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i think it’s time for me to talk about the revival, yeah? cause like it has been a few hours, the hype of seeing everyone again is over and my brain can finally focus on what actually happened rather than just seeing them on my screen.

well, first: the revival was really good for emily, luke and lorelai. they were like my favorite part of the whole thing. their storylines shone and it was just what i wanted for them. they made the whole thing good for me. i’m not happy, but i’m content and that’s thanks to them.

second: i knew amy&co would screw up with rory and logan because i just knew it, okay? it was very different of how i thought things would go (aka rory ~realizing jess was the ~one all along as if logan never existed in the first place because that’s the kind of thing i expected from amy), but it doesn’t make it better. it’s just a bit less painful. 

lbh, amy ripped apart all the character growth logan went through, especially in s07. like, we are talking about the guy who walked away from family business and tried to build his own thing?? and like @hotarurea said, the only “plausible” explanation for all that regression was that rory’s no just broke him in a way that he just gave up on all his progress - which is really depressing to think about. and tbh? i like to think logan is stronger than that. i know (matt’s know, every breathing being knows) that rory is the love of logan’s life, but he shouldn’t depend on her to function as a decent human being.

and seriously? totally unbelievable that logan would cross the ocean to cheer up rory and still marry the heiress. like, does that sound like logan at all? seriously, the difference between logan and the other rory had in her life was that he stayed. he always stayed and having him letting her go when he could do something to be with her? even just try? yeah, that’s not logan huntzberger. dude, if s7!logan ever met revival!logan, he’d beat the crap out of him. and then he’d shake revival!logan and say “what the fuck are you doing? what’s wrong with you?”. so that makes me feel a bit better.

and rory was ripped apart too. like the whole paul thing? while i found hilarious for two seconds, it really got discussing and old real fast. look, if it was logan doing that (aka forgetting that he was even dating and he had to break up with the woman), people would want to set the world on fire because women shouldn’t be treated like that. and you know what? men shouldn’t too. nobody should. nobody deserves what rory did to paul. what happened to sympathetic rory? jfc that was horrible. 

in the end, i think amy treated rory worse than did logan and that’s saying something.

i mean, what kind of end was that?  

i mean her dream career that she busted her ass off for? didn’t work at all and now she writes books.

the only man she ever truly loved? staying with a fiance he doesn’t love for no good reason at all aside family - which in previous season he had told them to fuck off and made no sense he wouldn’t do it again, especially for rory (the woman he actually loved)

giving her a baby when she felt the most vulnerable because life has come to full circle??? that’s the final message of gilmore girls??? doesn’t matter how much you grow in life, you’ll replicate your parents mistakes??? 

that life coming in full circle is rory unhappy, unemployed, pregnant and still loving a man who is miserably engaged in name of his family???

honestly, why amy&co hated rory gilmore so much that they had to give her that kind of ending? 

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Ian liked Bamon and I think that when he started talking them up DE fans took notice because he was so anti DE. He's said repeatedly that he doesn't understand why anyone would want Elena with Damon or Stefan which I loved. I also loved that he gave no fucks about saying Damon's healthiest relationship was with Bonnie. A salve on that DE endgame was that Ian phoned in his performance and didn't even try in the DE finale and I'm so proud of him for it lmao.

Yeah Ian has been a known DE hater since day one. He never thought his NOTP would get that far lmao. I’m just amazed by how funny he made their final scenes.

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Yeah Sotus is really interesting bc about university students and doesn't fetish gay people and one of the most solid series that focus on a gay romance and no girlfriends :)

Well this series has been so popular I finally decided to start watching.

I’m 2 episodes in and it’s pretty good! The best thing so far is definitely Kong. They could have easily made him an overly kind, shy boy who sacrifices himself for others and stays quiet but instead they went the smart, sassy and confident way which I love :D

Hey Princess

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Requested By: @meganschuster07

Request: Hi I was wondering if you could do an imagine where everyone in the pack finds out you like to be called baby girl or princess from your boyfriend Liam and after a while it just kinda sticks with everyone 

Warnings: None

Why does Scott have so many pack meetings? Yeah, I get it, Beacon Hills is a beacon for all supernatural creatures, good or bad. But there hasn’t been any threat in this town for a while, none the less, Scott still has us meet every other day.

I was walking to Scott’s house, thinking about what we were going to talk about. Nothing important I know that. We never talk about anything important.

