yeah because this is fair to the rest of us

Nora: -hooks her arm around Qrow’s- ALRIGHT, TEAM THUNDERBIRD OUT ON THE TOWN TO GET SOME ERRANDS DONE! Let’s get going, Mr. Branwen! I think I see the laundromat from here where our uniforms have been cleaned at!

Qrow: -weak, quiet ‘yaaaay’ escapes him- W-wait, what? Team What?

Nora: Electricity and bird! Thunderbird! -grins at him-

Qrow: …okay…why am I coming with you again, Nora?

Nora: Because you have the most money, right?! We’re getting some other supplies, too, and the rest of us are kind of broke at the moment.

Qrow: Ah, okay, fair enough.

Nora: So, Uncle Qrow, hows your wound?

Qrow: -stares at her- Fine. Why did you emphasis ‘uncle’? Why did you call me ‘uncle’. Don’t do that. 

Nora: No reason. Hey, what was your relationship to Summer Rose? She was Ruby’s mom, right? You two were partners, I think she mentioned?

Qrow: -gulps- Uh…r-relationship? She…-continues to be dragged by Nora- Uh, yeah, she was Ruby’s mom, and uhh…my partner at Beacon…and…

Nora: -throws her head over her shoulder, quietly whispering- your wife?

Qrow: -stops dead in his tracks, bringing Nora to a halt and drags Nora and himself into a secluded alley- … -stares her down-

Nora: -smiles- I thought so. You and Ruby are awfully close. I mean, there’s something a little more deeper than on the surface.

Qrow: -panics- N-Nora…you…you don’t understand! You-You can’t–!

Nora: psssh, I’m not going to say anything. I just now became Ren’s girlfriend. You think I could say something that private to anyone I don’t know? Spoiler: I wouldn’t share that information with anyone anyway! Especially to…well, I’m assuming she doesn’t know.

Qrow: Nora. You have no idea how much danger that knowledge is. You. Can’t. Repeat it. Understand?

Nora: I completely understand. I just wanted confirmation that I was right.

Qrow: What about Ren? Jaune?! Do they–

Nora: HAHAHAHA! No! Hahahaha! No, no, no! Not at all!

Qrow: -exhales in relief- Kid, you’re going to give me a heart attack. -looks at his hands that are shaking and stuffs them in his pockets-

Nora: Don’t get so anxious. It’s okay, you can trust me! -smiles brightly- I love Ruby, and you seem really swell, too, so don’t worry! -grabs him and starts walking toward the laundromat again-

Qrow: …How…?

Nora: Did I know? It’s pretty obvious what your relationship is to me. Like I said…there’s a really strong, deep bond. It’s not a bond built on years…it’s familial. It’s obvious who her real dad is just by looking at you two. -turns her attitude to annoyed- Well, at least to SOME PEOPLE, REN AND JAUNE!

Qrow: …-chuckles- Ahhh…oh-okay. Let’s, uh…let’s just focus on what we need to get, okay? Uh…Nora.

Nora: -sings- Yeeeeees~

Qrow: Thanks, kid.

Nora: For what? Keeping it a secret?

Qrow: No.

Nora: …-giggles- You’re welcome! -swings his arm-


You know what I’m super excited for in volume 5? My two favorite characters possibly interacting together!

Yes, my two favorite characters (who we’ve seen, I’m not counting Summer right now since we’ve yet to actually meet her yet) are Nora Valkyrie and Qrow Branwen!

Energetic energy child and drunk, sarcastic bird man would be an explosive combo, don’t you think? Actually, I think that Qrow would have a hard time handling Nora. She would exhaust him, no doubt, but he does well enough with kids so he’d probably just let her tug him around and deal with it.

Nora’s muscular and has abs, and would likely try to pressure Qrow, who is also muscular, to start working out together. Qrow would remind her how creepy that would look (on his part), and she would continue to not give any shits and do it anyway.

