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Professionalism- A Cedric Diggory Imagine

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up after part two of Alone Together! I think I’m slowly running out of the beginner-blog motivation I had. Hopefully I can get at least another two imagines up by the end of this week though! Enjoy, my loves.

Request from Anon: Cedric x reader. Cedric is watching his girlfriend play quidditch. Some of the guys from the other team talk about what they’d like to do to her sexually. Cedric shows them who you belong to when she returns to the ground.

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Cedric stared up into the sky, watching blurred colors of yellow and black zoom back and forth across the pitch. He squinted slightly, as the sunshine was beginning to make it difficult to see. Although, that wouldn’t break his concentration for a moment. He was invested in this scrimmage match, knowing that it would determine the rest of the season’s chances of winning the cup. Nothing could break him of the trance he was in, watching the different techniques of the prospective players.

Well, nothing except your name, of course.

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twenty one

request: Please can you write a piece where Harry forgets y/ns birthday? But she tries not to show she’s upset with a happy ending? Xx

no warnings! pure fluff ahead

It was my twenty first birthday. Harry hadn’t mentioned he had any plans for my birthday, but I assumed it was because he was trying to surprise me. I was pretty attuned to what he was doing at all times so if he had even mentioned anything about my birthday I would have figured out in seconds what he was planning. He couldn’t keep a secret from me if his life depended on it.

I woke up on my birthday to an empty bed, which was slightly confusing as I was sure Harry had been in it last night. I rolled over to his side and found a paper on his pillow.

In the studio today. See you later tonight, love you. -H.

I frowned at the note. He was really going to spend my birthday in the studio? Had he forgotten? How could he forget? It was January 26th, just under a week away from his own birthday. There was no way, no way, he could possibly forget my birthday. Maybe he left a present in the kitchen?

I yawned and pulled myself out of bed, padding down the hallway. I searched the kitchen high and low, the living room, I even checked Harry’s closet in our room to see if he was trying to hide it. Nothing. I frowned and bit my cheek. He could have it with him? Not that the present was the point, I just wanted some indication that he hadn’t forgotten my birthday.

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Evak Shopping Adventures Pt. 2 (IKEA)

Read a fic about the boys going to IKEA but it wasn’t long enough to satisfy my thing for Evak shopping for…things. Enjoy! (feel free to add anything you think I missed) You can find part one here

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  • Because they’re broke af students, they don’t make a habit of going to IKEA often, so when they do, they forget which entrance takes them to the market hall (“Even I swear to God, if I have to climb up another flight of stairs, I’m breaking up with you.)
  • Bathroom mirror selfies. (”Isak, we met in a bathroom, this is like, paying homage to our humble beginnings.” “You gonna waste another forest for posterity too?” “OH my god let that go”)
  • Pointing at the ugliest toy and saying “that’s you” (Even picks up a soft puppy and holds onto it the whole time they’re there. It reminds him of Isak) (they buy it)
  • Making three circles around the bedroom/kitchen/dining areas, even though they’re looking for a desk and a bookshelf. 
  • “Oh my god, our kids are going to have rooms like this” “You want kids?” “Yeah. Obviously.” “Oh. That’s chill. Not right now though?” “Babe, we can barely make rent, how are we supposed to take care of a kid right now?” “Just checking”
  • Laying down on a bed and coming to the conclusion that its way better than Isak’s bed, checking the price, and then remembering that they can’t actually afford it. On every single bed they see. They’re starting to get dirty looks from the employees.
  • Stopping for ribs and chocolate cake because “You make me run every weekend, let me indulge, Even.” 
  • Bbq flavoured kisses aren’t exactly Even’s favourite thing, but he’s willing to sacrifice a little if it means Isak will be all cute with him. He’s striving for #relationshipgoals and goddamnit if feeding each other cake in between small pecks isn’t enough then Even doesn’t know what is.
  • FINALLY finding what they’re looking for, and getting that sweet code to freedom.
  • Even spends fifteen minutes just staring at the plants and puppy dogging the shit outta Isak, and boy does his resolve crumble. They have four new succulents (Even names them all Kanye) (”They’re your responsibility though. Like, I hardly feed myself. I can’t be responsible for them.” “Shhh, I don’t need the Kanyes to hear their other father say shit like this. I feel like I’m the only one trying in this family”)
  • Isak has to drag Even down to the warehouse because he really has to finish that paper and they can’t spend an entire day in IKEA (they have already, though. It’s been four hours and when they get home Isak falls asleep immediately) 
  • “Push me babe” “Ok but if the staff gets mad its your fault” “Sorry! We’re leaving”
  • “What’s the code” “302.130.76″ “Wait, no that’s the one we decided not to get. That’s the small one.” “Shit, I have like a million pictures of these on my phone. Found it. It’s 902.143.08″ “Are you sure?” “Yes, asshole”
  • The lines are approximately two thousand people long and they just sit down next to their cart. Even blows kisses at the woman with the mom haircut (you know exactly which one I’m talking about) when she tsks at them. Fuck her.
  • Stopping for frozen yogurt on their way out. “It tastes like shit” “It’s tradition” “Yeah shitty tradition”
  • “How are we going to get this home on the bus?”
Halfway || Conor Maynard

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Word Count: 1.1k+

Summary: In which you’ve never seen Conor halfway drunk until now. 

Dedicated too: Everyone who just requested some Conor loving, sorry for not getting imagine out today. My family insisted I spend the hole day with them so yeah.. (Hopefully posting two more tonight though!!)

