yeah 70 years

Sit down, kids.

Let me tell you why this:

is such a huge load of BS


The above pictures range from 1923-1999

the pictures below are from like 2011-2016

so um, yeah, of course 70 years worth of cartoons has more diversity than 5 years. It’s freaking 70 years of changing styles.

that’s like comparing the clothing styles of 2016 to the clothing styles of all of time and saying “w0w look ev3rytHing loOks the SaMe now smh!!1!”

*clears throat* Let’s break this down.

I’ve compiled a couple examples of TV cartoons through the decades. 








and the good ol’ 1990s:

The point is styles change. And styles in the same time period tend to look really the same. Art goes through phases. Just look at fashion and architecture styles. 

The point is that cartoons aren’t bad because they look similar. It’s just a visual trend. In ten years, cartoons will all look the same in a totally different way.

TLDR: “CalArts-ifying” is not a real thing. Stop. 

so sorry for the huge long post

the sun is dying inside itself,
and the moon has run away.

gone are the bright mornings
for the rooster to greet.

gone are the midnight choirs
of wolves singing to the sky.

the colors are bleeding together,
the words fade from their pages,
and we are all walking backwards
to the ticking of faceless clocks.
—  killing time while time is killing us | m.a.w

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Teaching your boyfriend Bucky how to properly wrap gifts for the team? 💓💓

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“Bucky you’re doing it wrong-”

“What do you mean I’m doing it wrong, there’s no wrong way to do it-”

“No, no that’s not how you-”

“Doll, would you stop-”

“Buck you can’t keep- OW! Gosh definitely not like that!”

Upon walking past his best friend’s room, Steve was rather disturbed upon hearing the course of events that was unraveling behind the door. He stopped, stood on the other side of the door, and listened carefully for a few more moments.

“For the love of God, Buck we don’t do it like that anymore!”

“How am I supposed to know! I haven’t done this in 70 years!”

“Yeah, I can sorta tell.”

“Well that was just low.” 

Steve’s face blushed beat red and he quickly scurried away from the door, shamefully trying to escape the mental image of the debacle he’d just heard. A smirk laced his lips however at the idea of his best friend having lost his touch with women, but it was quickly wiped off of his face when the image of the two of you at it plagued him again.

Little did he know of course, that the things he’d perceived to be sins behind closed doors, were anything but. 

“Okay so if I fold the paper like this…”

“You take the tape, and stick it over top of the folded corner to make sure everything stays in place!” You said happily as you watched your somewhat disheveled boyfriend finally get the hang of holiday gift wrapping.

“Hey, I did it!” He beamed, holding up the brightly coloured box in his hand, admiring his work.

“Well it sure did take a lot of work.” You giggled as you both sat on the floor, scattered remnants of the previously discarded attempts of wrapping surrounding you.

Both in Christmas sweaters, you’d spent the entire morning desperately trying to teach Bucky how to properly wrap gifts for the team. It had been a challenge to say the least.

“Now that you’ve gotten the solid box shape down, we gotta move on to non solid gifts - like the sweater you bought for Steve.”

“You mean I have to learn how to do this for other shapes too?”

“Yes, Buck, you do.”

By the end of the day, you’d managed to teach him how to wrap every shape imaginable, which meant more bickering, which meant the entire team gathering with their ears pressed to Bucky’s door, trying to decipher exactly what the heck was going on in there.


For @imatransformersfanlol…teen reader, enjoy!

Y/N yawned as they stretched their limbs. The banging on their door caused them to groan slightly. Sighing, Y/N rolled out of bed, pulling on a sweatshirt, and padded over to the door. With a sleepy smile, they opened the door.

“Hey Dad,” they mumbled, “What’s with the wake up call?”
Steve smirked. “You realize it’s almost noon, right?”
“You realize I’m a teenager who needs more sleep than adults, right?”

The Avenger chuckled at his child’s wit. They may not be an early bird like him, but they sure had the same humor.

“You’re supposed to go with Clint to the range,” Steve reminded Y/N, “He and Nat are already there.”

Y/N wiped their face, nodding. They started heading back into their room, looking for suitable clothing.

“You think Thor would be willing to fly me there?” Y/N inquired.
Steve arched a brow, a glint in his eye. “What? Not gonna ask Tony to?”
They chuckled. “Considering how last time I ended up in a river, probably not.”
The man snickered. “Yeah, I’m sure Thor would fly you.”

Y/N continued to rummage through their drawers as Steve stood just outside their door. He smirked as he leaned against the hallway wall.

