yeah i ship people with food

Hey no offense but I’m super suspicious of people who talk negatively about Tumblr’s “cringey” days like they were the absolute worst period of time to be on Tumblr and we’ve gotten better since then. Were kids on this site embarrassing? Hell yeah, but at least we weren’t cheering when we thought a fanartist committed suicide, or threaten bodily harm to people who shipped something “problematic,” or tainted a fanartist’s food at a convention because they shipped an aged-up child character with an adult.

No I’m gonna be frank: If you honestly think the state of Tumblr fandoms have gotten better from their “Potterheads, grab your wands” days, you’re probably part of the problem. 

I mean, I wanted to make a child for this ship a long time ago but I didn’t have imagination for that(?
So I been like three weeks thinking about that and… this is the result!

Name: Gummy.

Age: 12

Height: 1.20 

Favorite food: The souls of the inocen- I MEAN CHOCOLATE! Yeah, chocolate… 

Personality: He’s kind of serious and angry with the people he doesn’t know or like, but deep in his heart is a good and cute kid. It’s like a tsundere(? 

Hobbies: Drawing, playing videogames and listening to music. 

Birthday: January 8. 

Favorite color: Blue. 


 Mmm…. I think that’s all about this little Poth kid…  

Btw, Poth = Palette X Goth 

 Palette - @angexci

Goth - @nekophy

Hope you like my kid! ^^

Miss Me? - Part 3

Warnings/Triggers: None

Pairing: boxer!Bucky x Reader

A/N: Here is part three of my boxer!Bucky AU series. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about this one but I’m posting it anyway/ Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Sam stood between the two of you looking very confused. “Wait…Y/N, you two know each other?”

You turned your head to Sam furrowing your brows, “What, you know him?” you asked, pointing to the brunette as he asked the same.

“You know her?” He spoke up, looking between you and Sam. “You’ve been holding out on me, Wilson.” He muttered eyeing you, earning glare.

Sam put his hands up trying to explain. “Yes, Bucky is a boxer here,” he started, “and Bucky this is Y/N, a close friend of mine.” He cleared up. “Now, how do you two know each other?”

Clearing your throat, you arched your brow up at Bucky. “Well Sam, Bucky here is the ass who stole my cab this morning.” You gave a sarcastic smile, making the boxer snort. Sam couldn’t help the laugh that escaped him, rubbing a hand over his face in disbelief.

“Oh, but you gave it up, sweetheart.” Bucky defended, his eyes smirking at you. His words seemed to flow like caramel off his tongue. Warm and slow, thick as he spoke. 

The metal arm caught your attention as you eyed him. You had noticed it before, thinking it was a sleeve. But up close you could see the scarring that connected the prosthesis to his shoulder. It was so detailed and so…beautiful. You had seen things like it in Tony’s lab, but to see it on someone, functioning, whirring into place. It was amazing.

You scoffed at the man, opening you mouth, ready to fire back at him when Sam stepped in stopping you. “Okay, kiddo, I got the papers now let’s go. See ya later, Buck.” He rushed his words and rolled his eyes at the child like behavior of the two of you before pulling you away.

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So here is my first anti-rattlesnake roundup comic.

Yeah, it’s cringey. I am so sorry. But the issue is very serious. Every year, thousands of rattlesnake families are driven out from their dens with gasoline and captured, shipped to the roundups. They often endure days without food or water, and are starving during the shows. The people in the roundups often sew the rattlesnakes’ mouths shut to keep them from biting them.

Rattlesnakes are decapitated and slaughtered by the thousands. Children are encouraged to put their hands in rattlesnake blood and print their hands on the walls. Often, rattlesnakes at the roundups will constantly rattle loudly in fear, equivalent to a human screaming in complete terror. Mothers, children, siblings are all separated, and some rattlesnakes are forced to watch as their friends and loved ones are beheaded, tortured, and abused. 

 Rattlesnakes have complex social bonds. They live in tightly knit families. The young heavily rely on their mothers for protection and warmth. They are not “unfeeling” or “dumb.” They are intelligent animals with complex social structures. They have relationships and emotions. 

Please, do not attend any of these roundups. They are only to there to torture or slaughter beautiful animals.

