yeah I'm bitter


I have a very strict policy – I insta-block anon-hate. If it’s something particularly ludicrous or if I think answering the thing can serve as a teachable moment, then I screenshot the ask and publish it as a separate post, so I can still IP-block the sender. I don’t collect IPs themselves, because I’ve no interest in the identities of anonymous users. 

But I’m also sick of some bullshit in particular, so I’m going to talk about it. See, I had another anon barge into my inbox and screech at me for ‘hating survivors’, across multiple messages. I’d have likely gotten more of that, if I hadn’t blocked them. All for the crime of being a survivor of CSA myself, yet one who doesn’t take the same tack as them, who doesn’t deal with their issues in the same way they do and who has the fucking gall to enjoy content that they abhor. This just in: ‘hating survivors’ nowadays is synonymous with being an ‘improper survivor’ yourself, according to too many people in this hellhole. 

The worst part of the whole thing is that they took the information in my before you follow page, which is put there precisely for full disclosure purposes and in order to protect people who might find anything I post distressing or triggering… and essentially spat it right back in my face, demanding to know ‘why you hate survivors so much’. Hilariously enough, almost none of the content I warn for over there exists on my main blog – 99% of it gets reblogged onto sideblogs, specifically to shield other survivors who could be affected by it. There is also this particular notice: 

But I suppose that these days there’s nothing cathartic, nothing that gives one an emotional high and makes one feel Good and Just and like sticking it to some make-believe villain they’ve built up in their own imagination, if they simply follow the above advice, instead of going on a vicious screed in someone’s bloody inbox. 

Honestly, I did feel pity for them. They’d clearly been abused, they were clearly hurting and lashing out at anyone they thought they could hit. I can understand that – I wasn’t that much different as a teenager myself. But my sympathy doesn’t extend far enough to covering shit like being accused of all sorts of heinous things, just because one has discovered that it’s easier to deal with the pain by inflicting some on others as well.  

I feel like a lot of ARMYs tend to forget that Taehyung is a grown ass man.

And apart of me gets it. It’s so fucking easy to get lost in his endlessly deep, dark brown eyes. And his bright, dazzling smiles. And his playful, easygoing demeanor. But we have to remember that beneath all those wonderful things is the heart of a young man who is working his absolute hardest to continue to grow and learn as both a person and as an artist. There is so much love in Kim Taehyung’s heart, I swear. There’s so much love for his fans; he wants to share as much as he can with us because that’s one of his many ways of saying that he’s thinking about us, he cares about us, and he wants us all to continue to get to know him better. So that we can experience elements of himself that we wouldn’t normally get to see during interviews or variety shows or even on stage. 

That’s why he recommends songs on Twitter. That’s why he takes the time to post cute, personal updates on the fan cafe. That’s why, the other day, he made a post sharing his favorite photographer with us. Unfortunately, there was backlash to his post because some of the photographs contained nudity. From my understanding, Taehyung removed the photos from the fan cafe and then went on to explain why he posted what he did. I’m assuming this is because he was criticized for posting images that contained nudity. 

Now, I’m not a member of the fan cafe, so I can’t speak exactly to the demographic. But my assumption is that a majority of the members should be old enough to maturely view non-graphic, non-sexual images of art without throwing a fit. I am also assuming that they should be old enough to grasp the fact that Taehyung is a 20 year old (22 Korean age), adult man who can appreciate the body’s naked form outside of a sexual context.

So can we just let Kim Taehyung live? Do you know how discouraging and heartbreaking it is to share something you love with someone you care about and have them immediately reject it? It’s legitimately one of the worst feelings because it’s like they’re rejecting you. By rejecting something you love, it essentially feels like they are rejecting you. And that’s what some fans, people who Taehyung adores, did. They rejected him.

reylos: “I only ship reylo because of what COULD happen!! You never know! Haha :)”

what they mean: “I can’t stand the thought of this black man being with a white woman so I have to try and make up ridiculous fanon theories and ideas to try and ignore the fact that Finn and Rey actually care for each other:)”

for a website that cries “screw writing “strong” women, write complicated women. Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner. Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband. Write a woman who doesn’t need a man” and so on, it sure as hell can’t handle it when a woman is written as flawed, weak, needing to be rescued or going through hardships of life. Y’know, like every human being now and then.