“Babe, how much did you have to drink tonight?”

Conor shrugs, pushing his face further into the crook of your neck and yawning softly. “M'not sure.”

You sigh and run your fingers through his hair, rocking gently from side to side as Conor continued to cling onto you like a koala.

You’d never seen Conor at this stage of drunkenness before. You’d obviously seen tipsy Conor, and you’d had to deal with fucking hammered Conor on more than one occasion; but you’d not yet experienced halfway Conor.

You didn’t know exactly how much he’d had to drink, evident by the worried frown on your face as you play with his curls - but when you feel him hug you even tighter and mumble incoherently into your shoulder: all you can do is be happy that he’s here with you.

“Come on, let’s go get you some water.” You coax him to his feet and can’t help but smile when he wobbles slightly and giggles at his own drunkenness. You lead him into the kitchen slowly, and seat him on one of stools that tucked under your breakfast bar. As you begin to prepare his drink, you glance at him over your shoulder it’s a smile. “Remind me in the morning to thank Joe for taking the cab home with you.”

He snorts and lays his head in his arms on the countertop. “Baby, I don’t think I’m gonna remember my own name tomorrow morning, let alone whatever you just said.”

You chuckle and turn around, placing the glass of filtered water in-front of him and brushing his hair out of his eyes. “Drink this.”

He stares at the glass and whines, glancing up at you with a pout on his face. “All of it?”

“All of it.” You repeat sternly, though your face softens when he picks up the glass with a displeased expression and begins to chug it. You press your lips together to hide your smile, especially when he looked up at you once the glass was empty and sheepishly asked for more. You nod and walk over to the fridge, grabbing a bottle of smart water and swapping his glass with it. “Take this up to bed with you.”

He nods, and yawns, his entire face scrunching up cutely. You grin and rest your elbows on the counter, simply watching him with a smile for a moment before he looked up from the
marble worktop and into your eyes. “Can you cuddle with me?”

You nod, and he smiles widely, but your next sentence makes his face drop in disappointment. “I’ll cuddle you forever, but first you have to shower. You smell like alcohol and clubs and I only just changed the sheets.”

His eyes light up slightly at your words, and you giggle softly, knowing exactly what’d excited him. “Fresh sheets?”

“Freshly ironed.” You confirm, and he almost scrambles out of his chair to rush up the stairs, your eyes widening as you chase after him. “Conor, don’t run! You’ll fall!”

After finally managing to convince him that there wasn’t a spider hiding in the shower curtain, you leave the room but leave the door cracked open seeing as you were only going into your room, which the bathroom connected too anyways.

You’d decided that as much as you loved cuddly, clingy, drunk Conor; you definitely loved sober Conor more. It was a given, really, seeing as tipsy Conor usually had an identity crisis, shit-faced Conor could normally be found falling down random flights of stairs - and now you knew that halfway Conor was deathly afraid that there’d be spiders hiding in the shower curtain waiting to eat him alive.

You wait on the bed, with your legs pulled up to your chest and your glasses on the end of your nose as you scroll through your tumblr feed on your iPad, reblogging a few things and giggling at the photographs of Conor that people had found and posted. You even liked a few, just to spark even more curiousity as to where you were and why you weren’t out with the boys.

The truth was, you just really didn’t feel like clubbing. It was a Saturday night and all you truly wanted to do was curl up with a good book, catch up on some of your favourite shows and enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of l your own home. Of course Conor had been more than okay with that, and even asked if you wanted him to stay home too, but you insisted that he went out and had fun, seeing as the boys had been planning the night out for weeks and you didn’t want to ruin it for any of them.

After around ten minutes, Conor emerges from the bathroom with a towel wrapped loosely around his sister and his hair dripping. You sigh and jump up, placing the iPad down onto the bedside table and picking up one of your earlier discarded towels, just to dry his hair with.

You make sure it’s dry enough not to be dripping anymore and smile at him tenderly, pecking his lips just once before pointing to the pyjamas that you’d laid out for him hours earlier, something you’d done for yourself and anyone else that you lived with since you were thirteen.

He grins and walks over to them, a little more sober after having washed his face and drank some water. He still wobbled a little, but it was nothing too serious: especially not compared to how he had been just an hour ago when he stumbled through the front door with a birthday banner wrapped around his torso even though his birthday wasn’t for another six months.

You slide out of your slippers and into the bed gracefully, an art that you’d perfected over the past few months of finally going for it and splurging on silk sheets. You wriggle your toes beneath the duvet and watch with a smile as Conor, now in a pair of clean underwear and a pair of tracksuit bottoms, walks around the bed and slides into his side. He moans and pulls the sheets up to his chest, inhaling the scent of washpowder for a moment before opening his arms and beckoning you into them.

You smile and rest your head against his chest, your hair tucking his chin as he wrapped his arms loosely around your back and began to play with the lace grin on the top of your underwear. “Did you have a nice night?”

You nod and hum, closing your eyes and inhaling gently. “Did you?”

“Would’ve been better if you were there.” He mumbles, getting more and more tired by the second.

You yawn against his chest and entwine your legs with his, finding the most comfortable position you could before sighing and relaxing against him completely. “Loves you.”

“M'love you too.”

lamb | isaiah jesus

sequel to ‘miracle

You snuggled into the side of the pillow, pulling your knee up to cover over Isaiah’s leg. Only it wasn’t there.

You scowled, lifting your head just enough to look over his side of the bed. You sat up further, looking over to the Moses basket and finding that empty as well.


