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Please don’t imagine Sam’s hand slowly, hesitantly, shyly creeping up to Dean’s free hand on the seat between them after several nervous attempts, trying to muster up the courage and will, until finally, finally gripping it tightly or entwining their fingers together while Dean completely pretends not to notice while at the same time making absolutely no move to pull it away


★A short story “happy holiday”(1/)★

A: Is this your destination today?
G: It’s the sea I’ve never seen before!

Gordon and Alan see the scenery outside so that it sticks to the window of tb 2.

I am curious about the sea I have never seen before.

V: Gordon and Alan, sit down on the seat.
Tb 2, enter landing posture.

G & A: yeaaaaaaaaaah!!

◆From Alan’s reminiscence◆

Today, everyone came to the sea on tb 2.
My birthday celebration. And celebrate Gordon who celebrated his birthday last month.
Thanks to my older brothers who brought me to the sea on my birthday..

★ちょっとしたお話:“happy holiday”(1/)★

A: これが今日の目的地なの?
G: 今まで見たことがない海だよ!



V: ゴードンとアラン、座席に座れ。

G & A:イェーーイ‼




So um I felt a need for Cullen fluff and had read most of the things at my disposal, so I… well I wrote some. (If only my drive for Cullen fluff matched my drive for school amirite) SO YEAH. I have no idea how to do the thingies with the things, I have posted nothing like this before and it’s my first ever fan fiction unless you count really bad roleplaying about potc. Well enjoy and like tell me if you like it or don’t I’m not the boss of you.

“You need a break. Come one.”
But he was almost finished, all he needed to do was write maybe five more reports, and then-
“I swear I will drag you over the desk unless you come with me.”
He glanced up, watching the inquisitor where she stood in front of him. She had a bag slung over her shoulder, and he looked at it suspiciously.
“This isn’t another of Sera’s pranks, right? Josephine told me about the bucket of water.” Cullen hesitantly asked, and was rewarded with a slight grin.
“My dear Commander, would I ever be involved in anything that would make life difficult for my favourite advisors?“ 
Yes. She absolutely would, as she had proven countless times when helping both Sera and Cole cause trouble around Skyhold. Cullen still hadn’t found his dagger. 
"Inquisitor, I am not going to bother with a reply.” He turned his gaze back to the reports, trying to get back into his sentence - how was he going to tell Josephine that he would not send soldiers to go fetch a nug for Leliana’s birthday? It didn’t matter, his quill was snatched from his grasp within five seconds. 
“I insist you come with me.” She had bent down in front of the desk, and watched him with sparkling eyes. Her mind was no doubt full of mischief. 
“Where?” he asked, frowning as his quill was discarded onto the floor.
“It’s a surprise.” Another sparkle. Another sense of imminent doom.
“And what is in the bag?”
“It’s a surprise.” Of course it was.
“It’s a-”
“Surprise.” He interrupted her, and she gave him the most innocent smile she could muster. 
“Glad we understand each other.” she smiled, and straightened up, beckoning him with her hand to follow her outside. “Dress warm. And get rid of the armour." 
While he was apprehensive, he was also curious, and as his gaze followed her retreating form (was that metal he could hear from the bag?) he sighed, dragged his hands through his hair and stood up, stretching.
"Maker’s breath, why would you make her so alluring?” he grumbled, as he began unfastening his armour. 

She was leading him through the forest. Snow crunched beneath their feet, and metal clanked from her bag, but each time he would try to coax information out of her she would just grin and change the subject - to anything from the inquisition itself to whether or not he had thought about if nugs had dreams. Later on, he started to recognise the way to the lake, and his eyebrows furrowed. Did she think they would swim? Was she actually insane? Probably, but there was no way he would swim in the middle of the winter. He’d rather share a bed with a nug. Hell, he’d rather share a bed with Leliana and risk death. 
“Stop looking terrified. It doesn’t become you.” Her voice was teasing, and he found himself drawn to the lazy smile on her lips. The whole inquisitor thing weighed heavy on her, he’d seen her late at night slaving over work, and Cole kept speaking about her fears, but she kept up a front of contentment no matter where she ventured. 
“I am not terrified. Simply… worried.” he admitted, having been the victim in too many pranks by now. He would never complain though, just to see her face when she laughed and forgot about the almost end of the world. 
“I promise you, this is just a bit of relaxation and enjoyment. A change of pace from trying to root out what’s-his-face." 
He could think of other things that would include relaxation and enjoyment, but none included hiking through snow to a freezing lake.
When the trees stopped, the lake revealed itself in all its splendour - surrounded by mountains on three sides and lying crystal clear. There was also one very important thing - it was frozen solid.
"Inquisitor?” he asked, when the person in question put the bag down in the snow and started to rummage through it.
“When we’re alone, call me E'lara. I’m starting to get sick of that title. Especially from you." 
Did she realise that she sometimes said things that could be taken as blatant flirting? He never knew, and thus never could respond with something fresh and impressive. ‘I’m sick of calling you that as well’ he could have said, and he could have walked closer and helped her with the bag, but instead he blushed and turned to look at the lake. Curse his shyness. 
"Here.” He was startled by seeing what she was giving him.
“Boots?” he asked, raising one eyebrow.
“They weren’t made for walking.” she smiled, and he saw the bottom of them - a blade? Ah, the clanking of metal. He didn’t quite understand though, and quietly watched her as she put on her own pair, as close to the frozen lake as possible, and then left her normal boots by the shore. 
“Trust me, Cullen.” she said, and he decided that he would. He followed her example, putting the odd contraption on, and then stepped out on the ice. The inqui-, no, E'lara, had already begun moving across the ice, sliding back and forth as she watched him silently. 
“Are you sure the ice won’t break?” he asked, standing completely still, trying to keep his balance while definitely not thinking about how stupid he must look - in front of her, as well.
“I had Dorian make sure with some magic. Had to bribe him with finding a rare book he wanted, but yes, I’m sure.” she smiled, stopping in front of him. “Come on, give it a try." 
He tried. He had seen how she moved, pushing her feet outwards slightly, and tried to mimic her, but instead of gracefully sliding over the ice, he not-so-gracefully fell flat upon the cold surface and groaned. The laughter from above added to his embarrassment. She slid up next to him, bending sitting down on her knees like she wasn’t even wearing the stupid traps on her feet.
"Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Come on, I’ll help you.” she said, but he could hear in her voice that the only thing she was sorry about was that she wouldn’t be able to see it again. Nevertheless, he got back up on his feet, and managed to keep his balance. She held his hands, and he noticed how rough they were, but not like his. His were hardened by a sword, hers by a bow and arrow, and he wanted to know what the rest of her felt like. 
“You did the right thing, but you leaned to much forward. Here, let me show you." 
Slowly, he moved forward, with E'lara in front of him, going backwards, and after a while, she let go of him (he was embarrassed to admit he made a squeak and reached for her like a child) and he managed on his own. Sure, he fell every once in a while, but she always helped him - after poorly hiding a laugh - and he got to feel her hands and smell the soap she used for her hair. It was worth the bruises he would no doubt have later, and as they walked back to Skyhold munching on two pastries, he hadn’t even noticed how she still held his hand.

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I’m begging you don’t pass me by
And if you do please tell me why
I know yoou told me yesterday
You’ve got to hide your love away