We're Legendary Defenders!
Team Voltron
We're Legendary Defenders!

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY VOLTRON!! bit of a throwback, but i was thinking about how cool that song “Cheetah Sisters” from the classic movie would sound for Voltron in the iconic scene at the end of S2. thematically it just fit so well, and after opening the floor up to you guys to help me out - here we are!

This has been a really huge and exciting music project. It was so fun to work with everybody, thanks so much to everyone who was a part of it. With many thanks and congratulations to @chrispalmerart @thebestlaurenmontgomery @joshkeaton @bext-k and the entire cast & crew of Voltron for giving us such a fantastic show!!

Shiro: @luicsings
Keith: @drowningwithvigor  
Pidge: @misterpoofofficial
Lance: @pessimisticipher
Hunk: @paxtara  
Allura: @lookforanewangle
Coran: @kcgane

lyrics by: @kcgane
instrumentation made & arranged by: @kcgane
mixed & produced by: @kcgane
original song ‘Cheetah Sisters’ & lyrics by: Jamie Houston
VLD Theme (passing reference included) by: Alex Geringas

Enjoy! I’ll leave the rest to the assembled Team Voltron…

So leave it with us
We’re legendary defenders!

full lyrics & notes below:

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An actual interaction between a Gemini, Scorpio, and Aquarius
  • Scorpio: so how long can y'all hold your breath
  • Gemini: oh my god you ask everyone that
  • Aquarius: *takes deep breath*

i don’t like the clary/simon plot line. i know, i know, it’ll be over in a hot second, but. this post isn’t about that. 

i understand the clary/simon plot line. 

because I’ve been there. I’ve been desperately in love with my best friend for years, I lived the trope of the girl and guy who were so close everyone thought they were dating, who argued like a married couple and supported each other like a married couple. 

i was his confidante and his champion, i picked him up when he was down and he did the same for me. like simon, I was loyal to a fault; like clary, he burned brighter and brighter and pulled me irrevocably closer into his orbit. 

i fell in love with him over years of growing up together, through the ins and outs of being a teenager. i held his hand through all his insecurities and fears; he made me believe in myself when I thought there was nothing left of me worth giving to the world. 

i loved him. i was simon. he loved me. he was clary. 

there was a jace in this situation - a girl who was bright and beautiful and overwhelmingly, in every way possible, not me. he loved her. he loved her deeply and fiercely and in the same way i loved him. i watched him fall in love with her, helplessly seeing what I’d thought real slip away in front of me, piece by piece. 

i know what simon is supposed to feel when clary falls for jace immediately. i’ve been there. there is nothing quite so bitter as the moment you realize that you have loved and loved and loved and you didn’t make it. you weren’t good enough. 

and, like simon, i know that if he - if clary - ever gave me the chance, I would have dated him. in a heartbeat. 

he would have been using me as a stopgap solution for his broken heart. he would have cast longing glances at the other girl. it would have never worked. but i would have fucking done it. i would have believed, despite everything in me screaming not to, that it might have worked. 

it’s not impossible to imagine the scenario clary and simon are in. you can be friends with someone of the opposite gender - but god, you can also fall in love with them, and it can feel completely right; you can fit together in every way possible, you can have fun together, you can be genuinely good for each other, and it still won’t work out. you are still setting yourself up to get your heart broken when you decide to love someone who loves you back, but not quite as much. 

it hurts. it fucking hurts like nothing else in this world. it took me two years to get over it, and some days it comes back all at once, leaving me bitter. 

the story of clary and simon - at least as far as the show takes it - is about falling in love with someone who will never love you back in the way you want. it’s knowing that, and steadfastly setting yourself up for heartbreak anyway. there’s no logical explanation for it. it’s just the tiny, misguided hope you carry with you when you’re in love with your best friend. 

clary and simon will break up. they should break up. maybe you think they have chemistry, maybe you think they’re as flat as a sheet of paper together. it doesn’t matter; we all know they’re not good for each other. 

but know that behind them is the shadow of every story of a best friend who loved and lost; know that when i see them on screen i see what it’s like to love the wrong person, and it hurts but it’s cathartic in it’s own way. their story is possible, and that is what makes it quietly sad. 

