yeah background is a heart

rewatching/rereading nana is even more heartbreaking than watching/reading it for the first time bc you know everything that’s going to happen and it’s so damn sad & heartbreaking


🚀 Team Rocket! - A Team Looking For Their Leader 🚀

…Um … um. Testing! Testing 1, 2, 3… 

We’re the amazing Team Rocket! It’s been three years but we’ve rebuilt the team and restructured! We’re proud to announce that we’re back! Giovanni! Can you hear this?! … We finally did it! 

Where could the boss be, I wonder? I wonder if he heard this announcement…


Tony + cheesy pick up line + Tony’s pick up line = a stunned Maria, baffled Clint, and a blushing Steve 

Imagine some Post-GF shorts with both sets of twins Skyping each other. Say the Stans go on their boat and adventure for anomalies and Mabel and Dipper videochat them now and then. Like…

Ford: Hey kids! Stanley and I are doing fine-
 (Unholy shrieking in background)

Dipper: uh…are you sure?

(Kraken tentacles are seen in the background with Stan hitting it with a fishing pole)

Ford: yeah yeah we’re just fine


Mabel: uhhh

Ford: no seriously kids don’t worry- hold on (shoots something offscreen) - but yeah, so how is school going-?


Ford: EAR PROTECTION STANLEY! …I’ll call you kids back, take care!

Dipper and Mabel:….

Mabel: Well I’m glad they’re bonding!


Part Two of my fan art for my fanfic Coronationalthough technically this is for my fanfic Regalia - that is finally ready to be shared! 

(Part One can be found right here! ) 

Presenting Queen Marianne of the Fairy Kingdom, first of her name, Adventurer and Warrior who braved the Dark Forest and fought the fearsome Bog King, thus gaining his respect, his trust and his love, all of which inspired this gift to her, armor forged from both Dark and Light, capturing the beauty of each…  

I am so incredibly pleased with how this turned out! Armor is an absolute devil to draw, but man, I am so thrilled with the end result here! The shading, the texture of the metal and Marianne’s wings, the coloring (done with both markers and pencils)…everything is just how I wanted it. So damn pleased. 

Marianne once again makes the fiercest, loveliest Fairy Queen, and you are free to imagine this as the royal portrait commissioned for her reign. Look at my Badass Beautiful Butterfly Girl!

(Not pictured is the King of the Dark Forest being an absolute hot mess over his Tough Girl looking smokin’ hot in his gift…)

For Everything (Phan One-shot)

Words: 1021

Type: Fluff, Established relationship, cuddles

Summary: Phil thinks about how crazy his reality is while watching a storm and couch cuddles might result.


The storm outside the big tour bus windows was absolutely beautiful. Normally used to the dark grey cloud covered skies back in England, almost always producing rain, Phil was fascinated by the colors captivated inside of the clouds that rolled in the horizon and the loud cracks of thunder. Lightning erupted in the distance, flashing brightly just beyond the trees, the white and dazzling yellow conflicting with the dark purple and blues of the clouds. The moon hidden behind the puffy dark and light clouds, still shining despite the lack of its visibility to the world. The sound of rain hitting the pavement echoed throughout the otherwise silent world engulfing Phil.

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Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, LOTR, and she loves herself some Bond too, all the stereotypical stuff. And as to when, All the time, i mean, there’s no set time limit, once she starts liking it, and fangirling about it, it doesn’t stop, like the fuck train has no brakes, you feel me. I mean, she doesn’t like radiate it all the time, especially at work, she’ll really show her colors at home around Amelia, but yeah, at the very least it’s usually background fangirling. deep in her heart or hearts.

{omg thank you so much, i’m so glad i can make you feel better!}

Trust - Nate Maloley

Your POV

The boys wanted to have a small vacation before they went on tour and Nate invited me along since we wouldn’t see each other for a while. I honestly didn’t know if we would ever see each other again. This little fling is fun and has kept me on my toes for the past couple months but I want something more. Lord knows Nate is not going to want the same thing. I’ve heard the “no strings” speech a gazillion times and if I had to hear again my ears just might start to bleed. Maybe after this weekend I’ll talk to him about breaking things off. This sucks. I was just starting to get used to kicking it with him.

I finally make it to the suite and use my key to unlock the door and push it open. There must be motion sensors in the room as dim lights cut on as I take a step in. I also start to hear music play in the background.

If I believe in love and you believe in love, then we can be in love somehow
If you want the best for us, like I want the best for us
Then we gotta learn to trust right now

“What the hell is going on?” I whisper to myself as I walk farther into the room. I enter the huge living space and see rose petals scattered all over the floor. I follow a path into the bedroom and see candles placed throughout the room. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

“Surprised lil mama?” I turn around to see Nate nervously standing in the doorway. I can’t help but laugh at how antsy he looks. “Obviously. What is all this?” I reply.

Don’t let this effort go to waste, put our all in it
Don’t want to be left with the questions, why
Let’s be honest with ourselves, did we really come this far
Just to watch it go down the drain?

He takes a step towards me and grabs both of my hands. “I kept telling you I wanted this to be a “no strings” type of thing. Like, I know I said it a shit load of times,” I nod my head and chuckle at this. He continues on to say “At first that was what I wanted but after spending all this time together, I miss you every time you leave. When we wake up in the morning, I don’t want you to go home. I wanna cuddle and make breakfast, and go on dates. All the corny, sappy stuff you can think of that’s exactly what I want to do with you. I want you to be my girl (y/n).” He stops talking and just looks at me waiting for my response as the music continues to play in the background.

Yeah, sometimes the heart can see what’s invisible to the eye
All you gotta do is listen to your deepest feelings, they don’t ever lie
Well giving up is immature, there’s so much more to live for
That I want to see us together now, cause we’re strong enough to endure, woah

I can’t help but smirk at the lyrics sensing Nate knew exactly what he was doing picking this track. “Nice song choice babe.” I say to him.

He rubs the back of his neck nervously and replies, “Yeah I figured I would need some help convincing you. I had no idea how you would-” I lean up on my toes to silence him with a kiss.

I slowly pull back to grab his face with my hands and laugh while saying “You talk way too much when you’re nervous Nate.”

“So that’s a yes? You’ll be my girlfriend?” he asks. All of this feels completely surreal but I quickly nod my head just in case this isn’t a dream. He smiles really big and wraps me in his arms. “That’s good because I have so much planned for us this weekend and it would’ve been extremely awkward if you said no.”

Planned for just us? “Wait, what about the guys?” I ask him to which he shakes his head.

“They’re not coming, that was just a way to throw you off. Me and you have the place to ourselves all weekend.” Geez he really thought all of this through.

“That’s pretty slick of you. Did you come up with this all by yourself?” I honestly didn’t know he had this in him. It seems more Derek’s style.

“Not even a little bit. Luh helped a lot. He’s weirdly good at this type of stuff.” Called it.

I then reply, “Well I’ll be sure to thank him later but I think we’ve done enough talking for today.” He smiles widely and picks me up just to throw me on the bed.

“I’ll gladly shut up.”