I finally made it to Scott’s house, and without bothering to knock, I opened the door and walked in.

“I’m here!” I yell.

Scott’s head peaks around the corner from the kitchen. “Oh! Good! Come on in!”

His head disappeared into the kitchen again, so I assumed that was where I was supposed to go. And it was. When I walked in, I saw everybody but Liam, my boyfriend, already here.

“So. What are we talking about?” I ask.

“Lydia was just saying how she wanted everybody to come down to her lake house this weekend.” Stiles responds.

I had never been to a lake house, let alone a lake, so this captured my attention. “Really?”

Lydia nods.

Then, we heard the door open, and then shut. Liam walks into the kitchen. “Hey. Sorry I’m late.”

He sees me and says, “Hey Princess.” Then gives me a quick kiss.

“Hey.” I respond.

“Wait. Did you just call her Princess?” Lydia asks.

I blush, “Yeah he did. I like to be called that.”

“Awww! That’s adorable!” Kira said. Everybody laughed.

“See? That wasn’t as embarrassing as you told me it would be now was it?” Liam whispers in my ear.

“Be quiet.”

Irresponsible•Neymar Imagine

“Rafa is going to pick you up from the airport, okay?” Neymar asks.
“Yeah, I’ll text her the details.“I say while showing my boarding pass to stewardess. I mutter a thank you and quickly get to my seat in the first class."I just got on the plane so I’ll see you at home right?”
“Yeah, I’m now going to these medical check ups so I should be back before you’re home.” He says and after typical I love you from both sides we end the call.

Neymar has not been feeling well for past days and since the game against Roma was coming which was his first game this season he decided to ignore that until the last minute. When he got fever, his manager finally made him see the doctor properly. I was worried but now I was heading back home so I could finally see him.
I was in London for few days and it felt so good to be back in Barcelona. The flight was about two hours so it was pretty short and I managed to get a quick nap and read few chapters of my book and before I knew we were already landing. I quickly got my luggage and took few pictures with fans I finally spotted Rafa. We quickly greeted each other with a hug and headed towards the car.
“Wow, you managed to convince Neymar to give you his car?” I ask when I see Neymar’s Audi Q7. Neymar loved his cars more than anything and he let me drive his like once. And he was sitting right beside me during our five minute way to the grocery shop.
“I’m pretty sure he’s sick and doesn’t really know what he’s doing so I took the opportunity.” She laughs but then adds.“He really doesn’t look well. And he’s so moody, I’m so glad I’m leaving tomorrow because I can’t stand him.” She laughs.
“Is it bad? He wouldn’t tell me anything besides that his head hurts really bad and that he thinks he had fever but there’s nothing to worry about.”
“I’m not sure, he went to see the doctor so I guess we’ll find out soon.” Rafa shrugs and keeps driving.

When we finally get home after being stuck in an evening traffic for about forty minutes I am more than relieved to finally get out of the car. When I head inside home I can tell Neymar is there because of the lights which are turned on in literally every room and there is TV quietly going on in the living room. Rafa goes to her bedroom and I quickly get my bags upstairs, to our room and then go to the living room.
Neymar is peacefully sleeping on the couch with a cozy blanket covering him. He doesn’t wake up when I sit beside him and stroke his hair. I immediately notice that his forehead is quite hot. I decide to check if Duda is still here or if he left our place already. When I go to the kitchen I see Neymar’s dad and manager sitting beside the table and talking about some new project. Neymar’s dad and Rafa are leaving tomorrow to go back to Brazil so they’re probably doing some last minute changes.
“Hi.” I say and slip to the chair besides them.
“Hello, hello! Happy to be back?” Duda asked and smiled. He’s such a happy person.
“I only was gone for few days but I’m sure y'all have missed me so bad."I laugh.” So how’s Neymar?“I ask. I see them making eye contact and I can’t help but start to become worried by the look on their faces.
"Well…” Duda started and looked at Neymar senior.
“They don’t know anything yet."Neymar’s dad says and continues."He is good enough to play in tomorrow’s game but they took his blood to testing and it takes about two or three days to find out what it is.” He says and even he looks kind of worried. He usually is the calm and responsible one.
“But it’s like serious? What do they think he has?”
“They suspect few things and they didn’t want to tell us much before the test results.” He sighs.
“Should we be worried?” No one knows anything then.
“They told us not to be. I mean they are probably the best doctors in Spain so we don’t really have to be worried. I guess.” He adds quietly.
“We just wait, let’s not suspect anything. Just wait.” Neymar Senior says.
“So are we done here? I promised to send it before 10.” Duda asks Neymar’s dad after a few seconds of silence and gestures towards the papers on the table.
“Yes, I think so.” He nods.“If they need anything more just send me an email or give me a call, right?”
They both gather their stuff and Duda leaves to his place.
“You shouldn’t be worried about him.” Neymar’s dad says and looks at me when he’s in the doorway. He’s about to go upstairs and finish his packing and maybe have an early night since their flight is early morning the next day.
“Well, I’m trying not to be.” I try to smile but I think it doesn’t quite work out.“When we find out what it is, it’ll be better.”

