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Miss Me? - Part 3

Warnings/Triggers: None

Pairing: boxer!Bucky x Reader

A/N: Here is part three of my boxer!Bucky AU series. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about this one but I’m posting it anyway/ Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy?

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Sam stood between the two of you looking very confused. “Wait…Y/N, you two know each other?”

You turned your head to Sam furrowing your brows, “What, you know him?” you asked, pointing to the brunette as he asked the same.

“You know her?” He spoke up, looking between you and Sam. “You’ve been holding out on me, Wilson.” He muttered eyeing you, earning glare.

Sam put his hands up trying to explain. “Yes, Bucky is a boxer here,” he started, “and Bucky this is Y/N, a close friend of mine.” He cleared up. “Now, how do you two know each other?”

Clearing your throat, you arched your brow up at Bucky. “Well Sam, Bucky here is the ass who stole my cab this morning.” You gave a sarcastic smile, making the boxer snort. Sam couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him, rubbing a hand over his face in disbelief.

“Oh, but you gave it up, sweetheart.” Bucky defended, his eyes smirking at you. His words seemed to flow like caramel off his tongue. Warm and slow, thick as he spoke. 

The metal arm caught your attention as you eyed him. You had noticed it before, thinking it was a sleeve. But up close you could see the scarring that connected the prosthesis to his shoulder. It was so detailed and so…beautiful. You had seen things like it in Tony’s lab, but to see it on someone, functioning, whirring into place. It was amazing.

You scoffed at the man, opening you mouth, ready to fire back at him when Sam stepped in stopping you. “Okay, kiddo, I got the papers now let’s go. See ya later, Buck.” He rushed his words and rolled his eyes at the child like behavior of the two of you before pulling you away.

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at one point i just want the crew to walk out on deck and see luffy lying in a sleeping heap with this blonde stranger and the people who didn't meet him in dressrosa are freaking out and then zoro's just like 'oh yeah, luffy's batshit insane brother, back to steal our food probably' and goes off to take a nap

asijasiodjaosi yeS i was actually just thinking about something similar to this recently- sabo just showing up on the ship and half the straw hats being like “who the FUCK”.  but ofc as soon as they see how happy luffy is to see him and how close they both are they’d be like “ohh that must be the bro, nice”

tho it amuses me because while five of the straw hats have met sabo and three of them were told about him by luffy on zou, sanji actually is the one remaining straw hat who doesn’t even know luffy has another brother yet lol.  so he’d be completely confused.  like when zoro’s like “yep that’s luffy’s bro” (i hc zoro as really liking sabo actually;; they seemed to get along well in the short time they met and i think zoro’d respect him both for his obviously great strength and for his relationship w/ luffy, like he liked ace) sanji’s just like “wtf are you on about”

I mean, I wanted to make a child for this ship a long time ago but I didn’t have imagination for that(?
So I been like three weeks thinking about that and… this is the result!

Name: Gummy.

Age: 12

Height: 1.20 

Favorite food: The souls of the inocen- I MEAN CHOCOLATE! Yeah, chocolate… 

Personality: He’s kind of serious and angry with the people he doesn’t know or like, but deep in his heart is a good and cute kid. It’s like a tsundere(? 

Hobbies: Drawing, playing videogames and listening to music. 

Birthday: January 8. 

Favorite color: Blue. 


 Mmm…. I think that’s all about this little Poth kid…  

Btw, Poth = Palette X Goth 

 Palette - @angexci

Goth - @nekophy

Hope you like my kid! ^^

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Could you please write a fic where Jason and Kim are coming back from like summer break and they have gotten used to holding hands and the occasional peck and now that the are back at school people are being dicks and it is weird for them.

(I hate to ‘Well, Actually’ you but… Kim and Jason are confirmed seniors. And the others well… they don’t say but I assume they are all seniors. And the movie takes place in less than a month so let’s say this is after Thanksgiving and the two have sort of been secret about it yeah I like that… Enjoy.)

It was the first day back after Thanksgiving, Jason and Kim were walking the halls. Their hands brushed against each other’s and their fingers entwine at first. Both being former “it” people they knew there would be talk. They had talked with their team after they had a Friendsgiving. They brought a bunch of food to the ship and explained the holiday to Zordon and Alpha Five. He walked her to her first period and he was holding her hand, she pecked his cheek and he pecked hers. They both knew to not do a huge PDA, or Principle Caplan would flip.

