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Imagine...Running Into Dean’s Ex

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Request: Could I request a dean fic where he and the reader have an established relationship and run into an ex of deans on a hunt, like either Lisa or Cassie, and the reader gets really insecure about their relationship afterwards.

Pairing: Dean x reader

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As one can assume based on my username I spend a lot of time thinking about Bellamy, who he is and what makes him who he is. My most recent round of thinking circled around to JRoth and his statements about Madi potentially causing issues between Bellamy and Clarke (because Clarke will do things for Madi that may not align with what’s best for their people), which made me think about what Bellamy’s relationships with children specifically over the course of the last four Seasons have said about his story arc, so let’s delve into this:

In Season 1, Bellamy’s connection to a child is Charlotte (who is 12). Through his relationship with her, we get our first real glimpse into who Bellamy actually is. Charlotte is only in two episodes (1x03 and 1x04) but her impact in Bellamy resonates across the Season.

Charlotte has a relationship with both Clarke and Bellamy and it’s one of the ways the show gives us a visualization of the differences between Bellamy and Clarke. We’re first introduced to Charlotte when she has a nightmare and Clarke attempts to comfort her:

Clarke: “Hey, wake up. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a dream. You’re Charlotte, right? I’m Clarke. It’s okay to be scared. Do you want to talk about it?”

Charlotte: “It's… my parents. They were floated and they… and I see it in my dreams and I just…”

Clarke: “I understand. My dad was floated, too. So, how did you end up here?”

Charlotte: “Well… we were taking my parents’ things to the redistribution center and… I kind of lost it. They said I assaulted a guard.”

Clarke: “I can’t say I blame you. See that bright star up there? That’s The Ark orbiting above us. I think whatever happened up there, you know, the pain… maybe we can move past that now. Maybe being on the ground is our second chance.”

The next time we see Charlotte she’s followed Bellamy and the hunting party because she can’t deal with the sound of Jasper’s pain, unfortunately before they can make it back to camp the acid fog rolls in and we find Bellamy and Charlotte trapped in a cave.  Again, Charlotte is sleeping and has a nightmare, a parallel to her first interaction with Clarke, but they differ in how they handle the situation with Charlotte:

Charlotte: “No!”

Bellamy: “Charlotte, wake up. Charlotte: I’m sorry.”

Bellamy: “Does it happen often? What are you scared of? You know what? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you do about it.”

Charlotte: “But… I’m asleep.”

Bellamy: “Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”

Charlotte: “Yeah, but… How?”

Bellamy: “You can’t afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death. Let me see that knife I gave you. Now, when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say, ‘Screw you. I’m not afraid.‘”

Charlotte: Screw you. I’m not afraid. Screw you. I’m not afraid.”

Bellamy: “Slay your demons, kid. Then you’ll be able to sleep.”

We see the difference in Bellamy and Clarke’s handling of the situation from the get go, while Clarke tries to get Charlotte to embrace the fear and learn from it, Bellamy encourages her to run from that fear, to pretend that she’s not afraid, to slay her demons. And we know she does this with disastrous effect when she kills Wells.

Bellamy is shaken by Charlotte’s actions, because they were influenced by his words, but “Weakness is death, fear is death” is still a statement that Bellamy embraces for the rest of the Season, in fact the only reason we actually see him admit to being afraid is when he thinks he’s dying (in a moment of weakness).

They deleted a scene where Bellamy gives a rousing speech to the Delinquents, but here’s what he says:

“Everybody, listen up. I know you’re afraid, but how you choose to handle that fear is up to you. You can let it break you down or you can use it to make you stronger. Are we just a bunch of kids from the Ark who weren’t strong enough to survive? Because if we lose today, if we let the fear win, that is what they’ll say about us. But I say screw fear: I’m telling my own damn story!”

Bellamy’s rejection of fear is the first sign that he’s anything other than the asshole that the show originally attempted to paint him as and also sets up his defining arc (”Screw fear.”) for Season 1.

Bellamy’s Season 2 kid is Lovejoy’s son and he’s introduced in Episode 2x11 (not as early as Charlotte) but he is a defining moment for Bellamy:

Lovejoy’s Son: “Mister… Are you on a ground unit? My dad is training for a ground unit.”

Bellamy: “It’s pretty cool up there. I hope he makes it. They’re just kids.”

Maya: “What did you expect you’d find here?”

And Maya’s question is an accurate assessment of Bellamy’s thought process until the moment he sees Lovejoy’s kid. He really did believe that the Mountain was full of monsters (and why shouldn’t he have?). Seeing Lovejoy’s kid forces him to reconsider the plan of attack and that’s when he almost begs Clarke for another:

“She helped me escape. If not for her, I’d be dead. And, Clarke, there are kids in here. We need a plan that doesn’t kill everyone. Please tell me we have one.”

Because Bellamy can handle killing monsters. That’s just slaying your demons, but kids? That’s a violation of everything he believes and it’s being forced to help make the decision that ultimately kills 26 children (along with the men and women) that is responsible for contributing to Bellamy breaking after his actions in the Mountain. 

Because for the first time slaying demons meant killing innocents as well. 

His Season 3 Kid? Adria, the girl who Luna loves. 

Again, this child is introduced late into the Season and they don’t actually interact much, but it is the first time that Bellamy actually sees with his own eyes the carnage that the Chipped!individuals can wreak on unsuspecting towns and its then that he fully realizes that the Chipped! aren’t enemies in the traditional sense. 

His interactions with Adria (and the others on Niylah’s rig) help lay the groundwork for Bellamy’s refusal to invade other Grounder villages the very next episode and, later, his insistence that the Chipped! are not killed only temporarily incapacitated until Clarke could shut down the CoL. 

Because this time, they are going to find a plan that saves everyone, unlike the ultimate resolution for Season 2. 

And last but not least, we have his Season 4 Kid: The Grounder Slave girl he saves in 4x02, When he saves her (and the other slaves), it’s a continuation of the journey he’s been on since Season 2 and Lovejoy’s kid:

Bellamy: “We didn’t get the machine.”

Clarke: “It didn’t survive landing?”

Bellamy: “No. It did, but I had a choice… bring the machine home or use it to save them.”

Raven: “Oh, we are so screwed.”

Bellamy: “We have time, but I am not sacrificing any more innocent lives.”

Clarke: “You just did.”

Bellamy: “I made the call, and I’ll live with that.”

Raven: “Yeah. You’re not the only one who has to live with your call, as usual.”

Bellamy: “Well, go tell them. Go tell Riley I should’ve left them to die.”

Bellamy has been forever changed by his actions over the course of the Seasons, but this is the first time we see him directly reference the loses he’s had to inflict in order to save his people. This is the beginning of Bellamy’s “We save who we can save today” arc. 

We see this arc come to final fruition when Bellamy has to make the decision to close the door on Clarke and blast off. The arc that we see begin for him in 4x02, saving those who can be saved, even if it ultimately means that others will die in that episode, is what preps him to be able to make the decision to close the door on Clarke in 4x13. 

It wasn’t just Clarke’s speech about using his head (although we do see him reference her with “It’s what she would have wanted”), it was the fact that he’d already made a decision just like this. Choosing to stay behind to wait for Clarke would have meant the death of the others on the rocket and while Bellamy might have been willing to make the sacrifice if it was just him (”I left her behind. I left her behind and we all die anyway”), he could not justify making the decision for everyone else, so he saved who he could save today. 

Basically….I wrote all of this out to say we should be paying close attention to Bellamy’s initial interactions with Madi (who will likely be one of the first children he meets) in Season 5, because they obviously plant lots of little seeds for Bellamy’s overarching Season journey in his relationships with children. 

touch pt. 2 • zach dempsey

a/n: i’m feelin’ WILD rn, i can’t believe that i’ve hit 1k, that means the absolute world to me!! anyway, i love u guys sooo much. your kind words make my day 💗 

 warnings: do i even need to say it at this point? SIN 

everything was spinning around you. you felt delirious, but in the absolute best way. the encounter that you had shared with zach earlier that day made your heart pound at the mere thought. 

you went through the rest of the day on edge. you were like a little toy, and zachary dempsey had wound you up. 

this was a foreign feeling to you. you were oozing sensitivity, walking down the hallways hot and bothered. you exchanged longing glances with zach every time you passed each other. 

at lunch, you considered sitting with the boys, but after seeing the way that zach couldn’t take his eyes off of you, you walked right past the table to tease him. you looked over your shoulder to lock eyes with him, swaying your hips with a smirk as you made your way across the cafeteria. 

“i swear, zach, your girl is something else.” you hear one of the boys call out. you smile to yourself and sit down across from sheri, the blush slowly creeping into your cheeks.

“so, you and dempsey huh?” she says while wiggling her eyebrows at you. 

“uh, yeah, i guess.” you say trying to control your smile. you were still mildly starstruck that the boy had admitted his feelings for you. 

“finally,” sheri starts, “that boy has been pining after you for months!” she says with a laugh. you look down and cover your face as the heat took complete control of your cheeks. you meet sheri’s eyes and both of you laugh as you continue to eat your lunch and exchange random conversation. 

you peer across the cafeteria to meet zach’s burning gaze. he watches you intently as you lift the spoon to your mouth, putting it in, and then pulling it out slowly, his eyes never leaving your lips. you smirk and then sheri turns to look at zach before looking back at you. 

 "ugh you guys are gross, get a room!“ she says and you giggle with her uncontrollably. zach looks down at his tray, smiling widely and shaking his head. 

 8th period finally rolls around and you’re just about ready to explode. throughout the entire class period, zach had done everything to make contact with you. he brushed you, rubbed his arm against yours, touched your hand slightly with his while you both wrote. he was driving you crazy, and he knew it too. the bell rang and you bolted out of the classroom, making him chase after you. 

you arrived at your locker, and zach leaned against the one next to it with a sly smile. 

 "hey baby girl.” the nickname rolls effortlessly off of his tongue. you shiver, and zach takes in the effect that it has on you. he pushes up off the locker to stand behind you. you close your locker and turn around, your back pressed against it. you look up to zach and smile. 

 "i’ll be at your house after practice, okay y/n?“ he says as he comes closer to you, positioning himself between your legs. you gasp and your eyes flutter as he presses himself against you. he kisses your temple and then leans down to place a kiss on your lips. it’s sweet and gentle, but also full of the need that he’s holding back. he pulls away and winks at you while jogging towards the gym. 

 your heart pounds in your chest as you bite your lip and smile. you would never get used to zach being all over you. you watch him until he disappears down the hall, and you stand alone with the taste of him on your lips. 

 when you get home, you sigh contently into the empty house. not only were you excited for zach to come over, you were also filled with sexual frustration. you waste no time jogging up the stairs and to your bedroom to relieve some of your stress. 

 you rid yourself of your clothes, making your way over to the bed. you sigh as your warm skin meets the cool sheets and your hand begins to drift south towards your already aching core. you placed feathery touches on your inner thighs while kneading your sensitive breasts. all you could think about is what you would be doing if zach was there. 

your hands ghosted over every place that you wanted him to touch you. you began to massage your clit slowly, the sensation causing your hips to buck as you whimpered. you needed zach to be there touching you. you needed his fingers to be teasing your clit. moaning at the thought, you dip one finger into your wetness before adding a second. pumping in and out at a steady pace, you fantasize about the basketball player. the way he would grip you, the electricity that jolted through your body when he touched you.

too invested in yourself, you didn’t hear the door open. zach stood in your door frame, a shocked expression that was quickly replaced with a smug look. 

