviously he’s going to be a different person, he was preoccupied with blood and then when he was no longer compelled, he stayed away from Elena because he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to be around her, he wasn’t in control, he was still unpredictable and after he took things too far with her i.e. the Wickery Bridge incident wherein no on died, he made a choice to be better and do better. And Elena saw all of this. Elena saw him fight compulsion for her, Elena was obviously there when he caught her when she fell, he told Elena when he was working on being in control, he apologized to Elena for his behaviour, more times than not Elena was privy to Stefan’s struggle and their ties run deep, their connection is strong so of course she still loved hm. So I ask you, anon, when did Stefan act “saintly”? You bring up when he says Elena is better than Damon, the full quote (and DE fans do this all the damn time) is “You’re better than him, Elena. You’re better than the both of us.” He includes himself in that line.  And in 3x14, of course Stefan cared if Elena lived or died, Stefan also just treated Elena like a human being, she wanted to do something, he made sure it happened, he didn’t feel entitled enough to override Elena’s authority on her own life. So like, seriously, tell me more of when Stefan, the Delena Energizer Bunny, Stefan, the only reason why Delena is even together, acts like a saint.

And FYI, Damon was only the “good” brother in Stefan’s absence. Damon only had any sort of grace, Damon only ever did anything for other people when Stefan was being a ripper and Stefan was being a ripper because he sacrificed for Damon. Damon is actually an entirely trash person.


You do not realise how long I’ve waited to meet these guys… ever since their video with Yak Films “industrial” ive been a fam and look up to them as idols.

How the night went down:
Okay so basically I spontaneously went to this place where I only just found out about this through their official twitter (I think?) And it said itll start from 6pm. I knew for a fact that they wont be there until after Beypncé’s concert so I would imagine around midnight or 1 in the morning.

I almost got into a fight because of some dumb british dude. That almost killed my vibe but thats ok, I pushed him away and eagerly waited haha.

Anyways then I heard screams and what not and as tall as I was I could see their afros from any distance haha! The energy they brought in was amazing.

Then 20 mins after they were prepping, they went to perform on stage. The DJ had a good start and was playing Jay Z - dirt off your shoulders (take note that this isnt a DJ that les twins hired) and larry and laurent did their thing. I can tell you know I genuinely felt so star struck (no homo) when they went up there. The energy they were giving off and the atmostphere they created was so unreal. I was so turnt up I was proper screaming and hollering when they did their signature moves.

Then they wanted a new song. The DJ was so bad on her choices. Les twins were asking, come on girl you got any drake or Beyoncé?!?! The dj didnt. What a right hit in the face, les twins were pisssssseeeed. LOL then they had to plug in their phone haha. Made the dj looked so dumb.

They brought up 6 dancers to the stage and my girlfriend wanted me to go up but fuck. I couldnt I wouldve been so stiff and shy lol I kinds regretted it but I kinda dont. I got the front view and was really close to them. They were insane. From youtube to this? Seeing them real life out of Beyoncé s concert and letting them do their own thing is disgusting. I cant stress it enough. They played tunes like “Ants” and “crumped” “worst behaviour”.

Then they left the stage. They went back to their table and I thought they were leaving already! After 30 mins of performing amd attending their own event I was like… HELL NO im taking a pic at least and talk to them! I went to their table and it was covered with barriers but they were going outside to get some fresh air! I was like LARRY, WAIT! He looked straight at me and was like Oh shit! Wait 1 minute yeah! And spud me saying Aiiiiight! He was so cool and down to earth. Then they came back and I was dancing with them for a bit doing basic grooving steps but mostly my gf doing silly moves haha and of course they did their little thing. I was actually just as tall as them apparently! Haha

So skipping a bit forward they were taking pics with us and as I was getting closer I heard Laurent saying only 5 more people guys. Im sorry. Well I domt blame him he looked so exhausted. But larry pointed me out and said WAIT he wait for him at least. I felt so special LOL! but bare in mind I had the t-shirt of the will dog thats probably what made ke stand out cus no one else had bbp clothing on :p then when it was my turn me and larry spud again and was like wassup mayne!! haa! I wanted individual pictures but I could tell laurent wanted to get over and donr with so he can rest up so I took a pic with my gf and friend. We took the pic . Afterwards larry was like bro I was gonna wear that man but I dono man! I was like WHY DIDNT YOU MAN?! He was like im sorry man!! Haha! Then I said thank you so much to both of them and 8 them cus I was holding up the line haha and left. I wanted to stat till the end and get the chsnce to dance with them but I thought let them do their own thing since theyre prob jet lagged and tired from the concert and left.

So! The conclusion to this is. You can record and take pics sure. But you really shouldnt. Embrace the moment to the fullest and appreciate their artforms with your own eyes. The experience was unreal… I really hoped I could have more words with them and talk a bit but; I know this wont be the final time. I’ll dance with them up on stage one day and just have fun. I hope theyll do a workshop in london one day.