yeah I'm bitter

why is it that white ppl used to make fun of us during lunch for eating the food we grew up with and now all the suddenly it’s ‘hip’ and 'cool’  to have on your instagrams and shit because it makes you 'authentic’ and 'unique’ like you can’t expect us to forget all the times you sent us home crying to our parents over how our food smelled 'funny’ or begging our parents to just make us a 'normal lunch’ because that’s what everyone else ate

I feel like a lot of ARMYs tend to forget that Taehyung is a grown ass man.

And apart of me gets it. It’s so fucking easy to get lost in his endlessly deep, dark brown eyes. And his bright, dazzling smiles. And his playful, easygoing demeanor. But we have to remember that beneath all those wonderful things is the heart of a young man who is working his absolute hardest to continue to grow and learn as both a person and as an artist. There is so much love in Kim Taehyung’s heart, I swear. There’s so much love for his fans; he wants to share as much as he can with us because that’s one of his many ways of saying that he’s thinking about us, he cares about us, and he wants us all to continue to get to know him better. So that we can experience elements of himself that we wouldn’t normally get to see during interviews or variety shows or even on stage. 

That’s why he recommends songs on Twitter. That’s why he takes the time to post cute, personal updates on the fan cafe. That’s why, the other day, he made a post sharing his favorite photographer with us. Unfortunately, there was backlash to his post because some of the photographs contained nudity. From my understanding, Taehyung removed the photos from the fan cafe and then went on to explain why he posted what he did. I’m assuming this is because he was criticized for posting images that contained nudity. 

Now, I’m not a member of the fan cafe, so I can’t speak exactly to the demographic. But my assumption is that a majority of the members should be old enough to maturely view non-graphic, non-sexual images of art without throwing a fit. I am also assuming that they should be old enough to grasp the fact that Taehyung is a 20 year old (22 Korean age), adult man who can appreciate the body’s naked form outside of a sexual context.

So can we just let Kim Taehyung live? Do you know how discouraging and heartbreaking it is to share something you love with someone you care about and have them immediately reject it? It’s legitimately one of the worst feelings because it’s like they’re rejecting you. By rejecting something you love, it essentially feels like they are rejecting you. And that’s what some fans, people who Taehyung adores, did. They rejected him.


“Underneath all of the programming and underneath what has happened to him there is still  B u c k y  B a r n e s  and there is still an American patriot and hero.” (x)


I can choose to reject him, right? Even if he helped us, I can’t… I’m sorry, I just can’t accept this guy into my team after what he did to me. To Kevin. I can never forget. Don’t think my brain’ll ever let me forget. I wish things were different, but he did what he did, and he helped screw up my family. 

And I feel like it’ll always be an incomplete cycle of regret now.

reylos: “I only ship reylo because of what COULD happen!! You never know! Haha :)”

what they mean: “I can’t stand the thought of this black man being with a white woman so I have to try and make up ridiculous fanon theories and ideas to try and ignore the fact that Finn and Rey actually care for each other:)”


chu learns how to gif: bo/tamsin in 3x12

Honestly, if anyone asks me years later what I loathed the most about Tumblr, I’d say it’s the fact that all sorts of fucking gobshites with twisted, regressive, reactionary politics masquerading as social progress (from radfems/TERFs to truscum, aphobes and people on both extremes of the political spectrum, who gleefully defend totalitarian, mass-murdering regimes) had easy access to young, untested, inexperienced, relatively ignorant teenagers to whom they could feed a steady diet of half-truths and lies. 

And look at what we have now. The new generation on this site repeating radfem buzzwords point-for-point re: BDSM (’sexually submissive women need to train themselves out of their kinks uwu’) and pretending they’re oh-so-progressive when they do this, whereas older queer kinksters like myself, who went to Pride March with lads in leathers and then partied at fetish bars with the rest of the social outcast crowd look at them and hear the same shit hurled at us by religious conservatives and scandalized relatives 

The new generation on this site picking an ‘acceptable ‘target’ in a-spectrum people, lumping them in with their oppressors and then having a huge emotional high when telling them off and screaming at them and invalidating them, because they’re ‘finally standing up to their oppressors!’ 

The new generation on this site swallowing hateful, manipulative canards hook, line and sinker, so long as they come from ‘Bloggers Who Are Never Wrong’ and ‘Bloggers Who Say What We Want To Hear.’  

