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the four castiels of fanfiction

1. Castiel Milton

2. Castiel Novak

3. Castiel Krushnic

4. Castiel Winchester

“According to the official Star Trek Reboot Archive Jim Kirk didn’t go to Tarsus IV.”

If Seven had a test.
  • MC : You got 90 marks for this test ?!
  • Seven : Yeah.
  • MC : Wait no no no. You usually have bad results for this subject. Did you add the 0 behind the 9 ?
  • Seven : No I didn't I swear.
  • MC: If you tell me the truth , I will give you a kiss.
  • Seven : What , really ?
  • MC : Yeah.
  • Seven : Don't hit me okay.
  • MC: Okay.
  • Seven: I really didn't add the 0 behind. I added the 9 infront.

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You're just thirsty with all your females aren't you?

gets on work computer and finds a random vic gif just to answer this anon

ahem, yes, i have been blogging flirty/cute little meme things lately but, believe it or not, those types of memes and such don’t have to be shippy.  aside from ruffnut, all my muses are cute and/or pampered and like to be spoiled.  those types of memes w o r k for these muses.  shipping can come from it but, wow, even friends and such can just be cute with each other.

another thing.

four of my muses are animals.  and unless you’re a tramp, strider, or bambi, there probably won’t be much shipping with lady, essie, or faline ( it can happen but much less likely generally ).  and so far all i’ve got is a crackship in the works for georgette lmao good luck shipping with her of all my characters.

then with my humans.

faith is singleship so, huh, other than ben, she won’t be available.

i don’t really ship mari with anyone yet but adrien, and i have a main adrien.

rosy and dawn are children and so unless them older is specified, they aren’t even available for shipping.  they just want friends because f r i e n d s.  my children deserve more love.

i am super picky about shipping ruff.  and i also don’t ship her with like any characters currently except maybe astrid and possibly heather so yeah, not really throwing her around.

that leaves laila.  and yes, i love laila being flirted with and the like.  she’s a model.  she’s an actress.  she literally lives for being adored and told she’s pretty.  but wanting to have those sorts of interactions isn’t me automatically shipping her.  in fact, i’m super picky about who laila will end up with sometimes ( chemistry is required ), but there’s nothing wrong with harmless cutes?

so of the four human characters i have that are actually shippable ( laila, ruff, older dawn, older rosy ), i don’t even have older rosy explored yet, and laila and dawn both heavily lean towards guys.  90% of my dash is females and animal characters because, wow, i’m sure a lot of male roleplayers think i just follow them for the shipping like you seem to when, really, i’d just love some varied interactions and such.

so reblogging flirty/cute memes like that is not me trying to be thirsty but thanks for reminding me why roleplaying all females on a multimuse blog can be hard  (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice


FFXIII trilogy + text post meme that’s been done to death

(I offer my sincerest apologies for the last one)

Okay, I have this weird headcanon that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything but I thought I’d share.

It’s that Will and Nico decide they want to have a child through surrogacy. And they’re both super excited and Will spends a million hours in the forest behind their house building a treehouse.

And Nico makes fun of him about it because when it’s finished it really isn’t anything special and he spent WEEKS on it.

But then their surrogate has a late term miscarriage and they’re devastated and Nico shadow travels away in tears and Will is searching for him everywhere until he finally finds him curled up in the treehouse sobbing.

Will doesn’t say anything, he just wraps himself around Nico and starts crying into Nico’s shoulder.

After that, they decide that they want to wait before trying to have kids again.

But then two months later Chiron asks them to watch a little demigod boy for a few months and a few months turns into a year and suddenly they’re so in love with this child and they adopt him and he cherishes the treehouse and decorates it and spends the night in it whenever he can.

And that’s how Nico and Will decide they want to foster (and sometimes adopt) demigods that don’t have a home outside of camp.

firstly: pose referenced from here; secondly: i saw a post which i probably forgot to like or reblog which showed a violin propped against a wall in the train hideout so hey why not ! inspiration for stealing the pose from @jiruchan sorry it took me so long to add credit lkjdfhf

one day i will be able to draw his likeness but today is not that day

don't listen - part 3

‘Do you have a Snapchat?’

‘Yeah, why.’

‘Add me.’

‘I already follow your story.’

‘I have a personal one. My assistant runs that one.’

‘You have an assistant?’

‘Yeah, Lin. She takes care of all the things I don’t care enough about.’

‘Does she run your instagram too?’

‘Yep. And twitter.’

‘That explains a lot.’

‘Does it?’

‘Yeah, it’s all so happy. It just doesn’t seem like you?’

‘Are you saying I don’t seem like a 23 year old girl?’

‘That is exactly what I’m saying.’

‘Hahah. That makes sense. It’s all a little bit annoying, isn’t it?

‘Only a little bit.’

‘She’s new and young and excitable and happy all the time. It drives me nuts.’

‘Well, that sounds terrible.’

Mo Guan Shan wondered, not for the first time, if his sarcasm was obvious over text.

‘She’s a little bit of a pain sometimes, but her heart’s in the right place. Plus, she cares about all of this SO much and does everything for me, so I tell her I love it and let her do whatever she wants.’

‘That’s really nice of you.’

‘You’ll understand when you meet her.’

This is the first time He Tian had mentioned them actually seeing each other again.

‘I’m looking forward to it.’

‘How long are you going to be in the city?’

‘We’re here through the end of the month.’

‘I’ll be back home on thursday. Maybe we could hang out?’

‘I’d love to.’


He Tian’s european tour was two months long.

Mo Guan Shan had sent his first text on day 6.

At first they would exchange a text or every two days or so.

After three weeks, they were talking every day.

Despite their conflicting schedules and time zones, they kept up a nearly constant stream of conversation.

