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Your klance art just made me think about Lance just going full on out with the flirting and seduction with Keith and it's not like Keith doesn't like it HE JUST DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO REACT he's so flustered and Lance is way too hot an Keith can't cope

haha sorry this is so late (i based it on this then realised after i finished drawing that it didnt work out as well as i’d hoped but yea oh well)  

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"if I didn't have my coupon with me today would you have charged me full price for this item?" "Uh, yea?" "oh, well your /competitors/ scan their coupons for you even if you don't have any!" lady. If you don't have your coupon we can't scan it for you. it's not that hard. idk why you're complaining when you've already got 40% off ¯\_(:/ )_/¯

Dumb Dumb

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Genre: bookstore!au, fluff, slight comedy

Summary: Mingyu is an awkward bean and doesn’t know when to stop until he’s found out.

Word Count: 2.1k

Edited: no

A/N huge thank you to @choco-seventeen for helping me proof read and edit this! This is lowkey based off of what I want to happen to me while working at the library but *sigh* there are never any cute guys there :/


     Your keys jingled in the lock of the store. It was too damn early in the morning for this, but bills weren’t made to pay themselves. Finally, the key twisted in the lock and pushed through the door, switching the closed sign to open. With a heavy sigh you dropped your bag behind the counter and began to sort through the new shipment that arrived the previous night.

     A gasp left your lips once your eyes settled upon the latest issue of your favorite manga. Placing it in a new pile, you decided you’d save it for later as you still had a lot more sorting to do.

     Right as you placed the final book on the shelf, the sound of an opening door broke the silence. You rushed to the store’s front and sat behind the counter to greet the customer.

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#80 [Seth Rollins]

#80: “Why did I marry you?” - “It took a lot of convincing.” from the list here.

You liked a lot of the things that you did with Seth. You liked getting to fly to random cities in America, road-tripping between shows with him, living out of a suitcase for a few days. You liked sitting in the audience at a WWE show, or backstage if you felt less than social, to watch your husband do what he was so passionate about. You liked when he came home to you, spending a couple weekdays with you, though because you too held a job it was a still a coordinated affair.

But what you loved beyond measure, was when Seth had a random weekend off, or you took a day off from work during the week, where you both got to spend the entire day together. When neither of you had to set an alarm clock or had somewhere to run off to. When it was just an easy, lazy day around the house, where you just coexisted together, making plans right before they had to be made.

This was one such day. You had decided to take off from work, allowing you and Seth to sleep in, eventually get up for coffee, only to return back to bed. You stayed there for a while, cuddled, fought for ownership of the covers, talked, loved on the dogs, until eventually due to sheer hunger alone you had to get up for the day. After having what was basically brunch, wherein you almost ruined the toast, and Seth had kicked you out of the kitchen, you retired to the living room. He cued up a video game to play, while you curled up in the corner of the couch with a book. The dogs put themselves elsewhere in the room, content to sleep on their beds.

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just friends...right?  -  seokmin (M)

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summary; you two were friends…..just friends….no fucking going on here…..or at least….you thought so…..

genre: hello smut writing my old friend so yeah there’s mature themes and stuff 

a/n: to the anon who requested this i hope you like it as much as i liked writing this one! it was very fun to write ღ

he needs to not be rude lee seokmin please leave me al o N E 

“Oh, Seokmin? He’s just a friend.”

“Y/n? Yeah, she’s a great friend…just a friend.”

That was it, right? Just friends. Getting into college meant that a new beginning for you. Saying goodbye to your old, younger self, and grabbing a new image. This also meant a whole new variety of friends and new ways of thinking. And also……new experiences that came with those friends and those new ways of thinking. For example, there was one friend called Mingyu who taught you how to cook….and how not to burn the whole house down. There was also Seungkwan, who kept you company on rainy days while storms hit the shore, and while the sky was unsettled due to mother nature flipping her shit on everything. But honestly, the best friend you ever made was Seokmin. Tall, smile like an angel mixed with the sun’s energy, a master comedian who also has a great voice, and just….an awesome friend. But…being this close…kind of had it’s….pros and cons- the pros are, that you have an amazing friend who’s always just a hop, skip and jump away, whenever you needed cheering up! You also had an amazing friend who could make you smile loads. The cons….were the fact that people thought…under all that smiling… two were fucking. People thought that there was an underlying message.

“Hey Y/n…are you and Seokmin….you know…banging?”

“Hm? No, he’s just a really good friend. Where did that assumption come from?”

“Well….a couple kids thought that you two were…you know like friends with benefits…fuckbuddies….and I just came up to check if it was actually happening. There’s no problem if you guys are…it’s just that it’s gotten a lot of attention recently.”

“Huh…ok…well, me and Seokmin aren’t fucking. Nope, this is a strictly platonic thing we have going on. Nothing is being pounded, nothing is being screwed, nothing is being inserted into anything. Just friends.”

“Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up, Y/n. See you on monday, and don’t forget to do the homework!”

