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Yay more Bedelia!

GOD I LOVE HER (warning for Hannibal and spoilers)

One thing Hannibal’s doing with all this killing right in front of Bedelia is to keep burying her in deeper with him.

I mean she’s going to have a good argument that she was in fear of her life the whole time and couldn’t do anything about it.  But also some people are going to be like, “Yeaaaaaaaaaah BUT.  Just saying.”

But GOD I want her to be so awesome that she manages to just slip away when the time is right.  I want her to be just as smart he is. His true match.  Just less murdery.

I also love how mysterious she manages to keep being.  She’s like a mirror.  She uses her skill at psychology to reflect everybody around her back on themselves so you can never see HER too clearly.

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5'4, female, blue eyes, blonde hair. I'm a total nerd. As a date (if it actually comes out), I would take you too the Five Nights at Freddy's movie! Yeaaaaaaaaaah!

Anything fnaf related wins me
Take my heart, Anon! >:V

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Okay soI LITERALLY SCREAMED AGAIN WHEN I SAW THE UPDATE AND IT WAS SO LOUD SOMEONE LOOKED AT ME LOL“ “That’s sweet,” Yoriko says. “That you noticed something like that.” “ ASDFGHJKLSDVNDFK;;/// O WHY MUST U DO THIS DO MAH KOKORO ARGHHHHHH HAHAHA my weaboo senses are tingling lolI didn’t really expect Yoriko to appear in this chapter but YAY AT LEAST WE GOT SOME YURI OH YEAAAAAAAAAAH loljk and I really like that Touka talks to Arima more now about personal things and that is so sweet. What makes it sweeter is even though she thinks it’s “stupid” to talk to Arima about it, she still follows his advice or talk to him about it :D :D :D :D :D

!! thank you so much!! i’m really happy to hear you liked the update and that you picked up on the relationship development too!! thanks so much for your comment and excitement ^^


I got so excited that my eyes turn pink, lol!

So, out of so much waiting, I got the lines, sound effects and music, set up for Penalty All About episode 4~~~! YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! Now I need to do some VN Frames (Some CG Frames for the Gissy Comedic purposes.), wait for my friend to do her CG Frames, and video edit. After all that, it’s going be close to episode 5, guys~!