“So, why were you up so late?” he asked.
Y/N rolled their eyes. “Studying. That old bat Hinkles wanted our annotations by this morning,” they muttered, “Apparently if she doesn’t have a weekend, no one does.”
“Has education really gotten that bad?” the Avenger teased, “I was only gone for 70 years.”
“Yeah dad, it’s worse,” Y/N called back, “Besides, 70 years is nearly a century. I’m surprised Bruce hasn’t been injecting you with Botox since you’ve unfrozen.”

Steve let out a loud guffaw. Y/N smirked to themselves. Their dad had been a little on edge since the alien invasion and Tony’s near death. Hearing him laugh as loudly as that was a relief. Y/N finished changing and walked into the hallway. They smiled at their father.

“You think I could grab some coffee first? Ya know, before I get my butt handed to me while shooting?”
Steve smirked. “Yeah kid. Already have the pot ready.”
“Thanks dad.”

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Strip Club

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Authors Note: brace yourselves for some bucky smuuuut. This is my first time ever writing smut so feedback would be gladly appreciated!!!

“Come on, Buck. Just this once, come with me to the strip club.” Steve told his best friend.

“I said, no.” Bucky gave Steve a straight face as he crossed his arms across his chest. Steve groaned knowing it was going to take a lot to get Bucky to go to the strip club with him.

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Operation Lovebirds

A/N: Thanks so much @sergeantjamesbarnes107th for helping me with this!! 

Avengers x Reader, Pietro x Reader

Clint has added Pietro, Sam, Tony, Steve, Natasha, Wanda, Peter and Bucky

Sam: Operation Lovebirds?? Why is everything bird related with you?

Clint: I don’t know FALCON, why don’t you ask redWING?

Bucky: Shots fired. 

Sam: Shut up Barnes

Clint: Anyway I have gathered you all here today to discuss this awkwardness between Pietro and Y/n

Pietro: What awkwardness?

Tony: Kid, the sexual tension between you two even makes me uncomfortable

Peter: …I’m gonna go back to doing my homework

Natasha: Why don’t you do more than flirt? It’s obvious that Y/n doesn’t pick up on subtlety. 

Pietro: What else can I do?

Bucky: I don’t know. Ask her out since she doesn’t seem to get the hint?

Steve: I’d listen to him. He was the ladies man. He knows how to get a girl.

Sam: Yeah… 70 years ago. Women are much different now.

Bucky: Not that much different! You make it sound like they’re aliens

Sam: That’s because compared to men they are? Like you never know exactly how their mind works.

Peter: Guys it doesn’t matter! Y/n likes him anyway! Just talk to her.

Peter: Oh shit

Steve: Watch your language kid

Clint: Peter you weren’t supposed to tell! 

Peter leaves the group chat

Pietro: So you knew she liked me all along?

Steve: Why do I get the feeling that  "Clint" isn’t Clint now…

Natasha:  Clint is asking if anyone has seen his phone… Y/n is that you?

Clint: Didn’t see that coming?

Pietro: Hey that’s my phrase

Pietro: Y/n is that you? Did you know this whole time?

Tony: Plot twist!

Clint: Yeah. And no I didn’t know. You flirt with literally everyone…

Pietro: I don’t try to. But it was partially to make you jealous. I just really like you…

Tony: AWWW

Sam: Can we kick Tony out of this group chat?

Pietro: I’m all for it. I think Y/n has to though

Tony has been deleted from this conversation

Clint: Done. But you do know that I don’t get jealous right?

Pietro: I didn’t know that. Wouldn’t have bothered trying if I knew. Now this is just awkward…

Clint: Yes, yes it is. This is the real Clint by the way. Y/n is a little tied up at the moment hehe

Steve: What?!

Clint: What? I had to put her in timeout. She stole my phone! 

Pietro: Let her go so we can talk!

Steve: Wait, so you discipline children by tying them up?

Natasha: He actually does…

Clint: Relax it was just with one of my arrows. 

Pietro: That’s not frightening at all. Please just let Y/n go!

Clint: You can talk to her in fifteen minutes once her timeout is finished. In the meantime, why don’t you get cleaned up kid so you can take her out?

Pietro: Wait she’s letting me take her out?

Clint: Yeah you can thank me later.

Clint: Shit! She just bit me!

Pietro: Haha well she is a fighter, what did you expect? Thanks old man!

Clint: Yeah whatever kid.