“No problem, and I won’t, I’ll see you on monday.”

You mentioned to the class rep, waving to her as you exited the class. So wait, it wasn’t just her who thought you and Seokmin were getting at it….it was the whole class? A slight blush appeared on your cheeks, glancing over to all the other students coming out of their classes. You finished a little earlier than Seokmin, so you decided to head on back to the dorm. You and Seokmin didn’t share a dorm, but you gave him a spare key for whenever he wants to come visit you and stuff.A silent sigh left your lips, as you piled the scarf around your neck, keeping you warm in the winter day. It was the middle of January, and the city was expecting snow any time soon, so the temperature was bound to be below 0° celsius. Or below 32° fahrenheit. You shuffled your way to the dorm buildings, keeping yourself warm with the hot pack you had from the day before. Having hot packs are a god sent in winter, and you definitely needed this. You were able to get in before anyone else decided to stop and ask you if you were boning Seokmin in your dorm. That question really hit home for you….as you started to really question your friendship with Seokmin. Was it just a rumor that you heard, or was it something else? Yes, you had to admit, you two are quite skinshippy-huggy with each other, but that’s one of the reasons why you’re such good friends. Maybe the skinship is the reason why…? Shaking your head, you decided to text Seokmin, asking him to come over after his lesson finished.

[4:15 PM] From Y/n 🍯 💎™️ ©️ ®️: Hey Seokmin, can you come over after class?? we need to talk……😕

[4:17 PM] From SunSeok 🌞: yeah sure my lesson just finished and i was planning on coming anyways….everything alright??

[4:18 PM] From Y/n 🍯 💎™️ ©️ ®️: it’s…uh…

“…So wait…let me get this straight…”

Seokmin queried, completely perplexed about what you just told him. Lying next to him, you glanced up at Seokmin, then back to the bunk bed above. His arm being the only thing holding him up, he lied sideways, so that his gaze was always fixed on you and you only.


“Some people in your class…”


“Probably saw us hug..”

“You’re on the right track…”

“And they kind of just though…are we fucking?”

“Thats right.”

“And it’s been spread around your class…?”

“Bingo…but the class rep came up to me and asked about it, so that should be cleared up by now.”


You leered up to him again; oh no. He had that sort of mischievous…but guilty look on his face. You knew exactly what he was up to. You sighed, grabbing his attention again. Glancing down at you, he took one minute to scan you up and down, his thoughts going downtown, seeing you in just shorts and a t-shirt. A lower lip bite was the only thing to tell you that he had an idea, but it was kind of a bad idea too. 

Oh no, spill it Lee.”

You sat up on your bed, folding your arms, a peeved off glare slowly making its way over to him. You sighed, seeing him roll over, his hands holding up his head. He somehow managed to get your legs apart slightly, lying in between them. His arms bent, but over your hips, like a barricade of some sort. He glared up to you, then looked back down, his finger now tracing the outline of the running shorts you had on. Your face turned red again, just like it did when you were out in the cold, and when you were in the hallway.

“You’re thinking of something that will probably cause some trouble, so spill it. Now.”

“Alright, alright, hold your horses. I was thinking…one time wouldn’t hurt…right?”

One time, huh?

“One time? Of course it would…we both said that we’re not interested in each other in that way, so what’s with the change of plan?”

“A lot of people say that…if you bang with a friend….it’s either one of two things…experimental or it’s a friends with benefits thing…”

You remember the class rep bringing that up when she was talking to you in the classroom, but you thought you wouldn’t hear that word for a while, not until you got back to class on monday morning.

“Won’t it be awkward after though?”

Wait, you’re actually considering it? After that change, from being the -slightest- fuck girl, to actually staying on track with work, you were actually considering it again?

“Shouldn’t be. They say it helps grow the friendship. A lot of people have fuck buddies because they don’t have time for a boyfriend or girlfriend or partner. I even heard little miss class rep has one.”

“Wait, she does?”

“Of course, I saw her leaving Mingyu’s dorm one day as I was going to class. Her hair looked messy, just like she was fucked, real good.”

“One Seokmin I know you’re joking, and two, is this all true?”

“I’m not joking….maybe we should do this…maybe we should eb fuck buddies…and this is what I’ve heard from other people, including Seungkwan.”

As bad as it sounded…you kind of lived by Seungkwan’s word. You couldn’t pin-point what was going on in that moment, but you felt your heart beating faster, his fingers now touching bare skin, above the shorts. The blush was coming back, but worse than before, Your ears started to turn a pink-ish colour too. It was getting bad, and you were thinking…hey…maybe it’s not too bad.

“Really? I’m still not sure…”

You lied. You actually did. You didn’t want to seem too interested in doing this, just incase you didn’t want to do this. But…you had to show some interest in doing this…you saw the pros and cons of this, like you did before. The pros of it being that you were…going to find out what Seokmin is really like, his true character underneath that light hearted surface. You were also getting dick, which is an alright thing in your books. The cons….being that you weren’t sure if you two were ever going to be the same…just like what you two were doing, sitting like that, and like before. You kind of just thought to yourself…wait….what if it goes well…? then my friendship with Seokmin might be stronger. Whatever the outcome was, you were sure glad about your dorm mate being on that skiing trip, and she wouldn’t be back until this time next week. 

