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How about Matt/Dan or trans Andriel and 27 for that writing prompt thingy?

27: “When were you going to tell me that you’re pregnant?” (on ao3)

Neil almost drops the stick when he sees the two lines. “Holy shit.” It was five in the morning and the city was reasonably quiet, making his realization that much louder in the acoustics of his bathroom. He couldn’t focus on any one of his thoughts, all of them flying away from him. His hand comes up to cover his mouth. “Holy shit.”

The last time Andrew had visited was maybe three weeks ago. Since then, Neil had started getting sick in the mornings and wanting more sugar in his coffee. He thought he might be sick and had voiced these concerns during one of his lunchtime excursions with Allison. She’d taken all of his concerns with ease before a shocked look came over his face.

“Do you think -” she’d started, but then shook her head. “Neil, how long has it been since your last period?”

He knew he was due sometime soon, but it was a vague notion of time. He shrugged.

“What are you implying?” he asked, his brain still processing the question. “Oh.”

“So?” Allison tapped her nails against her glass, a nervous tick that used to give her away during poker nights. “Would it be possible?”

Neil blushed, thinking of the last time he’d seen Andrew. “It’s not not-possible,” he decided, biting his lip. “But that's… That’s not something to take lightly.”

Allison shook her head. “No, it isn’t. You shouldn’t play exy until you know for sure, just in case.”

Shouldn’t play exy. Fuck, Neil knows he shouldn’t. But what did that mean?

He still owed eighty percent of his salary to the Moriyamas for the rest of his career and he’s only been playing professionally for a few years now. He still wants to play exy, to be on the court where he feels like he can do anything. He can’t do that with a baby.

And of course, the logical answer would be an abortion. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about the baby at all. But now that he thinks he might have a baby? He wants it. He wants his kid. And it’s terrifying. He doesn’t even know how Andrew would react. If he’d want to keep it too or if he’d urge Neil to get rid of it.

But here he was, holding the positive pregnancy test in his hand. His legs were shaking as he walked to the couch to sit down. Holy shit.

He started counting in French, then in German, then in Spanish, then as far as he could in his stilted Russian. It usually helped to clear his thoughts, but it wasn’t helping so much now.

He picked up his phone to call Andrew and nearly dropped the thing, his hands were shaking so badly. In the dim lighting, the bright screen started to give him a headache the second he turned it on, but he found Andrew’s number in his contacts and held the phone to his ear, pulling his knees to his chest.

“Neil.” Andrew’s voice filtered through the speaker, Neil let out a wrecked sigh when he heard it, too relieved for words just to have that sound anchoring him.

Andrew seemed to get the memo Neil wasn’t going to talk, so he just put the phone on speaker so Neil could listen to him breathing. Over where Andrew lived, he probably wasn’t even out of bed yet, but they’d gotten into this practice a long time ago. It started when Andrew had first left Palmetto State. They both needed to know the other was safe and the sound of the other’s breathing could lull them into a peaceful sleep or comfort them after a nightmare.

“‘Drew?” Neil asked shakily after some time had passed. His knees had stopped knocking into each other and he’d mostly calmed. “Can you come here?”

“I’ll be there.” Andrew hung up soon after, trying to finish getting ready as soon as possible.

Without Andrew’s voice on the phone, Neil only had his own breath and heartbeat, as well as the sounds of the street, for company. He tried to focus on only those, but it didn’t help.

Neil found his way back to his room and curled up under the many blankets he piled on top of himself, feeling King wake up from his place at the foot of Neil’s bed and move closer to his face to lie down again. He didn’t know when he’d fallen asleep, but he woke up to his door bursting open.

Neil quickly jumped up, and King leapt from the bed in shock.

“Neil.” Andrew said, and it was so amazing to hear him without the static from the phone. He almost collapsed back into the bed, but he propped himself up against the headboard instead.

“I called you.” He wasn’t angry, at least it didn’t sound like it. He was just stating facts.

“I’m sorry.” Neil looked down. He’d left his phone on the couch.

“Idiot.” Andrew huffed, climbing in beside Neil. “Go to sleep.”

And so he did, feeling at ease with Andrew next to him, despite his anxiousness about why exactly he’d wanted Andrew there with him.

He woke up again around twelve, with Andrew gone from his side. He walked out of the room, King at his heels, to find Andrew sitting down on the couch. Not paying too much attention, he made his way to the kitchen.

“Do you want coffee?” He asked, partially interrupted by a yawn.

“No.” Well, that was a surprise.

“Okay..?” Neil, despite his confusion, simply shrugged it off. “Guess I’ll just have a whole pot to myself then.”


“Oh?” Neil turned back to look at him. “Pray tell?”

Andrew held up the pink stick in his hands. “It’s bad for the baby.”

Neil’s eyes widened and his hands shook. “I-”

“When were you going to tell me?” Andrew got up from the couch, walking towards Neil.

“Today.” Neil bites his lip. “I found out yesterday, but I’ve suspected for a week or so.” Andrew pulls him close, letting Neil bury his head in his neck.

“What are we gonna do?” Neil asked, a breathy plea for Andrew to help.

“Do you want to keep it?” Andrew’s hazel eyes bore into him with the severity of the question.

Neil thought about it, thought about how their child might be like. Thought about Andrews’s eyes and Neil’s tan skin. Thought about an energetic nightmare playing with the cats. Thought about them growing up to be even half the man Andrew was.

“Yes.” Moriyamas be damned, he wanted to hold his kid in his arms.

“Then we’ll do that.” Andrew promised, as if it were that simple. Neil let out a strangled laugh, one that came from the desperate hollows of his throat once he thought about all that their child might have to go through.

“Yeah.” He agreed, touching his hand to his stomach. “We’ll do that.”

Wounds (M)

Originally posted by sgfgdolans

REQUESTED: a scenario where you’re the owner of the cat that he’s been feeding and getting scratched by. One day you walk outside and see him feeding it and witness your cat scratching him so you invited Jaebum inside to take care of his wounds and one thing leads to another.

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2008

Genre: SMUT & fluff

note: here you go, my dear! I hope you like this one haha! I got a bit too carried away with fluffy jaebum that i totally forgot about smutty jaebum haha. anyways, i’ve been so busy with school and stuff that i’m super stressed rip… but writing does take my mind off of things haha. anyways happy reading and take care!! -admin

Ever since you moved out from your parent’s house, you bought yourself a small kitten since your parents wouldn’t let you get one when you were little. You’ve always wanted a pet, especially a kitten, and decided to get one once your finance issues were okay. You were beyond excited to have your kitten come home and cuddle with you. Although, like every other pet, your kitten would occasionally scratch you when she was feeling playful. So a box of bandages were a must in your apartment.

