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older wizard yurio would be like the opposite of howl but just as glamorous and w more sass  

I was pretty happy how this came out hehe. I’ll probs sell it as a print next month maybe or edit it again some other time. 💕

thank you @ngc5139 for giving me the inspiration to finish this. im really happy i was able to. <33 

Each prologue in a nutshell

Jedi Knight: 

“I hit that guy so hard he was impressed with my skill and asked if I needed his services”

Jedi Consular:

“Yuon no”

“Yuon yes!”


“One second everything was fine, and then that GTA fan ran off with my precious baby and some guy’s gun. Please, Corso, he won’t hurt your blaster. At least, a blaster can’t be crashed, but a ship can. I’m so nervous”


“Haha, funny, nice one, April Fools Day, right? Yeah? Damn, it’s May”

Sith Warrior:

“I came here to complete my training, but instead I got into some high school drama, and we’re trying to find out who’s the most popular sith in the Academy. Hey, Vette, I have your vote, right?”

Sith Inquisitor:

“My whole life has been some hell, but it’s about to change now that I have this big bloodthirsty, grumpy and constantly nostalgic scary guy who eats people. My very first friend”

Imperial Agent:

“Oh yeah, I’m that famous pirate. I do a lot of… pirating… stuff. Oh, you think I’m an impostor? Well, maybe that’s the Red Blade YOU have met was an impostor! I bet he’s jealous I’m prettier than him”

Bounty Hunter:

“I left for FIVE minutes, and now everyone is dead because of some dude who has no taste in make-up whatsoever, and the big worm gave the token to some lizard instead of me, what are the odds?”

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Can you do a famous malec couple au? Please

okay so full credit to @achilleanragnor​ for helping me get started on this because famous was too big a window for me and then this happened

  • okay so magnus is the troy baker of video games
  • honestly like, has there been a well acted game in the last eight years that didn’t feature a magnus bane voice line???
  • (the answer is probably no)
  • he’s had one or two small roles on tv, just on little shows and things but his home is voice acting, because that’s what he loves doing
  • he loves trying on new people, trying out new personalities, new faces
  • he also adores seeing all the production teams do their magic
  • anyway yeah magnus is super famous in the gaming community, been to awards shows, the whole works. nerds faint in his presence. especially at comic con
  • and then there’s alec
  • alec who his parents wanted to go to law school but he started acting in a theatre group instead and found he loved it so much more
  • alec who was at law school when he got the call for an audition for a superhero movie
  • alec who gave up law school when he got that dream call, much to his parents displeasure
  • (izzy and jace were proud as hell though)
  • he’s had a lot of pretty big roles - superhero movies, cult sci-fi, a fantasy show everyone seems to love
  • honestly alec doesn’t think he’s famous, no matter how many people sneak pictures of him on the subway
  • izzy and jace have to remind him of that alone because he’s always like “no, they’re not looking at me, are you crazy?”
  • especially when he’s out with jace, because jace is this crazy good musician and of course they’re looking at you
  • anyway alec got asked to do a little cameo role in a big rpg game and he kind of loved it??? which was a surprise because he really didn’t expect to
  • he goes to visit jace one day and jace is playing it because “dude, it’s your game of course i’m playing the shit out of this just to see what you look like”
  • jace is impressed, but alec ends up in bliss listening to the main character talk, who is played by, you guessed it, magnus bane
  • he doesn’t really think about it much though, and moves on until his agent asks if he liked the game thing
  • because this big epic adventure game is looking for some stage & tv actors to do their newest story
  • and alec reads the brief and damn it’s a good story
  • so he goes for it and he gets it
  • and it’s not until the production staff start talking to him that he realises it’s a full motion capture game
  • which is new but he’s still excited to get going, because it looks like a fun game, and there’s a full gay romance, which is really important for alec
  • he wants to do it right dammit!!!!!
  • anyway he gets to set the first day and surprise surprise, guess who alec’s love interest is?
  • anyway alec spends half his time being in awe of magnus’ amazing talent, and the rest trying to wipe the drool off his chin because the only person that can make the ridiculous motion capture outfits look sexy is magnus bane
  • so they spend the next few months filming this game, with alec falling a little bit more in love every single day
  • until finally they get to the end of the game, and the climax of the love plot, when in the heat of danger they share a passionate first kiss
  • and honestly alec forgets he’s acting until they get to that scene, when the production crew says they can kiss if they want but they don’t need to because the motion capture comes out weird anyway and the outfits will probably make it awkward
  • only just as magnus is about to pull away, alec leans in and kisses him for real
  • so when the game comes out and the two of them play it together on date nights, magnus is all “can you believe out first kiss has been immortalised in a video game?”
  • anyway they go out together and the fans all love them
  • their comic con panel involves so many “what happened on set” things it’s hilarious
  • they’re basically the power couple of video games and it’s beautiful
  • they get to accept a bunch of lgbt awards together and blow up the internet
  • and they all lived happily ever after
  • (including their video game characters)
not afraid to keep on living