“Listen….let’s just try it once…you never know until you try…and if it doesn’t work out, then we know that it won’t get to this stage again…ok Y/n?”

You thought about it for a while, longer than you would like, but…in the end…the pros did outweigh the cons. And besides, you were just a couple metres away from saying fuck it and making him take you right there. A small but sultry smile appeared on your lips as you observed him, getting up. 

“Is this happening?”

He asked, his hand rubbing his neck, the other being up against the top bunk bed. Staring down to you, the look in his eyes turned from a look of a sweet nature, to a hot, inviting, but rather sensual look. You never found out if he had ever had sex before, but you kind of knew that he knew exactly what he was doing, just from that glare.

“I…guess so. Yeah, it is happening.”

You announced, seeing him nod, and watching his smile turn from, again, sweet-natured to provocative and titillating. He went to close the door, and the curtains too, the room suddenly becoming dimmer than before. Coming back over, halfway, you saw him slowly take his shirt off. This was more a lust rather than love thing, but you did exactly the same. The temptations ran high in you, keeping you and your heart on the edge. Seokmin didn’t show, but his mind was going wild at the sight of your chest, covered by a simple bra. You definitely saw that his…little friend was going wild, the bulge in his trousers growing slightly.  

“Come on, bra off too.”

He demanded, you knew who was in charge this time. A simple nod, followed by you pulling down the straps, unclasping it and slipping it off. Now his dick was getting excited.  Moving back down so you could lie down, you didn’t realise how….nice Seokmin’s body was. Lightly shaking your head and closing your eyes, you felt Seokmin’s body heat as he clambered over you, being right above you. 

“You taking charge? Or should I?”

“You try..”

You mumbled, opening your eyes. You also didn’t realise how close he had gotten to you, with every breath making your bodies collide and come together. Your arms already found a placement; shoulders. His shoulders were…more broader than you thought, your arms comfortably resting around them. Then, your eyes locked, and somehow…there were fireworks going off in your head. When someone says this, they normally think it has something to do with love, like pink fireworks. Nope, the fireworks in your mind were red, lust. His legs adjusted themselves, one leg being placed in between yours, sitting right in between. There wasn’t a gap, just right, in between. Just with his leg between yours, you already felt that similar and unforgiving feeling you feel when you get excited. Yeah, you could feel your panties just getting drenched already, just by him being above you.


“As I’ll ever be, Seokmin.”

You replied, the gap between you two getting smaller and smaller by the second, until you felt his lips graze yours, just ever so slightly. It was the first time you’d ever kissed Seokmin, and to tell you the truth, you were…kind of missing out. His lips were soft like cotton candy, pressing up against yours. Sooner or later, the kiss was about to deepen, and so it did. His tongue barely stroked your bottom lip, but you opened your mouth little by little, inviting his tongue into your mouth. As soon as it was in your mouth, his tongue explored your mouth a little, with your tongue caressing his. It also wasn’t long until he started to explore your body with his hand, the other holding himself up above you. That hand soon became attached to your chest, grabbing a handful of your breast while he was at it. Steadily, as you felt your underwear get that tiny bit more damp, your grip on his shoulders tightened. You know what else started to tighten? His grip on you. The hand that was just casually grabbing your chest, moved down your body, lining the outside of your shorts with his fingers. Of course, this made you tense up a little, your hips bucking against his leg. He noticed. Oh, he definitely noticed what you just did. 

“You gonna do that again?”

“If you do that again, then sure.”

Seokmin teased, parting away from your lips. You teased back and gave a little childish scowl, your words being interrupted by the hand that was invading your shorts. Slipping lower and lower, his nimble fingers found your weak spot; your clit. That’s the first time for you, that someone had ever found it so quickly. Rubbing it gently through the material of your underwear, you felt those little spark you would normally get when you got excited, pulsating through you. Leaning back in, this time, his prime target was your neck. He didn’t even go slow and steady, like he did with your lips; oh no, full frontal biting and sucking. There was no stopping him now. His excitement increased, just by the sound of your small but heavy moans and your hitched breathing too. He found out there was more fun inside your underwear, so his hand came up, then back down again. You felt those surges of pleasure run through you again, but this time, they were 10x better, since it was skin on skin contact. Rubbing,,,wasn’t clearly wasn’t enough for Seokmin, he needed a little bit more fun from you. His hand then passed your clit, and went straight in for the kill. But, there wasn’t enough room to move; time to call upon the multitasker. While making more love bites on your skin, he pulled both your shorts and underwear down to your thighs with only one hand, the other still exploring your body to the fullest. The other hand then stopped exploring, holding himself above you again. Feeling his fingers going back under you sent shivers down your spine, keeping you in check. You were surely going to moan his name out any minute, but that wasn’t the point. He was…making you feel good. For a while, yeah, you had to admit his fingers felt really, really good. But you needed him, and you needed him now. 


