“This is a magic wall,” he says, quickly followed by, “I mean, probably. It’s not like I would anything about magic. Right? Ha, as if that would happen! Magic is.. not even…a thing? Who even knows about Magic? NOT ME, THAT’S FOR SURE. Why, I have never even seen magic in my entire life. Not once. Ever.”

Meanwhile other jokes are happening on the page and I still don’t know how I feel about this but AT LEAST IT’S BETTER THAN I WAS EXPECTING SO.

Also like. As someone who knows how heavy bookshelves are? Wow. 

As someone who knows how heavy even SMALL bookshelves are? Even when they have wheels? Even when they are not TWENTY FEET TALL AND STACKED WITH BOOKS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP? 

Guys this is more impressive than punching through a brick wall I’M TELLING YOU. 

anyone play cornhole? the bean bag toss game with the board with a hole in it?

i’m looking at adding one to my camping collection, but i kinda wanna go big or go home. and i think? i gotta get the official wooden ones. amazon has a lot of cheaper ones made from aluminium and pvc and etc, but i feel like those aren’t good sets/aren’t gonna be durable. if i’m gonna invest $50-100 in this game, I want it to be a nice ass set that lasts a decade ya know?

so if anyone has any experience/advice/recommendations/thoughts! i’m all ears

I found out that one of my good friends from work committed suicide sometime last night
Since I quit we hung out often, going to the mall and whatnot
I’m heartbroken and a little numb but while I was lighting a candle for him (tonight’s meditation was focused on him) the flame kept blowing out and finally after a few more attempts stayed lit
I feel like that’s him saying, ‘Don’t be doing your weird witch stuff for me’
Just please send good vibes
I know he’s in a good place and isn’t suffering any longer but
I’ve never had a close friend pass away

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Captain America would kick Wonder Woman's ass just sayin

As someone who loves my son Steve Rogers, I have to say that he could never kick Diana’s ass, like literally, and also he would never do that, because Steve Rogers would grow up idolising the mysterious hero from WW1, and would probably swoon if he got to meet her, would call her “ Your Majesty” unironically, until Diana has to literally punch him to make him stop, and even then, he’d call her “Ma'am” with the utmost respect, and also he’d follow her to Hell and back without blinking.