yeah don't worry about it

Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman. 

one of my favorite things about malec is that they’re an adult, interracial lgbt couple. i know for many people in the lgbt community, coming out and coming into themselves didn’t happen until adulthood, especially poc. this includes me.

it means so much to me to see magnus, a man of color, and his recently-out boyfriend alec, living openly while cultivating their careers, managing familial relationships and making a home together. 

  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* I have to tell you something.
  • Rosamund: *sitting in her dad's old chair; eating a cookie* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Um, well, for a while, I've been...on my own here.
  • Rosamund: *nods* I know. That's okay, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I know. It's okay if that changes, too *pauses* would you be okay if that changes?
  • Rosamund: *confused* Changes how?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I've asked someone to live with me. Someone very special, very close to me *affectionate* someone I love *smiles* and they've accepted.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Is it Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* How do you know that?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Oh, Uncle didn't think that was a SECRET, did you?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Jefferson: *walks into room with cast on hand*
  • Hamilton: Whoa, what's with the cast?
  • Jefferson: I sprained my wrist.
  • Burr: Oh no, what happened?
  • Jefferson: Don't worry about it, I'm fine.
  • Hamilton: Yeah! Jeez, Burr, back off. Leave the guy alone.
  • Jefferson: *walks out of earshot*
  • Hamilton: *whispers* Everyone, huddle up. Bring it in.
  • Everyone: *gathers*
  • Hamilton: So he wouldn't say what happened, which can only mean one thing.
  • Madison: He's in a fight club.
  • Alex: No. He did something he's embarrassed by, like smiling. The only question is, how do you hurt your arm smiling?
  • Jefferson: Attention, everyone, I can hear you speculating about the nature and origin of my injury from here. I tripped over an uneven sidewalk. I did not think it was relevant to your jobs, the jobs which you should all should be doing right now. Get to work.
  • Everyone: *goes back to work*
  • Jefferson: *walks to Alex* *whispers* Do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Alex: Yes.
  • Jefferson: I was hula-hooping. I attend a class with Madison for fitness and for fun.
  • Alex: Oh, my god.
  • Jefferson: I've mastered all the moves. *pulls out phone* *shows pictures of him hula-hooping.* The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie doodle...
  • Alex: Why are you telling me this?
  • Jefferson: ...Because no one...will ever believe you...
  • Alex: No...
  • Jefferson: *deletes pictures*
  • Alex: NO!
  • Jefferson: *slowly moves away, keeping eye contact*
  • Alex: you sick son of a bitch...

keikai sunflowers! au!

basically; kai owns a flower shop that kei eventually ends up working at…. that’s all i’ll say right now.

i’ll be writing a fic for this au soon! prepare for fluff, angst and silly ibm moments!

  • You: Dunkirk
  • Me, an intellectual: Gay boys in war
Kuro Characters as Memes
  • <p> <b>Sebastian:</b> nyan cat<p/><b>Ciel:</b> how to talk to short people<p/><b>Real Ciel:</b> dark kermit<p/><b>Wolfram:</b> all your base are belong to us<p/><b>Sieglinde:</b> if you know what I mean<p/><b>Alois:</b> gangnam style<p/><b>Claude:</b> thank you for (not you) ...<p/><b>Nina:</b> the dress<p/><b>Lizzy:</b> she protec but she also attac<p/><b>Ronald:</b> damn daniel<p/><b>Grell:</b> you're doing amazing sweetie<p/><b>Othello:</b> me, an intellectual<p/><b>William:</b> *making my way downtown, walking fast* *walking faster*<p/><b>Vincent:</b> don't talk to me or my son ever again<p/><b>Diedrich:</b> *record scratch* *freeze frame*<p/><b>Viscount Druitt:</b> ya like jazz?<p/><b>Bard:</b> kill it with fire<p/><b>Finny:</b> precious cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure<p/><b>Mey Rin:</b> Yeah, it broke apart. Don't worry about that. It does that all the time<p/><b>Abberline:</b> this is the future liberals want<p/><b>The S4:</b> the evolution of dance<p/><b>Soma:</b> I want to love and support you<p/><b>Agni:</b> guess I'll die<p/></p>
Language Barrier au
  • Features tiny!Patton!
  • Patton is on a space mission and gets captured by an unknown giant race that looks similar to humans. Patton finds himself terrified as he is taken to a lab, only to see other humans have been captured.
  • Stuff happens and Patton ends up in Logan’s care. First at the lab, until Logan takes him home. From there, Patton is introduced to the others.
  • Here’s the kicker though. Patton speaks english. The giants? Not so much. The giants have their own advanced language and no one can understand each other. This makes for many misunderstandings on both ends! Yay!
  • This au focuses mostly on relationships being built by trying to understand each other without words.
  • [Non-Power AU or just AvAc AU]
  • Peter: What are you doing here?
  • Steve: I'm, uh, looking for Tony. Do you know where he is?
  • Peter: How should I know?
  • Steve: You're taking him to homecoming.
  • Peter: Oh, yeah. Right.
  • Steve: Well, you don't have to worry about me ruining your night.
  • Peter: And why is that?
  • Steve: Because I'm not going.
  • Peter: Hmm. Well, that sucks. Because we're only going together to make you jealous.

anonymous asked:

It's a weird double-standard some people have. I've seen charisk blogs where Frisk and Chara are opposite genders, and ones where they're both girls, and no-one seems to care about that. You're the only one I've seen where they're both guys, and the only one I've seen that has had people try to magic-anon Frisk or Chara into a different gender. Just don't worry about them, Hawk.

Yeah idk people are weird

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You are using stolen content from Second Life to offer for download on The Sims. This is a violation of use for the TOS and against IP rights.

lol please leave me alone. i deleted all my conversion uploads like 3 weeks ago and they’re no longer available for download. furthermore i’ll never upload any of my conversions for public use again because i don’t care enough to be harassed or have my blog reported because of this. 

i apologize to any of the creators that i’ve offended in the process and you can be assured it won’t happen again.

so please, bother someone else. thank you <3


#2Chenz US Jump On It! Facebook live interview

thirstykurapika  asked:

Sorry if i am bothering you with more draws ;w;, but i just wanted to see how pairo would look in your style and what is your take on an older pairo? ^^

You’re never bothering me, I love it! :D

The only problem is that I have no idea of what my style is

When it comes to Pairo i wonder if would have got be fully healed if he’d lived


Good news
I will go to art college after the summer holidays :D
Maybe bad news
My art college in mainland China so……that mean I probably can’t use a lot of social media like Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and a lot things.
And I will be busy too.

I had to say 2016 year is the hardest year for me. I failed my English exam and it made me cannot go to the art college. And it brought a lot of stress and emotional problem to me. But luckily I fight for it and I am still being strong. I hope everyone can over the bad things in your life too.

And just thinking about how to keep contact with you guys. Because you are the only one amazing thing happened to me in this half years. I am not going now and leaving forever. Just, maybe over the summer holidays I may least come back once for a month. Just MAYBE.

Well, let us enjoy this summer holidays ò0ó.