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This is going to be like a TMZ report! Enjoy!

TMZ: Justin Bieber and Y/N Bieber’s new baby boy puts on a smile for the world.

Incase you havent heard, Hollywood’s cutest couple recently gave birth to their brand new baby boy who may we say, Is absolutely adorable! Jace Dexter Bieber - ‘JDB’ just like his daddy - born on the 23rd of May 2017 is as healthy as can be according to the new parents.

The couple recently came out to twitter admitting they are thrilled to have their baby boy present and healthy, and can’t wait to experience the great journey of parenting. 

Justin seems super ecstatic for his new baby boy and even came out to talk to the media directly outside the hospital, in exchange for no photo’s to be posted of the three until after baby Bieber and Y/N are discharged. 

“Were really happy.” he admitted. “He’s an absolute blessing and is really adorable.”

When asked about Y/N he replied, “Shes healthy, very happy. A little in shock though but it’s expected.”

But only yesterday, Baby Bieber, no less then two days old has already brought a smile to the world with a video the couple shared yesterday. 

Baby Bieber - no less the two days old - caught the world by surprise when deciding to let out his first laugh right in the hospital room which he was born in. And Y/N was lucky enough to have caught the moment on tape.

The video shows a very little Jace closing his eyes near seconds after the video begins in an act of pretending to sleep, Y/N’s voice is then heard talking to the boy in which Jace realises he has been caught in action and smiles wide.

The giggle of the boy has no doubt sent joy to not only his mother who is heard laughing afterwards, but to the world of beliebers everywhere who have all made there own comment on it.

Even if you aren’t a belieber, there is no doubt that this video will make you smile and laugh in adoration. For sure, baby Jace Dexter Bieber is an adorable blessing to the parents, media and world.  

Well done Justin and Y/N, you’ve created an adorable little child. We congratulate you on the new addition to the Bieber family and can’t wait for more to come. 

Keep us updated, yeah?

Mystery Girl


EXTENSION: This is an idea of what I want but I just want to add on a little piece to the end. Make it like he can’t stop thinking about me & he post it on ig & ask the belieber’s to help find me and they couldn’t & then 1 day we randomly met & we had a cute date an hit it off from there.. 😊

That’s a long request. But the longer the better! Right?!

Water flooded my senses. Every sound - every sight, all drowned out by the deathly force of nature. And although the ripples were calm - the waves soft and harmonious - the kicking and thrashing of my legs beneath me had havoc running in motion, disrupting the peacefulness. 

As the surface breached and my head broke through the blanket of water, a deep breath of air was taken through my mouth, relieving my lugs of the oxygen they needed. 

My eyes clouded with water, forcing my arms up towards them. The palms of my hands, swiped the line underneath, ridding my vision of the blur, finally allowing me to peer around my surroundings. 

But there was really nothing to look at, other then a sudden figure that had miraculously popped up in front of me, scaring me half to death once he had broken through the water directly in front of me. 

The boy jumped back also, chuckling slightly as I peered down at the chlorinated water beneath me. “Woah! Hello!” I giggled.

A chuckle escaped the boys mouth, leaving my heart throbbing at the sound. That chuckle was so familiar. “Sorry.” 

So familiar.

I just couldn’t place my finger on it.

“It’s all good.” Was how I replied, brushing the moment off. “It was honestly a bit amusing.” 

“Yeah, it was a little bit funny.” 

That’s when my head shot up, the smile on my face morphing into an expression which expressed my exact emotion inside. Dumbfounded, shocked, maybe a little starstruck. 

I knew he was here in Bora Bora as well, but I didn’t think I would run in to him! Especially not like this.

“Wow. Oh My God! Y-Your….”

“Justin Bieber? Yeah, I know.” He sighed. He seemed slightly disappointed, or maybe a little saddened by my reaction, causing my heart to throb in my chest. I knew how much he hated it when people recognised him as someone different, and I just made this situation a whole new level of awkward. 

“Uh, no! I-I wasn’t going to say that, I was going to say that you were….Hot?” 

Really Y/N?! Hot?! I am seriously - mentally face palming right now.

There was no hesitance in Justin smirk, curling smugly across his face in delight. he was obviously amused by this whole situation, leaving me in an embarrassed position.