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what's his purpose? I'm inept at reading into anything

Mon-El is Kara’s foil.  In pretty much every sense.  Here’s Wikipedia:

In fiction, a foil is a character who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character.[2][3][4] In some cases, a subplot can be used as a foil to the main plot. This is especially true in the case of metafiction and the “story within a story” motif.[5] The word foil comes from the old practice of packing gems with foil in order to make them shine more brightly.[6]

A foil usually either differs dramatically or is extremely similar but with a key difference setting them apart. 

Every flaw he has stands out in stark contrast to Kara.  Except he also pushes Kara into realizing some of the more uncomfortable truths about herself.  He’s been doing it since the first episode he was in.  Kara does have a self-righteous, hypocritical streak and he brought it out first.

Mon-El is also the outsider perspective of Kara.  Last season, we spent the entire time seeing Kara’s story from her own perspective.  This season, we’re not.  Yeah, it’s jarring…until you remember that one of the narrative themes this season is “who are you, beyond the obvious?”  And it’s really hard to visually show that kind of introspective plot, so you need an outsider perspective.  It’s not 100% fair to the rest of the cast to make them do the All About Kara again, since it also flies against the narrative theme.  (Also, we did that last season)  So…we have the outsider, who also happens to be the hero’s foil.

He seems to annoy fandom because of this.  We’re supposed to see how different he is, because it’s all meant for us to understand Kara better.  I joked at one point about how he’s a plot device, but he is.   Mon-El is pushing Kara to really answer that “who are you?” question.  Because Kara was supposed to protect and teach Kal, and couldn’t.  From the first episodes of the season, we know Kara saw Mon-El as a second chance.

Mon-El’s storyline isn’t about him becoming a hero.  It’s about Kara growing beyond the mission she was sent to Earth with.


(ao3 link)

It’s a dirty job. It’s messy. They’re too late to save the hostages, so by the time the Vagabond and Brownman arrive they’re faced with a warehouse full of armed and bloody gangsters and the miserable, desecrated, mangled corpses of the innocent young people the gang had been intending on trafficking. 

Ray is young enough that it sickens him, seeing the unrecognizable bodies after they’ve slaughtered the gang. The smell of blood and gasoline makes his head swim as they soak the warehouse. 

Ryan throws the match.

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“Is that my shirt?” BestFriend!Calum asked, looking at you as you entered his room. “Yeah. It’s really comfortable and you left it at my house a few weeks ago when we were watching movies, so I took it.” You shrugged going to sit with him on the bed. He had his guitar resting against him with a few notebooks open laying on the bed. “Yeah thats why its my favorite.” he grumbled under his breath. You knew he was kidding, he would let you smash his bass if you really wanted too because you’d probably have a reason for it. I mean if you didn’t, what kind of best friend would you be? “Do you want it back?” you asked with a pout on your face. “No, don’t make that face, that’s not fair. You can’t use that face. Fine! You can keep it. Jeeze.” He finally surrendered as you smiled in content. “Thanks Cally.” you said. “Now, I’m going to fix your nails because I know that one was’t dry when you touched something and messed it up.” You brought out a bottle of remover as he put his guitar down. “Thanks, I was really hungry and I forgot that they were still wet and I think I might’ve eaten some varnish.” he laughed taking one of the cotton balls and wiping his fingers. 


(For the co-ownership.)

You’ve been dating Finn Harries in secret for a while now, but while on vacation with a group of youtubers in Hawaii, someone accidently leaks photos of the two of you together on twitter…

“Finn, you ready to go?” You call to your boyfriend of six months as you rub sunscreen onto your arms.

“Yeah (Y/N), let’s go.” Finn replies, opening the bathroom door. The two of you pick up your bags and head out of your hotel room. It was your second day in Hawaii, and the two of you, plus Joe Sugg, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan and Hazel Hayes were booked for a group tour of the Kohala Coast, via canoe.

The two of you made your way to the hotel lobby, where you met with the others. “(Y/N)! Finn!” Connor called as soon as you were in the lobby.

