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i’ve not seen such bravery,
such strength of heart

Vera has taken an inordinate interest in my field manuals. Such appetites are unseemly in a lady of her station. I shall have to reprimand her.

OiHina Week: Day 7 - Free Prompt

The idea of Oikawa humming to Hinata while they dance together in their pj’s in the kitchen literally turns me into a giggly blushing mess. So of course I had to draw it for the final prompt! :D


“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”

if you think it’s a “crazy theory” that louis should’ve covered his 2 month old baby’s face when walking into direct sunlight and think that said baby would just lay there taking it without crying, moving, wiggling, or ANYTHING; then idk what to tell you. the fact that that single picture was then removed from the one and only site that published it to begin with should also be a red flag, but yeah sure ok whatever. enjoy your denial, i guess.

i made a bunch of clint barton icons recently only to realize i will probably only use like 2% of these because i barely ever change my icon whoops so i thought i’d share some of them with you guys to use and i hope you like them (▰˘◡˘▰)

update: more icons added 12/11/14

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like i’m on fire + [listen] » songs that describe Niall’s feelings for Harry

1. obsessed with you - the orion experience // 2. intoxicated - the cab // 3. you always make me smile - kyle andrews // 4. puppy love - this wild life // 5. sweater wheather - the neighbourhood // 6. can you tell - ra ra riot // 7. if these sheets we states - all time low // 8. can’t stand it - never shout never // 9. tip toes - jayme dee // 10. the way i tend to be - frank turner // 11. our song - plain white t’s // 12. you and i - ingrid michaelson // 13. if the moon fell down - chase coy & colbie caillat // 14. all about your heart - mindy gledhill // 15. kiss me - ed sheeran


100 Theme Drabble Challenge featuring HopeLight

previous themes

sacrifice; the au-ish fic where Hope finds a baby on his doorstep
(this one is suuuper long, just to warn you!)

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*stalks IKMY’s Facebook page for 92620174 months*

Weiss Schnee’s Guide On How To Deal With A Vampire Roommate Chapter 2

hahahaha so we’re back here again, with chapter 2.

Pairing: White Rose

Summary: You don’t get to be an engineering genius at the age of fifteen, Belladonna.

Chapter 1 here

Chapter 2: Confirm that she is, indeed, a vampire.

For the next few days, Weiss and Blake wereplanning out how to ensnare their vampiric target. Or more accurately, Weiss listing out different ways to violate human rights and Blake pointing out which ones they can get away with and which ones will definitely land them in jail.

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