yeah but this babe though

Confession: Seeing Norman in that captain’s hat during fleet week fulfilled so many of my uniform kinks. Oh Captain, my Captain for sure. 

This is literally what I send to @hellabxit every night before I go to sleep. Obviously, on some days it says different things and some days I don’t remind him to do anything but to text me when he’s up but yeah. Also, yes, it says our facetime call was 6 (almost 7) hours long (at the time. It’s been a lot longer now) and that’s cause we kinda facetime all the time and we also fall asleep together so yeah. Haha.

me as if I’m not this way about everything: not to be this way but I had a cup of coffee today and one time john drank that coffee just because sherlock made it for him and made a little affirming noise like “mm yeah it’s so good, good job babe” even though he doesn’t like it with sugar. whatever tho