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Tom (Tommy) Ferren the Ultimate Library

Tom grew up with hard working and very financially well off parents, which lead to him being home schooled for a majority of his life so he was ensured a good education. Tom did not interact with a lot of people and spent most of his time reading books in his home library, which is where he got his title ‘Ultimate Library’. Tom would read anything in the library ranging from fictional stories to history books, gaining him a vast knowledge of just about anything you could name. When his parents heard about Hope’s Peak highschool, they demanded for Tom to be put into the classes, offering money and funds for the school. At first they were going to deny him or offer him a place in the reserve course, but after looking deeper into his ‘talent’ and seeing Tom’s impeccable knowledge they offered a spot in the main course.

RFA + V and Saeran with a tall MC

i’m 5'6, but I love wearing these huge platform booties that make me almost 6'0 because I love feeling so tall, finally able to reach the pocky on the top-shelf at target yeaa boi ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ


- he’s 6 ft and when you’re the same height as him he’s sh00k

- never been with a taller partner so he has to get used to looking up/directly at you it’s weird for him

- d o n t wear heels or platform shoes he hates feeling tiny compared to you

- feels itty bitty regardless compared to his prince/princess why are you so tall who did this to you :’)


- out of everyone he’s the one who appreciates it the most

- he LOVES making direct eye contact with you face to face it’s just nice he’s not used to it

- he’s super tall himself so you two are practically giants, help him intimidate the other companies

- taking out the competition, one at a time. perfect.



- he has to look up to you to talk and he hATES IT NO

- desperately tries !! to ! !
g r o w !!

- it’s weird and kinda awkward for him but he’ll get used to it, he just hates being so tiny compared to you– Gets teased at school about his height :((

- shower this boy in hugs and kisses rescue him from the small angry hole he’s in


- “ How’s the weather up there! ”

- expect lots of shitty puns about height

- even if he CAN reach something on the top shelf he’ll still ask you to come and get it for him like an asshole :’)

- loves them long legs though mm boi you rock your tallness so well


- he’s a little surprised at your height but it doesn’t bother him

- hes very tall as well so he knows what it’s like to get comments about it so no puns like Seven

- ~tall people are closer to god after all~


- small angry boy

- has to get on the tips of his toes to kiss you and he’s filled with rage

- who gave you the right to be so damn tall get down here

- he gets the cutest little pout if you hold something he wants over his head and he can’t reach, WILL climb up your body to get it lmao

- ~ short people are closer to hell ~

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I always thought both Jamie and Mako would be instinct. Mako because EGGS. Jamie because "Valor? nah mate no thanks, sounds like a chore fighting all the time. Mystic? nah mate, I don't learn good." Also he'd get into eggs from Mako, spending nights walking around trying to hatch eggs.

Don’t You Go -Ending (Mikey)

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

She grabbed his hand and started walking. “We just need to run to the bodega on the corner of the next block, it’s really not far at all.” She told him.

“Bodega?” he laughed

“Yea.. like you know a corner store that sells like groceries and stuff”

“HA.. Bodega” he repeated

“Okay new word aparently huh?” she laughed at him

He grabbed her hand and starterd walking “Off to the bodega!”

She giggled and looked up at him “say it again,” she rolled her eyes.

“BO DE GAAA” he stretched out slowly while laughing. She elbowed him in the ribs jokingly. It was actually pretty cute the way he said it with his accent.

They strolled into the store unnoticed and went back to the refrigerator section where the cold beer was kept. They stood in front of it staring at their options.  

“What are you getting?” he asked her. She stood contemplating.

“Have you ever had a Brass Monkey?”

“Uhh.. like the Beasty Boys song?”

“Yeaa! they’re pretty good.”

“Never had one.. What is it?” he asked.

“Okay don’t get turned off right away.. I promise they’re really good.. its like the less classy version of a Mimosa .. instead of champagne in a cute glass you pour orange juice into a 40oz Old English” she laughed when she noticed his repulsed facial expression..

“No shot am I letting you put o.j. in a beer thats disgusting.”

“Its techniqually malt liquor not beer.. if the beasty boys can do it so can you.” she batted her eyes looking up to him.

“Ugh fine,” he groaned, “What are you doing to me?” he asked more to himself then her.

She smiled as she flipped her hair and walked away from him, knowing she had asked herself the same question about him earlier. 

She grabbed two 40s of Old English and an orange juice on the way up to the front of the store leaving him standing there, kind of speechless and confused by the effect she had on him.

He met her up at the counter grabbing the bag as she paid. “How old are you?” he asked her on the way out, “That guy didn’t even I.D. you.”

“Don’t worry about it,” she smirked biting her lip, “that guy that works there is really cool he like loves me.” she told him smiling.

“He was looking at you like he wants to fuck you and he got all weird when I came up to the counter.. the dude seems like a creep.”

She laughed at his sincere concern. “I know,” she continued laughing as they walked down the sidewalk, “listen babe.. as a girl there are just some situations I gotta take advantage of.”

He looked at her and frowned, then rolled his eyes playfully while putting his free arm around her. 

Suddenly they both heard a scream from across the street, then some more from behind them. She realized it was girls calling his name.