  • Camille: Hey Magnus.
  • Magnus: Camille?
  • Chairman Meow: *Oh, shit.*
  • Camille: Been awhile.
  • Magnus: Yeah.
  • Camille: 70 years I think?
  • Magnus: Approximately.
  • Camille: How are you?
  • Magnus: I'm not doing so good right now.
  • Camille: Oh, that's too bad. Still breaking hearts?
  • Magnus: What? No, it's been- it's been different. You have no idea.
  • Camille: Probably not. Do you have a girlfriend? Should I be jealous.
  • Magnus: Yes, you should. I have this totally awesome boyfriend, who calls me all the time. He's Lightwood...A Nephilim.
  • Camille: What's his name?
  • Magnus: I'm not telling you that. Alec.
You're Getting Slytherin All Wrong: 6 Myths About Harry Potter's Misunderstood House

ASSUMPTION 1: All Slytherins are evil.

Much like we suspected, the assumption that Slytherin is the “evil” house is a bunch of garbage — remember Severus Snape, bro? AKA “one of the great heroes of the series,” as Granger refers to him?

In fact, according to Granger, the misconception that Slytherin house is evil came from two things — A, Rowling’s own value system, and B, the need for Harry to have a foil (in the form of Draco Malfoy), which is a longstanding schoolboy novel trope.

“They’re just ambitious,” Granger told MTV News over the phone. “It’s not a quality which is considered a virtue by the people who write the books… “[Rowling’s] big thing is courage, not self-interest. [When] we start off the stories, we’re being taught to sympathize with Harry… Then we meet Draco Malfoy and he’s a little git; we just intuitively despise him. That’s the necessary foil in every school boy novel. Because Draco Malfoy is in Slytherin House and he’s got Crabbe and Goyle with him, everything we see… bleeds through that filter.”

However, Granger says it’s important to remember that even despite Rowling’s distaste for the purely ambitious, she still gave some small shout-outs to decidedly un-evil Slytherin characters.

“We get people like the potions teacher, who tried to discourage Tom Riddle from exploring horcruxes, [and] tried to help Harry — he comes back in the Battle of Hogwarts at the end with Slytherin helpers and stuff.”

So there you have it, folks — just because you’re wearing green, doesn’t mean you’re evil. Moving on. […]

ASSUMPTION 2: Slytherins can’t be brave.

Now, it’s definitely true that a whole bunch of Slytherin sat out the Battle of Hogwarts. (I probably would have stayed home with a bottle of wine and some Netflix too, but what can you do.) However, does this necessarily mean that they’re incapable of being brave? Not so much, according to Granger.

“Narcissa Malfoy saved the day in that grotto in the Forbidden Forest… she has her moment where she’s punished by the Dark Lord, and sent up there to do a quick check to see if Harry Potter is dead,” Granger explained. “She finds out that he’s alive; she gets the answer that she wants. Now her son is alive, and she doesn’t reveal that Harry Potter is alive. It could conceivably cost her her life but courageously, she says, ’I’m going to let this boy live.’ She’s the archetypal Slytherin woman… but that’s a very courageous act that saves Harry from being murdered on the spot.”

Acting in one’s — or one’s family’s — own self-interest is definitely not the same type of bravery that defines a Gryffindor, but the actions of a Narcissa Malfoy should not be forgotten when you look at the bigger picture. And like, I’m sorry, but if you were put in Slytherin house, would youwant to fight Harry Potter’s battles for him? Seems like a pretty thankless job, if we’re being honest.

“When people start talking about Slytherin, they try to overlook the instances where, in their self-interest, they act heroically,” Granger continued. “[Narcissa] is a lot like Lily Potter… she’s able to stand up to the Dark Lord. It’s very staggering in the books. Even Narcissa Malfoy, in her love for her son, is going to protect Harry Potter in front of the Dark Lord. If [Slytherin] are really all bad, Harry dies there right on the spot.”

In other words, bravery has different meanings for different people, folks. MOVING ON. […]

ASSUMPTION 3: All racists are in Slytherin.

This one drives me insane. INSANE. Because again — given the insidiousness of racism in our country and all around the world, it’s borderline irresponsible to ask children to associate it with only the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Republican stand-ins that occupy Slytherin house. The world just doesn’t work like that.

But lucky for me, according to Granger, my insanity is well-warranted: other “Harry Potter” characters in other houses clearly displayed racist tendencies throughout the series.

“[Rowling] tweeted any racist would be sorted into Slytherin… This is when Ron thinks all giants are necessarily evil, despite his experiences with Hagrid?” Granger said. “So he’s not a racist? What does that make him? I don’t know if you want to call giants a race, but what else would you call them?”

Granger added that Ron judging Harry’s parseltongue is just as damning, as he’s “got all these prejudices from his childhood that are just as ingrained and unexamined as Draco Malfoy’s blood purity fixation.” It’s just that, you know, Draco’s racism is far more overt, and against real human beings instead of giants and house-elves.

Oh, and another thing? Arthur Weasley’s fetishization of muggles can be seen as an allegory for positive racism, FOR SURE.

