yeah I'm bitter

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)

I’m starting to think that every single bloody problem I have with Tumblr (the shrieky ‘all people who are X must die horribly!’ posts, the out-of-control anger of parts of the userbase, to the point where it does splash-damage to unintended targets, the inclination to constantly find other vulnerable people that one can use as a punching bag, the anonymous targeted harassment campaigns, the horrific dehumanization of one’s targets, the use of sexually violent imagery as part of harassment campaigns on the part of self-described progressives) has its source in this one truth about myself: 

I do not subscribe to praxis driven by vengeance. Ever.

This is something that’s been making me read this place as unbearably hostile and unsafe for quite a while now. And I shouldn’t be surprised, I come from a line of people traumatized (some outright murdered) by that political environment known as ‘totalitarianism’, I grew up watching people I loved bearing the scars that came from having been the targets of politically and socially-motivated vengeance. 

When I was seventeen, I worked part-time with a non-profit that took care of at-risk elderly people. One of these was Mrs C. a woman in her eighties, completely blind from cataracts, barely able to walk anymore, with the fingers of both hands bent terribly out of shape. She craved support and companionship like a man in pain craves release and talked constantly about her family, all of them departed. It turned out that the bones in her hands had been shattered when, in 1948, she and her family were driven out of their house by the newly-installed regime in Bucharest. The people responsible for this relished in their cruelty, not letting them take even books from the library and ripping up family photos in front of the family itself. My little old lady, back then a young woman, tried to save a photo of her mother by kneeling and scooping the shreds from the floor. That’s when a soldier simply stomped on her hands several times, breaking all the bones in her fingers, in the process. They never healed properly because she never did get medical attention in time and later on it would have involved breaking them again, something she wouldn’t go through. 

I felt nothing but love and compassion for this kind woman, who always waited for me with something sweet she’d managed to make and who told me I was infinitely better than the bullies at school I’d complain about. And I know, by username, people on this site who wouldn’t be capable of doing anything other than sneering at the suffering she and her family went through because ‘they were bourgeois getting what they deserved.’ 

Another example, Just a few moments ago, I saw a fundamentally sensible post. ‘Critique bigoted people for their bigoted actions, not their appearance, because an innocent person with the same physical features will only be hurt by your words.’ Understandable and compassionate advice. The notes were filled to the brim of people shouting that the OP an others concurring just wanted to ‘give racists and homophobes a free pass.’ 

There comes a point when activism can turn into nothing but a vicious cycle of wishing for revenge for one’s suffering and then enacting said revenge when one has the power to do so. Across multiple fronts, this place has long blown past that line. 

And, frankly, I am no longer willing to be a part of a platform that has reached this point. It’s anathema to everything I am and everything I believe in. 

okay listen up real quick

if people send you anon messages saying that your writing/art sucks when it’s up for an award, it’s 110% guaranteed that the ONLY true reason behind it is jealousy and a desire to make you feel bad (because for some strange reason some people seem to think that making others feel bad will make them feel better as if emotional states are some kind of universal see-saw) (spoiler, this never works)

if your stuff is getting recognition that means people like it, and while that doesn’t mean everyone will like it, the normal reaction when you don’t like a story or a piece of art is to scroll past and say nothing, so when someone does take the time to say something negative just “coincidentally” at the time when other people are praising it, it’s guaranteed that they’re only saying it because they’re jealous

like, guaranteed in the way that it’s guaranteed that gravity is the force keeping us all grounded

guaranteed in the way that it’s guaranteed that Killian Jones loves Emma Swan

absolutely definitely unshakably true

please just know that.

Yanno, if there’s something the dumpster fire that is TFA fandom taught me, it’s to be fundamentally on-guard for (in the progressive spaces I inhabit) people who gleefully gloss over / twist themselves into a fucking pretzel to ignore or sweep aside shit like child grooming / childhood psychological manipulation if the person who was targeted is a ~straight white male~ 

I said it before, but the one friend I have who has worked for years with programs that socially reintegrate child soldiers saved from all sorts of fanatical organizations around the world watched TFA and came out of it completely baffled by the fucking fandom on Tumblr. ‘I was expecting Kylo Ren to be some sort of poster-boy for MRA types, judging by what those people were saying… but he was just as much of an abuse/child soldier allegory as Finn was. They’re two sides of the exact same coin and the film couldn’t have been more clear about this.’ 

She ended up so disgusted with the fandom that she cut all ties with it soon enough and frankly, I’m heading right that way too. I’ve lost count of the amount of shit people have uncritically dumped on my dash and that I’ve had to block, for the sake of my damn blood-pressure. It sends the most heinous sort of message to me, a CSA survivor who did some very grim things on account of all the damage and who could have ended up behind bars for it, years ago. Particularly when, knowing this place, I can safely bet all my savings that had Kylo Ren been anything other than a (presumably straight) white man, the abuse and manipulation that Leia and the novelization hinted at would have been FRONT-AND-CENTER in all character interpretation posts and discussions. 