(and hey, in case you wanted to extend the metaphor further! the ‘jace’ in this situation - the other girl - was attached at the hip to me. she turned him down. the people that knew us all strongly suspected that she and i were dating; while we were not, i was a little in love with her and she was a little in love with me, and we’ll always be there for each other. so jace/simon worked out in the end, folks.) 

You guys have no idea how excited I am! I mean, I’m not even supposed to be online right now but look at what my lovely cousin, @izuminatsuki, gave me for my birthday!!! AvAc Phlint, OH YEAAAAAAA!!! I’m so happy though, like, over the moon happy!!! Look at how cute this is!!!! LOOK AT IT!!!! LOOK AT WHAT SHE MADE FOR ME!!!

She’s not even that big of a fan of Marvel in general but she made this especially for me!!!! I feel so special!!! If you’re a part of the Percy Jackson fandom, make sure to check her stuff out. She’s really great. (She doesn’t accept commissions just yet though)

anonymous asked:

Okay but let's try to not imagine if Clyde and his girlfriend had been together before the heist, and while Clyde's initial hesitance to actually go through with it was won out due to his devotion to his family, he also wanted to be able to provide for his girl and spoil her more than he probably ever could at the rate he was going at. Starting with buying the ring that he thought she deserved, and not the one that he could only afford.



consider: he didn’t tell her about the heist prior. he just kissed her goodbye at the door the day he was supposed to drive that car through the store window and said “come visit me.”

“where, at the bar?”

“sure,” he smiles, making sure to inspect her face a closely, his warm hand on her cheek. “the bar.”

when she finds out about the Incident, she FUMES at jimmy. she just KNOWS that man had a hand in clyde’s trouble, because clyde would NEVER do something like that. never in his LIFE! but jimmy doesn’t say anything except that he’s sorry she’s upset.

when the heist is over and clyde is out of prison, he showers her in gifts. hundreds of things. flowers and new decorations for the home, any dress she could ever desire, treats for clement, a fancy new bed. she appreciates every gift, but wonders if it’s viable- after all, they need to save up, don’t they?

she mentions her apprehensions to him and he just laughs gently, kissing her on the lips and murmuring that she “won’t ever have to worry about that again”. “i’ve got you taken care of, baby,” he smiles.

later, at a surprisingly nice restaurant in a town they’ve never been to before, clyde adjusts the new tie of his fancy three-piece suit. he clears his throat and looks at her, eyes soft with love.

“honeypie,” he murmurs, taking her hand so sweetly, “there’s somethin’ i’ve gotta ask ya.”


“you know how i told you that i’ve got you taken care of?”

“of course, baby!” she beams at him, and his heart leaps.

“well, if i may have your permission, i’d like to keep taking care of you.” he produces the beautiful, hand-made ring from his breast pocket and shakily holds it up to her, the room suddenly a breathless vacuum. “forever. for all my days.”

she stares at the ring. it’s her dream ring. she never expected to really, truly see it, though- no soft, pale gold band, no pearls and inset opals. she never dreamed it would really exist, nor be offered to actually be upon her hand to tie her to the man of her dreams.

so when she tremblingly gives him her hand and whispers a teary, joyful “yes”, he can’t contain himself. he pushes the beautiful ring on her beautiful hand and kisses her, hard and fast and passionate. every second must be a second spent with her.

that night he lavishes her with even more unspeakably expensive gifts, tokens of their love and of the promise they intend to fulfill. he still hasn’t told her about the money, but that night, it doesn’t matter.

it wouldn’t have mattered if he pulled a used gasket out of his pocket and asked her to “be his ball and chain”. what matters is that they are in love. they are together. and they always will be, money or not.