I decide to cook myself a dinner and can’t help but peek at Neymar in the living room every five minutes. I’m checking if he’s still asleep, if the blanket covers him fully or if his forehead isn’t too hot.
Fortunately for me, he seemed okay last time I checked on him and the next time I look up from the pasta that I’m cooking right now he is there. Neymar is standing few meters away from me in the doorstep, looking at me and smiling.
“Hi baby.” He mutters and comes up to me.
I try to say the same but his full lips are already covering mine in a long kiss. When we finally break apart I manage to speak.
“How are you feeling?” I look him in the eyes and then notice that his face looks a little bit swollen.“Your face is kinda of swollen, does it hurt or something?” Although he doesn’t look that bad.
“Nah, I’m just having some terrible head aches but I got these pain killers and slept for a while so it’s okay now.” He shrugs and looks into the pan to see what I’m cooking.“You making that for me?” He grins.
“You can have some if you want to."I nod and get two plates."Are you sure you’re okay?”
“You shouldn’t worry."He says softly and and takes a step to be closer to me."The doctors said its nothing serious for now.” He looks me in the eyes and tucks some hair behind my ear.
“For now?"I repeat. It might get worse?
"Yeah, they say it’s probably just the beginning and all we can do is wait for the blood tests to know what it is.”
“The beginning? You’re not being serious.”
“Yeah I am?"He actually sounds kind of offended while scratching his neck and furrowing his brows. Although he looks quite cute in his long socks, football shorts, a huge jumper and that childish face.
"I just don’t like seeing you sick, you know I’m worried."I admit and sit beside the table with my full plate.

We have a nice conversation throughout the meal and when I finally finish my meal I realize how tired I am.
"So what are your plans for tonight?” I ask.
“I’ll probably just play FIFA since I obviously don’t feel like going out and I’m too lazy to do anything more.” He furrows his brows again like he’s thinking about what he just said.“What about you? Are you tired?”
“Yeah, kind of. But it’s too early so I won’t fall asleep now.”
“You could join me? You can have a glass of wine and I actually bought so much ice cream today we can start eating it now.” He offers. “We can watch a movie.”
“Can you get me the wine then? I’ll just quickly unpack and get my laptop because I still have some emails to read and stuff. ” I say and go do these things after we clean the table after our dinner.
“You’ll come downstairs with the laptop yeah?” He calls me when I’m almost on the stairs. I mutter some words in agreement and quickly go upstairs.

But am I going to get anything done with Neymar by my side?

When I get to the living room, Neymar is already laying on the sofa with a controller in his hands and a huge bowl of ice cream on his stomach. When he sees me he grins and puts a huge spoon full of ice cream in his mouth.
“Aren’t you supposed to be on some kind of football diet?” I sit beside him and take a sip of the wine he poured for me.
“I have to have energy tomorrow, right?” He eats another spoon of his ice cream while talking.
I raise my eyebrows at him but he gets distracted by Fifa too quickly to notice. I decide to get everything done as fast as I can and at least try to relax.
The only sounds in the room for few more minutes are these annoying sounds from Neymar’s game and curses he mutters under his breath when he looses the ball. After thirty minutes I am done. I close the lid of my laptop and I’m more or less satisfied with my work. Neymar looses another game just seconds later and he quickly collects my empty glass after wine, gets up and heads towards the kitchen.
“Do you want some ice cream?"He asks on his way there.
"No, but you can bring the whole bottle of wine since I don’t know if I’ll survive sober with you tonight.”
When Neymar comes back he really is carrying a bottle of opened wine and the same bowl full of ice cream.
This time when he comes back and sits on the couch, he sits up more straight so after few minutes I decide to lay down and put my head on his lap. I see him slightly smiling when I do that.
“Are you playing with Leo?"I ask while following the game on the screen. Watching Fifa is not that boring especially when you’re interested in football.
"Yeah, that fucker has won every game today."He swears.
They finish playing sometime later and it might be because it’s getting late or because I started playing with Neymar’s face and complaining about how long they’ve been playing for.
He just turns on the regular tv and some kind of comedy is on so we just leave it going.

