yeah come on wash


My dear Hal,

you look absolutely delicious all wet and rumpled. Your hands are the most beautiful ones I ever saw. All slender, with delicate fingers and so long. And I’d love to lick that throat of yours. Touch that bulging vein with my tongue. You are sexy beyond description and make me think about debauchery things. My mind wanders to places that make me equally wet as you are. You are really filthy and dirty. And I don’t mean that in a good way. The mud is coming of in pieces from your skin. Please take a bath in something else than wine or ale. I’d help you with that. 

okay so i kinda pretend that when you tap the characters on their bio screens it’s the apprentice givin them a lil kissy on the cheek. it does kinda spray hearts when you do it so like why the fuck not? maybe it was even intended that way, because it seems accurate to character too.

nadia is like !?! but you know she love it

asra gives you that stupid cute smug smile w so much fondness. so soft. so sweet

julian gives you his shit-eating grin because he’s literally giddy w how much he loooves you

portia just winks because she knows she cute and of course you were forced to kiss her because of it

muriel closes his eyes and soaks it in because oh god, how sweet physical affection feels when you’re a 10 foot tall behemoth and everyone is too afraid to come near you

and lucio fuckin. sneers at you. and depending on whether you think he’s trash or like. still trash for sure but maybe not in a bad way. you can take that disgust as mock disgust covering his affection (“oh my god you have a crush on me? that’s so embarrassing”) or as genuine what the fuck get ur peasant lips off me SERVANTS COME WASH ME OF THESE COOTIES

either way yeah. go give your local arcana characters some smooches

Spoiled Vacation

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1377

Warnings: Fluff, language, a little angsty

Request: Hi! Can I request a Peter x reader with 26 and 8? Thank you! - @demigodofthesun

I hope this does your request justice! Let me know what you think :))

Summary: Y/N invites her best friend, Peter, out to her summer house at Montauk. At the end of the trip, however, she discovers a secret that might put a slight damper on their relationship.

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anonymous asked:

ToT for Souji: I wish I were half as witty/clever as you are! So... What would you say is the best prank you have pulled?

“Oh, all of them are great,” says Okita, waving a hand. “Whichever one I think of as my best depends on my mood, really. But mostly, the ones with a low ratio of effort to satisfaction are my favorites.” His eyes glint. “In that case, I’d say my best work was when I mixed honey into the tea. Nobody except Shimada-kun could manage more than one sip, and I’d bet anything that was the first time Hajime-kun ever made a face like that!”

puppy love | shawn mendes


requested by anonymous

word count: 1,513

author’s note: oh look, the title isn’t a song lyric but instead some bad wordplay. sorry if i screwed up on anything, as i have never had a dog nor a dog allergy and my knowledge is limited. enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

What is that?”

You held the squirming ball of golden fluff up next to your cheek. “A puppy. I told you you needed to get glasses a while ago,” you joked.

Shawn ignored this and instead kept a wary gaze on the puppy as he nuzzled your cheek. “Why do you have it?”

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arirashkae  asked:

Fluff prompt: “If you would have just kissed them, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Now we’re tied up on traintracks about to be smushed like bugs!”

This prompt was so unique it totally threw me for a loop at first, but writing it was so much fun! Thank you!!

Train Tracks

Read on Ao3

Pairings: pre-tuckington

Grif turns his head to shoot Wash a side-eyed glare. “If you’d just fucking kissed him when you were supposed to, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Now we’re tied up on train tracks about to be smushed like bugs!”
Wash blinks. Then,

Or, Wash and Grif find themselves in a bind, and Wash really doesn’t have time for this conversation.

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Clip - “Imagine all the people living life in peace” - at 20:39, 12.05

(trigger warning: some blood in this clip)

NOTE: I know I didn’t catch everything  - I’m really busy and can’t have a proper listen right now, so I’ll come back and fix up stuff later!

Eskild: Yes, that’s it, that’s Elias, right.

Eva: Elias? Like, your brother?

Eskild: And then I stroke him on the side a little bit, then I just feel that there’s this current welling up through him like this *imitates hurling noises* and then he left quite early, but he uh..he seemed open to

(Camera goes over different people)

Eva: I can send you for one beer. Just one beer.

Chris: Send me?

Eva: How much does it cost then?

Chris: Uhh….112.

Eva: It does not!

Chris: 112 for a beer.

(Eva and Chris continue to discuss the beer price while Sana sends a text to Elias)

Are you coming?

(Even sings “Imagine” by John Lennon, and shortly after Elias and the boys enter. Even falters, but Isak is quickly there to help him out. Soon the rest of the boys join in, and the crowd)

Chris: Everything alright?

Sana: Yeah. I love you so much.

Chris: I love you, too. Do you remember the first time I introduced you to the girls?

(Sana nods)

Chris: It’s so weird to think about! It’s so long ago, and you stood there like…

Sana: I remember that.

Chris: It was so…Hey, I just I have to tell Eskild something.

(Sana receives a message)

Sana’s mom:
I’m sorry for going through your things. You’re smart
and strong and manage well enough without my silly advice.

(Sana replies with a heart, and when she looks up, Noora’s there looking distraught)

Noora: William has a new girlfriend.

Noora: Did you know?

Noora: You knew?

Sana: I was planning- I was going to tell you, but-

Noora: Did you know it in like, last week? I sat there telling you so much about William, and you knew then?

Sana: I’m sorry. I should’ve told you, but I-

Yousef: Elias is in trouble.

(Sana comes out to see Mahdi and Elias in a fist fight. Isak is bleeding from his mouth and face.)

Even: We need to go to the ER. You coming?

The boys: Yeah, of course.

(Sana goes to the bathroom to wash Isak’s blood off her hands)

Some girls in the bathroom:

Girl: What just happened?

Girl 2: I don’t know, really unpleasant. I don’t understand why people does such things.

Girl 1: It’s probably because they’re gay.

Girl 2: No, you think so?

Girl 1: Yeah, they’re Muslims, and the other ones are gay, so it’s a short way to a fight.

Girl 2: That’s insane. The brother’s a bit crazy. You know at Sana’s bus meeting? He went off! Started yelling and…you know what Vilde told me? That she’d heard that he calls Sana for a slave.

Girl: Seriously? That’s insane. No wonder she’s psycho.

Girl: No, I really don’t want to be there when…could you just check if there’s anyone in the other stalls? 

Girl: No-one, what were you saying?

Girl: I just really don’t wanna be there Sana finds out she can’t be on the bus.

Girl: Have they signed the contract?

Girl: Yeah, this morning. Oh my god, Sara got so paranoid, because Sana started to think something was up, but luckily she managed to tangle her way out of it. I feel kinda sorry for her.

Girl: Yeah, but come on. She’s pretty stupid when she doesn’t understand that we own the bus ‘cause we’re paying for it, and that she has no rights. You know that she wasn’t captain originally, it was Vilde.

Girl: I don’t get why she joined the bus in the first place. Isn’t that like a huge disrespect towards her religion? AT least when she uses a hijab, then you’re supposed to be a good representative for Islam. But the other girls seem cool.

Girl: Yeah, I agree.

Girl: At least that girl Noora, oh my god.

Girl: She’s so pretty.

(Sana goes back into the crowd, and sees Yousef and Noora kiss)

Bite Marks

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Summary: When the reader asks Lydia for a favor, the banshee voices her concern to the one person that the young werewolf might actually listen to - Stiles. 

Warnings: Cursing (of course there’s cursing, this is me), underage drinking, super long

Tags: @werewolfmutant @houseoflahey @ninja-stiles @ellie-bee242

“Hey, Lydia?” (Y/n) fidgeted with the sleeves of her oversized hoodie, struggling with how to word what she was about to say. What do I even say? Do I lead up to it, or do I just get to the point? What if she hates me? I barely even know Lydia. This is such a stupid idea!

