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yellow t-shirt - peter parker

Yellow T-Shirt - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person

Prompt: (soulmate au in which people are colorblind, and the first color they see is the color of their soulmate’s shirt; but you don’t get to see all of the colors until you and your soulmate finally meet) While watching over the city as Spiderman, Peter notices a yellow t-shirt in the distance, letting him know that his soulmate is in the city, and Peter has to do everything in his power to get to her.

a/n: 400 follower special!! this one is kinda long and kinda cute, and i really enjoy it! sorry for the wait i’ll try and get back on my weekly imagines! thank all 400 of you babes for sticking with me! i love each and every one of you with all my heart!! (I’M AMERICAN I SPELL IT COLOR NOT COLOUR I’M SORRY OK)

word count: 1.9k

People had always tried their best to describe colors to Peter. Everyone always told him how bad they felt for him, how sorry they were that he couldn’t see in color. It wasn’t like Peter already knew, though. It wasn’t like Peter didn’t know how much it fucking sucked to be the only person he knew that couldn’t see colors.

The thing was, everyone had a different “thing” that would help them meet their soulmate. Some people had tattoos, others had timers, Peter felt like he got stuck with the worst one. Colorblindness. His first ever color would be the one of his soulmate’s shirt-or at least, that’s what he was told.

There was only a few other people Peter knew that had the same thing as him. They all described it the same, the first color you see is their shirt. After that, you still don’t see any color except for their shirt until you officially talk to and touch them. Once you did that, it all floods in. The love, the happiness, the colors.

Peter felt bad for the girl that was going to be stuck with him. She couldn’t see colors either, and her reward for seeing colors was a piece-of-shit trashcan of a guy. Who even knew if she was in the city, let alone the country. And even if she was in the same city, the girl would have to be dragged into Peter’s mess of a life. God, Peter wished that he could’ve gotten anything other than this stupid colorblindness.

(Y/N) had just moved to Queens, and to be honest, she hated it. She went to a school full of idiotic people that smoked weed in the bathrooms during school and drank their lives away every other weekend. The teachers couldn’t give a shit about what college the students went to or what careers they might end up with.

Not to mention, people constantly teased (Y/N) for her outfit choices. She didn’t know how to match colors or any of that, she was colorblind. It wasn’t a genetic thing or anything of that sort, it was a soulmate thing. To be honest, it sucked. Everyone at her high school had already found or had a good idea of who their soulmate was. It was easier for them, they all had timers and tattoos. It’s harder when all you have to go on is walking by someone and finally see their shirt color.

Surveying the city may have been boring, but it had become routine for Peter. It felt like a job to him, as a superhero he felt obligated. And though he wouldn’t admit it, there was another reason he did it. Underneath the “it’s my job to protect the city” bullshit, Peter did it so that he could try and find his soulmate. When he stood atop the buildings, he could see so many people come and go, and maybe he would finally see a colored shirt.

Putting his suit on, he stood on top of a building. Everything was in different shades of gray, black, and white. The sky was a light gray, it was actually “blue” he had been told. His suit was a dark gray with other areas of lighter gray. Tony had said it was vibrant shades of “red and blue”, and no matter how many times people tried to explain colors, it didn’t really help.

He was finally beginning to give up. Maybe he would never actually find his soulmate. She could be anywhere on the damn planet, and there was a possibility that the pair would never meet. Peter sat down with his knees bent and his elbows rested on them. He played with his web-shooters and sighed.

Just then, he saw something that wasn’t gray. Peter shot up, almost falling off of the building and scrambled to his feet. He took off his mask, not caring who saw him, just to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. Peter rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times, but it was still there.

It was a color. A fucking color. Peter was ecstatic. He couldn’t describe it and Peter felt like he might cry. The shirt was that new color he saw, and the girl wearing it was gorgeous. Even in black-and-white, she was pretty. He couldn’t see her that well from where he was, but her smile pulled on his heart and her eyes held a genuine happiness as she talked to the person.

In awe, Peter’s jaw dropped and after getting over the initial shock, he smiled. It was the kind of rare smile that you only saw planted on the face of love-sick people. The kind of goofy grin that you couldn’t stop even though your cheeks ached. It was the kind of smile that made the sun jealous of how brightly it shone.

Then, after a few seconds had passed, the girl disappeared. She had walked away and Peter didn’t see which way she had gone. “Fuck!” Peter cursed. He fumbled with his mask and put it on quickly. Peter swung from building to building and followed the girl. But after she walked into an apartment complex and the sun started to set, he realized what time it was and promptly made his way home.

Finally being on time for once, Peter’s aunt, May, ate dinner with him. “Any luck with the soulmate thing?” May casually asked, not wanting to pry but also wanting to know if he had found a girl yet.

“Actually, I think so. Yeah.” Peter said smiling, his cheeks turning a light pink.

May practically choked on her food and squealed congratulating Peter. The two continued to talk about random things; like their day, what was happening at school, and other things like that. Once the food was finished, Peter washed the dishes and went to bed. Tomorrow was a Saturday, meaning Peter could spend his whole day trying to find the girl.

(Y/N) woke up on the Saturday morning and left her apartment after saying a quick “I’ll be with some friends” and walking down the street. It was a cold morning and she wore a light-gray (”pink” was what her parents called it) sweatshirt over a gray (“yellow” as her friend said) t-shirt.

After walking inside the coffee shop, she ordered her drink and sat down after receiving it. She pulled out her laptop and worked on some schoolwork. After working for around two hours, (Y/N) pulled off her sweatshirt and exited the shop. Her backpack was slung over her right shoulder and (Y/N) walked down the sidewalk.

(Y/N) heard a loud crashing noise and everyone turned to look what had caused the commotion. That is, everyone except for (Y/N) after she heard someone yell “Spiderman!”. Unlike many other girls, she wasn’t obsessed with him and continued to walk without even glancing at the so-called “superhero”.

She didn’t want to go home that day. Home meant problems. Home meant that her parents would make her go to school on Monday. Home meant people asking if she had any friends or if she was “adjusting” to the move to Queens. God, (Y/N) hated it. She got that her family cared but it was annoying because she wasn’t “adjusting” to the move.

Turning into an alleyway with a backpack further down the alley, she slumped down against the wall. Her own backpack was nestled into her side and she let out a sigh. Sure, it was probably unsafe to sit in an alleyway by herself but, fuck it, what did it matter?

After messing around on her phone for a minute or fifteen, she heard someone grab the backpack further down the alley and do something with it. (Y/N) genuinely couldn’t care less what the noise was and as long as it didn’t affect her, she just let it be. It wasn’t until she heard someone yell “It’s you!” did she turn her head.

It was Spiderman, the actual Spiderman, in front of her. His outfit in color and all. Her jaw practically hit the floor as she studied the boy in front of her. Though she didn’t really care that he was Spiderman, a part of her was internally freaking out. It was like a fiction novel, her soulmate was a superhero.

Earlier that day, Peter tried to look for the girl but someone had decided to rob a bank the exact moment he donned the suit. He groaned and went to stop the person who was robbing the bank. The person wasn’t that hard to take down, though, they were just a petty thief that held a store at gunpoint with an empty gun.

After that had been taken care of, Peter realised it was probably best that he was Peter when he met the girl and not Spiderman. Walking back to the alley, he picked up his bag and was going to change when he saw the girl. The girl wore a different shirt of the same color as yesterday and he couldn’t help but yell out “It’s you!”

Now, Peter awkwardly stood as the girl, his soulmate, stared at him in disbelief. He reached up to take his mask off. After the mask was off, Peter ran a hand through his hair and smiled at the girl, who returned the smile with an equally bright one.

The girl stood up and opened her mouth, “Hi, I’m (Y/N) and I’m your soulmate.”

Peter let out a small laugh and said, “Hello, I’m Peter and I guess we’re soulmates.” (Y/N) smiled at him and stuck out a hand, which he happily shook.

Then all the colors came rushing in. Peter saw her hair and eye color, and (Y/N) finally saw Peter’s mess of hair and eyes in color as well. The city changed around them. Even the alleyway they were in was prettier than it was in black and white. (Y/N) and Peter looked around them as they finally saw the colors.

(Y/N) finally broke the silence, “I guess these are colors,” she said, a small smile placed on her face as she looked into his eyes.

“I guess so,” Peter replied in awe.

“Now about the…” (Y/N) said trailing off and gestured towards the suit Peter was still wearing. 

