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More fun with ADHD:

  • Making a carefully thought out list of all the things you need to get done today, and then spending the entire day doing great stuff that’s not on that list.
  • Getting to the end of whatever thought/conversation you were just having and then defaulting back to whatever the current obsession is, so that everyone gets used to hearing ‘I wonder when that package will come’ or ‘dinner was great last night, yeah?  We should make that more often’ like fifteen times in a day.
  • I lost my to do list in the pile of to do lists.
  • I wrote my to do list on a white board.  The list on the whiteboard is from two months ago.
  • I put estimated times on my to do list.  Apparently I have no idea how the fuck long it takes to do things.
  • The fuck you say ‘talks excessively’, ADHD pamphlet?  Everything I say is fascinating and everyone loves me for carrying the conversation.  Always.  And starting new conversations when they’re trying to leave.  And finishing everyone’s sentences because I knew what you were saying and you were too slow.
  • The closest I ever got to playing Risk was that time someone gave Star Wars Risk to me so we started setting it up but the setup took too long and I got bored and wandered off.
  • I have to take medication reliably at the same time every day so that it can help me not forget everything.  That’s fuckin hilarious.
  • The uncountable times I got fascinated with something and learned a fuckton about it/got really good at it in an unreasonably short period of time, and then once I was better than I ever expected to be, I got distracted and subsequently forgot I ever did/learned it and forgot most of what I learned.

anonymous asked:

can u do a list of books with hispanic protagonists? thanks!! :-)

yeah sure!! I actually haven’t gotten around to reading most of these but I’ve heard good things also s/o to @fionnsykes for helping

•the education of margot sanchez by lilliam rivera
•the gallery of unfinished girls by lauren karcz*
•when the moon was ours by anna-marie mclemore
•the weight of feathers by anna-marie mclemore
•wild beauty by anna-marie mclemore*
•labyrinth lost by zoraida córdova
•shadowshaper by daniel josé older
•iron cast by destiny soria
•juliet takes a breath by gabby rivera
•yaqui delgado wants to kill your ass by megan medina
•aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe by benjamin alire sáenz*****
•the inexplicable logic of my life by benjamin alire sáenz*****
•last night I sang to the monster by benjamin alire sáenz*****
•the wall of winnipeg and me by mariana zapata***
•kulti by mariana zapata***
•hold me by courtney milan***

*=to be released
***=new adult NOT ya
*****personal anecdote but I got to attend a diversity panel at a book fest and he was one of the speakers and apparently someone once pointed out to him that he only wrote mexican-american protagonists and he replied, “well yeah I’m not writing a book about a white man, a white man can write his own damn book” and someone else on the panel (I can’t remember who) said “yeah like we don’t have enough of those” and it was one of the highlights of that already amazing day tbh

I’m not sure if anyone has brought this to attention but in case you needed ANOTHER reason to hate musical kurt and ram’s dads: 

Unless both men were divorced, which is possible but not clarified, when they got together in the “summer of ‘83” they were both married and therefore cheating on their wives. : )

Eclipse - Chapter 1: Lavender Mint


Chapter 1: Lavender Mint

“Are you robbing me?” Iris walks up behind Barry and peers over his shoulder as he shamelessly rummages through her purse where she’d left it behind the counter at Jitters. She absently begins closing out her register without really expecting a reply.

It’s Wednesday, which means that while she has to be at work to open at 6 am, she only works a half shift. Barry always comes over for his break in time for her to close up, and they have a coffee together and catch up before she heads off to study or, more often lately, write her blog.

Wednesdays have become Iris’ favorite day. She would never do it without the motivation of having to be somewhere, but she has come to love being awake at dawn. Last week she’d made Barry come over to walk her to work and watch the sunrise with her. He’d called her on his way over to grumble about having to be up so early and they stayed on the phone until he arrived. He had shown up adorably sleepy and fake-grumpy, going silent only to watch her put on her make-up with a look in his eyes Iris couldn’t quite place because she never understood why he seemed to enjoy watching her get ready so much given how often he’d seen it over the years.

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