“What’s up?” The redheaded banshee fixed her already-perfect hair and makeup before slamming the locker closed and turning to the werewolf. “You’re hesitating. Is it something important, or just embarrassing?”

“Um… I wouldn’t really call it either, but it would probably be better kept a secret.” (Y/n) grabbed the other girl’s arm, lightly pulling her into an empty classroom. “I need you to teach me how to cover these.” She pulled the sleeves up her arms, revealing a multitude of dark, fang-shaped bruises along the length of them. “I’m not healing.”

Lydia’s eyes widened, and she examined the marks for a moment before holding out her hand expectantly. “Hand me your phone.”


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Realize -- Chapter Twenty-Eight "Missed Calls"

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain…We’re coming to a head here Kiddos…. If I forgot to Tag you I am sorry, my tag list is ll wonky. here we go Chapter Twenty-Eight!


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okay but tbh? epsilon is the one who always antagonizes wash, never the other way around. even in s10 he says something along the lines of “we can’t trust him as long as carolina is around”
wash never once makes epsilon out to be the bad guy, and doesn’t even seem to blame him for what happened bc it’s not epsilon’s fault. and in s8? wash doesn’t force him into the memory unit, he just says “it’s over epsilon. you’re coming with us”


Andrew Biersack x reader

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: this is for one of my best bros, I hope this gets you your fix!

“Stop it, you dork!” You giggle, shoving at Andys shoulder playfully. He grins at you, laughing as you threaten to shoot him with a water gun.

“Don’t do it!” He warns. “I swear to god if you —.”

You squeeze the trigger, squirting him right in the face.

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Neil: “Ah, I want to show you something. Maybe we should sit down?”
Rowan: “Sit down? What is this? An intervention? Am I going to be so shocked that my legs will give out?”
Neil: “What? No, It’s nothing weird.. I promise!”
Rowan: *laughs* “Neil.. I was joking. Let me wash my hand first, okay?”
Neil: “Yeah, of course.”
Rowan: “One freshly washed Rowan, coming right up!”

bulenotepad  asked:

Ok so question for your mermaid AU sense Tucker wouldn't want to be human without Jr then if wash ever got the opportunity would he join tucker and jr in the ocean?

Oooh, this is a bit of a tough one hmm

so for Wash to decide he wants to join Tucker and Junior under the sea (dontgetstuckinmyheaddontgetstuckinmyheadpleasedontgetstuckinmyhead) he’d have to take some time to himself to consider if he wants to give up everything about the human world (his friends, family that he still talks to, not smelling like fish) and if he ever let Tucker be aware that he was considering the option Tucker would make him take that time too, because Tucker never got the choice in the first place, but Wash *does* have the choice. I think at first he’d be reluctant to take that step, especially early on in their friendship, but after realizing how lonely Tucker must be, and that he and Junior are essentially by themselves, he’d start considering it. Really start considering it, especially when Carolina learns the truth about Tucker, when Wash realizes there are a few people they both know that know the truth, and he starts to think they could still have people, and Junior would have *two* guardians instead of just one, and when  Junior is visiting the other side of his family then Tucker won’t be alone he and Tucker start getting reeeal cozy and then he really doesn’t want to leave him. Then I think he might decide it’d be a thing to try.

The snafu in this becomes that only two methods i’ve determined are available for a human to become a mermaid. 

The ideal method is through a sea witch’s magic. It’s painless (if the sea witch doesn’t require something nasty or painful anyway in the spell) and doesn’t require dying. But tbh I don’t think turning Wash would be on Tucker’s mind when he finds out about Felix, but turning Junior and himself human would.

The second method is how Tucker become a mermaid, and he would like the record to state that it straight up sucks on the fact of how dangerous it is (but also because Crunchbite was not a kind mermaid when they changed him). The human in question has to be drowning, like, practically on death’s door drowning, and have active physical contact with a mermaid. 