Another thing your kitten loved was going outside. Occasionally, you would take her down to the laundry room and place her in a basket just outside the room. So when you did your laundry, your kitten would play in the basket with a few toys you’ve brought for her. Lately, you’ve noticed that your kitten was gaining weight rather quickly and you didn’t know if she was sick or not. You didn’t feed your cat that much so you would assume it was part of growing up for your kitten.

A few days ago, while you were exiting the laundry room with your kitten in the basket, you bumped into a rather handsome man. He was tall, wore a hat that covered his face, and seemed like a cold guy. But you were wrong to judge when he spotted you and your kitten when he walked in from outside.

“How old is your kitten?” He asked after spotting your kitten.

“Six months” You replied back, looking down to admire the attention your kitten was getting from an attractive guy.

“Cute.” He smiled at your kitten as he approached you. “May I?”

You looked up at him and smiled. The fact that he was asking you permission to pet your kitten was cute. You nodded your head and suddenly got really shy. You watched as the guy caressed your kitten with his large hands, clearly amused by your playful kitten. You, on the other hand, tried not to freak out because a hot guy was petting your kitten. You admired his handsome features and smiled to yourself. But soon, the guy looked up at you, making your cheeks flush red as you broke away from the sudden eye contact.

“She’s very playful with strangers.” You noted, trying to make a conversation. “She scratches when she gets really playful, so you have to be careful.”

“I have a cat who does the same thing.” He laughed as he continued to play with your kitten. “Her name is Nora.”

“Nora,” You hummed to yourself, “That’s a cute name. I just named my kitten Mittens because she has white paws that look like mittens.”

“At least you have a meaning behind your name. I just named my cat because I liked the name Nora.” The guy smiled at you. You could feel your cheeks rising in color again, feeling incredibly shy. This wasn’t your usual self but you couldn’t help but feel giddy over the fact that a hot guy was actually talking to you.

“Well, it was nice meeting you and your kitten. Oh-” He said as he stuck out his hand to properly greet you. But noticing you were holding your laundry basket, he awkwardly put away his hand and just smiled. “I’m Jaebum, by the way.”

“(Y/N).” You slightly giggled, finding his actions cute.

“I’ll see you around, hopefully.” Jaebum beamed as he walked away, leaving you and your kitten just outside the laundry room.

And for the whole day, you couldn’t take your mind off of Jaebum. Just the thought of a guy like him living in the same apartment building as you made your heart beat a little faster. For a few weeks, you wondered when you were going to meet him again. And whenever you did laundry, you anticipated for the moment Jaebum would meet you like he did last time. That was why you always took your kitten with you to do the laundry, hoping that Jaebum would come.

It was a few weeks later when you saw him again. But this time was different. Once you finished your laundry, you picked up your stuff and walked over to where your kitten was playing. And you found Jaebum holding his hand out, his face full of agony. That was when you noticed two things. One was that your kitten had scratched Jaebum - quite badly as well. The second thing you noticed was Jaebum having a bit of food in his hand. That was when you figured out why your kitten had been gaining weight so quickly. It was because Jaebum had been feeding your kitten. Obviously, that wasn’t the main problem right now.

“Oh my god,” You cried as you ran over to Jaebum and your kitten, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s nothing,” He hissed as he touched his bleeding hand, “Just a minor scratch.”

You dropped your laundry basket and grabbed Jaebum’s hand, “Doesn’t seem very minor to me. I’ll clean this wound up for you.”

“No, it’s fine.” Jaebum insisted. “I was just feeding her until she scratched me.”

“It’s the least I can do since it’s kind of my responsibly.” You smiled at Jaebum before grabbing your stuff and kitten, leading him up to your apartment. Jaebum didn’t say a word back as you followed you diligently up the stairs. You welcome Jaebum into your small, kind of messy, living space and instructed him to sit on the couch. Dropping your stuff and carrying your kitten to a different area, you grabbed your first aid kit, wet a small piece of towel, and rushed over to Jaebum.

“Give me your hand.” You instructed as you kneeled in between in legs. Jaebum did what he was told and you started to clean his wound. Pressing the wet towel against the the wound, you heard Jaebum let out a low moan, a sound that could only be heard in the bedroom. And you had to admit, it did slightly turn you on but you had to keep your focus on that wound.

“Ah, fuck.” Jaebum cursed as you applied more pressure onto the wound with the towel. You could feel your inside getting excited on how Jaebum cursed so sexually. Or that’s how you thought of it as. You were in between in legs, knelt down, and tending his hand. How could you not have those thoughts?

Shaking you head, you wanted to get this done with so you could take care of the problem you had down below in the shower. After cleaning and bandaging Jaebum up, you let out a heavy sigh and started to clean up.

“Thanks, (Y/N).” Jaebum huffed out as he sat there on your couch, watching you clean up the mess on the ground.

“N-no problem.” You stuttered, as your cheeks flushed red. You had the blame the way you were feeling at the moment for the shyness. You were immensely turned on because of Jaebum and his sexual curses and moans. But you weren’t complain either.

You stood up from the ground as you walked over to the counter to drop off the first aid kit. As you bent over the counter to lay your head on the cold surface, you heard Jaebum shuffle from behind as he got up from the couch and walked over to you.

“Are you okay?” Jaebum asked, as you lifted your head up to look at his handsome face.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You sighed. Why wasn’t he leaving? You had finished with his wound and you wanted him to leave quickly so you could take care of your own business. But Jaebum just stood there and chuckled under his breath. He noticed your flushed face and knew that you were attracted to him from the day you met him. And he would admit to himself that he was attracted to you as well.

“(Y/N)” He said as he grabbed your waist, forcing you to stand up straight and look at him. And once you did stand up straight, Jaebum pressed your body against the counter and connected his lips against yours.

It was shocking at first since you weren’t ready for it. But after a few moments, you started to move your lip sin sync with his. His lips were sweet so it didn’t take long for you to get addicted to it. You ran your tongue over his lips, wanting more of him - since your were already turned on, as he granted access and darts his tongue inside your mouth. You moaned against his mouth, feeling incredibly hot, as Jaebum’s hands started to roam down to your waist.

“Fuck.” You softly cursed as Jaebum disconnected his lips from you to press his lips against your neck. You moaned as Jaebum started to suck on the sweet spot on your neck as his hands found your inner thighs. You would be lying if you hadn’t imagined Jaebum coming to your apartment to fuck you. And you knew it was wrong to think that way but at the moment, it didn’t matter anymore. He was attracted to you and you were attracted to him.

