yeah and people wonder why we ship them

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I think (I'm honestly hoping) it was to channel Chase and Karolina's close friendship from the comics (Like how she consoled him twice about Gert and how Chase always supported her). But yeah, I can totally see the implications. To the people already shipping them, they are in for a big surprise. Also makes me wonder why we can't have nice scene between a girl and a boy without it having to be romantic subtext. :(

yh i hope it’s just that!! bc i’m all for them being close friends obv, it would be such a cute friendship tbh. but ugh people are already shipping them (i’ve seen some shit on twitter already like someone made a whole thread justifying why they ship them lmao?????????what) it’s just so annoying but yea, can’t wait for karolina to come out and chase to fall madly in love with gert

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I kinda want to know... What do you see in your favorite ship- what is it about them together that makes you love it so?

Well to no one’s surprise, my favorite ship is Cecilos. Why? 

  • It’s godamn canon. Fuck. Yes
  • Both of the character’s involved are super complex, and you always see new sides of them. It’s like they are actual people instead of stereotypes. Woah.
  • At the same time, there is a lot left for imagination and headcanons, Meaning a lot of wonderful fan-creations! Fanfics, fanart and theories everywhere also smut heck yeah
  • Even though being canon, Cecilos does not at all follow the “omg our biggest problem is that we are gay oh noes what shall we do in this cruel society!!” it’s more “wait shit the toaster grew sentient again get the vinegar, sweetie”
  • It is not perfect. Yes- It’s the most adorable thing ever and you can clearly see that they love eachother, but it is not without issues. Despite this, there is no “villain” in the relationship, they are both ridiculous dorks and the new episode guys holy shit.
  • They actually seem like a flawed realistic couple (besides the whole universe they live in. I don’t think most people struggle with other-dimensional deserts.) and it’s wonderful to see a ship portrayed (canonly!!) the way Cecilos is.
  • All in all, it’s just great to see a canonly gay couple portrayed as actual complex people with an actual complex, lovely, weird, frustrating and adorable relationship.
  • Though Carlos get your godamn ass back to Night Vale okay thanks.