“You want it now?”



He teased again. You were so close to just saying “Seokmin you utter prick just put your dick in me” but…that would be a total mood killer. Shit. You didn’t say anything, just a solid nod, trying to get your breathing back to normal. After all, he was making your heart race x3 more than it normally would. Your gaze was fixed on his crotch, watching him unbuckle his trousers and taking them down, along with his boxers. Your eyes widened at the sight of him, you were….shocked. How? Why? You kind of….imagines before…how big he was. It was a secret that you would take to your grave, and….a truthful one at that. He was bigger than you imagined. His hands gripped your legs, giving them a little grope, too. His dirty secret was that he loved your thighs to death. they were his favourite thing about you, thinking in terms of fucking you.Seokmin aligned himself with you, sliding in almost immediately. Then, the prolonged moan that you had to let out was freed almost immediately, your mind going to mush. Thrusting in and out, the small breaths that came out of Seokmin, turned into grunts. He leaned back over to you, his lips finding yours. Muffled moans from both of you, your tongues started to swirl around again. Your hands immediately found themselves hooked up on his shoulders, with one hand having your fingers run through his hair. A little tugging too. WIth every pump and thrust, you let your brain go wild, your breathing became unsettled again. Parting away from your lips, he lodged his head in between you neck, but this time, he was giving no mercy to the other side of your neck, covering it in hundreds of little bites. Your head started to tilt back, you had to admit….he was good. So good. With his hands still fixated on your thighs, you could feel his grip getting tighter and tighter with every thrust, his nails digging into you. He was close to climaxing, and so were you. A couple deep breaths and moans were enough to send you packing, you hitting the point of pleasure almost immediately. Your signal to him that you climaxed, was one of the loudest moans you had ever let out, with a couple more trailing out after. He was close too, taking himself out from you. His hand left your thigh, starting to jerk himself off at the sight of your body. Then, he reached his climax too, fluids slowly spilling out. He managed to jizz on your stomach…your chest…and your face too. Miraculously, he got none on the sheets. Good going, Seokmin, gold star for you. You both had the same glare in your eyes, that said ‘that was great…can we do it again’. This went on for a good 30 seconds, while your gazes softened. You, still lying on the bed….still covered in his fluid, with a childish and tired smile approaching your lips. His lips were curved upwards, the same smile on his face too. 

“How was that?”

He asked, pulling his boxers up again, buckling his belt up. He was able to go out the room quickly to grab you a towel, just to clean yourself. And there you were. Just lying down naked on your bed, looking up to the top of the bunk bed again. Giving you the towel, you wiped yourself, placing your underwear back on after. 

“That wasn’t…so bad…fuckbuddy.”

You said, still regaining your breath. His eyes widened a little, as he laid down next to you, sitting up quickly. He seemed….really excited about it. You couldn’t help but to smile at his childish nature, even after he gave you the best nailing you’ve ever experienced. 

“Wait, are you serious?”

“Yeah. It was pretty good, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”

“That’s great…so we can do it any time…?”

“As long as my roommate isn’t in, or if we do it in your dorm. Or the bathroom. Yeah, the bathroom’s soundproof for some reason.”


“Yeah….it’s weird…”

You said, glancing back over to Seokmin, who was just nodding. Another smile appeared on your face, you rhead just..finding it’s way to his shoulder, just lying there. It was…a cute bonding moment. You didn’t feel awkward with him after that, and you felt that your friendship with Seokmin has gotten stronger through this. Most friends would turn to dating after this, but everything was the same. Friends with benefits. 

“Hey Y/n.”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“My dog used to chase people on bikes. It was getting really bad.”

“Hm? I didn’t–”

“It got so bad that we had to take his bike away.”

“Oh…poor do– wait….”

You said, turning to him, a confused and slightly annoyed face starting to show, while Seokmin was just cracking up beside you. You let out a little laugh too, seeing that it was a good and bad joke at the same time. You realised…that your friendship was just more than this, it was special. You really did appreciate Seokmin being your friend, and now, since you two shared this experience, you guys are now closer than ever before.

The Intern--Chapter 6

I am so sorry this has taken so long. Here is the long awaited chapter 6! I hope you all enjoy. I’ll try to do better about writing more often. As always let me know if you would like to be added to the tag list.

You and your boss stepped off the elevator and began walking back towards his office.

“I still don’t know how you do it sometimes.”

“Well I’m not sure I would have this time had you not been there with your little small town knowledge.”

“Yes! Country mouse-1 City Mouse-0. Do you think maybe you could repeat that for the folks back home?” You both laughed as you arrived back at your desk. You couldn’t help but notice the smirk that was on Carmen’s face, but quickly looked away.

“Alright, well before the next fiasco begins, I think I’m going to take a lunch break now.”

