• [ In the middle of the game ]
  • Aomine: This is bad... At this rate... Kagami!
  • Kagami: What?!
  • Aomine: Will you marry me!!
  • Kagami: I don't think now is the best time!!
  • Aomine: Now may be the only time!
  • Aomine: I made up my mind. I love you! What's yours?!
  • Kagami: ...
  • Kagami: Kise!
  • Kise: What??
  • Kagami: Marry us!
  • Kise, three players marking him: I'M A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT?!

ok so @makapedia replied to my post about maka’s weapon form and said that she had Feelings about how it negates Soul and, like. Now that I think about it, YEAH. They go through this whole bit about becoming stronger as a cou- PARTNERS, and they go through so much progress and learn to have faith in each other and themselves and then WHOOP. DIDNT NEED HIM ANYWAY TROLOLOLOL
Damn. I see your point, makapedia.

(also sorry but i can’t reply to replies for some reason so this is the only way I can address your extremely valid point)

Anonymous said:
If you are still looking for design suggestions/prompts/etc. if you did a design with “May the bridges I have burned light my way back home,” from Fall Out Boy’s 4th of July… I would buy the shit out of that. Guaranteed. Love your work and await your next designs/patch releases/everything you do with bated breath. You are amazing <3

happy fourth of july!

summary: sarada goes to the hokage with a mission

it’s nearly midnight when naruto slouches back and rests his eyes for a moment. shizune and shikamaru have gone home for the day, but not before reminding him to take care of all the paperwork the former had left on his desk. he yawns and then smiles as he thinks of home – of his wife kissing him in greeting, his children running to him and telling him all about what they did that day. 

he looks out the window longingly, but turns his attention to the door when he hears footsteps coming his way. they’re lighter than his assistant’s and with a shorter stride, but naruto won’t risk the wrath of anyone catching him slacking off, so he sits up straight and pretends he’s working.

“enter,” he says when he hears a knock.

the door opens slowly, revealing little sarada uchiha, looking both determined and nervous.

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Ah, thank you! Jealous Astrid is my favorite Astrid!

Astrid was standing in the door to the garage that Hiccup works at. She was only going to ask him what he wanted for lunch, but by the time she got there, there was a girl standing over him while he worked on the car.

The girl kept reaching out and touching Hiccup, and smiling at him, and looking at him in a way only Astrid should. That’s not okay with her.

That’s her fiancé. Only Astrid is allowed to look at him, touch him, and smile at him like that.

She knows she should probably go over there and tell that girl to back off, but she almost wanted to see how Hiccup would handle it.

She crossed her arms over her chest, and watched as the girl reached over, placing her hand on Hiccup’s shoulder and saying something to him. He looked up at her, an eyebrow raised, and an uncomfortable look on his face.

Good. He better be uncomfortable.

Hiccup grabbed a rag, wiping his hands on it, and ignoring whatever she said. He motioned towards the car and started telling her something.

Astrid smiled, proud of him. He probably didn’t even realize that this girl was obviously flirting with him.

Astrid was about to walk over to him when the girl had pulled her phone out, shoving it to Hiccup. She heard the words “number” and “call”.

No. No. No one hits on her fiancé.

“I don’t think so.” she practically growled, walking over to them.

“Hiccup! Babe. What do you want for lunch?” Astrid gave him a smile, wrapping her arms around Hiccup’s waist, and placing a kiss on his cheek.

Hiccup draped an arm around her shoulder and looked at her “I don’t really care for anything. I’m not all that hungry. Are you going to stick around for awhile?”

Astrid glanced at the girl watching them before she nodded “I think I might.”

Astrid smiled. It’s almost like he forgot that the other girl was even there. He leaned down, placing a quick kiss on her lips, only pulling away when the other girl cleared her throat. “Oh!” Hiccup’s arm dropped to Astrid’s waist, pulling her closer “Astrid, this is Camicazi. Camicazi, this is my fiancée, Astrid.”

The girl, Camicazi, looked Astrid up and down, putting an obvious fake smile on her face “Good to meet you.”

Hiccup looked over his shoulder when he heard his name. He looked at Astrid, telling her he’s be back before walking away.

Astrid turned to Camicazi, he’s smile falling “I don’t know if you heard, but he’s taken. I saw the way you were batting your eyelashes at him, and touching him, and that’s not okay with me. You need to back off.”

Camicazi rolled her eyes “He could obviously do better than you.”

“He’s not going to. Ever. So.” Astrid took a step closer to her, a glare on her face “If I ever see you flirting with my fiancé again, I won’t hesitate in hurting you.”

A hand touched the small of her back and she looked over her shoulder to see Hiccup giving her a smile. He pulled her away from Camicazi and towards the office “So, Astrid. Why are you threatening people this time?”

Astrid frowned “She was flirting with you!”

Hiccup raised an eyebrow “Was she?”

"Yes. I saw.”

Hiccup smiled, leaning on a desk “So… You were jealous?”


“Then why were you threatening her?”

Astrid sighed and leaned into his side “Okay. Maybe a little.” she punched him in the shoulder “You should have told her first thing that you’re engaged! She was pretty, and hitting on you!”

“I didn’t even notice, Astrid. You have no reason to be jealous. Ever.”
Cynosure [ZeRoyalChaos]

[Find the song included here]

Cynosure: a focal point of admiration

“And finally, this one goes out to my boyfriend-,” Steven looked up from his lap at the familiar voice, shifting in his seat and meeting eyes with Anthony from across the room. Flashing a cheeky smile, Anthony cleared his throat before continuing.

“- My amazing, gorgeous, stunning, sexy boyfriend, Steven. Yes, you! And I know this is one of your favourite songs, there’s no use in denying it. Okay, bring the beat in, Tom!” Anthony chuckled sheepishly from onstage, blushing lightly as he held Steven’s gaze. Only now did Steven recognise the catchy tune playing in the background, and clasped his hands to his mouth in embarrassment and delight.

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