“I guess I have some explaining to do,” Peter said smiling, “Do you want to go grab a coffee or something?”

“I would be happy to, soulmate.”

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have you seen her?

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pairings: reader x stiles stilinski.

warnings: meh, a bit angsty, some smut. nothing much. 

a/n: I wasn’t going to publish it in the first place, it was just going to be a little thing I did for my precious bee, @dylan-trash-tbh, however, I though I would risk it and post it. I really hope you all enjoy it!! 

ps.: you might have some characteristics that don’t belong to you, because, as I said, I made this especially to bee and now I’m sharing. haha

word count: 6867

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Pairing: Young!Sirius Black x reader

Requested: nope

Warnings: none

Word count: 969 (I know it’s small don’t judge please)

A/N OKAY, this is something I spent a lot of time writing, and actually got detention because I was writing part of it during an EXTREMELY BORING history class, so I really hope you like it!


   (Y/N) woke up into the night. The attacks were getting more frequent each day, and so were her nightmares. Sitting up and resting her head on the headboard of her bed, acknowledging the fact that she wouldn’t be going to sleep anytime soon, she grudgingly got out of bed dragging her blanket with her, and headed downstairs to the golden and red common room. 

   She threw herself on the couch opposite the fireplace. With a flick of her wand, a roaring fire appeared in it. She covered herself with the blanket, also covering her nearly bare feet. She was only wearing a pair of shorts and a shirt that belong to her best friend since third year, Sirius Black. Although his scent still lingered off of the shirt and provided some comfort, it wasn’t enough to help her fall back asleep. She shifted on the couch, so that her face reflected the light of the fire as she stared absent mindlessly into the fireplace.

   Sirius Black woke up in the middle of the night due to a noise that came from downstairs. After multiple attempts to fall asleep, he gave up and headed towards the common room.

   He had reached the top of the staircase when the light coming from downstairs made him wince. Once his ayes adjusted to the light, he saw his best friend, (Y/N) Lawson lying on t he couch.

“Couldn’t sleep, Lawson?” he asked

   (Y/N) turned upon hearing her friend’s voice, seeing him descend the stairs half naked. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, revealing a toned chest and a more-than-generous six-pack.

“Like what you see?” he asked, a smirk already finding itself on his face

“don’t flatter yourself Black, and no, I couldn’t sleep” she stated, and then, so silently so that he couldn’t hear “the nightmares are getting worse”

       But he heard. The smirk immediately disappeared from his face, turning into a frown. She sat upright, making space for her friend to sit besides her. He placed a hand around her shoulders, and she rested her head on the crook of his neck.

“How bad?” he sighed



   She hesitated a bit before deciding to tell him

“I dream of… attacks… everywhere. We’re on the train, when suddenly a group of Death Eaters march in, heading straight for our compartment.

   Sirius sighed, (Y/N)’s parents are muggles, putting (Y/N) in great danger.

“they grab me” (Y/N) continued “use the cruciatus curse on me, torture me until I’m practically begging for death. Then, they kill me, slowly. The rest of you just sat there chatting, like you couldn’t see, or hear m, or you just didn’t care.”

(Y/N) hadn’t realized she had started crying.

   Sirius hugged her, pulling her even closer to him. His heart broke seeing her like this. (Y/N) was normally such a happy person. But ever since Voldermort had started gaining more power and followers, the mischievous glint behind her eyes was nearly gone.

   But that last statement had really shocked him ‘or you just didn’t care’ what the hell was she even talking about? Placing a hand under her chin, he gently pushed it upwards so that he was looking directly into her eyes.

“(Y/N) Lawson, you listen to me, and you listen to me good. You have been one of my best friends-if not my best- since third year. And being so close to me means that all James, Remus and Peter care deeply about you”he paused, not knowing how to continue “Remember in out fifth year, when that Ravenclaw broke your heart?” 

“Yeah..” she chuckled a bit despite the situation “you punched him, breaking his nose, James hexed him into puking birds for a little over a month and Remus, given his prefect status, gave him detention for a good two months.”

“Exactly! So don’t you ever think, not even for a second, that the four out of five marauders would abandon the fifth one during a death eater attack” 

   These words brought new tears to (Y/N)’s eyes, tears of happiness. Something about knowing that she had friends that would go to such lengths to protect her, and that one of them was Sirius Black, made her feel all warm, despite the chilly weather of February.

   Because, although she hated to admit it, she had developed a slight pretty big big crush on her friend.

   Sirius was watching his friend, ‘more than a friend’ he thought with a chuckle, closely. He had to admit that she was perfect. Her big, (Y/H/C) locks that framed her beautiful face perfectly, her big, (Y/E/C) almond shaped eyes filled with curiosity and mischief, her full, yet not too thick, lips that were just teasing him, her tiny waist…

   But, contrary to common belief, it was her personality that made him fall for her. She had a strong personality, that’s how they became friends. The marauders had pranked (Y/N) and the rest of the girls, charming the shower heads into turning whoever used them red with gold polka dots, the Gryffindor house colors. (Y/N), after removing the color with a simple spell, had managed to get them back by doing the same thing to them, with the sole difference that whoever showered using them, would be turned bright, vibrant, glow-in-the-dark, PINK. And the four boys were stuck like that fro a week and a half until, finally, Madame Pomfrey managed to find the antidote that would turn them back to normal. She was the first, and the last, person to have ever out-pranked them, and he admired her for that.

   She fell asleep on the couch, cuddled next to him. He watched her for a little while, admiring her, admiring her beauty and her strong personality…

   Sirius Black fell asleep with only one thought on his mind, he was in love with (Y/N) Lawson.


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Okay so I had this total mind tripping moment today!

So the whole Xena: Warrior Princess show is based on “The Xena Scrolls” right? Which are basically all the scrolls that had been discovered the Gabrielle the Battling Bard had written outlining all of their adventures together…

What if, when Xena told Gabrielle in the beginning of A Friend in Need that she wanted to get away and settle down, Gabrielle decided she would make it happen?

When they were “dead” for that 20 year time jump, the girls became legends, they were just ghosts to the people.

Gabrielle would have put together that all she had to do was write a final adventure and have the heroine die. Gabrielle would have to “survive” to at least get the scroll out. But in the scroll her disappearance would also be explained because she was heading to Egypt. They could later have word sent that she got sick on board and died. Then her and Xena were free to live however they wanted!

It goes a little something like this:

“ ‘A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest lands– to the very edges of the Earth.’
‘And to the place where I’ll always remain– your heart. So, where to, now?’
‘I think we should go south– to the land of the Pharaohs. I hear they need a girl with a chakram.’
‘Where you go– I’m at your side.’
‘I knew you’d say that.’

“Xena, the Warrior Princess chuckled as they looked out into the sunset. She kissed the young bard’s forehead, expressing there, all the love she could to the one who saved her soul. The ship rolled over the waves, a single tear glided down Gabrielle’s face as Xena’s spirit faded into the mist. Gone, but never forgotten by the heart that loved her more than life itself.”

Xena finished reading Gabrielle’s latest scroll from over the blonde’s muscular shoulder.

“Gabrielle, could this be a little more depressing?”

The fire they were cuddled near was burning low, casting an eerie light around their campsite.
“Well Xena, it is your death, so how cheery did you really want it to be?” Gabrielle rolled her eyes at her companion, “I mean, it’s supposed to be believable.”

Argo the second knickered from across the camp, “See! Even Argo thinks it’s too much of a downer.”

“Listen, you’re the one who said you wanted to settle down right? Well how can we ever do that if all the people around here either want you dead or want you to help them with something? Trust me, the darker and more shocking the details are, the less people will question it,” the bard declared confidently.

“All I’m saying is that it seems a little harsh. You know how your following is Gabrielle, they read your scrolls obsessively, and they are all way too emotionally involved, if you ask me. Me dying and then you sadly sailing around with an urn, the chakram and an imagined ghost of me is going to break their little hearts. Not to mention that it’s a little creepy.”

“Are you saying that if you died, you would leave me to roam the world alone?” Gabrielle asked pointedly.

“Well, no.”

“Exactly!” the bard exclaimed as Xena rolled over and sighed. “Besides, this is the ending you want, trust me. The only other alternative I had in mind is way worse.”

“How could it possibly be worse?” Xena questioned as Argo snickered in the background and shook her head at her two humans.

Gabrielle laid down next to her partner, gazing into those blue eyes that were almost rendered violet by the light of the fire. “If you ever really did die,” the blonde paused as she brushed her fingers across the warrior’s cheek, “I would never survive it. Don’t you know that by now?.”

