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hi, hi, since it’s 6am and I haven’t anything else to do I thought I’d make a miny follow forever since I reached my summer goal like a week ago. So yeah, I’m gonna get started (p.s. the gif and flag do not belong to me, only the edit!!!)

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My exam results weren’t so outstanding this time round and with all these recent news about bangtan, its not really doing anything good for my emotions and my studies so I’m making a decision of taking a break from tumblr. Its better i guess.

My queue has been on and will run for the next couple of days until i comeback, i did my best in making sure its packed so my blog wont be so empty looking.

If you want, my kakao is @taehyungbye, I’ll still be active there so if you want to have a chitchat time just drop in with a holla~

The Truth About Romance Roleplays
  • Me:Alright, roles?
  • Person:I'm a hot single girl looking for a boyfriend right now.
  • Me:Easy-going, laid back guy who is very sweet.
  • Person:do u have a girl
  • Me:No, I'm not dating.
  • Person:date me
  • Me:We haven't started the roleplay, though.
  • Person:plzzzzz
  • Me:-START-
  • Person:-goes up to maddy and kisses- date me plz
  • Me:Oh, I wasn't expecting that.
  • Person:lets go somewhere we can be alone ;)
  • Me:Ok...
  • Person:-takes off shirt-
  • Me:What are you doing?
  • Person:we're gonna -insert that one phrase here-
  • Me:No thanks, bye.
  • So yeah. That is a romance role. Don't do them, it's against the rules and plus it's just plain wrong.
  • Spread the word that these roleplays aren't allowed!

At the end of the world
Or the last thing I see
You are
Never coming home
Never coming home

Jean sobbing over Marco because I am dead inside and everything is meaningless ( ˘ ◡˘)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Niall:*shoe laces are untied*
  • Harry:oh no your shoe laces are untied!
  • Niall:oh I —
  • Harry:let me tie them for you
  • Niall:no I can —
  • Harry:*ties shoe laces*
  • Harry:we don't want you to trip and hurt your pretty little face now do we?
  • Niall:
  • Harry:
  • Niall:
  • Harry:*kisses Niall's shoe*
  • Niall:you're an idiot
  • Harry:but I'm your idiot