“Oh, will you bring me back something?” Rafael started to reach for his wallet.

“Sure, if you want me to bring you back a dress of your own. I’m going dress shopping for this weekend.” You laughed and reached for your purse.

“Oh. Well, yea. In that case, I’ll just order something in.”

“I’ll try to be as quick as possible, boss” You turned to head towards the elevator as Rafael went into his office. He sat at his desk and stared at the phone. Pulling out a card, he quickly dialed a number.

“Hey, Tess. Yea it’s me. Listen, I need a favor.”

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She's wasnt kidding.

Pisces: Scorpio I think we are lost.

Scorpio: we are not lost I’m just driving in a roundabout manner, we will get there when we get there.

Pisces: Or we could just ask for directions and get there sooner.

Scorpio: We don’t need directions I’m capable of doing this myself.

Pisces: We could ask the man at the gas station we just passed it won’t be that difficult.

Scorpio: Right we have no cell service and you want me to walk up and talk to a strange man…sorry but no I choose life.

Pisces: Oh yea well what if my water breaks right here in the car.

Scorpio: I’m sure we can manage.

Pisces: HELL NO. Listen carefully scorp… I. Will. Kill. You. And nobody will find the body.

Scorpio: *pulls up in the gas station* excuse me sir but do you think you can give us some directions….we’re lost.



Author Note: so this is just something I came up with. Honestly I was just having Kai feels. If you guys have any requests don’t feel shy. Hopefully you like it. <3

Warnings: none? Fluff

“Kai stopping eating the cupcakes!”

“Mmmm this is so good.”

“Those cupcakes are for the bake sale!”

Kai quickly shoved the rest of the chocolate cupcake into his mouth, raising his eyebrows when you smacked his arm. He teased you as he licked the frosting off his lips, wiggling his fingers as if trying to grab another one. You narrowed your eyes before quickly grabbing the tray of cupcakes from in front of him and moving them to the other side of the kitchen counter.

“You know I actually thought you were gonna help me decorate these things. I need to take these in an hour and I’m not even close to being done.” Sighing you looked around the kitchen, various freshly baked cupcakes sat atop the white kitchen counters, covering practically every surface. They had yet to be decorated, indicating their flavors; strawberry, chocolate, vanilla.

“Not my fault you volunteered to help with the bake sale. You could’ve just said no and you wouldn’t be in this mess.” Kai said sitting smugly in his chair. He was watching you as you tried to add vanilla frosting to one of the cupcakes.

He thought you looked adorable as you tried to make a perfect swirl. Your hair was up in a messy do, a few strands falling out adorning your face in such a perfect way. Concentrating making your eyebrows furrow and bite your lip.

You had such soft features. He liked it best when you smiled which you always did. Always cracking jokes and making fun of others was your specialty. But you never did it with a bad intention, just harmless remarks that had everyone dying of laughter. You were one of the nicest people in all of Mystic Falls and as he sat there watching you he wondered why you gave him a chance at being friends.

“Next time Caroline asks me to do something please cut me off and say no.” Your voice sounded stressed, your hand going at a much faster rate causing the swirl to look messy. Though at that point you didn’t care.

“You know I can do magic right? Powerful heretic and all.” Kai said getting up from his seat and standing to join you. “I’m pretty sure there’s a spell to cast icing on all these bad boys. Which by the way are amazing. How did you get them so spongy?”

Kai giving you compliments about your cooking or baking always made you smile and this one was no exception. You grinned as he reached to grab a vanilla cupcake though this time you didn’t mind.

“Why thank you. It’s a secret though. Sorry can’t tell you,” you said faking disappointment, bringing your finger near your lips. “Top secret.” You whispered before laughing and resuming to frost the cupcakes.

Kai scoffed mockingly, “Oh yea? Well then every time I want cupcakes I’m gonna make you bake them. Since I don’t have the recipe and you’re gonna be stuck making them for me for the rest of my left.” He declared putting his elbow on the counter to rest his head in hand to lean closer to you.

You laughed shaking your head, “you make it sound like a bad thing. I’ll bake you cupcakes anytime you want.” You responded smiling at him.

Kai wasn’t evil, maybe lonely but not evil. You didn’t understand when Elena and everyone else kept telling you stay away from him. Kai was sweet and nice, always trying to make you laugh.

Kai didn’t say anything, instead he continued to smile at you. You were so kind to him and your words caused his heart to ache. Or at least that’s what he felt when you said you wouldn’t mind. It was as if you didn’t need to think twice about doing anything he asked.

Instead of eating the cupcake, Kai reached over and grabbed the frosting bag, quickly doing a swirl on it. It was about time he tried to help you finish these dreaded cupcakes. This act didn’t go unnoticed and as he finished you both stopped and looked at each other before smiling.

“Thanks Kai.”


“Thank you so much for all these cupcakes.” Caroline gushed as you proceeded to hand over each container filled with cupcakes.

