• I did it! I passed enough GCSE's!! We had to pass 5 GCSE's to get into college and I did it!! You have to get 5 A* - C grades and I got 1 A* in Music, 2 Bs in English Language and Science and 2 Cs in Maths and Additional Science. I got Ds in Graphics, Religious Studies, Geography and English literature bit they are the subjects that I don't need so I'm fine with that. But anyway, I GOT WHAT I NEEDED AND I'M READY FOR GOLLEGE!!!!!!!
Can't Hate on Kubo Without Hating on Legend of Korra and Prince of Egypt

Kubo was a perfect movie. Perfect. It was constantly upping the ante on its gorgeousness and overall action. Definitely the most thrill-heavy of the Laika pictures.

Ignore the whitewashing complaints. The representation is there on screen and if it doesn’t count then neither does Korra, Aang, Prince of Egypt, and even MIYAZAKI! The majority of the cartoons people reblog here on tumblr aaaall star white actors as the majority, no matter the race of the character.

Get a new argument and stop being lazy. And stop ruining the positive flow of energy for a movie that’s trying its damnedest to be accurate and respectful of the culture it’s based on.