“See you after class,” he said.

“Not if I see you first,” she said before going into the class room.

Kim walking in and she instantly hear whispers. She hated that she used to be one to whisper and gossip. She felt the eyes staring, she was sure one of Ty’s friends was in this class. She didn’t want to feel guilty for having a new boyfriend, a boyfriend that was caring and supportive. She kept a fierce and confident smile.

As Jason walked to class he heard people talking. He heard a few choice words that angered him. He walked over to two guys who were snickering and slut shaming his girlfriend, calling her easy. He lightly hit the locker and it shook the whole row. He still wished he held back but the two guys looked terrified.

“How about you stop spreading lies like this is middle school,” he said. “Grow up.”

Jason stared the guys down, and watched them run off. He was already a delinquent so why not shake up a few students who talked shit. He made it to class before the second bell. No one in his class had seen him so he didn’t have to worry about gossip. But as the day went on he continued to hear people.

‘Looks like Jason Scott is slumming on Ty’s leftovers.’

‘Why would Kim date him? He’s a nobody!’

‘Is this some kind of stunt? Two people trying to be cool again?’

Jason took Zack and Billy aside to explain how angry he was. It was one of his flaws, to jump to conclusions and make rash decisions. He needed his friends to calm him down or he was going to punch everyone in this school.

“It all stems from jealousy,” Zack said. “Plus people suck.”

“In my experience I stopped caring about what people thought of me. And especially since we all became friends it made it easier. People talk but it’s just talk.” Billy said.

“Yeah, it’s just talk.” Jason said and he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Kim pulled him in and kissed him, people gasped and whispered. She was sick of the secrets, she was sick of tippy-toeing around. Kim kissed him to show the school how she felt. They were pulled apart by Principle Caplan.

“Did you two also want Summer School?” he said.

“How about getting us in trouble, you stop them from spreading lies and saying hateful things? I thought this school had an anti-bulling policy?” Kim said, Jason took her hand.

“I’m sick of people getting away with spewing poison about others and we show our affection and get in trouble?” Jason said.

“I’ll let this slide but you two be wary and follow the rules.” Caplan said and then he looked to the cafeteria. “If caught spreading lies and slandering will be brought to after school detention.”

The old man with the terrible toupee left the cafeteria. Soon the school would know about them. She took his hand and held it tightly. She wasn’t going to hide her feelings and neither would he. They walked over to the group and sat down with pride.

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What do you think about Sanji's sexuality? (a lot of OP fans seem to think he is gay or bi and I don't get it, like, when has there ever been a single hint to that?!) your insight on the manga is pretty deep so I was just wondering what you think :)

Haha… yeah I think I have a thing or two to say about this subject. As most people already know, I really am not a fan of Sanji. I’m seriously bothered by too many of his defining characteristics as made by Oda, and I’m also bothered by some of the ways that fans try to justify or explain or interpret him. I think Sanji is straight and cis. The idea that Sanji is gay or bi is one of those things that bothers me. Let me start by talk about some real world junk. 

You know the idea that people throw out sometimes about “this person is homophobic so they’re secretly probably gay haha”? As plenty of people have pointed out, the fucked up thing about this idea is that it promotes the idea that queer people are responsible for our own discrimination–homophobes are really just queer people who haven’t come to terms with being queer yet. 
And you know the other idea of “if a boy is mean to a girl it means that he likes her”? That’s another fucked up idea. Repeating and spreading that idea encourages girls and women to interpret harassment and disrespect as displays of affection. That’s fucked up. 

The reason why I bring these things up is because I feel like interpreting Sanji as gay or bi is a combination of these ideas. Sanji made it abundantly clear that he was repulsed by the people of Kamabaka kingdom and their attraction to him. What Oda did with Sanji’s time skip story and Iva’s kindgom is 50 different kinds of fucked up and I do not like talking about it. I’ll say this though… based on it I would say that Sanji is both transphobic and homophobic. Sanji was repulsed by their interest and affection toward him, and it was because he rejected the idea that they were women. Oda wanted the audience to look at the Newkama there as being basically “hyper-masculine men dressing and acting like women.” Sanji’s disgust with them wasn’t just about their being trans–it was about them, who he saw as men, being attracted to him and pursuing him. 

