• [ In the middle of the game ]
  • Aomine: This is bad... At this rate... Kagami!
  • Kagami: What?!
  • Aomine: Will you marry me!!
  • Kagami: I don't think now is the best time!!
  • Aomine: Now may be the only time!
  • Aomine: I made up my mind. I love you! What's yours?!
  • Kagami: ...
  • Kagami: Kise!
  • Kise: What??
  • Kagami: Marry us!
  • Kise, three players marking him: I'M A LITTLE BUSY AT THE MOMENT?!

hc that Stan has his own ‘Journal’
I want him to throw it at his bro

this week in bullet points:

  • i have spent a lot of time in the gym and i feel great
  • i had a really lovely coffee date with a friend on monday and we did lots of journalling and shopping
  • i’m back to my natural hair colour (ginger 4 lyf)
  • i was offered a spot in a group job interview next week for a stationery store job and i do better in group interviews so this is looking promising
  • i got my dissertation results back today and i got a FIRST grade (!!!!) and in the marker’s comments it says: “finely judged crafting skills are clearly in evidence, such that the highly resonant work is close to the standards of professional publications in the field.” 

so yeah, not a bad week in all!

So my dash is dead. As in I’m not seeing enough of my fave content.

So, I’m doing the thing. Reblog or like this post IF you post
- Don’t Starve
- Assassin’s Creed (Rogue is even better 👌)
- Kingdom Hearts
- Nature Aesthetic
- Homestuck
I’ll check out your blog and 9/10 chances I’ll follow right off the bat