“Really now? You think I’m hot? Well If I’m hot then what are you?” 

“A troll.” I scoffed jokingly.

Justin frowned, swimming forward slightly to place a hand on my shoulder. “You’re not a troll, you’re beautiful.” 

This is not happening right now.

“Thank you.” I blushed.

“Its nothing. I was only expressing the truth. Just like you were.” He winked.

“Alright,” I laughed. “Lets not get too cocky.” 

“Who said anything about being cocky? I prefer the term, self confident.”

“I think you got it confused with self loathing.” I smiled mockingly.

Justin looked down with fake shock, but impression was clearly written across his little facade.

“Wow, you got quite the mouth on you, eh?” 

“Watch it boy, your inner Canadian is showing.” I said. 

“Well, I happen to like my inner Canadian.” He smiled.

“Really now? Well you wanna know a fact?” 

“What?” He asked, a smile present on his face.

“I’m Canadian as well.” 

Justin’s face morphed into one of surprise but also excitement. “Really?!”

“Yeah. I’ll prove it ready….” I cleared my throat. “That was a total gong show, eh?” 

Justin laughed, obviously finding my imitation of a Canadian terribly sad, but amusing. “You’re not really Canadian are you?” 

“…No.” I chucked shyly.

He was honestly really funny, a lot different then I expected. I loved him, yes, but behind a screen, he seemed rather confident and flirty. Not what I was seeing right now. A sweet, normal and funny boy, looking for a nice conversation.

“You know-” Justin began.

“Hey!” The sudden voice had me spinning around, a beautiful, blonde girl with a wide, pearly white smile, accompanied by a few more girls, all outstandingly pretty floating besides me in the pool. But it was obvious there greeting was not directed towards me, but rather the idol pop singer besides me.

“Hi! Oh my God. Sorry to bother you but we saw you when we walked in, and we just wanted to say that we’re really big fans. Do you mind if we swim around with you for a bit?” 

Justin’s mouth was slightly a gape at the girls request, parting a few times as if he was scavenging for words before his eyes trailed down to meet mine. At the moment, I swear he almost looked desperate and was about to mutter a response but was once again interrupted by the blonde girls squeaky voice.


“Great!” The girl squealed, swimming closer to Justin. 

The rest of the girls all began doing the same, crowding around him. It wasn’t long until I was pushed towards the back, swimming, dumbfounded by the situation. If I really wanted to, I could just swim back towards Justin and bother him for a little while longer, but I’m sure he doesn’t want someone like me trying to take his attention away from a beautiful group of girls swooning at his feet.

Besides, these girls where intimidating, making me feel uncomfortable. I was lucky enough to even catch sight of the boy, let alone have a small conversation and be called beautiful by him. But that’s what he calls all his beliebers, it’s not as if he actually meant it. I think It was about time I went back to my hotel room.

I made my way out of the pool and dried my wet body as best as I could with a white, fluffy complimentary towel. After wrapping the material around my damp body and grabbing a hold of my keys while slipping on my flip flops, I began making my way towards the exit of the pool, before a sudden unexpected voice pulled me to a stop. 

“Hey! Wait up!” 

My eyes flickered back, settling in shock at the scene before me. The girls in the pool all looked back at me with jealousy and disbelief in there eyes. And best of all, Justin, In nothing but a pair of board shorts, power walking over in my direction.


“No, the receptionist behind you.” He commented, causing me to blush in embarrassment. He wasn’t talk to me! God that’s embarrassing!

“Oh.” Was all I said, turning to walk away.

Justin chuckled at my reaction, reaching a hand out to grab my wrist. ‘”I was being sarcastic. There is no receptionist behind you.”

“Oh!” This time I was more enlightened. 

“I was just wondering…do you, maybe…wanna photo?” 

I was flabbergasted “A-A photo?” 

“Yeah, you know. For memories?” 

The boy who literally told the whole world that he would rather be considered a douche then be forces to take a photo with a fan, is now offering me, of all people a photo. 

But I knew that underneath the fact he was trying to be sweet, he really wasn’t comfortable with this. So who was I to make him believe his worst nightmare was a reality? That people care more for the photo then the memory of him.

“Thank you Justin, really but you don’t have to do that-” 

“No! it’s all good.” 