So yeah. I feel that Sanji’s homophobic. And then to bring in the other point I first brought up, most people who ship Sanji ship him with Zoro. Will anyone argue with the massive popularity of this ship? It’s popular, and I’ve voiced a lot of criticism of it. Sanji and Zoro respect each other, but they do not like each other and they never miss a chance to insult and argue with each other. Sanji’s even put razor blades in Zoro’s food. That thing I said before about girls being told that boys acting mean to them is just them hiding their attraction–people apply that belief to same sex relationships between men too. And it’s fucked up there as well, since it encourages young boys with same sex attraction to also interpret aggressive behaviors as being motivated by attraction. The sheer popularity of “hate ships” makes me uncomfortable because it really does promote the idea that two people who are at each other’s throats all the time should get together and date

This is why I do not like the idea that Sanji is gay or bi. It takes a character with displayed homophobia and rude/aggressive/violent behavior toward another man (Zoro), and then interprets these things as masking attraction to him. It’s fucked up to me. Some people know that their ships are crack ships. Plenty of people don’t actually believe that Sanji is gay or bi in canon, but still like his actually good qualities and think he’s hot and enjoy seeing him nude on top of various guys. That’s fine, and go ahead and enjoy staring at Sanji naked. Some people like to completely remake Sanji in their AUs, and that’s cool too. However, attempting to argue seriously that Sanji is gay or bi in canon is fucked up to me for all the reasons I explained above. 

Me: gets into a cool fandom - draws fanart intensely

Followers: Yay good

Me: discovers fandom OTP

Followers: Oh, that okay

Me: draws shipping art - draws more shipping art …. and some more

Followers: Uhm yeah, we still...good……..not like…she will continue doing this forev- …


Followers: …….. …..crap not this again WHEN WILL U LEARN

- soundofunfollowspreeindistance -

Calling All Eremika Shippers

Hello! I’m sure many people in the em fandom recognize my url, and know who I am and what I do. Lately, things have been irking me, and I really feel like I need to share with my fellow shippers, because I believe it is important to know. This post isn’t about trying to make everyone feel bad, because that would be solving nothing. However, it is somewhat of a discussion. I do not intend to start drama in any way, shape or form. I also intend for this not to be some dumb fanwank. So please, do not spread ridiculous rumors. I really encourage people to read this, because I think it is important for the sake of this ship. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy.  

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What type of amusement park attraction would the OUAT characters be? Be it rides/game booths/food stalls/etc.

Hook would obviously be something in the vein of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, except possibly even darker, more dramatic, and with even more flair. Warning, you may get wet.

Regina would be the most majestic ferris wheel the world has ever seen. Possibly with a dress code.

Robin would be one of those booths where you can shoot at targets and win prizes, and mysteriously the snobby rich kids would never win anything and poor kids sometimes win even when it looks like they totally missed.

Charming would be a carousel with horses, I think, good straightforward old-fashioned fun.

Emma would be a bumper cars arena, I feel like that would fit. No guarantee that you’ll escape without bruises, it can get a little rough. And all the cars would be yellow and if you win you get a free ticket for the Captain Hook Magical Mystery Tour that’s just around the corner.

Rumple would be one of those stalls with the toys and the crane that you have to snag them with, whatever they’re called. Takes all your money and teases you with everything you want, but you probably won’t get it, dearie, better luck next time!

Snow would be some ride that looks like innocent and gentle fun but actually gets pretty hardcore and almost dangerous. Like a pastel-coloured rollercoaster or something.

Belle would be something adventurous but also requiring a bit of cleverness, maybe a maze or like a combination of maze and climbing wall.

Granny would be a food stall. A dangerous one. I’m not sure what that means. No one is sure what it means. Just be careful.

August would be a mystery booth. So mysterious, you don’t even get to know what’s inside. Yeah that probably makes very little sense but I couldn’t NOT use that pun.

And I know you didn’t ask about ships but this just struck me, so:

Rumbelle would be a rollercoaster because it’s full of ups and downs, requires a strong stomach and a good bit of courage, and has a tendency to cause people to screech and scream.

Snowing would be something romantic like a stall where you can book a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through a picturesque landscape.

Captain Swan would be a place by a lake where you can rent pedal boats in the shape of a swan, which either ends in a lovely quiet romantic moment out on the water, or an argument over which direction we’re going and who is slacking on the pedalling and watch out you’re steering us into the reeds!

Aaand Outlaw Queen would be the fanciest archery stand the world has ever seen, with bows and arrows that look like they were made by elves, the kind of archery stand that wouldn’t look out of place in Lothlórien.

With a dress code.