"I missed you."Neymar mutters and strokes my hair."I felt kind of lonely when you were away.”
“Awww."I turn on my back and look at his face."You’re cute.” His attention is fully on me when I change my position and sit on his lap.“But…"I place a kiss on his lips."I missed you too.” I smile and kiss him again. The kiss is short and sweet and after it I snuggle my head in the crack of his neck just to get closer. Neymar soon covers us up with a blanket and we just watch the movie.
Soon Neymar’s scent and his hands traveling up and down my sides become too distracting and I start kissing his neck.
“You just can’t get enough, can you?"He laughs but soon stops when I start sucking a soft spot on his neck. I stop way too soon, not to make the hickey too big.
He quickly finds my lips and almost sucks into them. Moments later he slides his hands down to my butt and squeezes it. His tongue swiftly finds its way into my mouth when it opens with a moan and deepens the kiss. My hands find their way under his jumper and lay flat on his ripped stomach. The kisses are not enough almost instantly so after few minutes or maybe seconds his hips try to find mine in a quick motion.
"No,no,no."I start and try to break the kiss but it still lasts for few more seconds."Not in the living room."I quietly say and frown. "Not when your family is upstairs."I add.
Neymar looks more or less disappointed but still really eager.
"One last kiss?"He asks and I honestly can’t refuse when I look into his eyes and see the sweet pout he makes unconsciously.
I connect our lips again and the kiss becomes heated right away. My hands are still pressed against his chest, his hands are still pressed against my butt and our lips are still pressed against each other.
Just moments later we hear someone quietly grunting. I didn’t think my heart would beat faster but it does when we immediately break apart.
There’s Rafa standing in the doorstep, holding a glass of water and giving us a wicked look.
"Seriously? If dad walked into you two instead of me, both of you would be dead now."She jokes.
Of course it’s not like Neymar’s family didn’t see us kissing or something.
"Shut up."Neymar says and laughs."It’s my house and it wasn’t my kissing buddy who got threw out by him."He starts laughing almost uncontrollably.
Rafaella just gives him one of her devil looks and leaves the room muttering a quick goodnight.
"What? What did you mean?"What exactly did he mean by saying threw out?
"Ah it’s nothing. One time when Rafa was like fourteen or something, she brought some guy over when no one was home, you know? Dad comes home and what? He finds his little daughter making out with a boy on her bed.” He laughs again.“He literally went mad! He threw him out immediate and she was grounded for like two months of something.”

The morning of the next day is more of a lazy day. Neymar declared he will drive his family to the airport and he did, so the only thing I had to do was to come downstairs and say goodbye to them.
Neymar’s face was still a little swollen and even though it’s a little more than the night before I still didn’t want to worry him before the game. Today’s match wasn’t an important one but it was the first match with the whole squad back and it was also Joan Gamper Trophy so it did mean a lot.
Around 3pm I leave the house just to go and visit Antonella. We haven’t seen each other for about a week but still have a lot of catching up to do. The things is that when games are at home Leo usually comes and picks Neymar up and I get Anto to the stadium so when we go back to our homes after the match everyone is in their own car. We do the same today and when we finally arrive to the stadium with few inconveniences like traffic, just because Barcelona is packed with tourists and fans.

The stadium is full and everyone is so positive and happy even before the players are on the pitch, its really a pleasure to be in the place like this and absorb the positive energy. When the players appear on the pitch, everything explodes.
When the game finally starts the stadium is chanting the names of different players and soon the first ball lands in the net.
It’s Neymar’s. And I guess it’s dedicated for me.
The next two goals are both for Barcelona and the stadium is more alive than ever. The game was really good and both sides played really good but well, Barcelona won.

