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To: All you Hunks (*finger guns* ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

From: The most relatable character

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Me to my fam be like...
  • Mom: honey why are you drawing skeletons
  • Me: *drawing da cinnamon roll (Papyrus)* because it's fun
  • Mom: but skeletons are weird and gross
  • [later]
  • Little Sis 1: what are you drawing?
  • Me: *drawing little gasters all over my homework*
  • Little Sis 1: That's weird and creepy why do you draw that stuff
  • Me: ...
  • [later]
  • Little Sis 2: What are you drawing?
  • Me: Undertale *cause that Sis actually knows wtf undertale is*
  • Little Sis 2: Why are you so obsessed with that game?
  • Me: I like it okay?! It's really cool why do none of you ever understand. *hides in my room with my drawing stuff and the computer*
  • Me: No one understands... except people I may never meet in person...

“Hey (y/n),” Bruce said softly entering the lab you were working in, “You look really nice today.”

You beamed at him, “Thank you Bruce, that’s very sweet of you.” He blushed and nodded, going to his work station. 

Later you were in the staff kitchen, perusing the fridge for something to put together for lunch when Tony walked in. 

“When are you gonna put that man out of his misery and just ask him out?” He said coyly, popping a blueberry in his mouth.



You scoffed, “You think I should ask out Bruce? It’s not like that we’re friends.” 

He raised an eyebrow at you, “Really? Do friends buy each other gifts every time they’re away. Do friends constantly compliment each other? Do friends talk about their other friends all day every day?”

“Yeah,” you said, “You would know that if you had some friends.”

He gave a mock gasp, “(Y/n)! You wound me, I have friends.” You laughed and rolled your eyes. 

“That’s besides the point,” Tony continued, “I know for a fact Bruce likes you and you should at least take him on a date, because I think you might like him too.”

A blush spread across your cheeks and you didn’t deny his words. Tony smirked, “He’s downstairs in the med room when you want to take that leap my friend.” 


happy birthday, byun baekhyun!

words will never be able to describe how much i love you. 

  • pll moms season 6A: wine wine wine hell yeah i'll have a sip or twenty
  • pll fans: omg pll moms i love you, fuck you liars go away ur moms should take over this show
  • pll crew: oh shit we cant lose our fans over this everyone lets think of a solution!!
  • pll liars season 6b: wine wine wine hell yeah alcohol all day every day
  • pll crew: nailed it!!!!!!

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boi boi boi

  1. my dog. harley, he’s a rescue and he’s so lovable and playful
  2. roleplaying, which sounds typical but yeah
  3. the tv show deadly women, i could watch it all day every day
  4. masturbation, i’m not gonna lie
  5. reading comics and watching comic movies/shows

Im a merchant. I sell guns. Why is every Muppet trying to sell me their shitty stuff….

I’m not some shitty robot vendor in a booth, that’ll take all your junk…

when this began

A/N: I started writing a moment I was really excited about, decided I wanted to give it context and backtracked, and then did that yet again, until I got to this stuff. It’s not yet how Link actually came to be his master, but sooooon. In the meantime, I’m sorry if this feels a bit rushed, but I was only going to do some summarizing for my own sake until I figured this stuff could still be some good added context of sorts (even though I realized that truly displaying the reality of their relationship cannot be in summary, only action/dialogue honestly, but I’ll be expanding on things with time so I might come back to this time period and write more scenes yee). Forward updates will be coming as soon as I figure out a couple things, but I ended up with a bunch of other things like this in the meantime so here ya go!

Characters: Link, Ghirahim
Words: 2050
Summary/Context: Post-SS, and Link is Ghirahim’s master now. It’s not like they were going to get along immediately. Link had his previous hate of the demon to let go of, and as for Ghirahim, who knows what he has going on in his head. He certainly doesn’t make it easy for the hero, easily pressing his buttons the same way he always had - and it’s not like Link had expected him to change. But the challenge of wrestling their relationship into some sense of peace was like a whole second journey.
Following sections: No brave faces in sleep. | know your weapon

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(Michael Clifford imagine) - Uncle Joel

Request: Joel Madden is your uncle and your dating Michael 

Words: 1966

Through out your life you had always had a burning passion towards music. It probably came from the fact that your uncle was in a pretty famous band. 

