yeah h o w

James Blunt

beautiful dawn - lights up the shore for me.
there is nothing else in the world,
i’d rather wake up and see (with you).
beautiful dawn - i’m just chasing time again.
thought i would die a lonely man, in endless night.
but now i’m high;
running wild among all the stars above.
sometimes it’s hard to believe you remember me.

OKAY I think a few people asked on this so, mostly for my own sake, I drew up a really rough layout of Toriel and Frisk’s house as used in DOFP

And in doing so I realized that my previous methods of “winging it” and “playing it by ear” did not work out super great since there’s some layout things that are out of sync with each other, but this was just the best I could figure out based on what I had previously. SO, future updates I’ll use this as my layout reference.






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hhh ok so ive been noticing a lot of people bein freakin rude to the precious bean and i wanted to draw so
//jazz hands//
also i lost my stylus and cant draw digitally unless you want me to draw with my finger lmao but traditional it is >:3c

@cosmiipu you are presh and dont change for anyone else but yourself, artists are always inspired by other artists and it affects their style, therefore everyones is always similar to someone elses. but that doesnt mean its not special in its own way. honestly id take off anon asks :\ cuz you dont deserve that hun.

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Fake Star Trek fans don't know about IDIC. My only issues with it are the claims of being in the Prime Timeline ten years before Kirk but the uniforms, bridge, and Klingons don't reflect that. This should actually be about the time of The Cage. Looks really well made though, I gotta admit, even if it doesn't fit with canon/the time period!

it’s literally mind boggling to me like ??!!! h O W? ?? ? WHAT? ? ?? idk but no yeah i agree, the show in general looks well made and pretty, and i can kinda see how the uniforms work, though they look more like prettier ENT uniforms than cage-era uniforms. but yeah, for a show based in the original universe, it sure doesn’t look too much like it.….  idk i’m still keeping my mind open, not trying to judge it too harshly before it airs. it’s hard to make a show 50 years later that is based years before the original series without making it look old. i feel like that’s why a lot of people are weirded out?? like this is supposed to be based before tos, in the same timeline, where the tech and props and uniforms look very 60s because, well, that’s the time the show was made. it’s weird to see how good the show looks since it’s supposed to take place before that 60s-esque design. that’s also why i feel like a lot of people are saying it looks reboot-y (other than the klingon design). idk i’m bad at wording things so it all probably doesn’t make sense lmao


Fareeha knows the skies like the back of her hand. On the ground, she has a dreadful sense of direction.
- Like, gets lost all the time
- All the time
- Fareeha, ok go right but turns left, Amari
- “Pharah, head East and meet at _____”
- “Got it.” Goes somewhere else “where even is everyone….”
- She has a navigation system in her suit
- But when she’s not in it
- She’s always 110% confident that she knows wheres she’s going
- “but… why am i… here now… how” calls an Overwatch member
- Angela gets a call. “Do you know where I am? I can’t find my way back. Sending my location now.”
- “Fareeha… H O W did you end up there?? You’re on the other side of town”
- Never embaressed about it. She’s just like yep i’m lost. Dunno how but yup
- Everyone knows this after losing her
- Take your eye off her for a second and she’ll be gone
- but she’ll turn around and be like “argh, those guys… dissapearing again” shakes head

- she just appears a lot too
- not really sure how she even got there
- just turns up like yo
- dramatic entrances out of nowhere, bursting though windows like Batman or something

*from the group chat*
- So Pharah gets injured, like light duties
- Boss said take a vacation but she was like nahh
- she ends up like
- tracking down a human trafficing ring with over 50 arrests
- largely by accident
- just shows up there
- “I gave you a simple mugging case..”
“yeah?” “H o w its not even for that country” - she was just walking around interviewing people and bam

Do you guys know Zoro from One Piece? Badass stoic samurai, terrible sense of direction? Yeh

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thank u anon!! let’s see,, 💗~ already answered~! ((💙 what annoys you about some people? hmmmm. not much annoys me abt ppl tbh but One thing that’s kinda annoying is how someone can say they’ll always be there for you and then leave :// lmao i’m throwing some Hella shade rn but yeah that’s the only thing that came to mind w h o o p s

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RFA having a swimmer!MC? (maybe even in the olympics;))

Annyeong! ^^

Hmmm so let’s see. Since we want MC-chan to be a swimmer, there’s only one way to do this… and that is to bring the entire gang to a swimming area!!! (A/N: please have mercy on me this is my first HC for Mystic Messenger T^T i’ll try my best to envision our MC-chan as a swimmer XD so lezz go!



