yeah being creative with a quote

ok but dave was always my favourite homestuck character and has managed to cling onto that title and sometimes i wish i could be a bit more original since he seems like such a cliched choice as silly as that sounds but just….. hes so much fun to read. 

his characterisation is so strong and consistent but it also develops. his flaws are so interesting and relatable. like today i was rereading openbound and his conversation with meenah. she goes about trying to convince people to go take on an evil almost unbeatable demon. and most people say  i want to, but its too dangerous, now isnt the right time, im not strong enough yet, or we’re making another plan, this can be plan b, but hell yeah we need to take this guy down!! 

then she asks dave and just nah. not interested. what does he want to do instead? draw comics. what has he been doing all this time on the meteor so far? finding ways to manipulate the afterlife - get this - in order to emulate one of his shitposty blogs, leaving his quotes around in ‘ebubbles’ like little easter eggs for people to find. despite most people literally being dead aliens who dont know or care about who he is. like its just so ridiculous. this kid is impossible. how insanely clever and creative and funny and yet so weird and apathetic and passive - why is he aiming so much lower in terms of heroics than all his friends? why is he so damn normal and desperate to ignore what is going on in the face of all this reality-threatening catastrophe in comparison for everyone else? 

also, may not be worth reading into, but interestingly meenah seems to account for his behaviour as being due to him ‘being down in the dumps’ or something which is just so odd since its not something dave ever really explicitly lets on and ESPECIALLY never says anything to meenah about it but implies that the ebubbles to her look sort of like… you know when ben makes that stop motion animation of himself when hes depressed in parks and rec? yeah, like that.

and he literally prattles about bro and dirk unprompted in that conversation too and also randomly brings up the fact that he also sometimes thinks about puppets (’#unrelated’) like argh

theres literally so much emotion and stuff buzzing around just below the surface and he NEVER makes it clear or explicit or easy, at least not for long but its all there and bits are always slipping out haphazardly like hes begging anyone, everyone, from his sister to some random alien ghost girl to notice, and its just so interesting

Recap: Act 1, Episode 3

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Well I don’t fuckin blame her.


UGHHHH That twatwaffle is still around. And that was a VERY Mattie kind of comment.

Maybe creative truth-telling is necessary to being on the Dean’s staff.

Carm calls BS on that and Mumsy isn’t pleased with the attitude. What’s her solution? Finding a way into the library and killing everyone, of course. As you do. But she’s too busy being evil to actually *do* that.

Why do I feel like she should have used air quotes around  truce?

*snort* yeah that’s gonna happen.

Laura, get a grip. You can’t trust her. listen to Carmilla.

MammaDean says to listen to Laura.

….that’s probably gonna be REAL soon if her plan to bring about the apocalypse goes through. But if they stay out of her way and stay in the library she won’t have to make things unpleasant for them.

LOLOL like hell that’s gonna happen.

Carmilla thinks it’s weird that she’s doing this. Maybe she’s rattled because they know something or have something that they can use against her.

Uh, no.

Ehhhhh maybe but probably not.

How ‘bout you tone down the snark. Laura is coming at this from a place of almost-PTSD and doesn’t want to make things worse. Like how bad must she feel if making a truce with the Dean is preferable to taking action?


Carmilla thinks the truce isn’t an honest one and I’m inclined to agree. This isn’t gonna benefit you guys, let’s be real.

No she does not. She’s likely only talking to them because they have something that’s gonna hurt her. Or maybe it’s something she needs?

Makes sense. Owl Lady. Bird symbol. I see the connection.

But not the best oracle since she didn’t really see that she was gonna get killed by Baron Von LiarLiarPantsOnFire.

They need the Book of Lives for..something. Either it’s a weapon or a bargaining tool to get Perry back. And to start looking for it all they need to do is comb through years and years of board minutes. THRILLING.

Solid plan. Absolutely NOTHING can go wrong. Nope.

Oooooh those journalistic instincts are kickin’ in.

As broken as she is she still cares on some level.  Maye she can balance the healing with the investigation?

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Is that bad? That’s probably bad. I mean I’d be hella pissed if I got poked with a sharp stick so I figure a mystical library getting attacked by something would be equally pissed off.

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He sits down on the edge of my bed, “do you think that we should’ve gone for it? I mean even if we did, do you think we would still be together now?”

I looked over at him, “I don’t know,” I put my head back against the wall, “I think we would’ve lasted. I mean I really liked you.”

“Yeah,“ He pauses, "I really liked you too. I just wonder how different things would be if we did go for it.” He lays back and looks up at the ceiling.

I shifted my body away from his and crossed my arms, “well, it’s too late now. We’re friends and we’re doing just fine at being that.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #101