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These three are available on my redbubble now :3c Since people have been buying some of my stuff (thank you for that btw) I thought I could add some more

If you buy it’d be great, because I’m still too busy to start taking commissions properly so this is one of my few ways to make money


zest??? zest!!! 

I have to say, I always imagined my first Otayuri™ fanart being something nice, fresh, youthful and even bro-ish tbh.

Then WttM happened <•>u<•> And I see that projection would be OOC.

So, sinning ensues.

hey uh just real quick:

it doesn’t matter  (at least, not to me) that OP of the leaks was a sh//aladin or whatever. they were on a private tour of the animation studio, and should’ve known better than to do what they did, and now studio mir is in hot water for it.

so uh, instead of reducing this to anti vs. sh//aladin yet again, can we look at the bigger picture and realize this time the fandom actually got this studio in trouble? instead of turning it into yet another war over fandom morals or w/e

Meta stuff in my The Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya? More likely than you think.

Have you ever stopped to think how meta The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-light novel series really is? Like in some basic stories they have these stereotypical characters like the silent person who reads in the corner, the cute girl with..well you know what and a mysterious transfer student. Being inspired by those, Haruhi actually constructs that kind of narrative around herself, by getting people into her club that fit these models. In these stories there has been a cute moe character, so Haruhi forcibly makes Mikuru join, who fits into this category. 

In the murder story she basically goes to a place which happens to fit to all of the stereotypical aspects that happen in a murder story(remote location, mansion, has a maid and a butler and etc..) yet again creating this sort of narrative/story/context. Technically it`s Koizumi who stages the murder mystery, but without Haruhi wishing it that would have never happened. 

This goes to even grander scale if we take into consideration the theory which is coined by Koizumi in the beginning of the series, where he tells that the current world was created by Haruhi 3 years ago(currently 4 years ago in their timeline). Like then she literally created the story around her, like holy freaking heck. o_O 

I don’t want to sound dramatic™ but if there’s no ~twist and it turns out that Robert really is the father of Rebecca’s baby then I will literally never get over it or ever forgive Emmerdale for doing this to Robron lmao


So this came from a conversation I had with Scarf, Ina, Pip, and Cat and whoever else popped in the chat when we were discussing this literal months ago but??? I STARTED WRITING IT AND THEN I GOT SUPER STUCK SO. I DON’T KNOW IF I’LL EVER ACTUALLY FINISH IT. But here’s a smol piece of that, if anyone was curious! Because I was looking through my Google Drive and found this and remembered about it! lol

The Grimm circle Winry like a dense cloud of black smoke. She freezes, her gaze cautiously following the red glow of their eyes streaming through the air in a slow haze. Time swims as if she’s underwater and the world is sluggishly drifting along a steady current.

Releasing a slow breath, she very cautiously brings a hand to her belt, her fingertips slipping against its worn leather. All she needs is one wrench.

In her peripheral, she sees the shift of a bone-white skull and all at once, they close in. Her heart leaps into her throat and she somersaults just out from under one’s gaping mouth. Her hand closes around the handle of her wrench and she hurls it into the air, throwing her arms over her head and curling up against the ground to brace herself.

She presses her head to the dirt and watches as her airborne wrench triples in size, then bursts into a booming explosion of blue sparks; the Grimm are swallowed by its blinding light. Her eardrums pop and the impact slams violently into the center of her chest. A monstrous rumble beneath her nearly tears her body from her position on the ground.

Everything falls silent. Heart hammering, Winry allows a few seconds to pass before surveying the damage. She sits back on her heels with ringing ears. Her surroundings swing into focus: trees for miles, a cloudless blue sky visible just through the foliage, and like an opened rose where she is at the center, the massive black corpses of Grimm lay fallen around her like wilted petals. Winry closes her eyes and slumps forward, exhaustion and relief overwhelming her now-heavy bones.

“I heard the commotion. Came by to help…but it looks like you had everything handled.”

Winry drags her eyes up to her teammate, Ed, as he ducks under a branch and steps into view. His bright gold eyes narrow on the body closest to him.

“Y–” Winry begins, but realizes her mouth has gone dry. She swallows, then nods, recollecting herself. It’s been a long time since she’s had to fend off so many, let alone by herself.

“Al and Paninya?” Winry asks as she clambers to her feet. Her hearing is already starting to clear. The dizziness from a moment ago begins to ebb away.

“Regrouped with Professor Armstrong and the others,” he replies, now studying her face. A blush warms her cheeks before she’s able to avert her eyes.

“Good.” She steps over one of the Grimm’s extremities and joins Ed. “Let’s hope they don’t run into trouble like that before the assignment is through.”

  • Eating chips in bed, while husband plays video games with friends
  • Me: (squeal of joy)
  • Me: "that's right ima dip you so good."
  • Me: (mouthful moan)
  • Husbands friend: the fuck is your wife doing?
  • Husband: (yells to me) babe what are you eating?
  • Me: (mouthful) chips and dip...
  • Me: (delightful groan) "you taste so good."
  • Husband: that's my wife (laughs)
  • Me: "you married this!" (Puts chip in mouth)
  • Husband: "fuck yeah I did."

i just finished watching grandma + honestly……lily tomlin owns my whole heart

Forgeru: This time it’s not a performance featuring all the members, and it feels like it’s my first stage play, I have almost no idea about the main cast and what the play will be like, but I will do my best!
Further details about the schedule will be announced later, and I would appreciate if you come see the play! 🙏