You and Finn walked over to join the group, who were busy vlogging, tweeting and taking selfies. The group widened their circle enough for the two of you fit in. “This’ll be so much fun!” Hazel said a huge smile on her face.

Everyone nodded in agreement, even Troye who had been complaining about the water the whole of the previous day. As a group, you made your way to the place where you were meeting the guide for the tour.

You and Finn walked at the back of the group, talking quietly. “We don’t have to tell the fans until you’re ready, okay?”  Finn reassured you for the hundredth time. You nodded. “Thanks, I really just don’t want this relationship blowing up in our faces.” Finn put his arm around your shoulders, “it won’t, when we decide to let everyone know, I’m sure they’ll be happy for us.”

By the end of the tour, you were all pretty hungry. After a quick chat with the tour guide, Hazel and Joe gave you all a brief description of the best places to eat, naturally, you all chose the closest place.

The six of you found a table large enough to fit you all, and looked over your menus.  You and Finn sat beside each other, and decided on a seafood platter to share. Everyone exchanged stories and jokes and ideas for videos. That was when your phone started blowing up with notifications from twitter.

You picked your phone up from the table and frowned. “Oh no,” you said as you scrolled through your twitter mentions.  “What’s up?” Finn asked, you handed your phone over so he could see what everyone was freaking out over.

Finn looked at the multiple photos of the two of you. “To be fair,” he said handing you phone back, “the one of us kissing is really cute.”

You felt heat rising to your cheeks as the entire table turned to look at you guys. “Guess the cats out of the bag now, huh?” You sighed, looking at Finn.

“Yeah, but that’s okay (Y/N), because now we can do couple things in public.” Finn grinned, leaning over and kissing you to prove his point, the rest of the table pulled faces and pretended to gag at the sight of you two.

Your ship releasing a Youtube PSA, part 2
  • Person 1: Hi de ho everyone.
  • Person 2: Hello guys.
  • Person 1: A little update on our last PSA...
  • *both hold up hands and their fingers are locked together*
  • Person 2: We are... currently in a relationship.
  • Person 1: Whoopdee fucking do.
  • Person 2: Our relationship is completely because of us and because we actually think of each other in that way. Not because you guys actually shipped us really hard and we decided to start going along with it.
  • Person 2: Even though you guys wrote some pretty weird stuff...
  • Person 1: And drew pictures of us kissing...
  • Person 2: And of us staring longingly into each others' eyes...
  • Person 1: Even that one person who psychoanalyzed all of my kinks and fears and sent it to you...
  • Person 2: I never got THAT in the mail... do you still have it?
  • Person 1: Ummm...
  • *awkward jump cut*
  • Person 1: Yeah... um, you guys can chill with the weird and creepy fanfiction.
  • Person 2: If we WANTED new ways to spice it up in the bedroom, we would probably ask you guys for some ideas.
  • Person 1: Seriously, you guys (for some reason, maybe you sold your souls to the devil or something) somehow know way more stuff than we do.
  • Person 2: But for real, I don't wanna open letters describing how I feel when he's inside me.
  • Person 1: That's because you don't need other people to tell you how it feels.
  • Person 2: *winks at the camera*
  • *the awkwardiest of awks*
  • Person 2: Yeah... you don't have to send us fanfiction attempting to convince us to be together anymore.
  • Person 1: *dreamily* We. Are. Dating.
  • Person 2: And like it... or even hate it, if you're somehow attracted to this asshole, we're here to stay.
  • Person 1: Send some of the creepy fanfiction to everyone else in the house. Ship everyone else with everyone else, it's not fair to the rest of them.
  • Person 2: Okay, thanks for listening to this PSA. Continue writing fanfiction as normal, but don't send any super weird stuff, okay?
  • Person 1: Yeah. Dating tips ARE acceptable.
  • Person 2: Soooo...
  • Person 1: Netflix and chill? *looks at the camera* At a maybe safe, maybe respectable, but TOTALLY SEXY distance?
  • Person 2: You still got those handcuffs?
  • Person 1: Oh hell yes.