“you couldn’t wait for me, huh darlin’?” he says and you freeze in your place, suddenly feeling extremely vulnerable. he walks over to your place on the bed slowly, never breaking eye contact with you. 

 "need a hand with that?“ he says in a raspy voice. you nod your head, not trusting yourself to speak. you could hardly form words in your head in the first place. zach’s eyes rake up and down your naked body while he licks his lips. "god, you’re so beautiful. i’m so glad coach let us out of practice early, i couldn’t take it anymore. i needed you.” he says.

 you moan as he rubs his hand up and down your exposed thigh. zach brings his face to yours, barely brushing his lips with your own. “also, you should lock your door, sweetheart. that could have been anyone walking into your house like that.” he tells you and you nod again. his low voice was making you even more wet, if possible. 

zach lowered his hand to your heat, making you gasp out in pleasure. he softly touches your inner thighs, lightly running his nails up and down them, missing your core completely. 

 "please, just do something. i want to feel your touch.“ you cry out. he kisses you deeply and smiles against your lips. his long fingers glide over your folds, wetting them with your arousal before he pushes them into you. your head drops back with a moan and you arch into him so that he can go deeper. 

 "fuck zach, faster.” you pant. his thumb presses down onto your clit, circling it until you’re about to come undone. his expert hands continued to work until you start to see white. 

 "i- i’m close.“ you managed to squeak out. upon hearing those words, zach fingers left you, and he placed kisses down your stomach. 

 "get up against the headboard.” he practically growled. you did as he said, and his mouth connected to your throbbing core. his teeth grazed against your clit and you cried out, using every fiber of your being not to cum. 

he used the tip of his tongue to flick at your clit before inserting his fingers again. “you like that, baby?” he asks you, looking up. you gasp out and screw your eyes shut while you writhe under his touch. he starts pumping faster, and uses his other arm to grip you in place.

 "shit, zach, i’m about to cum.“ you say to him hoarsely while tugging on his hair. he moans from your actions and it vibrates through your core, pushing you over the edge. your body began to tremble uncontrollably as he continued to finger you through your orgasm, his name a gasping moan on your lips. 

 he hovers above you and kisses you before flopping down next to you while you try to catch your breath. you look to the tent in his pants and grab his bulge gingerly while he lets out a hiss. 

“now let me take care of you, baby boy.”

 a/n: ksjsjsjddb i’m SHAKING. hope u guys enjoy, currently working on 2 more requests that should be up soon so be on the lookout hehe.

From Eden VII

Some more From Eden? Maybe a light chapter - big Hollywood movie star comes for dinner and meets Clarke’s parents? 

“Are you sure about this?”

“No, but I think it’s a bit late for second guessing.”

The highway lazily curved and bent through the trees, half trailing the edge of ocean on one side. The water was calm and still, the Atlantic not particularly interested in waking from its summer nap despite how late into the evening it was getting. From time to time, a house would appear, interjecting itself into the woods, a long driveway seen snaking up and disappearing. It was entirely foreign and new to the actress, and so despite her girlfriend’s worry, she was excited.

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Every Other Weekend pt. 3

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,462

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating

A/N: well here we go! the next part is here. enjoy (:

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“Every other weekend.” You nodded, looking over the plethora of paperwork on the kitchen island. “That sounds fair to me.”

“Okay. What about holidays?” Bucky stood across from you, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Would it be possible to have joint holidays? Can you stomach me long enough to do that for them?” You looked up hoping to meet Bucky’s gaze, but he looked away from you immediately. “James?”

“That’s fine.” Bucky sighed, standing up straight. “Just get the papers signed okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll get right on it.” You rolled your eyes, burying them underneath a stack of mail.

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Shadow (Young!Sirius Black x Female!Reader)

A/N: This request was so interesting that I just had to do it!!!

Warnings: maybe swearing (I can’t really remember)

Word Count: 1,652

Requested?: yasss @bear105

Could you please do a Sirius x reader where you and him don’t really get along in person but you’re quite fond of his animagus even though you don’t know it’s him. And then stuff happens? Not naughty stuff but cute stuff

Blurb: (Y/N) hates Sirius. And he hates her. But what happens when she tells the cute dog that’s been following her her true feelings about Sirius. 

It was a normal afternoon. James was hitting on Lily. Remus was reading. Alice and Frank were awkwardly talking to each other. And you… You were in the middle of a very heated argument with Sirius.

What were you arguing about this time? Godric knows…

It didn’t really matter. What matters is that you were right and he was wrong.

“But it’s not! That’s why you’re wrong!” you practically yelled at Sirius.

“Geez! Can’t you just admit that you’re wrong and I’m right?” he replied, getting frustrated.

“No, I can’t actually because I’m not wrong. You are!” you jabbed his chest violently.

He turned around and started walking away. 

“Where are you going? I’m not done with you yet.” you yelled.

“Well I am.” he answered without turning around. Then he continued walking.

“Awww. The couple’s bickering again.” said James.

“We are not a couple!” 

“Sure you’re not.” Lily said sarcastically as James poked your cheek.

You slapped his hand away. “We really aren’t! He’s just being an ass again.”

“Well hurry up guys. I’m hungry.” shouted Peter while motioning for all of you to hurry up.

You groaned. Where the hell was it?

You were looking for your shoe. You had one on but had no idea where the other one was.

You plopped on the common room sofa face first.

As you were about to give up and just not go to Hogsmeade you felt something wet touch your hand. 

Immediately you pulled your hand away from whatever it was and sat up straight.

Looking at the thing you realised what it was.

It was a dog. An adorable, black dog.

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It was just sat there with your shoe in its mouth.

“I’ll take that thank you.” you said reaching for your shoe.

The dog just moved away from your hand. Just out of your reach.

“Hey!” you stood up and walked toward the dog.

Every time you got closer it moved away from you until you were practically chasing it around the common room.

“Give that back! Right now!” it didn’t seem like it was going to stop anytime soon.

Just as you were about to get it you tripped over a cushion that must’ve fallen off the couch when you stood up. You fell face first to the ground.

You looked up and saw the dog stalking off and out of the common room making a noise that sounded a bit like laughter.

The next few weeks the dog would follow you around the castle and even went to Hogsmeade on the weekend a couple times.

It was like your little shadow. So that’s what you decided to call it ‘Shadow’.

The first time you called it that it didn’t seem to like the new name much but too bad. You liked it.

Also, arguments with Sirius had gotten worse. Now you argued over every petty thing you could think of. 

But he was just such a dick sometimes. Well… most of the time.

“Here Shadow!” you called to the dog who lazily walked over to you.

It was a particularly quiet day. Most people had gone to Hogsmeade.

It was just you and Shadow. Sat in front of the fire in the common room.

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It was peaceful. 

Then you heard a loud crash outside. Immediately you rushed to the window to see what happened.

All you could see was Professor Slughorn covered from head to toe in bright green gunk.

Almost instantly you realised that it was probably the work of the ‘Marauders’ as they liked to call themselves. You thought that was a stupid name.

You thought of how annoying Sirius was sometimes as you sat back down on the couch.

“You know, Shadow, Sirius Black can be such a prick sometimes. Well, most of the time. But he’s not that bad. He can be a decent person some of the time. I’d like him if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s an insufferable jerk who loves to argue and refuses to admit when he’s wrong.” you ranted to Shadow who sat in exactly the same place as before.

“Shh guys! You’re going to wake her up!” you heard someone whisper shout. The voice sounded familiar.

You felt yourself being carried by somebody but you were too tired to open your eyes.

“Aww! Sirius, you look so cute together!” whispered a voice you recognised instantly. Lily.

With that, you made the effort to open one eye. Looking up you saw a mop of messy black hair and a very angry looking face.

You snuggled closer to Sirius’ chest. Wait…

Sirius was carrying you!

As quick as a flash your eyes shot open.

“Oh, you’re awa-”

“What in Merlin’s name do you think you’re doing?” you shouted, trying to get out of his grip.

He carefully put you down and started explaining.

“I saw you sleeping and didn’t want to wake you up. That’s all.”

“Oh. Alright then,” you replied and straightened your top. “Well, in that case, goodnight.” you said.

You quickly turned on your heel and marched off towards the girl’s dormitories.

Over the next few days, Sirius had actually been pretty decent. He’d opened doors for you, gave up his seat for you at dinner and even smiled at you a few times.

That’s not to say that he’d stopped teasing you. He was just finally civil with you.

That made you suspicious. Very suspicious. But what really gave it away was the argument you had, or rather didn’t have, on your way to potions that week.

“Oi! Black!” you yelled down the corridor.

He turned around and you ran to catch up to him.

“What a pleasure to see you (Y/L/N).” 

You eyed him up wearily.

“Yeah… Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that your shirt was untucked.”

“Oops! I’ll fix it now.” he said calmly and started tucking his shirt in his trousers.

“And has your hair ever been within 5 feet of a hairbrush?”

“I’ve been meaning to get a haircut actually.” he acknowledged.

“Urgh. What is wrong with you?” you yelled frustratedly.

“What do you mean?” Sirius looked at you confused.

“I mean why aren’t you arguing with me? We haven’t had an argument in forever. What is up with you? You’re being a decent human being now?”

After your rant, Sirius just laughed as you stared at him. Why was he laughing at you?

“Would you like to tell me what you find so funny?”

“You-” he said in between chuckles “you’re mad at me because we haven’t had an argument?”

“Yeah?” you realised that it did sound kind of stupid when he said it out loud.

“Wow! Now you’re being ridiculous! I thought you liked me being nice.”

“Why would I like you anyway?” you asked. You had never given any sign that he had a chance of even being acquaintances.

“Well seeing as you like me when I’m not being a- how did you put it? oh, ‘an insufferable jerk who loves to argue and refuses to admit when he’s wrong’? That’s right.”

Wait. You had said that. But not to him. How did he know?

“Wait. I never told you that!” 

You looked up at him but he was gone.

A few days later you finally thought you figured it out. So you confronted Sirius.

“I know you overheard my conversation.” you stated matter of factly as Sirius jumped because of you sudden appearance next to him.

“Could you be a bit more specific? I’ve overheard a lot of your conversations.” he replied.

“Wait! What conversations?” you asked suddenly interested.

“That’s private.” he answered smugly. “Anyway, what conversation are you referring to?”

“The one I was having with Shadow.” you informed him.

“Ah yes. Shadow the mysterious dog I’ve never seen but you keep going on about.”

“She’s real if that’s what you’re implying.” you snapped.

“I wasn’t implying anything sweetheart but it’s funny that you should call the dog a she.”

Sirius returned his gaze to the wand in his hand which, quite clearly, wasn’t his.

“Why is that funny? The dog is a she so-”

“It’s not a she.” he interrupted.

“It’s a dude?”


“No, it’s not.”

“Yes, it is.”

“How would you know anyway? You said you never saw the dog.” you recalled.

“Well how could I?” he smirked.

“What?” you were very confused right now.

“Well how can a person see themselves?” he asked before swaggering off and leaving you more perplexed than ever.

“He was being so stupid today!” you said to Shadow. Obviously referring to the bane if your life, Sirius Black.

