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“I was just playing it in the car earlier and my son, [3-year-old] James, was like, ‘Lele! That’s godmama. It’s godmama!’ It’s so funny. It’s just so funny,” King told ET’s Nischelle Turner. “It’s good.”

King confirmed that Swift fans can expect the pop star to give fans “the real,” as Turner put it, because “she always does that” with new music.

“That’s her thing. It’s really, really good,” King said of the rest of the album. “Yeah, she is the baddest broad.”

— Jamie King talking about Taylor Swift’s new album. (ET)

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I just looked at the credits and they literally explain everything, the members haven't been nearly as involved as they were in Wings, maybe that's why I feel a bit disconnected from the music. I really do enjoy most of the songs (except the teaser version of DNA sounds sooooo much cooler than the full one, can't stand that obnoxious edm breakdown). It makes me feel less confused, I still love bts and that is the problem, I want more of their input.

yeah… honestly i thought about this once more when listening to the album a few more times last night while reading the articles that came out and what was said at the press conference, and then it kind of clicked to me… sorry to go on a tangent but i came to a conclusion that the issue is, that the boys, the fans and the company are all focused on something else than the actual music

whenever they were asked what the boys’ goals were, it was all… wanna get into billboard hot 100, that they want it to chart really well digitally, want to get a lot of awards, want to set records, want to have milestones that will be set in history… and the fans are trying to make it happen for them so suddenly the actual music doesn’t matter as much to them either, and the boys are basically saying what the company is pushing too… 

so this album wasn’t about them advancing as artists, getting more involved in their music (this is a huge step back in this regard from wings, and even hyyh pt1 and 2 where more members had involvement as well), it wasn’t about them expressing themselves or even really doing music they want to do (which would explain why a lot of people struggle in finding some connection or sincerity in the album this time), if you put it all together, what the boys said and the marketing the company has been doing and taking into account how this album sounds, this album was very obviously made from scratch with the intention of getting them on the hot 100 and smashing those records, getting as mainstream as possible basically, the goal wasn’t to make good music or for the boys to express themselves, so their input as artists was minimized… 

i’m not saying they’re not working hard, but considering how we know they all work on the music and try to create and submit melodies and lyrics… looking at the credits, obviously the company had different goals than letting them be more involved :( i’m hoping that after they achieve all this awards and charting stuff, that we can go back to them putting more of themselves in their music and wanting to do music for music’s sake

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I didn't know jimin was friends with jongin? He thanked him in his album again 👀

yeah they are ‼️ i think they’re in the same social circle with taemin 🤢 thats cute

Bad Reputation (split audio)
Shawn Mendes
Bad Reputation (split audio)

left ear: live version

right ear: studio version


(sorry the ending is a little weird, i tried to fix it but this was as best as i could do!) (i hope tumblr doesn’t take this down) (ps i’m a bitch so only the edit is mine)

panic! albums

a fever you can’t sweat out: woo sex! we are not even 18 but long words let’s fuck!

pretty odd: we are gay. so much gay. hippies and flowers! hey ryden is so real like what ?

vices and virtues: fuck you ryan i have sarah but i still miss you come back.

too weird to live too rare to die: ryan who? i can’t hear you ryan i have sarah. (still misses him tho)

death of a bachelor: frank sinatra woot woot! i love my wife sarah but i just thought of ryan so i could like write a couple song about him

conclusion: next album will be called “ryan ross”

Actual quotes from “The War”, EXO's album:

“Yeah, I want it, yeah, I need it.”
“You can tease me however you want.”
“Baby, a time just for us. What you do? Like this, ooh, I love you, ooh.”
“Baby we can go higher.”
“I want to lean into this night and wrap myself around you.”
“Come closer so I can feel more, I want to go even farther.”
“Let’s stay up all night.”
“I’ll cover you warmly with my whole body.”
“I’m thirsty, thirsty.”
“Yo, nice skirt, you push me up to the mound pitcher.”
“Put it to work.”
“Hit me and we’re going hard.”
“Something completely raw.”
“Let’s take this to the end, rock and roller.”
“A fire burning even deeper, not knowing how to stop, a burning heat all over my body, enduring through time.”
“I’m already back to you tied up.”
“I keep going deeper, like I’m addicted to you.”
“An adrenaline rush, pumping through my whole body. I don’t know what you do to me.”
“Up and down like a roller coaster.”
“I spread through you softly, like something familiar.”
“It goes down, down baby, leave your body to the rhythm. It goes down, down baby, let it go and scream.”
“Baby, are you down?”
“It’s our last night, a night just for us. Don’t be nervous and come to me, leave it all to me.”
“And my hands lose their way, baby, my hands, my hands.”
“In front of me now you’re feeling good now. Yeah, I’m feeling good now. (…) My mind blacks out.”
“I wake up my imagination and come up with hundreds of ideas of you.”
“With just one small move of your hands you can completely shake me up. Shake it, babe.”
“Your pale fingertips… Oh, like they’re trying to tempt me. Sometimes like they don’t care. Your gestures make me dizzy, show me more of you.”