Xena’s breath caught as she was reminded again of the love that burned between them. “I know that.”

“So unless you want your story to end with us both plunging into the afterlife together, I think this is our best bet,” Gabrielle stated logically as she brushed her lips across Xena’s cheek.

“And if it comes down to it, and we need to come back, then we will. But Xena, you have fought so hard for your redemption, and we both deserve a break to be happy,” the bard’s heart sped up as it felt the warrior’s hand placed right over it.

“Where you go, I go,” they said in unison, as they started to drift off underneath the stars.

“You still can’t throw the chakram.”

“Xena! You promised!” Gabrielle whined into the darkness.

“No, you’re not ready. I refuse.” Xena said, amused at her companion’s pout.


“Okay, okay… how can I resist that face?”

Gabrielle smiled ear to ear and did a little happy dance under their shared furs.

“Hey, stop that! You’re letting all the warm air out!”

“Oh yeah? I’m pretty sure we can think of a way to keep us warm…” Gabrielle slid her hands into her love’s dark hair as their lips met.

Their love lit up the night, always together, two halves of one soul.

So this is my first try at this whole fanfic thing, so take it easy on me

Safe Haven AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: My Safe Haven is not 100% the same as the Nicholas Sparks one. I changed a few things. I took out the dead wife as a friend because that just kinda didn’t make sense to me in this. Just a heads up.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged.

On your walk, home you run into Wanda, the woman you had met in the small town you now called home, she had become a friend of yours, her hair dark, a kind smile, she was pretty and friendly. Chatting on the long walk back towards the road you both shared, showing her the picture Sarah had given you. You wave as you part ways. Strangely enough you found yourself feeling more calm here, less afraid at every turn.

The rain poured down, as you help Natasha move tables out from the rain. She smiles at you, as if she knew something you didn’t.

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LEGION Recap: 1x01

Last spring when I was getting mildly sloshed off cheap French rosés and falling in love with the X-Men, I did not know it was because my compass heart had swung unerringly to the superhero franchise that, in its infinite batshit whimsy, would see fit to produce an eight-episode kaleidoscopic mutant concept piece less than one year later, as if the surrealist inventive fuckery inherent in the X-Men universe had just been waiting for me, DTF.

And then Legion had to wait for me a bit more, as historically I’ve only ever managed to watch one TV show at a time. Why? BECAUSE I DO NOTHING BY HALVES, SON. And presently I am still lost in space with my beloved golden-hearts on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

But then I saw a gifset of what looked like Jemaine Clement in a pale suit on some sort of Mylar-draped soundstage, and that was fucking it. I could feel a give in my ribs as I was pulled toward my true north, to Legion, to the show seemingly made out of scraps and spangles fished out of my own head.

So let’s do it. Let’s do two shows at once. Let’s see what my capacity for sustained enthusiasm actually is. Let’s open up all the valves, let’s set fire to tears, LET’S GO.

Legion - Season 1, ‘Chapter 1’

Wooouuuld you like this show to begin with a deeply stylized growing-up montage set to “Happy Jack” by The Who, hyper-slo-mo snapshots all centered in frame, quaint and retro until our boy hits age of onset and begins screaming it into a distorted symmetrical Wes Anderson nightmare? Hohoho, would I.


Troubled kid grows into troubled man, until his big haunted eyes see no more hope, and he tries to hang himself with an electrical cord, which sparks like synapses (!!! guys) into a sparkling candle on a cupcake — his birthday. Thirty-odd complete revolutions around the sun for David, the last five spent inside this mental institution, which outfits its patients in burnt orange track jackets with yellow stripes, because THE SIXTIES, groovy.

Dan Stevens does a pretty passable American accent, it turns out. His most amazing transformation is still when he left his second chin in Downton Abbey and suddenly looked like his own hot evil twin, but this is good too.

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Champagne And Tea

This is the last request left coming from my 200 followers celebration! Thank you so much for your request, dear anon. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you as well dear @haritini2000, I’m stealing this idea of yours we talked about a few weeks ago, and here again I hope you won’t be disappointed.

So this is about our dear Ben, and the prompts that were asked are :

55. “You’re drunk.”

56. “I’m drunk. Like… very drunk.”

60. “Take my jacket, it’s cold here.”

63. “Are you flirting with me?”

So here we go for the final imagine of this event!

Hope you all like this!

Gif not mine.

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Unintended Love - Part 2


You, an event planner is working with Marvel for an event of a lifetime, that all fans will enjoy. With the help of your best friends for five years, Chris Evans, the event will be a blast. When troubles ensue, who will stick and who will fall.

Word Count – 1490

It had been a couple of days since the interview with Ellen and now you and Chris were standing in the airport.
‘Well this is it.’ Chris said with a sigh.
‘What?’ You asked chuckling.
‘You’re making it sound like we won’t see each other again.’ You said as you looked at him, he was looking up at the board looking at the incoming and outgoing flights.
‘Well we won’t for two months.’ He said sadly.
‘Chris two months. There’s FaceTime, Skype and messages. Well always be in contact.’ You said to him, he looked down from the board and smiled sadly.
‘It will go fast, we’ll both be working and then I’ll be coming back here.’ You said to him. He nodded, the woman’s voice came across the intercom, announcing that your plane was boarding.
‘Well it looked like I’m going now.’ You  said to him, you picked up your luggage and turned.
‘Y/N, your missing something important.’ Chris said from behind you.
‘And what would that be?’ You asked him, he stepped forward and dropped his bag, wrapping his arms tightly around you.
‘A hug.’ He said with his head tucked in your neck, you responded by wrapping your arms around his shoulders and squeezing tightly. He pulled back reluctantly.
‘I’ll see you in two months.’ You said and he nodded. You turned around and walked to the gate, you turned to wave one final time.

When your plane touched down you collected your luggage and headed to the exit point. As you were looking at all the couples reunite you spotted your dad waiting for you.
‘Y/N.’ He said excitingly as he saw you coming towards him with your bags.
‘Dad!’ You said running and giving him tight hug.
‘I missed you and so did your mum.’ He said as you pulled apart.
‘I’m sure you haven’t missed me that much.’ You said sarcastically to him. He smiled.
‘Nah not really.’ He said as he lifted your bags and started walking. You caught up to him.
‘So, what have I missed?’ You asked you dad. You struggled to keep up with the family sometimes, all the information, didn’t make it to you.
‘Sam and Clare have another child, boy this time.’ He said and you smiled, happy that your brother’s family was growing.
‘And Bella just got accepted into Harvard for law.’ He said and you turned quickly.
‘She got in?’ You asked.
‘She got in.’ Your dad said nodding, you squealed slightly and smiled wide, your baby sister was smart and you told her that every day.

When you made got to the car you sat in the front seat and sighed. It felt good to be home, even if it was for a small amount of time. You switched your phone on as you dad got in and you both put your seatbelts on. Your dad started the car and before you knew it you were off down all the familiar roads. You were trying to talk to your dad but your phone kept lighting up with notifications of pictures people took at the airport of you and Chris and Chris messaging you. You smiled when you read the messages he left.
‘So you and Chris?’ Your dad asked as he noticed your smile as you were replying.
‘What?’ You asked as you looked up from your phone.
‘Is there something going on between you?’ He asked, you shook you head and smiled.
‘Us? No dad, were friends.’ You said to him and continued smiling at the messages that he was leaving.
‘Okay.’ He said raising his hand temporarily.

