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Can I have the 21 with Swazz please 😘

#21 “Why don’t you come over here and make me?”
I hear a knock on the door and rush to it, hoping it’s my package from Amazon. Upon opening the door, I instead see John Swift, my brother Nate’s best friend.

“Oh, it’s just you.”

“Am I that much of a disappointment?” he asks. Actually he wasn’t a disappointment at all, I’m kind of excited to see him. Ever since I knew what a crush was, I’ve had one on him. Sure, we were 3 years apart in age, but that didn’t stop me from liking him. And it definitely didn’t help that ever since I’ve turned 18 he’s been really flirty.

I shrugged. “Nate’s not here yet,” then headed back up the stairs to my room. Once I got to the door, I noticed him following behind me. “Can I help you?”

“Entertain me, baby girl.”

“That’s not my job. Go find something to do,” I say opening the door to my room and taking a seat at my desk.

“I already have,” he says with a smirk and mischievous look. He plops down on my bed, spreading himself out. Something hooks onto his hand and he lifts his arm. “Ooh, what is this?” Hanging on his wrist is my favorite bra. He lifts up the side and reads the label. “Black, lacy, and a little bit racy, huh?”

“Put that down!!” I yell.

Reluctantly, he sets it down back where he found it. “Did you buy that for me, sweetheart?”

“Ha! You wish,” I say casually, even though my heart is pounding.

“Is there a matching piece?”

“That is none of your business!” Okay, yes there is.

“Are you wearing them right now?” he asks.

Yes, I was. “Get out of my room, John!”

“You are aren’t you?”

“Maybe I am! Now get out!”

His eyebrows raise and his eyes widen for a moment in surprise, but then that troublemaker look returns. “Why don’t you come over here and make me?”

I huff and stomp over to my bed, ready to pull him off of it. But as soon as I grab his arms he overpowers me and pulls me on top of him. Part of me said I should roll off and get up and make him leave. But the part of me that’s been crushing on him since I was 15 said not to move a muscle. Can you guess which one I followed?

“Do you really want me to get out? ‘Cuz I will if you do. But I don’t think that’s the case is it?”

I shake my head slowly. He smiles and I feel his hand softly cup the side of my neck as our faces grow closer.

The first touch of our lips was calm and light. We were both testing the waters, seeing what could come of this, then we both pulled back and made eye contact before we kissed again. This time it was less gentle, more urgent. And there came the imaginary fireworks above our heads and the ball of heat in my stomach and beat of a drum from my heart. Every time our lips separated and met again it became more and more heated.

I rearranged my body a bit so I was straddling him and he groaned as I felt his hard-on against my core. One of his hands moved lower and cupped my ass while the other stayed higher and continued stroking at the side of my neck. He nipped at my bottom lip and I couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped.

I reached for the edge of his shirt, ready to take things further. Except, before I could get it fully off we both heard Nate’s voice.

“Swazz! Man, where you at?”

John sat up and tried to get his shirt back on and I scrambled off his lap, still trying to process what just happened. Nate would kill us both if he found out.

As I moved back towards my desk, he headed towards the door. “Upstairs!” he yelled. Then he ran back over to me and planted one last kiss on my lips and said, “I gotta go, but this is definitely not over.”

I smiled as he rushed back down the hall to make it look like he’d been in Nate’s room the entire time. I didn’t know what was between me and John yet, but one thought kept running through my head.

This should be fun.


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I actually really liked this one, maybe just because I’m really into the whole ‘brother’s best friend’ concept. But yeah, that was fun to make. I’m think about doing a part 2. Idk yet, if it gets requested or this one gets a lot of notes I definitely will, if not, I might still, just depends on what else I have to do.

Speaking of parts, though. I’m gonna start writing part 2 to my other swazz imagine today, along with some of the earlier requests. I also updated my prompts list, just because I’ve been getting so many repeats lately. Now there are checks next to the ones that have been done. I’ll be adding to that list sometime this week btw. And I’ll probably make it just go by whoever requested it first gets it.



So I should probably say so now, I won’t be around for Thanksgiving and possibly Black Friday. I don’t really celebrate the 2, but those two days I just want some quality time with family aka mom and brother. So I’m going to be mostly doing drafts making sure I get as many replies done as possible. So yeah there’s that. 

Another thing if you didn’t know my anon’s are turned off, nothing personal I’ve just had one too many incidents of complete foolishness and I need a break from it for a while. Will it come back on? Yes. When? Can’t say anytime soon but I will let you know. 

On a more positive note, I’m gonna add a new muse! Yes, I am I have in mind of adding a new muse and making this blog a multi-muse with my own roster. But it is a very slow and very tedious project so don’t expect to meet them soon but they are on the way.

So those are just some heads up things from me! I’ll still be around for a little while longer today.

bts // wings fanart

Territorial with BTS | Reactions

when a bandmate gets a little too close to you.

Rap Monster: “bro, you put your hands on my girl. you and me got business now.”

Jin: “keep your hands to yourself. wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Suga: “sweetheart, maybe we should just stay in my room. too many thirsty guys over here.”

J-Hope: “yeah, flirt all you want. she’s still coming home with me.”

Jimin: “i’m gonna kill him!”

V: “nope, so much no. she’s mine. mine. mine.”

Jungkook: “i will only say this once. if any of you get a little too friendly with baby, BTS just might become a one member group.”

note: if you are the owner of a gif, please message me so I can give you credit.

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do you like death note?

yeah it was the first serious anime I watched 8′) I was so into it oh man I even watched the movies and read the light novel

Anon: Why is everyone freaking out about the new episode? AnimeFlavor has too many ads so I’m not gonna risk getting any viruses…

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Anon:Hey Sunny, I saw the post with the Akinator anons, so I decided to try it. I don’t know if you know, but Akinator uses a photo of you from your blog.

it’s ok, I’ve been told all the images on there were uploaded by users so it’s not up to the program;