“But what kind of contact, Kay?” Well friend, as long as it’s skin on skin, for one, and that it’s handsy hands on, it doesn’t count if the mermaid just boops their nose with a finger, then it really depends on the mermaid. Do they want to actively aid the drowning process by strangling them? Crunchbite. Do they want to hold them close and try to ease the process and make it as un-traumatic as possible? Tucker. Or take the last breath from them with an overly dramatic but symbolic kiss of death-slash-life as an additional attempt to comfort the drowning human? maaaaybe also Tucker.

Either way though, Tucker would rather find a way to get him and Junior human than have Wash go through the terrible experience of drowning to join them in mermaid-hood. Buuuuuuuuuut, if they talk about it enough and Wash assures him enough that its what he wants to do, OR if a very dire situation is at hand comes up first ….

then yeah Wash would join them under the sea :D (…it’s stuck in my head D:>) 

Just Tell The Truth

an Audrey Jenson imagine

A/N: This is something that is a little different. It’s sort of a different perspective to have on Audrey with everything that happened in season 2. Y/N doesn’t trust Audrey. I felt like I needed to write this because there isn’t much out there that explore this side of Scream or dare to even do that, but I was like what the heck lets do it! I hope you enjoy!

Audrey Jensen Fics here 

You watch as the Audrey walks into the cafe, you were washing mugs, while emma cleaned tables. The Saturday morning rush had just left leaving a few customers enjoying their books or working on homework. You roll your eyes and focus on the mug in hand, scrubbing it with the sponge making sure it was almost spotless. Why did she have to come in now, didn’t she have to be a work soon.
The past few weeks had been all over the place with Kieran being arrested and Eli dead. Emma had told you a lot and Brooke had told you a lot in fact you were certain that Brooke hadn’t told Emma as much as she had told you afraid of a bias. What Brooke probably didn’t know is that Emma was just on edge around Audrey as she was. After all that had gone down.
“Hey Y/N,” Audrey approaches the counter, you were the only barista working behind the counter that morning, besides Emma, but she was out on the floor cleaning. You look up from the sink and flicker your eyes at her. She was wearing her leather jacket and a t-shirt ripped in places. You didn’t want to say anything, but you place the mug on a dry towel and walk over to the counter. “What can I get you Jensen?”
Audrey squints her eyes and looks to the side, it had been weeks since the two of you had spoken, but Audrey couldn’t recall a falling out between the two of you. Then it dawned on her mentally that of course with all of the information leaked from the anonymous ghost face such as the video. You had been really good friends with Jake even though you didn’t always support Brooke’s and Jakes on again off again relationship.
“Can we talk?” Audrey boldly asked leaning in on the counter.
“I’m on the clock,” You dryly state. “Unless it’s about you ordering a coffee or a pastry from the case, I’m all ears.”
“I mean really talk.” Audrey places her hands on the counter and looks around the place.

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🍓strawberry soda🍓


Intro | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Jimin really likes Seokjin. He’s a little stiff sometimes, and almost always awkward, for such a tall and pretty guy. But he’s nice and smart and actually kind of funny once he grows comfortable around Jimin, and Namjoon looks at Seokjin as if he’s the entire world, so Jimin likes him. 

This is why, after about two weeks of meeting up at the coffee shop and getting to know each other, he decides to let Seokjin in on a little project he’s been planning. 

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Mama MC deals with Baba and Ota (Headcanon with Eisuke, Soryu and Mamoru)


You had just walked into the penthouse after a hard days work, only to walk in on a shocking and horrific sight for any maid. There was paint splatters everywhere, the windows, the sofas, the tables, the chandelier, and you knew that it was going to be a long, tough job. What you next saw though made you just snap. Baba and Ota were running around the room, trying to splatter paint on each other with some of Ota’s paintbrushes. They were drenched in multi colours with ridiculous childish grins on their faces. You went over to the coffee table, got on top of it and yelled, “STOOOOOOOP!” Annoyingly enough, one of the two get paint on your clothes before you yell. The play fight ended immediately after your command as the two men stared up at you in surprise.