When you arrived at your old home, you noticed two cars sitting out front. Your brothers and sisters. You got out the car fast and ran to the front door, you pushed it open.
‘I’M BACK!!’ You shouted and you heard a pair of feet running towards you.
‘AUNTIE Y/N’ your niece, Georgia said. You picked her up and gave her a tight hug as you walked into the living room and were greeted by your mum, Sam and Bella.
‘Where’s Clare?’ You asked, as you placed Georgia on ground.
‘Upstairs, putting Jack to sleep.’ Sam said as he stood up and gave you a hug. You wrapped your arms tightly around him.
‘I missed you.’
‘I missed you too, but if you weren’t away with your boyfriend captain America, we wouldn’t have this problem.’ He said winding you up.
‘He’s not my bo-‘ you started saying but you felt a tug at your leg.
‘Your boyfriends Captain America?’ Georgia asked. You scowled at Sam and he smiled, evilly.
‘I know Captain America, but I were not dating.’ You said to her and she frowned.
‘But you talk to him, right?’ She asked, you nodded.
‘Yeah.’ You told her honestly.
‘Can I talk to him?’ She asked, bouncing on the souls of her feet.
‘Not just now, since he’s flying.’ You told her and she stopped.
‘Why’s he flying.’ She asked you.
‘He’s going to see his friends and family, but if your awake tonight when he talks to me, I’ll come and get you?’ You asked her and her frown disappeared and a smile replaced it. She jumped and gave you a hug. She ran past you and to your mum.
‘Granny, I get to talk to Captain America!’ She said loudly and your mum started talking away with her. You stood up and walked over to Bella.
‘Congrats.’ You said and she smiled widely.
‘Told you, you could do it.’ You said to her, she nodded and gave you a hug.
‘Thanks, mum and dad won’t stop bragging.’ She said and you chuckled.
‘Quite right. I’ll be bragging.’ You said with a smile and she smiled widely.
‘Girls day tomorrow, you, me, mum and Clare, if she’s up to it?’ You suggested and she nodded widely. It would be a great day to catch up with them all.

It was after dinner and you were unpacking your bags when your FaceTime started ringing, it was Chris. You answered it.
‘Hello.’ You said. You could see his face brighten but then fall when he saw you were in the picture.
‘Hi, and where are you?’ He asked and you popped your head into the screen and then it disappeared again.
‘I’m putting my clothes away.’ You said to him, he hummed and yawned.
‘I have a question.’ You said to him, he raised an eyebrow.
‘If my niece is a wake can you be Captain America for a small time? She really likes you and it’d make her night.’ You said to him as you folded your trousers.
‘Of course!’ He said and you popped back onto view.
‘Okay, one minute.’ You said as you ran out to get Georgia. Chris took the spare minutes to take in your childhood room, he took in the posters above the bed and the fairy lights around the edge of the wall. He heard giggling and focused on the small face that appeared in the camera.
‘Georgia wait!’ You said as you came in behind her.
‘Y/N, it’s him. you really do know him.’ She said with wide eyes. You heard Chris chuckle on the other side. You picked the phone up and told her to sit on the bed. You gave her the phone and she smiled widely.
‘Now be nice to him, he with his family and he’s making time for this.’ You told her and she nodded, the smile never disappearing. You smiled and continued to put your clothes away as Chris and Georgia, laughed and talked away. It had gone awfully quiet when you looked over Georgia had fallen asleep and whist holding the phone in her hands, you took the phone gently, from her hands and Chris was still on the screen.
‘You could’ve hung up.’ you whispered as you left your room and closed the door. Only then you realized how long she had been talking to him, it was dark outside. You smiled as he just grunted and shrugged his shoulders. As you took a seat in the living room you turned and faced the phone.
‘So how much you are missing me?’ You asked him teasingly.
‘None, at all. It’s pretty nice not having you here.’ He said with a smile, scratching the stubble that was starting to grow back.
‘I know it’s great.’ You said and he chuckled. You looked at the clock and saw that it was midnight, meaning it was 2 for him.
‘Why are you still awake? You’ve been travelling all day and yet you’re still talking to me? I never get Chris, I’m not going to be at you because you were sleeping.’ You gave him into trouble, but you had realized that he had fallen asleep.
‘Goodnight.’ You said to him and took a screenshot before hanging up and quickly falling asleep yourself.


Harry Styles - 2884 words (SMUT)


“They’re finally risen from the dead!” Drew jokes as I push through the door of Harry’s basement door, already rolling my eyes before I even can close the glass door behind me, wind gushing from behind me. I grunt as I push past Sheryl, the only other girl in our small, secluded friend group who is shrugging her coat and scarf from her body. “I’ve missed you too, fuckface.” I chuckle as I ruffle my hands through Drew’s long blonde locks, a shriek emanating from his lips as he pushes my hands roughly away from his face.

“Where’s Oscar? I thought Y/n was the last one to finish her finals from the lot of us.”  Sheryl states as she lets her small frame fall down next to Drew, my own legs carrying me over to the love seat near the end of the room. I scrunch up my face, supported by a smile when Harry passes me and hands me a beer, my fingers curling around the brown bottle as I raise it in a silent form of gratitude. “Coming later, he was busy with his girlfriend.”

“At least one of the lot is getting lucky sometime soon, can’t say that about the rest of you.” Harry jokes as he sits down to my left. I smirk and breathe through my nose, bringing the bottle to my lips as I take a small sip. “You’re very confident about your own performances in bed, Harry.” Sheryl counteracts, a snort leaving Drew’s lips before he slaps his knee and doubles over in laughter. Harry’s cheeks are tinted pink and I lift my legs and tuck them underneath my bum, holding them in place with one hand resting on my shin.

I have never heard a woman complain Drew. Can you say the same?” Harry strikes, his signature smirk you’d see all over the magazines plastered onto his features, Sheryl and I hollering as we see Drew’s eyes widen. “You fuckin’ prick, that was a onetime thing.” He accusingly points his nearly empty bottle at the only other male in the room, the glass making an almost shattering sound as it hits the expensive, mahogany coffee table that Harry had bought after Oscar was convinced he could dance single ladies by Beyoncé on Harry’s coffee table, only to fall through it and breaking his leg in the process. It was a good laugh afterwards and something we’d bring up every time Beyoncé came on the radio.

“One time too many, Drew.” I state, choosing Harry’s side on this one and he holds out his fist for me to fist bump him. Our conversation is momentarily stilled when the door reopens and in comes Oscar, his nose red from the cold outside as he rubs his hands together to gain a little warmth. “Lovely to see you, how did it go?” Oscar greets me and I shake my head, letting him know that it was so and so. “With you?”

“Eh, we’ll see. Not ready to go work anyway.” Oscar shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly and a dry chuckle leaves my lips and I salute him, agreeing with his statement. “What were we talking about?” He asks as he drops to Harry’s left, an unopened bottle of beer already held between his red hands.
“Our pathetic sex lives. Well, the three of us, not you two.” Sheryl answers but at the end of the sentence points her manicured nail towards Oscar and Harry, Oscar immediately grinning but Harry keeping his face blank.

“It’s been quite a while though.” Harry shrugs his shoulders, leaning back against his sofa as he spreads his legs, completely relaxing as he lets his eyes drift closed and reopens them slowly.
“How is that possible? I’m pretty sure every woman throws herself at your feet, Casanova.” I giggle, shifting my weight so I’m more leaning towards Harry. In the past years, since the band had become even more famous, he had grown up to be a successful, dapper man every girl swooned over.

I wasn’t blind to his characteristics either, the way he lazily carried his large body around, that stupid grin of his, and the dimples, oh those fucking dimples accompanied by that smile.

“It isn’t as tempting as it sounds though. Are you even getting any action? Accusing me of whoring around.” Harry smirks, a grin breaking through his façade as he crosses his arms over one another and keeps his eyes focused on me. I can feel my cheeks heat up as the other two boys and Sheryl stare at me in wonder, something I never really opened up about was my pathetic, nonexistent sex life.

I shrug my shoulders, trying to come off as non-caring as I mutter underneath my breath, hoping he’d let it slide just this once. “How long has it been?” Harry leans closer towards me to hear the words that leave my lips better, the bright red color on my cheeks even etching itself deeper and becoming more intense with every passing second.
“Almost a year.” I mutter under my breath and Harry widens his eyes but doesn’t say anything else, Sheryl deciding to come to my aid instantly as she speaks up.

“It has been almost six months, and he was bad. I’m not saying regular I didn’t like it, like it gave me nightmares after bad. That bad.” She chuckles and I smile at her in a grateful manner, slowly closing my eyes and reopening my eyes as I suck my bottom lip between my teeth.

“I’ll have to disappoint you ladies, only a week ago.” Drew proudly states and Sheryl slaps his across the back, a hiss leaving his lips at the impact. Harry decides to share the exact time of the matter as well and grumbles a “Month” underneath his breath before he chugs the rest of his bottle down.

“It’s been lovely hanging out with you again, but I’m knackered and I’m going off to bed. I’ll see you tomorrow yeah?” Oscar pushes himself up on his feet and dusts his jeans off, everyone muttering their goodbye’s, okay’s or simply nodding their head as we see him depart with a swift push through the door and into the cold. “He’s right though, I have work in the morning, I should head off too.” Drew sighs, rubbing his face tiredly as a harsh, loud groan leaves his lips. “Do you need a ride home?” He turns to Sheryl, who is almost asleep on the soft, plush sofa and nods her head tiredly.

