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it seems like people forget that even if they’re in love, lance and keith are Rivals. they’re Arch Enemies and they wouldn’t let a little thing like dating change that:

  • keith convinces lance to go on morning jogs with him, but they always turn into sprints real quick bc one boy starts edging in front of the other and so on
  • “I bet I can kiss you longer without stopping for air.” 
    • “um? no way dude you’re on.”
    • shiro finds keith and lance making out but they’re both turning blue and keith is punching the wall for some reason? keith breaks away and gasps in a huge gulp of air and screams “DAMMIT” at the same time lance just like. dabs or something
  • they get into an honest-to-god hand holding contest. whoever lets go first loses. 
    • “guys, we have to start afternoon training.”
    • “I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation, shiro. I can’t let keith win. jesus, are you insane?”
    • “keith, then–”
    • “nope. already lost the kissing. I am not about to go o-for-two here.”
  • everything, absolutely everything turns into a competition, and the more in love they fall the worse it gets. 
  • like, before it was just bc they “hated” each other. but now? goddamn if lance is gonna be shown up by his boyfriend. and keith needs to keep lance’s head from getting too big or he’s unbearable.
  • who uses the most pet names in a day? one point lance. who reaches out for little touches always? another point lance. makes the other smile the most? keith’s on the board. the best at complimenting?
    • “your mullet is actually ridiculously attractive and your hair in general is so soft and I would actually commit murder to know your secret.”
    • “yeah? well, your skin is like, spotless, ok? do you even have pores?”
    • “it’s called moisturizing, babe. and when I’m stressed I get backne! I’ve seen you shirtless a bazillion times and your body is perfect!”
    • “no way. don’t even say that. my core needs some serious work. you have abs, lance. I could wash my jacket on those things.”
    • I have a good body? have you looked in a mirror? someone carved a v in your hips with a freaking chisel!”
  • this becomes a regular game over dinner, and team voltron barely even hears them bicker anymore.
  • just. keith and lance being an Old Married Couple. they were made for each other. 
Gem Heat AU- Pearl Runs Out Of Flour

Amethyst stood in the doorway, mouth agape. Pearl was laser focused on putting the finishing touches on a three tiered cake, and Steven was sitting on a stool with a half eaten plate of cookies in front of him. The counters around them were covered with various baked goods.Amethyst had noticed the smell when she was walking back to the temple with a bag of fry bits, now lying on the beach where she had dropped them. This had happened before. Steven and the gems liked to bake, but Amethyst only smelled that many different types of dessert when Pearl needed to distract herself. Specifically when she was in heat.

“Hi Amethyst!” Steven waved to her. “Isn’t this great? Pearl’s been baking all day!”

Amethyst was silent as she watched Pearl make another perfect icing rose like her life depended on it. This was bad.

“How are we gonna eat all of this?” Steven idly asked the room at large.

“Hey, uh, why don’t you go take Lion and go get Connie and Greg? Don’t want them to miss out on all this, huh?” Amethyst fought to keep her voice calm.

“Good idea!” Steven hopped off the stool and started walking to the door, stopping when he saw Amethyst’s face. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah…” Amethyst said distantly. Steven frowned slightly and handed her a cupcake.

“Well, anyway, have one of these. They’re really good.”

Both Pearl and Amethyst were motionless as the door opened and the sound of Steven’s footsteps traveled down the stairs and out onto the beach. Soon after, Lion’s distant roar was carried up to the door by the gentle sea breeze.

The house was silent.

Pearl’s eyes met Amethyst’s for a moment. She blushed, hard, and went back to icing. Amethyst slowly put the cupcake in her mouth and chewed. The wrapper’s muffled crinkling filled the room, and then she swallowed. Pearl kept working.

“It’s bad this time, huh, P?”

Pearl’s blush deepened but she didn’t stop.