you okay freddie?”
me too.”

famous last words.

and haunting george weasley since that very day until today. the last thing he said to his brother before the battle, and therefore, the last words he said to him before he died, were “me too”.

bloody hell, there was a million things he could have said instead, if only he had known.

much more  hilarious things. memories of pranks, and jokes and the hogwarts corridors echoing with their laughter after yet another mischief managed. or embarrassing ones, he could have teased freddie about that time he caught him snogging with lee jordan after a quidditch match, when both of their faces were as dark red as the colours of fred’s sweater.

and fred could have teased back, you know? he so would have. fred would have mentioned that time at the yule ball when angelina appeared wearing that long and sheer blue dress, that made george speechless (‘that only time you ran out of something to say, georgie, it was brilliant!’) and then he would fake a stupid besotted face expression and george would have punched him in the arm, the both of them doubling with laughter.

he could have said a million things but 'me too’, but that’s all what he said.
such a simple, stupid, casual and trivial conversation, unaware of the fact it was going to be the last words they were going to say to each other, ever.

and it just left him with a lot of silence instead.
of all the things left unsaid, the pranks unfold, the jokes untold, the gadgets undeveloped.
losing freddie was worse than losing a limb, for george had lived all his life with words and laughter, with a companion, a mirror, a supporter, a friend, a brother.

time helped, but the wounds ran too deep, and just a simple glance of himself in the mirror was enough for george to be assaulted with unwelcoming memories and heart breaking flashbacks.

but he knew he wasn’t the only one in pain, either, that his looks and his physical appearance weren’t only saddening to him, when he saw the mist in his mother’s eyes after a kiss on his cheek, and the solemnity of his father’s expression when his voice faltered to call his name. when lee was so tense, so awfully nervous when angelina and him met to catch up with him.

and he wasn’t the only one struggling with mourning, either. with percy overworking, same with bill. when charlie travelled more than he used to. when ron tried to come with bright and useful ideas, when ginny practiced harder, and longer than ever. when he felt angelina’s warm hands running down his spine after a nightmare, her lips mouthing soothing words on his freckled shoulder, her lashes damp with unshed tears.

because he knew better than everyone, that there was so much of fred in him, in the same way there was a lot of him in freddie.

dying his hair was a whim, maybe, a palliative, a placebo. but when he stood in front of the mirror with darker hair and looked at himself, it was the first time in years he wasn’t automatically attacked with reminders of what was lost, and a grin made it to george weasley’s mouth.

i am okay, freddie.”
“and i hope you’re okay too.”

Jinyoung (M)

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Jinyoung look down at you as you stubbornly sat there, pouting with your arms folded across your chest. 
“Yah, Jagi..” He cooed, kneeling in front of you; his fingers grazing your thighs. “Why are you being so bratty today babygirl?” 

~ Though you had no real reason to act like such a brat, you decided to do so anyway. All to day you refuse to do basic chores he had given you; you refused to do anything he told you to, just because you wanted to. It was fun pushing his limits, you enjoyed punishments because in the end he’d always give into what you wanted. ~

You stayed silent, shrugging in response to his question as you avoided eye contact with him.
Suddenly he brought his hand up to your face, roughly gripping your lower jaw- forcing you to look at him. “You know how Daddy feel’s about his little girl being a brat don’t you?” He sternly asked as you saw that familiar intimidating dark glint in his eyes. 