“Can you? I’m not in the mood for a walk.” Sheryl pushes herself lazily into a sitting position, grasping the blanket closer to her body as her eyes momentarily drift closed again. “Let’s go before you fall asleep on my ass and I can carry you again like last time.” Drew chuckles as he pushes Sheryl up onto her feet, giving her another short push and guiding her towards her coat. “You good?” He turns to me and I give him a thumbs up. I loved walking home in the dark, the only thing lighting up my way being the street lights and leaving me alone with my thoughts and complete silence. Harry only lived two streets from me so it wasn’t that far anyway.

“Good. I’ll spring by when I’m off work. Later kids.” Drew salutes both of us and pushes Sheryl into the cold who immediately protests as she tries to push back inside. Both Harry and I let laughter slip past our lips as we watch the both of them interact with one another before they disappear from our sight completely.

“I missed hanging out with you all.” Harry sighs out as he hands me another full bottle, a muttering of thanks leaving my lips before I take a sip already. I sigh out, savoring the taste of the clean breath entering my lungs and I let my eyes close briefly as I exhale. “I’m glad you’re on a break, Harry. It isn’t the same without you.” I pat his leg which is closest to me, letting him know physically that I really appreciate him being back and spending time with his friends.

‘”I have to ask you though..” Harry starts but trails off immediately, biting his bottom lip as his green eyes catch mine, the dim lighting making them shine even brighter than they’d normally do. “Hm?”
“Don’t you get like, less picky or desperate after a year? I mean it has only been a month and I feel like I might combust.” Harry chuckles dryly, scratching his neck awkwardly as his gaze averts from mine, anywhere in the room except for on me.

An unattractive snort pushes itself past my lips and my eyes widen immediately as my hands flies over my mouth to cover the horrible sound, Harry’s eyes darting towards me again as he grants me with a cute, dimpled smile. “I get very desperate, but then I help myself out and I’m good for another week. I don’t want to crawl onto the scum of the earth, which I’d settle for if I actually fucked someone at that point.” I laugh, the blush permanently etched on my cheeks as it is now my turn to avoid Harry’s wandering gaze.

“And what would you consider ‘scum of the earth’?” Harry makes air quotations around my words, setting his bottle down as he intertwines his ringed fingers in front of him, his elbows leaning on his knees. I bite my lip before I let my tongue dart out to wet the already red flesh, thinking of a good example, one at once popping into mind. “Like Thomas.”
Harry’s face scrunches up in disgust as his mouth falls open, “You didn’t fuck him right?!”

“I said it was an example jeez Harry I would never.” I let my eyes widen but keep a stupid grin on my face, I’m so, so tired but this conversation is quite interesting. Harry and I would almost always have the most weird conversations in the A.M. “And to be honest, what I would consider fuckable would never even do me.” I shrug my shoulders, the last sip of my last drink sliding down my throat before I set the bottle down with a loud clank.

“Can I be brutally honest with you?” Harry asks and I nod my head, slightly confused and maybe a bit scared of what he might say right now. “I’d do you.”
I think the grin I grant him with says enough because within a few seconds, Harry’s standing to his feet and leaning over me, pressing his lips feverishly and roughly to mine.

I let my feet fall back to the floor, opening my legs so one of Harry’s pointy knees can rest of the love seat as one of his hands cup my face. We both realize pretty quickly that this isn’t the ideal situation and I push his chest, pushing him upright as I stand to my feet as well. I press my lips to his collarbones, putting pressure onto the tan skin causing Harry to tumble backwards and land in the same spot he had occupied all evening. I straddle his waist, his hands cupping my bum in an instant and our lips finding another again.

“You sure, yeah?” Harry questions against my lips and I don’t respond verbally, only pressing my lips harder to his as I let my fingers waver into his hair. His lips trail towards my jaw, his teeth sinking into the soft skin of my neck as I moan and swiftly unbutton his button up, pushing the soft fabric past his shoulders. I savor the tattooed skin, my hands trailing over the skin bringing goosebumps in their wake.

Harry is quick to discard me of my sweater and tank top, my fingers feverishly fumbling with the button of his jeans. I push myself up onto my feet, immediately sinking to my knees to pull his jeans down towards his ankles. I lick my lips as I see his cock straining against his black boxers, raising back on my feet to let Harry rip my jeans from my own body. He kisses the skin above my waistline as he slowly drags the fabric over my legs, pulling my knickers along with it in one swift, calculated movement.

As I crawl back onto Harry’s lap, now almost completely bare, him pulling his boxers down enough to expose his pre-cum leaking cock to me. I think we’re both desperate for a little release so I position himself underneath me and let myself sink down onto him, groaning in bliss when I feel myself being stretched to my maximum again in so long.

Harry’s hands reach behind me to rid me of my bra and as soon as the article of clothing goes soaring through the sky, his arms wind around me and he pushes our naked torso’s together, thrusting his hips upwards as I circle my hips in eight figure motions. My fingernails are digging into his shoulders, my lips near his ear, kissing the lobe and simultaneously panting into the shell of his ear, muttering how good it feels along with a sputtering of his name every so often.

Harry lets his head fall back, a particular loud groan leaving his lips as I let my teeth graze over his Adam’s apple. My movements are becoming faster, more irregular and needy as I push myself closer to my own edge. “This feels so fuckin’ good.” He mutters, his fingers squeezing into the skin near my hips as he guides me to his pace to reach his own release. I mutter back to him, reassuring him how good it feels as I feel my walls contracting around him, the tingles becoming more and more apparent as I feel my orgasm coming incredibly close. “Harry, I –“

“I know.” He sighs out before he pulls my body closer to his, his arms keeping me in check as he fastens his pace, thrusting rougher and shorter into me and I shriek out against his hair, swallowing over and over again and combining my panting with my loud moaning. Right now I’m so glad Harry has a flat to himself. “Come on Y/n, let go.” He groans again as he lets his teeth sink into my collarbone and a few sharp thrusts is all I need to reach my high, my whole body buzzing as I clamp onto Harry for dear life, my moans become more high pitched and out of breath as I reach down from my own high and feel Harry pound into me at a harsh, rough rate to chase his own orgasm, only tingling my sensitive nerves even more.

Harry comes undone with a loud huff, his body jerking before stilling completely and he pants and moans into my neck, his arms squeezing my even closer to his sweating but also shivering frame. I am still breathing heavily, my breath heating the skin of his neck as I let my head rest on his shoulder. Harry’s fingertips are brushing softly and soothingly over my spine, calming me and almost lulling me to sleep.

“You know, if you keep doing that I’ll fall asleep on you.” I sigh out, my left arm raising to loop around his neck and cling to him even more, still in the same position as we were in a few minutes ago. Harry breathily laughs against my shoulder, his breath sending goosebumps over my back and I squeeze him closer in response. “I know love.” I let my eyes drift closed, I have always loved to hear Harry speak with his thick, British accent and when we were younger he’d always lull me to sleep over the phone when I was stressed, it still, after all these years, had the same effect on me.

“I’ll be a potato sack you won’t get rid of until the morning.” I yawn, lifting my hips and letting Harry softly glide out of me, a breath leaving my lips at the loss of him. “I don’t mind, stay until the morning.”
I reopen my eyes, staring at the tan skin of his neck as I try to think of an appropriate response. When I don’t answer after a few minutes, Harry scrapes his throat again, my eyes falling closed again as sleep begins to overtake me. “Will you?”

“Hm?” I mutter, almost unaware of our position and our nakedness through the body heat I can extract from Harry’s frame. His fingertips are still lightly brushing over my spine and his heartbeat has slowed down again to a calming, steady beat, only encouraging sleep to take over even more.

“Stay until the morning.” He softly speaks again, almost unaware of the giddiness that soars through me at the question. I nod my head against his neck and Harry breathes out a breath he seemed to be holding in as some sort of relief before his hands stop their motions and grasp me by the bum.
“Hold on tight then.” He chuckles against my naked skin before he lifts me up in his arms and carries me off towards his bedroom, now finally realizing why he liked the mornings so much.

I hope you like, Enjoy,
Lots of love,
L. xox

you're not my brother?

oneshot? fluff
Yixing x reader
word count: 1452
prompt: I accidentally called your number while drunk asking for a ride and you actually came

You’re not 100% certain how your best friend convinced you to get smashing drunk with her but it’s her birthday, so that probably contributed. But you’re starting to get a pounding migraine from all the noise and that isn’t worth living through for even another minute, not even for your best friend.