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Hey I'm not sure but I also heard that Jill stein being an anti vaxxer is just a rumor spread to discredit her

(I’m sorry for doing this publicly if you didn’t want that, I just? I looked into this and thought it was important enough to merit a public post about it)

True, it’s fair to say that Jill Stein is not an anti-vaxxer in that she herself actually opposes vaccinations (Snopes link). She *HAS* said that she’s pro-vaccines in that context.

HOWEVER. Jill Stein’s track record about all of this is, at best, really murky. She makes claims about her “suspicions” of the FDA that are based on bogus claims, she wields her medical degree as a trump card while taking no firm stand in ways that sound pro-vax but still help enable anti-vaxxers, and even people who agree with her and/or support her campaign have called her out on making claims about vaccines that are not based on facts (note, the guy who wrote this piece is the same one who wrote the second link in the above paragraph, where he defends Stein as a pro-vax candidate).

David Gorski, surgical oncologist and blogger at, puts it best when he says, “it isn’t black and white [the question, ‘is Jill Stein pro or anti-vax’]. Here’s the problem. By declaring the criticisms of Dr. Stein as antivaccine as unequivocally false, Snopes made it black and white” (his full rebuttal to Stein is a very good piece on this whole mess and I recommend reading the whole thing, not least since he cites his sources fastidiously, including quotes from Stein herself in multiple forums)

To sum up: The claim that she’s anti-vax is not without merit, in the sense that she happily panders to anti-vaxxers and gives them a convenient appeal to authority, says things that make their arguments sound less like what they are (i.e., ableist bullshit), and so on in a desperate bid to make herself seem like a viable candidate for the presidency (i.e., someone people will vote for because they think they have any chance in Hell of seeing her win). She waffles about one of the biggest sticking points in the pro/anti-vax debate, the alleged link between vaccinations and autism, which has been disproven to the extent that the guy who originally published the study that created this claim — in which he falsified data, and that’s the least of his ethical fuck ups — had his medical license revoked.

In pandering to anti-vaxxers like this, Stein is making use of this, “just asking questions” model of rhetoric (for a whole separate write-up on that style of argument), and it really doesn’t matter that she, herself, is pro-vaccines at that point. She’s not just spreading dangerous, ableist misinformation, but actively helping to create a culture in which it’s seen as a valid argument, despite the fact that not vaccinating kids is more dangerous, to more people, than vaccinating them. She’s also doing this despite the facts of how seriously the medical and scientific communities take the process of developing and testing vaccines, let alone recommending it, and she’s helping feed the myth/outright lie that big pharma is basically trying to poison everyone.

Again quoting from Gorski: “The very best spin one can put on Dr. Stein’s statements is that she is pandering to antivaccine activists. That’s the very best spin. The worst spin is that she is antivaccine. Thus, it’s not editorializing to conclude that the contention that Jill Stein is antivaccine is at least partially true, because that’s what the evidence is most consistent with. She’s parroted antivaccine talking points. There is no denying that.”

—and frankly? I agree that this isn’t what most people think when they hear, “anti-vaxxer,” so it is deliberately misleading on the part of people who use this approach to justify calling Stein herself anti-vax. But she isn’t as clearly pro-vax as she could be, either, which makes her incredibly suspect, to me.

Like, yes: both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have, in the past, said things that waffled about vaccines and autism, thereby pandering to anti-vaxxers in the same way as Stein — BUT: 1. that was eight years ago, 2. both of them have since changed their views to be unequivocally pro-vaccination, and 3. Hillary is literally the only candidate left in the presidential race who is firmly pro-vax.