There was silence as you waited for a response and you had a sudden jolt of panic. He was probably just asleep on the sofa with them or something but…what if?

You threw the duvet back, unwrapping the blankets from your ankles, and dove off the bed. You practically jumped down the stairs, leaning over the back of the sofa. No. Where the hell were they?

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No! No! No! || Kim Mingyu

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: SEVENTEEN Kim Mingyu x Reader 

#8 - “I’m dumb.// Yeah, babe. The whole world knows.”

#18 - “You’re not my bias, though.”

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Stomach tightening and doubling over, you cracked another laugh as you watch your idol boyfriend’s misfortunes. He was chased and threatened by an annoyed Jihoon with a guitar. Damn, these funny moments compilation on YouTube are gold. Fans don’t miss a single thing, huh. Amazing beings they are.

Pouting, a huge puppy man poked your cheek as you laugh at another clip of him saying, “I love guys.” 

“Baby,” Mingyu whined, “Stop watching those.” He snuggled to your side and you tried to ignore the warm breath tickling your shoulder.

You hummed, trying to tease the reactions out of him, “Why not? I get to know you better this way.”

He glanced once at the screen and groaned when he realized it’s the undying Beagle Beagle Beagle. Let me live, people.

“I’m dumb,” he sighed, his face pouty… and sulky like the big dog he is. You found him the cutest when he’s like this, but you’d keep that notion to yourself since the boy’s already got a big head. He calls himself the visual- not that it isn’t true, no. It’s just that it’d be nicer if he was a bit modest about it. 

Your hand found it’s way to his hair, ruffling the once perfection he spent working on in front of the mirror the whole morning. This just made his pout bigger. Cute. “Yeah, babe.” Chuckling, you stopped messing with his hand and laced your finger with his instead. “The whole world knows.”

“You’re not supposed to agree,” he muttered, bringing your hand to his lips, “Romance is dead.”

Never will you admit it, but your heart melted at the smallest gesture. “It’s tough love, sweetie.”

“I know,” he said, that whipped smile on his face that the members teased him with showing through. “I love your tough love, but I got to go to the practice room now before Cheol-hyung beats my ass.” Mingyu leaned in, pressing a chaste kiss on your lips before pulling away and standing up. 

“You kiss like a girl,” you pouted. This time it’s you who’s sulking. Unfair. That kiss was too short.

Mingyu snickered, “Enjoy watching more of your bias through the laptop screen for now. I’ll be back later, and you’ll have the real deal.”

“You’re not my bias, though,” you thoughtfully said, fan pictures of Yoon Jeonghan flashing through your memories. 


“You’re not my bias,” You deadpanned. “Babe, how could you not know that?”

Mingyu’s eyes will fall out of their sockets if he keeps stretching them out like that. “No, I didn’t! Who’s your bias then? Seungkwan? You’re close with him. Chan? Seokmin?”

You let out an exasperated sigh. “Kim Mingyu, I’ve been running a blog solely for Yoon Jeonghan for about a year now.”

It’s as if the heavens put a curse on him. Mingyu almost fainted at the mention of his hyung. “Why him?” he whined whinier than he always had.

Your forehead scrunched, “Why not?”

“He’s my nemesis!”

“Well, your nemesis is hot.” You shot back.

“Do you even love me?” Mingyu exclaimed dramatically.

You rolled you eyes to the space and back, “Of course I do. I’m your girlfriend? Duh?”

“Then unbias him! No! No! No!” He threw a fit like a child. His legs flailing around as he sat on the floor. “Delete the blog! Delete him!”

Sighing deeply, you ran you hand through your tangled hair and face the reality of all these. This is going to be one of those long ass arguments, but you wouldn’t trade this childish headass of a boyfriend for the world.

Prepared? (Cal Request)