Thankfully she’s not too far away from where you’ve slumped in the corner, trying to avoid the noise, and you make your way through the crowd, wincing as the bass of the music seems to reverberate through your bones and straight into your brain.

“I’m going home!” You all but yell in her ear. She looks at you and pouts, but you point to your head and she must see exhaustion in your eyes because she hugs you and tells you to go.

It’s only as you step out of the bar and into the fresh air, taking what seems like your first breath all evening, that you realize you don’t have your phone.


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Holiday Special

Holiday Special #3 - Something New For Christmas

Rating: E for smut

Words: ~2250

Summary: Modern AU, coworkers fluff.  Clarke invites Bellamy to her holiday party with friends, and all he wants for Christmas is to show her how good they could be together. 

[oral sex, feelings, christmas tree indecency, friends to lovers]

Something New For Christmas

Christmas at Clarke’s apartment was a blend of extremes, consisting of an overly large tree decorated to the point of almost falling over, a string of custom-programmed christmas lights, and a preponderance of nutcrackers. All packed into her small living room–one wall of the living room, really. The rest of the her living space labored under a near atheistic sparsity, devoid of all reds, as if the spirit of Christmas lived, fought, and died right up to the edge of her carpet line. He recognized this pattern. Clarke Griffin was never content until she had sequestered parts of her life into controllable corners, where they could be properly saturated or ignored as necessary.

It made being in love with her pretty frustrating, but Bellamy had gotten used to it.

Lately, he felt like he’d slid into one of her corners. Sitting on her couch, holding a beer and staring at her Christmas decorations while her friends milled around and she fussed in the kitchen, it all felt too neat. Since being hired to the same nonprofit firm for medical-legal advocacy, their relationship had swung in a dozen different directions until it settled on aggressive teamwork with a side of political chitchat. At the start there’d been heckling, a couple screaming matches, and a few flirtatious looks in between meetings. Yet once they realized their goals were compatible and that they were scarier as a united front, the fighting and the flirting were sloughed off until there was nothing but the work. The work, the work, the work. The fact that they were great at it was half the problem, because it made it easier to live in that corner all the time.

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KHRChild 1/?

i am losing track of what khr__ i have used and what i haven’t. whatever. 

crimsonwings21 has given me the prompt of someone promising their first child to both Reborn and Tsuna, separately, and hence Reborn and Tsuna are stuck raising a child with each other. Tsuna is a witch. Reborn is… uh… you’ll see. 

(please give me prompts and tell me what you want to see i have no idea what to write) 

“Hey Fon.”

“What is it, Reborn?”

“Promise me your first child.”

“Okay? But why would you—”

“The contract is sealed.”


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Not My Problem | 05

Originally posted by shishikookie

pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | pt. 4 | pt. 5 | pt. 6 |

Words: 6,169

Genre: Modern kingdom au + angst

Summary: “No.” Her lips stayed in a straight line, her emotions bundled up in her stomach. She couldn’t give in; not now. “If you want to kill me, then do it. Kill me.”

The sound of light snoring woke you up from your restless sleep.

You lifted your head off the armrest, gazing at Jimin, light snores hissing through his lips. You paid no mind to it — he was tired and deserved the rest. You yawned, stretching out the chair and on your legs. You looked at Jungkook’s body lying on the hospital bed, his breathing barely labored, his chest heaving up and down at steady rhythms.

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Up All Night

Chapter 3!!!! Last of the angsty stuff….probably :)

You can read it here or on!

“His eyes drift away from the screen and towards the metallic frame of an old family portrait where four figures stand in front of a driveway. Strip, with his arms around Lynda, and Eric, leaning in to kiss Tamara while she held their son. Judging by how tiny Cal looked, he reckons the photo was taken three years ago.

He could’ve sworn he hung the picture in the bedroom and not above the TV. “

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Okay, so Mercy does not make an appearance in this one, but it is Gency focus. I feel like Tracer and Genji would have a wonderful friendship, but nothing more then that, so please don’t think this is Genji X Tracer. I also wanted to incorporate other characters and their reactions towards Gency. This is sort of a build up towards a bigger project I’m working on right now, so please enjoy this cute friends fic. (Tracer is my best friend I swear)

Gency. Oneshot. Friendship. Comfort.

Mercy and Genji moved back with the rest of their team. Having spent enough time in a facility in Switzerland for Mercy’s medical research. The only difficulty lying ahead of them was dealing with the team having knowledge of their relationship.

They both agreed long ago that they needed to focus on their assignments first. With Genji usually disappearing into a top secret mission in the middle of the night and Mercy being head of the Overwatch Medical team, they were usually surround in their work. In those few spare moments when they could get into a room alone together, they cherished it so.

Being back with the team, they decided to keep their relationship a secret. Not wanting the attention nor wanting others to worry about them. It helped keep them focus on their jobs, and it was for the best. No one was any the wiser of their secret relationship.

Or so Genji thought, until he went to investigate the kitchen at three in the morning after hearing several loud bangs. Exiting Mercy’s room quietly, careful not to wake her.

Silently as the night air, he keeps to the shadows, barely peering into the room. When he finds the source of the commotion, he immediately relaxes.

Tracer is opening the microwave and pulling out a blue mug, then unintentionally slams the door rather loudly. Her hair spiky and messy more than usual. Her chronal accelerator glowing softly over her pink pajamas. Genji walks into the light of the kitchen, entering into the light.

Tracer just puts her mug on the table when she turns and lets out a small squeal of surprise at finding a new body in the kitchen.

“Goodness, love! You nearly gave me a heart attack,” Tracer breathes for a moment, bright eyes wide.

Genji’s glad his helm hides his small grin.

“My apologizes, Miss Oxton. But I must ask, what you are doing up at such a late hour?” He inquires.

“Oh, just had a craving for something sweet. Hot chocolate just sounded wonderful. Would you like some, Genji?” Quickly recovering from the initial shock, she pulls out a spoon and small package.

Genji chuckles softly at this, “I would say yes, but it just doesn’t taste the same.”

Tracer stops for a moment, and stares at him with red coloring her cheeks.

“I’m such an airhead. I didn’t think, Genji—”

“Do not worry, I know you mean well.” He says lightly, enjoying the joking mood.

Tracer tilts her head to the side, studying him for a moment. She’s always been accepting of him, an immediate friend when he first came back to Overwatch. He was at first standoffish to her, feeling uncomfortable with all her talking, but soon grew to enjoy her company. Her chatty nature and bubbliness putting him at ease. She was fascinated by him, asking questions about his past and his new body. He would explain, skipping around parts and she let him. Tracer one day ask if he wanted to know anything about her, saying she was the one always talking. He asked cautiously about her life and then her chronal accelerator, and she gladly told him. She was easy to be around, helping him to loosen up and even encouraging. She finally told him she thought he was interesting, and being around him is calming. Glad to have a friend to count on.

Mercy approved of the friendship as well, glad someone else is being kind to him. Genji told her that she didn’t need to fear for his loyalty, but she only laughed and replied with, ‘I know’.

Tracer sits down on a barstool, patting the seat of the chair next to her. Genji moves to accept the chair, settling beside her quietly while she pours powder into her drink.

“What you been up to, love?” She asks, stirring her drink, leaning her arms on the table.

“Meditating.” He answers simply.

Tracer tries to suppress a grin eating away at her mouth, but fails miserably.

“Why are you smiling?” He asks, tilting his head slightly to the side.

She bites her lip, but her smile breaks free.

“Was the mediation… angelic?” She tries to keep her voice level, but giggles escape from in between her words.

His body reflectively freezes, the green light in his visor flashes to a dark color. His first thought being of Mercy’s safety, but immediately brushes it aside. No one on this team would ever harm her.

Tracer giggles, no longer holding back.

“That was a good show you put on, love. But you just can’t trick me.” She giggles again, sipping at her drink.

“I do not know what you are referring to,” Genji lies firmly, but Tracer’s mind has been set, and there’s no changing that.

“Oh, come on, Genji. It’s me!” She smiles brightly, waiting for him to tell her the truth.

The damage has already been done. Genji breathes out a soft sigh of defeat.

“How did you know?”

Her smile is somehow bigger, and she holds her mug with both hands.