You explained to her what he did this time.

“And I just don’t get it. What does he mean ‘How can a person see themselves?’” you said imitating his deep voice.

Shadow just barked.

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You stroked the dog gently.

“Well, I’m off to bed. Goodnight Shadow.”

You stood up and started walking up the stairs to the girl’s dormitory. 

You were stopped however by a small, nervous cough.

You turned around and saw Sirius Black stood in the common room.

“What are you-”

“I told you ‘Shadow’ wasn’t a she.”

Just as you were about to ask what he means he transformed into the black dog you had befriended. He stalked up to you and licked your hand.

“You’re an animagus?” you guessed as he returned to his human self.

“Exactly.” Sirius moved closer to you.

“So you heard everything I said about you?” you face palmed.

“Yes. And you seem to really like talking about me, sweetheart.” 

Sirius gently removed your hands from your face.

“And I’ve got to say  I didn’t mind. At least now I know you sort of like me back.”

“Wait-” you let your brain process that. “You-”

“I like you (Y/L/N). A lot.”

Before he could say anything else you pressed your lips to his and kissed him like you had wanted to for the past few months. Happy that your feelings were requited.

“Does that mean you’ll be my girlfriend?”

“Yes. You dork.”

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“Hey, Remus, Lily, Peter! Get in here now.”

The three others rushed into the common room just as you pulled away from Sirius. You were both startled by the sudden intrusion.

“I knew! I knew it!” Lily yelled, running away before you could stop her.


Sirius Black




HP Universe







The scene in Mistborn that stuck with me the most was near the beginning of Hero of Ages when this one town was about to be attacked by Koloss but Elend shows up first and tells the mayor he’ll help if he recognizes Elend as his emperor, then the mayor asks if Elend has brought an army with him and Elend is like “I brought 2 armies actually but I arrived early so we have to fight alone for a while first.” And they start fighting the Koloss until suddenly Vin drops out of the sky like a fucking superhero and Elend tells the mayor “Yeah that’s the first army.” and when Elend and Vin finally take control of the Koloss he tells the mayor “Here is the second army” and the mayor looks at Elend like “Look here you little shit…”

anonymous asked:

sooooo how rfa members and saeran and v (let's say he's not blind for this one lol) would react and what would they do if they were in a club and mc started to do a sexy/provocative dance for them in the middle of the dancefloor and they're just like, sitting at the bar watching her??? please give me life with this one 😍😂

~Oh man. Alright, here we go Coyote Ugly lmfao

◉ Yoosung

  • Of course he is blushing when he sees you
  • Almost falls off of the bar stool
  • Low-key glancing around making sure no guys are staring at you
  • While also taking pleasure in the fact that you’re looking at him
  • He feels so special!
  • But also…should he look away?
  • He’s never been in this situation before!
  • It’s flustering him, honestly
  • And you’re making him feel hot omg
  • His pants are a little tighter
  • Already imagining what he is going to tell the guild back in LOLOL
  • Taking mental pictures of you while it’s happening
  • He’s definitely going to remember this moment
  • When you finally walk up to him he doesn’t even give you a chance to say anything
  • Pulls you into a long deep kiss to try and get some of that built up passion out of himself

◉ Jumin

  • He is smirking
  • Just letting you do your thing
  • Took some blurry photos tbh
  • Enjoying every god damn second of it
  • Giving out those ‘yeah, she’s mine’ eyes
  • “the smolder” look (sry I HAD TO…HE WOULD)
  • Confident as shit about this
  • Nodding at everyone in visual range
    • “You wish you had that,” he tells a guy who has been staring as well
  • Alright though
  • You made a big mistake
  • Guess who is asking you to dance for him now on a regular basis
  • He’s already thinking of songs in his head
  • And outfits…

◉ Zen

  • His eyes are about to pop out of his head!
  • Cheeks are immediately flush
  • He’s taking pictures
  • Taking short videos
  • Taking selfies of him smirking with you in the background dancing
  • Enjoying the show for a moment until he remembers that you’re in public
  • And other MEN CAN SEE YOU
  • One is sitting right next to him, staring
  • Omg and two others are getting awfully close to you on the dance floor
  • Okay, now he is in protector mode
  • Leaves his drink at the bar and jumps up to dance with you
  • That way everyone knows you belong to him
  • Plus
  • He’s got some moves of his own he’d like to show you ;)

◉ Jaehee

  • She turns around to see you dancing out there, looking at her
  • OMG
  • She chokes on her drink a bit, honestly
  • It’s suddenly hot in this club
  • You look so amazing
  • She can’t take her eyes off of you
  • Had no idea you could move like this
  • Okay…
  • Some idea… ;)
  • Is she smiling a little bit?
  • Yes she is
  • Trying to keep a straight face, though
  • Hears some guys at the bar talking to each other about approaching you
  • Then you make your way over to her and give her a big kiss
  • The guys are now cheering you both on
    • “Maybe we should make our way home,” she suggests with a smirk

◉ Saeyoung

  • Wow
  • He did not expect to see you out there dancing like that when he turned around with his drink
  • Chewing on his bottom lip while watching you
  • You were looking good af
  • He was honestly fine sitting back and enjoying the show tbh
  • But some guy got behind you and started to dance with you
  • Oh hell no
  • Chugged his drink and made his way over to you
  • Wedges himself between the two of you to kind of give him the hint that he should scram
  • He actually likes this song
  • So he starts to dance, too
  • And you guys have a little sexy dance-off out on the floor haha
  • He’s actually not being goofy?? It’s actually pretty hot and like a Chippendale’s level of moves
  • But then he had started to remove clothing and the bouncers put an end to it
    • “Sir, put your clothing back on or I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

◉ V

  • Where’s that gif of him Viktor

Originally posted by viiktorss

  • Ah yes, there it is
  • That’s exactly what happens when he sees you out there dancing like that
  • He had no idea???
  • How did he not know this?
  • He was not prepared ok
  • Once he gets over the initial shock he is really into this, honestly
  • He actually chuckles and gets a sideways smirk while watching you
  • Crosses his legs and slowly sips his drink while you dance
  • Beaming every time someone at the bar makes a comment about you
  • Looks over at them all cocky
  • Eventually joins you when he finishes his drink
  • Grinds up behind you and pulls you close
    • “I’m so lucky that you’re all mine,” he whispers in your ear
  • You don’t make it all the way home before he has to pull the car over because he is thinking about it so much

◉ Saeran

  • Well, shit.
    • “This is interesting,” he mutters
  • Cocks his eyebrow and is now chewing on his drink straw while watching you
  • Low-key making sure no one tries to grind up on you or he’s going to punch them
  • Trying his best to look nonchalant about it but inside he is sweatin’ tbh
  • Tapping his foot to try and keep chill
  • How dare you do this to him
  • Puts his drink down and just gets up and leaves through the crowd
  • You’re confused?? Where is he going?
  • You end up going after him
  • Moving through the crowds of people when a hand grabs your arm and yanks you
  • Saeran has pulled you into the bathroom and locks the door
  • And…well you know lolol

request: “Barry and reader keeping their relationship a secret from the team? Thanks pal <3” — by anon

a/n: you’re welcome, pal ;-) oh, and just to clarify, barry is just hiding their relationship from caitlin, cisco, and iris. joe and julian know :-) also, sorry if this was crappy, ugh, i am honestly losing inspiration i swear

Masterlist + Request here!

Walking through the outskirts of Central City, Y/N stopped and entered the warm atmosphere of Jitters, planning to meet up with someone for this breezy night. She took light steps as she goes to the second level of the coffee shop, taking the table where the people would least take notice of before sitting down and patiently waiting.

On the other hand, Barry Allen was rushing to excuse himself from Team Flash who were celebrating for another successful metahuman case. He was bouncing his leg up and down in impatience, sighing and hoping that he could just go already so that he won’t be late for another meeting with a certain girl who he has not been spending a lot time with.

“Guys,” he finally couldn’t take it anymore, “is it okay if I go? I just remembered I have to do something important.”

Caitlin nodded. “Yeah, sure, Barry.”

And with that, he didn’t waste time go to Jitters and do what he had to do. When he had entered, he automatically ordered their two usual drinks and once he got them, he proceeded upstairs.

“Oh, crap.” he frowned when he saw that their table was empty and Y/N was nowhere to be seen.

“Yeah, you’re in big trouble.” a voice said from behind which made him look.

Y/N was there with a teasing grin on her face. “Don’t worry, babe. I just went to the restroom, I didn’t ditch you.”

Barry chuckled, leaning down to kiss her swiftly before leading her to their table.

It’s been approximately four months since he made it official with Y/N. She was a regular reporter from the CCPN, and since he used to visit Iris every other day, he would always see Y/N working and doing her job. He didn’t deny that he was attracted already just be one mere glance — so with all the courage he had, he asked her on a date.

After that, everything just happened in a fast blur. The next thing you know, she was already his girlfriend. But the only problem was is that nobody knew that she was. Why? Well, Barry was the one who urged to keep their relationship a secret for the meanwhile because of the fear that she would get caught up with him being the Flash, which she still didn’t know.

“So, what took you so long?” asked Y/N, gladly taking the cup from him as they sit down.

Barry shrugged. “It was nothing. Just had to do something at the precinct.”

She quirked an eyebrow. “Precinct? I just got there before going here in hope that we can go together. Joe said you left early.”

“Oh, sorry, I thought you were asking much earlier. Er — I was cleaning up the, uh, apartment.” he lied.

“Cleaned up the apartment?” Y/N suppressed a chuckle. “Okay then.” she sipped from her cup, surprisingly letting go of his slip up quicker than expected.

“How about you?” said Barry. “How was your day?”

“Good.” she brought the cup down. “Nothing interesting. I was supporting Iris’ report about The Flash.”

“The Flash?” asked Barry with interest. “And what do you think about him?”

Y/N shrugged. “He’s okay, I guess.”

He tried not to look disappointed. “Okay? That’s the only adjective you can think of?”

There was something about her smile that made him quite uneasy, as if she knew who The Flash really was, but before he can even say anything or ask her about it, he suddenly saw the team entering Jitters, completely unaware that Barry was there.

Y/N followed his gaze and widened her eyes. “Oh, look. There’s Iris. We should probably —”

“Y/N,” Barry cut her off, “I haven’t told her about us. I know I promised that I would but I keep on forgetting.” he lied yet again.

She frowned. “Barry, I told you I don’t like keeping this a secret. We’re not Romeo and Juliet, you know.”

“I know.” said Barry.

They looked back down again and in that moment, they gained eye contact with Cisco who was now peering at them curiously. Without warning, Y/N smirked and leaned forward just as Barry faced her again in attempt to ask her what to do. She could feel that he was surprised at her actions that when she pulled away, Barry had his eyes wide and mouth still open.

“Am I really that bad of a kisser?” joked Y/N, Barry composing himself. “Come on, Barry. You can’t expect us to hide this forever.”

He sighed. “Okay, you’re right.” he glanced at Cisco, his friend now explaining vigorously to his two other companions, Caitlin and Iris also glancing at their spot. “Shall we?” Barry held out his hand as he stands up.

Y/N grinned. “We shall.” she took his hand.