“And she shoots and she scores!” You grin, slowing yourself down as the ball flies to the back of the net.
“Fuck off” Simon whines, since he still couldn’t seem to beat you yet.
“I may be over 8 months pregnant but I can still beat your ass in football Minter” You laugh.
“Shut up and relax sis. Put your feet up” Your brother, Tobi, chuckles.
You had come to the pitch with Tobi, Manny, Simon and Cal to watch them film. It was one of your favourite things. With your favourite people- two of your brothers, your best friend and your fiance.
“Yeah they are very active today” You smile, resting a hand on your stomach.
“So they should be. Only got another 17 days” Cal points out, walking over to you and kissing you lightly.
You had followed the suit of a ‘football’ sized bump for your almost born sons and had been lucky to only have a small bump for twins in your final month.
Your new flat with Cal had a beautiful nursery room for them already and you had begun to make your list of name ideas. All of the boys couldn’t wait to meet their nephews. Yes, they would all be uncles.
“These kids gonna be the new Ronaldos I’m telling you” Manny comments, a grin on his face.
“Of course” You laugh to your one twin.
“You feeling okay though babe?” Cal asks quickly.
“Yeah babe don’t worry” You nod, “They'rd just letting me know theyre awake”
The boys are half way through filming Simon’s video when the pain in your stomach increases massively.
“Shit” You mutter, resting one hand on your stomach again.
It wasn’t like they were kicking or like they were simply moving around a bit. It was something more. The pain that you could only describe to match the descriptions you had seen in birth books. You were concerned.
Instantly, you grip onto the fence beside you and this is when the boys notice.
“(Y/n)!” Simon exclaims, rushing over to hold you up.
“What’s happening?” Manny questions, followed by the other two boys as he hurries across the short distance.
“I think” You start but stop as a sharp pain shoots through your stomach again, “I think the babies are coming”
“Are you serious?” Cal raises his brows and you can only nod in response, “Holy shit”
“Alright sis, tell us what to do” Tobi nods.
“Simon, get your car” You begin, “Manny, pack away the stuff. Tobi, call up Lux, Harry or Ethan and get them to pick up the hospital bag from our flat. It’s the black one by the door. And Cal, babe, just do whatever you can to keep calm”
All of the boys disperse to their jobs and Cal wraps a strong arm around you to help you to the car.
“Is it okay that theyre this early?” He questions with worry.
“Yes babe, its only 17 days” You nod, getting to the car as quickly as possible.
“Okay” He replies, taking a deep breath, “Are you sure we’re prepared?”
“There’s no going back now” You wince before Simon and him try helping you into the car as much as they can.
~~~Time Skip~~~
A short car journey. An instant check in to the hospital. A prolonged pain that seemed to hurt Cal more than it did you. And eventually, they were here.
Your sons. Their little bodies out into the world. Tiny curls of hair already seemed evident on their heads from what you had seen on their caramel skin.
And he was here. Cal. With sweat beading on his forehead to match yours and a tired look upon his face. His hand still gripped yours in determination to help as much as he could and a sigh of relief passed his lips.
“Would you like to hold your sons?” The midwife asks, now holding two blue wrapped bundles in her arms.
You nod and shuffle to sit up more in bed whilst she places one tiny frame into your arms cautiously and the other into Cal’s arms.
“He’s so little” Cal comments quietly and makes you chuckle.
“He has your eyes” You mention, brushing the hair from his forehead.
Eventually, you’re back to your proper hospital room and the patient boys can finally come in to see their nephews.
“Hey guys!” Simon grins, his voice quiet however.
He’s followed by Manny and Tobi, all of them holding a different balloon. Simon had one of those clear ones that hold different coloured balloons inside, Manny had a blue helium balloon reading ‘its a boy’ and Tobi held the hand of one that was shaped like a cartoon person.
“Hey” Cal smiles, turning to face them with his son proudly in his arms.
“Oh my god this is mad” Manny mentions, all of them crowding round to see the stars of the show.
“Here, Tobi, most reliable first” Cal jokes before handing over the bundle.
“Holy sh-” Your older brother stops himself, “Sugar”
You laugh lightly and Cal returns to your side to collect his other son and hand him to Manny.
“Did you think of names yet?” Simon asks, knowing you had spent the past four months debating between about 8 different names.
You and Cal look to each other and nod, “Yeah, guys, Tobi is holding Theo Tobi Airey”
Your brother’s eyes dart up when you say the second name, “That’s just like my name!”
“Well done T” You chuckle, “And Manny, you’re holding Eddie Manny Airey”
Both of the boys look at each other with the proudest looks on their faces.
“I’ve called all of the guys, and the rest of your family. They’ll be here soon” Simon mentions.
“Thank you so much” You grin.
“And Ethan and Emily are bringing your bag with them” He comments.
“Oka-” You start before pounding feet can be heard down the corridor.
Followed by- “Is she in here? Can we see her?”
You can see the midwife from outside your door look at them with worry before Simon heads out to help.
“They’re all family. They have to be here” He says before he returns, with JJ, Vikk, Josh, Freya, Ethan, Emily, Harry, Lux and Sarah.
“Hey everyone” You laugh, surprised they even got this far into the hospital without being stopped.
This is what your new boys would grow up with. And you couldn’t ask for anything better.

Permanent Mark

Oneshot. Juice x OC. No warnings :) I hope you guys enjoy! xx

“Juice, I want a tattoo.” Karlie stated, finishing wiping the dishes.
Juice looked over at her after putting away the last of the cups. “Oh yeah? What do you wanna get?”
“That’s the problem, I dunno.”
“My face, on your fine butt.” Juice joked, grabbing at the cheek.
“If I wanted to sit on your face, I’d push you down on the bed and do it.” she said, placing a kiss on the spot on Juice’s neck that she knew he liked.