Trump, to the surprise of no one ever, is firmly anti-vaxx and he has been so for a looooooong time (source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source — the last is doubly damning for me bc it includes a report on how he’s helped fund Jenny McCarthy’s ableist as shit anti-vaxx organization)

Gary Johnson has reversed his position on the matter (source, source, source — note: yes, some of these are sketchy places for news and the last is on a pro-vaxx site, but most of the sources that report on Gary Johnson are sketchy af because people who report on him seriously are usually hardcore biased in one way or another), but he WAS previously in the camp of, “vaccinations shouldn’t be mandatory because I value the ability to make choices — which inherently affect people other than yourself and infringe on THEIR liberties — based on ableist junk science, more than I value things like not causing public health fiascos” (this can still be seen on’s fact-check on him and’s fact-check on him [though to be fair: ontheissues still lists Mike Bloomberg as a candidate when he’s not running], but then again, as also seen at, there are a ton of other reasons why he shouldn’t be president)

another note about how not-updated might be: their pages on Johnson, Clinton, and Trump are up-to-date, but in the sidebar of Johnson’s page — where they listed Bloomberg as if he’s a candidate — they also list Roseanne Barr as running when she isn’t — at least, not in this election. She did run in 2012, they made a documentary about it and everything, apparently. But this time around, she’s been vocally pro-Trump (and just because I found it while doing this anyway: a tweet where denounces Jill Stein as, “pandering 2 anti semites” and says, “anti vaxers make good points alot of th time, but some say vaccines r a zionist plot” — so basically, she’s an anti-vax, pro-Trump transmisogynist and thank something she’s not running this time, because the 2016 ballot’s got enough trash on it)

and Stein waffles on the issue in really dangerous ways that end up supporting the anti-vaxx lobbyists regardless of whether she means to do so or not (which, actually, Roseanne’s weird tweet helps demonstrate, since she seems to be operating with the notion that Stein is more firmly anti-vax than the record actually shows her to be)

As a personal aside, because I *am* biased about this, and it’s only fair to be upfront about it? I’m autistic, and the anti-vaxxers’ side of things here regularly makes arguments that rest on a fundamental belief that I shouldn’t exist, and everyone on the spectrum shouldn’t exist, that our existence is a huge tragedy and a burden to literally everyone around us because they have to deal with us being, “broken” and, “defective,” and so on. So, yeah. Jill Stein may not be against vaccinations herself — but I can’t really overlook the fact that she actively panders to people who want to, “cure” the fact that autistic people exist.

Either way, Stein still has a cornucopia of other problems as a candidate and ideas that are questionable, at best, and don’t give me any confidence about her potential policies.

Even if none of that were true, though, voting for her is still a really bad idea, since it’ll help split the votes against Trump, which will basically hand him the election because he got more votes than any other single candidate, even if more people voted against him than not. Hillary Clinton has her own share of problems and they’re important af to acknowledge, but I’d rather try to hold her presidency accountable and see it made BETTER than die because an angry fascist cheeto got elected due to vote-splitting.

Step by step, moment by moment.

One big (and, I think) hopeful piece of news for me - I’ve been diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and I decided to do some work on my room, in part to make way for the darth vader machine that’s going to be coming my way in the next couple of weeks.  While I am distinctly unthrilled about the mask, my desperate hope is that I can maybe, finally get restful sleep, and not feel, well, so fucking exhausted all the the fucking time.  Yeah, that.

The other thing I’ve really been wanting to do is get my computer out of my room.  Having it in there (as opposed to the craft room which is currently open to my daughter’s living space, which means I couldn’t use it at night) was an experiment, and I didn’t end up liking it all.  I decided that I wanted to create a little reading/lounging area in my room.  This also involved, because it’s me, a fair amount of cleaning/straightening, and really, just fucking FINISHING the laundry.

For example,

has been sitting behind my door for ages, it’s all clean, ready to go, it just hasn’t…gone.  Except now, it’s all done!

And where the computer was:

Is now the Big Green Chair!

Whenever I next get to Ikea, I’ll add a floor lamp in the corner and maybe an actual side table.  I think it’d look better angled out to the room, but the ottoman is pretty big, and I’m not sure it’ll fit.  I absolutely love that fucking chair - we got that very early in our marriage, along with a couch, and it’s the first real solid furniture I think I’d ever purchased.