When players start to flow out of the dressing room, about an hour after the game they are clean and happy. Neymar comes out between Leo and Dani and he looks exhausted even though the didn’t play the whole game. When they spot us, Neymar’s face lightens up a little but after few seconds it goes away and he’s back to looking poorly.
This one time team decided not to go celebrating just because the next day they have an early training. I am more then welcomed to hear that news due to Neymar looking and probably feeling poorly. When we walk to the car he is quietly telling me about how the game went and his arm is wraps a little tighter around my waist when I ask him if he’s is okay. We finally arrive to the car and he pulls his hand out to get the keys from my palm and my fingers wrap around the keys really tight when I see what he wants to do.
“You’re not driving. Forget it."I laugh and get into the car on the driver’s seat. He stands beside then car for few more seconds before he gets inside on the passenger seat.
"What’s my car, you know?” He is more amused than angry but he tries his best to look angry.
“I do, but you’re not capable of driving.”
“I’ve been running for an hour so I guess I’m not as weak as you think I am.” He giggles and he doesn’t manage to pretend to be angry anymore.

The night after that, Neymar gets a fever in the middle of the night.
He wakes me up around 3:30am and says he’s really hot and dizzy and doesn’t know what to. I try not to panic because he looks really bad. His face is even more swollen than it was the night before and he really doesn’t look healthy.
After about an hour when I finally manage to get his temperature down and he falls asleep I sent a quick message to Duda.
“Neymar got fever, I made the temperature lower but I don’t have his doctors phone number. Could you please book an appointment for him?”

The next morning Neymar still looks really bad but Duda called the doctor and the some man who Neymar was visiting few days ago will come over at 5pm.

“The blood tests are clear.” The doctor looks at us from behind his glasses.“It’s mumps.” For next 20 minutes he talks us through the possibilities of how the sickness might go and that Neymar is out for at least two weeks.

“Oh and ma'am?” He turns to me.“ I’d do blood tests if I were you. You seem to have the same symptoms as mr. Neymar.”

From what I know Duda is some kind of Neymar’s manager but you can’t really find exact information on that.
Also this imagine is really really different! It’s more of everyday situations than some proper action so let me know how and do you like it? And this is the longest imagine I’ve written! It’s really long (probably twice the length of the longest one I had) but I wanted to somehow make up to you the drought of them.
+I don’t really know if it turned out at least a little but like a fluff…

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“Jax, can you please get the boys in the car?” You called out from the bedroom as you finished packing the diaper bag.

“Yeah babe!”

You smiled to yourself when you heard the giggles from your boys filling the hallway. Finally a day without the MC, without club business, and without Queen Gemma.

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Isaac Lahey and Scott Mccall | Teen Wolf | Not my gifs | Requested

Isaac: *approaches Scott with a wide smile* Hey Scott.

Scott: Hey Isaac, what’s with the big smile?

Isaac: *smiles* I did it. I finally did it.

Scott: *confused* Did wha- *stops* Wait, did you- did you ask Y/N out?

Isaac: Yeah. I finally asked her out and she said yes. Apparently she has been waiting for me to ask her out for quite some time. *laughs*

Scott: *smiles* You see, I told you she likes you. What made you decide to finally ask her?

Isaac: *slightly smiles* I don’t know. I was just walking with her and she was talking about the party and the way she got so excited just made me blurt it out. I asked her if she wanted to go to the party with me, as my date, and she said yes.

Scott: *pats him on the back* You two will be great together. You’re both meant for each other and you both deserve to be happy. I’m happy for you, man.

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yo tanis just wanted to let you know that you're a fucking legend and every single request i've ever sent in gets written so beautifully. i can't even bother to ask anyone else to write it because i can only imagine you writing the things i request. yeah. so that's that. love ya girlie. ❤️

(I love when you guys use my name..I don’t know why, but I do haha I’m so weird!)

It’s gonna be weird not writing any more requests at the end of month…but I’m so so glad you’ve enjoyed the requests I have written for you!

Thanks again for the lovely message, my dear.

Made my night better (even tho today has actually been a good day…finally)


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Robert does need to change for himself. When you think about it, he has been living his life this last past year based on Aaron's happiness and well, that is not a stable place to be...So Robert needs to be better for himself and Aaron needs to start loving himself. And then happiness for all. Yes?