Amethyst stepped up to her and gently put a hand on Pearl’s back. Pearl jumped like she had been touched with a live wire and icing squirted all over the counter’s contents. Together they stared at the cake’s now erratic pattern.

The tube of icing clattered gently to the floor. “Geez, P, I didn’t mean to-” She was interrupted by Pearl lifting both her arms and slamming her fists into the cake. It splattered tremendously.

Pearl’s breath was ragged as she stood up straight and turned her back to Amethyst and the cake. “Darn it.” A bit of cake slid off her shoulder and hit the floor with a soft splat.

“I’m really sorry, P, I didn’t think… Can we make another one?” Amethyst wrung her hands together nervously.

“No.” She sighed. “And even if I wanted to, we’re out of flour.”

"Are you sure?” Amethyst looked around at the desserts covering the counter, and now the floor, walls, and ceiling, wondering how many bags Pearl had been through already. Wait… if they were out of flour… what was Pearl going to occupy her time with now? Amethyst turned back to see the kitchen devoid of icing-coated gems, and the screen door clattered open behind her.


The one we know as Mystery Girl worked part time as a bartender in a rarely visited dive, but 3pm on a Thursday was an especially dull time. She was leaning on the counter doing the daily crossword when the bar door flung open and an oddly sweet wind swept past her. She glanced up at the still empty bar as the door swung shut. She shrugged and looked back down at her puzzle, which now had a small fragment of icing covering the word she was working on.

Mystery Girl turned around to see a flushed and out of breath Pearl fiddling with her ribbon, eyes on the floor.

She raised an eyebrow at the gem, a smile playing across her lips. “Is it that time already?” She reached out and plucked a perfectly formed icing rose from Pearl’s hair and popped it in her mouth. Pearl’s blush deepened and she nodded, still not meeting her eye.

She grinned at Pearl’s embarrassment, leaned forward, and whispered, “How about we head to the back room and I clean you up? I could use a snack.“ She licked her lips and winked, and then laughed out loud as Pearl leapt at her.


@drawbauchery oh look I actually did something creative for once instead of just promising to. hope I did your AU justice

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[Junoflo falls for the one person he’s not allowed to]

Even after being here for a year Sam still couldn’t get over how Seoul was. The booming nightlife that never seemed to sleep, the growing hip-hop scene that was thriving in the smallest parks in Uijeongbu. It was both awe-inspiring and dumbfounding.

He took a sip of his beer as he found himself being drawn into a crowd of people just spitting a few bars.

The true essence of hip-hop was always found in neighborhoods. People just rapping about what they knew, and what they loved. It didn’t matter the language, the message was the same.

“Aye, Juno what’s poppin?” Dumbfoundead chimed, pulling him into a hug.

“Oh Hyung, what’s good?” he grinned. “What brings you here?”

“Meeting Jessi and YOX tonight, but I had time to kill. You wanna spit some?”

Figures, Dumb had a way of bringing the culture with him, no matter where he went. “Nah, Just watching tonight.” His eyes wandered to the next rapper who seemed to unwillingly get the mic. He was instantly peaked hearing the English roll off your tongue. There was something about the waviness of your rap, and how easily you found the rhythm.

It was familiar yet unrefined.

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I was just thinking about Shikamaru and how all he wanted was a stress free life and now he’s constantly stressing over everyone. Like “kakashi why aren’t you relaxing at the hot springs you’re retired” “so people in town are questioning our ninja police investigating we gotta do some pr management on that” “boruto is fucking up so much shit seriously go home and hug ur kids naruto” “I’m sorry Temari you’re right about everything plz feed me” “shikadai please keep in being a good kid and don’t be stupid like Boruto and his dad” “NARUTO IDGAF IF SASUKE IS IN THE NEXT VILLAGE OVER OUR VILLAGE IS LITERALLY UNDER ATTACK RN WE NEED YOU”

“Oh okay wut super badass hokage thing u need me to do? I’ll fukkin wreck this shit gonna go all out. SHITS BOUT TO GET REA-”

Then Kakashi steps in “Naruto shut up and go help Sakura”

And naruto does.