“The enlightened figure of the book, Albus Dumbledore, is the one who says that there shouldn’t be prejudice against muggles,” Granger said. “But people who aren’t prejudiced against muggles, like Arthur Weasley… he’s fascinated by all this, this and that, always wants to talk to muggles. He’s sort of like the white liberal that likes to hang out with black people because it’s cool. He has all these bizarre conceptions of what it’s like to be a muggle, but he doesn’t actually know any of them.

“So it’s a prejudice but, in a way, an innocent prejudice. It’s like Harriet Beecher Stowe, if you read ’Uncle Tom’s Cabin’… the Weasleys are positive racists in terms of the muggles.”

Mic drop.

ASSUMPTION 4: All blondes go to Slytherin.

This one is clearly bullsh-t — Pansy Parkinson, anyone? — but according to Granger, there’s a pretty darn interesting reason for the bullsh-t.

“[Rowling] is trying to make this Nazi [connection],” he said. “It’s an easy win for a writer, if you want to identify the bad guys — especially in the United Kingdom, to identify the bad guys, you make Hitler connections. Yeah, it’s been 70 years since the war, but that’s just a given in the United Kingdom that Nazis are bad, and those who resist the Nazis are good, and an easy token for Nazis is being blonde haired and blue eyed.”

So, yeah — once again, Draco being our entry point into Slytherin house has clouded our judgment, as most of the folks that populate Slytherin house do not look like Nazis.

ASSUMPTION 5: Slytherins only care about money.

This one is insane to me, because A, everyone cares about money, and B, we really only think this because, again, Draco Malfoy has money and he’s our main entry point into Slytherin house. We know very little about the finances of the rest of the (very few) Slytherins Harry actually speaks to.

“The wealthiest person in this story, [Justin] Finch-Fletchley, he’s in Ravenclaw,” Granger added. “He cares about money — he comes from money, I should say. Harry and the Weasleys are consumed by money, and their lack of it — [they] wish they had more of it all the time. The twins basically forsake the family tradition of studying magic to make some money.”

According to Granger, the villains of a story being part of the gentry class is yet another trope, and one that can be traced back as early as the 1850s.

“This is actually a schoolboy novel trope… this decadent gentry, they have their money and privilege from land they’ve inherited, [and] they’re the bad guys,” he said. “Rowling, she rolls that into her story. She has the Slytherins be that gentry, [while] the Weasleys are middle class and blue collar/white collar workers, but they have the real virtue, and the intelligence. That’s keeping in line with the demands of the story.”

Basically, if you want to let the audience know straight away that a character is going to be the schoolyard bully, make him or her rich — and blonde, if at all possible.

ASSUMPTION 6: Slytherin does not work with the rest of Hogwarts.

Warner Bros.Let’s let Albus Dumbledore (and Granger) clear this one up once and for all — because everyhouse thinks they’re the best house, and every house is necessary if Hogwarts wants to thrive.

“Remember that comment that Dumbledore makes at the first sorting feast? He says, ’Nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak,‘” Granger said. “Those four words are what each house thinks of the other houses from their own prejudices. If you’re a Ravenclaw, everyone else is a nitwit. If you’re in the jock palace at Gryffindor, everybody else is blubber — you know, they’re overweight, they’re not athletic enough. Oddment is what the purebloods in Slytherin think. And the last one is tweak, which is the position of the humble people in Hufflepuff… I mean, they’re proud of their humility. And so Dumbledore is saying right after the sorting, understand that you being sorted into houses already made you into little monsters. You’re already taking on these identities which are going to be the prejudices that shape your whole life.”

Don’t you see, guys?! We read these books from Harry’s perspective, so when we’re reading — no matter what house Pottermore sorted us into — we are all experiencing the world from the prejudiced angle of a Gryffindor. And Gryffindors, despite their do-gooder reputation and their heroic qualities, do not like the people in Slytherin.

Let’s be better than those Gryffindors, then, and give the Slytherin folks — minus Draco Malfoy, of course — a fighting chance to prove us wrong. Due to the bravery of Severus Snape, Narcissa Malfoy, and that dang potions teacher, they at least deserve that much.

Now You've Got To Breathe: Carpe Diem

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Description: After the accident that took his parent’s life, Stiles locked himself in his own dark and private world, alone with his demons. When a certain strawberry blonde enters his life, there’s nothing he can do but watch as she breaks his walls.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Comedy

[Prologue] [Chips] [Starting Sessions] [Hold Your Tongue] [Needing a Break] [Hard to Breathe] [Changing of the Seasons] [No Secrets] [Rainy] [Waffles and Grease] [Stop Hiding] [Texting] [Better Than Daisies] [Carpe Diem] 

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