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Not What It Looks Like (College!Taehyung)

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Summary: You run into the campus clown Taehyung when he’s in a weird situation but it’s really not what it looks like. Turns out, Taehyung is not what he looks like either.

Word Count: 4.4k

A/N: Inspired by the time a guy asked me to inspect his back mole. College is weird, man. (Eh, at least he was hot).

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Stupid Leaves Pt. 3 (Peter Parker One Shot)

Request: “please do a part 3 for Stupid Leaves💛🍃 make sure to tag me if u do😊 good job btw💛” - kolokay2903 PART 3 YES” - imagineswithfandoms & “Part 3!!!!!!!!!!” - midtownsciencenerd

A/N: Wowie, this was requested a loooooonnng time ago (and probably one of the most requested)! Only getting to it now because I’ve juts finished school, and I’m so sorry! This is the last part of the series. I gotta say, I had a lot of fun writing these, so thanks for all the feedback and requests!

Summary: Just a not-so-normal school day after an encounter with a creepy old fart and Spider-Man the night before.

Warnings: Itty bitty use of the a-word. Just a bunch of fluff and cheese! It’s also pretty long so sit down and enjoy!

Part One: Reader’s Point of View | Part Two: Peter Parker’s Point of View

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You let out a soft sigh, blowing on your warm coffee and rubbing your one eye with your hand.

“I’m guessing somebody did not get much sleep last night, huh?” Jared asked with a mischievous grin.

You laughed humorlessly “You’d wish Padalecki. No I didn’t get much sleep but certainly not for the reason you think” you took a sip of your coffee, extra strong. You had a tough day in front of you.

“What? I though you’d be at Jensen’s place practicing that much awaited scene”

“Yeah well we were about to but guess who loved the idea of joining us”

“I’m gonna take a crazy guess and say Misha?”

You shot him a look and he laughed out loudly.

“Not funny” you grumbled.

“Come, Brendon and Jensen fighting over you like a bunch of teens is kinda cute… No?”

“No, not anymore. After that fucking bed scene Brendon insisted on coming, I had no problem and Jensen had to agree in the end because he had no good excuse to tell him no. But then of course Brendon would not shut it”

“Wait- wait- So he was giving tips on Jensen about, you know?” he asked with raised eyebrows.

“And that is not the worst, trust me. They started on comparing themselves and trying to figure out who is better. I swear I was on the point of jumping off the balcony” you grumbled, hissing a little as the hot coffee burned your throat.

“And you know the worst? He just had to jump in and say whatever was on his mind only when I was about to kiss Jensen, and no- don’t you dare comment on that” you pointed a finger at Jared who had a smirk on his face “It was just like when I had the scene with Brendon and Jensen was behind the cameras”

“But there is something else, isn’t it?”

“Yeah” you sighed biting your lip “As you know I planned on leaving for the weekend, to that small house in the woods, and was probably going to ask one of them but- With the situation being like this I really have no idea whom to choose”

The playfulness was gone from Jared’s face “Well, who do you want to?”

You sighed shaking your head “I have no freaking idea. I mean sometimes I sit and remember all of the things I’ve done with those dorks and it is impossible. Brendon- I knew him ever since high school. I cannot believe how we managed to stay friends for so long even when we had been separated for years sometimes.” you let a small chuckle “I remember all the times we’d skype even if it was at night, we’d be talking about so stupid things sometimes that there really was no point in but we did it nonetheless. Sometimes I remember he’d take shirtless photos of himself, post them on twitter and always say it was for me. He’s a big flirt yes and he always was. I cannot forget how I even helped him with some songs.Sometimes when I went over at his place he’d tell me to just do nothing because he needed inspiration. I would say I could help him and he only replied with an ‘You already are’ and would go back to his lyrics. I remember how he’d often send me small gift from his tour, I even remember one of him writing a song about me and he told everybody when it came out” you looked down at your hands with a sigh.

“I don’t think it would only be just one song (Y/n)” Jared said softly and you looked at him with a frown, he shook his head with a smile.

“We do flirt a lot, yes, but that’s how Brendon has always been. I never thought much of it. His innuendos like 'Hey (Y/n) nice shirt, but I bet it would look better on the floor of my room’ only made me laugh. I didn’t pay much attention tothem- or at least didn’t want to. He’s my friend Jared, there is just no chance he feels that way for me.”

“Well, so is Jensen. I mean your friend” he pointed out.

You sighed, looking down at your feet “I met Jensen when I came here, I had always had a soft spot for him - I did admire him a lot but when I met him I just, don’t know, it all just became so much stronger. He is my friend and we do have fun together-” a small snicker left your lips “-especially when I get him drunk”

Jared chuckled as well “I never thought there would be a day I’d see Jensen on Vine” he shook his head laughing.

“Trust me, neither did I. But he was there, drunk and being an adorable mess. I just had to take advantage of that. But either way that’s how it is with Jensen. Always. He makes me laugh, have fun and forget any problems. He’s like a little kid all the time and unpredictable even. But that’s what I mostly love about him.”