Which makes Shikamaru look over at Kakashi like “yeah ok I see y ur not at the hot spring. Naruto is insane. Thank u lord 6th”

Sorry I went into a freaking rant but all I’m trying to say is Shikamaru is a hero for dealing with all this shit.

The Life You Deserve - Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader, OMC!Ryan x Reader
Summary: Self-loathing Dean left you worried he wasn’t good enough. Four years later you’re sure that you’re finally over him. Turns out maybe you’re not.
Word Count: 1,300
Warnings: angst, language that’s it for this chapter.
A/N: This is my first series be patient with me parts may take a while sometimes because I’m a terrible person with too much to deal with on a daily. The first three parts are done just waiting to be beta’d. I will be posting a new part weekly hopefully. Beta’d by @nighttimenoodle

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hi ur blog is cute ^_^ I just started using my tumblr again lmao so I was just wondering what are some good blogs to follow? also would you mind checking mine out too, oki thas it hope u have a good day x

um first of all, thank you so much ???? omg this makes me rlly happy lmao ;; esp because i just remade and yeah ;_; 
i could really just.. tell you everyone i follow tbh rip, but i will try to keep it low and just tell you some.. which is gonna be hard but like, yknow lmaooo. i will just.. do different sections so yeah :3

gifs/gfx: @hoseokxx @1lsan @1chae @jeonbegins @bwiboo @jeonggukes @mewchim @rapnamu @taejinmin @eatkookiie @eriinatsu @ksjknj @pjmjjk @pjmksj @taesflower @bangtanroyalty @jnghobi @hobipd @sugaswagdaddy and @fhawn who does art but like rlly great art im in love :((

writers: @gukvory @taexquila @tahyungs (who also makes edits lmao) @jungblue @chimout @jungkxook

cute blogs to follow just because: @2awake @ijins @sheloveskook @jinsasleep @mincute @jinnies @2seoke @apricotmin @taepott (she does things too but too many ok) @kimtae95s @officerkook @bfmoni @taegay @otpvmin @foryoubybts @protectaetae @rudetae @namjun @velvethoseok (um the mb queen /bows) @lovehobs @cryjeon @bts420 @pjungkook @jiminsangel @hobitaki @lie

and yesssss, honestly i love all of them and more tbh :(( but before this is turning into a literal follow forever, imma just stop here LMAO i hope i could help you!! :)

Very few things in Magnus Banes apartment were new. Although the shadowhunter that was sitting at his table eating well that was new. He goes over to him and sit downs across from him watching as Alexander looks up at him. He smiles back at him and drags his finger across the oak table trying to think of a way to phrase the words that were in his head. He decides it was best to be straightforward as always “Alexander we should talk about how much you’ve been sleeping here.”

Alec looks up a bit very concerned he knew he’d been sleeping over a lot but he didn’t think it was that big of a problem. Magnus didn’t seem to mind but apparently he did. He nods “oh um yeah I know I’ve been over a lot.” Magnus nods smiling ok this was good now just ask him “ok so how should we do this? Should we go get your stuff together? Or should I magic it over here? If you want too we can just buy you all new things.” Alec stares at him confused he wasn’t exactly sure what was happening right now. “My-wha- new stuff?” He asks fumbling over his words Magnus stares at him “did I do something wrong?”

Alec didn’t look happy at all maybe he didn’t wanna move in? He was internally panicking. Alec looks at him “ no god you did nothing wrong I’m just kinda lost what’s happening?” Magnus nods relaxing a bit ok well at least that was issue Magnus tries again. “Alexander I was talking about getting your stuff for when you move in officially?”

He says looking at him a little bit too hopeful. Alec grins widely “id love to move in! When can I I’ll go get my stuff right now.” He says tripping over his chair to get up. Magnus laughs grabbing his arm gently “ love relax let’s celebrate first. ” Alec’s nods laughing too he’s pulls Magnus to the couch. He sits beside him and grins “so I’m gonna get to live here?”