His eyes shut automatically and he groaned. Before he could do anything about the twitch in his pants, Karlie moved from his grasp and down the hallway before laying on the bed.
She reached for her phone and began scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration.
Juice lay down next to her, watching as she went through countless ideas.
“Ugh.” she tossed her phone defeatedly on the bedside table and laid back.
“Maybe I should just get you to come up with something.”
Juice thought for a moment. He had been with Karlie for over a year now, and he was in so deep. The idea of putting something on her that was permanent and his, claiming her… He hadn’t felt that feeling since he’d been patched in to the club. Juice was as committed to her as he was to the club. In all honesty, he was probably even more committed.
“I’d love to.”
Karlie perked her head up, looking at him. “Really?!”
“Yeah.” Juice smiled at her.
“Babe, that would be awesome! One thing, though.”
“What’s that?”
“Don’t tell me what it is. Surprise me.”
“Are you sure? What if you hate it?”
Karlie shook her head. “Nah-ah, I trust you. I won’t hate it. I don’t even wanna see it until it’s on me.”
Juice was surprised. No one had ever been so trusting of him and good to him.
“Alright then. One tattoo of my face for your butt, coming right up.”
Juice made to get up, but Karlie was quicker, pushing him back down and straddling her legs either side of his head.
“I did warn you.” she said, a mischievous look on her face that Juice couldn’t help but smile back at.


“Are you really sure?”
“Juice. I promise you, whatever you have for me is what I want.”
Juice was way too nervous to make a joke about his dick being what she wanted. He held the door open to the tattoo parlour and walked in behind her. 
“So this is your lady, Juice?” the tattoo artist asked, coming to greet them.
“Hey Corey, yeah, this is Karlie.”
Corey shook Karlie’s hand.
“I understand you have no idea what we’re doing today?”
Karlie smiled. “Pretty much.”
“Then let’s get started.” Corey smiled back and lead them to the back end of the shop.
“I’ll need to you take your bra off, and keep your top up and over your left shoulder. Put this,” he grabbed a small black disc off the trolley next to the tattooing bed. “Over your left tit. While you get ready, I’m gonna go over the final details with Juice. Now, you’re sure about this?”
Karlie nodded in a definite manner. She gave one final, excited smile to Juice before Corey pulled a curtain around her for privacy.
Juice followed Corey to a table at the front of the store, and he looked at the final product.
“This is incredible work, Corey.”
“Thanks, man. I hope your lady likes it.”
“Yeah, me too, or I’m screwed.” Juice laughed nervously.
“She will. I can tell these things.” Corey winked at Juice and slapped a hand on his shoulder before heading back to Karlie.
Juice breathed out heavily before following.
Corey told Karlie to lay down on the table on her right side, her arm up above her head. He walked her through all the steps of what to do if the pain was too much or she felt unwell.
The template was placed and Karlie held out her hand to Juice. He took it and squeezed it tight, smiling back at her.
Juice was less nervous, her smile so infectious and he couldn’t help but think that this was all going to work out fine.
Corey started up the tattoo gun and began. As he made the first stroke, Karlie closed her eyes, and squeezed Juice’s hand back, before opening them again to see Juice’s look of concern.
“I’m alright. It’s worth it.” she reassured him.
“You’re a tough nut. Just remember to breathe.”
Karlie nodded and did as she was told.

Corey put his gun down and wiped over the tattoo.
“You’re all done, Karlie. You were a rockstar.” he smiled at her, letting her get up off the table.
Karlie walked straight over to the mirror, her grin dropping from her face the second her eyes laid on the image.
A crow in flight, it’s wings forming a crescent shape around her ribcage, bordering the side and underside of her breast. The body of the bird curved around the top end of her ribs.
Looking closer at the tattoo, she could see a small word under the lower wing. “Juice”.
Corey stepped out, and Juice walked over to Karlie, fresh concern over his face.
“Babe?” he asked hesitantly.
Karlie whipped around, completely brought out of her trance.
Juice still couldn’t read whether she wanted to kiss him or kill him.
“I wanted it to be something important to me, and hopefully to you. I love you and I’m all in. I want you to be my Old Lady. I wanna marry you someday.” He took in a shaky breath.
“Please say something, you’re freaking me out and I’m terrified you’re gonna say no and hate me.”
“I love it.” Karlie’s eyes were shining and she let out a giggle. “And I love you.”
Juice placed his hands on her cheeks and leant down, tenderly kissing her.
Corey poked his head around the curtain. “Success?”
“It’s incredible! Thank you!” Karlie gave him a big hug.
Corey rubbed the lotion over the tattoo and wrapped it.
“So, I’m booking you in tomorrow for the same tatt, Juice?” Corey asked, putting the cash in the register.
“Yeah, looks like it!” Juice grinned, following Karlie out of the store.
“I can’t wait to show everyone in the club!” Karlie squealed, hopping in the passenger seat of the car.
“Wait, what? You’re not getting your tit out in front of the guys!”
“Fine, fine, at least let me show the girls. Gemma, Tara, Lyla?”
Juice chuckled and nodded, completely elated in how happy she was to be his. 

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Sensory Overload - Ch. 1
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By Organization for Transformative Works

2/13 (Complete. Will post frequently.)
Doctor Who (2005)
Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Harold Saxon, and many more
Alternate Universe - Royalty, Romance, Fluff, Mutual Pining, Light Angst, Happy Ending, Wedding, Soulmates, Soulmarks, Modern Setting

WARNING: If you are sympathetic to Reinette, you most likely won’t like this story.

Summary: Rose Tyler has loved him, well, forever, and now she has the King’s soulmark. He doesn’t know, and a royal wedding is imminent – and Rose is not the bride.

Fourteen Months Before [Before the Prologue]

“Rose, the Prince is about to dedicate a memorial about two blocks up. Let’s go see him! Come on, hurry.”