He looked around at them power walking through the New York City crowds trying to catch up to him. He slowly removed his arm from around her, knowing the repercussions of having their picture taken like this were not in her best interest.

“Fuck” she looked up to him, kind of in shock that this was actually happening, “What do we do?”

He secured the bag under his arm and then grabbed her hand. “We gotta run,” he told her taking off and pulling her along with him. They ran the long way around the block instead of directly to the front of the hotel in attempts to lose the groups of girls that had begun following them.

Unsuccessful, the ducked into a small clothing botique when they rounded the corner in a last attempt to hide.

“This is insane” she exhaled, they were both out of breath, “I’m way too hung over for this.”

“Fuck,” he took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair, “I should have known this was going to happen.”

“Its okay,” she wispered noticing the distressed look on his face, “its not your fault.. we just need a plan to get you back into the hotel.”

She saw his facial expression change, like a lightbulb went off in his head. “Actually.. I have an idea” he smirked taking his phone out of his pocket. She looked at him puzzled as he quickly tapped in a number.

“Hey mate,” he said to whoever was on the other end of the phone, “I need you to do me a favor.. I’m stuck outside of the hotel.” he paused for a momment and she could here the other guy yelling a bit, “relax man I’ll explain later please just do me this one favor.. yea I’m still with her… shut up man I know.” he looked at her embaressed even though she had no idea what was going on.

He continued his conversation, “I just need you to get Ashton and Luke and go downstairs with you and distract the fans.. get them away from the entrance to the hotel.. I’ll owe you dude.” he looked at her and rolled her eyes as the other guy continued to talk to him. “Alright man I’m down the road were gonna come back in five.. please be out there.” he hung up the phone and looked at her pleased with himself.

“My bandmates are going to grab some security and go down to the front of the hotel to draw the fans away from the front enterance so we can sneak back in” he told her.

“Look at you making sneaky plans,” she smiled and raised an eyebrow “I must be rubbing off on you.”

They finally went back to the hotel and made it in unnoticed, thanks to his friends. When they got back up to the room she flopped down onto the freshly made bed. He placed the bag on the table and came to lay next to her. They were both staringt at the ceilling for a momment before he spoke.

“I’m sorry,” he told her, “I know that was probably crazy for you.. I’m not even used to it still.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she laughed lightly, “That was pretty intense but also suprisingly fun.”

He rolled on his side to look at her, “Where did you come from?” he asked suprised by her laid back reaction.

“Ya know,” She smiled, “a random bar in midtown”

He leaned in and kissed her, knowing he need to do it while he still could. He pulled her close to him then rolled onto his back so she was on top of him. She leaned down kissing him sweetly before she pulled away.

“Hey, where are you going?” he complained as she got up and strolled over to the table. She opened the bag taking out the two 40s of Old English and the o.j. She walked back over to him handing him one.

“Take a chug of this,” she said as she cracked hers open and took a large sip. He watched her before doing the same. Then she opened the orange juice and poured it into her drink. He looked at her disgusted once again as she reached for his.

He pulled it away from her, “I think I’ll keep mine plain” he told her still looking skeptical.

“No fucking way!” she laughed reaching over him to grab it. She poured the orange juice in and handed it back to him hinting for him to take a sip.

“Damn” he said after reluctantly drinking it, “that actually is pretty good”

“Told ya.. and its going to make your hangover go away.. win win”

There was a knock at the door. He groaned standing up to go answer it. “Its my bandmates,” he told her. “We gotta tell them what happened and then I’ll make them go away.”

She laughed as he opened the door. Three equally tall, lean, and australian guys walked in dressed in black. This must be the uniform she thought to herself. They each introduced themselves to her politely and then asked what the fuck happened that they were stuck outside the hotel.

After hanging out for a couple hours laughing together and telling her a bunch of embaressing stories about him they finally left them to be alone again. 

“Wow they were really chill,” she told him when they left, “pretty funny too, I like that a lot.”

“Shut up,” he said laughing “They’re not funny at all”

She laughed with him as he came to sit back down next to her on the bed. He looked down at his hands, “so we only have like two hours before rehearsals, what should we do?”

She leaned back pulling him down with her. “Lets just put on a movie and lay,” she smiled “.. its been a really long day and we barely slept last night.” She slid up the bed and got under the covers as he grabbed the remote and switched on the tv.

“What movie do you want to put on?” he asked turning to look at her, but she already had her eyes closed. He put down the remote and got under the sheets with her pulling her body into his.

He layed there holding this girl he had only met last night thinking about how he didn’t want his time with her to end.

Before he knew it his phone was ringing. It was five and he needed to go down to meet the other guys and crew for rehearsal.

He looked at her sleeping peacefully in the large bed. He didn’t want to wake her so he scribbled out a note leaving it on the pillow next to her then kissed her lightly on the forehead before leaving.

She woke up not to long after. She looked around the room and saw that he was gone then noticed the note on the pillow.

Not ready to say goodbye..Give me one more night with you? x

She smiled thinking about the amazing day they had together. She knew she could really fall him.. she knew she had already started to. Thats why she knew she had to leave.  

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