He asks trying to contain his enthusiasm. Magnus laughs kissing his cheek gently “yup now I get to hear you snore every night.” He teases and he know it worked cause Alec pouts against him. “I don’t snore I keep telling you that.” He laughs at him and pulls him closer “we can argue about this when you get back home tonight.” Alec pauses trying to make sure he heard right did he say home?

Is his boyfriend telling him it’s ok to say home? He nods slowly “ yeah I’ll finish this when I get home.” Home boy did he like the word home he could say it every day “I’ll be coming home tonight.” He says mostly to himself smiling to himself when Magnus kisses him out of no where “home we have a home together.”

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Maggie's most watched youtube videos consists of playlists of soft songs she puts on to help her concentrate with her detective paperwork meanwhile Alex's consists of a mix of ''''science'''' videos such as ' 1000 degrees knife vs canon ball' , punk songs s from her teenage years that now she hear by herself, and lot of gross videos of how to perform a surgery in daunty situations.

ALEX IS SUCH A FREAKING NERD I CAN’T EVEN she subscribe to all those channels who post those videos of like ‘how to make home-made bomb’ and such and she watches them and shouting at the screen ‘they doing it all wrong! you should add the soda after the crystalline salt, GOD!!’ and maggie is looking at her all like ‘Danvers it’s not a soccer game’ and Alex keep eating her chips ‘yeah pour it inside all at once we’ll see what you gonna get you idiot’ and Maggie just go back to her paperwork giggling under her breath ‘nerd’ ok i swear this is canon

Also i imagine when she gets bored she watches the surgery videos and try them herself like in grey’s on some dead body from a DEO mission or something and stinks the whole lab with that dead body (and everyone walking around grumbling and clogging their noses) and she cheers to herself when she makes it right it’s the nerdiest thing ever

~Send me some sanvers headcanons!~

Cinema Worker! Vernon

so this is my first ever imagine / au type thing. i really wanted to try this out and see if people would like it! it’s not the best but i just think it’s a cute idea. i will be doing a whole seventeen as shopping mall workers au series ! please enjoy & feel free to give requests :) 

- he’s been working at the cinema at the shopping mall for about 4 months now

- Was meant to control the popcorn machines at first but kept spilling it everywhere so they put him on cleaning duty as well as cashier

- Always has a wide smile on his face no matter what

- Loves the smell of the popcorn and sneaks a few handfuls to eat some times

- Very hard worker, always wants to be doing something

- Lets 14 year olds get into the MA 15+ movies if they gave him an extra dollar each

- Would keep those dollars as a lil profit

- Always whistling, humming, or whispering rap lyrics to himself while he cleans the empty cinemas in hopes that no one is watching him or listening to him

- That’s where you come in

- You had fell asleep after watching a boring movie by yourself as the person you were meant to be watching it with, decided to cancel last minute.

- I guess you could say it wasn’t an official date, but you really wanted to hang out with this person, even though you didn’t want to watch the movie.

- You woke up to the sound of rough sweeping ad soft humming.

- You perked up to see one of the cinema workers, cleaning

- You felt embarrassed as he may have saw you sleeping just then so you try to sneak out quietly

- But that failed when you couldn’t feel your legs due to them feeling numb after your nap

- causing you to fall to the ground with a large thump and squeal

- Vernon immediately was startled and ran over to you

- “hey uh are you alright?” he asked, pulling you up to stand

- you flicked some popcorn that tangled itself in your hair, out

- “y-yeah I’m good, just uh, numb legs” you muttered softly, brushing off any other excess that landed on you

- finally you looked up at him

- the lighting was pretty shitty but you could swear he was still hella attractive

- he smiled down at you softly, making your stomach feel uneasy

- “take care of yourself next time, and honestly, this movie stinks, why did you even watch it?” he chuckled lightly