Me: gets into a cool fandom - draws fanart intensely

Followers: Yay good

Me: discovers fandom OTP

Followers: Oh, that okay

Me: draws shipping art - draws more shipping art …. and some more

Followers: Uhm yeah, we still...good……..not like…she will continue doing this forev- …


Followers: …….. …..crap not this again WHEN WILL U LEARN

- soundofunfollowspreeindistance -

phanfucks  asked:

Literally just want to know why you hate me so much? Like yeah sure im not all for cishets bursting into pride for no reason as if my ass is a tourist attraction but if they're aro/ace yeah okay it's alright. And yeah okay i ship phan you dont like that then kick me in the mouth heres my permission but dont answer me because of whatever yeah no i cant accept that

why are you people so self victimizing literally all i said was to straighten ur life out cause u ship two strangers who arent gay and who’s love lives you have no business in afdshjghdjkhgkfdhjgfl;

Calling All Eremika Shippers

Hello! I’m sure many people in the em fandom recognize my url, and know who I am and what I do. Lately, things have been irking me, and I really feel like I need to share with my fellow shippers, because I believe it is important to know. This post isn’t about trying to make everyone feel bad, because that would be solving nothing. However, it is somewhat of a discussion. I do not intend to start drama in any way, shape or form. I also intend for this not to be some dumb fanwank. So please, do not spread ridiculous rumors. I really encourage people to read this, because I think it is important for the sake of this ship. I apologize in advance if this is lengthy.  

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anonymous asked:

What do you think about Sanji's sexuality? (a lot of OP fans seem to think he is gay or bi and I don't get it, like, when has there ever been a single hint to that?!) your insight on the manga is pretty deep so I was just wondering what you think :)

Haha… yeah I think I have a thing or two to say about this subject. As most people already know, I really am not a fan of Sanji. I’m seriously bothered by too many of his defining characteristics as made by Oda, and I’m also bothered by some of the ways that fans try to justify or explain or interpret him. I think Sanji is straight and cis. The idea that Sanji is gay or bi is one of those things that bothers me. Let me start by talk about some real world junk. 

You know the idea that people throw out sometimes about “this person is homophobic so they’re secretly probably gay haha”? As plenty of people have pointed out, the fucked up thing about this idea is that it promotes the idea that queer people are responsible for our own discrimination–homophobes are really just queer people who haven’t come to terms with being queer yet. 
And you know the other idea of “if a boy is mean to a girl it means that he likes her”? That’s another fucked up idea. Repeating and spreading that idea encourages girls and women to interpret harassment and disrespect as displays of affection. That’s fucked up. 

The reason why I bring these things up is because I feel like interpreting Sanji as gay or bi is a combination of these ideas. Sanji made it abundantly clear that he was repulsed by the people of Kamabaka kingdom and their attraction to him. What Oda did with Sanji’s time skip story and Iva’s kindgom is 50 different kinds of fucked up and I do not like talking about it. I’ll say this though… based on it I would say that Sanji is both transphobic and homophobic. Sanji was repulsed by their interest and affection toward him, and it was because he rejected the idea that they were women. Oda wanted the audience to look at the Newkama there as being basically “hyper-masculine men dressing and acting like women.” Sanji’s disgust with them wasn’t just about their being trans–it was about them, who he saw as men, being attracted to him and pursuing him. 

So yeah. I feel that Sanji’s homophobic. And then to bring in the other point I first brought up, most people who ship Sanji ship him with Zoro. Will anyone argue with the massive popularity of this ship? It’s popular, and I’ve voiced a lot of criticism of it. Sanji and Zoro respect each other, but they do not like each other and they never miss a chance to insult and argue with each other. Sanji’s even put razor blades in Zoro’s food. That thing I said before about girls being told that boys acting mean to them is just them hiding their attraction–people apply that belief to same sex relationships between men too. And it’s fucked up there as well, since it encourages young boys with same sex attraction to also interpret aggressive behaviors as being motivated by attraction. The sheer popularity of “hate ships” makes me uncomfortable because it really does promote the idea that two people who are at each other’s throats all the time should get together and date

