yeah eyah

Some Bossuet things

- learned the hard way that you can’t compare yourself to others

- loves his bald head

- on Sundays likes to go on parks and feed the ducks

- has a bigger beanie collection than Grantaire

- its a simple man, likes vanilla ice cream

- played football (soccer) for 5 years, but gave up after having his face smacked by the ball more times than he cares to count

- its very flexible

- and strong

- loves caring people around

- in the same topic, carries Chetta and Joly around their apartment for fun

- he can be unlucky in a considerable amount of things but no one is better than him in the kitchen

- he takes pride in making everyone smile and laugh

- uses glasses but no one knows (except for Musichetta and Joly) because he always forgets them at home