- “I was meant to watch it with someone but they ditched, so guess who wasted their time?” you sarcastically answered, making him smile again

- “that sucks, sounds like a douche” Vernon shrugged at you

- you didn’t really know what to say back

- bc like you just met this dude lol

- he was cute as shit too

- and seemed really nice

- but like, you kinda wanted to leave and get some froyo or something

- “yeah well, I’m probably just gonna get some froyo and pout for the rest of the day” you say jokingly, ok maybe not but he didn’t need to know that

- “that’s just cruel now, I’m on my break soon, I’ll keep you company” Vernon offered kindly

- how could you refuse tho

- “really? thanks” you replied, unaware of how big your smile is at the moment

- “I’m Vernon by the way” he took his hand out for you to shake

- “I’m y/n”

- “cute” he mumbled, loud enough for you to hear

- you were lucky the cinema had shit lighting bc you were red as heck

- “I’ll meet you outside the cinema in around 5 minutes, just gonna finish up here”

- you nodded before waving to him goodbye and heading out of the cinema

- thank god your date ditched you.

Not Enough - One Shot

Summary: You and Steve have a bad break-up, and you wind up running to Bucky for comfort.

Prompt(s): (Anon request) -91,87,56,4• Angsty as hell, just like One Last Time, but like… no happy ending
91. “Tell me you need me.”
87. “Stay awake.”
56. “I’m late.”
4. “I’m too sober for this.”

Warnings: Swearing, let’s talk about sex baby!, SO. MUCH. ANGST. Don’t expect to leave this with a smile.

Word Count: 2890

Author’s Note: Ok, dear, I will make this angsty as hell, and while I considered writing an alternate ending to One Last Time at the time I was working on it, I think I’m happy with that story, and don’t want to touch it. So I will give you this similar storyline, but everyone suffers. How’s that?

Originally posted by undercoverfandoms

You were used to the fighting by now. You’d been with Steve for a few years, and at first it was incredible. He was so sweet and attentive, god he loved you so much, and you were completely swept off your feet. He could be so unbelievably charming. You loved how he made you laugh, he was so sweet and naive sometimes. You loved how he was protective and you knew you were safe when you were with him.

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Markiplier Until Dawn Starters
  • "I am so confused."
  • "We're in this together, ______!"
  • "........COULD YOU BE ANY SLOWER?"
  • "Somehow I doubt all of those things."
  • "*Vomiting noises*"
  • "I didn't see anything, what happened?"
  • "Huh???"
  • "Are they gonna make out?"
  • "It's right by the CONDOMS."
  • "*Disgusted yelling.*"
  • "Yeah, that's safe."
  • "Break me off a piece of that kitkat bar."
  • "AH FUCK YOU."
  • "I gotcha. I got--"
  • "*Horrified silence*"
  • "Oh, no....oh no."
  • "Oh, good."
  • "Why would he be ok???"
  • "Alright, carrying on."
  • "If my laughing sounds like rage, there's no reason for it."
  • "Yeah, fuck you, bruh."
  • "Maybe through this door..."
  • "Yay!"
  • "I just had to get it all out of my system.
  • "There's some bizarre ghostery going on."
  • "Nononononono!"
  • "I'm doing whatever it takes to keep them alive.
  • "I'm gonna do absolutely nothing."
  • "IIIIIII caaaalled iiiiiit!"
  • "Ow, why did I let that happen?"
  • "Shut up."
  • "I said shut up!"
  • "Awwwww!"
  • "This is my "I detect bullshit" face."
  • "Of course you can't, you stupid idiot."
  • "Ok, what the hell is going on here?"
  • "This should be quiet. *LOUD BANG*...... I think I'm deaf, now."
  • "Me no likey, me no likey, me no likey."
  • "Ooooooh, craaaaaap."
  • "*Distraught screaming*"
  • "Ugh....fuck..."
  • "Screw that a million ways."
  • "That seems bad, how do I avoid that?"
  • "I cannot fuck up. I just cannot."
  • "Oh nO NO NO NO!"
  • "Yeah! I did it!"
I Want Crazy (Christmas Edition)

Summary: Jensen surprises you for Christmas while you’re at a family party

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,000

Warnings: outrageous amounts of fluff

A/N: Sort of threw this together for you guys. It’s not in the timeline of the story or anything (happens in the future of where the fic currently is). Hope you guys like it. Again, I apologize if this is a little scattered or anything. Brain not up to speed after finals.