I’d rather be shot than continue to deal with the pit of sneering hypocrisy and double-standards that are fandoms, to be honest. 

why is it that white ppl used to make fun of us during lunch for eating the food we grew up with and now all the suddenly it’s ‘hip’ and 'cool’  to have on your instagrams and shit because it makes you 'authentic’ and 'unique’ like you can’t expect us to forget all the times you sent us home crying to our parents over how our food smelled 'funny’ or begging our parents to just make us a 'normal lunch’ because that’s what everyone else ate

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Rachel Bronev got a voice actress for a single cutscene of her dying, however, Brenda Triton has made small appearances in two games and doesn't have a voice and I'm extremely bitter about that despite Rachel being a good character for about thirty seconds. What's your opinion on Brenda being voiceless?

at least brenda’s still alive

Unpopular bloody opinion time, but… frankly, I’m under no fucking obligation whatsoever to support that eternally popular fandom activity called ALWAYS SHITTING ALL OVER TEENAGE GIRLS

I’ve been involved with fannish spaces for nearing twenty years now and my fucking God, if I had even a small sum of money for the number of times I’ve had to deal, directly or indirectly, with the above shit, I’d be richer than Scrooge McDuck! From moral hysteria over the sexual expression of teenage girls to pervasive and constant mockery of the media they like to consume en-masse (most often seen in the case of music) all the way to fandom gatekeepers (’you can’t be a real gamer / real comic book fan if….’) and the myriad derisive sneers against fan-fiction, I am fucking sick of it all right down to my goddamn bones.  

  • ‘Oh, those foolish girls, liking shit such as Twilight! We must mock them for it, constantly and relentlessly, because that’ll teach them!’
  • ‘Oh those ridiculous girls, thinking they can ever be True Fans, like us! They’re not True Fans if they enjoy this game or these films for the romance!’
  • ‘Oh those nasty girls, how dare they find it thrilling and exhilarating to see two men falling in love and finding solace in each other?’

So sorry, I’ve no intention of joining the latest chorus of ugly sneering toward teen girls, this time dressed up in progressive clothes. 

Do you know what I’ve always done, whenever, for example, I’ve seen a teen girl do things like fetishize  same-sex relationships? I’ve sat her down, explained where she was getting it wrong and gave her examples of doing it right, of treating her characters like real, nuanced people, with complex natures. I talked to her about heteronormativity and all its ugly pitfalls, about the dangers of internalized misogyny, about not throwing other decent characters under the bus for the sake of a ship, about bisexuality and pansexuality, instead of ‘I’m going to erase that past relationship or that character altogether, so there’s no threat to the current one’. And it worked. Not at all times and in all cases, but enough times that I was pleased I didn’t barge in there all half-cocked, a sanctimonious asshat, sneering ‘those disgusting teenage girls!’ 

And frankly, if it gets to the point, as it’s gotten in this bloody pit, where I’m seeing shit like ‘all women must stop writing M/M content, because my precious self thinks that all women fetishize M/M’, I’ll kindly ask the people in question to refrain from turning ‘fetishization’ into as much of an empty, lazy buzzword (to be lobbed around whenever oneself needs a quick gotcha in an argument) as ‘romanticization’ has become in the hands of the anti-shipping brigade. 


ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴍᴏʀᴀʟɪᴛʏ ɪɴ ᴀ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇ.
                             υɴвιαѕed. υɴprejυdιced. ғαιr.

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Tbh i wanna say something, not about you tho. When Harry is papped in a different continent than Louis in the midst of stunting, some people: oh yeah 1dhq called them they dont want H&L to be in the same continent this is all 1dhq tactic Harry isnt free yet. When Harry is in NYC and stalkers (who dont seem to be fed info on where Harry was tonight), some blogs: oh Jeff was there (he wasnt) congrats on Harry's new team for calling stalkers! Ridiculous!"....Harry isnt free yet at all

(he apparently was) but I agree. Harry in’t 100% free yet and neither are any of the boys 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:The problem I have with Jeff is that so far he’s using the same old 1D tactics and that he uses Harry to promote his friends. But I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt until Harry has some actual work to promote, because Jeff landed him the Another Man spread and that one was a good thing for Harry’s image.

Oh yeah, I don’t hate Jeff or anything, but I’m still waiting you know 

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Who is your favourite under appreciated character?

Still remains Glenn, although Sasha in season 7 is closing the gap fast. Still angry and hulking out periodically at how poorly Glenn was shoved in the background in previous seasons and how his last arc was near-death gimmicks designed only to shock the audiences. 

His death was purely torture porn IMO and meant to strip his basic humanity dignity- even Abe had a better death by Lucille.  Yes, I’m still angry as fuck and bitter as hell. 

 Glenn hadn’t gotten much story of his own, except the flu, after season 3. His story just became part of Maggie’s story, other than a few scenes with Enid, to highlight the fatherless child, in season 6.  His last big arc was killing a human, finally, which went against everything Glenn was in the comic.  To me, the ultimate betrayal of Glenn.  I do feel AMC and Gimple were extremely short-sighted in the treatment of Glenn. 

As for Sasha, we know this is her last season, and as Abe’s widow, most viewers wanted to see how she is dealing with his loss this year.  Instead, we’ve had a few scenes, but more time spent on Negan rambling speeches- a gross miscalculation on AMC’s part IMO. Negan has years of speeches left, so why couldn’t we have lost a few of those this season with that time being given over to Sasha and Maggie?  Or some Rosita flounces and snark cut for Sasha?

Why the fuck did we have to wait until episode 7.05 to see Maggie and Sasha again? And why are we waiting for more of them in the next few episodes? 

AMC wonders why viewers are bailing and ratings for the show are tanking- this ^^^^^ is partly why, IMO.

Thanks for the question Nonny!:)