“Oh god, Jae.” You moaned as Jaebum began massaging you inner thighs, making you want more of him. You were turned on before this whole thing happened and now, he was torturing you with his teasing.

Jaebum sensed your need for him and smiled against your neck. He let go of you and stepped back before grabbing the loops of your jeans and pulling you closer to him. He played with the buttons of your jeans before pulling them down, very slowly, as you stepped out of them. His fingers trailing up your legs before palming your panites, feeling how wet you were from the beginning.

“You’re so wet for me, baby girl.” Jaebum growled as he slid his fingers against your clothed slit, relieving the need of his touch.

“This is why you don’t curse so sexually while I’m cleaning your wounds.” You breathed out as you felt Jaebum move your panties to the side to circle your clit with the pad of his fingers.

“Well,” He hummed as he pulled your panties down, “Let me help you with this since you helped me with my business.”

And with that, he guided you to bend over your counter with one swift move. He pushed your hips lower and spread your legs to get a good view of your lower half. He licked his lips before dropping to his knees and grip onto your legs. Jaebum didn’t waste time as he darted his tongue against your wet slit, not leaving any part of your pussy untouched by his tongue. You pressed your forehead against the counter and let out a loud moan when Jaebum glided his tongue round and round your engorged pearl, the sensations making your knees wobble.

“You taste so fucking good, baby girl.” Jaebum groaned as slurping sounds of Jaebum’s mouth and tongue over your pussy as well as your breathless moans filled up the apartment. You didn’t care if the people next door heard you. The amount of pleasure Jaebum was giving you was more than what your fingers could ever do.

“Jae.” You moaned when Jaebum’s mouth sucked on your sensitive nub. His arms held your hips steadily, allowing you to buck your hips against his tongue. He ran his tongue and over your slit, leading you to your first orgasm. Jaebum didn’t stop sucking your clit until your whole body shook and collapsed on the counter with a loud cry.  

Jaebum pulled away from you and stood up from the floor. You craned your neck to the side to see Jaebum slowly stripping himself. He walked over to the windows, with just his boxers, closing the blinds, making the room dark. You turned around to face him and his smirking face and let out a breathy sigh.

Jaebum sent you a wink before walking towards you, “Let’s have some fun, shall we?”


Your Move

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10

March 26


“So, how did you respond to the stone-scones?”

           I chuckle.  “It was a bit risky.”

           “What did you do, Simon?”

           “I wrapped my cross necklace around his wand.”

           Penny turns to me, wide-eyed.  “You did what?”

           “It’s no big deal, Pen.”

           “Simon, you acted on assumption that he’s a vampire,” she says in a hushed voice.  “If you’re right about that, which we still can’t be sure of, it means that you removed your only form of protection against him and put it into his hands.”

           “Yeah, but he can’t touch it,” I reason, “so it’s no good to him.”

           “You have it back now, right?”

           “Of course.”  It comes out a little indignant, even though I don’t mean it to.

           She shakes her head, returning to her book. “That still wasn’t a very smart move.”

           “I was in the room, it’s not like he could have attacked me.”

           Penny reads a few more lines, I see her eyes scanning back and forth, before looking back at me with a curious twinkle in her eye. “Did it work?”

           “Did what work?”

           “The necklace.”

           I shrug.  “He took it off bare-handed, and it didn’t look like it was burning him.”

           She looks thoughtful.  “Have you considered the possibility that you’ve been wrong this whole time?”

           “Of course I have,” I sigh, “but what if I’m not? You have to admit, Penny, there’s reason for me to be suspicious.”

           “He hasn’t retaliated yet?”

           I shake my head grimly, a touch of nervousness poking at my stomach.  “Not so far.”

           She raises an eyebrow.  “Keep your guard up.”

Keeping an eye out for Baz has become something of a habit since I met him, but today I’m even more jumpy than usual, scanning the hallways almost constantly.  It’s a little ridiculous, even for me.  I wonder if maybe he won’t fight back, if the cross really didn’t affect him, but then again this is Baz.  He’ll never pass up an opportunity to torment me.

           By the time I return to our room after our last class, my stomach has worked itself into knots.  I keep telling myself to stop it, but somehow the chance of Baz pulling something feels more imminent now that we have a… what even is this?  A game?  An agreement?  A series of mutually bad decisions?  A commitment to hate each other even more?

           He’s beaten me to the room of course, which makes me even more anxious.  He doesn’t look up from his phone as I kick off my shoes, casting a wary glance around the room.  Nothing seems out of place, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t cursed something again like he did with my plate.  When I move over toward the bathroom, my steps are light and slow.

           “Something wrong, Snow?” Baz pipes up, still staring down at his phone.

           “No,” I bluster, unable to come up with anything smarter on short notice.

           “Then why are you acting like there’s a monster under your bed?”

           “Funny, the only monster I see is on yours.”

           His eyes cut up to mine briefly, flashing annoyance, but he doesn’t respond beyond that.  I notice suddenly how tense my shoulders are and I give them a roll to loosen them.  I need to relax.  Quietly I take a deep breath and make for the bathroom.

           “I wouldn’t go in there, if I were you.”

           My hand freezes on the doorknob.  “Why not?”

           “I just wouldn’t.”

           I turn to glare at him.  “What did you do?” I growl.

           He’s actually looking at me now, his face cool and innocent.  “Who says I did anything?”

           “This isn’t funny, Baz.”

           “You’re right,” he nods, “it’s not, and neither was the salted tea or assuming I’m a vampire.”

           “Those were harmless.”

           He shrugs.  “Go ahead then, see what happens.  Or maybe I’m bluffing and there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

           I glare back for another moment, trying to read his expression, but his eyes don’t betray anything.  Slowly I turn the knob and push the door open a crack, peeking in cautiously.

           “What am I looking for here?” I mutter.  There doesn’t seem to be anything amiss, no rats in the sink, no roaches in the toilet, no spiders in the shower.  My reflection in the mirror is unaltered.

           “You tell me,” Baz muses in response.

           I shut the door again.  “You are bluffing, aren’t you?”

           He meets my eye evenly.  “You tell me,” he repeats.

           I let go of the doorknob and fold my arms across my chest.

           Or at least that’s what I try to do.

           Except that my hand is now welded to the knob.

           “What the-” I stutter as I try to pry my arm away, my skin smarting as bits of it rip off of the knob.  “Are you serious?”

           Baz stands, reaching into his pocket as he moves toward me.  A smirk sneaks into the corner of his mouth, and from his pocket he produces a tiny bottle of glue.  Extremely strong Normal glue, the kind people use to hold broken furniture together.

           Just as I’m registering what he’s done, he leans closer than I think I’ve ever been to him, his breath dusting my ear and sending a prickle across my neck.