“About him or… him?”

“Jared, it’s too early to even say that word. I don’t know, really I don’t. My emotions are all over the place right now. I- I honestly have no idea who I-” you swallowed, stopping yourself from continuing the sentence.

A small smile appeared on his face “Well, why don’t you let someone else show you?”


He waved his phone in the air “Internet”


You did not know how many hours you spent watching videos of you and Brendon or of you and Jensen. You laughed to tears as you watched all those stupid but funny moments you’d shared with those two.

'Babe, beer me’ Brendon said in one of them and you holding his phone and recording everything shoved a beer in his face.

'Ah marriage’ he sighed happily.

'We’re not married!’ your voice was heard laughing.

'I’m too drunk to care’ he had shrugged.

Or another one that went like

'Brendon is sleeping’ your voice was heard behind the camera.

'Aw look at him, he’s such a cutie. Almost makes me feel guilty about what I am gonna do- Nah! Not guilty at all!’ you said giggling, waving some whipped cream in front of the camera.

'Oi let’s do this’ you said in a whisper, trying not to wake him as you put some of the whipped cream on his hand that hang loosely.

You held a small feather on your hand and you softly brushed it over his nose. He scrunched it for a second but did not move his hand. You repeated the move and this time he let a small groan as well but nothing more. You did for a third time and that’s when the hand moved for completely the opposite direction- In yours face. He even got some of it on the camera but certainly most ended up on your face.

'Ha that’s how you do it (y/l/n)!’ he exclaimed jumping up on his bed.

You wiped out some tears, shaking your head. He’d really gotten you for a second that time, you clearly remember. Just as you remember you got him back by throwing an entire bucket of whipped cream all over him.

And then there came Jenen’s videos. The ones he had taken with you and of course the photos. They all made you smile so widely that your cheeks hurt. Jared was in a lot of them - as was Brendon of course, but there were quiet a few with just you and Jensen. Be it from small trips by the beach or some lake, be it at his or your place for movie night they all managed to bring a smile on your lips.

'This is were I belong’ said a photo of Jensen sprawled all over you bed on his stomach .

Or there even was a video of you two wishing - or mostly trying to wish a Happy New Year to your fans. In vail.

'Dude what are you doing? We’re recording!’

'I thought- I thought it was a photo’ he had grinned at you sheepishly. You had just shaken your head at him.

'Alright take two- this is (Y/n) and Jens- Wait, where is Jensen?’ you had stopped, turning around you only to spot him behind you bent all over the buffet, his mouth full.

'What?’ his head had perked up.

You had grumbled something under your breath.

'Take 3- Hey hey everybody this is (Y/n) and-’

'This is Jensen- oh shit!’ he exclaimed.

'How the heck did you throw whine over my phone?!’

'Sorry’ he whispered apologetically.

You only groaned loudly and once again ended the video.



“Alright, don’t you dare do or say a single thing!- take-” you groaned 'I have no freaking idea, 10? 11 maybe? Anyway, this is (Y/n) and this is-’ you motioned to Jensen but when he said not a single word your head snapped in his direction.


He was only smiling at the camera, he felt your gaze on him and turned to look at you raising an eyebrow.

'What?“ he exclaimed 'You said not to say a single word’ he shrugged.

'Jensen’ you shrieked and ended the video once again.

You still remember that New Years Eve. It was the first you had spent with Jensen and certainly the funniest.

It was the ones you had made with them that made you laugh the most. The way they oh-so-obviously pushed the other one away to get to be next to you. Or the looks they shot each other. Better not get started with the remarks, they were more funny than embarrassing. At least for you.

But all of it just left one question on your mind:

Who were you going to choose in the end?

Hi Guys! Here is Part 2 of 2nd Date Reimagining I hope you like it! :)

Part 1

2nd Date Reimagining Part 2

As Rae walked to Finns she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as she was remembering the events that had taken place the night before. After Finn had caught up to her and she playfully scolded him on the reasoning why Spaceman was an annoying song and him declaring that it was now their song, they started a music war, with the gang giving them marks out of ten on the songs they chose, the loser having to take a shot, they were tied, both equally drunk and playfully swatting and hugging each other all night.

It was time for the last song and Rae made her way over to the juke box stumbling some as she was reaching to balance she found her hand on someone’s shoulder, she looked up and immediately apologized.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Life (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: New story. It has the same plot of ‘Netflix and Pizza?’ and that it the background to this story. Hope you enjoy! ( A/N in the story means Artist Name) Oh and If anyone can think of a better title, PLEASE let me know! 

You and Steve always had pizza nights and such together. You had to admit that the most recent one was your favorite so far. When you woke up from the night before, you found your self in your bedroom, under the covers. Rolling over, you saw Steve, who was of course none other than on top of your duvet. You laughed airily, always that gentleman. You watched his chest rise and fall, and saw his eyes moving and blinking. He was awake, and probably had been for sometime.