“Love, when you and Mercy disappear and reappear at the same time, it’s pretty easy to guess what’s going on. And… I may have past Mercy’s room on occasion and heard you two talking…” Tracer adds the last part, at least looking a little guilty.

“Miss Oxton,” Genji says sternly.

“I know, I know, but I had to make sure and oh, you guys are so cute!” She shoots off excitedly.

Genji’s taken back by her sheer excitement.

“You approve of Mercy and I?” He asks slowly.

“Approve? Genji, I think you two were made for each other.” She grins wildly before spinning at her cup. “Although, I’m not sure why you guys wanted to keep it secret, especially from me.”

He has to take a moment to process that she’s not against it. His mind knows Tracer would never be against them, but still, he feels like there has to opposition because of what he is and what Mercy is not.

“How many of the others know?” He asks quietly.

“Basically everyone? Yeah, everyone, but, everyone knows you guys want your privacy. Even Morrison told us to not to breathe a word to you guys. I honestly was hoping you two were having something going on and when I found out, oh Genji, I just couldn’t help but ask you about it! You and Mercy just fit so well together.” She beams.

Everyone knows, yet no one says anything. Mercy’s going to be overwhelmed at this, but she’ll feel relief about not hiding it anymore. Genji’s is uncertain about it, his mind wondering back to bad moments in his life.

“Genji, love, what’s got you worried? No one’s going to ground you,” She chuckles at the end of that, but quickly sobers at Genji’s obvious serious stature.

“Do the others disapprove?” He speaks in almost a whisper.

Tracer pauses at his quiet tone. “We’re all very happy for you and Mercy. Why are you so concerned about us all knowing?”

Genji wishes Mercy was here. She always quietens his demons clawing at his mind, trying to drag him to the darkness. Her face bringing him back to the light that the demons tried to take him from.

“Some do not approve of a ‘machine’ and a women together.” He answers simply, dipping his head.

Tracer sets her mug down and puts her hand on his arm in comfort.

“There is no need for such fear around here. No one even thinks that. You are you, and no one else can decide your worth besides yourself, love. And no one can choose who you love either. Mercy is happy, and so are you, so don’t let such pesky thoughts trouble your mind.”

She lets go and goes back to her mug, quickly chugging the contents. With a thud she places the mug back on the table, wiping the hot chocolate from off her upper lip with the back of her hand.

“I’ve got your back, and so do many others. Don’t worry about a thing, love. Now go back to Mercy’s room.” She stands up with a smile, and turns away. Walking out of the light of the kitchen.

“Lena.” Genji calls. Tracer stops at her first name, turning back around with a grin. She can never get him to call her by her first name besides rare moments like these.

“Thank you.”

Her smile grows even bigger.

“Cheers, love!” then she disappears.

Genji only sits a moment longer, before doing as Tracer instructed and makes his way back to Mercy’s room.

Part Three: No Rest For The Wicked. (DITW S01E03)

[ Previous Episodes | Part One | Part Two ]

A/N: Guess who felt a little motivated to write the rest of the episode after hitting the gym and stopped ignoring it for two months. The next part will be the forth episode! (If there is any mistakes, I’ll fix them tomorrow.) Enjoy and leave me suggestions for the next episode!

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Sweater Weather Part 2: I’ll Show You The Stars

Audrey Jensen X Reader

There are so many negative things in the MTV Scream Tags that I’m just going to post this already. Honestly I’m so tired. This update is a mess, but I’ll be honest with you I’m ready to work on other things. I’m also a firm believer in leaving pieces of writing alone and coming back to it later to edit it, this will be one of those pieces possibly. I also lied there will have to be apart 3 to this because it was getting too long. Sorry. Enjoy.

Part 1 can be found here in the section labeled Audrey Jensen X Reader here

Mood Music:

Hayley Kiyoko - Cliffs Edge

Alessia Cara - Stone (Audio) ft. Sebastian Kole

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Y/N laid awake, on her back in the sleeping bag that Audrey so conveniently had brought with her. Her eyes were locked on the sprinkle of stars in the sky, connecting them into constellations. The fire had died down a bit after the group had either decided to set up their sleeping bags and go to sleep or decided go off to hook up in some darker part around Brooke’s house. Y/N had opt to sleep as Audrey had taking a spot next to the short hair girl. Which led to tonight being a struggle for sleep. Y/N was cold or hot or to the point of sweating replaying the conversation she had with Audrey, she felt embarrassed, but confident. She felt free that someone knew and that she didn’t have to hide that part of herself to Audrey now.
Curious Y/N turns to her side, resting her cheek against her hands to see Audrey laying on her side facing in her direction, asleep. Audrey never had looked this peaceful or normal with a relaxed face. She chuckles softly to herself then turns onto her back looking back up at the stars. The stars were not as bright as she wanted them to be, if only the fire was out completely and all of the accumulating lighting from the house was out as well. Then she remembered the secret spot by the trail in Brooke’s backyard. An idea pops into her head, but would Audrey get angry. She just wanted an excuse to be alone with Audrey, but didn’t want to seem too eager.

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Wow, guess who has risen from the dead?!

Yeah, me.

A thousand apologies for all of those who have waited so long for this new part, but I honestly had like the worst writers block ever and I’m finally crawling out of it. I even have an angsty idea for the final part, but I’ll have to work it out a bit more.

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You had no idea how much time had passed before you woke up once again, but what you did feel was the painful headache that came with it.

Grunting, you tried to escape the darkness that was surrounding you. You felt numb and sore, probably from almost dying at the hands of an animatronic, but your mind felt tired and exhausted. Slowly, you started to wake up, gasping slightly when you did.

“(Y/n)! Guys, she is awake! (Y/n), it is okay - GABE! She needs help-”

“Shut your cakehole and get out of my way, asshat. You are only going to make her faint again as she sees your face. (Y/n)? Wakey wakey, sweet cheeks. Don’t worry, I’ve got you…”

You grunted as you heard the familiar voice, slowly opening up your eyes. You still felt dizzy and the different voices surrounding you did not help. Much to your surprise, the darkness didn’t disappear much when you opened up your eyes and you were almost sure you were still dreaming. This did change though when you felt a hand on your burning forehead, before it moved to your cheek. Accompanied with the words:

“Morning, cupcake. How did your journey through la-la-land go?”

You blinked again at the familiar voice, blinking a few times to get rid of your blurry eyesight. Bit by bit, the silhouette in front of you started to sharpen until you could make out the contours of a very familiar angel.

“Gabe? What the hell happened- God, I felt like I got thrown into a wall…”

Much to your surprise, Gabriel chuckled slightly nervous at your words and scratched behind his head with one hand as his eyes suddenly didn’t look at yours. “Well, about that…”

Your own (e/c) eyes narrowed at his tone and words and slowly the memories came flooding back. The forest of Slenderman, the office of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria… It had all felt like one big, bad dream but now you had been pulled back into reality it turned out to be not so much of a dream after all. And of course, the sore feeling in your bones didn’t come because of some awkward sleeping position, but because…

“…I did get thrown into a wall, didn’t I?”

The archangel in front of you let out a sight as he gave you an apologic smile, his eyes twinkling with a bit of amusement which failed to cover his worried glance.

“Well, theoretically yes…”

You let out a grunt as you put your arms behind your back in a try to gain some stability. The world was still spinning, but you managed to register your surroundings a bit more. Suddenly, a memory of a while ago came flooding back, brining a flash of worry with it as it did.

“Oh god, the others! Sam, Dean, Cas…Are they alright? Where are they? You didn’t leave them, did you?”

Gabriel huffed slightly offended as he rolled with his eyes, motioning to a place behind him.

“Don’t worry, princess. Your pretty friends are perfectly save, I made sure of that.”

You quickly turned your head at your words, your eyes scanning the surroundings in order to find your friends. Luckily, you didn’t have to wait long, as an annoyed grunt broke the silence.

“Perfectly save? Maybe you should check your definition of the word ‘save’ once again, because that is not what any of this is!”

“Dean!” You smiled, your eyes locking with the green ones of the oldest Winchester. Dean’s annoyed glare, which was of course directed at the archangel in front of you, softened as he looked at you, a small smile appearing on his lips as he did.

“(Y/n), thank god you’re still in one piece. How are you feeling?”

You gave the hunter a small smile, which turned into a grimace as the dizziness took over once again. “Just wonderful,” You answered sarcastic, giving him an all knowing look to which he chuckled.

“Well, at least you’ve still got all your limbs. Hey Cas, Sam! Get your asses over here!”