           “Your move,” he murmurs, pocketing the glue and striding to the door.  I don’t follow, I can’t.  “See you at dinner,” he chuckles, halfway through the door, “assuming you make it down there.”  And then he’s gone.

One and Only pt. 4

Prompt: You need a little bit of T.L.C. after being shot on a mission and that includes a new roommate. You have a massive crush on him and he’s clueless.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,352

Warnings: none that i’m aware of.

A/N: STEVE’S BEARD IS GONE. nooooooo. eh, i guess we will survive. enjoy (:

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Originally posted by asgardian-nightmare

A few days later Steve was sitting next to you putting his shoes. He was getting ready to take you to the doctor’s office. You didn’t want to go, but you knew it was essential. It was a simple follow up appointment, and you hoped for good news: news that you might possibly be able to do some things on your own.

“Can you hand me my other shoe?” You pointed, your hands brushing Steve’s chest. Your fingers felt electric and you sighed softly, wanting more. The past few days, he’d kissed your forehead every night before bed and every morning when you woke up. But as far as what was spoken between you, everything was still strictly platonic.

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Promise (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Request from anon: “okay so i have a sort of odd request… could you write one where grayson x reader are dating and they’ve vowed to save their virginity until marriage but it can be hard sometimes?? i’m not sure if grayson would actually do this irl but it’s something that i’ve been trying to find an imagine about for a long time and it’s literally nowhere… thanks :)“
Word Count: 920
Warnings: Talk about sex.
A/N: Sooo guess what?! My Macbook broke last night so I couldn’t be arsed to write anything. But I hope you like this! It was very cute and fun to write! Sorry if it’s short xx

It was happening again and you weren’t even doing anything special. Grayson had been working out, he’d come straight over to your apartment and had a shower there. A meal was waiting for him in the kitchen, and you were eating a plate of your lunch by the television, completely wrapped up in your series.

He had walked out, feeling like a whole new person and halted in his steps when he caught sight of your body sitting, knees drawn up to your chest, bare legs on display and a hoodie that was too big covering the rest. He suspected that it was one of his hoodies that he’d left behind.

Grayson was feeling all sorts of things, staring at you, lost in his thoughts that were beginning to get too sinful than usual. And that’s when you looked up, confusion written all over your face.

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I'm not that into sending anons, but yeah, if you're having a drink, what ARE you drinking ? (I'm expecting something like fruit liquor)

fruit liquor is good, i have a bottle of fireball on my desk rn

Grocery Store Valentine

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Valentine’s Fluff for the DeanCas Sweetheart Challenge: 

SFW: No Smut

Castiel had ridden along with Dean to pick up groceries. Sam usually did the shopping but Dean simply could not choke down  anymore Kale, salads, or smoothies. He needed real food.

“You mean junk food…” Cas murmured at his back at Dean’s lament on Sam’s shopping practices as he shadowed him around the store.

Dean gave Cas a face of mock offense. “Bite your tongue, and since when do you side with Sam about food? Burgers and pork rinds are considered junk and they’re your favorites…”

“<i>I</i> can’t get heart disease either…” Castiel murmured with a hint of a smile on his lips.

As they shopped in companionable silence, Cas noticed the Valentine’s decorations and candy on the end of every aisle. “I’ve never understood Valentine’s Day being associated with Cupid. Cherubs are not interested in dating and relationships. They force people to fall in love. Very against Team Fee Will’s mission statement.”

Dean nodded his head in agreement, his mouth shaping into a frown. “Good point. Screw Valentine’s Day…You know I used to call it Unattached Drifter Christmas…I would swoop into bars and find lonely women and show ‘em a good time. Figured I was doing my part to cheer them up. Think I was just trying to cheer myself up really.” Dean stiffened then, realizing he was being a bit more revealing of his feelings than normal. He did that with Cas…It was annoying. As they went down every aisle, throwing in essentials like bread, sandwich meat, cheese, and milk, occasional anomalies would appear like Oreos and Slim Jims. Neither commented when they both threw in a bag of pork rinds, grinning to each other.

“Sam’s going to eyeroll for days, but damn it, I like Oreos! I didn’t get a childhood. I deserve cookies at least, I mean damn,” Dean laughed as they turned left onto the next aisle. He hadn’t been paying attention. It was that stupid Seasonal aisle and it was piled high with stuffed bears, hearts full of chocolates, and boxes of paper Valentine’s. Dean tried to make good time down the aisle but it was full of last minute husbands scrambling for gifts. Dean realized it was February 13th…the poor bastards. Dean shared a few looks with the men searching through the candies and he smiled sympathetically as he turned off the aisle. “Man, that makes me glad I don’t have to worry about that stuff, right Cas? Cas?” Dean looked back down the aisle and he saw Castiel talking to a man at the other end of the aisle. Dean’s eyes narrowed and he turned his cart around to make his way back down the red and pink splattered aisle. As he came up on the two talking, Dean knew right away the man was flirting with Cas, who was completely oblivious.

“Cas, man, come on. We’ve got to get the rest of the groceries and get home…” Dean growled out more aggressively than he intended, putting his hand on Castiel’s elbow.

“Sorry, Dean. This man, Daniel, was asking me about good places he could take a date for Valentine’s. I informed him I thought he might be unable to get reservations at this late of a date.” Castiel looked at Dean without a hint of understanding as to what Daniel’s true intentions were.

Dean narrowed his eyes at Daniel and his stupid perfect teeth and short red hair. He knew this game. Hell, he’d played this game, finding singles hovering near the Valentine’s aisle, unattached…attractive…singles. Suddenly, Dean’s grip on Castiel’s arm became more of an open handed, possessive grip than a way to get his attention. Who did this Daniel think he was, flirting with his…Cas…Oh shit. Dean realized he was being jealous when he had no claim or right to be. It wasn’t like he was attracted to…Oh Hell, who was he kidding other than himself? He loved Castiel. He just didn’t have the guts to find out how Cas felt, though he suspected at times….Daniel was staring at where Dean’s hand was still touching Castiel’s elbow. Yeah, asshole, read the signs. He’s mine…Dean thought to himself then he grimaced internally.

“I’m sure Daniel can manage just fine Cas. That’s what Yelp is for…Come on <i>sweetheart</i>, let’s go…” The sentiment had just come out. Dean told himself it was a means to get Daniel to back off…Yeah that was it, because the way he’d been gently holding his elbow hadn’t told Daniel enough. Shit. Castiel followed numbly along behind Dean as they once again made their way down the Valentine’s aisle. Dean pushed the cart with one hand and kept a grip on Cas’ elbow with the other, worried another Daniel might swoop in and try to steal his Angel away again. He only loosened his grip as they got off the aisle. Castiel’s forehead was scrunched up in thought. “Daniel was flirting with you. Couldn’t you tell? I…said that to make him leave you alone…Unless you wanted to…” Dean stuttered out, his face turning red from his nose to his ears.