“Well hello pretty lady, care to join us?”

“Yeah Koro, it’s a fun game-“

“Fun?! I have to clean all of this! Do you know how difficult it is to get paint out of rugs and sofas?! Or how hard it is to reach the chandelier with the ladder I have to use?! Right, just this once I will clean this mess if you pay my dry cleaning bill, because this,” you gesture to your stained clothes that your boyfriend got for you, “ain’t coming out in a regular wash.”

“Y-yeah, sure pretty lady, we’re sorry.” Baba stuttered, he’d never seen you like this. Ota just grinned.

“Pfft, yes Mum.”


“Yeah Koro?”

“If you don’t want to clean this mess by yourself, I suggest you just arrange with Baba to help pay for my dry cleaning. Okay, Ota?”

“Ugh… fiiiiine.” They both go off, leaving you alone with the disastrous mess. You started to clean, yet little did you know you were being watched.


Eisuke had a scowl on his face when he saw just how much mess Baba and Ota had made. He wanted to take you out on a date to one of his favourite restaurants, and now you were too busy cleaning their mess. He had to admit though, the way you acted like a mother, scolding the mischievous pair was a little bit of a turn on. He’d been pondering as to whether he wanted kids yet, but now he was certain. To hell with it, I can call another maid to clean this mess. He crept down the stairs before sneaking up behind you and lifted you up over his shoulder. “Eisuke! What are you doing, I’m still cleaning-“

“Another maid will be doing it. You are coming with me.” He continued to carry you up the stairs to his suite.


He smirks sadistically as he replies with one of his favourite answers. “Bed.”


He saw the entire thing from around the corner. He couldn’t help but smile a little at the thought that you were behaving similarly to how a mother would act. He looked forward to being a father one day. But that thought was replaced with dealing with the thief and the artist that caused you so much hassle Soryu watched you clean for a while before going into Baba’s suite where Baba and Ota were discussing the dry cleaning bill they now had to pay. He pulls out the gun from his inside pocket and aims it at the two trouble makers. “If the both of you value your lives, you will get back in there and take over the job you left her with. Understand?”

“Woah Soryu, put the gun down! That mobster joke really isn’t funny.”

“We’ll do the job for the princess, okay?”

“Good.” Soryu growled before putting the gun away. He leaves he suite, the partners in crime following close behind. When he reaches the lounge, he grabs your hand and drags you to the elevator.

“Soryu, where are we going? I still need to clean.”

“Baba and Ota are cleaning the lounge now. I told them it was wrong to make you do it because you’ve had a long day.”



“Nothing. So if I’m not cleaning, what am I doing?”

“You’re coming with me on a date.”

“But Soryu, I’m still wearing the clothes that got splattered with paint!”

“You’re coming over to my place, so you don’t need to worry. Besides,” he started to go tomato red as he leaned in closer to whisper in your ear, “you won’t… necessarily need clothes.”


He watched the entire thing. He was about to grumble at the two guys for disturbing his nap with their noise, but then he heard silence, then your voice. Mamoru had never seen you act like this towards anyone before; behaving like a mother telling-off her children. Our children, he corrected in his head. He wanted to be a father someday, and he knew he’d do anything to make you a mother. And the way you bent over to clean the table was way too tempting. Hell, I’ll get Eisuke to have another maid to clean this shit up. He marched up to you, grabbed your wrist and dragged you to his suite.

“Mamoru! I still need to clean that mess! And my clothes are covered in paint too!”

“Well then, let’s get ‘em off ya.” He chuckled and before you know it, you’re only in your underwear, and he’s only in his boxers, a rather large bulge stretching the material of them. You were about to protest and say that you should be cleaning, but he kisses you passionately and wraps you in his arms. He then breaks the kiss and lifts you, making his way to his bedroom. “I want to be a daddy, sweetheart.” You blush a deep scarlet as you enter his room and he closes the door with his heel.