“No problem. I hope this is enough. I’d love to help out but it seems you guys have it covered and I kinda need to go clean up.” You explained seeing both Elena and Bonnie helping out. “If you need anything else just call me ok?”

“Don’t worry we’re gonna be ok. Go hangout with Kai, keep him in check. God forbid he does something dangerous.”

You quickly gave Caroline a look that clearly indicated your displeasure at the comment. Holding her hands up she chuckled, “kidding.”


“Hey Kai,” you called out as you entered your house.

He was currently in the living room, flipping through the channels, with his feet on the coffee table. “Hey,” he replied back.

You were quick to join him sitting next to him before lifting his arm to snuggle against his chest. Instinctively he pushed you into him even further loving the way you felt against him.

“So I was thinking,” Kai said nonchalantly. Lifting your eyes to meet his you noticed a mischievous look in his eyes. “I’m gonna call you cupcake.” He finished smirking down at you.

At his remark you were quick to roll your eyes, “woooooooow.” You finished dragging the word out. You laughed before agreeing. “Ok.”

“Alright, let’s watch a movie then Cupcake.”

Message to anyone who supports FAM/HAES

Let me tell you about my uncle Tim.

He was a skilled technician and a sweet and funny guy who me and my cousins loved. Was. Around this time 7 years ago, he died of a heart attack. My dad was devastated and sank into depression for a while. I still don’t think he’s fully recovered.

You know why Tim had a heart attack? He was obese. The fat and cholesterol blocked his heart.

The same thing could happen to you idiots, and all the people who you’ve fooled into believing obesity is ok.

And don’t give me bullshit that you have all these medical conditions that prevent you from losing weight. Bad thyroid? Then you just gotta deal with extra moderation. You can do it, I’ve seen many others do it. Chronic pain or something like it that makes it hurt too much to exercise? There are exercises for parts of the body that don’t hurt. I’ve seen people with non-functioning thyroids AND chronic pain work out an lose weight.

Don’t tell me that it’s “genetics” that make you fat either. That’s not how it works. You can inherit slow metabolism, yes, but see above. You can inherit more stocky body types, yes, but that isn’t weight. You. Can’t. Inherit. Weight. Pick up a middle school health science book.

“Oh, I’ve tried everything, but nothing works!” Oh yea? Well, you obviously didn’t try hard enough. The diet you were trying didn’t fail, you did. In fact, you don’t even need to try any special stuff to lose weight. It’s as simple as taking some time to work out, eating less fatty, carb filled nutritional nightmares, and eating more fruits, veggies, and protein.

And don’t tell me “I’m healthy as is! I haven’t needed to go to the doctor in ages!” Yep. For now. Believe me, it’ll happen eventually. As you gain more and more weight, your body is already beginning to strain to pump blood to all the extra pounds, and this blood is slowly getting poisoned with high cholesterol that will clog up your heart just like it did to my uncle. Not to mention your risk for diabetes, strokes, and certain forms of cancer. You may not be affected now, but you will be. And when you are, you’re gonna regret being a part of this bullshit.

“All that is made up by fatphobic doctors to make us fall for harsh beauty standards!” Yea, mm hmm. Diabetes is just made up. That’s why my grandmother has to take insulin and has nerve pain and bad eyesight. Just because of some made up disease by “fatphobic” doctors. And that’s why my aforementioned uncle died too. Not because of cholesterol and fat blocking his heart (which the autopsy fucking revealed to be true), because of some other condition that these “fatphobic” doctors blamed on obesity because they were discriminating him.

So, this has been a rant from peridaniel. Hope this teaches some of you. Probably not, but… Eh, you’ll learn eventually. Again, those health affects will come to you at any time. Argue with me all you want, can’t deny the cold hard truth about obesity.

Actions and Consequences - part 2 of 2 - Jonsa

“Oh isn’t he just adorable”?! Jon’s mum cooed as she rocked and bounced little 3 month old baby Eddie where she stood in the middle of their living room.

“Yes, yes” Ned said with a little frustration as he swiped the baby from Lyanna’s arms and deposited him into Jon’s with a more satisfied look upon his face. “There you go lad, time to find out about being a man”.

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But like??? It's not generic?? It makes me do the warm happy????? And just yes? idk if this makes sense but oh well

yea I know u guys like it (otherwise I wouldn’t have any followers) but to me it just feels so generic? the shading and especially in the face it feels as if something Is just, missing yknow

Damn, I miss you.