He Tian seemed to sleep very little so there were only eight or nine hours total when one of them was unavailable.

Mo Guan Shan was content with texting, where he didn’t need to worry about his appearance, but He Tian liked to use facetime, and had recommended, not very tactfully, that Mo Guan Shan should get used to it.

‘I have shit to do, I can’t put everything down to pick up my phone.’

‘I’m sorry, we don’t have to-’

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa.’ Came a voice from off to the side somewhere.

The phone was pulled from He Tian’s hand and turned around.

‘Lin, what the hell?’

Mo Guan Shan found himself face to face with the pretty, dark haired girl he recognized from some of He Tian’s snaps.

‘What he is trying to say, is that he prefers FaceTime or phone calls so he can set the phone down and still fuck around with whatever he was doing. He phrased it terribly because he’s an idiot.’

He Tian appeared over her shoulder.

‘This is why I need her.’

Mo Guan Shan laughed, relieved.

‘Can I have my phone back, please?’



She smiled.

‘I’m Lin.’

‘I figured as much.’

‘I’ve heard a lot about you, Mo Guan Shan.’’

‘I’ve heard a lot about you too.’

‘Good things?’

‘Of course.’

As always, the conversation is ended by Jian Yi.


Lin sighed.

He Tian took the phone back.

‘Gotta go, i’ll call you later?’

Mo Guan Shan nodded as He Tian ended the call.

Barely two minutes later, He Tian’s name popped up again.

‘I thought you were supposed to- oh, hey.’

It Lin on the screen.

‘You want to come to the show?’

‘I don’t think I can make it there in…’ He checked his watch. ‘Seven minutes.’

‘Well…’ she waved the phone around a bit. ‘Well, this is about as close as you can get.’

‘I don’t understand.’

She smiled.

She really was very, very, pretty.

‘I’ll take you with me.’

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When someone tells you to shut the fuck up in response to an ignorant question have you ever thought about this:

Maybe they’re tired of having to convince people that oppression exists.  

You all accept that the earth is round and revolves around the sun while hurtling through space but you can’t accept systemic oppression.

Dinosaurs walked the earth, but the idea that women are oppressed is just too far.

I mean, yeah, scientists have done tons of math an experiments and things to prove it over and over, but let’s say you don’t understand that math.  Because these people study science and are respected in their field you accept those conclusions.  

So why can’t you accept the conclusions not only of people who study this and are well respected in their field but people who live these experiences.  People who go through this daily in varying degrees of severity?  

So when you come to a random person’s inbox and try to be all “but ___________” and come up with some argument you think they’ve never heard before, have you considered that they have and that they are EXHAUSTED explaining the same conclusion over and over again to people who just won’t listen.  There are articles, journals, and entire books dedicated to this subject matter.  Maybe read some of those before showing up with your half baked argument.

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hi pygmyyyyyy ❤️ do you have any tips for keeping a sketchbook? and getting inspired? xo

ooh yes, i actually have a MASSIVE list of general art practice tips which i’ve been meaning to share, so y’know what:

  • carry a sketchbook wherever you go. pull it out at starbucks, on the train, at school, etc, and just draw the things around you. use your imagination, too! if you’re feeling creative don’t limit yourself to just what your eyes see.
  • try out different mediums. paint, marker, graphite, charcoal, crayon, colored pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, chalk, ink, digital, collage, clay, mosaic, scratchboard—to name a few. mix media too!
  • scribble! be loose with whatever you’re drawing, don’t put too much thought into what it’s supposed to be. just let loose and let the form come to you.
  • challenge yourself! break out of your comfort zone a little bit. draw what you suck at. hands, feet, animals, backgrounds, whatever it might be.
  • goof around, play games! draw with your opposite hand, your mouth, your elbow, your foot. grab a friend or a few and take turns doodling on a piece of paper until you’ve got one big cohesive drawing, or take turns each drawing a panel of a silly comic. you’ll be surprised how much inspiration you find by playing.
  • draw and redraw. dig up old drawings from weeks or months or YEARS ago and draw it again! most effective way to measure your improvement.

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Feels good to be able to say this. I spent a majority of my childhood shying away from, even outright rejecting, anything pink or “girly”. because I thought it made me weaker. I didn’t want to be like “other girls”. I didn’t want to be looked at as “just another airhead girl” because I liked things like Barbies and dresses and pink frilly things. I ended up pretending I hated things that made me happy.

The things you say around girls can harm them in the long run. When you tell your son who’s crying because someone was mean to him that “only girls cry” or “stop being a girl” and your daughter overhears, you’re letting her know that being a girl makes her less than if she was born a boy. When you tell your son in the store that no, he can’t get the shirt with the pink on it, people will think he wants to be a girl! you’re telling your daughter that wearing pink makes her less than a boy. When your son makes a bad toss or doesn’t run well and you say to him “you throw like a girl!”, “you run like a girl!” you’re telling your daughter that she will never be as good at throwing or running than your son (even if he really sucks) because she’s a girl. When you call romantic comedies “chick flicks” you are letting your daughter know that having feelings is only for girls and therefore the men in her life aren’t to blame if they are mean to her or don’t understand why she’s upset. When you say “boys will be boys” but “act like a lady” you’re telling her that being a girl comes with limitations on fun when being a boy excuses most everything. When you tell your daughter that the boy that’s being mean to her at school is because he “likes” her, you’re telling her that boys are naturally violent and because he likes her it’s a-okay. When you make your daughters wear shorts under their skirts “so boys won’t look underneath” you’re telling her that boys can’t control themselves and it’s her responsibility to make sure they can act like actual human beings around her.

Make sure you’re not emotionally scarring your girls. Treat your children like people, not genders.