And together, they descended the staircase, ready to be bombarded by questions by their friends and co-workers.

i’ve spent a lot of time on the Thomas Jefferson wikipedia page while writing this, lmao.  i also went into this part thinking it was gonna be a shorter installation but here we are 3000 words later.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ also i swear i’m gonna write for someone other than tjeff but i’m stupid obsessed with writing this.

title: homecoming, pt. 3 (or, pillow talk)
       ( part one, part two )
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: t
word count: 3495
tagged: @notalwaysfair @hamiltrash-life @aeichajoanes @polymath-pain-in-the-ass

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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I Need My Girl | Chapter Six

Betty and Jughead are out of college and rooming together and it couldn’t have been a more self-destructive decision. They’re both in love and best friends since the dawn of time. Jughead pining for Betty who has no idea, What could go wrong?

Hey everyone! Chapter six is here and man shit is about to happen bruh. You guys have been so sweet with all of your comments and feedback and it makes me so happy. I love this bughead fandom and people have been more than welcoming which is really special. I tagged the following who have been breaking my heart with their awesome comments and those who’ve also asked to be tagged.

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

Words: 1583

Warnings: Talk of drinking problems again so be warned.

Just let me know I’ll be at the door, at the door
Hoping you’ll come around
Just let me know I’ll be on the floor, on the floor
Maybe we’ll work it out
I gotta get better, gotta get better
I gotta get better, gotta get better
I gotta get better, gotta get better
And maybe we’ll work it out

Harry Stiles

It was a method of disposing of herself. Drinking. Sure the taste of it was nice but that wasn’t why she needed it. She needed it to disappear. All the thoughts running around in her head could be stilled by a shot of tequila. She could forget about the absence of her dad. She could forget about her mother. She could forget about the raven-haired boy and his eyes, his smile, and the disappointment that would line his face, as she would leave again and again. With drinking it all became meaningless. Each moment of terror would fall to the back of her mind and she could giggle in a haze of hooch. It was a moment of bliss in a sea of horror. Blood and pain would reside in a sea of champagne. It is beautiful in a way, how easily a chemical can dispose of the pain, and yet intensifies it when the morning comes.

Betty Cooper wasn’t addicted to alcohol. She was addicted to feeling nothing.

Betty’s eyes opened and saw the lining of the inside of Jughead’s truck around her. Her eyes opened further and she realized it was morning. She shifted on the leather as she saw Jughead’s gaze on her. He leaned into her and handed her some ibuprofen and a water bottle.

Betty tossed the pills to the back of her throat and chugged the water as her eyes winced at the sunlight coming through the truck’s windows. She gained full consciousness as she stared back at Jughead. Her head turned to see where they were. They were in a parking lot outside of a building foreign to her. She could hardly remember the details of last night’s events but the look of the boy’s face made her feel uneasy.

“Jughead, where are we?”

“We are at one of New York’s finest rehabilitation centers, the Hazelden Betty Ford house.”

Betty’s chest closed up as the words flew out of Jughead’s mouth. Her eyes scrunched up as she bent down between her legs and held her hands around her neck, pulling herself into a ball.

This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.

She felt like she was going to be sick.

Water began to collect in Jughead’s eyes as he saw her in panic. Her eyes blown in shock following, her pushing herself away from him and under her hands.

“I can’t make you go in, you have to make that decision for yourself.”

Betty didn’t respond as she unfolded and stared out in front of her as her eyes lightened and emptied themselves. She didn’t look at him. And god, it fucking hurt to see her switch gears in front of him and close up, pulling down the curtain, shutting off the connection. Her face-hardened and she sat there vacuous and fixed, it was like she wasn’t his Betty anymore. The rage that outlined her eyes made a shiver go down his spine.

A wave of anger crossed over her. The blood surrounding her bones boiled and it as though she was about to explode.

“But I…I’ve watched you stumble into my arms at four in the morning and listened to you tell me that you love me with alcohol on your breath too many times to take it anymore. I’m tired of it. And frankly I think you’re tired of it too.”

“You have no right.” Was all Betty could muster as she shook her head in disbelief.

“I have no right? The person who’s been there for you every time you’ve fell! Every time you’ve cried. Every time you couldn’t fall asleep. I have been picking you off the bathroom floor for five years, watching you drink yourself to death. Watching you fuck every single being who shows you just a smudge of adoration just so you can feel that rush!”

He began as he showed a look of annoyance at the phrase. The intention of the line stung. But it was the truth and he was tired of lying.

“I have been watching you pull this shit so many times and I can’t take it anymore. I’ve already done this. I know how this ends. You think I don’t have a Dad because of bad luck Betty? No. He’s a fucking alcoholic and I’m sure as hell not going to do this again. I have a right to want more than this.”

Jughead yelled the words as something unhinged, this was the first time Jughead had ever yelled at her like this, like he meant it.

He watched as the green around her pupils darkened and her lips parted in shock.

“I don’t… It was never my intention to make you feel like you have to take care of me, like that.”

“Yeah well I never thought that I’d be doing this all over again, especially with you.”

They sat in silence as they watched the clouds clear and the sun beat down on the truck. Betty took a deep breath before she turned to him and perched her legs up on the seat in front of him.

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I didn’t think about what it would mean for you. I didn’t think at all. You were just there, and I excited you. And something inside of me just wanted to take advantage of that…I wanted to do that to you. I didn’t realize how much of a mistake it was until at Cheryl’s that night.”

“You think it was a mistake?” Jughead’s voice croaked as he asked the question.

Betty’s eyes softened as she saw a sadness wash over his expression.

“I think that it wasn’t right for me to do that when I wasn’t and still am not ready for anything like that. I’m not used to being with someone who I…who I love. I don’t think I’ve ever connected the two, sex has never been about that for me.”

“What has it been about then?”

“Are you asking why I sleep with people like Veronica, Reggie, anyone really, and not you?”

“Maybe yeah. It hasn’t exactly been easy seeing and hearing about it all the time.”

“I didn’t know it bothered you so much.”

“I didn’t know why it was everyone but me.”

Betty took in his words, finally connecting all the clues. A lot of it made sense now.

“That’s because after I did that with you things changed just like I knew it would. That’s why it was never you, because after that night, my mind had that image of you. Once the image was there, I couldn’t erase it. And I tried to go back to what I normally do and then I said your name when I was…when I was with Veronica. It was weak and pathetic and no matter how much I tried I was imagining you. She didn’t deserve that and you don’t deserve that either.”

He took in her words trying to understand. She was afraid about being with him because she was worried she would want it too much. He couldn’t comprehend it. The sound of her moaning his name entered his mind, repeating over and over again. He wished it were he hearing the lovely sound.

“So, am I taking you in today or are we driving off?”

“I know that I need to go in there. I will. It’s just I need to spend some time with you; we haven’t really been together the past few weeks. I know that’s my fault but I just want to be alone with you, for a little while longer. Before I essentially enter the beast.”

Jughead smiled at that. A glint appeared in Betty’s eyes, they were themselves again. And it felt like home.

Jughead put his keys into the ignition and turned out of the parking lot.

“Where to?”

“I don’t know what do normal people do in the mornings?” Betty chuckled as she asked the question.

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this thing, it’s called ‘breakfast’. Ever heard of it before?” A smirk widened on Jughead as he continued down the road.

Betty rolled her eyes as her hands ran through her hair. She could feel the dirt and grime in her curls and her nose caught the reek of alcohol all over her.

“Actually, maybe can we go home and shower first?”

Betty asked absentmindedly until the words had already left her mouth and she realized that maybe that wasn’t the best way to phrase it. Eyes wide and full of embarrassment Betty turned away to sit straight as she saw his eyebrow arch in the corner of her eye.

Red began to color her skin as a blush ran from her chest to her cheeks. Jughead smiled to himself as he saw the opportunity right in front of him.

“Are you getting flustered Cooper?” Jughead’s smile only widened more as she grew more mortified.

“This is so weird.”

Betty Cooper, without a doubt, was not used to Jughead knowing she wanted to have sex with him. And that he wanted her to.


“You shouldn’t be down here.”

Loki tilted his head, mindful not to knock any of the lights with his antlers. He hated fixing them.

Clint hopped further into the workshop, wings spread menacingly, talons shining like obsidian in the dim light. “You shouldn’t be down here,” he repeated coldly. “Tony’s not here. It’s not allowed.”

“And yet you are here,” Loki pointed out idly, side-stepping a stool to lean down and examine a truly peculiar-looking device on the table.

“I saw you come down here. You need to leave,” Clint insisted, hopping after him. He let out an irritated sigh when the other monster swiveled to examine the three robots huddled fearfully in the corner. “Leave them alone! You’re scaring them!”

Loki ignored him, instead reaching out to tap one blunt finger to the closest robot’s claw. It flinched away from him and beeped, and then the other two robots let out shrill screeches and lunged at him with their claws threateningly. One threw a fire extinguisher at him.

Loki drew his hand back, not afraid, but concerned the little creatures might rush him anyway. “I did not know humans could still make these.”

Clint paused, talons curling into the floor. “…Make what?”

“Golems,” Loki replied, taking another step back when the clunkiest of the bunch lunged at him again. “The last I had heard of was in Prague, called Yossele. That was… five centuries ago? I had thought the art had been lost.”

Clint hopped over, wings spread awkwardly. He hated looking so much like a bird in front of this guy. “Yeah? I heard Tony made his first one when he was fourteen.” He couldn’t help his crest rising proudly when the other monster looked reluctantly impressed. “Isn’t that right, Dum-E?”

The clunkiest robot beeped and spun in a circle.

Loki covered his mouth with his hand to hide an amused smile. He did not remember Yossele being so rambunctious. Then again, it had been quite busy protecting its Jewish community at the time. “I would have never been able to imagine a metal golem.”

“Yeah,” Clint murmured. “Tony is a clever human. He even made a golem without a body.”

“You mean The Voice, Jarvis?” Loki asked, turning to look at him. “He is not a demon whom Tony has wrested control over?”

Clint shook his head slowly, frowning. “No. I remember when he was creating him at first, he would spend hours at his computer. The closer he got to finishing, the more wild he looked. When Jarvis finally spoke, Tony had been awake for several days. And then he burst into tears.”

“Interesting,” Loki admitted, and finally turned away from the robots. He did not remember how long it took to create Yossele, but he did remember Judah Loew ben Bezale celebrating when the golem protected them. “Is crying Anthony’s typical manner of celebration?”

“Man, he’d been awake for several days. Anyone would cry after years of hard work paid off,” Clint scoffed. “Now come on. We’re not supposed to be down here without permission ever since Bucky accidentally set himself on fire. With the exception of Steve because his scales protect him.”

Loki pretended that didn’t worry him and followed the other monster out of the workshop.

Bucky and Steve were morose.

“Unbecoming,” Natasha said.

Loki did not snort. He wanted to. “Quite.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Steve ordered without his usual heat. He slithered off the couch and onto the floor. “Why does he have to leeeeave?”

“Tony’s very important,” Bucky replied, trying to sound proud, but mostly sounding petulant. “The humans need his time.”

“Humans can go blow!” Steve snapped, then slithered under the couch.

Loki leaned toward Natasha, frowning.

“Yeah, I have no idea. Basically he wants humans to just leave Tony alone because they’re hogging him.”

“Oh,” Loki said, and only vaguely understood. “Where is Anthony?”

Natasha shrugged. “Showing off some new bomb. The humans are excited about it.”

“Anthony makes… bombs?”

