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Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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Persona 5 x Mystic Messenger

A LOT of you requested this, so I decided to finally write it up! I haven’t finished the V route yet, but I have a pretty good grasp of what might go down. I’ll edit this later if some things are off. Anyway, this is another 2000 follower ‘most requested’ gift, so I hope you like it! and yes i used their chatroom names

Note: Just to clarify, the solo and team skills are inspired by Persona 2 & 3, one of Jumin’s abilities is from Persona 1 & 2, and I also sort of made up an Arcana. I hope you like it!

Edit: put it under a cut because I didn’t think it’d be this long. ;A;

WARNING: spoilers, mentions of abuse and death ahead. Please read at your own discretion.

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How do you budget effectively?

The underlying idea is that you need to make sure you are living within your means. Your spending (plus hopefully some saving) should equal your income. This is written with the assumption that you have enough income to meet your basic needs and are just struggling with how to manage the rest.

Start by tracking your spending for a month or two. Categorize each transaction as a “want” or a “need.” For example, you need to pay your rent, but you wanted to go out for drinks and appetizers after work instead of cooking at home.

My “needs” include: rent, groceries, phone, student loan payment, car payment, gas, prescriptions, and utilities. Figure out what your bare bones budget is - just to stay alive and provide for your basic needs, how much money do you need? Where is that money going? Write it down. Those expenses are your priorities.

Then you can begin thinking about your wants. Trips to the salon, a more expensive TV/internet package or streaming service subscriptions, going out to eat, new clothes or make up, etc. could all be considered wants. You might not absolutely need it to survive, but it’s nice to have. Make budget categories for those reoccurring “want” expenses. You’ll be better off if you can think ahead and decide you’re going to spend money on X, Y and Z this month so you know where your money is going to go. Have a plan for your money.

You need to think about your savings goals as well. Depending on what it is, a savings goal might be categorized as a “need” over your other “wants.” If you know your car is going to crap out on you, make it a budget category and save $XX every month for an eventual replacement before paying to get your nails done or whatever.

I, personally, prefer to save at the end of the month instead of at the beginning. What I mean by that is that I don’t have 10%, 15%, whatever % of my paycheck automatically transferred directly to a separate savings account. I wait until the end of the month, when I know all of my expenses are paid, and then I transfer whatever I can into my savings account. That works for me because I’m naturally a saver - I WANT to save! Nothing makes me happier than transferring money to my savings account. But an automatic transfer is an easy way to save without thinking too much about it, and it could be something for you to consider if you struggle with saving money and will definitely have enough to cover your expenses after saving that 10% from every paycheck or whatever.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to save toward an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. A rule of thumb I’ve heard is three to six months of expenses, the idea being that you would be able to pay all of your bills if you lost your income and needed some time to figure things out. It might seem like a lot a money, just think of it as something to work toward.

Once you decide how much you’re going to spend on what and where your money is going, you need to stick to your budget. It’s useless if you don’t stick to it. Do I spend over my budget? Sometimes. But I’m talking about like going to Costco and buying a bunch of stuff in bulk that will last me through the next month and likely cut down on the next month’s grocery spending anyway, not deciding on a whim to drop $1,200 on a new TV. When you’re tempted to spend outside of your budget, ask yourself if it’s a want or a need, and then try to find a place to fit it into your current budget by cutting something else out or shifting things around. If you want to save more, take a look at your budget and find places to cut.

I’ve used Intuit’s since I was in high school (and honestly they should sponsor me for all the shoutouts I give them.) You can connect all of your accounts and see your transactions in once place and their actual budgeting tool is the best I’ve ever used.

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Do you have any headcanons of Damian acting like a regular child his age?

Well as a matter of fact!