“Justin, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortab-”

“Please.” He interrupted. “It’s on me. My offer. It really doesn’t bother me.” he assured me.

Silence for a few more seconds. Thoughts of responses all battling each other throughout my head before finally, a sigh of defeat escaped my lips. “Okay. But I don’t have my phone on me.” 

“It’s alright we’ll do it on mine.”

“Oh alright, we’ll do that– Wait, your phone?!” 

“Yep, say cheese!” 


I decided to do a separate part to this. The Instagram can be a real Instagram imagine. Stay tuned!

Going to the BBMA’s - BTS Headcanon

Originally posted by darchrian

Summary: BTS going to the BBMA’s

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None really


A/N: Since you didn’t specify your bias I just went ahead and wrote it like you’re all really close friends and just happen to have more flirty friendships. I hope that’s ok! Thank you so much for requesting

~ Admin Liv  (◠‿◠✿)


Before the show:

  • Tbh they’re all tough Kpop boys but you can’t look me dead in my eyes and tell me that each of them didn’t cry a little (or a lot @ hobi) at some point or another
  • “I wonder if I can bring my fidget spinner to the show?” - Hobi (probably)
  • If you stood close enough to any of the boys at the right time you could probably hear them nervously muttering the limited English phrases they knew
  • Just in case, ya know
  • Frequent cries of worry after they were done being styled
  • “But Y/N, what if they don’t like it!! You promise I don’t look dumb??”
  • “No babe I swear you look great”
  • A lot of hype man screaming
  • Like just a lot of screaming in general
  • They calmed down more as the hour drew closer tho

On the red carpet:

  • The nerVES
  • “Is that Justin Bieber!?!”
  • “Yeah, I think it i-”
  • “Kookie, calm down”
  • “I CANT”
  • A lot of making sure they’re not gonna pass out
  • Good luck cheek kisses and hugs before they walk
  • “I’m sure you’ll do wonderfully on. Slay them loves!! I’ll see you in the venue!”
  • Watching them was an actual gift from the gods
  • Like oh my god
  • What a blessing
  • You could tell they were nervous tho
  • They were composed completely on the outside
  • But the fact that each of them just happened to need to find your eyes for confidence every once in awhile
  • Made your heart do the !!! thing
  • As soon as the flashes had faded and they were on the other side of the carpet there was an unbelievable energy
  • Like they had just gotten done with a show kind of pumped
  • Even Leader™ Namjoon was excited
  • “Seeing you at the end there made me so confident!”
  • “Even if we don’t win it’ll be great just to have been here with you!!”
  • They fucking know they’re gonna win
  • “We love you Y/N!! Thank you for being our rock!”
  • Lots of hugs
  • Lots of pep talks
  • Just lots of happy and excited BTS
I can’t

Justin would normally go back from studio late nights. It kinda depended on how the work was going or what Scooter expected of him. Anyways, it was sort of amazing how much passion and dedication this boy would always show towards music. Lyrics, beats, production. He would try to get involved in every little process, trying to be a part of what he created as much as possible.

Sometimes, Justin would be really frustrated. Mainly, because people were against him producing his favourite R&B, or just ‘cuz he felt like he is being able to do more than just mediocre pop songs with cheesy lines, with a boring, annoying chorus. But than, some days he would be so happy, never shutting up about the session he just finished. And, this fact was comforting, considering how hard it was to get the happiness out of him from time to time.

Therefore, after analysing those facts, for JB to come back like this was rather (more than) unusual. As soon as his posture entered the house, there was this very odd tension in the air. His face seemed so empty; there was no sign of any certain feeling upon it. This was concerning, but knowing the fact that he absolutely hated this “are you okay?” questions, I just stopped right there, sending him the nicest smile I owned.

'Hi, my sweet, vanilla muffin!’ I said in the most baby-alike voice I had, moving to my left on the couch, to leave him some space.

“Hi.” Was his only response, as he gave me a little, clearly fake smile. Once again, this only showed me that there’s something wrong on-going and it is being kept as a secret, which was really infuriating. I was cuddled up to him, my chin rested on his shoulder, and although it didn’t seem like he minded. he certainly looked like he did.

'Um, how was studio? Did u finish that ballad you told be about the other day? How’s Scooter?’ I showered himself with questions, hoping that he might appreciate me trying to act as everything is okay.

