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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and heterosexual orientations encapsulate every single possible way a person who does experience romantic or sexual attraction can experience either. There are people that experience no romantic and/or sexual attraction, and those are not the people I’m talking about below.

I don’t care about the nitpicky arguments about the “-sexual” suffix or the ridiculous reaches that claim that asexual or aromantic are orientations unto themselves and not descriptors for how one feels about sex/romance, not even going to list the super specific identities that talk about how some likes only to receive during sex without giving and such. Not to mention that the ace and aro community has multiple definitions of what each mean.

If you are an asexual woman attracted to men you are are straight

If you’re asexual and nonbinary person attracted to any gender you are bisexual or pansexual

If you’re aromantic and a man attracted only to women you are straight

If you’re an aromantic woman attracted to women you are a lesbian

If you’re an asexual man attracted to men you are gay

This is to say that the gay or straight part is who you like with the ace or aro part being how you are attracted to them.

It’s not healthy to label every single aspect of your relationship with sex or romance, it’s not like your orientation. The way sex and relationships are thought of and dealt with by a 14 year old is so much different from when the same person is 18, which is different that the same person at 25 or 29, or 37 or whatever. There’s a huge change these very specific identities can change as you grow and mature.

Not even going to get into SAM and how these mogai labels help confuse young lgb people and keep them in the closet. Others have written about that a lot more eloquently than I could.

The only reason cishet are pretending that asexual or aromantic are orientations is because by presenting it as such gives cishets a way wiggle themselves into the lgbt community. They want the pride flags, the parades, the parties, our aesthetic, our jokes, our resources, the glamorous parts of the community. They don’t want to deal with, support, or even acknowledge our struggles or pain.

i like how black women jokingly said “oh black panther is gonna be good because it has black women who are pertinent to the plot, they even have their own plot in the comics, unlike the few woman of color (who only got one line per person) in wonder woman” y'all were like “oh my god, you’re anti-women!! girls deserve to see girls on the screen! quit putting movies against each other! WW is superior anyways because she’s a woman unlike BP!!!” like… y'all really tried to pull the evil overrepresented man card??? like please, sharon, tell me about all of the black superheroes that kids get to see as leads in movies and shows. black kids, in general, have black panther, luke cage, black lightning, storm and that’s about it. our heroes don’t get movies. storm still has yet to get a solo film. y'all have wonder woman, captain marvel, black widow, jessica jones, supergirl, scarlet witch (who isn’t even supposed to be white) and more. literally white women get so many damn superheroes, y'all need to stop with the “oh but we need positive girls” bitch, what about little girls of color?? it’s about time we start seeing some asian women. some black women. some native american women. more than just the same white faces. so yes, to be petty, black panther is more progressive because not only does it have a black lead, but it has an all black cast, with dark skin black women… and this is coming from a lifelong wonder woman fan. just because he’s a man doesn’t mean he still isn’t black. shut the hell up with your fake ass feminism, and just say you only want more white women shoved down our throats.

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)

everyone is all about defending ‘childish’ interests like cartoons and will go on about “you’re never too old for cartoons/video games!!” but that’s only if it’s Cool Cartoons/interests like gravity falls or steven universe or pokemon or animal crossing or whatever. as soon as you show interest in something meant for a much younger audience or just outside that Cool Category, like thomas the tank engine or sonic the hedgehog, you and your interest are a laughing stock and 90% of the content you find about it is shitty memes. im so sick of things being considered “”“cringey”“” and somehow ok to make fun of

i get that they wanted to make the belle dress simple to allow more movement and how emma wanted it to be more modern without too many hoops, a corset, etc. but honestly if i were cast to play a character with an iconic dress from a beautiful historical time period i would be geeking out too much to even care about movement or freedom or any of that i’d have such mad respect for the costume designer and i’d be excited to be suffering in corsets and hoops lmao like how many people get to have fun and get paid to wear amazingly designed baroque ballgowns? not me that’s for sure but i’d do it in a heartbeat

i mean you can’t really blame people for disliking the accords when the first mission post accord signing is one where they are ordered to shoot on sight?? Shoot a man who is widely known to have been brainwashed and tortured and manipulated by hydra for the majority of his life because he’s suspected of a bombing (because of a shitty grainy security cam picture)? Yikes

I feel like a lot of ARMYs tend to forget that Taehyung is a grown ass man.