Again, you stayed silent- but nodding in response to his question. 
“Not uh.” He lowly growled, tightening his grip on your jaw, “Use your words babygirl.. You wanna act like a big, tough girl, right?” He asked with the slight tilt of his head, “Answer me like one then.” 

“I don’t care..” You softly huffed, grasping his forearm, “Let me go, Jinyoung.” 

Just as you finished stating your request, he practically threw you onto the couch, immediately climbing on top of you. He then released your jaw, shoving your head back into the cushion as he wrapped his fingers around your throat, “You’re really testing me today aren’t you little girl?” He snarled, leaning down closer to you- his face now inches from yours. “Do I have to remind you who you belong to Jagi?” 

A bratty little giggle flowed out of you, “Hmm..” You purred, separating you legs a tad more for him, “Maybe~” 

Jinyoung eyed down at your lower half, a smug grin painted across his handsome face as he peered back up at you. “Oh is that what you want, kitten?” He snickered, using his free hand to slowly travel down to your heated core.
Pushing your skirt up your thick thighs, revealing your pastel colored panties. “So pretty..” He whispered, his fingertips lightly trailed up your soaked panties, “Always so ready for Daddy aren’t you, babygirl?” 

Biting your lower lip, an airy giggle escaped your lips as you nodded, “Of course, Daddy.” Bucking your hips up to meet each gentle soak he made drew out a soft chuckle from him. 
“Do you want me kitten?” He asked in a seductive purr, placing more pressure on your hardening clit. You answered him with a delicate whimper and a shaky nod. 
“What did Daddy tell you before, little one. Use your words.” 

“Yes, Daddy..” You replied in a velvety hum, your whines gradually became louder as he put your panties to the side all while continuing his delicious onslaught. “I want you so badly.”

Biting his lip, he intently watch you melt from the pleasure- Oh how he loved watching you relax; becoming undone beneath him. 
“But kitten..” He replied slowing his pace, “You were being so bad. Why should I reward you for acting like a little brat?” He snarled, pulling his fingers away from your wanting flower. 

Pouting, you whined in protest, “B-But Daddy..” 

“But Daddy..what, princess?” He asked, that pompous grin returning as he tilting his head from side to side.

“I really, really, really want you Daddy..” You whimpered, giving him some of your self proclaimed famous aegyo. 

“Yeah..” He retorted with a snide chuckle, “I can tell..” He teased as he looked at his well coated fingertips, then down to your soaked panties. “But why should I give me little slut what she wants?” He asked again, using different words this time. “Tell me why you deserve to cum, princess, and I just might feel generous enough to let you..” 

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Just stopping by to say that I think you're really cool!

AAAAAA TOO SWEET (yet completely unrealistic wow)

You want me dead

(A/N): I was watching videos of the Jimmy Fallon’s show and I had this idea. I hope that you like it!

Warnings: None

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“Tell us, (Y/N). How came the idea of making a YouTube channel? Did you expected that I was going to be such a success?” 

 You closed your eyes for a second and smiled. “Well, the idea came because of my brother. He’s two years older than me and I remember that he was obsessed with bands like Green Day or Fall Out Boy. So one day he had the idea of dressing me up like Billie Joe Armstrong and take pictures.” the public started to laugh. You smiled even without understanding what was that funny.

 “Oh, yeah. The famous pictures.” the host laughed so you did too. It was the first time that someone interviewed you on TV, so you were trying to stay relaxed.

 “Yeah, the famous pictures. When we posted them in Instagram everybody started reposting them and it went viral in a couple of days. I still don’t know why.” everybody laughted again, but that time you stayed serious. “So, in the wake of the photos we opened the channel in 2013. We thought that it was a good idea. And that’s how we started making parodies about bands on the Internet.”

“But the point is that you’re not who sings in the videos and a little bird has told me that you can actually sing. And a lot of people like me want to know why.”

“Well, the fact is that my voice doesn’t sound very masculine. So, when we have to record a song, my brother is the one who sings.”

The host looked at you with both of his eyebrows raised up, you just shrugged. There was a moment in where everyone in the set was quiet, and you started to think if you said something wrong. “I’ve heard that you know how to imitate a singer who you have already met in person.”

