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HELLO! First off, you are AWESOME, I LOVE ALL YOUR ART, and you inspire me as an artist to do art things! So thank you for being my inspiration! <3 So anywho I was looking through your blog and came across an old ask that said you sometimes used pencil and scanned it into the computer for shading before posting it, and all ur stuff looks super good when I looked at the pencil stuff, so I was wondering what you use to scan your work? And what methods you might use to clean the scans? (THANK U!!!)

Sure! I use the Epson V700 series of scanners! Specifically, the Epson V750. It’s a nice glass 8″x10″ flatbed scanner that has the added perk (for us, at least) of scanning film as well*! So it comes with the equipment  and software to safely scan in 35mm and 120mm film, as well as being a sharp, calibrated scanner for scanning in small pieces of art and sketches. I think they sell a larger size of the V750 (that might be 11″x14″?) but I havent seen it and its way out of my price range for the kind of work that both Mat and I use it for – him for film scanning, and me for art scanning.

*Note the v750 is a model specifically for FILM SCANNING as well as documents, so check the v600 model line for sketches and lineart scanning! It’s the same basic build and software but without the film scanning on the side (trust me the film stuff makes it a lot more expensive than it would be normally bc not a lot of scanners do that well or come with holders) so the price tends to be a LOT more affordable!

Once I scan in my lineart, I tend to throw it either into SAI or Photoshop depending on what I want to do with it, but in SAI, all I really need to do is set the lineart/sketch to Multiply” and work on top of and underneath it! Typically this preserves the lines I want while letting me clean the lines up and add shading/texture/lighting/color etc. Anything I want, really! Typically though, I just tend to shade my lineart instead of color it in (i don’t always like losing my lines)

So a sketch like this:

Will get cleaned up, isolated, and shaded and turned into this:

Pretty sweet stuff, amirite?

Either way, that’s what I have and thats what I use! I mostly scan black and white but the color is just as good and can be adjusted from the scanner software. I definitely recommend to check it out! I dont draw as much in straight pencil as I used to unless I plan on straight painting it, but that doesnt mean having a nice scanner isnt worth it and can cut down on workflow if you work faster in pencil lines than digital. Besides, pencils have this nice texture to them that isnt easily achieved with digital brushes so if thats a look your going for, all the better to get a good scanner that can capture it.


Can we please stop calling things political or feminist or anti-Trump just because they’re good stories about women, LGBT+ people and/or immigrants?

"I can't let you do that."  (a Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl + Tara + Morgan).

I don’t even know what this is, guys.  Speculation?  Wishful thinking?  I really don’t know.  Just me working through some dialogue prompts trying to shake the writer’s block dust off, and I guess I’ve been reading and checking out too many filming spoilers/pics, lol.  This probably has literally zero basis in reality, but eh.  I don’t care.  Anything that gets the creative juices flowing again can’t be all bad, huh?  I’m not 100% happy with it, but then again, I never am, lol. 

Just a moment in an alleyway. 

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Just one ki…*SPLASH*

Greaserlock bonus
(shooting pics under 221boat)


Greaser Sherlock (and gifmaker) - kassna
Nerd John - itsloki
Filming - kassna’s boyfriend ♥

Inspiration - traumachu and her wonderful story as well as the art of archiaart



Here, have a moving version of the not-as-planned kiss. ;)

♥♥ A very happy birthday to you! ♥♥

marvel: let’s take bruce, a serious character with serious problems, and use a totally unnecessary deus ex machina to make him happy and carefree about all his past baggage, either for the most part or completely, just so he can fit into the incorrigibly fun, light, and goofy nature of a film that already claims to ignore thor’s own past canon and/or characterization!

me: so you basically want him to have no process of learning, growing, and coming to a state of self-acceptance through actual experiences. you want to cut out the journey part and jump right to the final product, just in the name of “fun”. that’ll be real satisfying to the viewer.


me: get out

#230 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “have ya seen the youtube vid of van singing broken army on an electric guitar? could u do a fic where you’re at that party and you watch him play n fall for him after that? u can decide where it goes from there”

Note: Click here for the video.

From across the room, you watched him hook up a milky white electric guitar to an amp with a taped on smiley face. The amp was sat on an ugly brown leather couch and you wondered why he hadn’t used the table in front of him. There though, he threw a couple of picks. Maybe he didn’t want to disrupt the glasses and bowls on the table, polite then. Maybe he just didn’t think things through, chaotic too. You hoped for a bit of both.

He was in almost-all black. His boots, jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket were all dark, but the hoodie that was on between his shirt and jacket was grey. The hoodie/jacket combo had always been on your list of things that made you feel all hot and giggly. It was what you had noticed about him as he first walked into the room. Then, as he sat down and started to play, it was the sharp angle of his nose and the horrible cut of his hair.

He was being filmed; you watched the screen on the digital camera zoom in too close to his face. They would move to focus on his hands, strumming without the help of any of the picks on the table. The music coming from the amp was unfamiliar to you. The lyrics that began to spill from his mouth were the same. You’d missed him say before the song that it was an original. The room was filled with conversation and you couldn’t hear his quiet speaking voice. He sang loud though.

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The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything, is forty-two.

-Deep Thought, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!

Chance Encounters

Chris X Reader
Summary(Requested): Y/N spends some time in Jersey and meets Chris.

Last minute video ideas were always chaotic. Last minute video ideas that required you to run to the shops after you’d just come to the area were even more chaotic. You’d recently moved from Guernsey to Jersey to live with some relatives. You were a YouTuber and a place as small as Guernsey with a job like that could seem a little suffocating sometimes.
“Where the fudge do they put whipped cream, for the love–”
“Aisle twelve, love.” You pivoted around and found Chris Dixon watching you intently.
“Oh, um, thank you. I’m–”
“You’re Y/N. I’m Chris.”
“Um, it’s nice to meet you. You have some nice content.”
“I could say the same for you. What do you need whipped cream for?”
“I’m going to do a video with my cousin and we decided to use whipped cream in it.”
“Are you staying in Jersey?”
“Yeah, I’m here for quite some time actually.”
“Maybe we should film together sometime.”
“You know, normal people wouldn’t talk about content and filming.”
“We’re not exactly normal, now are we?”
“Eh, true.”
“Do you need any help filming today?”
“Do you mind?”
“No, I’ve been the cameraman for plenty of videos.”
“Did you drive here? As soon as I get this stuff we’re going to film.”
“Yeah, I’ll follow you over.” 5 bottles of whipped cream later, you were headed back to the house, Chris following behind.
“Jack, I got the whipped cream,” you yelled, kicking your shoes off. Jack came downstairs and he and Chris did the bro hug thing when they saw each other.
“Chris, long time no see, mate.”
“Busy schedules I guess. You never told me you had a very pretty cousin who did YouTube.”
“Mate, it never even crossed my mind.” The three of you proceeded to set up for the video, until Jack got a call. “I really have to go, Y/N. I’m sorry.” Jack was out the door before you could say a word.
“Well, looks like that was all for nothing. I’m really sorry to have wasted your time, Chris.”
“It wasn’t that much of a waste.” Your back had been turned and you hadn’t realized he’d gotten as close as he had. “Can I take you on a date while you’re still in Jersey?”
“I’d very much like that.”

the film industry is interesting bc like…on one hand? i know what i want to do with my life but on the other? i dont…like….in general yeah i wanna do film stuff and i know i want to do screenwriting For Sure but by all accounts its going to take a solid while before that pays the bills so its like. do i go into camera? do i just pa? i dont know theres…so many options…help ,