And apart of me gets it. It’s so fucking easy to get lost in his endlessly deep, dark brown eyes. And his bright, dazzling smiles. And his playful, easygoing demeanor. But we have to remember that beneath all those wonderful things is the heart of a young man who is working his absolute hardest to continue to grow and learn as both a person and as an artist. There is so much love in Kim Taehyung’s heart, I swear. There’s so much love for his fans; he wants to share as much as he can with us because that’s one of his many ways of saying that he’s thinking about us, he cares about us, and he wants us all to continue to get to know him better. So that we can experience elements of himself that we wouldn’t normally get to see during interviews or variety shows or even on stage. 

That’s why he recommends songs on Twitter. That’s why he takes the time to post cute, personal updates on the fan cafe. That’s why, the other day, he made a post sharing his favorite photographer with us. Unfortunately, there was backlash to his post because some of the photographs contained nudity. From my understanding, Taehyung removed the photos from the fan cafe and then went on to explain why he posted what he did. I’m assuming this is because he was criticized for posting images that contained nudity. 

Now, I’m not a member of the fan cafe, so I can’t speak exactly to the demographic. But my assumption is that a majority of the members should be old enough to maturely view non-graphic, non-sexual images of art without throwing a fit. I am also assuming that they should be old enough to grasp the fact that Taehyung is a 20 year old (22 Korean age), adult man who can appreciate the body’s naked form outside of a sexual context.

So can we just let Kim Taehyung live? Do you know how discouraging and heartbreaking it is to share something you love with someone you care about and have them immediately reject it? It’s legitimately one of the worst feelings because it’s like they’re rejecting you. By rejecting something you love, it essentially feels like they are rejecting you. And that’s what some fans, people who Taehyung adores, did. They rejected him.

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The end of How I met your mother sucked so much and I refuse to acknowledge it. In my world it never happened, Robin and Barney are still together.

It was the most disappointing series finale ever. And I’m not even just talking about Robin and Barney who were so meant to be it was ridiculous – but of what they did to Ted and Tracy. I loved Barney/Robin but I legitimately was so enthralled and looking forward to the mother and Ted.

They even had that amazing scene in the season before the final season where he talked to her about what it would be like when they met and I was in tears. 

THEN – we meet her and she was AMAZING. LIKE I LOVED TRACY, OK? It made me happy – they made me happy – and then nope. We’re just going to relegate this epic, amazing love story to her being just a way for Ted to have kids and then kill her so that he can be with the REAL LOVE of his life and the one he always wanted to be with – Robin. (Even though they were terrible together – TERRIBLE).

They destroyed TWO awesome couples in LITERALLY the span of 15 minutes. Like – it takes some special kind of really bad execution and writing to do that because it wasn’t just the finale they messed up but the ENTIRE PREMISE OF YOUR SHOW WAS A LIE. I mean, I can’t even watch re-runs and sold my DVDs. That is how messed up that was. 


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The secret endings just pissed me off. It was so annoying jfc. I literally cried not because i’m happy-sad but because im angry-sad. I wanna bitch about it but i’ll probably end up writing a 2k+ word essay about everything that’s wrong with it. I’m sorry but i hate it so much. I’m just gonna pretend the secret endings & seven’s route did not exist. I’m so hurt. I’d leave the rfa not because there are so many problems but because i’ve worked so hard for the truth only for it to be shoved under the rug cause they don’t wanna be responsible. Jeez. Also mental illness medication & psychiatric wards were so stigmatized here & mental illnesses were so romanticized. They were all ‘i’ll heal u w/ my love’ bullshit it’s driving me insane. ‘You don’t have to receive medication & listen to professionals cause im here & i love u’ lmao fuck off.

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Rachel Bronev got a voice actress for a single cutscene of her dying, however, Brenda Triton has made small appearances in two games and doesn't have a voice and I'm extremely bitter about that despite Rachel being a good character for about thirty seconds. What's your opinion on Brenda being voiceless?

at least brenda’s still alive