  • this baby boi….. doesn’t know how to swim.
  • but when you say that you wanna go for a swim, he brings you to a nice pool place where you can have fun 
  • he is on his school break so you guys are so excited!!
  • when you guys were there, you guys wore matching swimsuits (so cuuuute) 
  • but since he cannot swim and he is so shy to be around the area that’s a bit shallow, he goes to where you are and that is on the adult’s pool which is in olympic size…. (this is where the athletes practice during summer time)
  • poor bb’s shaking of fear when you both jumped on the 7th feet and your feet couldn’t reach the ground.
  • starts to panic and he waddles around until he starts to drown
  • as he waddles around, he gets too far from you and he pushes himself further into the deep 
  • ya know what to do now!
  • you start to swim towards him and help him up
  • this cutie realizes that he was saved by his own gf and he stares at you at awe once you guy were out of the pool
  • “babe, did i just see you swim over to the 12ft without anybody’s help?!” Yoosung asked
  • “uhhh yeah?”
  • “Yoosung, honey, stop! Hahaha I swim! I used to do competitions when I was a kid until college! I even went to the olympics before…” you blush coz he looks at you like you are the best person ever
  • - he hugs you and begs you to teach him how to swim so he can have fun with you and not drown 


  •  you guys were looking at your college yearbook and that’s when she saw you in a swimming varsity
  • good thing it’s summer so you guys decided to go have fun in the beach
  • of course, she’s Jaehee so she also knows how to swim!
  •  boys were actually catcalling you and kept throwing floaters at you so that they can hit on ya
  • jaehee doesn’t like that one bit and she confronts the boys and told them to fuck off
  •  they asked jaehee to shut up. “Ehatchu gonna do about it litol guuuurl?” They sneeted at jaehee
  • jaehee looks at ya and winks. The gurl waggles her eyebrows at you
  • “you go show em gurl!”
  • you smile and challenge the voice to a swimming marathon at the beach. First person to be able to go to the area with the orange floater (which divides the safe area and the not safe area) and back to shore wins.
  • the boys scoff at your audacity to challenge them and said that if you lose, which they were veeeeery confident of, you’ll go have fun or hang out with them. 
  • you accept this coz you know you’re gonna whoop their asses up. - you guys got on position
  • on your mark…. get set… GO! 
  • you let the boys furiously waste their energy into trying to give their all to do you best and you stood on the water, waiting for 30 seconds to pass before you swam in full speed. 
  •  30 seconds done and you swam like a fish on a mission and you caught up with the boys who were trying so hard to beat you 
  • you swim past them so calmly and you reach the touching point and it’s time for you to return back to the route 
  • you made it back in shore in just 5 minutes 
  • the boys never had the chance to finish the race coz one had a cramp, one cried, and the other lost their breath 
  • the life guard struggled to help them get back to shore (serves them right) while you continued having fun on the beach with Jaehee


  • this hotstuff invited you to one of his shooting locations which was a swimming place with therapeutic waters and one olympic size pool. ofc they were swimming in an olympic pool 
  • you were his manager so you wanted to go… plus swimming… plus half naked zenny
  • you guys were there and he’s working while you just watch, but then an emergency happened
  • the set needed extra people on zen’s shoot since the original actress was injured and there was no understudy,
  • everybody looked at you because they do not know hwo to swim
  • “Oho, not my babe. I don’t want her being tired with swimming and all.” Zen protested. 
  • he doesn’t know you know how to swim 
  • he looks at you to convince you not to do it
  • but you wanted to since you wanted to help. so you agreed
  • you naughty child
  • the scene primarily required you to act out the famous Titanic death scene
  • Zen was worried you might panic so he carefully watches you as you swim in the water
  • he noticed that you were so calm and you even swam further than he could whenever the director wanted to tell you something
  • “You swim?” he asked as he placed his hands on your waist on one of the outtakes of the shoot
  • you nodded and blushed “Olympics.” 
  • “Show me.” he winked and you did. 