“Why would I want to flirt with Daniel? I have no romantic attractions to him,” Castiel said as if it was an obvious fact.

“Right…Angels don’t date do they?” Dean murmured out as he gripped the cart with both hands and strode with purpose down the next aisle. Castiel actually had to speed walk to keep up with him.

“That’s…that’s not exactly true…Dean, would you slow down? I can easily keep up but you’re missing things we need,” Castiel said, annoyance now clouding his tone.

“What’s not exactly true? And what did I miss? Oh, coffee…right.” Dean darted down the aisle, grabbing several canisters of coffee and filters. He grabbed creamer and sugar for Cas, who seemed to like his coffee very sweet. As he tossed the items in the cart, Castiel stopped it from moving with his foot on the bottom rack of it. He locked eyes with Dean, his own tight.

“That Angels don’t date. They don’t…I would, but I’m not an Angel’s Angel, remember? Besides, it would have to be the right person…” Cas said neutrally, his eyes dark as he glanced nervously at Dean before he wandered down the aisle as well.

Dean was so confused. This was the last time he brought Castiel along with him when he shopped. Flirtatious men and weird conversations didn’t happen to him when he was alone. He pushed the cart along, looking for Cas. He found him finally, grabbing a pie at the deli and he grinned to himself as he pushed the cart up. “Thanks…” Dean said quietly behind him.

“You’re welcome. Anything else we need?” Cas said as he placed an apple pie in the cart.

“No, let’s check out. Come on.”

After all the bags had been loaded up into the backseat of the Impala, Dean hesitated, his hand on the doorknob of the driver’s side. He looked at Cas, who was contemplatively looking out his window. They were both getting older. Even Cas, who Dean thought would never age. He’d never asked him about that…Dean gripped the doorknob and swung the door open to stick his head in.

“I forgot something. I’ll be right back,” Dean said casually before closing the door and jogging back inside. Castiel nodded once then continued staring out into the night sky.

It was about ten minutes later that Dean returned with something wrapped in several plastic grocery sacks. He shoved the lumpy item in Castiel’s lap before buckling up and squealing out of the parking lot, his eyes only for the road. Castiel slowly ripped off each plastic bag, revealing a plush bee holding a heart that said “Bee Mine”. Cas tilted his head to the side before side eyeing Dean.

“Is this for…” Castel said hesitantly.

“For you….” Dean said quietly, chewing on his bottom lip as he refused to meet his eyes.

“Are you asking me to be your Valentine?” Castiel said, a hint of a smile ghosting across his lips.

“Don’t be stupid,” Dean barked out then frowned as he saw Cas almost pout. “I’m not asking.”

“You’re so rude, Dean…It’s a good thing I love you despite it,” Castiel said softly, his fingers making the bee’s antennae wobble.

“I thank Chuck every day for that, Sweetheart…Now, how do we break it to Sam we’re going out tomorrow without him?” Dean said with a grin forming on his lips.


Midnight Masquerade - Part 5

Originally posted by beautiful-as-vampire

Genre: Vampire! AU | Angst | Fluff

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? 

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi

Word count: 1555

Warnings: None for this part.

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10

(A/N: Ah, I’m not entirely sure how this came out, feedback would be much appreciated! I hope you guys enjoy though!)

“I should’ve known.”

Those three words echoed through your head all night, leaving you restless as you relentlessly tossed from side to side trying to work out the meaning behind the cryptic phrase. What was it she wasn’t telling you? She knew something. Something important, and yet she was keeping it from you.

Forcing yourself up in the morning, you pushed your disheveled hair out of your tired eyes, groaning as the realisation that you had to attend university that day, and resume normal life as if nothing had happened. As if your best friend wasn’t dead. As if you weren’t bitten by a strange man who you were starting to believe - as insane as it sounded to you - could well be a vampire of some sort, like something straight out of Twilight. You still struggled to wrap your head around the idea, your mind not able to comprehend the concept of mythical creatures such as vampires. You sat up in your bed, staring directly at the wall as you thought over everything. Subconsciously tilting your head to the side in thought, you wondered, if that man was truly a vampire, would the bite take effect on you too? Sighing, you shook your head as you finally climbed out of bed, the thought sounding ridiculous to you, and yet strangely true.

“(Y/N)!” You heard your mother calling from the other room. “You need to go to uni today, honey!” Her tone sounded fairly enthusiastic, but with an undertone of fatigue, like she had been up all night as well.

In as lively a tone as you could muster, you called back, “Yeah, I know, mum, I’m getting up.” Your hand involuntarily flew up to touch the fading bite mark once again, like you found yourself doing often, your fingers running over the small indents in your skin. “How am I just supposed to act like nothing happened?” You pondered, your head still clouded in total confusion. If you were ever going to be able to focus on anything, you had to find answers to the questions that kept you up all night. You had to find out everything.


Yoongi stared into the mirror, his fingers brushing over the pale skin of his face. All he could think about for the past few days was the girl with the red mask, as he glanced over his bedside table at that very mask. Your scent was intoxicating, addicting even, as a strange feeling stirred in his chest. You filled his thoughts constantly, as he found his mind wandering off, thinking about how your hair tumbled down your shoulders effortlessly, the way a few strands of your hair fell into your face. The way your soft eyes widened at the sight of him. You were no ordinary human, that he was sure of. At first glance, he thought you were one of their kind, although your skin only had a slight tinge of paleness compared to the marble-like skin of every other vampire he had seen. So, when he saw a blush rising up to your cheeks, a feeling of confusion clouded his mind. Since when did vampires blush? Were you a human then? But that couldn’t be it either.

That room was not supposed to be visible to humans. He often resided in that room during the extravagant balls, often preferring peace and quiet over the loud music and the murmur of voices in the ballroom. So… what exactly were you?

“Hyung!” Yoongi heard a familiar voice from outside his room, turning around, his eyebrows furrowing in slight annoyance, only to see Jimin pop his head through the doorway, eyes twinkling as his plump lips curled up in a mischievous smile. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready? You know how your dad is with your education.”

Of course he knew. It was his father who insisted he attend university and “do something useful with your life”, in his father’s own words. His father seemed to think that the only valid profession was a doctor or a engineer, or something “respectable” like that, and so Yoongi was relentlessly pushed into it against his own accord, and had no choice but to accept. It had been a few months since the first year had started, and he had only just began adjusting to the heavy workload and the concept of socialising with others.

