yeah gdi i love this song

my view on pied piper

im guessing you guys don’t know the story of the pied piper and hell now you’re gonna.

there was a town that was over run by rats. the mayor of said town heard of a man who could chase the rats away with his flute aka pipe. so he called the piper and the piper chased the rats away; however the mayor didn’t want to pay him.
so ,in a fit of anger, the piper stole away 130 children with his music and took them to “paradise” aka they never saw their families again.

Bts is relating how they are the pied pipers and how we, the fans, focus so much on them we tend to not see that we’re losing precious time with family and friends.
There isn’t anything sexual about it; they’re saying thanks for the attention we love you too but please focus on family too.

The moment you believe BTS would write with sexual undertone or anything of the sort, you’ve become a disappointment to both the boys and your fellow fans.

If you don’t enjoy the song, don’t listen to it, but don’t go about sprouting nonsense that could damage their self-esteem, their reputation and their heartfelt words.

Pied piper is about their love for us and how thankful they are for our support, it’s about how they want us to not only see them and love them but to also see and love those around you.


so someone had said that the boys are totally capable to make tongue-in-cheek music and yeah they are, take Look Here for example. However, the song we’re speaking of is Pied Piper, one that has nothing to do with sex or is sexual in nature

Hence calling them paedophiles, sexists and misogynists is totally uncalled for.

The proper translation of the lyrics have come out and I’m working on finding them and linking them here.

Thank you for your time.


hello my name is C-D and im obsessed with stupid sexy cookies how are you 

i’d like to call this the first proper art on this blog but. i literally just doodled and things happened thats why the linearts are so different– also yes i cant draw instruments to save myself gomen

the image captions have the text on the pic in case its hard to read for some uvu  I just some phrases I came up with that kinda reflect my headcanons for these two. I could write an essay about my headcanon and i probably will at some point cough

In a nutshell though Rocky is an egoistic dramaqueen who smothers his friends with love and gratitude and refuses to wear shoes– while Mint is calm, passionate, prefers his own company and happens to be uncomfortably tall. like. 7 feet tall. too tall. 60% leg hitting his head on doors kinda tall. gdi mint