Oh no, if that singer was who you were thinking about you’d die of shame. Though it was real that you could imitate him, you were on TV! There was a probability that he was actually watching you. Or worse, maybe the other member of that band was watching the show too.

“Could you show us who you imitate Tyler Joseph’s voice, (T/N)?” the host asked with you with a lovely smile. God, you couldn’t say no at that point. It would be rude.

He gave you a microphone and you took it nervously. “First of all.” you looked directly at the camera. “Tyler, if you’re watching this, please don’t hate me. I carry you in my heart.”

The public laughed and you did too. Now it’d been funny. You started to think about all the Twenty One Pilots lyrics that you knew and decided to sing the chorus of Tear In My Heart. It was one of your favourites and you died everytime that you watched the video. Your mind was trying to focus on the lyric but everytime that you looked at the host and saw him smiling like a little child, you wanted to start laughing.

The chorus finished and the public started to applaud. You got up and started bowing. Finally, it seemed like you were starting to be relaxed for the first time since the interview started. Now you were acting like the real (Y/N). When you went back to your sit, the host put a hand in your shoulder. 

“That was amazing. Without exaggeration I can say that you sounded like the Tyler. I closed my eyes for a second and it sounded like him.”

“Nah, you’re actually exaggerating.” you laughed, trying to make it less.

“If you don’t believe me why don’t you let Josh Dun to confirm it?”

“Wait, what?”

You stopped talking when you saw that Josh was in the set with you and he was getting close. You opened your mouth for a second, without being able to believe that he was there. He greeted the host with a handshake and you standed up prepared to say hello to him. Josh smiled when he looked at your eyes and then kissed your cheek. 

He took a sit next to you. Apparently, the bright haired boy would stay there until the end of your interview.

“Thanks for coming, Josh. We’re so glad that you’re here.”

“Thanks for inviting me. When they told me that she was going to be here I said yes without thinking about it.”

Thank you, Joshua Dun. Now your cheeks were red. Everytime that you looked at him he smiled. You were shook at that moment.

“Can you tell our dear (Y/N) what do you think about her impression pf Tyler’s voice?”

“It’s been incredible. You’ve got talent and the best is that you sounded better than him.” you laughed nervously. “I told you this the first time that we met.”

“You remember that day?”

“How could I forget it? You made me smile in half an hour more than in the whole day. And I loved your personality.”

You covered your face with both hands when the public said a long “Awwwwwwww.”

“How cute was that, Josh.”

“Thank you.” he answered with a laugh.

“You want me dead, don’t you?” you said to the drummer without stop smiling. “You can’t say that to a girl who had a crush on you.”

“You have a crush on me?”

“Had. On the past.”

“That breaks my heart, (Y/N).” the host seemed to be enjoying the conversation. “I have a crush on you. Have. On the present.”

You bit your bottom lip and smiled again. Josh looked at your eyes for a seconds and a smile were draw on his lips.

“Why don’t we stop the show here and we left this love birds here? It seems they have forgot about everything. I bet that they’re not listening to me.”

You were listening. But both of you prefered to look at each other without saying anything. Your crush for Josh Dun was coming back.

Though perhaps it had never left

This album right here was the best hip hop album of 2016 (besides 4 your eyes only & Coloring Book) Don’t sleep on Isaiah Rashad. I feel like him and Mick Jenkins are the most underrated rappers today. Y'all keep hyping these trash buckets up (lil uzi, lil yachty, famous dex, and xxx tentacion ) I don’t care how much controversy this could cause. We can debate about this all day if y'all want 🤷🏾‍♀️


Degrassi Social Media AU (4/?) + Emma’s Instagram


concept: to respect lauren and who she chooses to date. to respect lucy and to have the decency to treat her like an actual human being. to respect their relationship (whether it’s real or not) because they have feelings, despite being famous (yeah, shocker, celebrities have feelings too, who would’ve guessed?). to not shit on their relationship / friendship because it interferes with your ship? i mean for fuck’s sake, your otp barely interacts, OBVIOUSLY IT’S MORE REAL THAN THESE TO (hint hint, this is sarcasm). no need to shame lucy to prove that “camila is better for her”. no need to comment “camren is real” on every one of their posts, especially those of the two of them together. like jesus christ, they’re happy, why not fucking respect them since one of them is your so-called idol??