“Weapons,” she amended. “Of all sorts. It would be disappointing except for the way he gushes about keeping America’s troops safe.I don’t understand humans and their wars, but I can respect that Tony wants to keep people safe.”

Loki frowned thoughtfully. “With the golems he created, I had expected him to be purely a creator. Not a destroyer as well.”

Natasha turned to stare at him, then assumed when he said ‘golems’ that he meant Tony’s robots. “Tony’s a human,” she said after a moment. “They’ve always created and destroyed. Holding Tony to a different standard simply because he is more brilliant than other humans would be unfair.”

“Mm,” Loki hummed, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. Anthony was an interesting human, at least. The creatures were so vapid these days, it was refreshing to find one that was different. He could not say whether he liked or disliked the boy, but he was interested to see what more he could create.

“Guys!” Bruce exclaimed, bursting into the living room. “Guys!

Loki stepped back further into the shadows. He did not fear Bruce. But the creature he turned into… that creature was a terrifying mixture of Old and new, a creature of rage and instinct. He stayed out of its way as much as possible.

Steve slithered out from under the couch in concern, and Bucky unfolded from being curled up on top of one of Tony’s old sweaters. Clint hopped around to face the room instead of glaring outside. Natasha took a step forward, face set into a serious mask to hide the trepidation the tone Bruce had taken had caused.

“I was listening–I was listening to the radio,” Bruce panted, clutching his chest. His eyes flickered green and brown. “To hear what Tony–To keep at least an ear on him-! His convoy was attacked! He–everyone’s dead–”

It felt as if the room had dropped several degrees.

Bruce clutched the doorway, making an annoyed sound when he crushed it in his palm, wood splintering everywhere. “Not–Not Tony. But the soldiers he was with–they, they’re all dead. Tony–they took Tony.”

Clint let out a horrified screech.

“What do we do?” Bucky asked quickly, standing. “Bruce, what do we do?”

“All we know is that he’s in Afghanistan,” Bruce admitted, the green in his eyes staying longer, visibly struggling to keep to this form. “And there’s–there’s mountains and caves. It would take so long to find him–who knows what condition he’d be in by the time we got there.”

Steve writhed anxiously for a few seconds, then steeled himself. “We have to do something. We can’t just–just leave him out there!”

“The people there are very religious, or very superstitious,” Natasha pointed out. “We’re monsters. They’ll shoot first and ask questions later. We won’t be any good to Tony dead.”

Clint crushed the windowsill in his talons angrily. “We won’t be any good to Tony sitting on our asses, either!”

Bruce let out a wounded sound before he roared, and suddenly the Hulk was there instead, destroying the rest of the doorway, reaching out to grab one of the couches and flinging it across the room.

“Br–Hulk!” Steve exclaimed helplessly. “No! We need–we can’t just destroy things until we figure something out-!”

Loki stepped forward, scowling, gold threads wrapping around the Hulks arms before he could throw anything or anyone else. “This is not conducive to a rescue, creature.

The Hulk roared, and tugged, and his hooves skidded across the floor in the effort to hold the other monster tight in the gold threads

“You will not threaten me,” Loki said, even though he felt frightened, even though this monster of Old and new was tugging his magic around like so much paper. “You will not threaten me while a Creator needs you to stay calm. You are doing him no service destroying his things.”

Hulk roared again, swinging around, and Loki nearly–nearly–yelped as his hooves skidded across the floor again, losing his balance.

Clint caught him by the antlers with a screech, holding him upright. “Don’t let him go!”

Loki had no intention of doing so, because he was quite certain that the Hulk would turn his aggression on him instead. Still, he couldn’t help his surprise when Steve and Natasha both ran at and then leapt upon the monster.

Steve’s tail constricted around the Hulk’s arms, holding them in place, and Natasha skittered as quickly as she could, wrapping her silk around him, trying to keep him pinned. Bucky scrambled over to press his back against Loki’s front, his paw pads much more suited to the wooden floor than the Old monster’s hooves.

The Hulk continued to roar angrily, struggling, but with the combined force of Loki’s magic and Natasha’s silk, they eventually subdued him. Loki didn’t relax until the other monster stopped roaring, and still kept a thread of magic wrapped around him just in case.

“…Let us never do that again,” Loki suggested, and the other four monsters nodded tiredly.

“What are we going to do?” Natasha asked softly, and it was… most concerning, to see how her shoulders hunched and the way she twisted her fingers in fear. “There are so many nooks and crannies in the desert where he could be. I–I’m not suited for the desert, really. I… could manage perhaps. But I would definitely be out of place.”

Bucky sat down on the floor, looking forlorn. “It would be too hot for me with my fur, wouldn’t it? And the sands would blow around so much–I wouldn’t find a scent anyway.”

“I could?” Steve offered, but then his face crumpled. “I’m no tracker, though. I’d survive and then have nothing to show for it. It’s no use, me going, if I have no idea where he’d be.”

“And it’s not like I could help you with that,” Clint admitted bitterly, roosting on Loki’s antlers. “If they have him in a cave, I’d have no idea.”

Loki opened his mouth to tell him to get off, but the other monster wasn’t heavy, and he was… quite tired after that struggle. “…I know someone who could help.”

“Will they eat him?” Steve asked immediately.

Loki gaped at him, appalled.

“I was going to eat him the first time we met,” Natasha explained.

“…Well,” Loki said.

“Tony bribed me with soup.”


“So will they eat him, or not?” Bucky asked, scowling. “Because if there’s a chance they’ll eat him, we decline. Strenuously.”

“He will not eat Anthony,” Loki sighed, and allowed himself the luxury of rolling his eyes, hard. “…Admittedly, he has not had much interaction with present-day humans, howev–”

Clint squawked. “You wanna send one of your kind after him!? They’re totally gonna eat him!”

“He will not!” Loki snapped, and then scolded himself, fuming, for sounding like a child. “This is his only chance. We can’t just let him gallivant all over looking for Anthony,” he added, motioning at the Hulk.

The monsters grumbled angrily, but truly, their hands were tied. There was no telling if Jim had been killed or injured when the convoy was attacked, so Tony could very well be all alone out there. All alone, and possibly injured, and maybe wondering if someone could come help him, like they’d done before.

They couldn’t just leave him out there. So they agreed.

Tony shivered. He could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. “You get many storms out here?”

Yinsen hummed thoughtfully as he stared down at the backgammon board. “Depends on the season, really.”

Thunder rumbled again. Tony kind of wished he was closer to the entrance of the cave, so he could see the lightning and count to see how close the storm was.

Yinsen lifted his head, frowning. “…It’s not the season, though.”

Tony covered his ears as thunder suddenly crashed… in the cave? The Ten Rings were yelling, and shooting, but the thunder came again, only… only it sounded an awful lot like roaring.

Tony yelped when the cave lit up, electricity crackling over the walls. Yinsen was yelling something, clutching at him, dragging him toward the back of the cave. Tony turned and choked back a scream when he saw the hulking figure there, one of his captors crushed under a single, massive paw.

The Space Between Us

@ohgreatblackbunny replied to your post: Getting off of work soon and in the mood for…

Marriage proposal? Domestic fluff? Sudden child acquisition? Long distance relationship loneliness? Breakup? Misunderstanding? Surprise present? Lingerie kink? Strip club meet cute? Your starkquill is great :)

A/N: Long distance relationship woes it is! 

A gentle beep came from Peter’s computer and one moment he was fiddling with his gun—the damn thing was acting up—and the next he was staring at a hologram alert reminding him that it was time for his scheduled “date” with Tony. Peter’s heart pounded with excitement and anticipation in his chest. He all but dropped his gun on his worktable and shoved his chair across the room to his desk. He rifled through the drawers and pulled out his communicator and powered it on.

A pink holographic image of Tony grumbling to himself as he wrestled off his suit jacket emerged from the communicator’s projector.

Peter’s chest ached with longing at the sight of his boyfriend. He pushed down that heartache, though, and focused on the happiness that had bloomed in his chest also at the image of his boyfriend. “Am I getting a strip tease?”

Tony jolted. He almost swiveled his head, but caught himself just in time. The communication device projected Peter’s voice into Tony’s head, but it didn’t send Tony any visuals. Because of that, when the two had started their long distance relationship, Tony had been prone to scanning for Peter before remembering that Peter wasn’t present.

“That you, Spaceman, or have a I finally lost my mind?” The communicator aimed Tony’s face at Peter, but unfortunately, as technologically advanced as the device was, it couldn’t change the fact that Tony was essentially staring at a wall, and therefore his gaze wasn’t focused on Peter.

It made Peter miss Tony even more. “Yeah, it’s me. I promise you’re not going insane.”

“Yet.” Tony finally shook off his suit jacket. He folded it and draped it over his arm then proceeded to walk somewhere. “You really need to get a spare communicator for me. Not that I don’t love hearing your bodiless voice in my head, but Steve is starting to get worried. I think the only reason he hasn’t sent me to a psychologist is because Wanda says she doesn’t sense anything off about me.”

Peter frowned at that. “Wanda has been in your head again?”

“No, but physical brushes give her shallow access to our thoughts.” Tony hanged his jacket on a coat hanger and put the jacket away. The moment he let go of the jacket its holographic image disappeared. “As big as the tower is, all of us bump into each other at one point or another, so she gets glimpses from everyone.”  Tony grinned. The expression wasn’t the heart melting one that radiated so much warmth and happiness that Peter turned into a pile of mush whenever he saw it, but at the moment it might as well have been. It had been months since he’d seen Tony, and even his softer smiles were enough to make Peter want to smother his boyfriend with love and affection.

Tony snickered. “You have to wonder how often she accidentally catches one of us thinking about sex.”

Peter groaned. He ran his hand through his hair. “God, that just sounds terrible. Not that I wouldn’t mind getting to see a few of your fantasies.” Peter leered at Tony.

It took him a second to remember that Tony couldn’t see him.

He was going to get Tony a communicator of his own even if it killed him. They could do so much more if Tony could see him like Peter saw Tony.

“I’m sure you would.” Tony undid that top two buttons of his shirt and smirked. “I’m not sure you could handle them though.”

“I went through puberty in space, Tony. There is not a lot you could fantasize about that would would creep me out.”

Tony hummed thoughtfully. “Maybe. We’ll have to see though. Maybe I could have something arranged the next time you’re on Earth.”

Tony toyed with the button of his fly and popped it open. He gave his zipper a tug, and…

Peter squinted at the holographic image. “Tony… what are you wearing under your pants?”

Tony quirked an eyebrow. “This?” Tony shoved down one side of his pants, showing off the lace panties underneath. “Just something special.”

Peter groaned and threw his head back. “Damn it. That’s not fair. You know I don’t get to touch you.”

“But you get to watch,” Tony said, his voice ladened with promise.

“It’s not enough,” Peter whined. His voice was far more pitched than he had anticipated or wanted. He sounded like a needy child.

Tony seemed to sense that something was off with Peter, because he pulled up his pants and buttoned them. “Something wrong?”

Another whine escaped Peter, and just like that, all of the frustration and longing Peter had been feeling crashed into him like a tsunami. A tsunami and a sucker punch. It friggin’ hurt like hell.

“I miss you, man. I just…” Peter took a deep breath. He squeezed the arm of his chair. “I’m going to talk to the others and see if we can head back to Earth sooner than planned. I can’t wait another month to see you in person.”

