yeah 70 years

Sit down, kids.

Let me tell you why this:

is such a huge load of BS


The above pictures range from 1923-1999

the pictures below are from like 2011-2016

so um, yeah, of course 70 years worth of cartoons has more diversity than 5 years. It’s freaking 70 years of changing styles.

that’s like comparing the clothing styles of 2016 to the clothing styles of all of time and saying “w0w look ev3rytHing loOks the SaMe now smh!!1!”

*clears throat* Let’s break this down.

I’ve compiled a couple examples of TV cartoons through the decades. 








and the good ol’ 1990s:

The point is styles change. And styles in the same time period tend to look really the same. Art goes through phases. Just look at fashion and architecture styles. 

The point is that cartoons aren’t bad because they look similar. It’s just a visual trend. In ten years, cartoons will all look the same in a totally different way.

TLDR: “CalArts-ifying” is not a real thing. Stop. 

so sorry for the huge long post

Operation Lovebirds

A/N: Thanks so much @sergeantjamesbarnes107th for helping me with this!! 

Avengers x Reader, Pietro x Reader

Clint has added Pietro, Sam, Tony, Steve, Natasha, Wanda, Peter and Bucky

Sam: Operation Lovebirds?? Why is everything bird related with you?

Clint: I don’t know FALCON, why don’t you ask redWING?

Bucky: Shots fired. 

Sam: Shut up Barnes

Clint: Anyway I have gathered you all here today to discuss this awkwardness between Pietro and Y/n

Pietro: What awkwardness?

Tony: Kid, the sexual tension between you two even makes me uncomfortable

Peter: …I’m gonna go back to doing my homework

Natasha: Why don’t you do more than flirt? It’s obvious that Y/n doesn’t pick up on subtlety. 

Pietro: What else can I do?

Bucky: I don’t know. Ask her out since she doesn’t seem to get the hint?

Steve: I’d listen to him. He was the ladies man. He knows how to get a girl.

Sam: Yeah… 70 years ago. Women are much different now.

Bucky: Not that much different! You make it sound like they’re aliens

Sam: That’s because compared to men they are? Like you never know exactly how their mind works.

Peter: Guys it doesn’t matter! Y/n likes him anyway! Just talk to her.

Peter: Oh shit

Steve: Watch your language kid

Clint: Peter you weren’t supposed to tell! 

Peter leaves the group chat

Pietro: So you knew she liked me all along?

Steve: Why do I get the feeling that  "Clint" isn’t Clint now…

Natasha:  Clint is asking if anyone has seen his phone… Y/n is that you?

Clint: Didn’t see that coming?

Pietro: Hey that’s my phrase

Pietro: Y/n is that you? Did you know this whole time?

Tony: Plot twist!

Clint: Yeah. And no I didn’t know. You flirt with literally everyone…

Pietro: I don’t try to. But it was partially to make you jealous. I just really like you…

Tony: AWWW

Sam: Can we kick Tony out of this group chat?

Pietro: I’m all for it. I think Y/n has to though

Tony has been deleted from this conversation

Clint: Done. But you do know that I don’t get jealous right?

Pietro: I didn’t know that. Wouldn’t have bothered trying if I knew. Now this is just awkward…

Clint: Yes, yes it is. This is the real Clint by the way. Y/n is a little tied up at the moment hehe

Steve: What?!

Clint: What? I had to put her in timeout. She stole my phone! 

Pietro: Let her go so we can talk!

Steve: Wait, so you discipline children by tying them up?

Natasha: He actually does…

Clint: Relax it was just with one of my arrows. 

Pietro: That’s not frightening at all. Please just let Y/n go!

Clint: You can talk to her in fifteen minutes once her timeout is finished. In the meantime, why don’t you get cleaned up kid so you can take her out?

Pietro: Wait she’s letting me take her out?

Clint: Yeah you can thank me later.

Clint: Shit! She just bit me!

Pietro: Haha well she is a fighter, what did you expect? Thanks old man!

Clint: Yeah whatever kid.

  • Hans: Hey, I did not lose a leg in the Napoleonic Wars so that I could clean up after neurotic sorceresses.
  • Elsa: You have both your legs, Hans.
  • Hans: Like I said, I did not lose a leg in the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Camille: Hey Magnus.
  • Magnus: Camille?
  • Chairman Meow: *Oh, shit.*
  • Camille: Been awhile.
  • Magnus: Yeah.
  • Camille: 70 years I think?
  • Magnus: Approximately.
  • Camille: How are you?
  • Magnus: I'm not doing so good right now.
  • Camille: Oh, that's too bad. Still breaking hearts?
  • Magnus: What? No, it's been- it's been different. You have no idea.
  • Camille: Probably not. Do you have a girlfriend? Should I be jealous.
  • Magnus: Yes, you should. I have this totally awesome boyfriend, who calls me all the time. He's Lightwood...A Nephilim.
  • Camille: What's his name?
  • Magnus: I'm not telling you that. Alec.