The new generation on this site going after the targets they’re pointed at, on the basis of flimsy ‘receipts’ and the statements of the above-mentioned bloggers, in a mob of ‘righteous fury’ and outrage and anon death-threats. 

So yeah, I’m sick and I’m tired and I’m bitter and I sincerely hope that karma comes swinging round for the instigators of all of this. As a young girl, I was taught that doing evil would ensure that evil returns seven-fold upon the head of the doer, in this life or the next. 

“I’m worried that McAdams just becomes another plain! Two dimensional girlfriend of the superhero. I don’t want her to disappear like Jane, Betty, and Pepper.”

Gosh, too bad there wasn’t already a character that fits the exact description of this character who has canon history with Stephen Strange and who already has a set place in the MCU continuity so we don’t have to worry about them being underdeveloped or disappearing after just a film or two…

Fandom treats AMV editors like crap

There seems to be this mindset in fandom that AMVs are just a bunch of clips shoved together and spliced up with some effects, and that they take no effort or talent or even thought to make.

Like anyone could make them. Like it’s just some stupid hobby from when you were 12 that you obviously outgrew.

Especially on YouTube, it’s so hard to get views, let alone likes, or- god forbid- comments. Unlike with art and fic, there isn’t just silent consumption of our work- there is literally backlash against the whole medium.

People shit-talk the anime or song choice in AMV comments, sometimes even insulting the AMV or editor. And if a comment is positive, it’ll likely say something like, “I like how you did x, since most AMVs do y, and that’s lazy/stupid/[some other insult].”

People make such pretentious, generalized remarks about AMVs so goddamn frequently that I’m almost glad I have so few comments on YouTube because it means I don’t have to deal with this shit!

It’s awful, and it’s also bullshit.

Editing isn’t taught in school. Most people don’t even have access to the tools needed to make an AMV. So even though I am largely self-taught, I probably already knew more when I started editing that most AMV makers did, simply because I knew how the program I was using worked. And that was literally all I knew.


Stop insulting AMVs due to quality! Constructive criticism is one thing, but we never get that.

Also, AMV editing takes an insane amount of work. People spend literal months working on these videos that are treated like trash. And yes, it takes an extremely deep understanding of multiple aspects of the medium you’re editing in order to make an AMV- way more than I need for my art or fic.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the problem with stealing other people’s editing, because it’s really bad. AMVs just get so little respect that sometimes people will literally take an AMV that the like, put it to different music, and claim it as their own creation. I’m pretty safe because I edit raw style, but I can’t imagine how awful it must be to find something like this with your work. Cause you worked so hard, and someone fucking stole it and nobody gives a shit.

I’m really mad about this. It’s unfair and disgusting, and nobody talks about it because AMVs are a taboo subject. Well, fuck that.

Don’t insult us or our work. Don’t fill our comments sections with arguments about our anime or song choices or the very nature of our art. Don’t elevate some of us by putting the rest down. Don’t call us lazy, don’t call our art stupid, don’t tell us our ideas are uncreative and our clip choice overused.

Don’t act like the quality of our art is dependent on what and how you think we should be editing. Stop insulting us as a joke.

We work so hard, and get so little recognition, or even acknowledgment that we exist. It’s okay to talk about AMVs! Even if you know nothing about editing, it’s okay to say what you like! We made up most of our terms anyway.

But I’m begging you, please respect your fandom’s AMV editors.

SNK fandom reading official scans of chapter 50: Awww that was kinda cute, but I’m telling you guys that Eren doesn’t love Mikasa, him punching that Titan was signaling his desire to defend her like he’d defend family. Don’t get so worked up over it, the ship isn’t canon yet. :/



ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴏɴʟʏ ᴍᴏʀᴀʟɪᴛʏ ɪɴ ᴀ ᴄʀᴜᴇʟ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ ɪꜱ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇ.
                             υɴвιαѕed. υɴprejυdιced. ғαιr.

The lesson the rest of television can learn from Supernatural is one we’ve discussed time and time again: on the small screen, the promise of a long life and profitability will only come from the work of character. No matter how great a concept may be, if the foundation that concept is built upon isn’t sound enough to support dynamic relationships between characters, audiences aren’t going to stick around. Viewers want to travel an unexplored world with people they love and love to hate, not people they can easily ignore.