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I’m like 9 minutes from heading off to my evening class, but I just wanted to pop in and let you all know that you’re swell folks and I’m super glad I got into this community

Like, the difference between my old blog and this one is freaking tremendous the amount of support I get and how many people want to interact with me. I put art up on my personal, of a known, popular fandom and it maybe gets 10 notes over the course of a week. Maybe. Here I get that number within minutes and you all are so vocal on my stuff with encouraging words, it’s super refreshing. 

So I just wanted to thank you all for being willing to talk with me and engage with me. I’m so used to crickets I didn’t expect to meet such awesome people here. Cheers

 rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favorite lyrics from each. then tag 9 other people to participate!

thanks to the lovely @gayjohnwatson for tagging me

1. Intertwined- Dodie Clark

Oh, I’m afraid of the things in my brain But we can stay here and laugh away the fear

2. Not Today- Twenty One Pilots

Listen, I know
This one’s a contradiction because of how happy it sounds, but the lyrics are so down It’s okay though because it represents, wait, better yet it is who I feel I am right now

3. DKLA- Troye Sivan

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ said by someone stronger than me

4. Holding On To You- Twenty One Pilots

You think twice about your life it probably happens at night, right?

5. Aaron Burr, Sir- Hamilton

Oui oui, mon ami, je m’appelle Lafayette The Lancelot of the revolutionary set, I came from afar just to say bonsoir Tell the king casse-toi, Who’s the best, c’est moi (so like lafayette’s whole rap)

6. If I Stare At The Clock Long Enough Will I Have The Time To Tell You Everything- Dandelion Hands

do you think if i stay long enough i can make you understand that i just need one kiss, but i’ll take more if you have some to spare

7. Soap- Melanie Martinez

Should’ve never said the word “love”, threw a toaster in the bathtub I’m sick of all the games I have to play

8. Absolutely Smitten- Dodie Clark 

She wants to dance around the room, kiss you until your lips turn blue

9. Girls/Girls/Boys- Panic!At The Disco

But girls love girls and boys and love is not a choice

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The Meaning of Lathori

@littlestartopaz is awesome and wanted to know more about the URL change so I figured I’d do a little write up.

I am a senior in college getting my BA in Linguistics and Photography. My college has us thesis for the last year of our BA degrees. For my thesis, I am creating a naturalistic constructed language. My language is called Hæla, derived from the names of two of the universe’s deities (Hæli and Hæfel, the chaos goddess and the most worshiped of my twelve deity pantheon). 

So the URL name: lathori. This is technically a transliteration of the actual word: læthori. This word means storyteller and derives from the name of the god of winter Læfernær. Læfernær is also the god of water, knowledge, sleep, dreams and stories. Storytellers are the blessed people of Læfernær, and stories are sacred in the culture I’ve created. 

Læthori is technically a dual noun, as in ‘two storytellers’. However, the culture also uses the dual for formal titles as in ‘The Storyteller’. When choosing a URL, I decided the one thing my three primary interests (writing, photography and linguistics) have in common is that I tend to trend towards narratives. So, that’s what I aim to be: The Storyteller. 

Hope I didn’t ramble too much. I’m going to start posting things about my thesis culture and language since I’m entrenched in thesis hell and the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t until May. Things will be tagged thesis and haloni (Hæloni is the name of the people of the fictional country and world the language is set in). Let me know if anyone has anything specific they want to hear about things!

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)

practicing a new style! ; w ;


I would just like you all to know

That I cried while drawing this part

And we’re not done just yet! There’s still one more left to go, coming along later…

–Dogs of Future Past–


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they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))


If more people valued home above gold… this world would be a merrier place…

for @transfrerin

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Screenshot redraw… with a twist? ;)

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