'The studio was fine.’ He shrugged his shoulders, placing his legs on the coffee table in front of us. I tried no to show my short tempered tendencies, trying to be more understandable of him. He carried a lot of pressure just by himself and it was really upsetting knowing that no matter how much you would try, there was really no way to help him out.

'You hungry, babe? I cooked your favourite pasta today, wanna try?’ I asked, once again in a a really polite manner. My head bowed to the side, looking at my boyfriend with a gentle smile. It took him some time to actually acknowledge my presence, he licked his lips, swinging his head around as he looked ad me with this bored expression. If the situation was different, I would probably took an offence in the way he kept on staring at my persona.

'Yeah, I can eat.’ He did that thing with his shoulders once again, getting up as soon as I reached out to touch his face. Was the problem in me? Was he annoyed by me? Did I do anything to make him this way? It made me sad now. And realising, he had such a big impact on my mood was quite concerning. It was almost like we were some kind of connected, we felt each other’s pain. And knowing that we were in a serious relationship, it was suppose to be normal. But still, the idea of him being to destroy myself so easily was frightening.

I followed Justin to the kitchen, fixing my, actually his, shirt on myself as I moved to the counter. Everything was already prepared, all I needed to do was pour the dip on the top, add cheese and leave my boyfriend to mix the food the way he liked it best, he could be really picky with his meals if he wanted.

'Thank you.’ He simply said as the plate was now in front of him. Sending him a little smile, I sat right opposite, on a rather big chair, dangling my legs as I got on with my own meal. The silence was almost murderous, however if he wanted to keep it this way, I respected it. There were so many things on my mind, not only Justin related, so I just got on with them, trying to make some sort of brain diary to plan the upcoming events.

'I can’t.’ A silent mumble reached my ears, which woke me up from my moment. I raised my eyebrows, putting my sight right on a boy in front of me. His hand was shaking, you could see the fork moving up and down in a quick speed. All of sudden he looked pale; his face showed so much pain, and I was unsure whether it was an emotional or a physical one.

I did not hesitate for long, getting up from my sit and walking over to him. 'I’m so sorry, Y/N.’ He said, not taking his eyes from the plate still full of food, and it was heart breaking just to see him in this state, he did not need to feel guilty for not eating.

'Shhh, baby don’t worry, okay? I will help you out, just stay calm for me.’ I whispered right to his ear, helping him to get up and place his left hand around me, so he has some more help with keeping the balance.

Justin was definitely destroyed by fame in so may ways. He tried so hard, so many times and he couldn’t please everyone, which fucked him up to the point where he would just stop with all the feelings. The careless behaviour, that would be just a sight of suicidal propensities became even more obvious until something major happened and literally exploded, making everyone finally realise that he is a human being. And now, now that all the people thought “Oh yeah, Justin Bieber improved, didn’t he? He ain’t that spoiled fuck he once was, right?”. But really through, this 'spoiled fuck’ never was one. It was, and still is so fucking annoying, how you can just simply judge someone you have never met. You see stuff and you come up to the worst conclusion possible without trying to understand. Shit, most of the time you have the wrong info as well, but who cares, right? You broke a human being and you did that for your own, sick entertainment. And, that is an actual fact.

'I feel so, so, so bad.’ Was what he kept on repeating all the way up till we reached our bedroom. I helped him lay down, take his shirt of and undo his belt and button, to give him as much physical comfort as possible.

'I’m here, you’re not alone.’ I said softly, placing my body next to his. One of my hands landed on his torso, massaging delicately his skin, as the other one rested on brunette, thick hair of his, rubbing his head. He needed so much love at the moment. This was the only way to prevent him from having a panic attack that I could just smell coming.

'It’s so hard. I feel like I’m gonna collapse any minute. I love too much and I care too much. I try, and try, and try, and I can’t. I want to feel good, I want to end with those moments that are literally killing me, I just cannot.’ He sobbed silently, letting the whole volcano of tears stream down those beautiful, precious cheeks. My lips travelled to his face, giving it slow kisses, in the way that always made him feel a lot better.