Happiness for all! YAY!
He has been putting all his energy towards Aaron this year and be the best version of himself for him. But has it really been all for Aaron though. Hasn’t it been for him too? I mean, it made him finally open up about his past, to say the words ‘I’m bisexual’, to let himself be honest with who he is. Surely that must have been a great burden lifted off of him and surely he made that change for himself.
But yeah, his focus has definitely been on Aaron’s happiness (for the most parts) this year. So maybe he still has things to figure out, changes he needs to make for himself that aren’t based on being the perfect partner or trying to be good for Aaron.

i honestly dont understand why yall hate ryan ross so much… yeah he’s not perfect, he’s made mistakes, has been thru a lot but he’s getting better and is finally healthy and happy?? he’s not a bad person, quite the opposite actually, and it’s just so fucking ugly of u to make up shit like “he is/was manipulative and abusive (towards brendon)” based on nothing else but the fact that u dislike him!! like….. u literally have no proof lmao but ok i get it u obviously know everything about stuff that happened years ago between people who have never publicly shared more than a tiny bit of their personal lives! ur free to think whatever u want but at least be mature and dont post it on the internet just to start drama and get attention??

Im angry its 2016 and people still think Shulk is some annoying british blond twink who runs around naked and he’s always being made fun of and its gotten….really…..old………. like….people dont make fun of any of the other characters this much. I get if you think its funny but its kind of overwhelming when everything you see about this character is just smash jokes and artists and writers making bad shit happen to him bc they dont like him like…… yeah sure create whatever but this boy has been through so much shit and im so annoyed at the blatant hatred you guys are blowing this out of proportion. He isnt even that annoying if you dont spam taunts????? Like same w characters like Ness and Corrin and Bayonetta and Cloud and Lucina and Ike…they all have such good characters and these people completely gloss over that and just pay attention to what Smash gives them. Smash is terrible at characterization because its not SUPPOSED to characterize. Its a fighting game. Im tired of people portraying one of my favorite characters this way. Its old. Its irritating, and its certainly not funny. Bye

I feel so proud of Yoongi and I’m sure he is proud of himself too because he worked on the songs to the last minute until it wasn’t 110% perfect for him. 

HE stayed up for nights or even days just to finish his master piece next to Bangtan’s work and other stuff he had to do. It took him years but he gave his soul to it and I can’t do anything else just to admire the man whose name is Min Yoongi <3

The songs and the lyrics has his straightforward, raw style and the topics of the songs is exactly the same which he has been struggling for years now. Am I an idol? AM i a rapper? Do I still have my underground root?….and yeah, finally after so many struggle Yoongi found his own answers and made the first step to remember the past but look forward to the future. 



•Tobin & Lauren scored
•Carli got a hat trick in 16 minutes
•Abby & Christie got their World Cup title
•we killed Japan
•saw some Talex
•Carli got the Golden Ball Award
•the team already looks drunk

quick before work selfie.

My name’s Dan. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. Aside from routinely seeing a therapist, I’ve been avoiding medical treatment largely out of, well, severe anxiety that it could make things worse.

I just had a monster of a panic attack at 2:30 this morning, the second in the past few days, and this was the tipping point. I’m going to start looking into meds, and hopefully find a way to finally deal with this thing that I’ve been locking away from everyone.

I’m going to get better. Depression and anxiety has been doing it’s best to hold me back from my writing, my acting, my singing, my work with animals, but even in the face of that I’ve already made some strides I’m very proud of. I’m going to be okay, and I will do my best to embrace this day with as little shame as possible.

So yeah. Rock on y’all. #noshameday


So I have finally dyed my hair!! I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s kinda purple/blue-ish color which I absolutely love! 

Finally updating

Yeah, I know, it has been a month since I made the last update.

I don’t have excuses this time, I took a little break of Tumblr. I’m not planning to leave you guys, just that I needed to recover some time for me.

But now, I’m reenergized x3 and ready to draw again

Thoughts on last episode

Finally. Maybe the writers have realized Klami and Haylijah are dead end relationships and can’t work. Klami is literally an exact copy of Klaroline and Klaurora and honestly Haylijah has never made sense from the start. Yeah Klaus and Hayley love Cami and Elijah but they’re not in love with them. Its been 3 years and they’re still not in love with them and that says a lot. No, Klaus is not in love with Cami. Notice he hasn’t ever said he’s in love with her or even loves her. He always uses terms like he has affection for her, or his feelings, but never uses the word love. I do believe Klaus loves Cami, but its clear by watching he’s not and has never been in love with her (or anyone for that matter) and she’ll never come first for him.