Find the rest of this series here: I Want Crazy Masterlist

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Having grown up in the castle meant that you’d always known the prince, and yet somehow you’d always been seen as more of a friend to him than as another one of the staff – or the kids of the staff when you were younger. Yet it was this position which introduced you to Merlin, and as such the three of you had grown closer than you thought possible for three people who had very different backgrounds.

‘Honestly, (Y/n), how on earth would he cope without us?’ Merlin asked one day as the two of you began sorting out Arthur’s room while he was working on some speech or another which seemed utterly pointless.

‘I dunno,’ you said, frowning as you folded up a blanket. ‘Very poorly though.’

‘You two are aware I’m the Prince, aren’t you? And sitting right here!’ he said, looking a little irritated by the whole situation.

You mocked shock, turning to Merlin. ‘Did you know he was the Prince? I had no idea,’ you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm as you winked over at Merlin though, grinning as Arthur rolled his eyes.

It would involve:
Constantly teasing Arthur about his inability to do things by himself – ‘Does he have someone to do everything for him?’ you asked, leaning on the back of a chair as another servant began fixing his dresser and Merlin made the bed. ‘Or are there some things he has to do himself? Has he tried getting servants for them?’

Knowing that there’s something odd about Merlin and therefore always sticking up for him even if you don’t know what it is. Always keeping Arthur grounded though. For their part the boys are always there to make sure you’re OK and to protect you in whatever ways they can.

Always joking around with one another – to the extent sometimes that a roll of the eyes is the only possible response – and being able to make each other smile without really having to try that hard.

Talking through really silly plans – ‘They can’t smell us if we put the berries on!’ ‘Oh, yeah, right, because a few berries is gonna disguise your stench, Art.’ ‘Nice one, (Y/n)… I mean… I still don’t like this plan.’

Actually being there for one another when you seem a little down – even if you won’t say why – but being prepared to help each other however you can.

A/N: Gif credit goes ot the respective owners, I just found them on Google.

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21 for the kiss ask!

This got long #mybad and also I have 7 more of these in my inbox so the rest will be coming tomorrow.

21. Over Your Shoulder

The first time Carisi says it is hurried, quick. He’s just brushed a kiss over Barba’s cheek after frantically throwing what he can find of his clothes back on, a rare night at Barba’s interrupted as always by a call from Liv that there’s a case he needs to come deal with.

Barba at least is normally guaranteed a good couple hours of sleep before he has to come in and deal with it; Carisi’s never that lucky.

It’s not the first time they’ve done this, and while Barba has acted every time like it’ll be their last, he knows it won’t. He might’ve tripped and fallen into this — whatever this was — with Carisi, but he’s actively made the choice to stay. The third time they stumbled back to Carisi’s apartment was the last time they had even been drunk for this, taking alcohol away as a convenient excuse.

Truthfully, Barba doesn’t want an excuse, but he’s also acutely aware that they haven’t defined anything so he hasn’t pushed it. Disclosure has been floated, but not pursued, and Barba’s fine with things as they are.

Which is why he’s surprised when, just as he’s about out the door, Carisi calls over his shoulder, “Love you!”

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What do humans or other monster think of Arial?

Mr. Coro:  I hope I don’t have to talk to you about this again, Miss Asgoreman. Now what are we going to do from now on?

Arial: Sit quietly when you’re talking, and raise my hand if I have an answer.

