I’ve ruined friend’s life with this show. And she paid me back by saying “heeeeeeey, what would happen if Mabel would press the button?” So, yeaaaaaaaaaah. Guess what- I didn’t sleep normally for two weeks. 

Also Anastas helped me a lot with this. And she’s my treasure. 



Rules: List your 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people. Tagged by @shion-mcl! Thank you so much and I hope you have a really nice day!

  1. Sanada Yukimura from Samurai Love Ballad Party.
  2. Luke Foster from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.
  3. Keith Alford from Be My Princess.
  4. Leiftan from Eldarya.
  5. Lysandre from Amour Sucré.
  6. Axel from Ozmafia.
  7. Victor Frankenstein from Code: Realize.
  8. Sakamaki Subaru from Diabolik Lovers.
  9. Alyn Crawford from Midnight Cinderella.
  10. Sano Izumi from Hana Kimi.

As you all can see, i’m otome trash successfully. (If you play them, TALK TO ME AAAAAAAAAH).


That Samurai Jack Episode OMFG!!!!!! That one last moment when he said that at the last few minutes of the episode had me geeked! Yo lets go!!!!

Stolen Raspberries

“Woman, if you do not stop waking me up, I swear.”

Yaaaaay Sheamus lovin’. He my boo boo. (They’re literally all my boo boo’s I mean, really.) BUT YEAAAAAAAAAAH. This is fluffy. FLuffy fluff fluff. Uhhhhhhh. Literally I am a firm believer that every wrestler is really a giant teddy bear??? So???

Warnings: it’s v fluffy. Well. I mean. At least in my opinion. It is very fluffy. Uhhhhh there’s no smut? But there is a bit of a makeout scene kinda sorta towards the end. But yeah. No sexy times. Well I mean. Implied sexy times. But yeah, no, I didn’t write any this time.

AND YES I KNOW THAT IN AN AIRPORT THESE THINGS WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE, ESPECIALLY DEALING WITH AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT BUT GUESS WHAT. I don’t care. This is fiction. FICTION. I DO WHAT I WANT. You can have running through airport scenes (don’t get me wrong, I live for airport chase scenes, which would be impossible without getting a boarding pass, and then going through security and yada yada yada), AND I SHALL HAVE MINE.

To the person who messaged me with this, thank you, it turned out super super cute and I will leave you anonymous as wished, BUT THIS IS CUTE SO I HOPE YOU READ IT SOON. Also tagging my boo boo, because I tag her in??? Everything??? Bc I love her??? @fuckyeahbulletclub AND I’M ALSO TAGGING MY BAE, MY WIFEY, YA ALL KNOW HER THE QUEEN OF FABULOUS HAIR, @hardcorewwetrash

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Okay but people rag on this ship all the time and I really don’t understand why I mean it’s such a great couple like they’re interracial and interspecies and they fit together so well and compliment each other and respect each other so much and and hold each others’ intellect and competence in such high regard as opposed to being superficial??? and also actually care about each other so much but are always confident in the other’s abilities and support each other and are so utterly badass and fabulous and it works as such a great tool for character development for both of them  and as an added bonus hella strong eyebrow game and fabulousness and a;lsdkgjsldkfg sorry ignore me I just really like this ship

(also, give me academy era dorky adorable falling-in-love-ness or give me death)

Please don’t imagine Sam’s hand slowly, hesitantly, shyly creeping up to Dean’s free hand on the seat between them after several nervous attempts, trying to muster up the courage and will, until finally, finally gripping it tightly or entwining their fingers together while Dean completely pretends not to notice while at the same time making absolutely no move to pull it away


yeaaaaaaaaaah art is hard?

who let this happen

I couldn’t fix heavy’s thing properly bc as it turns out I put the shading, eyes and legit half the lines on the same layer by accident bc i’m a fucking  idiot


Demo wi/.out additions:

shiningprincelotor-deactivated2  asked:

Got any good sinnamon cream/baked Alaska songs? Pop idol!neo is too fun of an idea to ignore (as is the idea of yang or cinder getting a special backstage pass ;) )

Have you ever seen Scott Pilgrim VS the World?

You know that scene when the exes are on stage?

Blake: You see that girl on stage?

(cinder: oh yeeeeah~)

Blake: That’s Neo
Yang: I know

(cinder: Oh yeaahh!!!!)

Blake: You know???


Blake: ….oh no