Tony’s expression softened. “Yeah. Plus, there’s still so much you need to catch up on. I’ve got an new music player for you loaded up with more songs. You also have all of that touristy crap you said you wanted to do.”

“I said it would be nice to go to a few famous places to get in touch with my human heritage,” Peter defended.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Sure. I should probably open up a tour guide service for aliens. What do you think?”

“You’re such a jerk.”

Tony smiled. “A jerk who knows how to make a profit.”

“I’m virtually shutting you up with a kiss right now, understand?”

Tony chuckled. “Just hurry up and get here already if you want to shut me up. Your virtual lips have no power against me.”

“Just you wait, Tony. I’ll kiss you quiet so much, you won’t be able to speak for weeks.”

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Picture this. Harry is at college and his friends keep on trying to hook him up with someone even if Harry insists he already has a boyfriend. No one believes him. And then one day while Harry's with them, here comes Tom. I' d love to hear your headcanons about it:)

- Ok so all of Harry’s friends are coupled off and they think that Harry’s lonely. It starts off with Ron being like “oh yeah, this guy in my lecture is after a study buddy…did I mention he’s gay,” and Hermione talking about this friend she’s made who’s really smart and really pretty and did Harry want to meet her for drinks one night along with Hermione? 

- Harry is quite sweet about turning down their help to begin with, but as time goes on his friends get more insistent and finally Harry admits he has a boyfriend but they’ve been keeping it quiet because they didn’t want to make a big thing of it just yet. 

- Harry expects that to be the end of it but he soon finds out his friends thought he was lying to get them off his back and have got to the stage where they’re like “Harry, I met this person in the library. Oops, gotta dash, you two have fun together.”

- One day they’re out at lunch and Tom starts walking towards them. Harry is confused because he asked Tom if he’d meet his friends to shut them up but Tom said he found the situation amusing so wouldn’t help Harry just yet

- But instead of talking to Harry, Tom goes straight to Ron and Hermione who are really friendly with him. Tom asks Ron if he’ll go with him to get their drinks, and when they’re alone Hermione is all, “I know you don’t like us doing this but I think you’ll really like Tom if you give him a chance.”

- Harry immediately catches onto Tom’s game, and decides to make it better by ‘insulting’ Tom who accidentally spills a drink on Harry…basically competing to make the whole double date thing seem really awkward and terrible

- At the end of the date Tom stands and pulls Harry into a kiss before he strides away, and Harry says to Ron and Hermione, “I’m glad I gave this one a chance, I think he could be the real deal’

- Ron and Hermione are confused, even more so when Tom is suddenly at Harry’s side all the time and acting like the few-month dating couple they are rather than casual dates. Hermione eventually realises the truth, Ron is still none the wiser and thinks he set Harry up with the perfect guy

Keeping a Promise // Caspar Lee

Word Count- 1492

Summary- aka the five times Caspar didn’t kiss you and the one time he did

A/n- this is by far my favorite imagine yet, it was so fun to write. hope you enjoy!

Being Josh’s little sister, you saw Caspar all the time. Whether you wanted to or not, he was just always around. You had a love hate relationship with the boy. You threw around insults like none other. Of course, you ended up falling for him. But he was oblivious, at least you thought he was.


The first time

You were 14. It was Josh’s 16th birthday party.

“Y/n, sweetheart.” Your mom asked.

“What’s up mama?” you replied, pulling out your headphones.

“Can you go get the ice cream from the garage?”

“Yeah,” you stood up, heading out the door. You went to the freezer, searching for the ice cream, not sure which ones your mom wanted you to grab. So you grabbed them all. While you were busy trying to stack the boxes strategically, Josh and Caspar walked in.

“Y/n! Hurry up! My friends will be here any minute!” Josh screamed, grabbing two things of ice cream. He darted out of the room, towards the kitchen.

“Wanna help?” you nodded towards the other ice cream.

“Nope.” He laughed turning around.

You took one step and toppled over.

“Ouch.” You mumbled, suddenly being pulled up.

“You okay?” Caspar whispered, two inches away from your face.

“Y-yeah.” You looked into his bright blue eyes.

He looked into your eyes, then at your lips, then back into your eyes, he moved half a centimeter closer.

‘CASPAR!” Josh yelled from the backyard, “C’mon!”

Caspar let go of your arms, that neither of you noticed he was holding. He grabbed some ice cream and left. You didn’t move until your mom came in yelling at you for letting the ice cream melt.


The second time

It was about a week and a half later. You slept in because it was a Saturday, why wouldn’t you? Once you finally got up, you reluctantly went downstairs. You loved your bed so much, but your tummy needed food. When you turned into the kitchen you were baffled by the sight. Caspar was sitting at the table eating cereal, shirtless.

“Mornin’.” He said, looking up from his phone.

“Hey,” you muttered, reaching for a bowl. You knew your shirt was going to rise up, and you didn’t stop it.

You suddenly felt a presence behind you.

“You really shouldn’t do that.” He whispered into your ear.

You turned, face to face with your brothers best friend, “Do what?” you asked innocently.

“Tease me.” You breathed, his face straight.

“What’s going on here?” Josh asked from the door.

Caspar immediately reached up for a bowl, “Just grabbing a bowl for Y/n.” he turned and went back to the table. Once again, leaving you flustered.


The third time

You were at school, sitting in the library. You were quietly working on your math homework, when he sat next to you.

“Hello,” he smiled.

“Can I help you?”

“Someone’s moody today.”

“Just curious as to why you’re here.”

“I need help.” He said, catching your attention.


“So you’re saying you’ll help me?”

“I never said that.”

“Okay well, no one can know so come here.”


“Come here.” He leaned forward, pulling you closer to him. He sat there for a good 15 seconds.

“Are you gonna tell me what you need?” you said, bored of the game he’s playing.

“I really want to kiss you,” he whispered. “But Josh is looking, so I’m pretending to tell you something.”

You immediately stood up and ran out of the library, flustered again.


The fourth time

You were at a Halloween party. Like any other party, you all decided to play a game. Seeing as Truth or Dare and Never Have I Ever were overplayed, you lot decided to play Spin the Bottle.

“Alright, I’ll go first,” said a guy in the grade above you. It landed on someone who wasn’t his girlfriend. This led to lots of screaming, now 2 less people were playing.

Next was a very popular girl, it landed on Josh. You grimaced, watching your brother kiss her.

“Alright, your turn Casp,” Josh said, waiting for his friend to spin the bottle.

You clenched your fists, nervous. Did you want it to land on you?

Pro- you got to kiss Caspar

Con- only because of a game

Pro- you get to kiss Caspar

Con- your brother would see


Yes. You wanted it to land on you.

It must have been your lucky day, because the bottle came to a stop. Facing you. Your breath was caught in your throat. Suddenly you couldn’t breathe. But you played it cool. He smirked, scooting across the floor. You didn’t look at Josh, you knew it would ruin this moment. Caspar leaned in, you closed your eyes.

“IM GONNA KILL YOU!” you heard, jerking your eyes open. Everyone’s head turned to the noise.

There was a loud crash, a few bangs, and lots of yelling. Two boys in your brother’s grade were full on fighting.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Josh, pulling you out of the back door.


The fifth time

You were emotional. Josh was leaving. He was going to London. You didn’t want him to leave. You were sat in the living room, holding one of his sweatshirts.

“Oh, Y/n.” your brother sighed, “Come here.” He opened his eyes.

You bawled, “Why?”

“It’s a great opportunity.” He smiled, “I’m only a FaceTime call away. You’ll be fine.”

“I’m going to miss you so much,” you cried, sitting back down.

“You can keep my sweatshirt if you want,” he offered.

“I wasn’t going to ask for permission,” you giggled.

“C’mon Josh, we need to leave soon. Finish packing the car, I need to piss.” Caspar interrupted.

Josh left and Caspar was in front of you in seconds.

“Why are you crying love?’ he said sweetly.

“I don’t want him to leave.” You said quietly, not wanting Caspar to judge you.

“It’s not so bad, trust me. If you need to talk to someone, you can always talk to Theodora.” He cupped your face, looking straight into your eyes. “God you’re so beautiful.” He put his forehead against yours, you closed your eyes.

“Casp! You said you had to piss not take a shit! C’mon!” Josh yelled. You walked outside with Caspar. You hugged josh one more time. He got into the car, then you turned to Caspar hugging him as well.

“I’ll kiss you one day.” He whispered, then he was gone. And once again, you stood there, alone, flustered all because of the same blonde haired, blue eyed, South African who’s been making you feel this way since you were 12.



You woke up 3 minutes before your alarm went off. You decided to scroll through Tumblr before you had to get out of the bed. You were going to pick up Josh today. It had been way too long since he had been to South Africa. Two years in fact. You were so excited to see him, but when you saw him walk out of the terminal, you got more than you bargained for.

“JOSH!” you screamed, running up to your older brother. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.”

“Missed ya too sis.” He smiled.

“Oli? As in Oli White?” you asked, peering behind your brother.

“The one and only.” He laughed.

“It’s so nice to finally me you! I’ve only seen you in videos!’ you hugged him as well.

After you let go of Oli, you saw him. Two years had passed, and he was still gorgeous as ever.

“H-hey, Casp.” You smiled.

“Hi,” he sighed happily. “It’s been way to long.”

“Yeah it has.”

You pulled him into a hug, his arms wrapping around you tightly, “I’ve missed your touch.” He whispered. He let go of you, but you kept your arms around his neck.

“Do you remember the promise you made me the last time we hugged? “You asked, smiling.

“How could I forget?” he laughed.

“So? Are you gonna keep it.” You bit your lip.

His smile faded, “Josh is going to kill me,” he went to pull away, “Fuck it.”

He attached his lips to yours, you responded almost immediately. You’ve been wondering what he tasted like for the past 6 years. And it was better than you had imagined. He tasted of mint gum with a hint of alcohol. You loved it. You could taste that forever. He licked your lip, asking for permission. Which you gladly gave him.

“Okay that’s enough.” Josh said, “I’m allowing you to be with her, you could at least have the decency to not eat her face in front of me.” Josh threw Caspar’s bag at him.

You giggled mouthing a thank you to your brother who just smiled.

You clung to Caspar the rest of the day, you’ve been waiting 6 years, and you couldn’t wait any longer to be all over that boy.

Klaine Valentines Challenge Drabble - “Outside In” (Rated G)

There’s a man that Kurt’s been trying to work up the courage to meet, but what Kurt doesn’t know is that there’s a possibility that the feeling’s mutual. (1508 words)

Written for the Klaine Valentines Challenge 2017 prompt “Your Song”.

Read on AO3.

Oof! Oh my God! I’m so sorry!”

“No, I’m sorry. I should look where I’m going.”

“Well, so should I, so I guess we’re both at fault.” Kurt kneels down to pick up his dropped books, a few of them being handed to him while he shuffles through a mess of papers that are part his sheet music and part someone else’s Music Theory notes. He passes the notes along to their owner, peeking up and smiling at a set of hazel eyes he’s seen more than once, a pair of rosy lips he’s envied time and again, and a face he’s wanted to find the nerve to talk to, but hadn’t yet.

This isn’t the way that Kurt wanted to meet this man, colliding with him on his way out of the NYADA campus coffee shop, but he’s not exactly complaining.