Imagine where Sammy and yn are married with kids but then they get into an argument over something and Sammy says he wants a divorce but yn gets really upset over that bc she moved to LA to be with him in the first place, but then Sammy eventually apologises and says he doesn’t really want a divorce. Sorry that this is long and probably confusing! Love your blog! 💕

(Sammy’s pov)
I’m at home with the kids at the moment while waiting for Y/N to come home. “No ughh Cam please stop hitting your sister with the toy train” I say pulling apart the two kids “Daddddddy where’s mommy? I want her homeeeeee!!” My daughter Avery yells stomping and my son Cam adds on “Yea where’s mommy?”. I pick Avery up and sit her on the couch while Cam jumps on himself. “*sigh* she’ll be home soon ok guys? Mommy just has to wor-” I pause as I hear the door knob jiggling and the kids jumping off the couch running to the door as Y/N walks in. “MOMMY!!” They both yell hugging her legs. “Aww Avie and Cammy I missed you guys! How are my munchkins?” She says taking off her shoes and jacket but then bending down to their level to greet them. “Not good” Cam says pouting “aw why is that?” She asks. “Because you’re never here” I say intervening. She looks at me and gets back up then looks down at the kids. “Babies why don’t you guys go to bed so tomorrow we can go to the park” She says “Ohhh mommy can I get Ice cream?!” “Ohhh I want to go out for ice cream too!” The kids say. “Ok we will get you both your favorite ice creams, how about that?” She says. “YAAAAAYYYYYYYY” they scream running to their bedroom. She watches them run off and then looks at me smiles and walks up to me putting her arms around my neck. I wrap my arms around her waist and nuzzle my head in the crook of her neck. I then say “mmmm I miss you” “Sammy I’m right here what do you mean?” She says. I remove my head from her neck and say “you’re never home, you always come home so late we never spend time together anymore” “baby I’m sorry you know I actually work unlike some people” she says sitting on the couch as do I. “What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask “well Sam let’s just say I have an actual job and that’s why I have no time on my hands” she says standing up walking to the kitchen. “Y/N I do have an actual job if you’ve forgotten I get stacks everyday” I say following her. She grabs a water from the fridge taking a sip then says “ohhh because social medias sooooo hard” “what the fuck is your problem?! At least I’m getting paid!” I say raising my voice “yea well you can’t be nagging on me for not being here WHEN YOU KNOW I WORK” she says raising her voice also “IM SORRY?! YOU KNOW I DIDN’T MARRY YOU JUST TO NOT SEE YOU EVEN MORE THAN WHEN WE WERE DATING ALL IM ASKING FOR IS JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS OR EVEN HOURS JUST TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” She then slams her water down and says “SAM I WORK IN A HOSPITAL!! PEOPLES LIVES CANT BE PUT ON HOLD JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO CUDDLE!” “ARE YOU SAYING IM NOT IMPORTANT?!” I yell getting in her face. “NO IM SAYING THAT SOMEONES LIFE IS IMPORTANT SAM” she says “WELL SOMETIMES YOUR HOURS DONT ADD UP Y/N!” I say “WHATS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” She yells infuriated “YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME AT 9:00pm AND SOME NIGHTS LIKE TONIGHT YOU GET HOME AT 10:30pm!” “SAM I WORK IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM SOMETIMES I WORK OVER TIME BECAUSE INJURED PEOPLE NEED ME THERE LONGER THAN MY SHIFT! HOW COULD YOU EVEN QUESTION IF IM AT WORK?!” she screams “BECAUSE YOU START WORK AT 3:00pm AND END AT 9:00pm EVEN BEFORE THOSE HOURS YOURE NEVER HOME!!” I yell “BECAUSE I RUN ERRANDS FOR THE HOUSE! I HANG OUT WITH MY KIDS AND FRANKLY I CARE ABOUT THEM A LOT TO THE POINT WHERE ID SPEND ALL MY FREE TIME WITH THEM!” “OH SO NOW YOU DONT CARE ABOUT ME?!” I yell offended. She then says “NO IM SAYING MAYBE ID LIKE IT IF I HAD A GUY WHO UNDERSTOOD WHAT I GO THROUGH AND DO FOR A LIVING!” I then feel so offended that without even thinking I say “OH YEA WELL MAYBE ID LIKE IT IF WE GOT A DIVORCE!” She backs up stunned. Before she could respond I hear a small voice coming from the hall across the room.
(Y/N pov)
“OH YEA WELL MAYBE ID LIKE IT IF WE GOT A DIVORCE!” Sammy yells. I back up shocked. A divorce? Before I could say anything back we hear a small voice coming from the hall across the room, our heads immediately turn to see the kids hugging each other in fright “Daddy please stop yelling at mommy.” Cam says “why don’t you love mommy?” Avery asks. Sammy walks over to the kids and crouches down to talk to them. “No babies I do love mommy so so much” he whispers to them but loud enough so I hear “then why are you yelling at her?” Avery asks. Before he could say anything I walk up to them while Sam looks at me then walks away to the bathroom. Once I hear the door shut I say “Um Cameron, Avery?” “Yes mommy?” They say hugging my legs “let’s go get you guys dressed we’re leaving for a little while” “REALLY?! WHERE ARE WE GOING MOMMY?!” They ask excited “to a nice hotel” I say “YAAAAYYYYYYY!” They yell running to their room. I follow them to help them get dressed.
