I’ve ruined friend’s life with this show. And she paid me back by saying “heeeeeeey, what would happen if Mabel would press the button?” So, yeaaaaaaaaaah. Guess what- I didn’t sleep normally for two weeks. 

Also Anastas helped me a lot with this. And she’s my treasure. 



People of Wonders ~ the Calormenes

- I’m a girl… and here, it means power can’t be mine. I’m powerless.
- On the contrary. The appearance of weakness is the greatest advantage, you know? 

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The Carmilla movie according to the cast: ghosts, sex, more ghosts, and gay rocky horror

YEAAAAAAAAAAH IM PUMPED I can’t wait to see the recording of the panel


Redwall Playlist: Medieval Music - Hardcore Party Mix

G R E A T  H A L L





T    U    R    N    T          U    P

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I'm so excited for Jamie and Claire to be together again. Please post a series of Jamie/Claire images tell help me survive until printshop airs <3

Yeaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!! Let’s remember how their amazing relationship started:

And a BONUS:


Bringing these post cards that I printed and travel to Hangzhou, yeaaaaaaaaaah
We are gonna have an APH only and a Rusame fan party this weekend!
Taking today(Friday)’s 13:42 train from Shanghai to Hangzhou and it will only take about 1 hour to get there, convenient!

Okay but people rag on this ship all the time and I really don’t understand why I mean it’s such a great couple like they’re interracial and interspecies and they fit together so well and compliment each other and respect each other so much and and hold each others’ intellect and competence in such high regard as opposed to being superficial??? and also actually care about each other so much but are always confident in the other’s abilities and support each other and are so utterly badass and fabulous and it works as such a great tool for character development for both of them  and as an added bonus hella strong eyebrow game and fabulousness and a;lsdkgjsldkfg sorry ignore me I just really like this ship

(also, give me academy era dorky adorable falling-in-love-ness or give me death)
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“You’re hurt,” he said, flat, unhappy. The unadulterated joy he’d expressed moments ago was replaced by concern.

Luke shrugged, one-shouldered, and looked away. His cheeks grew pink with warmth. “Surprise?” Daring to look back, he caught sight of a raised eyebrow and an unimpressed thinning of lips. Even so, Luke could see a battle raging in Lando’s eyes. He was pleased, even if he was unhappy, too.

That seemed to be the way of it with them.

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Got any good sinnamon cream/baked Alaska songs? Pop idol!neo is too fun of an idea to ignore (as is the idea of yang or cinder getting a special backstage pass ;) )

Have you ever seen Scott Pilgrim VS the World?

You know that scene when the exes are on stage?

Blake: You see that girl on stage?

(cinder: oh yeeeeah~)

Blake: That’s Neo
Yang: I know

(cinder: Oh yeaahh!!!!)

Blake: You know???


Blake: ….oh no

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Izana x shirayuki gets my blood going like hell yeaaaaaaaaaah!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!! :D :D :D It would be such a cool story, too! Like, I imagine rumors starting up in the neighboring kingdoms about the Witch Queen with hair as red as blood. 

(They say she bewitched the King of Clarines, tempting him to set aside his betrothed in exchange for her powers. She held the entire scholar-city of Lyrias captive with a cursed affliction until he bowed to her will. 

In her youth, she stood down Nobles, Princes, and Kings, enslaving them with just a look.

Rumors say she can talk to birds and she has been witnessed flying with them from towers. 

Plants glow like fire at night because she wills it; The northern territories of Clarines are marked with this magic of hers.)

Izana, of course, thinks this is hilarious and uses it to his advantage. Shirayuki, if she knew about it, would be horrified. Obi finds it all just as funny as His Majesty and never tells her.

But while I’m in a rare pair mood, please consider Izana x Shirayuki x Obi. You don’t need to have deep thoughts about it. Just… consider


I think I just ruined myself. 

Please don’t imagine Sam’s hand slowly, hesitantly, shyly creeping up to Dean’s free hand on the seat between them after several nervous attempts, trying to muster up the courage and will, until finally, finally gripping it tightly or entwining their fingers together while Dean completely pretends not to notice while at the same time making absolutely no move to pull it away