  • it was one of those days where you wanted to do something and get out of the penthouse while jumin was at work
  • you’re a health buff…. in a way because you wanted to look good for yourself and for Jumin since you are with a  trust fund kid
  • you leave a message to Jumin, telling him you’ll be out for a while and go straight to the swimming pool area
  • he allows you but tells you he will go there after work since the swimming pool area is in the building where the penthouse is
  • this rich kiddd
  • anyways, you go for an exercise swim, going back and forth the olympic size pool
  • you were doing a simple floating style swim when Jumin entered the pool side
  • you were so deep in thought and you had your eyes closed that you didn’t notice he was there, watching you
  • you changed your style and went for one lap of freestyle and another for butterfly strokes
  • you were getting quite tired so you swam by the side of the pool and you saw Jumin’s shiny shoes.
  • you looked at up and he was staring at you as if you were the best thing he saw
  • “You’re like a mermaid. you swim very well. I didn’t know you were a great swimmer.” he said
  • you blushed as he offered his hand for you when you get out of pool. 
  • “were you always this great at everything, my love?” he asked. You laughed and playfully push him as he helped you dry up and went home to your penthouse.


  • Of course, this boi knows you were so great at swimming that he thought fo you as a water goddes
  • but he has not seen you in action since you both never had the chance to be in the beach or somewhere water is involved
  • except showers… mhmm mhmm
  • you were hanging out at 707′s place, watching TV when you gusy stumbled upon a video coverage of an old olympic swimming match and 707 saw your name on the screen
  • you were competing like a boss, bent over, preparing to go for a dive in the water
  • 707 looked at you on the TV and at you in real life a couple of times, it was making you dizzy
  • “I wanna race with you in swimming.” he murmured. 
  • you looked at him in surprise and then you grinned.
  • “Let’s go. you and me. battle. tomorrow. at Jumin’s swimming pool area in his building.” you said
  • the boi was so excited he didn’t even sleep
  • at the end of the day, you guys re-enacted the video footage but he never raced you to swim because he was too busy taking photos of you and recording every chance he could get
  • posting everywhere on his social media
  • you shake your head while laughing
  • this boi is hopeless
  • but you love him anyway


There ya go! I’m sorry! I’ll try my best next time!!! 

Vampires Part 2

 Soo I decided to make a second part. Welp. Enjoy. 

Goth belongs to @nekophy and Palette belongs to @angexci

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.

And credit to anyone else I missed.  I don’t know if there’s a vampire au but if there is, does it belong to @blogthegreatrouge? I dunno. If there is and it does belong to her, then Vampire au belongs to @blogthegreatrouge , if it is an au but doesn’t belong to @blogthegreatrouge then credit to the person who made it, if it isn’t an au… not that it’s not, it probably is. 

Umm… Let’s see.. any warnings… um there will be kissing? And.. uh… kidnapping and… umm I dunno, just go read the story.

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flashfic: veritas

another ridiculous flashfic for lelelego’s domestic AU. this is in response to this.

cw for ableism and boys getting thoroughly drunk together.

There are days when Rhys really doesn’t mind the whole arm thing.

Sometimes, he puts on an actual tie with a half Windsor knot, the blue pinstriped pants that make his legs look even longer, and the black dress shirt with the fitting in the back that looks so nice. He puts on his nice arm with the articulated fingers, polished silver that catches white-blue gleams in the light, and he looks in the mirror and grins.

He looks shiny like a newly minted coin, eye-catching with a flinty-edged smirk.

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