I’m finish dressing Cam and I’m almost done with Avery, at the moment I’m tying her shoes. I finish then start packing about a weeks worth of their clothes. Once I’m done I run to my room and grab my already packed suitcase I have just in case something like this were to happen, right when I’m about to leave my and Sams room, Sam walks in the room. “What are you doing?” He asks sniffling as if he’s been crying. I look in his eyes to see that they’re really red and his face is a bit puffy, before I accidentally forget everything and comfort him out of instinct I roll my suitcase past him going to the kids who are in the living room waiting sitting on the couch. I take the kids hands walking to the door to get my shoes and jacket on. Sam follows. “Y/N answer me where are you going?” Sam asks his voice cracking. I slip on my shoes and put my jacket on then say “Sam we’re going to a hotel so I can have time to think and so can you.” I say grabbing my car keys opening the door and walking out with the kids “You can’t just take my kids away from me” Sam says coming to the door “Oh yea well you can’t just tell me you want a divorce!” I yell my voice cracking and I slam the door. The kids and I start walking down to the car then Avery says “why isn’t daddy coming?” “I don’t want daddy to come” I say unlocking the car putting them both Inside making sure they buckle up. “Why not?” Cam says I shut the back door and go to the drivers seat getting in. I start the car and buckle up. I look at the kids and say “because daddy and I need some time apart just for a little while and-” I’m cut off by a knock on my window.
(Sammy’s pov)
“Oh yea well you can’t just tell me you want a divorce!” Y/N yells and slams the door. “*sigh* GODDAMNIT!” I yell punching the wall repeatedly. “FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKK” I say running my fingers through my hair pulling it slightly. I check through the window to see if Y/N and the kids have left, to my surprise they’re still here. I take this chance to run out the door not thinking about a jacket or even shoes and run to the car and knock on Y/N’s window. I see her turn around slowly then roll it down. “Yes sir? May I help you?” She asks “Oh come on Y/N please just come out here and talk to me , two minutes that’s all I need” I plead. She rolls up the window and I put my head down turning around, I start to walk back to the front door. Just when I think it’s all over I hear the car door open and close. I turn around quickly to see her leaning against the car looking at her watch “one minute and 45 seconds…..” I quickly walk up closer to her and start. “Y/N I’m sososososososo sorry for offending you in anyway but you can’t blame me for missing you” she then says “Sam you can’t just tell me you want a divorce, that’s insane! If we were to break up where would I go?! I have no one here besides you! I created a life here in LA for you! I don’t even know my way to fucking LAX by heart so how would I even go back ACROSS COUNTRY to my family. And yes I get that there is Über and shit but that’s not the point! The point is I’m in California for you! And even the thought of leaving you breaks my heart.” I then say “baby I’m sorry! You can’t get mad at me for missing the love of my life! It’s like you’re everywhere BUT with me! And I know I may seem selfish… Goddamnit I am selfish for you!!” I raise my voice a bit and continue “And- and I’m not fucking mad about it! I wanna spend every day you have off together and all your free hours should be with me and do all these things like when we first met like roller skating and bowling and going to Disney!” I then start getting so into my speech I start pacing and doing random hand gestures while I continue “when we were dating you barley had time for me and I understood that because you were in college pursuing your dreams. And now that you made your dreams come true and have your dream job we still never have time for each other! I thought marrying you would make it even better than it was! And it’s just like uggghhhhhhhh I wanna write ‘I miss you’ on a rock and throw it at your face so you can feel how much missing you hurts” she then chuckles and smiles. “Wow Sam you’ve really-” I cut her off “Missed you? Yea I have” she then engulfs me in and hug. I sigh in relief and we just stand there for a while, enjoying each others presence. She then pulls away and takes the keys out the car locking the door and we start to walk inside. Then she says “you know Mr.Wilkinson I’m gonna request to change my hours to something like 9:00pm-4:00am so we can spend more time together.” “Oh really Mrs.Wilkinson? I’d love that” she smiles and we walk in the house. She takes her shoes off and sits on the couch.
(Y/N pov)
“Hey did I forget anything?” I ask sam who’s grabbing a water from the fridge then he freezes. “Oh my god. THE KIDS!” We both yell. I grab the car keys and run outside as Sammy follows behind. I unlock the door and open the back seat to see both Cam and Avery sound asleep. I let out a long sigh “thank god” I say grabbing Avery and Sam gets Cam and all the bags of clothes I packed. I shut and lock the car doors and we start walking back to the house “well at least they’re asleep” sam says snickering “oh my god Sam shut up we are horrible parents” I say sort of laughing as we walk back inside and put the kids to bed. Once we finish and get to our room I quickly change and hop in bed as does Sam. We cuddle up and he then says “I’m surprised they didn’t wake up” he laughs. I stay silent, I then say “Sammy you know I love you right?” “Of course I do baby and I love you too” he says. I then add on “and I hope you know I’m just busy and would love to hang out more and I probably miss you just as much as you miss me” “maybe a little less” he says “haha ok maybe a little less” I say. He kisses my cheek “goodnight baby” “goodnight”.