  • He has a sweet tooth, which is awkward because Bruce doesn’t really do desserts, and Damian usually tries to emulate Bruce’s habits as much as possible. The upside is that the Manor does stock junk food. The downside is that it’s technically Tim’s food, and he’s starting to ask questions.
  • Chocolate milk and peanut butter and honey sandwiches 
  • Uses the blue kind of toothpaste because the mint stuff hurts his mouth. This information is classified and should not be passed on to the public.
  • Lowkey fascinated with anything that glows in the dark (Remember this. Important later.)
  • It’s not a blanket fort. It’s a hunting blind. Shut up.
  • Tugs on people’s capes to get their attention. Jackets work too. (But, Amy, you ask– What about Dick? He doesn’t wear a cape or a jacket!) You see it’s not a problem because Damian doesn’t need to get Dick’s attention. Grayson always pays attention.
  • Maui: the ocean says you're a nerd
  • Moana: I'm not surprised

When Felix says he was somewhere on holidays with his parents he means that they actually were spending time together.
When his classmates say they were somewhere with their parents they mean the servants were spending time with them meanwhile parents were minding their own business.
This leads to some misunderstanding when they are comparing expirences.

Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

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Part 7

“Mum? Gemma? What are you doing here?” He asked sneaking up behind you and looking at them, as they stared at you.

You had forgotten all about the fact you weren’t wearing anything other than Harry’s shirt when you felt the cool air hit your legs. You quickly blushed and tried not making eye contact with them. 

“What do you mean what are we doing here?” Gemma scoffed. “You knew we were coming today.” 

“Well, yeah, but I thought it would be later in the day…” he said. 

“I ended up coming in last night, so Gemma suggested we come over and maybe head out for some breakfast, but uh apparently we should have called first,” Anne said looking over at you. 

“Um… I’m going to go get dressed,” you whispered adverting your eyes towards Harry before excusing yourself from the situation. 

While you went up to the bedroom, both Anne and Gemma walked inside while Harry shut the door behind them. 

“So, I take it your busy?” Gemma asked. 

“Kinda yeah, I ordered breakfast in for Y/N and me,” he said. 

“I guess I didn’t realize she would be staying with you,” Anne said. 

“Why wouldn’t she be staying with me?” Harry asked looking at her. 

“Because you’ve only been with her for a few weeks,” she said. 

“We were staying together while we were in Jamacia and we were only together for a few days then, so what makes a difference here?” Harry asked. “Especially since she’d be over here anyway even if she were staying in a hotel. This way it saves her money.” 

“Right…” Gemma said. 

Harry sighed. “Okay, I get that the first meeting wasn’t exactly ideal, but can you two please just be nice and give her a chance. Besides you two should have called before just showing up like you did,” he pointed out. 

“How were we supposed to know you’d be half naked with some girl?” Gemma said. 

“First of all, she’s not just some girl, she’s my girlfriend, and second of all, I wasn’t with her… we were standing together,” he rolled his eyes. 

“It was implied,” she mumbled. 

“Anyway, are you two going to give her a chance or not?” Harry sighed. “I really like and care for her and I’ve told you two so much about her already, so just please for me, give her the chance she deserves?” 

“Of course we will,” Anne said. 

“Thank you, Mum,” he smiled. 


Once you were dressed in your own clothes, you went back downstairs and the food had already arrived. There ended up being enough for everyone to share, so you all sat down and had some breakfast together. At first, things were extremely awkward and you realized you hadn’t really been properly introduced to either of them. 

“Um, I’m Y/N, by the way,” you said nervously. “It’s uh, nice to finally meet you two.” 

“Nice to meet you as well Y/N, Harry has spoken of you often,” Anne said. “I’m Anne, and this is Gemma.”

Gemma looked over at you and nodded before going back to her breakfast. Out of the corner of your eye, you could tell Harry was sort of glaring at his sister. Great, you thought, just what you needed to cause a rift between them. 

“You’re videographer right?” Gemma asked all of a sudden. 

“Yeah, I’ve uh, always loved working with cameras both for film and print work. I went to school for it and eventually worked my way up to being considered a professional videographer, but I’m still pretty new in the business,” you said looking over at her. 

“Is my brother the first artist you’ve worked for?” She asked. 

“No, uh, actually I’ve worked briefly with a few artists in their music videos or other little projects they’ve needed. I’ve worked with both Nick Jonas and Joe Jones with DNCE, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, to name a few,” you said. 

“Hm, “ she nodded. “And did you ever, hook up with one of them?” 

“GEMMA!” Harry snapped. 