You looked up at the sound of footsteps approaching as you noticed two figures coming closer, until they stepped out of the shadows and you recognised the youngest Winchester and the angel.

Sam’s expression lightened up when he saw you, awake and quite well, as he walked closer.

“(Y/n), you’re awake!”

You smiled in response, wanting to reassure him that you were fine. Afterwards, your eyes moved to the angel next to him, who gave you a relieved smile as he saw that you were awake.

“(Y/n), it is good to see you awake again. Are you alright?”

“I’m as alright as alright can be right now,” You answered and you shrugged, cringing as you felt a slight flash of pain lash through your arm as you did. You could see Cas’ expression darken once again, and you wondered why. You were save now, right? Gabriel had got you out of the crazy horror game experience, and everything was well…Or was it?

You frowned as your eyes started to take in your new surroundings, and suddenly your realised how uneasy this place made you feel. You were in a dark room, a storage room of sorts, and there was almost no source of light except the moon who’s light fell into the room through a broken window. It was also very chilly in the room, and suddenly you became aware of the strange sounds coming from all around you. And then there was the smell…It smelled disgusting, like something was decaying. Actually, you were quite save to say it smelled like death.

You shivered as you started to sit up straight, your eyes looking at your friends in concern.

“Guys, where are we?”

Dean snorted unamused, his eyes landing on Gabriel as they darkened. You could tell the oldest hunter was completely done with the archangel, and it almost seemed as if he was ready to end the archangel right here, if he could.

“Why don’t you ask him?”

‘Your eyes turned to Gabe’s once again, wanting to ask for an answer. The archangels eyes, however, looked anywhere but at you.

“Gabe…Where are we?”

Gabriel sighted as he looked at you, his eyes serious for once. You frowned, the uneasy feeling in your stomach only growing with every second passing. And Gabe’s next words surely didn’t help to make you feel any better:

“No place good.”

You shook your head, not completely understanding what was going on.

“Hold on. You saved us from the last game, right? You popped in and got us out. So we should be back into the real world.”

The silence that followed made your skin crawl as the realisation sunk in. Of course, you should have known. This whole place felt wrong, nothing like any familiar place in the real world had felt.

“We are still in a horror game, aren’t we?”

Gabriel sighted and you could hear Sam clear his throat as your eyes grew wide. They didn’t have to answer, you already could tell by their reactions that something wasn’t right.

“Guys, what is going on?”

This time it was surprisingly Cas who answered. The angel still wore a grave expression on his face as his eyes flicked to Gabriel a few times, an you could see the hidden anger beneath it. Cas seemed 200% done with this whole situation and you couldn’t blame him the slightest.

“It seems that we are still stuck in this series,” Cas’ started, his voice low and gruff. “When the animatronic fox attacked you in the last game, Gabriel indeed 'popped in’ and got us out. But while doing that, however, he used a lot of power which got us into trouble. As it turns out, even the Trickster can’t break the rules of his own game…”

“Okay, okay, alright. You’ve got me, no need to make this even more embarrassing,” Gabe scowled, interrupting Cas while rolling his eyes at his brother’s words. You, however, swallowed your dry throat in order to speak up again.

“Wait, I don’t get it. What do you mean with 'breaking the rules’?”

Gabriel sighted as his eyes looked up at you again, and something in his glare calmed you down slightly.

“That means, princess, that when I created this game I made a sort of…separate universe, completely for the four of you. As I told you, there were rules. In order to get out, you had to survive without cheating, that was the only way. But when you got attacked, I stepped in and broke the rules. And I guess that when I tried to get you out, I took the wrong direction and used too much of my juice to bring us back to the real world. So yes, I guess you could say I got beaten at my own game…”

You stared at the angel in silence as you tried to process his words. So you were stuck in this series with no way out? That was just…marvellous.

“What do we do now?” You asked silently, your voice small because of what you’d just realised. Gabe frowned at your defeated expression, rising his hand to cub your cheek despite Dean’s protests.

“Hey, lighten up sweet cheeks. We are not lost, there is still a way out. We only have to beat this last game, and when we get to the exit I can gather enough power to zap us out. But we have to follow the rules, so we have to survive.”

You swallowed and nodded, as you looked up at the archangel’s eyes, suddenly growing aware of how hand on your cheek and how close the two of you were. You groaned silently as a blush started to creep up to your cheeks and was grateful for once that the room was almost completely dark. Alright, so you had to survive. Easy much, right? If you only knew where you were…

“Gabe, could you help me up please?” You asked the angel in a quiet but calm voice, and luckily he did as you asked, his hand on your lower back to support you. The room was still slightly spinning as you stood up, and you had to lean a bit on Gabe in order not to fall.

'Now you were standing up once again, you let your eyes roam across the room once again and you frowned.

“But seriously, though. Where are we?”

This time it was Sam who spoke up. The youngest Winchester ruffled a hand through his dark locks as he answered, his eyes also gliding across the room as he did so.

“Cas and I just checked out the hallway for a bit. This place seems pretty big, and pretty…messed up. It reminds me a bit of a hospital, honestly, except it is way more creepier and damaged.”

You frowned at his words. A hospital? You hadn’t played any games concerning a hospital, as far as you knew. So where could you possibly be?

It were Cas’ words, however, that caused your blood to turn to ice in an instant.

“I thought it looked more like an asylum, to be honest.”

You swallowed as your throat turned dry, your eyes locking with the blue ones of the angel.

“Di-did you say asylum?” You stuttered, almost afraid of his confirmation. There was one game you’d played which took place in an asylum, but you didn’t want to think about that. It was a game that contained so much horror, gore and disturbing scenarios that you didn’t want to play it again. It was a game that you thought was one of the best horror games while playing it, but now you might be in it you wished it didn’t exist at all. Because slowly the realisation sunk in as you indeed recognised the design of the room you were in. You were, in fact, in the Mount Massive Asylum, also known as the asylum of…

“Outlast,” You mumbled slowly, as the eyes of the men in the room locked on your figure. Dean frowned at your words, as he opened his mouth to answer.

“Outlast, what is that?”

You swallowed. “Just one of the scariest horror games I’ve played up 'til now.”

Dean raised his eyebrows in a questioning way, and you could see Sam and Cas exchange a look.

“Want to elaborate that’?” Dean asked, spreading his arms in a questioning way as he started to notice how uneasy you suddenly looked.

“Well,” You said, carefully choosing your words while trying not to cringe at every creepy sound you heard. “We are practically in an Asylum, a nuthouse. The doctors here, they…experimented on the patients, turning them into terrifying monsters. Most of them are completely insane. They’ll want to kill you, stab you or torture you as they see you. They can do horrifying things, and to be honest killing you seems like the most merciful one…”

“Well, we won’t let that happen,” Gabe chirped up as he took a breath. “(Y/n), I need you to focus. Do you know how to survive this game?”

“Eh…” You swallowed, desperately trying to recall the last time you played this game. “…Yes, I believe I know. But in the original game, your character dies at the end. He gets…shot down by the police eventually. But I do know where the gate is. If we can get there, we might be able to get out.”

“Alright,” Gabriel answered, a small smirk appearing on his face. “Escaping an asylum, easy much. We should be golden.”

“Golden?” Dean snorted, as he took hold of a gun once again, quickly loading it. The sudden sound caused you to flinch and you surely hoped no unwanted guests had heard it.

“Sure, escaping an asylum full of  crazy people, sounds great. Listen man, just give me a ghost or vampire, that I can handle. But this? This is freakin’ nuts!”

“Great choice of words,” Gabriel muttered and you smiled slightly, before answering:

“Well, if I’m not mistaken I believe that there is also a vengeful ghost in here somewhere.”

Gabe snorted at your commend as Dean closed his eyes for a minute, wondering how in the world he even ended up here.

“Great, crazy people, vengeful spirit…What else, is Shrek going to turn up too?”

You almost opened up your mouth to inform him about the huge, ogre like Chris Walker who roamed the halls here somewhere, but thought it’d be better to hold it for you. No need to stress out the oldest Winchester even more.

“Alright then,” Gabriel commented, looking at the four of you. “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for some adventure. Let’s go, folks!”

You merely rolled your eyes at the archangel’s words, giving Dean a thankful nod as he handed you a gun which you firmly held in your hands. You felt sore, tired and close to fainting again but if you ever wanted to see the real world again you only had to survive a haunted asylum with dangers around every corner. What could possibly go wrong?

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