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b e t h a n

Anonymous said: bethan for the summer questions?

Which one is outside everyday and which is living by the fan?
Benny’s always been a more outdoorsy person than Ethan, so yeah :’) He’d get his summer tan while Ethan stays cooped up in his room playing video games

Who lays out in the sun all day and who helps them when they get sun burns?
THE SUN HATES ETHAN. Luckily Benny has his magic to help him out when he gets super sunburned lol

Who’s more likely to chase after an ice cream truck and who watches from the cool safety of their home?
Why chase the truck when Benny can just conjure them frozen treats for free? (It takes a couple tries and they have to clean ice cream out of their hair but Benny perfects the spell eventually.)

Who eats Popsicles seductively as a joke and who lowkey gets turned on?
Ethan just sits there like “Really? Seriously? Right now? Do you know I’ll never be able to look at popsicles the same way ever again, you’ve ruined them for me”

Swimming in pools or oceans?
Swimming pools;; they do not want to test their luck with some strange cryptid ocean hunting monster, thanks

Who gets thrown into the pool and who starts splashing wars?
Ethan gets thrown in, Benny starts the wars

Who is laying around in basically nothing and who is somehow still cold?
Ethan’s sensitive to all types of weather ;D Benny just doesn’t care

Who likes the beach and who screams if seaweed touches their foot?
Ethan’s fond of the beach even though he doesn’t go there that often. Benny likes it too but he’s always overdramatic and pretends he’s being attacked when he touches seaweed lmfao

Who starts water gun/balloon fights and who grabs the hose to end them?
Honestly? Ethan would actually start them and Benny would be the one to get the hose in the end

Ice cream or snow cone?
Benny likes ice cream, Ethan likes snow cones

EXO reaction to seeing your tan lines for the first time

When I was in Marching band for high school, I had TONS of different tan lines. Like, I had tan lines on top of my other tan lines xD I have no idea what I was thinking while writing this but OKAY!! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

STARTER: *You had to quickly change your shirt because you realized that there was a stain from when [Member] tripped and spilled something on it*


Yeol: “Does that hurt?”

You: “What does?”

Yeol: “Your tan. I see that you’re outside a lot and so you have a lot of tan lines.”

You: “Oh! No it doesn’t. I always put on sun screen. So, don’t worry!”


*He walks in to apologize but sees your tan lines from your tank tops and shirts*

Fan: “How many times did you go outside?”

You: “Many. Is it that obvious?”

Fan: “Yeah.”


Hun: “Have you been putting sun screen on?”

You: “Yeah. But I still get tans. Don’t worry, they aren’t burns.”

Hun: “Good. That way now we can have a little fun because your skin looks beautiful.”


“Walks in to give you another shirt and sees your tan lines from your shirts*

Tao: “I know that you have an outside job and all. But why do you wear many different sleeved shirts for you have to have those tan lines?”

You: “I get hot and sometimes I have to take that shirt off to wear my under shirt. That’s why I put the tank top on before my actual shirt.”


Nini: “We match.”

You: “Huh?”

Nini: “I know that you have tanned skin but now we match. I got darker from being outside yesterday.”

You: “OMG Nini!”


*Walks in without warning*

Minnie: “WHOA! Tan lines.”

You: “You weren’t suppose to see them until they were gone.”

Minnie: “Is that why you’ve been staying inside more often?”

You: “Maybe.”

Minnie: “You don’t need to do that. You’re beautiful the way you are.”


Baek: “So, you’ve been hiding those beautiful tan line from me.”

You: “I wasn’t…hiding them. I Just never showed you and you never asked.”

Baek: “Well, I like them.”


Han: “Hello tan lines.”

You: “Hello boy I’m still mad at for spilling crap on my shirt.”

Han: “I’m a little turned on. Is that weird?”

You: “Yes. Yes it is. Because it’s multiple tan lines for being outside.”

Han: “I like it.”


Dae: “I’m sorry about your-Whoa I’m sorry!”

You: “It’s okay! You can come in.”

Dae: “Have you always had those tan lines?”

You: “I’m used to being outside a lot. Just the way I was raised.”

Dae: “You’re beautiful.”


Soo: “You’re beautiful.”

You: “What are you talking about?”

Soo: “Your tan lines.”

You: “Those? They are nothing. I just got them from being outside a lot here recently.”


Xing: “How long have you had those?”

You: “Long enough to have multiple of them.”

Xing: “Just don’t stay outside too long. I don’t want my baby to have skin cancer or something.”


Myeon: “How many do you have?”

You: “Too many. I need to start staying inside more.”

Myeon: “I don’t need my baby to get skin cancer. Be sure when you’re outside at work you wear sun screen.”

You: “Yes, Mother.” *Cue eye roll*

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