“What about you?” Yoongi inquired, looking Jimin up and down. His outfit was a contrast to his embroidered tuxedo from a couple nights before, instead wearing a simple baggy white T-shirt with a pair of black shorts and a black beanie to match. Pulling his backpack off his shoulder and setting it down on the floor, the smile never once left Jimin’s face, as he replied, “You know everyone’s ready right? We’re all waiting on you.” Playfully punching Yoongi’s shoulder, he said, “Hurry up, grandpa, we haven’t got all day.” With that, Jimin proceeded to sling his backpack over his shoulder, casually walking out in typical Jimin fashion once again.

“This boy.” Yoongi shook his head, one corner of his lips twitching slightly as he tried to repress a smile. Looking back over at the mask one last time, he sighed, throwing his wardrobe door open, as he finally began to get ready for yet another gruelling day of university.


Staring out of the window of your mother’s small car, you self-consciously readjusted the turtleneck you were wearing, constantly worrying that someone would somehow see the bite mark. That wasn’t going to be easy to explain, to say the least. Looking down at the lit screen of your phone, you felt a pang of pain, like something had just stabbed your heart when you saw the ever-so-familiar picture of Mina and you. You didn’t have the heart to change it, instead serving as a reminder not to go to strange places. You realised that your day was likely to be much quieter without Mina’s constant chatter to accompany you. At least, that’s what you thought.

Finally pulling up by the fields surrounding your university, your mother turned to face you, a sympathetic smile etched on her face. “You’ll be okay, right?” She asked, her tone softening with concern for you.

Forcing a smile, you replied with as much enthusiasm as you could muster, “I’ll be fine, honestly. No big deal…” It felt you were trying to convince yourself rather than your mother, but she seemed satisfied with your answer, her eyes looking over you once more before you grabbed your backpack, slowly slinging it over your shoulder as you stepped out of the car.

Forcing your feet to move forward, you trudged towards the huge building, taking a deep breath before you stepped into the building, your head beginning to thump once again as students pushed and barged past you, causing you to have to force yourself through the stampede of people to reach the hall your lecture was being held in.

After finally escaping the crowd in one piece, you leaned against the wall by the door to the hall, patting your hair down so that you looked at least decent. Tilting your head slightly towards the door, you noticed a group of boys walking past, your curiosity piquing as a feeling of familiarity stirred in your chest. One of the guys pushed the door wide open with a shove, brushing his jet-black hair out of his eyes. Another of them, blonde haired this time, flashed a quick smile at you, the rectangular shape of his smile seeming strangely familiar, as he walked inside with the other remaining boys. Maybe they did the same course as you, you pondered, your mind recalling how you’d spotted them in previous lectures before. That must be it, you decided, and yet there was still a strange feeling nudging at the back of your mind.

Taking your seat in the large lecture hall, you set your bag down on the adjacent seat, tapping your pen on the hard surface of the desk. You noticed your bag being set down on the floor, however, and so your eyes trailed up to meet those of none other than your best friend, Mina. Your mind failed to comprehend the situation, that your best friend, who you thought was dead - you were certain you saw her seemingly dead with her own eyes - was standing there in front of you, her eyes twinkling in her usual mischievous manner. Something was different though, as you squinted your eyes in disbelief, your eyes scanning over her over and over again, as if to check if she really was there in front of you. As you looked over her for what seemed like the tenth time, you realised what was up. Her skin was almost the same marble-like colour of those people you had come across, the sparkle in her eyes just like the one you’d seen in the other mysterious men, that sparkle that left you immobilised, unable to take your eyes off.

“Mina?” You finally uttered, your body completely frozen in disbelief. “How… what… how?”

“Aw, did you miss me?” She winked, a shiver running up your spine as you still tried to wrap your head around the situation.

Your best friend was alive. And she was one of them.

Choking On The Heat (Usnavi de la Vega x Reader)

Author’s Note: I made myself cry with this during midnight. Also, thank you @hamlltvn for helping me with this fic and calling me satan through it. Also, yes. I wrote that rap part. I know, it’s awful. Blame Poppy, she wanted me to keep it.
This is kinda the sequel to another Usnavi fic I did called ‘For Better Or For Worse’ which you can find in my masterlist!

Summary: Usnavi has one last thing to do before he closes the shop, something he has refused to do for a year. (i can’t do it better than this)


Word Count: 1,979


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Beautiful~ A Baekhyun One Shot

A Byun Baekhyun high school AU one shot

Requested by anonie

Genre: Angst, romance

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this one shot) Byun Baekhyun gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Everything is handed to him, no doubt about that. He has the grades, he has the awards, he has the girls. But what happens when he wants someone he doesn’t have…you? (lol this is so fucking cheesy I love it)

As you scurry down the halls with your backpack slung around your shoulder, you run into someone, falling to the ground. Looking up, you see Sehun and frown at the mess on the floor. His backpack is open with his notebooks and textbooks spread out on the floor.

“You dipthong,” he says with a smile. “Be careful next time alright?” he says, ruffling your hair as you go and help him pick up his stuff. Someone walks by, their foot casually kicking one of Sehun’s textbooks across the hall, down the lockers and past everyone’s eyes, gasps and whispers being exchanged among students. Looking at the feet of whoever kicked Sehun’s textbook across the hall, you frown even more. Dress shoes. Looking up, your suspicions are confirmed.

Byun Baekhyun.

Byun Baekhyun, the one senior in this school who gets everything he wants anytime he wants it. Byun Baekhyun, who has done every sport here and exceeded at it. Byun Baekhyun, who takes all the AP classes and actually passes them. Byun Baekhyun, who has almost every girl kneel down at his feet for him, dying for his attention.

Almost every girl.

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The One Where Sam Lets Something Slip

“Come on baby boy, you’re gonna help me make lunch.” Sam says as he pushed himself off the couch. Bucky stands and follows, nearly running into Sam’s back. He’d frozen when the living room went quiet. Bucky makes a small noise and holds his hands up, brushing Sam’s shoulders just barely so that he doesn’t run into him and fall over.

He hadn’t meant to say it. To call Bucky that. Baby boy. And it would have been easy to brush off. Sam had felt Clint about to respond with something sassy, or stupid, and he could have reacted to that easily. But Bucky had reacted immediately to the pet name, followed after Sam like it was second nature. And Sam guessed it kind of was now, but he still hadn’t fucking meant to say it.

He stood still for a few more seconds, acutely aware of Bucky standing close behind him, and then walked into the kitchen. Bucky followed, immediately going to the fridge and pulling it open.