“What? It’s a valid question!” She said to him. “How do you know this isn’t what she does? She works for an artist, hooks up with them, and moves up the ladder,” she said. 

“She is right here,” you said. “And no, I’ve never hooked up with anyone I’ve worked with before, so that’s not what I do. I get hired for a job, I do it, and I’m done. Sure, I have a few friendships with some of the artists I work with because I do multiple projects with them.” 

“You shouldn’t have to answer that, Y/N,” Harry said. “Because my sister never should have fucking asked something like that.” 

“I’m just looking out for you,” she said to him, again ignoring the fact that you’re sitting right in front of her. “You’ve known her for what a few months and you two are already living together and just so head over heels for one another? This is bullshit, this isn’t like you. You’re normally so much more level headed than this.”

“Gemma, “ Anne sighed. 

Harry shook his head. “You do realize that when we were in Jamaica we were living together under the same roof. We were side by side working together and chatting pretty much every fucking day all day, so yeah, we got to know one another pretty well in that environment. Hell, we probably learned more about each other during our three months together, then you did with your boyfriend. And maybe, just fucking maybe, did you ever think that maybe I’m “different” with Y/N because I have real feelings for her and that this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way about anyone before?” 

There were so many emotions going through you at this point. On one hand, you felt insulted and angry at the fact she believed that you slept around on your job and that you were practically using Harry. Then on another hand, you felt extremely awkward because you were the topic of conversation, but no one was really speaking to you. And you knew that Harry’s feelings towards you were something new to him because he had told you once before, but hearing him say it to someone else in defense for you, made you realize just how much you really meant to him. 

“I think we all just need to calm down,” Anne sighed looking at both of her children. “Harry, you have to admit that things are moving sort of fast between the two of you and you two work together… that’s a little unorthodox.” 

“It’s not like we’re getting fucking married,” he sighed. “And so what if we work together? Most everyone who works with me, I have a friendship with outside of our working together, so why should it be any different having a relationship with Y/N.” 

Honestly, at this point you were being ignored so much, you honestly thought about getting up and leaving the room. However, you decided against it because it would make it seem as if you thought you didn’t deserve to be there, even though Harry was defending your every right to be there. 

“Being friends with someone and having a romantic, intimate relationship with someone are two completely different things,” she added. 

“You can’t have one without the other, Mum,” he sighed. “Look, maybe to you two it seems like Y/N and I are moving too fast in a relationship, but you also have to think about how we got our start. It’s not like I just met her and we started talking on the phone and went out on a few dates here and there and decided to get into a relationship. When I met her, we were living together… seeing each other practically 24/7. She was there as soon as I woke in the house, and there as soon as we all went to bed. We spent so many nights just talking to one another and enjoying each other. So, yeah while the timeline might be short, that doesn’t mean that our relationship and my feelings don’t count for anything. And we’re not even living together. She’s staying here while I have some things in London for work that she’s filming. And once we’re done with that, she’ll be gone back to her own house in her own city,” he said. 

“And then what? You’ll just have a long distance relationship or only have a relationship when you need a videographer?” Gemma asked. 

“We’ll make it work,” Harry said. 

You sighed again looking at the three of them. They were still having their three-way conversation about you, without you. Even though Harry was defending you and your relationship, something he shouldn’t have had to really do in the first place, he still wasn’t really acknowledging that you were there and could take part in the conversation as well. 

“If it doesn’t, then you’ll be screwed needed to hire someone new,” Gemma mumbled. “And how do you know she wouldn’t leak anything about you?” 

“Because I trust her and I don’t exactly foresee it not working out between us,” Harry said. 

“Of course you’re going to say that because you two are still in the honeymoon stage of the relationship,” she rolled her eyes. 

“Oh, and when you got with your boyfriend are you saying that you saw you two not working out?” He scoffed. 

“No, but I never acted like it was always going to be a forever happy ending between us either,” she said. 

You got up from the table throwing the rest of the food in the trash, while Harry and Gemma continued their conversation. You even looked over at Anne, who was just watching the two of them banter with one another. You shook your head and finally just snapped. 