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Behind the Scenes (19/21)

Author’s note: Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, things are like all over the place right now. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angst/Flufff?????? But is it really? (Suga)

Word count:4678

City: Bangkok, Thailand

Summary: Jimin has his own feelings about Y/n and Jungkook’s date night and Suga finally get Y/n to talk to him.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.


He couldn’t stop staring at them. It was the first thing that came up on his phone and all he could do was just stare.

Y/n looked beautiful in her red dress and Jungkook looks as fine as ever. Seeing Jungkook hold Y/n in his arms, made Jimin’s chest tighten. It was the exact poses they did for the last comeback and he felt just as jealous of Y/n as the day he was glaring from the sidelines of the photoshoot about a year ago.

He knew he had no right to feel the way he was feeling. He knew this was all part of their “show”, to make their fake relationship look as genuine as possible. But, in those pictures, at least to him, they just looked too…real.

Jungkook’s hands were much lower on Y/n’s body than he’d ever witnessed. Jimin continued to torture himself by zooming in on Jungkook’s beautiful face only to notice his lips curling into a smile, a smile that wasn’t in the original pose. Just in general, the was the Jungkook was holding her was much closer than before. In the second picture, the one where Y/n was holding onto Jungkook by his hair, Jimin felt his heart hurt more. Still there was a slight smile on Jungkook’s face, one too subtle to be fake. Unlike the original photoshoot, y/n’s lips were actually on Jungkook’s neck and that’s when Jimin tossed the phone to the other side of the bed. He couldn’t look at it anymore, it was making him physically sick.

“Why are those pictures affecting me this way?!?” he sniffled. “They are just stupid pictures! There is a shit ton of other ones of them together! Why does this hurt so much?” he whimpered.

He sat up. “Ya! Stop thinking this way!” he told himself. “There is nothing going on between them. Y/n wouldn’t do that to me. Even if she did like him, she would have told me. I can trust her, she is my friend… And besides… These feelings are pointless anyway, he’s never going to love me back.”


The two hour plane ride from Kuala Lumpar wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the best. The up side to the whole ride was that it was only you and Jungkook that sat together. There were no worries about feeling too much guilt compared to when you were actually next to Jimin. However, you had to deal with Jungkook constantly pestering you the whole time to go down in him in the bathroom. You slept with him only once and he got his greasy persona with you right back. Because of it, it wasn’t entirely easy to say no to him. The way he was wording everything was tempting, but it was more fun to deny him. Each time he came up with either a more persuasive argument or resorted to ridiculous begging. Despite his entertaining actions, the biggest reason you always said no was because you were scared the two of you would get caught by other plane passengers, or worse, any of the other boys.

The only upsetting part of the plane ride was that you and Jungkook sat behind Suga. Suga wasn’t his usual plane riding self. Without fail he was the type to put his headphones in and go to sleep, especially when he was hungover. However, today he was different. Of course, he was hungover, but this time he kept himself awake. From time to time, your giggling got a bit loud and each time it happened, you would see his bloodshot eyes peek back at the two of you through the plane seats. You got an ugly feeling in your stomach every time you noticed him.


“Jungkook, your hands!” you giggled

“What about them?”

“We haven’t even been in this hotel room for five seconds and your hands are already on my ass!” you said as you turned around to face him.

“I can’t help it!”

“I know! The-“ his lips interrupted you. “whole plane - ride you were – trying to – get me to – “join the mile high”- “club”. Ya, Jungkook!”


“I’m still mad at you!” you laughed


“Yes! You let me wake up all alone!”

Jungkook sat at the edge of the king sized bed and pulled you close. “But I was brushing my teeth!”

“But you didn’t even wake me up with a good morning like you always do! I couldn’t help but get freaked out… Plus, it felt like the first time we slept together and I woke up all alone and I didn’t like that feeling.” You pouted.

He groaned and fell back on the bed. “But you looked so cute sleeping! I didn’t want to wake you up.”

You crawled onto the bed and grabbed the one if the biggest pillows. You brought it over your head and threw it down at the unsuspecting boy’s chest. “I know, but then you had that fuck boys mirk of yours when I finally found you!” you grunted as you landed a heavy blow in him again.

“Ooooooh ok! That second hit was uncalled for!” he smiled. “Hit me one more time and see what happens!” he threatened with a bunny smile.

Without a second thought, you smacked the fluffy pillow on his face.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it!” His body rolled across the bed and he armed himself with the biggest pillow in the pile. “This calls for war!” he shouted, swinging the pillow aimlessly.


“C’mon Tae, open up, open up!” he thought. He peeked back over his shoulder towards Hiro’s room, paranoid that the disgusting ma was going to walk out at any moment. “Dammit Tae!”

“What’s up?” Finally V’s shining face appeared at the door.

“Hey, can I stay with you for a few hours? Hiro has been throwing looks at me since we left Malaysia.”

“No problem, but why don’t we go to Y/n and Jungkook’s room? She was looking better this morning. Plus, their room is on the other side of the hall”

“Yeah, let’s go, like now. I am too fucking paranoid.”

As they made it closer to Jungkook and Y/n’s room, they could hear muffled sounds coming from somewhere.

“Do you hear that?” V asked.

“Yeah, I wonder where it is coming from.”

“I bet there is some honeymooning couple here or something. Sounds too “odd” to be something innocent.” V smirked.

Jimin squinted at him. “I’m sorry, I thought I was walking around with Tae, not Jungkook.” He laughed.

The sounds only grew louder as they came to their destination. Both he and V threw each other a look as they heard the sounds more clearly. “What is that pounding sound?” V whispered.

Instantly, Jimin felt the failure pain in his chest. It felt like someone was squeezing his heart.

“Is that squealing- no, screaming?!?” V asked suddenly worried.

Jimin couldn’t get himself to listen anymore, he just began knocking frantically.

Suddenly a messy haired Y/n busted out of the room. “Save me!” she begged as she jumped behind the two of them. She laughed as she used them as a shield and put the pillow over her head for more protection.

Next Jungkook appeared, a pillow loaded above his head. “Oh hey guys!” he beamed, hiding the pillow behind his back.

Y/n giggled behind them, mostly clinging to V.

“What are you guys doing?” Jimin asked. All worries faded away seeing Y/n finally smiling. “Finally, she seems happy again.” He thought. “How could I have been jealous of those pictures. I should have been happy that Y/n even left the room. Now that I think about it, she looked happy in those pictures. What matters it that she is happy again.”

“Um, nothing.” Jungkook mumblied trying to catch his breath.

He looked over at again. Her twinkling eyes were peeking over his shoulder. “You liar!” She squeaked.

He put an arm around her. “Don’t tell me you are attacking our precious Y/n with a pillow!” Quickly, Y/n’s face fell, probably playing along with what he was starting.

“Um… No…” Jungkook huffed.

Jimin made intense eye contact with his fellow 95 liner. “Tae, you know what to do.” He said in a low voice.

V gave back an ominous nod. With a serious aura, he turned to y/n and held him hand out. “Pillow please.” Once equipped, he turned to the maknae. “Prepare to die.”

At exactly the same time, the two boys began attacking each other with their puffy weapons. He and Y/n watching as V got Jungkook to retreat back into the room. It wasn’t long before Jungkook got the upper hand and had him backed into the closet.

This was the moment where Jimin was able to make his move. He ran up behind Jungkook and pinned his arms behind his back.

“Jimin?!? What are you doing?!? Cheater!”

“Tae, quick!” He grunted as he struggled to hold back the boy he cared for so much.

Tae jumped out of the closet and took his revenge, unleashing his worst.

“Aaaaaaaah! Ouh! Noooooo, not the face!” Jungkook screamed with every hit. “Stop! Fake Jagi, help! Avenge me!”

“ok!” he ran back and grabbed Jungkook’s fallen pillow. “she quickly returned and began attacking him too.

“How dare you! How dare my fake jagi betray me!”

“You said to help, so I’m helping Tae!” she laughed.

“Agh! I surrender!” Jungkook cried as he collapsed dramatically

Jungkook’s limp body fell deeper into his arms and he enjoyed every second of it. He didn’t care that he was getting stray hit here and there from V and Y/n, he just like being so close to Jungkook.


Every day you faced the likes of a guilty Suga. He never came up to you, he only ever just stared at you with sad and heavy eyes. You couldn’t stand it. There was a horrible mix of emotions every time you spotted him. It didn’t help that your other senses picked up on the presence of Rap monster’s boisterous last victim, Boonsri. Boonsri was a lot like Eunhee in that she was what one would consider “hot”. She was also not the shy type in any way, however she was probably the most naïve of all the girls. Rap monster played her like a flute and it was terrifying, no matter what he was saying she hung onto every word. Still, you felt guilty of her inevitable doom and the loss of the other girls was still heavy on your mind. You felt like what was happening to them was your fault. you had the chance to tell them to run, t you never did. you were always to scared what your consequence was going to be. In the end, you still wished it was all you instead.

There was only one way that you coped with it all and that was by throwing yourself all over Jungkook. Almost every night since the “anniversary” date, you willingly took part in playing with each other’s bodies to get everything out of your head. It never really worked, at least not for long anyway. It was always after doing the deed that a whole new set of worries came into your head. The thoughts of “Why the fuck did I do that?”, “How would Jimin react to this? Can I ever tell him? What do I do?”, “What if Namjoon busted in right now and caught us?”, “Why can’t I stop thinking about Yoongi?”, always haunted you.


This night was no different from the last. Jungkook had barely closed the door to the room closed and his hands were already on you.

You smiled. “Finally we are alone.” You said as you turned around to pull him into a kiss. You walked back to your bed, pulling Jungkook with you until he was on top of you.

You nipped his neck immediately getting a reaction out of him. “Oh someone is feisty tonight.” He whispered into your ear.

“And what’s so wrong with that? You aren’t tired, are you?” you teased.

“I’m never too tired for you baby.”

Your hands went to unbuckled his pants, already feeling him hard against you.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Shit!” you both hissed. You both froze, waiting for another sound. For a long moment there was nothing. Jungkook spoke first. “… Ok, I think-“  again there was a knock.

“Who could it be?” you whispered.

“Um… You go check… I got a situation going on down here.” He said looking down at himself.

You slid off the bed, fixing your clothes as you looked through the peephole. Although you couldn’t see his face, the blotch of dyed hair gave away who he was. You quickly walked away from the door not wanting to see him. “It’s just Suga.” You huffed.

“Don’t tell me he wants our beer again.”

“Don’t know, don’t care.” You mumbled as you walked up to him.

Again there was a knock at the door. Jungkook looked at the door annoyed. “Let’s just ignore it. He’ll leave and annoy someone else.”

You had more frustration inside you that you wanted to let it out. You jumped on top of him, straddling his thighs and took his hands, placing them under your shirt. “Now where were we?”

You let out a yelp as he flipped you onto the bed and got back on top of you. He threw off his shirt and his lips came crashing down on you.

Again there was a knock on the door, this time followed by a call on Jungkook’s phone. Now you were out of the mood, upset even more. “Just answer the damn phone.” you grumbled. “It could be the monster.”

With much annoyance, Jungkook pulled out his phone, but quickly tossed it on the bed when he saw the caller ID. “Nope, it’s the drunk.”

“Let’s just get this over with.” Not caring for Jungkook’s protests, you got back up and opened the door. Coming face to face with a frowning Suga brought up the mix of feelings back up, but you maintained your blank expression.