“As much as I’d love to, I can’t, Martha. I have to finish a couple of arrangements for an afternoon delivery.”

“I’ll do ‘em,” said Lynda. “I’ve sworn off of Prince John. Don’t think my heart can take anymore just-look-can’t-touch.” She sighed dramatically.

“Your heart? I don’t think you heart has anything to do with it,” Amy teased. “More like your—”.

“Hush Amy,” Lynda chastised with a giggle. “There are customers just on the other side of that wall!” She turned to Rose. “Go on. Go see him. Amy and me’ll take care of things here. We got to see him last week anyway. You haven’t seen him in person for about a month now. And his new haircut is dead sexy. Besides, I think you’re in Prince John withdrawal.”

“Yeah, Babes, you’ve been a right misery,” added Rose’s ex-boyfriend, Mickey. “Though I don’t know what any of you see in him.”

“Don’t be jealous, Micks. We all love you!” Amy, Rose, Martha, and Lynda surrounded him in a crushing group hug.

“Yeah, okay. I could do with a dose of Prince John.” Rose grabbed her jacket, and headed out the door with her friend, flatmate, medical student, and fellow Prince John fangirl, Martha Jones.


Rose and Martha wormed their way to the front of the crowd, just behind the waist-high temporary security fencing and a bit to the side of the podium.

“His hair really is much better in person. Like this style better than the last one. It was a bit too flat,“ Martha whispered discreetly into Rose’s ear. "Look at it. Nice and short in back and all spiky and grabbable on top. Yum.”

“Oooo, Wouldn’t that be a good job? To be the lucky person who does Prince John’s hair?” She sighed with a smile. “I just want to run my fingers through it and give it a good tug. That’s some really great hair,” she growled. “And bless his tailor. That blue suit fits him absolutely perfectly.”

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,” the Prince began.

“That voice, it’s like melted chocolate. Matches his eyes,” Martha cooed.

“Hush, I wanna hear,” Rose admonished. “But yeah.”

Both women pinched smiles and settled in to listen.

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Confession: Seeing Norman in that captain’s hat during fleet week fulfilled so many of my uniform kinks. Oh Captain, my Captain for sure. 

Pretty Bird (Nightwing x reader)

(This includes a Community tv show reference.)

(Y/n) was finishing getting ready for her special date. She snapped her earrings on her earlobes and brushed her hair. The tv in her bedroom had been showing a marathon of Vampire Diaries. Damon Salvatore appeared on screen looking handsome as ever, (Y/n) thought. He had nice eyes and a nice mouth and a nice chin - overall he was lovely! He couldn’t compare to the man she had known for the past five years. A two year beautiful friendship plus a three year intimate relationship.

She sat on the bed, putting on the pair of shoes that went with her outfit and brought out her eyes. Her cellphone buzzed next to her. (Y/n) picked up the phone to find that her date, Dick Grayson, texted her. “Are you sure you want to meet up? You don’t need me to pick you up?” It said. She replied, “I’m sure. Thank you, though. :)” Dick always treated her with respect. (Y/n) called a taxi, waited, and when it arrived, was on her way to meet her boyfriend.

Shortly after she had arrived and paid the driver, who drove like a race car driver because she said she was going on a date and politely said she didn’t want to be late, pulled out her phone and texted Dick, letting him know that she was there. He called her number resulting in her answering, “Hey! Are you here?” “Yeah, babe. I can’t see you though. There’re so many people here!” (Y/n) smiled and told him, “Hold on, let me try something.” She moved the phone away from her mouth and ear and yelled out “PRETTY BIRD!!!” to which Dick responded “THAT’S ME!!!”

(Y/n) giggled and followed the sound of his voice. Soon they stood in front of one another and embraced each other. Dick pulled away just enough to kiss her. When they separated he wrapped an arm around her waist and started walking with her to her favorite restaurant; it became his favorite restaurant too since the day he decided to try every single freaking thing on the menu.

“How are you, (Y/n)?”

“I’m much better now, and you?” She smirked up at him earning a smirk from Dick.

“Same here,” he pecked her cheek. “I know you’ve mentioned how busy the past few weeks for you have been, so I wanted to do something for you.”

“I really appreciate, Dick. Thank you so much. Oh! And the mission?”

“The mission,” he sighed from recalling the incident, “…almost intolerable. Guess what happened at some point.” (Y/n) guessed correctly that Superboy and Wally had a bad argument. “YES! This time it was actually kinda funny to watch. I know I know. It sounds terrible.”

“I mean I kinda have to agree with you. Sometimes their fights can be…” she tried finding the right word.


“More or less. Pretty much, yeah!” She laughed. “Remember when I told you about Rease?” Dick nodded his head interested in everything she told him. “Well after he tried to take credit for the thing I did, someone caught him trying to do the exact same thing with someone else’s project, and he was let go!” Both of them laughed at the incredulity of the situation.

“No way! I thought the bastard would be sneakier than that!” He laughed hard enough to where his eyes slightly watered.

“After all the other things I told you about him, after eight years he finally got his karma! I need some tea because I know it stopped being my business when he stopped trying to mess with me, but oh my God!!!”

“You need your gossip tea? Shame on you,” he joked.

She lightly nudge him in his side with her elbow while trying to hide her smile.

They reached the restaurant and sat at their reserved table. (Y/n) and Dick continued talking when their waiter appeared with a pompous look on his face.

“Hello, my name is Marcus and I will be taking your orders. What would you like to drink?”

(Y/n) and Dick ordered their drinks when Dick saw a tattoo of a cult classic film he recognized. “Nice tattoo, man.”

“It’s cool that you know the reference, too!” (Y/n) smiled.

“Yeah. It’s way better than Die Hard which is a piece of garbage.”

Dick stiffened and frowned, “… I’m sorry?”