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Pretty Kitty: Michael Clifford

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Basics: Based of if this post:

Part 2:

Part 3:

There’s a lot of different types of drunks. Horny drunks, lovey drunks, giggly drunk, etc etc. I just happened to be a complete sloppy and totally “screw all the common sense I’ve ever learned” type of drunk. Sounds like it can be fun, which it can be at times, but most of the time it doesn’t end that great.

That night just happened to be the worst one.

I went to a party. I didn’t really know who the person was running it, but that wasn’t really my main concern. Getting absolutely shitfaced was a little more important.

But like I said earlier, I lost all common sense when I got drunk. Which lead me to wandering the streets with a handful of strangers just starting shit.

I vaguely remembered an old lady. Like Snow White, evil witch old lady you know? A creepy old hag that had eyes that glimmered with hatred. But no matter how creepy she was, my intoxicated brain thought it would just be fucking genius to talk back when she called us something along the lines of “reckless teens that will one day result to nothing.”

Now I’ll be honest, she wasn’t 100% wrong. I was reckless. Getting drunk all the time and acting like my parents never taught me manners but what are you gunna do? I liked having fun. So that’s what I told her.

I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it had to be something pretty bad to get her to do what she did.

                                    Which brings us to our story.

The smell of unwashed dog and a dirty barn shoved itself up my nose making me want to gag. Only God knows where I ended up last night, but with a smell like this, I really didn’t want to find out.

A bright light stabbed through my closed eyelids making them squint open. This wasn’t normal bedroom lighting or any lighting I was thoroughly used to. It was more like a doctors office. Overly lit to ‘wake you up’, or whatever dumbass reason they have for blinding all their patients.

Upon opening my eyes I saw probably the last thing I was expecting. It looked as if I was in a cage. I was surrounded by cats and dogs. But the weirdest part was, they seemed to be my size. I mean, I knew some dogs could get big but cats? No.

My daze was interrupted by a door being loudly shoved open and heavy footsteps walking in the room.

The footsteps belonged to two pairs of feet. One was wearing simple black shoes, but the other belonged to large combat boot covered feet.

“You said you wanted a kitten yes?” The voice, I assumed belonged to a girl, sounded tired and uninterested.

“Uh…yeah…” The boot clad feet loudly dragged across the floor, before stopping in front of the cage I was in.

Wait. Why was I in a cage? Who puts someone in a fucking cage?

“Well, who do we have here,” the deeper voice droned on with a condescending tone.

“Oh, that’s one we picked up last night. Honestly, I didn’t think she’d make it through the night. She seemed kind of sick to me, but I guess I was wrong.”

“She’s such a cutie,” he said happily as she opened the door of the cage. But before I could dart out, the boy picked me up.

He had dark hair and and eyebrow piercing that was settled onto one of his bushy eyebrows. His jaw was littered with little specks of scruff and his lips were a natural cherry red. He was undeniably attractive, but I didn’t want him holding me.

Obviously, what was happening wasn’t normal. I’m not sure what had happened but there was no way I was still a person. Or at least a normal sized one. I assumed this has something to with the old woman. She wasn’t normal. Her eyes sunken into her protruding skull. She seemed to be well off from the way she dresses but her face was dusty and her smile crude. I was drunk, I pissed her off, she did this to me.

Once you hit about first or second grade is when you learn to read. And what they tell you when you don’t know a word or don’t understand what’s happening in the story is to “use context clues”. So that’s what I did.

I was surrounded by cats and dogs, I was shoved into a cage, and I was about 95% smaller then I used to be. When the two walked into the room the girl said he was looking for a kitten and he came straight to my cage.

The old hag had turned me into a cat.

Who does that? It’s the 21st century, not some cruddy little kids book. You don’t just turn people into cats. And how was this even possible? Since when did magic actually exist?

“I’ll take her.” He said, snuggling his head into what felt like my back.

“Okay, but keep in mind, she might end up actually being sick so be wary.”

Okay firstly, I wasn’t sick, I was drunk. But that’s irrelevant. But even more importantly, there is no was I’m going home with this guy. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me. Well, more importantly, he doesn’t know I’m actually a person that was turned into a cat.

I clawed at his arm as he spoke to the woman about how to care for me and all the other crap I didn’t care about, but he didn’t seem to notice or care.

He walked me out of the building and to his car. He laid me in the passengers seat and that’s when I began to freak out. I started clawing at the seat and door, and began running around making a whining noise.

“Hey,” he pouted as he started the car, “I’m not that bad. Are you scared of cars or something? C'mon what’s happening here?”

He picked me up after he buckled himself up and tucked me into his chest. I continued to claw and scratch, but slowly started to lose energy. It felt like hours before I stopped, but we still weren’t at whatever his destination was. And no matter what I did to try to get away, the boy stayed calm and only acknowledged my existence when he would try to pet me.

After what felt like an even longer time, we slowed to a stop. We were in front of, what I assumed was his house. When he started to climb out the car, picking me up on the way, it hit me.

There’s no way I’m getting out of this.