This is why I do not like the idea that Sanji is gay or bi. It takes a character with displayed homophobia and rude/aggressive/violent behavior toward another man (Zoro), and then interprets these things as masking attraction to him. It’s fucked up to me. Some people know that their ships are crack ships. Plenty of people don’t actually believe that Sanji is gay or bi in canon, but still like his actually good qualities and think he’s hot and enjoy seeing him nude on top of various guys. That’s fine, and go ahead and enjoy staring at Sanji naked. Some people like to completely remake Sanji in their AUs, and that’s cool too. However, attempting to argue seriously that Sanji is gay or bi in canon is fucked up to me for all the reasons I explained above. 

My top 10 favorite Bleach pairings

As requested by anon. :)

My shipping tends to be pretty changeable. But as it stands right now, here are the top 10 favorite pairings of me, Bleach Lists Girl!

[I should just mention that Ichigo is my Bleach little black dress. So he’s, uh, gonna show up in this list a lot.]

#10: Soul King / Ichigo

I am extremely fond of this silly pairing, which in my brain consists of the Soul King having an enormous awkward crush on Ichigo while Ichigo has no idea. And yes, for those of you wondering, this pairing is based on nothing other than that one comment by Sentoki about the Soul King “falling for” Ichigo. Thus I feel that I must savor this pairing as much as possible before the day comes that the Soul King’s actual character is revealed. Although let’s be real, that probably won’t stop me.

BLG’s shipping goggles:

Soul King: Ah! Ichigo!

Soul King: Sweet, handsome, muscular, powerful Ichigo!

Soul King: I can’t wait to make you my royal consort!

Soul King: We’ll be so happy together!

Ichigo [back in Soul Society]: Why the hell do I keep sneezing?

#9: Kyoraku / Ukitake

I’m not entirely sure whether I want these two to just be really close adorable friends, or if I want them to be having sex. But all I know is that I really like them together. They are so very cute. And Kyoraku calls Ukitake “Handsome” as a nickname. That’s all I need.

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Kyoraku: Hey handsome. Wanna grab some dinner?

Ukitake: As friends? Or as a date?

Kyoraku: I am really not sure.

#8: Rukia / Orihime

I actually ship Rukia with a few people, but Orihime is one of them. I am continuously surprised by how shippy Rukia and Orihime are, in canon. I mean, I don’t even really need shipping goggles for this one! Rukia crawled through her own blood calling Orihime’s name! 

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Orihime: Aren’t we supposed to be fighting over Ichigo?

Rukia: Nah too busy making out.

#7: Hitsugaya / Karin

That soccer episode had a big impact on me. Hitsugaya and Karin are just so adorable. 

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Karin: So, wanna get food after the game or something?

Hitsugaya: Yeah, okay.

Isshin: My daughter is dating my old subordinate???

#6: Grimmjow / Ichigo

If I think about it logically, I recognize that Ichigo and Grimmjow would make a terrible couple. I can’t exactly imagine them going out for dinner or taking moonlit walks or supporting each other’s feelings. But if I think about it non-logically…..well they just have really hot fights, okay?

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Ichigo: Grimmjow! Let’s channel all of his ferocious energy into some really epic make-outs!

Grimmjow: I’m in!

#5: Soi Fon / Tatsuki

Otherwise known as my favorite crackship. Soi Fon and Tatsuki have never met. I don’t expect they ever will meet. But in my head, my two martial lesbians are happily dating. 

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Tatsuki: Well, here I am in Soul Society!

Tatsuki: Oh my goodness, who is that beautiful soul reaper??

Tatsuki: Hello!

Soi Fon: Um, hi?

#4: Aizen / Shinji

Because I think those smug, cocky, perception-altering geniuses need to hook up already.

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Aizen: Hirako, it turns out I was good all along.

Aizen: Now I can finally express my love for you.

Shinji: Oh thank goodness!

Shinji: My crush on you was super weird back when you were evil! 

#3: Ichigo / Rukia / Renji

My OT3 is this. Because I really like Ichigo and Rukia together. But I also really like Rukia and Renji together. But I also really like Ichigo and Renji together. So a threesome is the only solution.