“Die Hard has got to be the worst movie ever. I mean seriously? The plot is so unoriginal.”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened in shock when the waiter spoke that way about her boyfriend’s favorite film. “Oh sh**,” she thought.

“Die Hard is an amazing movie with a great plot, a great cast, and great suspense. How is it the worst movie ever? Where is the logic in your statement, Mar-”

“Hey, Marcus! I think I’d also like to ask for the ninety drink listed, please.”

“I’ll have your drinks in a moment.” With that, the rude waiter walked away. (Y/n) exhaled in relief and held Dick’s hand to calm him. “You okay?”

“I’m not sure. He just totally dissed Die Hard! Can you believe the nerve of that guy? I mean sure we have our own opinions. I just wish I didn’t have to hear those words come out of anyone’s mouth.”

“He ruffles your feathers?” (Y/n) tried not to laugh at her own joke. Dick tried not to be amused with the question, but failed miserably. “I’m sorry he made fun of it. It was kind of inconsiderate. He doesn’t know good movies and it’s sad, but life goes on and he’s missing out.” Dick smiled affectionately at the woman who understood him and kissed her hand.

After the dinner, they walked hand in hand in comfortable silence. Everything felt right.



“Can I ask you something?”


“Do you like Die Hard?”


“Do you love me?”


“Will you marry me?”

“Yes- WaIT WHAT?”

Dick got down on one knee and pulled out a small box with the ring.

“Will you marry me? I promise to be the bestest friend and husband, to stick by your side, and to help you continue to become the best version of yourself as that is the meaning of life.”

(Y/n) felt her heart beating out of her chest. Her eyes teared up, her cheeks turning red, and her mouth curling up to form a bright smile. “Yes.”

@dccomicsimagines I hope you like it!

the way i feel inside

dylan’s hair is long, really fucking long. his shiny golden locks reach almost below his shoulders, and it’s long enough now that he can put it in a ponytail that swings side to side when he walks.

eric loves it. he twirls the hair around his fingers, runs his hands through it. he thinks it’s the cutest thing when dylan is focused, so eric has to be the one to brush the stray strands behind his ears.

“i’m gonna get a haircut tomorrow,” dylan says. they’re laying on his couch, splayed out, legs on top of eachother in a bony mess.

“why? is your mom making you?” eric say up, leaning against the armrest sleepily.

“no, not really. kids at school, and stuff. gets in my way a lot, anyways, you know? it won’t be that short, or anything, just less.” dylan examines the tips of his hair, holding them up to the dwindling sunlight.

“i like it. if you want it out of your hair, just put it in a ponytail or something. swear your baseball cap. just don’t cut it off.” eric offers, climbing over to squeeze next to dylan. his legs are thrown over dylan’s skinny thighs, arm slung around his shoulder. he nuzzles his way into dylan’s neck, sighing and closing his eyes.

“i can braid it if you want me to,” eric mutters. “mom taught me how to, I think she wanted a daughter or somethin’.” dylan laughs loudly, chest shaking against eric’s head.

“so did mine. braids would look horrible on me, eric. thanks, though.”

“yeah, babe. shut up, now, i’m tired.” eric yawns, settling into dylan’s arm. dylan pulls him in to his chest, and they fall asleep.

“so, you didn’t cut it.” eric says, dylan standing sheepishly in the front doorway of eric’s house.

“couldn’t bring myself to. wanna help me with something, though?”

“sure, what’s up?”

twenty minutes later, dylan is positioned between eric’s knees, and eric is brushing his hair out. he found two black hair ties in his mom’s bathroom, and set to work.

“ow!” dylan shrieks. “here’s an idea: how about you don’t tear my hair out of my fuckin’ head! jesus!” eric rolls his eyes, giving dylan’s head a pat, before he secures the second hair tie.

“all done, handsome,” eric whispers, pressing a kiss onto his cheek. “go take a look.” dylan pops up from the floor, grabbing eric’s hand and dragging him along to the bathroom.

dylan looks in the mirror, and sees two stubby, and messy french braids slung tightly to his skull, strands of hair hanging on the sides of his face.

“you like ‘em?” eric asks, standing on his toes to see over dylan’s shoulders into the mirror. dylan turns around, with a wide smile. he wraps his arms around eric’s waist, lifting his feet slightly off the ground. he gently puts eric back on the floor, before kissing his lips softly.

“i like you, you fucking nerd.” eric laughed into dylan’s neck, grabbing at his shirt.

“funny, because i hate you,” eric teases lightheartedly, kissing dylan back.


zeke: you’re quiet. everything okay?

aurora: ..yes

zeke: okay say that again and try to sound more convincing this time

aurora: *sighs*

zeke: what is it baby?

aurora: mia lives in willow creek now. that’s great. not

zeke: really? you’re getting all bent out of shape about a woman we haven’t seen or heard from/about in over a decade?

aurora: believe it or not zeke. i still don’t like her. even after all this time

zeke: yeah i don’t expect you too. but i also don’t expect you to throw a tantrum over it. you know i don’t even think about her anymore. if we’d never seen her today i probably wouldn’t have thought about her again for the rest of my life aurora. you’re the only woman i think about

aurora: yeah i know. i’m sorry babe. that was really hot though.. telling me i’m the only woman you think about

zeke: yeah? well it’s true. i think about you all the god damn time

aurora: what are you thinking about right now?

zeke: how much i just wanna take you home..

aurora: oh.. shall we leave then?

zeke: fuck yeah. let me just use the bathroom

Part 2 to that lil CroSign Color Au thingy

for @whatthefuckarewe-dualsign

Conversation between the two had been attempted multiple times as they walked to Silas’ apartment, every time however, they were distracted by the varied colors of the world. They had been gawking in awe for a few minutes before Silas stopped. Cronus blinked and stopped in his tracks next to the other, “What’s wrong Chief?”

He turned to look at the other and flushed darkly. God damn it. The other was still so god damn attractive. Silas opened his mouth to speak, looking like a fish gasping for air for a moment, “I uh, we passed my apartment.”