Since a young age you had always had his music around you, it was like the background music to your life. You remember him babysitting you and trying to get your chubby fingers to pluck the strings of a guitar. He would sing along with you to the songs on the radio and laugh at your high pitched voice trying to match the low notes or sing along to the guitar solo’s. Although you stayed out the media attention so you could have a life outside of ‘Y/n, Joel Madden from good charlottes niece’.

It was just a coincidence you would fall for another musician. The first time you met him it was sloppy and messy, you were running into the record label to pick something up for your uncle but instead you ran into him.  Next was the feeling of secure arms wrapping around your waist and blood shot and tired eyes wide with shock staring into yours, then came the awkward shuffling to move out of his warm grip and the giggling of four other boys behind his broad shoulders. He was stubborn. He walked you up the several flights of stairs because the elevator was broken just to say sorry for not looking where he was going. The slight flirting wasn’t very subtle, once you had stopped blushing and stuttering you two were like old friends. After getting back down to the final floor you exchanged numbers with shy giggles and quick glances. 

You quickly became friends over hours spent communicating through your screens and trying to muffle your laughs in the silence of the night. Late nights of skype soon turned into late nights of Netflix marathons and disappearing into the mass of blankets and food that you had stocked up on.  Inside jokes became your specialty and most people swore you were mad, and you would probably agree with them but you were too busy wiping the tears from your eyes and trying to normal your breathing, but every time you made eye contact you would start hysterically laughing again. 

He would be there, when you didn’t do as well as you thought on a test, when someone important in your life left you and even when you felt like there was a dark cloud surrounding you. His terrible jokes that only made him throw his head back and eyes scrunch in laughter cleared the skies. His comforting words and touches made your cold and tear stained skin brighten, he helped you bandage up your wounds and knew when to let you heal by yourself. And you did the same for him, when the fame became a bit too much, or he felt like he messed up a few too many times on stage, you would be there to sooth him and hold him until he felt better. 

Soon you felt your friendship blossom, hugs and looks would linger and suddenly you started to notice more things about him, how his eyes shone differently in different lighting, how his pink lips stood out from his ghostly pale skin and how his tattoos decorated his skin perfectly. You suddenly felt new feelings towards Michael and it made you confused, with a mixture of fear and excitment. And you weren’t the only one. 

After weeks of being confused about your status with Michael, tossing and turning debating ideas, he finally spoke up. 

“So, I know we are really great friends, like this friendship- well you-  have been amazing, something to take my mind off all the pressure of just life, and i hope this doesn’t like make things weird" 

You almost didn’t hear the end because of how hard your heart was thumping, but you did hear. "i- i like you as more than a friend, i want us to be more" 

"Me too- i mean, i like you too, like, ugh” You groaned in frustration at how the right words wouldn’t form. As your cheeks grew hotter and hotter, you saw Michael’s smile grow more and more. Michael started laughing at your embarrassment, “Stop laughing at me you dick” you hit him lightly on the arm and pouted at him trying to hold back laughter.


Due to Michaels career it meant you couldn’t always be in contact, let alone see each other, but you understood as you didn’t see as much as your uncle as you wanted when you were younger. He and his band were often off around the world or stuck in a studio writing lyrics and messing around with instruments. When they were in the studio often a range of talented artists would come in and help them write, you often experienced Michael bragging to you about meeting All Time Low multiple times but you didn’t have the heart to tell him you have met them too, especially with their upcoming album and your uncle singing on one of the songs.  

Through out your whole relationship with Michael you never seemed to mention the fact that, Joel Madden, a member from one of his favorite bands, was related to you. You’re not really sure why you’re so reluctant to tell him, maybe it’s because so many people have used you to get to him that having someone not know was refreshing, and you wanted it to be real, not some show for your uncle to impress him or to keep you by someone so they’re closer to him. you wanted him to stay for you. 

Apparently it never occurred to you that maybe, internationally famous band 5 seconds of summer, would in fact meet, one of their favorite bands, and sung the first album Luke bought. You were texting Michael asking what he was doing in the studio today when what he sent back made your heart stop for a second or two. 

From: Mikey 

Today we’re just going to hang out with….. JOEL FRICKEN MADDEN!!

You spaced out thinking of terrible things that could happen. You thought about what might happen if Michael gets mad at you for not telling him, asking why you didn’t tell him and wondering if it was because you didn’t trust him enough before eventually leaving after a messy argument and broken goodbyes. Before you let yourself fall any deeper into the dark abyss of your doubtful mind you tried to call Michael and explain about the blood relation knowing one of his idols since birth situation, but he didn’t answer, typical. 