“Do any of you even care that I’m still here and that I’ve heard every single fucking thing being said?” You said looking at them. “Gemma, do you even care that you just assumed that I’m with your brother because I’m working for him and that I want to further my career? Or that you use the excuse that you’re just looking out for him when he’s told you time and time again that he’s happy and cares about me because you think every fucking person he’s ever going to be with his going to be with him for his fame and money. Like that’s really sad that you can’t just let him be happy.” 

“And Harry, I get that you were just trying to defend me and everything, but I’m a grown woman, I can defend myself. But honestly, you shouldn’t have had to in the first place, because as far as I concerned, I’ve never given either of you a reason to believe that I’m only with Harry for fame and fortune. If I was some model or some singer or whatever, would you think that? Or would you be okay with it because I’d make my own money and have my own fame? But you know what, it doesn’t matter right now because I’m removing myself from this situation right now since it’s not like I’m needed in this conversation anyhow,” you said before walking out of the front door and down the street away from his house, leaving him and his family behind. 

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twelve days of twelve // day one: the moment you fell in love with the 12th doctor

i was being chased by a giant dinosaur but i think i managed to give it the slip.

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Hey Emy, I don't think this is a popular opinion but I sometimes wish that Brian never said "I love you" to Justin because he has always shown his love through actions, which counts more than words. Maybe it could be their own unique way of saying "fuck you" to conventionality, and of celebrating their love for one another? That being said, I still love that scene and the proposal even though I wish they took a different direction with the execution of the final season.

I get it, I do. I think one of the things that makes the Brian/Justin relationship so special is we could feel how much they loved each other, even without saying them saying the words, which isn’t the case for a lot of fictional relationships. Their love for each other shown through in every look, touch, and action, and that’s something really special to get to witness.

But I still think it was important for Brian to say those words, for a couple of reasons. First of all, because it was important to Justin to hear them, which is entirely valid. But also because it’s really about more than just the words themselves. Everybody knows Brian loves Justin, including Justin. Everybody sees it. But so long as Brian doesn’t say the words, he has an escape. If something should happen – if Justin leaves, or if Brian fucks everything up, or their relationship somehow implodes and leads to the type of pain he always said love induces – he can continue to hide behind the “I never loved him” facade. He can pretend Justin never meant anything to him, that he’s entirely unaffected by their relationship, that he’s still the same man he always was. 

But by explicitly telling Justin he loves him, Brian is taking a huge step in his emotional growth. All his fears he’s had about love, all his anxieties about relationships… they don’t matter anymore. Neither does his need to always be the one in control nor his desire to smother any sign of weakness or vulnerability. Brian is completely, utterly, irrevocably in love with Justin, and he’s not allowing fear to force him to keep that emotion hidden any longer.

That’s why I personally think it’s super important Brian ultimately said the words. Not because romantic couples need to say “I love you,” because as we’ve already established, everybody and their mother (literally) knows Brian loves Justin more than anything. But because it showed that the last of Brian’s walls that prevented him from fully opening up to another person. Brian’s entire journey in QAF was about getting to this point, where he can truly drop the Brian Kinney Persona and just be Brian, a man with a huge heart who learns to trust people in ways he never has before and be emotionally vulnerable with them and not care about the consequences. 

I do totally get what you’re saying, even though I respectfully disagree. However, I have no doubt that even though the words have now been exchanged, Brian and Justin will continue showing each other just how very much they love each other every single day for the rest of their lives. <33


You have a crush on Jimin (and it’s getting out of hand)

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7]

“YAH! Stop cheating!!!!” Jimin screams at Taehyung while the other laughs, clearly enjoying how his best friend was reacting. “Do you really want to win this way?”

“Of course, Jiminie-ah, all I care about is beating your ass!” It was the five round of Halo they played, Taehyung winning every single one of them. “Don’t pout like that, Chim. It doesn’t work on me anymore” 

“Taehyungie, just stop cheating!” 

While they were screaming playfully at eachother, Jungkook walked into the living room groaning dramatically. Taehyung looked at him, earning a wink from the younger boy, and suddenly his interest was picked. He raised an eyebrow and waited to see what the maknae was planning. 

 “Jiminiiiiiiiiiie~~”, he sang, faking annoyance as he sat on Jimin’s lap. 