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Ichigo: I think I need a bigger bed.

#2: Ichigo / Rukia

Everybody, whether they ship it or not, knows the IchiRuki shipping mantra, so I won’t rehash it here. I’ll just say that I’m very fond of this pairing. As much as I enjoy shipping both Ichigo and Rukia with other characters, I most want them to just end up with each other.

BLG’s shipping goggles:

Soul King: NOOOOOO

Grimmjow: Well, fuck.

Renji: I-I came so close…

Ichigo: I feel a little bad…

Rukia: Ignore them, Ichigo!

The OTP: Yoruichi / Urahara

But this is my #1 pairing. Still. I take it rather more seriously than the others. Like, emotionally speaking, I’m 90% sure it’s canon, even though intellectually I know that Bleach doesn’t do canon relationships. And I can’t quite ship Yoruichi or Urahara with anyone else because, well, they just belong together. I-in my head, anyway.

BLG’s Shipping Goggles:

Yoruchi: [purring]

Urahara: I love you too, Yoruichi.

Im still trying to understand ship hate, because…

1. Does it hurt you that other people ship that? Are you bleeding somewhere because they like that? No. Ok, keep quiet.

2. “But the ship triggers something that is wrong in society!!” yeah, and? Leave it to the people that like it to judge it by themselves, they know what they are reading and what they are gettin into.

3. Did you know that everybody has different likes? You are not gonna force something down people’s throat. Everybody can like whatever they want, is not up to you what can they see or read.

4. If you dont like it, why do you go and put your nose where you dont belong. Man, if I dont like some food, I’m not gonna eat it again. Why? Because I didnt like it the first time, why will I do it again?

5. Why do you go and tell people that like that ship insults, or call them names? What did they do to you? They are not pointing a gun at your head. Leave them, like I already said, your not going to change people’s like and opinions to make them like yours, sorry.

Girls, you need to learn to respect, not everybody thinks or like the same things that you like, so be a good person to this world and respect, because that is what would make a better world.


Hello hello! Merry Christmas to you, @Serenadl! I’m half an hour early in uploading but who cares, you get it faster haha! 

It’s my first time drawing kaisoo actually- I am a terrible “I ship everything because I can’t bother-“ fan but I hope you like this! I definitely had a lot of fun experimenting with the picture. ^Q^)/ Hope you have lots of food and snuggle up to some blankets ♥

Now I must go to bed hehe…

♥ Moonsie

anonymous asked:

What type of amusement park attraction would the OUAT characters be? Be it rides/game booths/food stalls/etc.

Hook would obviously be something in the vein of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, except possibly even darker, more dramatic, and with even more flair. Warning, you may get wet.

Regina would be the most majestic ferris wheel the world has ever seen. Possibly with a dress code.

Robin would be one of those booths where you can shoot at targets and win prizes, and mysteriously the snobby rich kids would never win anything and poor kids sometimes win even when it looks like they totally missed.

Charming would be a carousel with horses, I think, good straightforward old-fashioned fun.

Emma would be a bumper cars arena, I feel like that would fit. No guarantee that you’ll escape without bruises, it can get a little rough. And all the cars would be yellow and if you win you get a free ticket for the Captain Hook Magical Mystery Tour that’s just around the corner.

Rumple would be one of those stalls with the toys and the crane that you have to snag them with, whatever they’re called. Takes all your money and teases you with everything you want, but you probably won’t get it, dearie, better luck next time!

Snow would be some ride that looks like innocent and gentle fun but actually gets pretty hardcore and almost dangerous. Like a pastel-coloured rollercoaster or something.

Belle would be something adventurous but also requiring a bit of cleverness, maybe a maze or like a combination of maze and climbing wall.

Granny would be a food stall. A dangerous one. I’m not sure what that means. No one is sure what it means. Just be careful.

August would be a mystery booth. So mysterious, you don’t even get to know what’s inside. Yeah that probably makes very little sense but I couldn’t NOT use that pun.

And I know you didn’t ask about ships but this just struck me, so:

Rumbelle would be a rollercoaster because it’s full of ups and downs, requires a strong stomach and a good bit of courage, and has a tendency to cause people to screech and scream.

