yeaaaah buddy!


@bookwild ILY

•before they have kids ruby and liam get their dog Christmas presents lmao nerds

•until eventually someone’s just like “this is too much oh my god have a child this dog truly cannot be more spoiled and its ridiculous”

•they’re SO BAD at sexy gifts lord one year he tries to get her lingerie and its a DISASTER she’s like
1. what even is this
2. I appreciate it but I don’t wear a 32DD

•they go to a white elephant and they preplan what gifts to steal/ what they want in the car like
“so listen we need a crock pot and I know your mom got one to bring so snatch the one in the purple snowman wrapping and also towels see if you can find any of those”

•Liam has NO self control he eats so many Christmas cookies Ruby is literally 95% of his impulse control

•there are so many Christmas socks/sweaters/ shirts etc in the Daly-Stewart household they even get their dog some

•how many times has Liam slipped and fell on the ice. how many.

•family gatherings include thick southern accents and chubs screaming about the dangers of black ice on the road

•Vida has Christmas pants with mistletoe on the back pockets so she can festively tell people to kiss her ass

•Ruby wears a cute lil reindeer antler headband with jingle bells on it but Liam doesn’t like it because it obstructs his forehead kisses

•also it gets stuck in his Christmas sweaters lmao

•Ruby wears red lipstick and forgets about it and everyone exchanges knowing looks when they see the bright red marks on Liam’s neck+jaw that he doesn’t even see until like 3 hours later and he’s completely horrified but rubys like yeaaaah buddy

•Zu’s favorite activity: holding mistletoe over people and making them kiss. they make her stop when she tries to get vida to kiss harry

•Cole Stewart aka bIGGEST ASSHOLE BROTHER E V E R oh my god he has no limits he loves to embarrass Ruby and Liam they’re his decided target victims and it usually ends with Ruby punching him

•Liam has that one aunt that pinches cheeks and buys you underwear it’s so awful

•but also he has that one aunt that’s SO COOL vida looks up to her she would never admit it but she loves her she’s life goals for vida

•charles “vIDA we can’t have SEX in lIAMS MOTHERS clOSET” meriwether

•vida “shut the fuck up and take your pants off” connor


•Ruby “I told you not to open that door” Daly

•Zu makes everyone go Christmas caroling and Liam is such an awful singer but Ruby is???? so good??? she’s a literal angel???? like how????

•Liam makes up for it with how good he is at wrapping gifts tho his gifts are masterpieces and rubys terrible

•Chubs wears a giant marshmallow parka when it gets below 40 and you know it

•Liam makes fun of him for it but is also always freezing

•Ruby makes fun of him for it he’s like “I was born in the SUMMER I am meant for SOUTHERN WEATHER” and rubys just like lmao weak ass bitch I was born in the worst storm of the season this is my element

•so he’s always hugging her because “you’re so warm it’s too cold out” and she pretends to be annoyed

•the amount of times. those two watch elf. is outrageous.

•every time Liam says “darlin’” like five ppl turn around

•Liam REALLY tried to hang the star on the top of the tree but in typical Liam fashion he fell off the ladder and almost made the tree fall smh what a dork

•Liam and Ruby share his old room when they celebrate the holidays at his parents house and every time Cole has to come in he knocks and yells “are you clothed” and still comes in with his eyes covered Ruby almost hurts her eyes bc she rolls them so hard

•Liam is the one who gets excited over practical gifts like “YES!!!! NEW SILVERWARE” and “IVE NEEDED A NEW MUFFLER FOREVER THANKS HARRY”

•honestly let’s bring the spotlight over to rubys grandma because what a queen she is rubiam shipper #1 and is not afraid to let the world know she’s so straightforward and it’s beautiful like one time when she was talking to Ruby at the table about Liam Ruby says something and she just nods and says “that’s nice dear” and pauses before saying “so how’s the sex sweetie?” and Ruby almost has to be taken to the hospital bc she nearly collapses from shock she honestly doesn’t even tell Liam bc she wouldn’t be able to get the whole story out without having a stroke