You tried to shake your mind off of it, you and Michael hadn’t announced that you were dating yet, there was probably no way either of them would work it out. 


Joel walked into the studio and Michael felt like a pterodactyl or something was flying around in his stomach but his nerves started to settle after hello’s were exchanged between everyone. They joked around for a couple of minutes getting to know each other, Michael thought of it like a test run, getting to know what he can and can’t say. 

Writing was quite fast as lyrics were bouncing off everyone and Calum was fiddling with a tune on a guitar to match to the lyrics. Every now and then they would all break for refreshments for around half an hour so they don’t dry themselves out, during these breaks they would discuss a wide range of topics, from family to childhood even fan experience’s and the best concerts they’ve played. On the third break Joel directed everyone’s attention to Michael, because of Michael’s slight nerves he didn’t share as many stories as the others but Joel seemed to catch on to that. 

“So Michael, we haven’t heard much from you, got any good stories, a girlfriend, or boyfriend?" 

Michaels eyes widened a bit when Joel said girlfriend, yup, he could tell a few of those they would probably make him feel more at ease, you always managed to do that to him somehow. 

"Well I actually have a girlfriend, her name is Y/n” he grinned and watched Joel’s interest spark up. 

“That’s a nice name, my niece is called that” Joel laughed slightly before signaling Michael to carry on. 

“Well she’s crazy beautiful-”

“Way out of you league as well Mikey” Calum snorted as Michael shot him a glare. 

“ you could say that thank you Calum, but yeah she’s great, I have so many stories she would kill me for telling anyone so I have to swear you all to secrecy” All the boys nodded with a mischievous grin as Michael started the story. 


“oh my god” Everyone was clutching their sides and wiping their eyes after Michael had finished one story with a proud look on his face for making his idol laugh so hard. After all the laughed had quited down Michael finally looked at his phone to see three missed calls from you and one texts. 

from: Y/n

We need to talk about something 

Oh he was in trouble. 

“Dude you OK?” Calum was furrowing his eyebrows at him at Michael tried to go over if he broke something or forgot something. 

“Oh yeah I’m fine, hey was it Y/n’s birthday today or anything?” Calum and Joel laughed at Michaels clear worry. 

“I don’t think so mate, it’s a little while off still” Michael nodded desperately trying to remember if he did anything. 

“Speaking of Y/n show me your 'crazy Beautiful girlfriend’” Michael nodded as he opened up his gallery not having to scroll long before finding a photo of you that he took last week whilst you were on your phone laughing at something. He turned his phone around and held it towards Joel, He watched Joel’s face slowly go from a face of joy to confusion, Joel furrowed his eyebrows and looked away from the phone and toward Michael. 

“Is this a joke?” Michael suddenly felt confused and panicked. 

“Urm no? I don’t know what’s going on” Michael looked back at his phone, it was still that photo of you. 

“That’s my niece” Michael’s eyes went wide as he stared back down at the photo of you then back at Joel before looking to Calum who looked just as confused as Michael. 

Michael quickly pressed call on your contact and put the phone up to his ear. 

“Michael finally I ca-” “Why didn’t you tell me Joel Madden is your uncle!" 

you felt your breath hitch as your heart rate picked up. 

"Listen, Michael, I was going to tell you I promise, It’s just I was waiting until the right time ya know? I mean we haven’t told anyone about us yet and I was just trying to find the right moment, that’s why I tired to get hold of you earlier” you sighed out trying to explain your situation but the words were becoming a tangled knot settling in the pit of your stomach. 

“O-okay, do you wanna talk to your uncle?” You smiled and bit your lip before letting out a whisper of a yes. 

“Hey kiddo, you got a good one here, why haven’t you bought him back to the family? they’ll love him!” Michael blushed as Calum elbowed him in the ribs raising his eyebrows. 

“Soon” you laughed. 

Michael and you ended the phone call agreeing to talk more about it later so you could say sorry and share stories of your uncle bringing you up and going to his early concerts as a kid to try and make it up to him. 

“Lucky you didn’t talk about your sex life mate” Calum laughed and Michael felt his cheeks grow hot again before hitting Calum in the stomach. 

Had a really really hard day

It’s depletion for these next 12 days. I’m tired, flat, and hungry. My ex wont stop contacting me despite me blocking him from everything and knows just what to say to make me cry. I feel puffy from the heat and upset and yeah not every day is a good day, thats all.