Mr Coro: That’s right. Remember, we don’t want to have to call your parents again, do we?

Arial: No, sir. 

Mr. Coro: Right. You can go to recess now, Miss Asgoreman. Have fun.

Arial: OK!

[Arial bolts outside to the playground]

Arial: Oh hey Britney! Are you guys playing basketball?

Britney: Oh, uh, hi Arial. Yeah, we were gonna play.

Arial: Cool! Can I play? I can jump really high!

Britney: Oh, um…sorry, but both our teams are full.

Arial: But…there’s three over here and only two over here.

Britney: The other one, uh, went to the bathroom.

Arial: Oh. I guess that makes sense! Maybe next time then! 

Girl: Why does she keep coming back? We never say yes.

Girl: She’s so freaky looking! Those bones scare me.

Girl: I heard she has them cuz she killed somebody!

Girl: Ssssh, she’ll hear you!

Arial: Hey Izzy! Hey Leo! Whatcha guys doin’?

Leo: Oh. Hey Arial. Uh, nothing, really.

Arial: Oh. Well, do you wanna have a tree-climbing contest?

Izzy: Why? You always win.

Arial: I’ll go easy on you!

Leo: No thanks, Arial. I think we’ll pass.

Arial: Maybe something else then? We could play hide and seek! I never win that!

Leo: Mm, I don’t think so. Sorry, Arial.

Izzy: We don’t wanna play with you today, Arial.

Arial: Oh. Okay. Maybe tomorrow then!

Leo: Erm, maybe. We’ll see.

Leo: You didn’t have to be so mean. 

Izzy: What? I wasn’t being mean. She won’t leave you alone otherwise. Besides, she’s weird. She always gets people in trouble for talking, and she just shouts all the time.

Arial: Well…there must be somebody I haven’t tried talking to yet!

Arial: !

OK no one can make me believe that Shili *togruta homeworld* is a place where people live huddled in the forest without libraries,schools,museums,shops and gardens and you know…places people need to live! I hate that Star Wars is trying to make every alien civilization ‘savages’ you can still hunt and go to class afternoon? 

I’m just gonna think they keep lying so the empire/republic doesn’t try to seize it like .’’.yeah..sure..Why come there’s nothing just mud and dangerous beasts *nervous laughter*’’

Crisis to Crisis

* Charles Lee × Reader
* Hamiltime
* 44: Everyone deserves a second chance
* 66: How about we put down the gun and talk about this?
* 268: Stop talking about love for a minute and help me with this bullet wound.
* Requested by @broadway-queen07
* Request: reader tends to his wounds after the duel. The reader is a friend of Hamilton and his friends and is against the duel. Fluffy please.

A/N: finished! So I wrote this kinda quickly and I’m not sure how much I like it but here it is. Anyways, please enjoy!

Word Count: 2,554


You walked through the encampment full of soldiers. You adjusted your medic hat. You were a nurse for the colonists. It was awful some days but it was one of the few ways you could actually help. All the wounded soldiers were cared for so you were able to have some time to yourself. However, you went to find some soldiers you befriended.

One was a French immigrant who was here purely because he believed in the cause. Apparently he was a French noble. The other was tailor who was spying on the British. So they both were either brave or stupid, some would argue that’s the same thing. You found those two laughing with a few soldiers you didn’t recognize.

Strange. It seemed their other two friends weren’t around. “Lafayette?” You called to the Frenchman.

“Hm? Oh hello mademoiselle.” He said with a smile.

“Where are Alexander and John?” You asked about their absent friends.

“Oh. You did not hear?” Lafayette asked.

“Please enlighten me.” You requested.

“John challenged Lee to a duel.” The other man, Hercules, said with a grin. Your eyes widened.

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Real quick: can we stop breeding animals to have major health issues that can make them insanely uncomfortable/ in pain their whole lives and result in shorter life spans just because they’re “cute”?