yeah don't kill me

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]

  • Zen, climbing inside 707's car: So guys, how did you get into that car accident?
  • Yoosung, glaring at Seven: Luciel, should you tell him or should I do it?
  • Seven: *blushes and puts his face in his hands*
  • Yoosung: *sighs* So we were driving one night and there was a deer in the road that Seven didn't notice. So I said 'Seven, deer!'
  • Seven: ...
  • Yoosung: *raised his eyebrow* And would you want to tell him your response?
  • Seven: *looking up from his hands* Yes, honey?

Technically speaking, isn’t the use of teleportation lowkey murder? Bc ur basically cloning someone, reassembling atoms on the other side to form the person, and then destroying the original. Bc obviously it’s p impossible to transport the exact same atoms and energy over a wide distance unless using wormholes or something. That being said, would anyone be down for using a transporter knowing that you as /you/ will be killed while a clone of you lives on?

“It was really hurtful for ME.”
“Life and art sometimes, ya know, get mixed up, and I was really upset by that, as well, as much as you guys were …”
“I get very, very upset about that.”


“Can we have a couple of minutes? Quick.”  

::no-sounding noises::  

“Really quick.”  

::mumble mumble::  

“I don’t care. Quick.”


Robert “I Give No Fucks About Anyone—Except For My Fans, That Is” Carlyle, The Happy Ending Convention, June 2017, Paris, France

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ME: I love him a googolplex more than I did! Which was quite a lot, already.  

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I am exploding with love for Bobby Carlyle.

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…someone get matthew vaughn on the phone we need to sort this mess out


Final Fantasy 15 - Nyx Urlic

Nyx constantly makes my job just a tad bit harder. You can now see why I don’t really get my work done these days.

@pilferingapples OK, I got super excited when I saw this one… I know it took me forever, I went a bit overboard, but I couldn’t resist. I really, really couldn’t.

So uh…I’ve been putting this off as long as possible but…well…

I’m leaving. Leaving home, leaving Tumblr…all social media, really. Today is my last day home for a long time. I’m going on a mission trip, which means no internet access for a year and a half. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time, and even now I’m very shocked how abruptly the due date came up;;;

I don’t report to the MTC until Wednesday, so I’ll still be around until then. The car trip will be very long, so I might still try to do some internet stuff (hopefully dump a ton of sketches gosh) but internet will be kind of unreliable as we travel. I’ll do my best to get some stuff finished off but after that…I’m gone. I’m building up a massive queue (setting to post once a day while gone), but I can’t do much more than that.

So…it was fun. I met alot of amazing people here and on other sites, and I will miss you all terribly as I go on this crazy journey ahead. Thanks for making my experience here a good one (well as good as it can get on this ridiculous site lol)

(Once again, totally disappearing Wednesday, but I’ll try to stick around until then! Just wanted to give some warning…)

  • Canada: Okay, but I'm scared of Russia...
  • Ukraine: *laughs, then has a straight face* It isn't Russia who you should be scared of...
  • Canada: *confuzzled*
  • Ukraine: ...You'll see.
  • Russia: Oh, who is this? Your boyfriend? *dark aura*
  • Canada: Eh he he he he... please don't kill me-
  • Ukraine: Yeah, and he's really-
  • Belarus: Hello Ukrai- ...Who the hell is that?
  • Ukraine & Russia: Shit. Run, now.
  • Canada: *backs away*
  • Belarus: I-is this your boyfriend?
  • Ukraine: *nods slowly*
  • Ukraine: No he-
  • Ukraine: NO! He-
  • Belarus: ...DID YOU GUYS KISS?!
  • Ukraine:
  • Canada:
  • Russia: *Holds her back and sweatdrops* Run... YOu have my approval. Good luck!
  • Canada: ...I am no longer as afraid of Russia.