Snowing would be something romantic like a stall where you can book a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through a picturesque landscape.

Captain Swan would be a place by a lake where you can rent pedal boats in the shape of a swan, which either ends in a lovely quiet romantic moment out on the water, or an argument over which direction we’re going and who is slacking on the pedalling and watch out you’re steering us into the reeds!

Aaand Outlaw Queen would be the fanciest archery stand the world has ever seen, with bows and arrows that look like they were made by elves, the kind of archery stand that wouldn’t look out of place in Lothlórien.

With a dress code.

RWBY shipping, and why you are not serious enough about it.

How dare I say this you ask? How dare I say you are not serious enough about RWBY shipping? With all of your fanart, fanfiction, fangames, fanthoughts, fanfruit, fanman, fanboy and… wait what? 

So do you want to discover why you are not serious enough about RWBY shipping? Click the read more and find out, if you think you have what it takes.

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megillien  asked:

NaruHina and SasuSaku, please :D -... if that's ok and I'm not being too greedy. Though in my defense, I wanted to say 'Shikatema' too, lol- Thanks in advance! ^_^

;D oh boy oh boy


who’s the cuddler: Naruto— for sure.

who makes the bed: Hinata

who wakes up first: Hinata

who has the weird taste in music: Naruto

who is more protective: Ohh good one. I feel like Hinata would be? Naruto and Hinata are both protective but Hinata has always had that air about her. She sticks close to the people she cares about most and defends them a lot.

who sings in the shower: Naruto- and probably sings completely off key

who cries during movies: Both  because Naruto probably sobs like a little kid 

who spends the most while out shopping: I feel like they would spend an equal amount of time shopping for different things: Hinata, maybe clothing and supplies. Naruto- FOOD.

who kisses more roughly: Narutobby

who is more dominant: Hinata runs that household uvu

my rating of the ship from 1-10:  10/10 YEAH

Now for Sasusaku:

who’s the cuddler: Sakura for SURE

who makes the bed: Both if it needs to be made 

who wakes up first: Sasuke

who has the weird taste in music: I was going to say Sakura but poor Sasuke was out of the loop for so long so

who is more protective: Oh lord- that’s hard. They are both so protective. I say equal.

who sings in the shower: SAKURA

who cries during movies: Sakura

who spends the most while out shopping: Sakura because Sasuke probably hates it

who kisses more roughly: uvu hehehee…

who is more dominant: Sasuke wants to be…

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10/10 would reccomend

And shikatema FOR THE HECK OF IT.

who’s the cuddler: Shikamaru but he won’t admit it

who makes the bed: Neither of their lazy bums

who wakes up first: Temari

who has the weird taste in music: Shikamaru

who is more protective: Temari uvu

who sings in the shower: Shikamaru sings when no one is around (or so he thinks)

who cries during movies: Temari

who spends the most while out shopping: Do they even shop

who kisses more roughly: Temari

who is more dominant: TEMARI

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 1010101010

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Favorite food?
Baka: Mayonnaise.
SM: Chicken Rice

Most unforgettable anime?
Baka: Gintama
SM: One Piece

Do you like Yaoi?
Baka: YES I DO. :‘D 
SM: HELL YEAH I DO OF COURSE, I am a proud Fujoshi!

Are you a fan of KNB? if you are which one do you ship the most Kagakuro or Akakuro)
Both: Nope we are not fans of KNB.

Favorite manga?
Baka: Koukou Debut
SM: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Least favorite anime?
Baka: Trinity Blood. (Oh god why.jpg did I even watch)

Shark or whale?
SM: Whale cause it won’t try to eat me.

Favorite band?
Baka: the GazettE
SM: 東方神起/TVXQ, when it is the five of them, but i still support them even though it is 3 & 2 now. :’)

Favorite song?
Baka: Roar by Katy Perry but it is GLEE version
SM: Now is it Hikari e by miwa

What do you hate the most?
Baka: People whom are always late.
SM: Arrogant, disgusting, smelly, irritating, judging & no common sense people.

What makes you happy?
Baka: Sleeping.
SM: When i get to do AAMQ quotes with Admin Baka. HAHAHA. (>3<)