yeah and people wonder why we ship them

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"Otabek and Yuri literally had less than five minutes of screen time. Why Otayuri? Where?" It's not because you don't want to see a romantic relationship, that I have to stop seeing the posibility too. In 5 minutes, Beka showed that he saw Yuri as he really was. In 5 minutes we have Beka who has admired Yura for years. And then we see them smiling happily. Really smile. Yeah, they can be friends, I see more than that. When? Idk, when their relationship will build and evolve. It's just wonderful!

It’s funny because so many ant/s ship Sara and Mila and those two had even less screentime and interactions than Otabek and Yuri did. And I don’t seen that ant/ calling out Sara/Mila shippers or any of the other “rarepair” ships.

Shipping has nothing to do with canon screentime. If people want to ship two characters for whatever reasons, they’re allowed to. idk why some act like people can only ship characters if they have a certain screentime/interaction requirement…

And why Otayuri? Where?

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Right here, for me and many other shippers. 

These “they’re just friends!!” ant/s need to realize… no one is stopping them from seeing OY as only just friends. Their friendship is wonderful. If you only ship them as a brotp, that’s great, good for you! But if other people ship them romantically, that’s fine too.

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Idk why they privated the vid but if they wouldn't of liked something about it, they would of edited... clearly they were fine with it and that is why they posted it. I ship grethan but I m not gonna assume it was related to that because they never cared and grethan comments never bothered them and I did not see people making a big deal out of the video plua gray said grethan is real once on twitter

Yeah and I never assumed it was because of Grethan. They would have edited it, which is why I wonder why they unprivated it without editing any part out. I guess we will never know so yeah…

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I kinda want to know... What do you see in your favorite ship- what is it about them together that makes you love it so?

Well to no one’s surprise, my favorite ship is Cecilos. Why? 

  • It’s godamn canon. Fuck. Yes
  • Both of the character’s involved are super complex, and you always see new sides of them. It’s like they are actual people instead of stereotypes. Woah.
  • At the same time, there is a lot left for imagination and headcanons, Meaning a lot of wonderful fan-creations! Fanfics, fanart and theories everywhere also smut heck yeah
  • Even though being canon, Cecilos does not at all follow the “omg our biggest problem is that we are gay oh noes what shall we do in this cruel society!!” it’s more “wait shit the toaster grew sentient again get the vinegar, sweetie”
  • It is not perfect. Yes- It’s the most adorable thing ever and you can clearly see that they love eachother, but it is not without issues. Despite this, there is no “villain” in the relationship, they are both ridiculous dorks and the new episode guys holy shit.
  • They actually seem like a flawed realistic couple (besides the whole universe they live in. I don’t think most people struggle with other-dimensional deserts.) and it’s wonderful to see a ship portrayed (canonly!!) the way Cecilos is.
  • All in all, it’s just great to see a canonly gay couple portrayed as actual complex people with an actual complex, lovely, weird, frustrating and adorable relationship.
  • Though Carlos get your godamn ass back to Night Vale okay thanks.