yeah gdi i love this song


hello my name is C-D and im obsessed with stupid sexy cookies how are you 

i’d like to call this the first proper art on this blog but. i literally just doodled and things happened thats why the linearts are so different– also yes i cant draw instruments to save myself gomen

the image captions have the text on the pic in case its hard to read for some uvu  I just some phrases I came up with that kinda reflect my headcanons for these two. I could write an essay about my headcanon and i probably will at some point cough

In a nutshell though Rocky is an egoistic dramaqueen who smothers his friends with love and gratitude and refuses to wear shoes– while Mint is calm, passionate, prefers his own company and happens to be uncomfortably tall. like. 7 feet tall. too tall. 60% leg hitting his head on doors kinda tall. gdi mint