What’s really interesting is how Klaus didn’t kill Aurora and Cami figured out the real reason he didn’t even though he denied it. Its because he still has feelings for Aurora, and anyone who understands Klaus knows he still has feelings for Aurora, even now, and Cami simply couldn’t handle that. Well sorry to break it to you Cami, but you’ve always come last in Klaus’s life and you always will and no he’s not in love with you. The very fact that just last episode he’s wondering about his long ago obsession from 3 years ago (Caroline) and still has feelings for her even though he’s claiming to have affections for you, and literally dropped and forgot all about Cami when Aurora rolled into town so much so he didn’t even notice she was missing, just shows how wishy washy Klaus’s affections for these women are. He’s not in love with any of them.  Klaus’s family comes first always for him. Any other romantic interest are fleeting and temporary for him. That’s how Klaus is.  

The fact that Klaus admitted once and for all that at the end of the day, its his family that makes him truly happy. That’s not Caroline, that’s not Cami, and that sure as hell isn’t Aurora. The only viable love interest who is his family, is Hayley and that’s exactly who Klaus left with. The two most important women in his life are Hope and Hayley (as well as Rebekah) but I won’t go into that now.

I won’t go into why Hayley was basically made for Klaus and how they’re made for the other. But its clear that Hayley and Hope will always come first for Klaus. They are his family. He’s not going put to any love interest before them and the fact that Cami is only now seeing that Klaus still has feelings for Aurora just goes to show that she can’t handle being any place other than first in his life. I imagine if she ever finds out about Caroline and Klaus’s feelings for her, she’d be crying, but again, all of those relationships are so similar. It’s the same repeating pattern for Klaus.

For Hayley, I really don’t see a comeback for Haylijah after what she said. She loves Elijah yes, but I don’t think she’s ever been in love with him. Hayley’s just as wishy washy as Klaus when it comes to her romantic relationships. She gave herself and out with what she told him about being with Elijah was a slap in the face to Jackson after he died. The simple fact of the matter is, Hayley could have Elijah if she wanted. She said over and over again, she would chose Jackson over Elijah, always. Even in Jackson’s death, she’s choosing Jackson over Elijah. Hayley is not in love with Elijah, she never was, she never will be if it hasn’t happened by now. She will never be able to put Elijah first because she’s not in love with him.

The show was dragging on these pointless ships for too long and I’m happy they’re finally killing them, its long overdue. The true ship for Klaus is Klaus and his family, anyone else wouldn’t last. So at the end of the day the writers really if they want to stay true to Klaus’s character will most likely put him with Hayley, because that’s the only lasting relationship he could have with anyone.

People said we were crazy, delusional, and in-denial but we aren’t. We’re  realistic and understand Klaus’s character.

Klayley has been through the most angst,the most hurdles, the most pit falls, most drama, out of all the ships on the show and slowly they’ve been gradually being built up, torn down, and built up again leading to their inevitable romance. Its going to happen. If they want Klaus in the end to be truly happy with any romantic love interest it needs to happen.

Hello everyone! Last month marked the end of my second year here on tumblr and the beginning of my third year! Also, it has been a year since I made the transition to blogging Asian photography. I’m so glad to have made that change because there are so many beautiful photos taken by talented photographers! And finally, thank you to all of the blogs here, your blogs are fabulous because they’re run by even more fabulous people that have made my tumblr experience wonderful c: I look forward to another amazing year of photography! ^^

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My favorite things about that Blacklist ep...
  • Red and Liz debating over profiling with sex talk 
  • Red’s look of disdain, frustration, and irritation with Liz mentioned “cell phone privileges” – p.s. after that my mom looked at me and made foghorn noises (our secret signal for shipping something) which is a big freaking deal because she has been very tentative about shipping Lizzington until now but tonight she was like “that sealed the deal” HAHAHA SCORE
  • the amount of discord and utter non-romantic vibes between Liz and Ressler
  • Red sacrificing his very important meeting with mystery man to get Liz out of that sticky situation
  • Red’s concern for Liz because she went wandering off alone and got hit in the face with a shovel like an idiot. 
  • THAT PROMO DOE Red getting captured in a tux (yes please) and Liz all dressed up (where’s the clutch?) buying Red like a sex slave woah who said that not me i’m just sitting here waiting for fanfic bye

Aaw yeah! Tammy received something in the mail today! What is it? AAHHH

IT’S HAND MADE ORANGE SQUID PLUSHIE! Welcome Orange! Blue has been waiting for you…

Oh my! Orange is a bit bigger than you Blue!

AAW! They are so happy to finally be together! <3

HEY! HEY! NOT ON THIS BLOG! *sprays water* Naughty squids…