“So what are we making? Something cold since it’s warm out today? How bout coleslaw? You’re awesome at making that and I can- whoa.” Bucky said, his eyes going wide as Sam pushed the fridge door closed, rougher than he meant to. Bucky looked at him, moving only his eyes.

“How’d you now I was talking to you?” Sam asked, an edge of anger in his voice. Bucky frowned and turned his body toward Sam, taking a few steps back as he looked at him. Sam felt his stomach drop with the look that Bucky was giving him. He looked hurt.

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“Horror Fanatics.”

Warnings: N/A

Pairing: Noah Foster x Reader


could you do a fic where it’s like the reader is Emma’s sister and reader and Noah bond over really nerdy stuff and they fall in love or something like that ??? idk that just came to mind sorry if it’s awful. love you lots 😚😚

soul mate au with Noah (mtv scream)

Words: 1058

(I combined the requests, if that’s alright. Sorry if the grammar in this is absolute crap, but I wanted to post this as soon as possible! Requests are open!)

Originally posted by hollandrooden

The hallways of George Washington High were filled with students all pushing and shoving trying to get to their next class. You looked around cluelessly, Emma, had left you to grab your schedule leaving you alone in a sea of teenagers. You itched your soulmate tattoo anxiously and shifted from one foot to the other. Your soul mate tattoo had showed up after you turned 12; you were freaking out but your sister, Emma coaxed you down and explained what it was. Another person in the world, had the exact same triangle and thick line just like yours would be your soulmate. But, you were new to Lakewood; after experiencing some difficult things with your father, your mother decided it was best for you to take a break from familiarity and go to a boarding school in California for a while.

A harsh bump knocked you out of your clueless state, making you drop your books and binder on the ground. “Crap, I’m sorry. Ah.. Once again, Noah Foster here to ruin the day.” You laughed and moved a piece of hair behind your ear, kneeling down,“No no, really it’s okay.” Butterflies were swarming around in your stomach, his eyes reached yours and you turned and blushed. Noah handed you your binder but kept a hand on your book. “Carrie?” He held it up, sticky notes lined the book in colourful papers. “No I.. Yeah… I love Stephen King.” You grabbed it back from him, your hands slightly touching sending sparks up your arm “You’re kidding?” A blush grew across your face. Great, another person thought you were a freak for annotating a horror novel and he was extremely cute. “I love his books AND his movies. I’ve seen Carrie at least 7 times. He’s pretty much my all time favorite.” Noah turned around to scrounge around in his backpack before pulling out an old copy of The Shining. His plaid shirt was propped up a little bit, you could see the small soulmate tattoo on his body. A sickening thought dropped in your body as you began to think he already had a soulmate. “Wait. Let me see that.” Noah pulled your arm out so he could take a better look, “Holy sweet mother pearl.” You both laughed, Noah smiled a crooked grin. He rolled up his sleeves more so you could compare the two tattoos, already knowing they were the same. You were soulmates. “Well, I always thought it looked a bit like a knife, y’know for serial killer buisness?” You said and bit your lip, both of you were speechless. “So, I got your schedule but I have to also run to class, do you- Oh, hey Noah. You’ve met (Y/N), my little sister.” Emma came up to you guys and cocked her head to the side to see both of your arms against each other. He looked at you and grinned, “Sister? Oh yeah! Yeah. Well you see, horror fanatics just tend to gravitate towards each other. Almost like fate put two serial killers together.” Emma watched as her little sister giggled and Noah scratched his neck letting out a nervous laugh and raised her eyebrow. “Yeah, okay.” Noah tugged on his backpack and craned his neck to look at your schedule. “Math, room 2032. I’ll walk you, maybe we can talk more about your coolness.” “Wait- (Y/N)!” Emma’s mouth left open as you left with Noah barely even noticing her, chitchatting happily.

“No way. You’ve lived in California? Ever heard of the Hitchhiker’s killer?” Noah asked, absolutely intrigued. You two had spent basically the whole day together, talking and laughing. A crush developed almost instantly after he pulled out his Stephen King book. “Did I? I was obsessed about him! Not gonna lie after reading up on him, I almost peed when a car stopped next to me when I was walking to my dorm. Turns out, all they wanted was directions.” Noah tilted his head back and laughed making you laugh. “You’re amazing.” His arm fell around your shoulders as you both continued to talk.

“I don’t know why he just doesn’t ask her out.” Brooke tipped her beer back and sat down next to Emma. “I mean, can’t you see they are just eye screwing the hell out of each other?” It’s true. The whole party you both have barely spoken to anybody but each other. He’d say something, you’d laugh; you’d say something, he’d laugh. Emma turned to face her friend, laughing “I don’t want to picture my baby sister and Noah doing it. Ever.” Audrey sat down in a huff, “That’s fricking it, if I have to watch psychopath One and Two laugh at another messed up joke, I’m gonna pass out. He keeps saying ‘She’s so pretty but I’m not sure if she likes me’ all that crap. They are obviously soul mates I mean look at them!” Both of you were huddled in the corner, Noah’s arm over your shoulder and you almost wrapped around him. Emma patted her knee and scooched over so all three girls were sitting. After such a rough experience with your father leaving and all the trauma you went through, Emma was glad to see you finally smiling and laughing. Catching her eye, you saw Emma wave you down in the midst of the party. You excused yourself and walked over  “Hey! I’ve barely spoken to you since we got here. How was your first day of school? Did you like your classes?” She asked, eager to talk to you. “Well, I.. I only came over to grab a beer for me and Noah.” Brooke snickered and hid behind her bottle when Emma shot her a look, “Don’t you want to sit down? You’ve been standing for like an hour.” Audrey asked you, beginning to get up from her seat. “No! No, really it’s alright. Noah was just telling me about his podcasts, and that’s just a story I can’t miss.” You walked back and handed Noah his beer with a content look on your face. Then once again, you resumed flirting and laughing. Emma sighed, “I mean you’d think they’d be a little more shy towards each other right? They like just met each other. Most soulmates are shy. Why aren’t they shy?” Brooke and Audrey both laughed and leaned closer to Emma. “Maybe they are in love.” Brooke made a kissy noise and winked. “Brooke, you’re so annoying!” “Maybe she’s right, its like there’s a god of serial killer fanatics up there just playing puppet.” Audrey shrugged teasingly. The three turned to look back at the pair before watching Noah dip down and give you a small kiss. Your sister’s mouth was drawn open and Brooke laughed so hard she almost fell off of the lawn couch. “I knew it!” Audrey pointed at Noah.