'You’re so brave and strong. So pure, polite. So lovely, caring, helpful, grateful; so worthy. I love you so much. So many people do. We are so proud of you. It’s okay, cry for as long as you need. I have my eternity to make sure you will be okay. I’m not going anywhere, let it all out on me, let me love you the way you can’t love yourself now.’ My words flew straight into his ears, as my mouth left subtle kisses around that area of his face.

'I-I love you too. I love all of you. So much. T-Thank you…so much.’ He said after a long break of just crying and whimpering. It could be hours that passed as the position of moon outside the window was now completely different. But I did not mind. I was willing to have him being vulnerable for as long as he needed. Because you know, I don’t think he often had a chance to be that, feel that.

Touch My Body Challenge (REQUEST)

“Hello everybody! Welcome back to my channel,” I smiled into the camera, “I was really surprised to see that this video was very highly requested, but I like to give you what you guys want!”

“Okay, so today I’m joined by my boyfriend, you probably don’t know him, he’s a nobody,” I said sarcastically, laughing, causing him to shove me lightly, “Introduce yourself, nobody.”

“What’s up guys? I’m Justin, the nobody.” He chuckled.

“We’re going to be doing the Touch My Body Challenge, and I’m not looking forward to it.” I made a fake disgusted face.

“Do you wanna go first?” I turned to Justin, to which he nodded, “Sure, what do I have to do?”

“Basically, I have to be blindfolded, you give me a body part of yours to touch, and I have to guess what it is.”

“What happens if you get it wrong?”

“The person who gets the most right wins, the loser will do a forfeit, I haven’t decided yet.”

Grabbing the blindfold, Justin tied it on me, squeezing my cheeks tightly once he done it, “You look cute.” “Shut up,” I laughed.

“Do I just go?” “Yeah, anything inappropriate and I’ll attack you.” I jokingly warned.

“Hm, that is tempting.”

I heard shuffling around before he spoke up again, “Okay, hold your hand out.”

“I’m scared!” I exclaimed, a laugh following. “Calm down, I don’t have a scorpion down my pants or anything.” I could tell he rolled his eyes playfully.

Hesitantly, I moved my arm out, touching whatever was in front of me. I pulled a face, “Uhm, your thigh?” He laughed, “Nope.”

“Justin, am I touching your butt?” I asked, my voice deadpan. He burst out in a fit of laughter, “Correct!” Removing the blindfold, I slapped his leg jokingly, “I didn’t wanna touch your butt.” I whined.

“My turn,” I grinned, reaching to tie the fold over his eyes. I chewed my bottom lip, not knowing what to do.

“Okay, you have to use your fingers for this.”

“Saucy.” He smirked, making me shove his head, “HEY!”

I leant down so my face was inline with his, “Hold your fingers up.”

Directing him to my chin, I saw him make a confused face, “Your… chin.”

“How did you know that?!”

“When I kiss you when we fight, it’s how I shut you up, I grab you by the chin.”

I laughed and shook his head, “I never noticed.”

After a few more goes, Justin had won, which I wasn’t happy about, I was a sore loser.

“Okay, give me a forfeit.” I rolled my eyes, snapping Justin out of his cocky celebration.

“You can… touch me.” He winked, making my jaw drop, “I’m censoring that!”

“Alright alright, you can… jump in the pool fully clothed.” Making me pout, “Fine.”

Justin carried the camera to our garden and gave a stupid commentary, acting as if he was a tv presenter or something. “You’re such an idiot.” I laughed, turning to look at him. “Don’t act like you don’t love it, babe.”

“I don’t wanna!!” I whined, “Do it or I’ll push you.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” I sent him a glare, he laughed and pushed me.

“Justin!” I screamed, pushing my hair out of my face, he laughed and set the tripod down, running and cannonballing in beside me.

“I’m sorry, babe.” He sent me a cheesy grin, and I rolled my eyes, “Yeah yeah.”


(Well, we had a privacy issue recently, didn’t we?)
Oh.. yeah, we did. At the end of the day, the photos, they’re not terrible! But, honestly at first and uhm before the reaction was what it was and still with the reaction. I still felt like I wanted to keep that part for me. You know? I was never– but I felt like it was a little bit of an invasion of privacy.
And when I first found out about it, I was like… my heart sank.
(Okay, so at what point do you feel okay with it?)

I mean, what am I gonna do now? It’s out there. So the more I stress about it, it’s like… it’s out.
So, what can I really do?