“Oh. Oh, uh right.” The two turned around, Cronus following Silas into an apartment complex. The colors seemed to merge together beautifully, the lobby a variety of blues, whites and browns. According to Silas the complex was owned by an older married couple. So it made sense that they had a grasp of proper color schemes.

Oh god.

What colors did their apartments look like if they had never seen color until now? Cronus followed Silas up a few flights of stairs, then down a hall, stopping at a door towards the end. He stared at the wooden blue door while Silas fiddled with his key ring.

What was it going to look like? A question that was running through both of their heads.

Finally the door’s key was located on the ring and hesitantly Silas unlocked the door and pushed it open,”Uh, wow…I mean it’s really….”

“Jesus Christ.”

The apartment appeared to be a complete mess from neon colors to dull dirty ones. Matte and shiny. Bright and dark. It was as if someone had done the whole apartment blindly. Well, technically Silas was colorblind…which likely did not help the situation of color co-ordination.

“This is an eyesore isn’t it.”

Cronus blinked, “No. I think it’s perfect.” He stepped inside across a fuzzy pink carpet.

“You do?”

He nodded and walked over to a golden vase with yellow and red flowers placed inside,” I mean, to those who’ve been seeing color longer than a few hours like us, sure, but honestly? This is something beyond our fuckin imaginations.”

Cronus hurried into the kitchen and grinned at a bowl of fruit, Silas close behind,” Even the food is gorgeous…”

“You see what I mean though babe?”


“Oh, uh, yeah. Can I call you that? Fuck we’re soulmates and all we’ve been doin is obsessin over colors instead of each other.”

“That’s fine with me, but we now have our entire lives to get to know this colorful world,” Silas walked up to Cronus and pulled him close, causing his face to flush a deep red, “Plus each other. By the way, blush is red apparently, and it looks very cute across those pale, freckled cheeks of yours.”

Cronus could feel his breath caught in his throat as he stared at the other as he pulled away, “I’m gonna make us some dinner, okay? And I’ll make sure to make it super colorful for you.”

“Oh my god you’re perfect.”

“Well I mean, we are soulmates.”

“We are…” Cronus smiled a little bit, setting his guitar case down and pulled out the instrument,”Huh. So this is what purple looks like.” He slung the strap of the instrument around his shoulder.

Silas looked over his shoulder from the peppers he was cutting,”Oh, that suits you very well.”

“Yeah?”Cronus gave a small smile as he sat down, strumming a few light chords on the instrument. He hummed, softly singing as he began to play, a grin holding on his face.

Silas happily listened, soon finishing their meal and set the table, “I hate to interrupt but dinner is done.”

“I’ll serenade you later how about that sweetheart?” he sat at the table and stared at the plate before him. A stir fry with various veggies, grilled chicken and a bottle of red wine was set in front of him and he caught himself drooling for a moment,”Damn are you a professional or something?”

“Everyone has their hobbies.” The other male shrugged and sat across from him, pouring them two glasses of wine, then raised his glass and Cronus did the same,”To us.”

“To us.” Cronus repeated and clinked their glasses together before eating happily. They meal was eaten with a comfortable silence between the two of them and once it had been cleaned up the two found themselves on the other’s floral couch, watching as the sunset lit the sky up with its bold and brilliant colors.

Silas looked over at the other and hummed, gently grabbing Cronus’ jaw. Cronus flushed darkly, staring at the other for a moment with his icy blue eyes before they shared a soft, loving kiss, the warmth from the sun’s rays warming their faces.

Baby I Can See Your Halo

Request: “ Can you do a Sam x reader where Sam wants to ask reader out but reader is an angel that is close to Cas and Cas gets protective? Thanks!!!!”

Pairing: Sam x angel!Reader

Warnings: lol dude its just fluff w a teensy bit of angst

A/n: this is my first time doing anybody’s point of view besides the readers yikes, be nice pls. also I had Halo by queen Bey on repeat writing this and I’m not even sorry about the title tbh

Originally posted by awkwardsamw

Sam’s POV

I walked into the kitchen, expecting to find Dean eating his usual eggs and bacon, but my heart almost did a 360 when I walked in. There was Cas and Y/N sitting there talking with Dean. I’d had a thing for Y/N for God only knows how long, and for some reason, she made me nervous. Like sweaty palms, teenage boy nervous. It might be because she’s a literal angel, but I think it was something even more than that. She was so beautiful, and smart, and funny. And almost no angels were ever funny. She really was perfect.

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Imagine being Bobby’s daughter and dating Dean.

You smiled at Dean’s joke, biting your lip,”That was stupid, babe.”

The relationship between you and Dean had been going on for a while but being Bobby’s daughter you kept it secret. It wasn’t that Bobby didn’t like Dean, it was that you were his only daughter. 

“and yet you still think isn’t funny.” 

“Shut up.” He leaned his head into to kiss you,”What the hell do you two think you’re doing?”

A booming voice pulled you apart and made you turn your head. 

“Dad? You’re supposed to on a hunting trip.”

Bobby had a “duh” look on his face,”Y/N, leave. I need to talk to Dean for a minute.”

You nodded, hesitantly walking out of the room.

“Dean,” Bobby’s voice was threatening,”What you doing with her?” 

“What do you-”

“You know what I mean. I know you and how are you with women. So, what are you doing with her?” 

Dean’s eyes rolled,”Bobby, I love her. She’s not like anyone else.” 

Bobby sighed,”She could be with worse guys.” 

A chuckle rose in Dean’s throat,”but roll your eyes at me again and you’ll have worse things coming your way, boy.” Dean nodded quickly. 

“Dad, don’t be silly.” You hugged Bobby,”I’m glad you’re okay, though.”

“By the way, Dean?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“I love you too.”