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David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stage door 17th March 2017 

I’m kind of thinking about that one person on Facebook who said Julia on Sesame Street was an example of “feel good autism” and all I can think is “Yeah, she’s exactly the sort of character who makes autistic people feel good about themselves.“


the experience of reading tsubasa and falling for fai and then reaching That Point in the manga is just… hfhdjddj it’s the same experience that the family had. loving this kind man and then finding out deeper and loving him still, wanting to fight through everything for him, being so happy when he makes it out the other side…. yeah. that’s exactly what sakura and syaoran and kurogane and mokona were all thinking too! this tiny family loves each other so darn much!!!!!

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Just an opinion from a stranger. I read what you just wrote and ive been in the same position I'm a male and dated this girl a while back she demanded so much and i tried so hard and ended up alone because i didnt make her happy. And its the worst feeling but those people are toxic for you i feel like they just never really liked you at any point. And the best thing to do is to move on, meet new people, and date, let yourself have fun and be selfish because at the end of the day is your life..

Yeah exactly thank you so much for this it means a lot and same to you :)

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That's a weird insult hahaha, you're really pretty without makeup, everyone's kinda plain looking without makeup because we are all used to seeing everyyyoneee wearing it now

Yeah exactly 💖

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I think the same can be said for any couple, and it's not really a fair point to say you dislike a pairing for fan work that has nothing to do with why people ship it. I personal don't hate or like any sonic paring , I'm nutruel all the way through since I don't care but if you don't like Sonadow, then that's cool, but to say I hate something cause someone else ruined it for me is kinda silly imo.

Yeah, exactly. But as I said, my view of Sonadow has changed over the past 5 years. And I don’t really dislike the pairing as a pairing, just the way the characters are often portrayed in it. The pairing itself is intriguing to me.

I like Sonamy for instance. But as much as I like this pairing as a pairing, I still tend to dislike portrayals of it where Sonic is treated like some utter monster for “rejecting” Amy especially due to her advances, is portrayed as a thirsty little perv or is depicted as some ignorant jackass who falls for Sally even whilst Sal is portrayed as some cheating skank (Which is totally OoC for her) when Amy by comparison is a saintly angel who is the peak of desirability.

Nowadays, I tend to separate a pairing from what I consider a poor portrayal of it and judge it on it’s own merits than how it’s portrayed in fanwork.

idk im just perplexed that my professor was like “well i wouldn’t watch pacific rim again because ive seen so many movies like that before” and im like… well… yes, i’m sure you have, because they’re based on the old kaiju movies, that’s what they were going for, so yeah, it’s not exactly a new concept, but… other than that (which i don’t even necessarily think is a bad thing), what a piece of work!

i mean i know a lot of people didn’t like it because it’s very over the top and cheesy at times and that’s not everyone’s style, but like

there’s… so much more!! the characters are so good and the cinematography is so much more than ive come to expect from action movies and it’s just

so. genuine. and nice

holds head in hands

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Hey Don, I'm not trying to be rude, but do you really think you're ready to be a dad, and to Hope of all people? I mean yeah, she's not exactly ready to be an adult, but she's a young explorer. Are you sure you're ready to handle the responsibility if being there for her?

* i don’t think anybody’s ever really ready to put the needs of another person above their own. being a parent, even an adoptive parental figure to an eighteen year old, is a huge deal, and the fact that i recognize that, that there’s no way i’m gonna pull it off flawlessly, makes me better suited to it than most people who actively procreate.

* i’m gonna try my best and i think that’s all anybody should ever ask of another person. as long as she’s content with that i am too. she knows that she can talk to me if there’s something she needs, and as long as there’s communication, i can handle it.

  • V: Luciel, I think there's someone suspicious outside my house..
  • Seven: What?! What are they doing??
  • V: I am not sure. I can only see something yellow-ish..
  • Seven: ???
  • Yoosung: [outside V's house banging pots and pans with a huge signboard - 'V SUCKS AND I HATE HIM!']
so lemme get this straight

you’ve got grown-ass men drawing loli porn and hypersexualizing young female characters (maybe not in this particular fandom, but my point still stands), and yet the people you choose to shit on are the (mostly) younger girls who enjoy a cute shark guy?? bc its ‘cringey’ or whatever the fuck???

miss me w/ that garbage lmao

on that note, instead of complaining that there’s more pics of sidon than female characters (which is a little sad but a lot of people mostly like drawing characters they personally find attractive), why not:

1). draw it yourself or

2). commission one of your favorite artists to do it

because both of those options are much better and more productive than pretending you have some sort of superiority over other people just because you don’t like a character

Before you start thinking “Oh no! They shot down any chances of our ship(s) by making Victor straight!” allow me to present you with a translation error:

Victor uses the word ‘koibito’ (恋人) rather than ‘kanojo’ (彼女) in this scene. What’s the difference, you ask? Kanojo means strictly girlfriend, while koibito just means partner/lover.

I repeat, the term Victor used in this scene is gender neutral. It does not imply the gender of the partner.

For all we know, he could be asking Yuuri about his past relationships because he wants to know whether he’s ever been with men. (That’s just my assumption though.)

So yes, worry not, everything is still possible. Fly high, my fellow shippers.

Edit: I never said they can’t be bi (or pan etc). I’m literally just clearing up the translation here so please cut me some slack!