“Y/n…” his voice gave out too soon. “… Y/n can we talk?”

You stuck to your word of not speaking to him and you only glared at him not saying anything.

His nerves intensified under your dark gaze and he looked all over, trying to find the courage to talk again. “Y/n… I-I… I need to apologize…” He finally said.

“For what?” Jungkook’s voice came up behind you.

Suga let out a frustrated sigh. “I just need to talk to her.”

“Y/n, do you want to talk to him?” Jungkook asked you in a way that was practically picking on Suga.

You couldn’t even get yourself to say no, you just closed the door in his face. Immediately Suga began knocking on the door frantically. “Y/n please!” you heard.

“Jagi, you don’t have to talk to him.” Jungkook reassured

You looked at the door. You couldn’t help but doubt yourself and part of you wanted to talk to him. “Yeah, I know.” You barely let out.

There was a weak knock at the door, signaling he was about to give up.

“Fuck it!” again you opened the door

Suga stood surprised that you actually opened up again.

You stared at him waiting for him to say something, say anything really.

“S-so can we talk?”

You nodded.

“Really?… Can we t-talk alone? Maybe in my room?” again he was scared to ask.

You turned around and faced Jungkook who was behind you. “You stay here, I’m going to his room.”

“You sure? What if Namjoon comes?”

“Then just take him to Suga’s room!” you instructed. You didn’t see the point in him worrying so much, you knew you weren’t going to be gone long, at least you weren’t going to let yourself be.


You sat on one end of his couch annoyed. “Why did he want to talk? Why can’t he just let me be mad at him?!? And seriously of all the times of the day, like now? Now he wants to talk?!?”

Suga sat about 2 feet away from you, still struggling to find the words to speak first.  “So, uh… I’m… Well y/n… I first want to say sorry about what happened in Kuala Lumpar…”

You crossed your arms. “And what for exactly?” you asked harshly.

“Well, I had the necklace fixed!” He quickly got up and retrieved a small white cardboard box out of his laptop bag. He sat back down and offered it to you.

You looked down at the little jewelry box in his hand. You scoffed at him, “I don’t give a fuck about the damn necklace.”

His frown returned and he placed the box down on the coffee table.  “…I’m sorry for getting drunk…” Finally he said an apology you actually wanted to hear.

You looked up at him “And?”

“And for doing so even after what you told us… I should have been there for you after that night… I fucked up…”

“You sure did!”

He hung his head low. “…I know…”

“I broke down in front of the two of you and neither one of you gave a fuck, neither one of you quit your shit for me!” you spat.

“I know…”

“Why? Why?!? If you knew, then why do it?!? If you know I hate it so much, if you know I need you guys?!? This is what I meant! You guys aren’t my friends! You guys don’t care about me! You only care about yourselves! Just tell me why! Why don’t I mean anything to you?!? Why make me feel close to you guys when neither of you fucking care?!?” you wiped away the tears that spilled out, not wanting to waste anymore on him.

Suga didn’t say anything, he just kept his head down.

“Well?!?… Seriously? You aren’t even going to fucking say anything?!?” You stood up from the couch. “You know what? Fuck you! I’m going back to my room!”


You turned back to him. The shrunken version of the man you loved, now only stood a few feet in front of you. “Why the fuck should I?!?”

“Just let me explain? Please? Just please?”

“…Fine, but after this, I’m leaving!” you stated as you sat back down on the couch.

Suga sat down, this time a bit closer than before. He ran his hands over his blushed face before he spoke again. “Ugh, I know what I’m about to say isn’t a good enough reason…” He said softly. “Especially to you of all people… It’s just… I just… I-I can’t take any of it anymore… I’m still so stressed. This tour is taking a lot out of me… but a lot of it all deals with you… I hate seeing you and Jungkook together… I know it’s all fake but I hate it! I hate that I don’t trust you with the maknaes even when they are the ones that have been looking after you. I hate that my attempts to get Hiro to back off didn’t work, that he still hurt you. And for the life of me, I can’t stand the fact that you won’t talk to me, that you don’t trust me. I feel like I failed you…” his voice trembled.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and looked away from him.

“I mostly hate myself!” his voice cracked. His eyes were red and watery, “I hate that I couldn’t step up to the plate and be there for you when I should have. I lost sight of things and you are the one that’s getting hurt… What’s really getting to me lately is that I hate myself for what I let happened to Aik- Ai-“ He couldn’t even say her name before he broke.

You teared up too, remembering your interactions with Aiko and all the others. “So why do it, huh?!? Why didn’t you just pay her off?!? I was at that meeting too! Namjoon said you can just pay them! You have money! Why didn’t you do that?!?”

Suga shook his head. “She wouldn’t take it!” he whimpered. “When we all reported to Namjoon I told him Aiko wouldn’t take money. I didn’t have time to find anyone else, so he-he gave me no other choice than to coax her in!”

Your blood boiled. Every part of you wanted to physically slap some sense into him, but you didn’t. “Then you should have lied to him!” you practically screamed. “You should have told him you’d pay her and he would have backed off!”

“I didn’t think about that! It didn’t even come to me until it was too damn late! I was too tired and too stressed to think!” he cried.

“Bullshit! You “fought so hard for me”! Why didn’t you fight for her?!? Why didn’t you fight for Aik-“ even you couldn’t say her name. “…Why not for her? You seemed to care so much for her. Why did you let it all happen?!?”

“I did try!” He finally looked up at you. His eyes were as red as could be, even more so than when he’s hungover, the rest of his face was red as well and streaked with tears. “I tried so hard, but in the end, I didn’t want you hurt!”

You moved up to him. “I don’t care about being the fucking mule! I would have gladly done it so they didn’t have to!” you shouted, poking at his chest with every word.

“This wasn’t about being the fucking mule y/n!” he shouted over you. “I was selfish and I chose to protect you!”

Your face cringed at him. “What do you mean you chose me?!?”

“What do you think it means?!?… I went to Namjoon before we took off for the tour. I begged him to let Aiko walk away… Time after time, I begged him and every-single-mother-fucking -time he gave me the same ultimatum…” his voice fell. “He told me that if Aiko walks- If she walked, he’d kill you.” His bottom lips trembled. “I had to choose between you or Aiko… Y/n, I love you! I fucking love you and the thought of not having you in my life killed me! I was selfish and I wasn’t gonna let him take you from me!”

You looked at him through watery eyes not too sure of you could believe what he just said. Your lack of words got to him and he got off the couch and turned away from you.

You sat silently, taking in everything. Your mind was going a million miles an hour as you tried to wrap your head around everything. “Was that why Namjoon hasn’t killed me yet?!? Did Yoongi just say what I thought he said? Why didn’t he ever tell me this? Did he really mean it, does he actually love me?” Quickly your thoughts began to snowball and eventually you came to one major thought. “Would I have done the same thing for him?!?” you looked over at Suga who still had his back to you. “If I had to choose between Yoongi and someone else, who would I choose? Can I be without Yoongi?” Even these past weeks of not talking to him hurt so much. No matter how mad you were, you can’t picture a day without him around.

You walked up to him. Without notice, you hugged him. You couldn’t stand being away from him anymore.

He jumped at your touch and turned around. “Huh?”

“I love you.”

“What?” He asked in disbelief.

“I love you!” you repeated. You didn’t care anymore, you tiptoed so your lips could reach his.

Thankfully, he kissed back and you swore you felt a spark. The same spark you felt the first time you kissed. A spark you never felt with Jungkook no matter how many times you told yourself it was there.

He pulled out of the kiss making your heart fall, but he still held you close. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.” His voice trembled.

“It’s okay.”

“No! I fucked up! I fucked everything up!”

“Shhh, it’s okay.” You whispered as you wiped his face with your sleeve.

He went through a small series of whimpers before he began to weep on your shoulder. You held him tight combing your fingers through his hair until he let it all out.

By the time he was calm, you both had moved to the couch. The two of you sat quietly letting everything sink in. You held his hand and eventually felt his thumb glide across your skin

You looked up at him, “Are you okay now?” you asked softly.

He shrugged “… That depends…” He voice was softer than yours.


“Can you forgive me?” He was nervous to ask, it was obvious that he was.

You nodded. “But… are you ever gonna quit drinking?”

His answer wasn’t an immediate one and that didn’t make you feel so good. He thought about it for a bit before finally he answered with, “Yes… I’ll try”

“Yoongi, if you ever pull shit like that again, I will stop talking to you.” you said sternly. “I hate when you are drunk and I not going to waste whatever time I have left on your drunk ass. If you drink because you are upset, then come to me and tell me about. For whatever pushes you drink, you come to me instead.”

“…Ok” he said giving your hand a squeeze. He inched closer and you rested your head on his shoulder.

Again, there was silence for a long while until he broke it once more. “Y/n”


“When we get back to Seoul tomorrow, I’ll be getting started on the album not long after the final concert… So I won’t be coming home with you guys for a while. I won’t really be home a lot in general…”

“…That’s fine” you lied. It hurt that you put so much space between the two of you and now that things were better, he’d be busy. Almost instantly did you throw away the idea of him sobering up. You knew how hard he pushed himself and that was one of the many reasons he drank. This whole making up thing was too good to be true.

“I’ll do my best to make time for you.” He reassured.

“You better!” you tried to smile, but you just couldn’t. “But make time to sleep and eat too.”

The corners of his lips curled up. “I will.” Finally, a smile, that was something you haven’t gotten out of him in a long time.

You looked down at your hand in his, feeling complete for the first time in a long time, but it was just then that you remembered your relationship with Jungkook. “…Also, let’s not have anyone know about our feelings for each other, not even Hoseok. I don’t wasn’t the monster finding out…” Nor did you want Jungkook ever knowing about the two of you. “…But also, I want to take this slow. I need some time to trust you again.”

“Yeah, of course.”


“You were gone for a while; how did it go?” Jungkook asked you as you walked past him.

You did what you could to avoid his eyes. “Uh… emotional.”

He appeared next to you with a look of concern on his face. “A good emotional or a bad emotional?”

You shrugged, still not looking him in the eye. “Good… We are cool now.”

He nodded, not looking too happy about your answer. You felt him grab your wrist and he pulled you into a hug, but you didn’t reciprocate. “Well, I’m proud of you Jagi. It must have been hard to have to talk things out with him.”

You no longer felt comfortable by his touch. It all of a sudden felt so wrong now. You had to break up with him, but now wasn’t the best time. “I’ll do it when we are back in Seoul.” You thought. You pulled away from him. “Um… Let’s go to sleep before Namjoon gets back. I’m really tired now anyway. It’s been a long night.” You told him.

So… How do you guys feel about that confession? Do you guys like this Suga x y/n thing or do you want her to stay with Jungkook???????

So. My bard Prianna has been in SO MANY GAMES ever since 3rd edition. She’s that old. She has ALWAYS had the same dream: To get her family’s restaurant back. She has NEVER gotten it back.

She has finally made it back to her hometown after years and years and years of playing D&D. She’s managed to make a deal with the leader of the town, that if she tracks down this one guy who’s been a bit of a problem, and brings him back in, then she gets the restaurant back. No actual gold, no “proper payment”, but the restaurant in full.

WHAT I GOT: The team went “Yeah absolutely let’s go get you that restaurant.”

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