yeah come on wash


My dear Hal,

you look absolutely delicious all wet and rumpled. Your hands are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. All slender, with delicate fingers and so long. And I’d love to lick that throat of yours. Touch that bulging vein with my tongue. You are sexy beyond description and make me think about debauchery things. My mind wanders to places that make me equally wet as you are. You are really filthy and dirty. And I don’t mean that in a good way. The mud is coming of in pieces from your skin. Please take a bath in something else than wine or ale. I’d help you with that. 

The Signs as Shit Baekhyun Says

Anonymous asked: the signs as shit baekhyun says please lol

Aries: *to chen* “Take me instead.”
Taurus: *d.o says he can’t eat anymore* “Ah, you can’t eat anymore?”
Gemini: *chanyeol asks baek if he can be quiet* "I’m trying to teach you about life.”
Cancer: *imitating d.o* “Why me? Why me?”
Leo: “Chen looks like a dinosaur.”
Virgo: “It’s so dirty.”
Libra: “You’re not going home? Then I’m not leaving too.”
Scorpio: (from exo next door) “Should we have some fun with her?”
Sagittarius: “Yeah, come on, baby.”
Capricorn: (from exo next door) “Take extra care in washing and ironing my clothes. They are precious to me.”
Aquarius: “My pants are too tight today, so I can only squat this far.”
Pisces: *forgetting about LMR performance* “Together! Say hey! Say ho!” *gets scared by the effects*

- Admin D

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