And, general chaos

has been returned to order, pretty much.

That paper bag has things that I’m donating, and I really don’t know where to put them until they leave the house.  We cleaned out the basement and have created a kind of music zone down there, so that’s where my guitar went.

And lastly,

The computer’s new home!

Public Indecency

@goldcaught requested “ ‘You’ve got to pretend-date your best friend for a couple of weeks because reasons, and somehow that means we’re passing ourselves off as siblings to explain why we live together but we’ve started giving each other really filthy pre-sex looks behind everyone’s back like a game of chicken and pretty soon somebody is going to start to have serious concerns about our siblinghood.’ for tropes day.  I took some creative licenses.  Hope you enjoy!

              “You’re doing what?”

              Caroline sighed as Klaus glared at her back, and then muttered a curse when her character – Bowser, of course – was hit by behind by a turtle shell.

              “You bastard!” she growled at Enzo.

              “Guess you should have chosen Red Team rather than Blue, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied with a grin, leaning into her side as he took a sharp corner.  Caroline shoved him off the couch, allowing her to zoom by him, and laughed victoriously.

              “Eat my dust you ass!” she replied, somewhat maniacally.  She took another corner and her foot landed on Enzo’s – who was still lying on the floor – gut as Bowser crossed the finish line in first.  Caroline leapt onto the couch, pointing down at Enzo.  “Suck on that!”

              “You’re a cruel winner, Gorgeous,” Enzo replied, his voice wheezing slightly as he rubbed his stomach.

              “But I’m still a winner!”

              “Love, please,” Klaus interrupted, reaching out and tugging on her tank top so she fell onto her butt on the back of the couch. “I understand that you take your Mario Kart quite seriously, but could you please explain to me again why I’m being kicked out of the apartment we share for the two days?”

              “Correction, Mate,” Enzo interjected, sitting up and resting his arms on the couch cushions.  “Gorgeous and I live here.  You’ve just moved in without permission because you can’t go a night without sex.”

              “Apparently, I’m about to go two nights without sex,” Klaus replied, shooting Enzo a glare. “And I’d rather like to know why.”

              “I told you Klaus,” Caroline replied, her voice filled with infinite patience now that the race was over.  “Enzo’s family is coming for a visit.  His brother, Damon, is a total douchecanoe who, along with his perfect girlfriend, Elena, think that anyone without a significant other deserves their pity and/or mockery.  So they think I’m his live in girlfriend.”

              “It serves a dual purpose – Elena thinks that Caroline is perfect for my boring brother, Stefan.  But so long as she thinks we’re together, she won’t try and hook them up.”

              “Well, now she has an actual boyfriend.  Me. So, really, this is just helping you, Lorenzo.”

              Enzo and Caroline exchanged looks, the one that sometimes drove Klaus insane, but that he’d grown accustomed to.  With Caroline came Enzo, she had made that clear from day one.

              “I’ll talk to him,” Caroline said at last.  “You get the props the out.”

              “Aye, aye, captain!” Enzo clicked his heels together. “We’ll need to come up with a reason for a lack of ring.  Last time, it was that you were still in school but you’ve graduated.”

              “I’ll think about it,” Caroline promised, before turning to Klaus.  She turned around, so her legs dangled over the back of the couch, and tugged his hands until he stepped between them.  She cupped his cheeks and pulled him in for a searing kiss, the kind that almost made him forget his own name.

              But not that she had, apparently, been Enzo’s fake girlfriend for two years.

              “Pleasant as this is, I’m not so easily distracted, Love,” Klaus murmured between kisses.

              “Mmmm, you can be if you let yourself,” Caroline replied, kissing her way down to his neck and nibbling on the skin over his pulse point.  

              “Caroline,” Klaus replied, his voice holding a warning, and he pulled away and stepped out of her reach.  Caroline pouted and crossed her arms.

              “Well, you’re no fun.”

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