Actually, on that note, I'm gonna point something out.

When people in the media wanted to jump all over me and make me out to be some kind of terrible person that had to be too stupid to give a shit about anything other than buying shoes and prancing around a strip club, people kept going back to the ‘well she’s a stripper….she HAS to be lying about giving a shit about the world’ excuse. 

4 months later guess what…I’m STILL doing the things I was passionate about that certain media outlets wanted to attack me for (because strippers are too stupid to have an opinion). Somebody should probably let it be known they were wrong. On a massive scale. And if I haven’t proven that I actually was interested in making the country a better place, and that’s what got me in to trouble, then they’re so full of fail that there aren’t even words to convey the amount of fail they possess.

When I said I wasn’t going to stop advocating things like a woman’s right to choose & defend things like Planned Parenthood, I wasn’t kidding or lying. All of you were wrong. 

But the truth will never be televised. Because me actually doing what I said I would doesn’t make for a very sensational story. Remember that, kids. Always remember that.

we’re having a wave of terrorist attacks for weeks and nobody really cares
now suddenly it’s worldwide news and trending on twitter and everything
like it only became important after the paris attacks

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Lol just re-read my question and I can't fucking type, sorry. Anyway.. I know right, Haymitch had like what? 4 scenes in the last movie? And they even cut one with Katniss if I'm not mistaken. My heart still hopes for a little hayffie ending...But ya

Honestly, they took out the scene with Katniss hugging (and forgiving) Haymitch because he’s the only one there who loves Peeta to transform it into a hug for a love triangle that is very boring. They took out his backstory. They gave him ONE single talk with Kat (they cut the other CRUCIAL scene where they talked about what happened in the arena) and they gave her like 4 pep talks with Coin instead.

Haymitch is a key rebel player in the book but in the movie, it seems like his only purpose is to randomly appear to point out things about how to handle the Mockingjay image. This is stupid. As stupid as everyone welcoming Effie with open arms, Coin being the nice person who gives pep talks in teh middle of the deserted cafeteria, Thirteen being military in name only since it doesn’t enforce its rules and feeding us a love triangle that isn’t even faithful to what happens in the book because while the boys are like “we love you” she’s like “i don’t care” and what I took out of that movie was “I like them both omg what I am going to do quick Haymitch hold me, the skype convo with President Snow upset me”. AH YEAH, add the skype convo on the list of stupid things.

I’m not holding my breath on a hayffie ending but I do think we will get hints at the wedding. I trust EB with that.

There is no justice in this world

The girl who had my job before me apparently got fired for sucking at her job, which has been confirmed by basically every person I have spoken with who worked with her. I was NOT prying, either - people volunteered this!

A few people were chatting and mentioned that she’s already gotten a new product manager position somewhere else and (because she’s super gauche and told someone) MAKING MORE MONEY than all of us, apparently.

So ridic. Like just for once I’d like to hear a story of someone sucking at life and being terrible, getting fired, losing their house and ending up miserable and alone.

Instead that kind of thing happens to genuinely nice hardworking people. And the assholes prosper.

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To be honest, this isn't surprising at all. Glee is a business to make money, not something to please fans, that's the only truth. Usually the more pleased the fans are > more they watch & buy > more $$$ for FOX. But the audience is very low now, they need these kind of big and unexpected plot twists. They ALWAYS do that. An intimate Klaine wedding in 6x13 and another intimate Brittana wedding in 6x09 would never create the same fuss and talk out there as a BIG DOUBLE GAY WEDDING would. (cont)

(cont) Do they care that Klaine and Brittana fandoms will be very pissed with a double wedding? Absolutely not. They are very aware that those 2 fandoms are hostile to each other, always competing. Do they care? NOT. They only care about making this a big LGBT event to show up in TV programs, magazines, websites… to attract audience. Wait for the big promo it’ll get. It’s all about $, not about giving the fans what they deserve or about being fair with the characters. That is the only reality.

It’s all about money and homophobia in the tiniest drabbles they’ll allow.  Oh and Ryan having something to pat himself on the back over.  Lookie what I did, everyone??  I put on the first gay/lesbian wedding!  Gimme all the shows!  Lemme destroy everything!

Yeah, fuck off.