Love or gratitude ? BTS Jimin (M) chap 03

“pairing: JIMIN X  reader y/N

                  ft Yoongi

Genre: angst/smut/ best friend

M= mature contents

summary: what will you do when all of sudden you find your self getting married to someone used to be your best friend’s lover just because he turned to be a father !!!


chap 01

chap 02

Originally posted by mvssmedia

note i remember the first time i wrote for chimchim was for my bestie , it was a great experience check it out if you’d like  why he read my diary

good luck for tomorrow @pinkrima

**chap 3 Accident !

Min yoongi pov

it’s been three months now and finally y/N was getting better i really don’t want to remember any of that bad days after she found out about her ex-best friend pregnancy even she tried hard to be strong she would never hide of me -me her best friend

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(set after the junior art show.)

Shitty finds her out on the back steps of the building, sitting on the steps with her shoulders shaking. The night’s cold. She jumps a little when the door closes behind him, but doesn’t turn.

“Lards?” he says carefully.

She sighs. Her shoulders ease, then rise and fall as she takes a long, steadying breath.

“You okay?” he ventures.

“Yeah,” she says immediately. Then, “No. Shut up. No, I’m not okay.”

He sits down on the stoop next to her. “Okay,” he says. “That’s okay, you don’t have to be okay.”

She says nothing. He wants to touch her – her shoulder, or her knee, some kind of comforting pat – but he keeps his hands folded in his lap, too unsure to do anything besides be there. “I’m here if you wanna talk about it,” he says after a beat.

She still says nothing.

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50 Shades of Desire: Candles and Mirrors

Title: 50 Shades of Desire: Candles and Mirrors

50 Shades of Desire Masterlist 

Pairing: Dean x Reader x The Master

Word Count: 862

Smut Appreciation Day 2017

A/N: Shout out to my incredible big sis @atc74 for this amazing aesthetic!!!

Summary: Due to the travelling nature of Dean’s work the Master decided to take a little trip. Finding an old Victorian home for rent for the weekend, Dean met you there. The Master had instructed you to stay away from the third floor that held the master bedroom. When Dean arrives the Master instructs you both to put on robes and meet him outside the door to the master bedroom.

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“Bruce, You’ve got to be more careful.” I say sternly, a hint of care hidden behind it.

A grunt comes from his dry lips, not the answer I was hoping for exactly.

“I’m serious… You can’t keep doing this. Just take a break.” Now vexation started to boil in the pits of my stomach as I reach for another wet wipe.

“You know why I do this. I need to build strength.” His dark eyes catch my gaze. His lips were parted, his eyebrows curving up his forehead.

“Yeah, but, You don’t need to push yourself so hard. You don’t need to be jumping from high places… And punching rough objects…” I peel away the foil of the wipe, retrieving the small sheet.

“Yes I do.  I have to become to the best detective. For my parents.” Bruce mumbles lightly, his head drooping down his shoulders.

Oh no. I didn’t mean to bring down the mood. I take a minute to look at the boy who sits in front of me.

“Please, take a minute to be a kid. You don’t spend time with me anymore.” I gently grab his right hand, gazing over his bloody knuckles.

“I feel like I can’t. I can’t” I felt his eye watch my hands.

Hesitantly, I press the wipe on his small cuts amongst his knuckles.

“You can. I know you can. Just take one day to spend time with me. I miss having you around.” I felt the heat on my cheeks immediately rise. I had a big crush on this child.

No response.

Worst response. I regret what I said.

My now shaky hand, rubs the wipe across his bloodied index finger, my free hand aiding to lift his injured one.

“I… I miss you too. And I like you. A lot. I like, like you.

And there goes my solemn heart beat. I can feel the blood pumping through my veins 10x faster. He really likes me?

“Y-you do?”

“Yeah, I really d- Ouch!” Bruce flinches away from my touch, holding his hands. I hadn’t even realized that I was rubbing his cuts harder, making it more painful.

“Sorry! Sorry!”

“It’s okay.” He lets out an airy chuckle, sliding off the table he sat atop of.

“D-do you like me back?” He stuffs his hands in his pockets, hidding his hands.

“Y-yeah, I do.” I look down at my hands, suddenly becoming interetsed in them. ‘Suddenly.’

“Go out with me.” He nearly deadpans, but that affection in his words is there. His face was straight. Only his brows furrow, wondering about my answer.

I felt like putty. Simple as that. I felt like a spaghetti noodle. My childhood best friend and childish crush, asked me out.

“Okay.” That’s all I  could sputter.

He pulls his hands from his pockets, wrapping his  arms around my shoulders and pulling me close, gently rubbing my shoulder blades. Despite the heaviness in my  stomach, it fluttered at the feeling of my body pressed against his. I sunk into the warmth of his side, appreciative of the simple gesture. His touch made the room warmer and my head spin.

A/N: Hey! That was fun! I always say that but It’s true! If you have a request or question, send it friendo!

Request #1

So guys basically my requests are fucking up and deleting so I’m just gonna post it here for now untill I figure it out. Thank you to the person who sent in this request! 💕the person basically asked for the RFA members reaction to Their crush doing the ’“can you hold something for me?” And then they leave their hand in theirs thing’ it’s pretty cute haha.

- “Hey Yoosung could you hold something for me? ”
- “Yeah sure MC”
-just by touching his hand his cheeks turn pink.
- you put your hand in his and smile.
- He looks like hes gonna explode. Hes so red omf.

-you guys would be watching a movie.
- “Zen could you hold something for me? ”
-“okay sweetie”
- you entertwine your hand with his and smile.
-it was dark in the movie theatre so you couldn’t see his face
- He was like a fucking tomato but he didn’t mind.

-you guys are sitting on his couch.
- “here Jumin hold this for me”
-“hold what. Theres nothing in your hand? ”
- you turn red
-“just trust me”
-you grab his hand and hold it.
-he knows what you did and starts to blush.
-he looks away.
- “well played MC”

- you guys would be sitting down on a bench in the park.
-hes obviously cracking jokes so you couldn’t do it.
-he’s laughing at his own joke.
-“Saeyoung. Can you hold this for me?”
-“ s-sure”
-you hold his hand and he stops laughing.
-he turns red.
-“Saeyoung! Are you okay? Talk to me!”

charmkvark  asked:

so this v friendly employee at a skincare store was chatting me up today and like, he was obviously just trying to sell me stuff, but i had ur cosmetician lance at the back of my mind the whole time and bc of this i put up w it for much longer than i normally would have... anyway he demonstrated some kinda exfoliating treatment for my gross dry hands and im just like "what if lance would do this as an excuse to touch someones (keiths) hands..." so yeah, ur work has made an Impression thank u!!


lance: LET ME exfoliate your hands and like ur whole body actually this is unacceptable i am not letting u touch my face with these

keith: what does exfoliate mean