 “What is it, Jungkookie?” 

 “I’m gonna die. I can’t keep dealing with this” 

“You have to be more specific” 


At that, Jimin tensed and Taehyung’s brow furrowed, confused at Jungkook’s approach. “What about her?” 

“She is cute, isn’t she?” Jimin’s face changed automatically, his playful grin shaped now into a thin line. 

 “So the thing you can’t handle is a crush on y/n?”, he asked, wanting to throw Kook to the ground. 

 “You don’t have to react like that, Jiminie-ah. It’s not a big of a deal”, Jungkook continued to say, trying not to laugh at his hyung’s growing irritation and Taehyung’s clear attempts to hold his laughter. 

“Why are you clenching your fist all of the sudden, Jimin-ah?”, Taehyung asked, joining the fun of torturing Jimin. “You don’t happen… to have a crush on y/n, do you?” Jimin’s cheeks turned red on an instant, and his stutter didn’t help him when he tried to deny such accusation. 

“Wh-what are you ev-even saying, Tae. We are just really good friends” 

“I don’t cuddle all my friends like you did yesterday. You were all over each other”, Taehyung said, raising his eyebrow once again. 

“We weren’t. It was just… too comfy and there wasn’t enough room in the couch” “Yeah, keep telling yourself that. It’s such a shame… really”, Jungkook said as he decided to go for the final blow. 

“A shame? Why?” 

“Yeah… I guess you don’t want to know”, Taehyung chimed in, seeing where the conversation was heading. 

 “Yah!!!!!! Tell me” 

“But you said you don’t like y/n? I don’t see why you’d be interested” 

“Jeon Jungkook!!!! Stop playing me. Ugh, I DO LIKE Y/N” Jimin screams, breaking at his friends continous teasing. “I like her a lot” -he whispers- “Happy?”

Nah, not really, we already knew. It’s pretty obvious” 

“Yeah, you keep staring at her” 

“Tae! I don’t do that. It’s not staring. I just… like to look at her sometimes. It’s not my fault she is cute!”, Jimin rushed his words, clearly flustered. “Oh no, do you think she noticed?!?! What if she did? Oh my god, she’d never speak to me again. Please don’t tell her” 

“Stop panicking, Jimin-ah. I’m pretty sure she hasn’t noticed. If she did, I wouldn’t be getting texts from her all day”

“What do you mean? Texts about what?” 

“You”, Jungkook answers as he points at him. “All day. Every day.” 


“Yeah, you are the only thing we talk about with her lately”, Taehyung says, looking carefully at Jimin’s face. 

“Why? Is she tired of me? Oh my god, should I stop bothering her?”

“Oh my god, they are both as blind, Jungkookie” 

“Yeah, you’d have to write it in front of their face so they could finally know”

“Hey! I’m still here!!! What are you even talking about?” Jimin says while punching Jungkook’s back slightly. 

“Wait, but I could literally show them. Well, him.” 

“She’ll kill you, Jungkook-ah” 

“She’ll be too busy to kill me. She’ll thank me afterwards.” 

“Go for it… but I won’t pick up whatever is left of you”, the Daegu boy laughs, sitting on the floor in front of the others.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on? Stop acting like I’m not here!” Jimin shouted, clearly confused at the sudden turn of events. 

“Okay, hyung. I’m gonna show you something because my sanity depends on this. I can’t keep dealing with both of you.” After saying this, JK takes his phone from his pocket and shows Jimin a conversation he had with y/n that same morning. “See? You are not bothering her. She’s head over heels for you.”, Taehyung shakes the other boy, who is staring blankly at Jungkook’s phone.

 “Sh-she… likes me?”

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my boss during an eval said "you tend to sound robotic when you're on the register" and it took all my strength not to point out that I'm pretty sure a robot could take my job

I have to sound like a robot when I have to say a ridiculous script to every customer.

“Hello, welcome to *****! Did you find everything you were looking. For? Do you have your rewards card? Would you like to sign up to not only save here but you earn points to get up to $2 off every gallon of gas at the local gas station we partner with.”


SO yeah I sound like a robot.


It’s 1:26 PM, and I love OT7.

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